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GH’s Chloe Lanier Talks On Nelle’s Twisted Plots, Her Co-Stars & That Cliffhanger “Ending”

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Recently on ABC’s General Hospital, Chloe Lanier’s Nelle Benson created even more havoc for Carly (Laura Wright), Michael (Chad Duell), Julian (William deVry), Brook Lynn (Briana Lane), and of course, her son, Wiley.

However, is Nelle really gone after her ‘fall,’ which has left her MIA and Carly believing she is responsible for her sister’s ‘death’? But as we know with Nelle, she keeps secretly planning her next move and loves to slowly torture those who she believes have wronged her. There is also the ongoing mystery of just who is Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) daughter, especially since Nelle has the other half of the necklace so near and dear to Nina; leaving viewers pondering if it could mean they are mother and child, or is this all a red-herring?

One thing is for sure, Daytime Emmy winner, Chloe Lanier brings it each and every time she returns to GH. She gives always give the storylines a much needed injection of drama, drama and more drama. No one is quite like Lanier in the soaps either; she can play tough, vulnerable, manipulative, and street smart, like nobody’s business.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Chloe to get her answers to some of our burning questions for her and her portrayal of naughty Nelle, and how one of her co-stars helped her through a very difficult time in her life.  Here’s what she had to say about it all.


What did you think of the courtroom antics of Nelle during the custody hearing for Wiley?

CHLOE:  I mean, showing up in a wedding dress was her first mistake. Then antagonizing everyone in the room was probably her second. But she’s so wounded—so broken from her childhood. She doesn’t have the proper emotional tools to combat her self-destructive behavior.

Which showdown or confrontation between Nelle and Michael stands out to you?

CHLOE:  I particularly loved the scenes where Nelle, nine months pregnant, leaves Michael in the rigged car, hoping it would explode. It’s rare that you’re given comedic material on a soap, so that was particularly exciting for me. Also, Chad’s reactions always make me laugh. He’s great.

Photo: ABC

What is it like working with Chad Duell as feuding exes and parents of Wiley? 

CHLOE:  Chad is so easy to work with. He’s been doing the show for so long and is very technically gifted. The writers graced us with some meaty material that we were able to sink our teeth into.

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What does Nelle think of Willow (Katelyn MacMullen)? She really hates her, huh?

CHLOE: I don’t believe she hates her. She’s envious. Willow is the exact opposite and oftentimes we’re afraid of what we don’t understand. Particularly someone like Nelle, who was raised by a con artist and taught to exploit and manipulate anyone she comes across. So when she sees someone so pure, so innocent, she immediately distrusts her because that behavior is so far outside the lines of how she operates.

What was it like taping the fight scenes between Carly and Nelle, where Nelle “Plummets” to her death?  

CHLOE:  Shout out to Amanda Hall and Heather Bonomo, our amazing stunt doubles for those scenes. They were fantastic.


When you and Laura Wright get the scripts; where Carly and Nelle are having a huge showdown, are you thrilled about getting the chance to play the emotional beats of those moments? What if it’s a fight scene?

CHLOE:  Those scenes were such a joy, because we got to explore some of the deep roots of Nelle’s trauma, and Carly explicitly said, “I believe you love your son.” That, for me, was important.  Because despite all of her failings, she truly did love her son—in her own warped, off kilter, way.

Photo: Paul Smith

Nelle has really been blackmailing Julian, until he turned the tables on her on the pier?  What has it been like acting opposite Will deVry in those scenes?

CHLOE:  I love Will. He and I actually have the same acting coach, so our prep and how we’re working is from a similar place. What I love about Will is the confidence he has in his stillness. He’s lovely on camera, so connected.

Photo: ABC

Nelle has the other half of the necklace belonging to Nina.  What do you think if it turns out that Nelle is Nina’s daughter?  It is quite possible, tho, that she is not, and it’s all a red herring. How has it been working with Cynthia Watros?

CHLOE:  Cynthia is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met, truly. We haven’t known each other for long, but earlier this year, and not many people know this other than my close friends, I was having glaring mental health issues stemming from unresolved trauma. I was going going going for so long that I couldn’t run away from it anymore. I had never dealt with any of it. She saw it and could tell I was silently struggling and reached out. You don’t forget kindness like that. So I’m very grateful for Cynthia—and of course, therapy. I would be flattered if they decided to make Nelle Nina’s daughter.


