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GH's Head Writer Ron Carlivati Interview Part Two: Who's Luke? State of Patrick & Sabrina, Michelle Stafford, Julexis & Daytime Emmy Snubs!

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Last week, On-Air On-Soaps brought you part one of our latest interview with General Hospital’s head writer, Ron Carlivati!

While that part of our chat focused on the writing of the stories and the performances surrounding the Nurses Ball 2014, this second part focuses in on some of the current storylines, characters, and controversies that are stirring up the Port Charles canvas and the GH viewers at home!

Among the hot topics in Port Charles: Just who is this evil Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) anyway? Are Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) over for good?  Has Sonny (Maurice Benard) gone too far? How will the entrance of Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay shake up the already star-studded line-up on the canvas?  Will Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) finally get a mobster to choose her over a life of crime?  Will Maxie (Kirsten Storms) find true love with Nathan (Ryan Paevey)? And that is just for starters!

In addition, after General Hospital was shut out in the Outstanding Drama Series, Directing, and Writing categories for this year’s 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Ron offers up his thoughts on the triple omission.   So now, here is the rest of our candid conversation with Mr. C!

I read in a recent interview you gave that you are following what the fans are saying about their guesses of who this crime/drug lord Luke (Anthony Geary) really is.  Right now, the viewers are maddened and they want to get to the bottom line of who this guy really is!  They are screaming, “Enough is enough! Is he Luke … or an imposter?”


RON:   It’s obviously driving people mad.  Look, part of soaps is being frustrated and thinking, “When am I going to find out the reason he is behaving this way?”  And you walk that line as the writers of, “OK, when do we have to give that away?”  The payoff is coming very, very, very, soon.  You will be getting a very big insight into why Luke is behaving this way within the next two weeks on the air.

You have now added powerhouse and Daytime Emmy winner Michelle Stafford to the cast as Nina Clay, and you already had added Maura West (Ava), another powerhouse Daytime Emmy winner to the canvas.  What are you going to do with these actresses, not to mention the other incredibly talented heavy hitters in your line-up of women, in terms of story time and visibility on the show?

RON:  It is an embarrassment of riches, and how do you juggle all this?  It is a line that you walk.  People will say, “Well, why am I seeing this person, instead of this person?” Monica (Leslie Charleson) cannot be Silas wife, for example.  (Laughs)  The characters are there for a specific reason.   When we add somebody new, it’s not just for the sake of adding somebody new.  It is because we need them to tell the story that we are telling.

Michelle Stafford recently commented in her interview with Soap Opera Digest that she did not want her, or the character of Nina, to be rammed down the throat of the GH audience right off the bat, because then people could potentially resent that.  How are you strategizing having her on the canvas?

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RON:  You want her to come in and make an impact and a splash, but you don’t want GH to become “The Nina Show.”  We are finding that balance.   I am thrilled to have Michelle and I have known her reputation.  I have seen her at soap events and have seen some of her work, but I was not a regular watcher of The Young and the Restless.   I would see her Emmy tapes, and I watched her web series, The Stafford Project which was so hilarious.   I am excited to see more when she starts airing.   Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) told me he directed her first day on the set … other than the one day where we snuck her in to tape the one moment on the show.   And after he directed her first scenes, everybody was just saying, “Oh my God! You can’t take your eyes off of her.”  So, I am excited to see it play out.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has been on one of the darkest roads we have seen him travel in many years of late.  The “crypt sex” scene where Ava and Sonny did the deed in the Quartermaine mausoleum following AJ’s funeral was somewhat controversial and upsetting to some viewers.  Was there any hesitation to go there?

RON:   There wasn’t that much hesitance.   We knew we wanted Sonny and Ava to sleep together.  We were trying to figure out … how can we not?  And how can we make that happen?  I mean, that woman killed Connie!  Sonny obviously does not know that.  From the moment we started to link them together it became apparent.  It started back when Ava was trying to coerce him to stop taking his meds.   Those scenes were before the blowout at the wedding reception of Morgan (Bryan Craig) and Kiki’s (Kristen Alderson).  You could see there was something great there, and we wanted to capitalize on it.   So we locked them in a bond against their will, and Sonny shot AJ.    We used that as a way to bond these two knowing that our goal was to have them have sex.  When we were laying the story out, there was a moment of, “There’s no way we can have them have sex on top of AJ’s grave is there? (Laughs)”   That is what soaps are about … those moments of, “Oh, my God! They didn’t!”


Did Maurice Benard come to you and Frank Valentini about wanting to have a very dark twisted story for Sonny such as this?  He cheated on Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), slept with Ava, murdered AJ, etc, etc. 

RON:  Maurice has been so open with everything I have wanted to do with the character of Sonny.  We have seen other sides of Sonny in the past couple of years.  I think he is able to go to those dark places, and Sonny can scare you!   We decided to see how far we can take him knowing that the payoff is coming down the line.  What is going to happen, if and when, Sonny finds out Ava killed Connie?  And then not only did he sleep with this woman … he helped protect this woman.  He murdered AJ (Sean Kanan) then for no reason, and down the line … what is this all going to do with Sonny’s relationship with Michael (Chad Duell)?  Down the line this story has such giant stakes, and that is the kind of story you want to have with a character such as Sonny.

What are your plans for Patrick (Jason Thompson)?  People have been asking what are you going to do with the character now that Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is off the canvas?  Will he have a brand new story of his own in the near future?


RON:  Yeah, we are getting there. We took a big step recently as to where Patrick goes and that is such a challenge, because obviously it was a thrill to bring back Robin. But because we knew it would not be permanent, we knew down the road, and as soon as Kimberly left we have that problem of, “Now what?”  We had that also when Robin “died”.  Is Patrick dark?   Is he a drug addict?  You can’t be just like, “OK! Now he is in love with somebody else,” and then throw him into a romance in one second.  We knew we had that problem.  So you weigh the pros and cons and say, “Robin’s return is worth having that problem on the back end.”   We are letting the story now tell itself.  We had to play out the story of Patrick’s baby, and that gave of us somewhere to go that wasn’t a new love story.  It was something logical for Patrick to be involved with when Robin left.   We have this baby crisis and then when that crisis is resolved, we now came up with a new arc we are sending Patrick on, and it kind of grows out of the baby story.

Previously, many fans have expressed that the character of Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) was shoved down their throats, and many did not want her romantically with Patrick, and now Teresa is going on maternity leave in real life.  Did any of those factors inform you and the writing team as to what the future holds for Patrick and Sabrina as a couple?

RON:  Well, as you can see that is not what we are really doing.  People think I exited Robin, so I could put Patrick and Sabrina together.  I don’t know where that comes from, but it’s irrational.  These are two people who care about one another and almost got married, but what we are now playing is that these are the parents of this baby.  We are not playing the Patrick and Sabrina love story.  This is a story about these two weathering a crisis right now.  It’s not like that now Robin’s gone, we can put these two back together.

As for Carly (Laura Wright) and Franco (Roger Howarth), are you still invested in these two to be the romantic end game for each other?  That pairing always seems to stir up some controversy, too!


RON:  It has been controversial to put Carly with Franco.  I like that people have strong opinions, but I can share that our last focus group showed that people loved Carly and Franco. Sometimes what you see online does not represent the entire audience.  We got a very positive response on our last round of research for this couple, which is comprised of many, many things, not just ten people in a room.   It is a real cross-section of our audience and there are things to be learned from the research.

We have talked in the past about Maura West being a revelation in her role as Ava Jerome.  Do her performances inform you as to what you may do with Ava next?

