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GH’s Donnell Turner Shares Message From Curtis to Fans: “He Wants Them To Root For Him Like You Would Your Favorite Athlete”

Photo: ABC

On General Hospital, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) was shot, and then woke up to the reality that he may never walk again.  On current episodes of the ABC daytime drama series, Curtis is paralyzed from the waist down.  Already in story, he is pushing his wife, Portia (Brook Kerr) away, and has already had a visit from Finn (Michael Easton) that this predicament could send Curtis over the edge and back to his drug addiction.

No matter what happens, this has opened up a juicy storyline for actor Donnell Turner.  In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Turner talks about finding out he was going to get this meaty storyline, and what key messages he hopes to send to the viewers through his soap alter-ego’s new challenges.

Turner shared his reaction on finding out Curtis was going to be shot and then unable to walk, “I knew months in advance, and it’s been difficult to keep it a secret.  Executive producer Frank Valentini called and told me about it.”  He added, “I about jumped through through the phone!”

Photo: ABC

Curtis has a long road ahead of him, and certainly a period of adjustment to his new reality.  But will it be his new reality … or will Curtis fight every step of the away to reclaim the way his life was before he was shot?  Clearly, Curtis was gut-punched when he found out his current medical diagnosis  … that he will never walk again.  Turner revealed: “I think the overall message that I want to portray to the audience is strength and courage and never giving up.  It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel what you feel, but that doesn’t mean you just give up.”

Turner punctuated that by concluding, “Curtis doesn’t want the fans and the viewers to feel sorry for him. He wants them to root for him like you would your favorite athlete.”

So, what do you think will happen to Curtis? Do you think he will go back to a period of drug addiction and remain on a downward spiral before picking himself back up? Are you glad to see Donnell have a front burner story? If you have ever faced a physical challenge that changed our life, do you hope the ABC soap opera tells Curtis’ struggles in a way that the audience continues to root for his recovery?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I think we know he’ll walk again. GH is stuck on killing people off with devastating, horrible, diseases. They need new writers. However, they’ve yet to keep a person in a chair, so no doubt Curtis will be back to form at some point after the “drama” of the story is done.

❝ GH is stuck on killing people off with devastating, horrible, diseases. ❞

Sorry, but what General Hospital have you been watching? Willow was sick for over one-year, told she had days to live (lived weeks) and then magically got her cure? Death, on this soap, seems to barely exist. Two serial killer storylines and barely any dents were made to the overly large cast…. if anything, they’re stuck on not thinning the cast and allowing all to continue existing.

My friend was diagnosed almost a year ago with lukemia. Willows storyline is pretty accurate on the up and down cycle of how this disease can go from critical to hopeful on a day to day basis.

Just take porsha out of curtis life

Yes, can you believe she took his phone away from him? Because hes incapacitated, it was horrible.

Yesss! PLEASE! Put Curtis and Jordan back together! I also wish Ms Woo switched the results and Curtis is not the father. I felt her father’s pain when results showed Curtis as her father!

I do think someone had something to do with the DNA test. About the Curtis/Jordan thing, I don’t think she should take him back. She kept her job secrets and because she didn’t consult with him, he divorce her. Portia kept a personal secret and he stayed . A 20 year old lie that could have been avoided. She is a doctor after all. So no on Curtis/Jordan reunion. I would like for an outside DNA test to be done. That test should’ve never been done at the same hospital where Portia works and Curtis know what Selena Woo suggested.

I believe it would be great to see Curtis share this storyline of difficulty. However, I am cheering him on to not allow his challenges to determine his story, as in my life I am hoping GH will show his story as one of courage and strength!

Please no drugs!!!!!

Agree; stop the drug abuse just because. FIGHT.

“Curtis doesn’t want the fans and viewers” shows he’s blurring the lines between reality and soap land. Curtis, as a character, doesn’t know fans and viewers exist. Donnell is the one who cares about that.

Regardless, the show is giving DT a juicy storyline. Let’s hope he brings it in the acting department.

I thing he is being a big self righteous ass right now. If you were the man you claim to be you would not be wallowing in self pity and be glD people are standing by you. People have been through worse snd keep going. Get back to being a strong character

Have your ability to walk taken away and see if you’re not an ass for a while. It’s hard at first until you realize both physically and mentally that there is hope. I was in his shoes when I lost my left leg. He’s not an ass, he’s hurting, physically, mentally and emotionally. I can’t wait to see where his journey takes us!

Nicely said.
You are 100% correct in saying all of this, because folks that’s what happens IRL.