What do you think about how the writers have kept finding ways to have plot points that get all the other characters in trouble and make it look like they did something to Nelle, but she ultimately has her own diabolical plans for them with her actions? She is pretty smart!

CHLOE:  Nelle is the perfect victim, and her love language is sabotage. She’s also a narcissist, so she’s always going to think she’s the smartest person in the room. She’s basically a walking version of Taylor Swift’s song, Look What You Made Me Do. I love that the writers gifted me the opportunity work with almost everyone on the show. Josh (Swickard) and I always had a great time together. And Maurice (Benard)—god he’s hilarious. I would have loved to work with Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan) more though. I love watching her work. She’s going to have an amazing career.

Photo: ABC

Do you think Nelle can ever be redeemed at this point?

CHLOE:  Redemption is a weird one for me, because I don’t believe that people are inherently good or bad. We’re all human. We all have flaws, make mistakes, have regrets, experience shame. We have the ability to grow and we learn from our past. Nelle has done and felt all of those things, to a degree, but continued to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. A character either has to change or they die. So, I’ll say this—if Nelle is alive out there somewhere, I hope she’s going to therapy.

Photo: JPI

What has been the hardest scene for you to play emotionally in the time you have been playing Nelle?

CHLOE:  Probably the scene with the newborn, where Nelle runs into Brad on the side of the road. I had never held a newborn baby before, so I was TERRIFIED. I realized I was the only thing in that moment keeping that baby alive…a very bizarre and life altering feeling, I’ll say.

So, have you enjoyed Chloe’s performances? Do you think Nelle is plotting from afar?  What would you like to see happen in the storylines with  baby Wiley, Nina’s child, and more? Comment below.

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I’m so over Nelle, Michael, Willow. They have eaten the show 24/7. I have no interest in the return of Nelle and bland vapid Willow/Michael need to move to the backburner.GH screwed this entire story by not giving any focus to Lucas. He’s the one who I felt for. He lost his son & husband yet GH has never shown him dealing with that. Lucas should’ve challenged the court to get Wiley back. I’m also ready for GH to wrap up Mike’s story. It jumped the shark a year ago. As someone who lost a parent to Alzheimer’s it has been extremely insulting and not based in truth. Max Gail has given his best but this story needs to end. Let’s see story for characters that have languished with nothing & let’s see more of the hospital characters. The show is still called General Hospital not Sonny Hospital.

I have to agree. I feel the same about all these viewpoints

I couldnt disagree more with you about Mike’s storyline. It has followed step by step the experience I had during my Mom’s battle with Alzheimers.

Same with my mom. That was an exceptional depiction of that disease.

Not everyones experience with a health issue is text book. Sonny is a main character who has connections to many people in PC and huge history. If you dont like Sonny, DAYS is on!

Denise swings and Denise hits it out of the park!

I am completely with you, Denise, particularly with regard to Sonny…

The dementia story was well played. You having experienced it, should know that.
Not insulting at all!

I despise Nelle!!! But Chloe Lanier is one of the best actresses to hit General Hospital. Keep coming back to visit, Chloe! Don’t stay too long – but keep coming back to visit!!! 😉

Absolutely agree…the character you love to hate. So well acted!!

Nelle from Hell…kind of a reboot Heather Webber…too bad Lucas isnt around for all this-he should be…see they have a new Valerie-i wish they done more with her and make her more connected to the Spensers…i wonder if she and Dante will hook up again???

Hell isn’t the right word for the bitch she is crazy

Chloe kind of resembles Michelle Philipps of the Mommas And Poppas 60s singing group-could play her in a movie if one is made!!!

I see her as Susan Dey who was in the Partridge Family.

You know i forgot about her

I love Nell.She keeps us on our toes.Hope she returns soon.

I agree. Nelle is one of the best characters on the show. Chloe is a great actress. I hope they bring her back and hope she is Nina’s daughter.

!!!!!Me too!!!!!

I also hope Nell comes back. My storyline would have Nell in a coma but in her mind she has descended into H*ll where she is tormented by Carly, Michael, Sonny etc for everything that she has done.