RON:  What her performance tells me is that Maura is capable of doing anything, and so we don’t have to be afraid, but of course as a writer you are scared when you take a character down the line of taking certain actions.  The response is then, “Oh!  They just threw this person under the bus.  Oh! They have just written this character into a corner and now they must die next week!”  The challenge is; if she does this, how can she survive it?   Rather than thinking, “Now we have written her into a corner and we have to write her off the show!”  Granted that sometimes happens in soaps, but Maura’s performance is so rich.  She brings such heart and humanity to her performances that you do not necessarily understand what she is doing, but in a way you feel for her, or root for her in a strange way, despite the fact that she is doing horrendously horrible things.  So of course, it pushes you harder as a writer, because it is worth keeping her around.   The thing is … once you have made a character so bad and unbelievable it can turn into a “Who killed So-and-So!”   Then, there is no saving them.   I am sure you can cite tons of examples of characters on soaps who have been on for years and years, and have done as bad, or worst, than Ava.

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) came back to town, and you have Nathan (Ryan Paevey) primed to be the new man in her life, other than Levi (Zachary Garred), I should say. (Laughs)


RON:  I think you could see the connection between Maxie and Nathan right away, and you saw it when she walked into the Nurses Ball.  These two may be arguing, bickering, or sparring, but you can see there is a spark there which was our intention when we crossed bringing Nathan on the canvas, while we had one day left with Kirsten before her maternity leave.  It was our New Years Eve show, and the scene was at Maxie’s apartment.   We crossed these two then, and then we had to wait a few months to cross them again.  The idea was always to pair these two characters in some way.  So we had her return with her guru Levi who is another polarizing character! (Laughs)

Fans were immediately taken aback by Levi!  I think he was being attacked even before he opened his mouth!  (Laughs)  And then several fans were saying bring Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) back!

RON:   I know! And everyone loved Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) from the first five minutes he appeared on the show?  Levi is here as part of a story and the character is here to tell a story.   Maxie is such a fun character.  We put her through the ringer before she left, and to have her come back saying she has found herself.  It’s not that there is anything wrong with the views she comes back with, it’s just that she is throwing herself at it whole-heartedly with a guy she does not know well.   I think she was so desperate to show somebody that she changed that she was going to latch onto the first thing that came along, and that was Levi.   So we are really contrasting these two guys; Levi is this hippy-dippy free-thinking guy, and Nathan is a more hard-nosed, buttoned-down, practical guy.  We kind of pitted these two guys against each other with Maxie in the middle!  I mean, I would be happy for people to root for Levi and Maxie (Laughs) But … you can see.  Draw your own conclusions when you see how this all play out.


Last week, the earth moved for all of us when Julexis finally had sex!  They even were trending on Twitter! Got to hand it to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) …  she still keeps picking men immersed in the mob, even though she dumps them for being in it!  Go figure!

RON:  Oh, my God!  It was trending on Twitter for like an hour!  This woman is this really smart, capable attorney and she goes for Sonny, Jerry Jax (Sebastian Roche), Shawn (Sean Blakemore), and now Julian (William deVry), and with Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Ned (Wally Kurth) in there too.  Bad boys do seem to be her weakness.  We saw from day one that Julian and Alexis shared a child in Sam (Kelly Monaco), and what there is between these two, and what is the most logical love story to tell.  Alexis fought and gave in because Julian is compelling and sexy, and there is that connection to Sam and their grandchild.   They definitely are a hot couple.  The trick is now: how does the mob fit into all of this?  Yes, Alexis fought this and she broke up with Shawn over the mob, and if she is going to stay with Julian, can he stay in the mob?  Or, can he get out?   We now know he reports to Luke and he is not in control.   It is not like Sonny, who could theoretically walk away from the mob, although I don’t really think Sonny could just walk away.  Julian does not necessarily have a choice to get of the mob, but now he has more to live for than he did when he came to town.  Back then, he was Derek Wells and didn’t have anything.  Now he is Julian Jerome and he has Lucas (Ryan Carnes), Sam, Danny and Alexis.   Now he has something to live and fight for!   Does he want to do that in the mob …or … does he want to stand on his own two feet outside of that?

Finally, I want to address General Hospital’s Daytime Emmy snubs in the Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Directing categories.  I can’t even remember the last time GH was not in the running!  Some are theorizing that the reason GH did not make the cut in the Drama Series category is because one of the two series submissions was  from last year’s Nurses Ball.   Overall, you must have been disappointed in that it would have been great way to cap off the series 50th anniversary season which was during the eligibility period.  In the writing category it comes down to submitting one episode … so what did you go with?   And now looking back, do you think you would’ve submitted a different episode?


RON:  For writing, we submitted the day after Robin had been seen at Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding.  You got to see Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) still run down the church to see her mother standing there, and Robin and Patrick’s reunion, and Duke (Ian Buchanan) and Anna (Finola Hughes) had scenes, and Luke was on the roof with Jerry Jacks, and that kind of material.  But my feeling is: it is a very capable and worthy episode that is just as worthy of a nomination as any of the other shows that I saw. I am not saying that General Hospital should win, but I do think there is something strange there.  I don’t think any subjective person could watch these show and go, “These shows are worthy of a nomination and this one is not.”   It shows me that something does not add up.  I am not accusing anyone of anything; but it just seems either there is something wrong with that system, or there is something unfair going on behind-the-scenes.  You can argue whether the episode we chose was the best one to submit for the whole year, but certainly it was just as good as the others that I saw.  I would say that about the Directing category and I would say that about the Drama Series category, and Writing.  To me, it’s not about awards … that’s not what it’s about for us.  We have fun writing the show.  I want the show to stay on the air.   But it would have been good for morale of the show and everyone who works there.  It is disappointing.

So, what do you think Ron’s comments on the reveal of Luke? What’s next for Patrick?  Maxie’s love life?  Carly and Franco …  and Julexis?  Are you looking forward to seeing Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay mix it up on the canvas?  What do you think about GH’s Daytime Emmy writing snub? Weigh-in below!

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That was a nice interview with Ron Carlivati.As for Ava and Sonny having sex i knew that was going to happen eventually but the stakes are are even higher now than if they had done it last year.I can’t wait for Sonny’s reaction when he finds out Ava killed Connie and that he killed AJ for no reason.As for the Patrick i think the baby will die and that may send Patrick on a crusade to find out who caused the car crash and why.

See my comment below about storylines being lost in the shuffle; because, I actually forgot that someone intentionally caused the car crash that hurt Patrick and Sabrina’s baby. When seeing Patrick and Sabrina at the hospital, I totally forgot that it’s a mystery as to who caused the car accident. Thank you for that reminder! 🙂

You’re welcome.Right now Patrick is focused on baby son and letting the police investigate the crash.However later he might wonder who crashed the car and since it was his car he might wonder if he was the target.Plus Patrick could wonder about Victor returning to town around the same time.So Patrick could wonder if somehow Victor had a hand in the crash.Most fans are assuming Sabrina was the target but maybe she wasn’t.As i wrote i think the baby will die and that will send Sabrina off canvas for bit to grieve.Patrick might focus his grieving on finding out who crashed the crash.Plus that could involve Patrick in a lot of different stories on the show as he investigates.

Yes I think at some point Carly will tell Patrick about Ava threatening Carlos and it goes from there.

You’re not alone. I’d completely forgotten there was a mystery as to who hit Patrick and Sabrina too 🙂 Ditto with who killed Connie and who killed Anthony Zaccara. By the time they got back to these storylines I think most of the audience has mostly ceased to care.

Can you imagine how that plays to a focus group who may be soap fans in general but not necessarily regular GH fans? The stories might look like they might be interesting on the surface and get positive feedback but if any from the group actually do tune to check out the show isn’t likely to look anything like the carefully selected clips they saw.