I’ve always been a lil fan of Curtis he’s been a pretty solid player throughout his time on GH.
Definitely a keeper in the sweetness, gentleman, and looks department!

But Valerie, he was an ass before the paralysis. So was Portia. Both are hypocritical asses. That is why I cannot invest any emotions in this storyline.

It’s a shame Valerie that some people can’t empathize with others unless it happens to them. Too many people like that in the world; and we see that lack of empathy in various viewers reactions to the struggles and hardships that some of these characters go through. Art imitates life; so many insensitive people…

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

I think there’s something wrong with people like you who thinks a person, fictional or real, is “wallowing in self pity” when they learn that they’re paralyzed, literally can’t feel their legs and may never walk again. You think that person should just be bright and cheery…would be bright and cheery, in those first days, weeks, or even months? Regardless of who he or she had in their lives? It has nothing to do with being a “strong” character. It has to do with being human with vulnerabilities, frailties, fears, and emotions. I can’t handle insensitive people like you.

You do realize that in GH time, this has only been a short time since he was shot??? Are you really that callous, or just unaware??

Unfortunately, it would make sense for Curtis not to regain use of his legs to show others in a similar situation that having a full life is still possible. You could also show the darker side of the situation and have him flounder for a time in self pity, anger and unrelenting regret. Selfishly though, I want him to return to full fighting trim. I want a happy ending for him as there is SO much unhappiness in that town lately and the reality is, not everyone recovers from whatever hits them, physical, emotional or spiritual.

This shooting was too much like real life that we hear in the news everyday for my tastes, and put Curtis into this crippling situation. It caused me to quit watching GH for a while. So yes, let’s root for Curtis like several real life athletes recently, and others working to get their lives back.

Haven’t liked Curtis for awhile; this latest s/l doesn’t help.


Curtis rocks an he will be fine either way but hopefully walking he is a great actor and so handsome

Curtis will walk again. It could take a while but he will be back to his old self eventually and even though he’s pushing his family away they will be there for him all the way.

The only GH character to ever stay in a wheelchair permanently was Lila – which was due to Anna Lee needing it in real life.

Curtis will walk again as the show doesn’t have the courage to pull a Jason Morgan and make this change permanent.

Do not do another Addiction story . Have had enough w Sasha

Curtis is cry baby..people make mistakes

Please no drugs enough I agree with you

Depends on how well it’s written. If a Devil remembers correctly, Curtis’ substance of choice in his backstory was cocaine. So he’s probably not likely to get back into the nose candy again, but it would be totally realistic if he developed an addiction to opiate pain relievers.

GH did this before when Alan Quartermaine was recovering from spinal injuries caused by his drunken idiot son AJ. Alan was a doctor and certainly should have known better, but he got hooked on the pills for a while. If my Fuzzy Devil Memory is correct, this was also around the same time that the whole Q family got booted out of the mansion and had to live upstairs at Kelly’s for a while.

If they did an updated spin on that story with Curtis, and had intelligent writing behind it, it could be a decent story. Which is the opposite of what the thing with Sasha is.

Sasha us out for her maternity leave. I don’t think they’ll carry this storyline on too long after she returns.

I’d love to see a “Jesus” miracle of healing ! They happen everyday all around the world….why not have one on G H ? Not some spooky, kooky , cheesy, occultish healing, but a real prayer to a living God and His healing power displayed !! Probably too much to ask !

Because it’s General Hospital and not the 700 Club. That soap opera really went downhill after their main character died. But don’t worry about Pat, he’s doing just fine down here!

I agree Jesus and the spiritual message would be terrific

Aunt Stella frequently invokes the name of my old friend JC, so I’m sure she will continue to do so. But it’s a show with “Hospital” in the title, so I wouldn’t be expecting any cures not grounded in mortal medical science.

There will no doubt be prayers. The GH chapel gets a workout any time somebody has a major illness or injury.

Are you serious! Please keep you “far right” religious dogma away from group discussions. Not all of us are ‘Christian. There are many different religions as well as folks with no beliefs in a higher power at all. Please, let’s keep that kind of stuff out of GH discussions.

Glad Curtis finally told Portia off! Now he needs to get well, and go back to Jordan, his first wife
and love. ❤️

And GH needs to go back to the first Jordan.

I wish! Vinessa Antoine was the best actress and had the most chemistry with Donnell Turner’s Curtis, but she’s moved on.

I agree about the first Jordan coming back.

Yes! I agree.