Ah yes, the saintly saints of GH, Sonny & Carly. LOL

I love chloe’s portrayal of Nelle. Michael and Willow are so beyond boring. I loved chase and Willow together. Nelle is the best actress on GH other than Ava!

Very good actress! I hope you are still alive, give up & tell the truth for once that you fell, go to therapy, and you become a real person! This just has to be Nell’s bottom or the writers need to get real!

Nelle will return, and be amnesiac .Truly can’t remember her past, she will be with Julian, but enamored with Brando! She will be Nina’s dtr, and through treatments with Kevin or that character, slowly figure out who she really is. By that time Willow and Michael, will be falling hard for each other. Sacha, will overdose and Jason will rescue her and find feelings for her, bye Sam…

Oh, no—you’ve given away all the spoilers!! All kidding aside, those are all fantastic predictions, Tamara!!

I try to follow GH but I just cannot seem to ride the waves of change anymore. I rarely see glimpses of the GH on once upon a time, actors and characters I loved, and I miss those. The plots at times are interesting but the many characters and actors are thrown into the mix without time to become familiar, and with connections to the core that are tenuous at best. That said, there is some strong acting and wonderful moments to behold. I still believe in the power of daytime drama, and I will support all I can.

YEs, WHERE IS LAURA? WE need her to do battle with Cyrus!

Now I know who Nelle reminds me of – Phyllis when she first arrived to Genoa City! Never admitting she’s wrong – Well, that’s still Phyllis today! Not above committing a crime to get what she wants and a whole Lotta crazy! I try so hard to hate Nelle, but she’s a great character and Chloe Lanier is superb!!

Agree! Couldn’t say it better!

Lew S,
Iam so sick of the Nelle SL. Just want it to be over.You are so right about Phyllis on Y&R. I so wish I could slap that smug, self satisfied smile off her face.

I love the Nelle character and it was wonderful to get this insight from the interview with Chloe Lanier. Thank you Chloe for your awesome entertaining performance. Hope to see you again soon. You will have a terrific career. Love you.

Great interview, thanks! I love Lanier’s character, Nelle, and all the storylines centering around her baby and related characters. Hope Nelle returns soon!

I hope she comes back. I would like for her to be redeemed and Nina’s daughter. I have enjoyed watching Chloe play Nelle.

I believe redemption kills a character.
People are good and bad.. not everybody is redeemed nor should they be.
Franco– that character was suburb, extraordinary..
Love or hate Franco the character put fans on the edge and stirred emotions, a great bad guy- electrifying!
After Franco’s redemptions, he is beyond state near zeroed out..
And- that is the same for many a great characters redemption they become blah and stale and become wallpaper.
The vivid character is a redeemed empty vessel..
No redemption for Chole= she needs to be greyed not redeemed.

But isn’t that a sad commentary on life, SuOOO! How’s it going, BTW? Well, I hope.

ANd I DO think a character can be “redeemed” (show remorse and strive to do better)but still have some dark tendencies. A complex character (realistic mix of good and bad) is always the more interesting character: Some actors are skillful enough to bring a complex character to the canvas.

I love Chloe Lanier and she has me jeering and cheering for Nelle.

I think Chloe Lanier is a fantastic actress. I feel the emotions of hate and also compassion for her. She made me think a few times that she may “do the right thing” while talking to Carly. Then of course she does not. She is going to have a successful career, that is certain.

I hope not I want her gone for ever let all this go away it is ridiculous for her to be able to get away with murder she is con artist she needs gone for good I am sick of her going after Carla get over it and I hope she wasnt Nina daughter that is getting sicker also get over this daughter bit is long gone she is dead so let it be over I am sick of Nina anyway the only thing is that Mike is playing a fantastic part he deserves more then one award for his performance nobody would have played that part as well as he did I hate to see him die but it’s time to let him go we love you Mike we will miss you very much

I think it’s safe to say Nelle isn’t really dead. I can’t wait until Chloe returns. On the meantime, they can build up Nelle’s return from the “dead” with Nina finding out Nelle is her daughter; Nina consumed with guilt over her testimony at the custody hearing; Nina consumed with grief believing she’ll never be able to make things right with her daughter; Nina overhearing Carly & Jax’s secret about covering up Nelle’s fall off the cliff leaving her to die & confronting them about it & finally Nelle showing up very much alive shocking Nina, Carly, Jax & the rest of Port Charles. If they can redeem Franco, they can definitely redeem Nelle. Nelle never had unconditional love, guidance & support…& she’ll have all of that with Nina as her mother.