I have been watching GH for 30 years I don’t like what is going on, Patrick and Sabrina are super couple and they should be together, because Robin is not around anymore Patrick need to forget about her, the writers should let him get married to Sabrina, if they don’t write good script GH is going to get cancel just like AMC and OLTL

Great questions Michael!
I am concerned about Julian and if he will survive “Luke’s” hit. Seems like they are setting it up so the character dies and I hope not because I really like Julian & Alexis together.

I also really, really hope Olivia and Sonny DON’T get together and I actually wish her character would have left when Scott Reeves left the show. I find her to be grating and not fun to watch at all. I welcome Sonny & Ava.

I don’t think the show is going to kill Julian anytime soon.Plus now that Julian is finally realizing what he’s gotten himself with his dealings with “Luke” and that his loved ones could be in danger as a result i could see Julian teaming with Sonny to take down “Luke”.

Hope you are right Andrew.

Actually I hadn’t thought about that but it would be a good twist.

The awards were always “fixed” in some way. Worse than that, we still enjoyed them because it was fun, watching the outfits, the clips, & entertainment. It just got less & less “soapy” & we saw entertainment from stars not on soaps, clips disappeared, not even a montage, & sponsors that didn’t want to televise the show! ??????? It didn’t matter who won, because everyone was a winner, & we were enjoying the show. I wish we could go back to the glory days!

The problem w/the Daytime Emmys has always been that each daytime soap makes 250+ episodes per year…and yet they are only allowed to submit ONE episode as their entry in each category. That is CRAZY. Also, the judges are people that don’t watch daytime programming on a consistent basis. Are the Academy Awards decided by non-movie people? No. How about the Tony Awards? Of course not!

IMO, they should allow soaps to submit a series of 3-5 episodes representing a particular story they felt represented their best work that year. It could then contain comedy, drama, farce, multiple actors and the beginning, peak & denouement of a story arc. Come on – with only 4 soaps left on broadcast networks, it won’t take that much time to watch.

Very well said! I couldn’t agree more!

I agree that the Emmys should let each soap to submit one full week’s worth of episodes that aired during the eligibility period.It could be a week that a story climaxed on a soap or whatever.

I was very excited to read this today, and thank you Michael for the wonderful interviews. We will finally get to learn what happened to Luke soon, want this payoff, fans //are// maddened indeed. No mention here of Genie coming back, which I wish he had shared. We may never understand why GH was not inlcuded in some of the heavier categories, but the intrigue and great story brought us to our feet in 2013. I am glad he will continue to write and keep the number one show in daytime going as long as he can, becuase there is story to create and tell.

Good stuff you definitely asked the questions everyone was thinking now wait 😉

The questions were great, the answers not so much.

His pointing to focus groups and research proving that people love Franco and Carly is hysterical. RC usually just explains the gaping holes in his writing on twitter. Now he points to so called research to defend his horrible story choices. All good writers do that and telegraph a couple’s path right? He says a part of soaps is about being frustrated and not knowing; waiting for payoffs, and then he just tells you Carly and Franco are moving forward.

He then says that sometimes what you see online does not represent the entire audience. But he puts this out “online” to give ammunition to his defenders on the boards so that they can point to research and tell detractors on the boards that they aren’t representative, and here’s proof; How absolutely premeditated and skillful. The online community isn’t representative but we need to throw some ammunition out to those very forums.

Since he mentioned the research and the cat is out of the bag that Carly and Franco are staying together, so there’s no suspense there, I think ABC should share the research with us. Networks don’t always point to research and findings, but since he did, why not share the results?

The absolute disdain this man has for the show and for any viewer who didn’t follow him here from OLTL is so apparent. “Monica couldn’t be Silas’s wife” he says with a laugh. Who needs Silas or his wife? And to mention Leslie Charleson as the punch line is just not amusing. It’s just so maddening that this guy, being in the right place, ABC, at the right time, got this job and ruined this show. It is not an embarrassment of riches as he says, it is just an embarrassment.

I loved Carly with Todd Manning. Having Roger Howarth play nuFranco while acting like Todd is not amusing. I don’t care for Carly and Franco being a couple. I don’t think they are amusing or exciting to watch. I think if Roger returned and played a completely new character, or a long-lost Quartermaine, the couple and their storyline would be more exciting. Could care less about Silas, his wife, or his daughter-who by the way-cannot act or stand her ground with any of the talented, veteran actors. Love Alexis, Ava, and Julian.

I read that interview and i don’t think RC said Carly and Franco will be staying together.All he said is that some people liked Franco and Carly together.However he didn’t say when the last round of focus groups was.So that could have been a couple of months ago.As for focus groups i think all soaps use them but in different ways.

GH50, that “Monica can’t be Silas’s wife” irked me as well. I hate that kind of logic, or lack there of. It’s not only insulting to Leslie Charlson, it’s insulting to viewers as if to suggest we are so dense that they would expect that to happen. As you stated, why do we need Nina to be cast anyway? We watched Silas cry and wax poetic about Nina, whom we had not yet met, more than we saw Monica mourn the death of AJ, a core character, one of the last remaining Quartermaines.

Very well put! 🙂

Cosign your comment 200%.

Amen–the Monica slam was inappropriate, mean, and aegist. I’m enjoying a lot of aspects of GH right now—Dr. O and her children (I love Britt!), Nicholas, Tracy and Luke, Sabrina and Patrick, the three kids (especially Spencer), Ava, Julian and Alexis, TJ, the three gay guys, and Liz.

Can’t stand Sonny (and never will, under any circumstances, particularly after he murdered AJ), and don’t care for the storylines involving Kiki, Franco, Lulu, or Dante.

I do not think LC would think a thing about it she would probably laugh JFP and her gang are the people who dismantled the Q’s. Little campy for my taste but hey to each his own.

I don’t think RC was slamming the character of Monica or Leslie Charleston.I think he was pointing out that Silas’s wife had to be a new character on the show.So he might have been just using Monica as an example.

I think Ron has brought on too many new characters and faces, along with many of our favorite veterans. Storylines get lost in the shuffle, as viewers we forget about many of the storylines because the characters have not been on-air for a week +, then a quick wrap-up of a storyline happens, or we have to endure characters on-air conversations rehashing the storyline (because we have not seen it and may have forgotten what happened last). I’ve never been a huge fan of Michelle Stafford’s. I’m certainly not a huge fan of Sam and Silas; and I don’t care about Silas’s ex-wife. I care about the history of the show. I miss the adventure of the 80’s, the heat and tension of the 90’s. I miss Luke’s Blue’s Club, Mac’s Outback, the singing, the friendships (Brenda, Lois, and Ned), the romance, cliff-hanger Fridays. I understand the budget cuts; but, if Ron eliminates half of the recurring cast, there’s a big cost savings there. Two things I love-Liesel Obrecht and the Jeromes!

Great interview. An interesting read.

As a Sonny fan I’m just thinking my only payoff will be watching Maurice Benard work his magic with the dark material. What’s gonna be the pay off for the many Sonny fans that keep watching Sonny being miserable storyline after storyline????

Buddy…I don’t think there are many Sonny fans. You are definitely in the minority here.

WRONG!!!!! There are lots of sunny fans out there and johnny yes I will be glad when sonny is happy again im tired of him being miserable too!!!

I am a fan of Sonny’s, also..
MB is a terrific drama actor and he always brings it home!
Sunny is a great character and I luvs him ..
Sonny is a cornerstone of GH, and he can go every which way with stories and the acting is top hat ..


dude what tunnel do u live in? sonny/maurice Bernard is huge in the world of daytime, and when your that big, well haters come along, yes, the sonny character can be polarizing just like the luke character, but even with that, these two are as big as they get. i do wish some character out there would give sonny his comeuppance, but apparently no writer is strong enough to really bring the character of sonny down.