Take Jordan please

I just hope it’s not a year or more having to put up with the character pushing people away. He shouldn’t be getting addicted to drugs again he feels no pain right. He can’t feel his legs. He will be in baby mode for a while. Also don’t do the addiction that has run it’s course with several drug addicts in the show, poor Sasha is being forced to be a drug addict again but by her Dr and mother n law.this is one storyline GH should be embarrassed and ashamed doing this storyline I’m disgusted with GH this is terrible

Curtis and Jordan please..away with lying Portia

Everyone on any soap lies about something. Portia is no different. I think aside from begging Curtis all the time, she’s always stood up for herself. Remember Jordan lied about her baby daddy too. That’s why it’s a soap my friend

Absolutely! Have you noticed how Portia’s face has only one expression? Like she’s more worried about how she comes across on screen. Portia be gone!


Bye Portia take Nina, take Portia daughter
with you..ohhh pick-up Drew on your way out!!

This is probably as low as you can go. Gladys and Dr. Who the heck r u, should be buried under a jail. They need to end this one. Enough for Sasha..give her a break.

Oh, Meme, how right you are. Both of these tired tales are doomed to boredom. I can’t watch the Sasha story until Sonny figures out what’s going on (it sure ain’t gonna be dense Dante) because the level of evil that quack is perpetrating with Gladys just isn’t entertaining to me. And Curtis really only had scene chemistry with Nina and Billy Miller’s Drew. Since then, he’s another in a growing list of dullards.. Sam; Dante; Ned and Eddie Maine; Portia; Fin; old and nuMolly; Alexis. Thanks for Spencer, Ava, and a few others like Terry and that sweet Bodyguard boyfriend of hers.

Then just quit watching and quit whining!
We’re now into the substitute writers until this strike is over, and we should be damn gkad we even HAVE GH to watch! The genre is on it’s last legs…they’re expensive to make…we’re lucky..quit complaining about everything!

I don’t see the love in her that a woman in love would act. She seems cold. I think he should leave her. She’s lied for yrs about their daughter. I think he can be strong enough to get.better in a much healthy way physically and mentally without her.

I think Curtis will be encouraged by Sonny .Sonny was told he will never walk again after he was shot. Sonny will say never except it work hard with your rehab and be positive. Sonny will be there for Curtis because he understands what he’s going through and wants to see him walk again.

I think Curtis should walk again.Get rid of Mason and Austin. Let’s see some happiness and love.


I’m a nurse, I have seen many patients face long term recoveries. I would introduce new characters, a physical therapist, and occupational therapist. We had one patient that took months to undo foot drop. Need to get therapists fast.

Yeah we all got your back Curtis u know it will happen… Hope the real writers get back soon

I had a stroke last Sept 2022 after coming back from a Cruise.Right side paralysis ( my dominate side yes it’s differcult at time but getting by yes I thought my world was going to end.ebery day is a challenge.

Hope you’re getting stronger and better everyday. I’m rooting for you ✌️

He will do what he has to walk again it take time and hard work

I want him to walk again don’t push anybody away and don’t push the drugs on him that would be a supit thing to do


Yes it is

I am getting bored with gh and I have watched it for 40 years. Molly and Christina story boring.There is too many characters to get interested in one thing. Shasha story has went on too long. Willow and her problem too long. A good addition is bring Jason back and fight for Carly and Lulu and fight with Sam. I hate the actor Porcha. Get rid of Austin and Mason. Everyday is a different story and each story last a year. I. RECORD mine so. I can skip the drawn out shows. Add new stuff.

Get Curtis away from Portia and he might be likeable again.

It would be a better story if someone stayed in a wheelchair, learned to accept it and continued to have a fulfilling life.

I think the last time that happened was Jimmy on Degrassi High. Then he got bored with it, quit the show, changed his name to “Drake” and became a rapper.

It was time for Curtis to get his big break. Curtis has step in to faith a long time. I hope he don’t let the devil get in his spirit. Let his character be positive.

What am I being blamed for now?

I think he is so hot…able to walk or not!

Curtis is a Karen

Curtis needs to dump Portia, she’s a whiny offense liar!

A more humane way to show Curtis would be for him to hold on to his family and friends. I saw a very mean Curtis … The way he treated his wife was deplorable. I didn’t like it. I’ve met mean disabled people before and the only way to deal with them is to leave them alone. A more positive character would be more appealing.

Curtis will get through this he’s a strong prideful man, I just lost my oldest son in May and I’m just getting through one day at a time.

I think Curtis was the target all along.

I think Portia shot Curtis because she felt betrayed. I think it would be a cool story line if Portia and Curtis had a “misery” type story line, I could see Portia footing into the role Kathy Bates did in the movir. You know the crazy fan.

I think he will walk again but I think the writers will have us go through popping pills before curtis gets a happy ending.