Great interview Michael. Nelle is a convencing villian. Michael & Willow have no chemistry. So he we came back from break, so disappointed In Dan & Chris writhing. Everything is Sonny-Carly-Sam and Jason. How about writhing about legacy famalies –
Webbers/ Baldwin’s. And I hope they go back to 12 week arc stories.

I think Nelle (Chloe) did a fantastic job. I love Michael and Willow too and need to see more of them.

Chloe is a darn good actress but I could never stand her as Nelle and sad to say but I’m glad she is gone and hope she stays gone. Wylie deserves to be safe from his crazy mother and always live a very happy and safe life with Michael and Willow

With respect to your opinion… SNOOOOOOOOZE

Ditto to the SNOOOOOOOOZE!

I would like for Willow to be the long lost daughter and nelle go to prison for her crimed

Nelle is one of my favorite characters. I was very disappointed that we didn’t get to see her “play house with Julian”. Chloe is a brilliant actress. Without conflict the show would become boring very quickly. Chloe brings a lot of conflict.

Two murderers riding off into a blissful sunset? So OK!

I personally want Nelle out….she,s toxic…we all know she rises up all the time….get her gone

I have loved you and the fantastic job you have done it’s a When people get so lost in your character that they hate you and love you that’s a well done job good luck in your next roll tyvm

I love her. She is an awesome actress. Hope she is not gone for good !!!

Hopefully they killed Nelle off. That role is sickening

Nope. If Nelle were in Hell, I’d let you know. She ain’t here yet!

Love it!!!! Go, SATAN!

I second the emotion! 🙂

I want Nelle to be off the show n Michael n Willow be together. Also Williw to be the long lost daughter of Nina.

No I don’t care if Nelle ever comes back. If she does I hope it’s only for a few weeks, can’t stand the character. I hope they do something about Michael and Willow, chase and Sasha. Chase should be with Willow they were always laughing, and Michael and Sasha are fantastic to get her

So agree, Nancy!

I hate to see the character of Nell go she is so wonderfully horrible and Chloe plays her to perfection

Pure villainry can only be sustained for so long–then it’s becomes tiresome and boring. NEllE is the supreme example.

I really hope Nelle is not Nina’s daughter but I know some of my wishes do not come true. Gotta give to this young actress, she plays her role very well and so convincing that it is hard to sympathize with her character. Hope she does not paint herself in a box and be a trick pony, I bet she has the talent to go far in this business.

I still think Spencer should spontaneously combust dont think that’s ever happened on a soap..I hate that kid… I like nelle the show needs her… I hate this good franco crap… roger does great love roger but we need Todd Manning back on tv

I love her acting. I love Nelle. Anyone who causes distress for Sonny and Carly is A+ in my books. I just wish they wouldn’t keep taking Nelle so far down the road of redemption. Having her slash a throat puts her in league with Helena Cassadine but without the resources. You can still have her as a bad girl, just not a violent psychotic murderer.

What a great actress! She will be back, forgetting who she is from the fall and her mom, Nina will will take her in and raise her properly.

A villain’s histrionics are SO much easier to play that a truly complex character of both good and “evil” impulses. ANd oh-so-much more interesting!

Thank you Chloe Lanier for your wonderful performance as Nelle. Please don’t let others mess with your head. You are a good actor and will go far. Never let anyone live in your head rent free. Go Chloe Go.

I am going through some personal issues right now…..and that line you typed is the BEST piece of advice I have ever heard and it SO relates to what I am going through!! NEVER LET ANYONE LIVE IN YOUR HEAD RENT FREE! Thank you for typing that!!! God Bless You!

Chloe I think you are absolutely fantastic! Don’t hold on to the past. I know where your coming from. Practice your craft you may one day win an Oscar.

Well now that little Avery has the necklace it’s anyone’s guess who will find it or if she’ll show it to anyone.And the beat goes on!

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