Maybe Maurice Benard is okay with the show writing dark stories for Sonny because it gives him good material to play with.I also want Sonny to be happy but not totally either because that would be boring.

Love Sonny..just want him to be happy for a change

Why am I not surprised that you didn’t ask Mr. Carlivati about Elizabeth’s storyline… ::shaking my head:: Her storyline with Nikolas and Ric is one of the better storylines right now, and all three are characters that longtime viewers care about and are familiar with. But instead, Mr. Fairman, you tend to gush about newbies and your own personal favorites. I wish you would cover GH in a less biased way for many of the viewers that don’t share you opinions and enjoy other characters that aren’t your favorites.

I agree. Love Tyler Christopher & Rick Herst — finally she gets a storyline and it’s not even mentioned in the interview.

I couldnt disagree with you more. Liz/Nik/ storyline is the worst one going right now as far as I’m concerned. I can’t stand to watch it and I’m so tired of Liz yanking around every guy she’s with.

Liz is GH’s Brooke Logan . . .If there is a man around, well you know. She sleeps with everybody. Don’t like her – never have. The fact that she thinks she is so much better than everyone else only makes it worse – with her past who is she to judge anyone?
Love Maura West – have since Y&R I think she is beautiful and as far as her going to far over to the evil side, just look at Todd M. in OLTL and all the rotten things he did and the fans still loved him. I hadn’t watched that show in ages but when I heard he was coming back I was all over that DVR.

I agree with, Me and Lizzy. So tired of Liz being with every guy. I have a question, Why hasn’t Cameron aged? He was born when?

I’ve always called him Fair Man because I thought he really was, but lately he does seem to be too agreeable with Ron to ask the tough questions.

Good Interview, lots of questions answered. Love Michelle Stafford and think she will be a great addtion to the show. Can’t wait to see how Nina/Sam/Silas interact with each other. Pretty sure KM can hold her own against anyone. I think things are about to heat up for this story and about time.

Even though Ron is trying to insert some Old Skool ways of writing into today’s stories, something is STILL missing……can’t put my finger on it.

It needs a timeless love story. All these couples, I feel nothing for them. I’m talking about a “Lily and Holden,” a “Tad and Dixie,” a “Cord and Tina,” a “Luke and Laura” a “Bo and Hope” a “Marlena and John” … I can go on and on. Do you know what I mean? Right now GH and the other remaining shows have nothing like that. When there’s chemistry you can’t deny it, but I wouldn’t say these GH couples have the kind of chemistry that can span generations.

just like in the world of fashion where theres no longer really any supermodels, the same in daytime, theres no super couple, all the above you mentioned are from the golden era. sorry but is anyone really sorry that sonny cheated on Olivia? the women didn’t seem to have a problem crawling into bed with her cousins men whatsoever, now she’s crying like a big o baby.. no one really has that magic , were you think to yourself are these people together in real life, you know what i mean?

Aria and Monica, you both make good points. Another thing I have noticed is that scenes are a lot shorter. I am not talking only about GH, but soaps in general. I looked up a Youtube of Damian Smith (because I am wondering if he is Fluke) and there was a scene between Damian, Bobbie and Tony which lasted at least four to five minutes. It was high drama, well written, well acted and not dull at all. Then that scene was followed by a very poignant scene between two brothers–Frisco and Tony. Yes, these type of scenes were character driven (I realize this phrase is being overused, but I can’t think of anything better). Character driven stories don’t need things blowing up, people being shot, masks being peeled off and overall campy storylines. What some of us miss is the connection between family members and romantic partners. When the rising action springs from the characters’ history and interaction its a beautiful thing and resonates with viewers on some personal level. That is why many of us became hooked on soaps in the first place.

Dance with who brung you. Use your legacy characters and build off that. I am excited to see Michelle Stafford but I would have rather seen her as a Skye Quartermaine recast.

She would be great as Skye, but MS is a diva who complained about not getting enough time on YR. Her story will eventually eat up the canvas. And who is tied in to it? Mostly newbies.

Also, I agree about needing a power/super couple. I can’t root for any of the current GH couples. I could have rooted for Liz and Nik, but that has been ruined for now. They have the history, the chemistry, and the mix of two long term families. I am not rooting for Silas and Sam because I already know they are not going to stay together. Franco is too ridiculous for me to root for him and it is just wrong for him to be with Carly. There is just no one for me to get that excited about.

The problem with Skye is that the character was created on All My Children but went to OLTL and General Hospital.So there might be a question about who has control of the rights to the character right now.As for Michelle Stafford in an interview about her coming to GH is that she knows that there’s nothing worse than a show bringing a new character on and then cramming him or her down the viewers throats or writing the character in a way that is manipulating the audience to like that character.She points out that the fans will either like the character or not and there’s nothing anyone can do to control that.She also points out the the most important thing for her is that she’s coming in to support story for the characters are familiar with and aiding their story.On GH Michelle Stafford may not want to be the star of the show and just wants to do the best job she can.As for Silas and Sam how do you know they won’t stay together?Of course they might break up but they might get back together too.As for Liz and Nik i still think there’s still a chance for them but right now the timing is not right.Elizabeth knows Nikolas is still on the rebound from Britt and she may not want him if he still wants Britt.

But why recast Skye at all when the beautiful and talented Robin Christopher might be available?

I loved that they hooked Sonny n Ava up I cant wait to see where they go with it!!! Glad Julian n Alexis r together they def have chemistry!!! I like the slow build between Maxie n Nathan I think they will be good for each other!!!

The problem with the focus group is they dont know the history of Franco. That is why I dont like Franco n Carly together. I agree that Laura n Roger work well on screen but having their characters be together doesnt work for me!!! I cant wait till they break up!!!

Definitely surprised GH was shut out of the 3 categories but the main thing is we are getting great stories and acting from the whole cast n crew which hopefully will allow GH to stay on the air for years to come!!!

Jason Thompson who plays Patrick who just got nominated for Lead Actor was asked about GH not getting a Lead Show nomination said it might not be the easiest pill swallow but getting Emmy nominations isn’t what is important at the end of the day.So IMO GH could get all the nominations in the world but that doesn’t mean they are the best soap or have the best actors.I’m sure the show is happy for the actors who got nominated but the TPTB may not care that much one way or another if they get nominated.

If RC didn’t care he wouldn’t have been all excited about it last year when he was nominated.

Of course RC was excited last year about getting a nomination because who wouldn’t be?However he may have been in soaps long enough to know that getting a nomination or even winning an Emmy means nothing because he could win but get fired the next day for all he knows.Plus a nomination is just a recognizition of the work you did last year but RC may know what matters is what you do now and in the future and not in the past.

Woohoo!!! Love Carly and Franco!!!!

I know, everyone should go out with the guy who facilitated their sons rape in prison!

I know right!!! What foreplay fodder!!! And if Franco is trying to convince people he has changed, why does he act so surly, hostile, stand offish, rude, arrogant and stupid around people? He poses and postures, makes creepy inappropriate gestures, and basically acts like a demented sociopath to anyone within earshot. And Carly…poor dim murderer loving Carly…just stands there, twirling her hair and staring at him all doe eyed. I gotta go….I’m gonna be sick…

So do i

Good interview Michael. You always ask the questions that are on viewers minds. The answers, on the other hand, are definitely head scratchers thats for sure. But the do give insight as to why this show is so disjointed, inconsistent and suffers from terrible pacing issues.

Thank you! He didn’t even bother to talk about the epic failure in writing for Franco and Franco/Carly. Talk about how you plan to fix that. Tell stories on screen and lose some of the newbies.