He will find away to beat it, just like Sonny did years ago.

Yes, it is time to wake Lulu up or let her die because Dante has clearly moved on with his life and it’s just not fair.

Curtis’ storyline is tired and ready to be trashed!

Curtis should beat the odds and come back strong without relapsing..

Let him walk again…

I am sick and tired of the Sasha storie.
Please somebody anybody stop her mothrer-in law and that terrible lying doctor.
Everybody just leave Cutts alone . Get rid of Portia so her daughter can have a life.
Just get rid of Portia get her a new man.

GH has gotten so boring and predictable. The writers take forever to finish a storyline. I’m at the point that I forward fast more than I watch because there are only certain characters that interest me. Curtis and Portia are not my favorites.

I would like to see Curtiss walk again and I believe something traumatic will happen and anger or fear will make the Curtiss we know take up his bed and walk. Love you Donnell

I like Jordan. But Curtis and Jordan is in past. I want Curtis with his wife Portia and Trina. Curtis don’t give up you will walk again and I can’t to see you and Trina getting close. I like Dante & Lulu. Sam should be with Drew. Like GH my love to the crew

I think he will walk again. When the swelling from the trauma and surgery subsides.

I love Curtis. He has been an integral part of his wife, his ex-wife, his father and now his daughters life. He was in his nephew life as a force and his Aunt Stella has always relied on his confidence. Let Curtis act and do his thing. I’m hoping he comes out of this as quickly as possible.

I want Curtis to fight to regain his mobility to walk again. I’m rooting for you all the way.

I have total replacements in my knees, yes both and had to learn to walk again, my persistence and my strength to do what I need pushed me to learn to walk and face my challenges head on, I’m always on the side of anyone who has a challenge physically or mentally you can do whatever you want if you truly want it and willing to do the work to get it, Curtis is a strong man and with time, support, and the will to walk again he will beat the odds and do it. So no he should not get back into his drug addiction but he should focus so much on walking that it delays his efforts for awhile but he should most definitely fight to walk again and reclaim the life he once list or is pushing away.

curtis is such a whining character, he makes me wanna not root for him at all, the character is to self righteous, and boring to boot, Jordan should be happy he’s no longer in her life, and portia should run as fast as possible.

Get Curtis up and moving and back to a happy marriage. Get Sasha out the hospital and put her mother in law and Dr in jail. Let some good things that for gt people. Encourage your viewers.

I want Curtis to walk again and not go through a drug struggle just to get better all over again. Why can’t you soap writers let the characters be who they are and let them have a long lasting relationship with one person. Hershey I’m getting tired of seeing people hop from bed to bed.

I will like to see Curtis walk again. He is a great actor and one of my favorite. I am rooting for him to get well❤️

Will root for DT as I am certain he’s got the talent to power thru this storyline, however, I wish GH would pursue a storyline of how a person can lead a full life in a wheelchair. (My brother is my hero as he has been battling a disease that has kept him immobilized for decades.) This will give CA the time to reflect on what truly matters – Life. Living life honestly. Curtis has kept more secrets than both Jordan (job related) & Portia. Miss Wu is a biggie. Allow his Father Marshall to bring Curtis a dose of reality & teach Curtis how to live a full life with a disability. Trina deserves a hero, wait, she already has a true hero & true Father figure in Taggart.
Rooting for Donnell to bring us fans the goods cause we all know you’ve got the chops.

I am sort of going through the situation now. I wasn’t shot!! I had my hip replaced, I have to learn to walk again! I walk with a limp because one leg is shorter than the other. But, hey!! I’m walking!! I hope Curtis will be strong and persevere!! Hang in there Curtis!! I’m rooting for you!!!

Please no drugs

Yes this is the world we live in, however everything dosen’t have to ALWAYS be so dark & grim. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T WRITE HIM IN AS TO GOING BACK TO HIS OLD ADDICTIVE WAYS. Show some light on his new life style. Show some positive aspects of being in that situation. Help someone going through. Try writing some good for a change. Not ALL Curtis’s have a bad dark side. I’m pulling for the good side.

General Hospital

Kelly Monaco Celebrates 20 Years on GH and Sam’s Evolution: “All the Pieces Don’t Fit Perfectly Yet, But It’s Certainly Not Broken Anymore!”

Sunday, October 1st will mark the 20th anniversary of Kelly Monaco’s debut on General Hospital as Sam McCall.  And as the story goes, when Kelly finished her run on Port Charles as Livvie Locke (2000-2003), and the show had been canceled, the three major networks were all interested in her to join their soaps.