Passions…um GH is a disjointed mess. Michael Fairman is the absolute worst stan of all. He practically feeds Ron the answers and doesn’t really talk about the issues with the show. He just pulls questions from Twitter complaints.

Andrea, that is very unfair to Michael Fairman. He went right at RC about people having had it on the Luke reveal, the fact that there are too many female characters and the risk of Nina overpowering, Sabrina being “shoved down our throats”, the dislike of Cranco, the negative response to the crypt sex and the Emmy snub. He asked all the right questions. He can’t give the answers.

Come on Andrea, pick a lane and tell us how you REALLY feel.

Passions!!! Exactly! Ron is veering closer and closer to Jim Reilly writing and that is NOT a good thing!! Totally plot driven…changing characters to fit story…senseless and constant violence…evil always triumphing…stories told for shock (schlock) value…etc. Good call!!

Michael, I apologize. I think you’re awesome.
You know Ron’s Twitter nonsense is part of the general negativity, right?
He almost asks for people to complain. I’ve never seen a show runner/writer who taunts the fans like he does.

Yes @MichaelFairman we get it. It’s your site and therefor you have a right to say who traverses it and who doesn’t. But you need to understand that television is built on the passion viewers have for whatever is placed on table before us. No one is threatening anyone’s life or cussing people out on this site and I’m a regular visitor. As viewers we are keeping DayTime 4 soaps strong. As a blogger you have the responsibility of letting those who come to your site vent their frustrations irregardless of whether it bothers you or those writing the shows we love so much. It’s not just an outlet for frustration it’s fun in the same respect. If you intend to run a site that draws people in on a daily and for some hourly basis then you yourself need to grow a thicker skin. So what if a poster says you mollycoddled an interviewee and treated that person as a personal friend. We all know you have to give a little to get a little or this site would not exist. If all you did was treat the celebrities the way we talk on here…this would never exist because no one would talk to you in the entertainment field. You have GOT to let the lesser of us and yet the greatest..because we tune in everyday..have our say. No one is sending anyone to the guillotine’s here. You should be patting yourself on the back that @MichaelFairman On Soaps elicits such passionate responses. When you cut off a viewers voice you cut off a networks ability to peruse and choose then decide. We’re down to 4..please don’t make it anymore difficult to be heard or within two years at the most we’ll be down to three and looking at the possibility of two. We hear you..we hear let us be heard.

Davlestav1…I couldn’t…disagree with you more!

First, this is Michael Fairman’s site. I think overall he’s extremely tolerant of different opinions and vents…and I don’t know anyone who would let people have free reign on a site/business that they’ve built.

This site is his baby. It’s everything he’s just described in his response above. But personally? If this were my site and someone trashed me…I’d be seeing red and my readers would be hearing from me too. You don’t “bad-mouth” someone, especially the person whose site you’re on. If someone feels that he could have asked an additional question, dug a little deeper, etc…there’s a way to address that in a respectful question/manner. But to say “Michael Fairman is the worst…” as the poster above did??? I mean, c’mon!!! It wasn’t addressed to me and I even cringed!

I think I’ve been a bit harsh with one poster recently…didn’t call the person any names but I was so put off by her opinion…it was so foreign to my sensibility that I was waaay sarcastic. It’s difficult to not cop an attitude in any type of debate.

I don’t think Michael (Fairman) would have reacted so strongly if there were some disgruntled opinions of Carlivati…I think it’s a known fact that he antagonizes viewers who don’t agree with him…I think it’s a facdt of life since the advent of Twitter/Facebook and sites like this where actors, writers and fans interact. Because at the end of the day, regardless of whether you’re a fan or a writer/actor…we’re all just people. And people don’t always get along…

With that said, I think it’s beyond nervy to call out and put down a person on his own site. It may be free speech..but beyond that it’s not thinking before you “talk.”

@MichaelFairman thank you for your quick and concise response. All said and done I certainly don’t blame you for not allowing people to come on here and as @katieperetti said to @Simon..”.HeeHaw all over my show”. In the words of the esteemed…”ONWARD”!!


1. It’s not just an outlet for frustration it’s fun in the same respect
2. You have GOT to let the lesser of us and yet the greatest..because we tune in everyday
3. We hear you..we hear them

I still do : this is the 5th serial.

have I been let down… believe you me… always.
where’s my : “As the World Turns”
where’s my : “Another World”
where’s my : “Guiding Light”
where’s my : “Santa Barbara”

I still HAVE “my” Days of OUR Lives
I traded Y&R for GH

I thought this was one of MF best interviews… just knocked on his (RC) door… and let us in, with: just told him like it was: I was impressed! a head writer can’t share our wants… it’s not his picture

the show MUST go ON…. yikes… I’m not going to complain… this site helps that… for OUR show(s) celebrating 1/2 a century plus….

I’m hardened by now… when it comes to missing MY favorite show(s)

VETS vs Newbies

it’s so dumbing down and eye roll the current realm of current day hollywood… reality

it’s a crapshoot… to starlet hunk wannabe…. shine past walk the red carpet podium

the behind the scenes – stars aside – influx is faster WITH what draws you in….

I tune in for more than habit…. I daresay this is still the best medium… around

that good book… movie… prime time series…. resonate some… but.. NOT LIKE… daytime

I’ll hold on to these 4 and catapult what a valuable commodity they are to each and every network… that channel


I’m heralding, folks


God! excuse that…. I love looking at FRANCO with Carly… and my mind flies… they don’t necessarily need another story… they are that easy on the eyes… look that good – TOGETHER

my problem.. is that they don’t fit in with the rest of the cast… for no other reason.. than… it just doesn’t work… and that frustrates… for ? who could they mix in with? I would advise Roger Howarth to stop the hijinx and stop the body language of comedic… and tough up… man up… as he CAN… and start dancing… cause Nina’s COMING… and she wants, desires, needs, fills you up… FOR… and … whew! there they go… the band plays and its off to the races… it’s time for Carly to step up to the plate… and hurt some… miss it… struggle… step down… feel the pain of misfortune… watch the world around you


“… He went right at RC about people having had it”

right ON! your post was my favorite… well stated. I love this site for peoples response… what triggers… may not be my repose.. but.. I watch the whole hour… and share… on line

with the influx and changes behind the scenes… coming and going… just as fast as our favorite actors… vets and newbies… they have to deserve a break… even tho it seems like they may have wreaked havoc on another serial… oh that smarts… where are the lessons learned… I don’t know.. I once posted… that having lived… i’m in my 5th decade… that we’ve seen everything… and not lived.. but… are made aware.. and are not stifled by differences… soaps are an escape… that hour of LOVE, heart tugging, romance, familial feel.

this so beats the downturn… of economic turmoil… world relations… political infighting…. homosexual acceptance. man… I can’t browbeat… or lessen a fight in and around… it’s not challenge here… it’s soapbox… with

my 2nd to last paragraph

I do fragment… and it escapes me.. even

but… the production of each soap… head writers, writing teams, executive producers, directors : change… move… just as fast as our favorite actors.. be it veterans with newbies

defining that fine line… and angst that my favorite actor isn’t getting story… and is gone by the wayside… smarts…

don’t get me started on DAYS : where are my DiMera’s

the whole cast it would seem… just dog…..


the self-righteous declare standards





I simply LOVE DOOL

can’t wait for Eileen Davidson and Kassie DePaiva to steamroll

which I agree with GH50

Michelle Stafford right now… is TOO much… for the men in Port Charles…

I do think.. Roger Howarth is up to the plate
I do think… Julian is up to snuff

BUT… not nearly as good… as out of the BOX brandon barash, ex-Johnny and Ingo Rademacher, JAX… would steal the show

@rebekkah1 it’s davlestev1 I know that shows clearly. This site is a major blogspot for television so i’m quite sure @MichaelFairman understood the pitfalls when he undertook this enormous operation in crafting this site. People have opinions, and some can be harsh mind you. But opposed to other sights where people have free reign..SPURS AND ALL…this site does not allow you to just attack maliciously and freely as you the spirit moves you. A good majority of blogs could be entered into the #Olympics in the category see just how nasty you can get to an unseen face. This outlet we have been provided with here adheres to the simple rule…say it don’t spray it. Mr.Fairman can handle the barbs and when he finds the attack malicious and unwarranted he says is his right. You yourself have said you let a person make you feel as if you had shingles just from a simple response. They made your skin itch. Re read the response I made and Mr.Fairman’s reply. You can’t elicit an interview by being combative with someone just because your followers demand it. People won’t agree with everything you put down in the written word…but they’re also not sitting up in his office and mulling over how to get the to present the interview..and how to calm down a bunch of chuckleheads AFTER the interview is posted. Yes @Rebecca1 I get it.

DAVLEStav2…oh my gawd…I read your post to me pretty early and just reread it. Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me but did you actually correct me…and then misspell my moniker on here…because you were pissed that I accidentally capitalized the d in your name??? Hahahha…Well, that sums up you.

As for the rest of your post to me…nice attempt to basically retract what you said to Michael…then “lecture me” on what I just wrote to you.

My point was, and still is…that people can and should voice different opinions. And yes, debate of any kind gets people amped up. Voice opinions about actors, characters, storylines? Sure! I do it all the time. That’s what makes this site compelling for us soap fans.

But to criticize and insult the man running it is crossing the line. That’s what I said, that’s what I still feel.

And as for me stating that I got annoyed with another poster on a different post…yes I did. And I’m sure I will continue to feel annoyed at some of the views on here. But I didn’t and don’t resort to name-calling. I express my disagreement…sometime “shaking my head” at what I consider to be a nonsense response. That’s debate.

There’s a difference. As for “retaliating” as you just did for the grand faux-pas of capitalizing your d…well, here ya go…shakin’ my head and laughin’ out loud.

@Rebecca posts are meant to inspire debate not a sparring match. I initiated that match because you misspelled my name. I initially misspelled yours and correctly spelled it at the end of my post to you. Criticism comes with the territory. Could it be said in a better way? Most likely. But when people sit down to a keyboard unfortunately it’s the one and only time to spill your unmitigated opinion guts and all. Once you send it’s out there to be seen or not seen. As you said, some people takes these sites as a way to stir up unnecessary controversy. Luckily that doesn’t happen much here and most people enjoy bandying about opinions and generally having a great discussion. Now please don’t go about shaking your head and laughing out loud or people will do a double take. IJS. No retractions just reinforcing what I had said earlier. Have a great day Rebecca1.

davlesttev…oops! so sorry. I seem to have left out your 1. davlestev1. there. feel better?

you “started a match because I (accidentally wrote your name with an uppercase D?) and…you’re admitting that? and, and…you think that makes sense?

not much more to say. and yes…smh!

@MichaelFairman Thank you very much for your post! I have appreciated the interviews you do and enjoy reading them. You don’t always ask the questions I want to know the answers to but the questions you ask are always good and well-thought out.

I have unfortunately been turned off by many of the comments that get posted on your site as you have mentioned. I’ve been the victim of some personal attacks on this site and so have some of friends. As posts have to be approved before they are published, I had gotten the impression that you were okay with this type of behavior. I am very happy to see you state that is not the case.

He is a smart man but I never thought he was the type to listen to focus groups! That’s the death knell sounding and he should just tell the story he wants. He loves the soap genre though and it shows. And he’s cute!! 🙂

And I bet not one of the focus groups members was a long time viewer…

focus groups are public opinions and sponsors love them..
focus groups are not fan polls they are done by professionals who do them, it is their business to get the results as to what and why is being asked…

Carly and Franco are great!
And not many give a crap about back stories from decades past..
The million new viewers do not care lol..
The old timers who have been watching from day one, most of them have moved on into 2014 with writers/stories 🙂

Well he must care about decades past because he has brought back all the vets who are keeping the show on the air.

Yes. I love the focus groups. Love Franco and Carly together.

The point is there was no reason to bring back RoHo was Franco. He could have been anyone else and all would have been fine with Carly – then BOTH the focus groups and the longtime viewers would have been happy.



nice touch!

“… He loves the soap genre though and it shows. And he’s cute!! ”

GH was saved from cancellation…. soaps rise and fall from week to week is just that….

I would be livid and up in arms…. if NBC and ABC LET GO… just cut off their balls… and let go the one staple that daytime needs… on THEIR network… yeah, i’n not mickey mouse….

CBS stands by their remaing two… so much so… they… block vote and disrespect the emmy process

RC… Hello

Of course Monica cant be Silas’s wife but Monica could still be tied to the story…she couldve been James Reeves ex girlfriend and Ninas real mother…i thought Luke could really be Jerry Jax but what if Luke is really LUKE! Maybe Helene Cassidine is alive and controling Luke with a mind controlling micro chip implanted in his brain…she has the money and power to back the Jeromes and at the same time make Luke look like a fool? Alexis seems less mature than Molly when it comes to sex…imo. Kiki should be Francos daughter…kristen and Roger work better together than Kristen and Mickeal E.,…Lucas needs more interaction with Bobbi and Carly, and i feel he bonded too quickly with Sam…also hope Lucas, Felix and Brad dont keep switching around…are they the only 3 gays in PC?…lol…Patrick and Sabrinas baby drama needs to be played out and they move on with or without each other whoever likes it or not…Ava and Dr.O, 2 of my favorites, both need to be toned down and become less violent…no more of these ladies shooting someone…villians can be villians without murder unless there are plans to write them out…Levi seems like a temp filler to stall an obvious pairing of Nathan and Maxi…please let the children be children: RON C watch Coronation Street…one of the best soaps iv ever watched and the children act like real children and are entertaining…Next years nurses ball should be a sponsered live 2 hour event: a spokesperson for amfar should speak and actors in character should take phone pledges…maybe a wall on the set could be used to display photos of aids patients with interviews with their families…i liked this years nurses ball but it did seem sometimes like i was watching The Gong Show and not a real fundraiser!!!

Good to see Spinelli back even if its a short time…

Ellie too…yes!!!

Whats with these men on GH…are they doing their wash or is there a shirt shortage in PC…lol

I hear the theory that Luke is Frank Smith who never died. [Why cant Alan never have died?] Frank will usher in Damian Smith and take over PC. I do like your theory that Helena is controlling Luke. Levi is in town to steal the Aztec Treasure! Funny though, you only have to take intimidating pictures of Lucy to get Felicia’s jewels! I agree with the NB. It could run Friday live for donations and then run the second hour on tape Monday. Thats it, dont drag it out too long. Also, Lucy is enough! Have someone from Robin’s family host. Say, Robert? He would be funny and command attention. Oh, thats right, Robert is off screen wasting his talents over at Y&R. That has to be one of the worst story lines EVER!

Robert needs to be back in PC or even Holly…either one would clearly see Luke isnt himself…Robert would make a great MC for the nurses ball…love your ideas for it too…and it was a bit too long…

I hope Levi is there to steal the Aztec treasures if it gives Felicia and Mac some story…hope Levi is working for faux Luke and also caused Patrick and Sabrinas car accident…which youd think Anna would be investigating at the moment!!!