In the end, GH won out and fans of the ABC daytime drama series have been the lucky ones to have Monaco join the A-list cast of the iconic soap. Throughout Sam’s journey in Port Charles, viewers have seen quite the character growth. Sam started on the show as a con and hustler, and bloomed into a bonafide heroine and a private investigator.

Kelly shared with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, how she viewed the Sam of old, to the Sam of today: “Sam came on to the canvas only having herself and her brother, always taking care of someone, and never being taken care of.  I think the biggest evolution for her is starting from being a really lonely, scared woman and becoming a woman who is still really independent, but is protected by family and friends and love and relationships and loyalty, and she never had that before.”

Photo: JPI

In a very poetic way, Monaco added on her character’s development: “She came in bent and broken, and I feel like there’s a lot of her that’s still broken, but she’s constantly sort of putting the Rubik’s Cube together. All the pieces don’t fit perfectly, yet, but it’s certainly not broken anymore.”

Throughout Sam’s two decades in Port Charles she has been in love, suffered terrible lost, found family members, had children, and has been involved in some of the most dangerous and criminal cases involving many a villain as she tried to help bring them to justice.

Photo: ABC

Currently, Sam is involved in a romance with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).  Viewers wonder if Lulu ever wakes up out of her coma, would that spell trouble for their relationship, and in turn, give Kelly some great meaty story to work with?

Now, in the comment section below, share your congrats to Kelly for her 20-year-run on GH. Then let us know, what has been your favorite Sam story over the years?

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Roger Howarth Featured in Film ‘What Doesn’t Float’ Hits Theatres

General Hospital and daytime drama favorite, Roger Howarth (Austin), can now also be seen in the independent feature film, What Doesn’t Float, currently premiering in limited release in New York City this weekend, and then on to Los Angeles next on October 6th.

On Howarth’s Instagram account, the talented actor shared some photos from opening night of the film with his co-stars and said: “What Doesn’t Float has conquered lower manhattan!! Thanks to these amazing creatives. Next is Los Angeles! They are beautiful talents and cool sweet people.”

What Doesn’t Float is dark comedy and anthology that follows seven stories in one city. In it, a group of characters, New Yorkers, are at their wits end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego reflecting our true character, while the rest sinks to the bottom.

Photo: RHowarthIG

Howarth takes on the role known as “Paddle Boarder.” Along with Roger, the film stars: Pauline Chalamet, Cindy De La Cruz, Joel Nagle, Larry Fessenden, Declan Eells, Joseph Longo, Chanel & Dior Umoh, Keith Poulson, Lily Sondik, Amir Royale, and Alexra Templer.

What Doesn’t Float comes from the Creative Collective and Gummy Films: Executive Producers David Tedeschi, Bernadette & Michael Fitzgerald, produced by Rachel Walden & Pauline Chalamet, written by Shauna Fitzgerald, directed and edited by Luca Balser.

Photo: JPI

For more on screenings in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and more click here.  But have no fear, if you can’t catch a showing you can pre-order a DVD copy here.

Check out the trailer below featuring Howarth, and then let us know if you will catch a screening in an upcoming city or get the DVD, for a chance to see Roger in another intriguing role in his ever-growing list of TV and film credits, via the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part Two: Trina and Spencer Make Love

Friday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it what every Sprina fan has wanted and waited for in what seems like an eternity – a love scene between Trina and Spencer where the fan favorite duo finally find themselves between the sheets.

In story, the New York City romantic adventure continued for Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) as the shared an intimate dinner, following the theater. Spencer is happy to see Trina so happy. She thanks him for such a beautiful night, and then tells Spencer she loves him very much.

Spencer can’t believe it’s taken Trina so long to say those three little words. He shares that he knows he is not the most patient person. Trina laughs, and says, “You?”

Photo: ABC

Next, Spencer tells Trina that he’s loved her since the very first day he met her.  Then, Sprina fans received a heartfelt montage of some Spencer and Trina moments from the history of their relationship. Coming out of the flashbacks, Spencer says, “The best is yet to come.”

When the waiter asks Trina and Spencer if they would like dessert, they both decide to skip it, so they can head back to their hotel to be together. Next, upon arriving back to their room, Trina is touched by all the rose petals strewn across the bed that Spencer arranged before they came back to the hotel.


Now, alone together, Spencer and Trina make love for the very first time.  Afterwards, they cuddle up and Spencer admits that he’s the happiest when he’s with Trina. They kiss and Sprina fans rejoice!

So, what did you think of part two of ‘Sprina in New York’? Was it everything you had hoped for? ICYMI: check out the montage from today’s episode below, and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

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