Uh, wouldn’t Frank Smith be at least 80 years old by now??? I know FLuke has been looking long in the tooth lately, but that’s still a stretch! I suppose he could be Damian since they recently threw his name out there…a red herring perhaps???? The thing that completely flummoxes me is the deeply creepy and perverse nature of faux Spencer’s debauchery…I cannot think of any previous character that completely fits this miscreant’s behavioral profile….the predatory nature of his sexual exploits, the drug use and the abject hatred of Sonny and the Q’s, heck, even the immense disregard for “family and friends,” is just sooooo out there! Also, has anyone considered that Levi may be Jerry’s offspring???? Others have mentioned him as a possible progeny of Mac, Robert or Jax, but given his rather nefarious nature, he would seem much more a chip off the old “Brosnan.”

I thought someone else might have mentioned the Helene/mind control…if so i like to know?

fluke luke is not jerry jax, why? if he was he would not be all over Kiki, but instead be stalking Alexis, and not trying to kill her. also if he was jerry, why would Jerry be ok with Julian dating Alexis.? so no sense at all if everyone thiks he is Jerry, not when you factor in Alexis.

Thats part of the reason i changed my mind about being Jerry…maybe a Cassidine or someone connected to Frank Smith or The Balkin or Johnny but i still hope its Luke and someone like Helene controlling him…just hope reveal is soon…thanks for the reply!!!

Some are starting to believe it’s Damian Smither Frank Smith’s son.

I used to think the fake “Luke” was Jerry too but now i’m reconsidering that idea.Whoever it is seems to have a grudge against Sonny for some reason.Sonny has made a lot of enemies over the years.Plus “Luke” doesn’t seem to like Ric either IMO.So it could be someone from their past.Maybe the fake Luke is Ric’s dad Trevor Lansing back from the dead or Lorenzo Alcazar.

You absolutely correct. He’s doing a little bit of Gloria Monty and his own style of writing. I want him to return Patrick and Sabrina back together and make them a family with the baby. Anything other than that is a waste of the Story line. If the baby dies, I’m out PERIOD! I will not care what happens.

I want so badly to like this show again and not fast forward through more than half of it, but I don’t. It’s all so disjointed and juvenile.

Except they are not the family the family is Robin, Patrick and Emma. She is off helping a friend who helped her and gave her back her life, a life she wouldn’t have had or where she met Patrick and they had a daughter Emma. Scrubs and Emma have the love story and history and always will.

Kimberly McCullough left the show to direct, so what you’re emailing is redundant.

Barbara Long FYI Komberly was open to do BOTH not just directing. Patrick belongs with his wife Ribin the love of his life and daughter Emma. Many waited for them to be together. If FV got MS to come to GH he can work with Kimberly’s schedule.

Sabrina and the baby story was ridiculous to do and both are not needed.

I’m sorry to bust your bubble but Kimberly McCullough left the show of her own free will to direct, her own words. The story line has to move on without her. It’s not fair to take out Jason and Brooklyn from the job they love doing, that’s just selfish. Kimberly McCullough has moved on and so should everyone else who watches the show. Based on this interview with Ron, she left the show. Now if she’s saying she would stay with the show and direct, we have a problem because it’s obvious now that something went wrong with Kimberly, Ron, and Frank.

Kimberly might have been open to do both her directing and GH but the show might have known it would have been impossible to coordinate their production schedule and her directing.GH has a budget and they can’t postpone taping while waiting for KMC to be available because that could cost them money.In the past GH has given other actors time off to do other stuff but they knew at the end of the day that person would come back to GH.Plus if KMC wants to be on GH then maybe she should sign a contract with outs in it that gives her time off to do her directing.As for Michelle Stafford she wants to be on GH.Yeah she may have other things in her life too but she might be making GH her main priority right now.

Sabrina should have conjugal visits with Carrrrrrrlos and never be seen again. She is boring!


I think Carlos is HOT

I’m their

Carlos is refreshing… a change… a vibrant of new personality… different… I’d go their

yah sure.. many have said that and yet they still watch and post to complain, go figure..

I agree.If people want to stop watching GH that’s their right but i don’t think they have to announce it.Plus then as you point out they keep complaining.If i don’t like something i don’t keep complaining about it.I just stop watching and find something else to like.

RC don’t give a damn for old fans of GH

I have to disagree with you Dinah..RC and FV have brought back many of our fan favorites back..Some for recurring, some contract and some made brief apperances..I cannot say the same for the previous power regime, that got rid of so many of our beloved character!!

What interview? He answered no questions all I read were excuses for what he wants. Focus groups are usually people who don’t watch the show. He caused her son to be raped, now she is sleeping with him? I ff all carley so I don’t care anyway. Rogers mouth makes me FFhim. M S no thanks she ate Y&R so I will just FF her. I like Silas, Who’s Luke GREAT ANSWER RON ? Oh yes he didn’t answer. Damian Smith .but who cares he has made me dislike Luke the rapist now. I don’t care if he puts Purina together .He has loads of excuses for Ava and scummy. If Michael doesn’t disown those two and grow up, I am done.

Michael needs a recast. This kid cannot make the change from Howdy Doody to a man who tells his scum bag parents to go to hell and run ELQ. I’ll never believe this version of Michael can run a corporation!

I cannot stomach this

Michael… with Kiki by his side

to lame…


Luke and Tracy

this just rankles and my grapple is hurled

fling… i’m fighting back

michael running a corporation is not believable, but i like Chad, so no recast.

Instead of accusing people of doing something shady, maybe Re-Ron needs to really think about what the fans are saying. He is so full of himself he thinks he is always right. No nominations should have told him to wake up. Instead he makes excuses. Apparently the nominating committee didn’t like his writing.

LOL someone is having a bad hair day?
There are great books at the library, they are free!
much better than GH, you will like them and then you’ll be a happy camper .. 🙂

Exactly!!!! Janet you have the right to your opipion, but you sound like a fool. Do you know Ron???? He’s probably laughing at you. He is loved by many!!!! I met him art an event, he was wonderful and probably leads a very charmed life. I think he is always right, after all he’s been named one of the greatest writer in daytime!!!!!

wow biased much on this page., su0000 is that you Ron? Seems only your bashing comments are allowed on this page. good to know

Bad hair day ?WTH are you talking about. Ron didn’t answer questions. He did what he does with the show. Skirted the issues.KMF Do you think I care what Ron thinks? I don’t. He doesn’t care what the fans think who cares what he thinks. When exactly was Ron named one of the greatest writers of all time. When he didn’t get a nomination ,when he wrote for himself, he just has himself to blame. Ron put himself out there by being a writer for a soap, he has to learn to take the heat that comes with it. I am the one who decides what I watch , is not it lately, I will continue reading the boards and if I care I will watch. You have the same options. You are not going to change my mind, and apparently I am NOT going to change yours. I am trying to give my opinion and you seem to get angry about that. KMF and su0000 seem to get angry .Get over yourself.

kmf: NO ONE is ALWAYS right.

kmf and su0000: Please grant other posters the courtesy of allowing them to express themselves without hurling insults at them. We don’t all have to agree. But we MUST all be civil to each other. That is the least we can do for Mike Fairman for allowing us this opportunity.

Tristan ….. Yes Ron usually is right he would not be in the job he has today. Also re read …. there’s a lot of crazies out there. If someone hate GH why bother commenting.. it’s comical

Tristan is so right. Calling someone a fool because they don’t agree with them is ridiculous and unnecessary. This is coming from the same posters time and time again. If you disagree with someone who is unhappy with the direction GH has taken, then argue your point, but do not call the person with whom you disagree a fool, bitter, unhappy and mean. Worse, yet, do not tell them to stop watching a show they have been watching most of their adult lives. We want GH to stick around, and because we want this, we want it to do better because we know it can do better.

Great interview! I would curious for some of Ron thoughts on Silas & Sam. I feel that pairing is often avoided in interviews. I realize that Siam does have a following but the character of Silas hasn’t necessarily ended up looking like a prince with sketchy past & the attempts to make him a patriach (Kiki’s dad, Rafe’s guardian, *rumored* son with Nina, step-daddy type to Danny) have been a failure. Why are Franco and Carly more contraversal than Silas?

interesting point

can Micheal Easton pull off any more?

case in point… I was really watching his take… on when Felix delivered the flowers… to see a new take… and fresh difference

up to this point.. he’s managed to squeak by… been

I don’t dislike this paring at all…. it’s WONDERFUL to see Sam and Daniel Edward by

I love this pair… for what they’ve been through….the demise of Jason

the contrast of Jason and Silas is boom box… but not unavoidable… he has a legion of fans.

of the three amigos… I don’t mind Silas in the least bit

HIS true BIG test… is when Michelle Stafford COMES on… hithers… will he be up to snuff

I don’t think so… so therein… lies… a fan outcry…. ex-johnny and ex-jax to the rescue… and Neilson flood

I’d LIVE and chant… I want to live by Port Charles

No mention of Duke & Anna. ::sigh:: I know. I know. Couples with actual history on this show don’t rate. It’s all about his new contrived creations like Julian & Alexis..

I know. I was disappointed as well. Would actually love to see a REAL storyline for them, and not just occasional guest appearances supporting everyone else. Duke as Sonny’s stooge???? Yuck!!!

Odd, too, all the machinations to create new families for Britt & Dr. O, when poor Anna only has two blood relatives, Emma and Robin. In Anna’s almost thirty year history no regime has ever bothered to give her a family. AMC did it, when Anna was a cross-over character. But not her home show, GH.

I would love to know why it was so imperative to build a huge family (2 children, sister, comatose niece..) for Dr. O, while Anna languishes on a biological island of her own.

i agree with you Tristan, its hard seeing Anna as a supporting character now. its insulting actually.
as for her AMC family, i believe GH cannot mention Anna twin because of the PP mess, i think she also had a nephew and brother on the show, i think. Now as far as giving her family, i remember when Anna and Robert were presumed dead back in 1992, in the back of my mind, i always imagine that during that time, Anna was pregnant, and that when she and Robert were on the run, because they were accused of being traders, they both separated to reduce their chances of getting caught, and they got helped separately by people who later betrayed them. Anna gave birth to twins, boy and girl, and the person who “helped” then betrayed Anna, and gave her up, and Anna got into an accident and got amnesia and forgot that she gave birth then her story picks up on Amc were if you remember she was sick/ and still suffering from amnesia till her twin found her. fast foward to today, her twins would be in their 20’s in real time not sorad like the other offsprings of other characters anna still doesn’t know bout that time till she runs into the person who betrayed her and it triggers her memory, but of-course she would not know if her memories are true or not, this would start anna on her quest to figure out what happened to her and robert all those years, and give us fan an explanation to why Anna and Robert stayed away, and led everyone to belive they were dead.

As i pointed out in another post RC can only answer the questions that he’s asked.So i’m sure if RC was asked Anna and Duke he would have answered that question but he wasn’t.As for the Julian and Alexis pairing they have fans.

Romance… LOVE… SEX… living together

need it

for it

Mac and Felicia
Anna and Duke
Kevin and Lucy
Tracy and Luke


the common ground and staple… that together… just must… be shown

Kevin and Tracy
Bobbi present
LOVE Mac and Felicia
Luke shows some weakness

will the veterans always oppose newbies…


todays standards arent’

One of the best pairings for Alexis was her courtship and marriage to Ric before Guza made him psycho. There was a wonderful Tracy/Hepburn quality about them that so many fans, including me, just loved. When she was paired w/ Jerry – the redemption story that began was fabulous… the love of a woman making him face his demons… learning that he was tortured and thought he gave up the woman he loved to save himself was a brilliant set-up, but Guza either suffered from ADD or just got bored, because the story and redemption was never fulfilled and Guza turned to his habitual writing backstop and just made Jerry crazy again. Both these pairings could have been amazing long-term romances w/ great character arcs, instead they ended up trashed for the easy, sleazy way out writing-wise. I hope you don’t do that w/ Alexis and Julian. This could be a brilliant, adult pairing for GH – unlike the ridiculous redemption of Franco – a brain tumor? At least w/ Jerry, if Guza had delved into what torture does to ones psyche and how you can lose your humanity, the redemption would have been real and heartbreaking – but a brain tumor?

Beautiful post, Ilona. I absolutely agree.

OH gosh! thank you , with harry… @Ilona

Ric… is on a shelf… all his own…

I swear to gosh… I noticed a difference in Alexis… as well.. when she’s with RIC!

I want the same thing for Liz…

oh the conundrum…

he could be dastardly helping Sonny… with his current trial and tribulations…

Alexis is a hard one to conjure up any thing… she needs to stop her inhibitions… and smarten up…. legalese and otherwise… LOVE… lOVE… LOVE… with him… and YOU ….


live it up

imagine ric coming in to play… with Julian thinking he’s making inroads… and Ric pokes for fun… and surprises Alexis

Thanks for a great article! It’s always interesting to learn the behind-the-scenes strategies of story lines. I think Ron & crew are doing a fabulous job at #GH.

Right you are Sharon!!! Agree!!!!

Thanks for a great article! I think Ron & crew are doing a fabulous job at #GH. I was very surprised at the Emmy snub. Not deserving on any level.

I am disappointed that Patrick and Sabrina will not be together!…This couple is the only reason I watch this soap!..I love them together, and want them back together!.I thought that after their baby was born, we would get an reunion!…This doesn’t make sence, after watching them sing , “You Are Not Alone Anymore” which is Patrina’s song!…The same song that Epiphany at their wedding!..This was beautiful especially when Robin touched Patrick’s hand and he picked her up and walked to the glass window to see her baby brother for the first time..Then Emma placed her hand on the window, Sabrina placed her hand on Emma, and Patrick placed his hand over their hands!….Now you say that we won’t have Patrick & Sabrina back together !

I hope it is worth it, because Patrina has a HUGE fan base, and we all will stop watching!….I have been waiting for a Patrina reunion since last September, and all for nothing!….What are you going to do with the baby boy Drake?…I hope you don’t kill him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you did just that! I am very disappointed!


I know, like right? Sabrina is the best thing that ever happened to GH. She is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She gives us girls hope that some day our prince will come and take us away to a castle in a forest filled with rainbow waterfalls, unicorns and magical butterflies. Here’s a suggestion–whenever they show Sabrina and Patrick, the scenes should be Disney animated. That would be so AWESOME!

Scrubs has history and a HUGE fan base. They are the supercouple and Patrick chose already Robin and Scrubs and Emma belong together. Waited a long time to Scrubs to reunite and Robin should have been at NB which was about HIV with Emma and Patrick. NB was never about a makeover like last year or a preemie like this year. How insulting for people with Aids and HIV.

right now… I’m only worried, that, the baby survive

I’d lose my cookies for any thing…else.. beyond… that

does love circumnavigate that… I think so

A love of a child… bends

I’d love completely if he responded

Nice interview but I wish you had asked him about the Niz vs LiRic storyline. That and the Siam love story & the Fake Luke story is what keeps me tuning in. BH has such great chemistry with RH and TC that I can’t decide who I want Liz with.

What a great interview! My favorite part is hearing that offliners enjoy Carly and Franco, I just adore them together and glad to know I am not alone. Both funny and sexy too, I hope they are kept front and center as I cannot get enough of them.

I am really excited to find out what is going on with Luke, is an imposter or really Luke with some sort of mind control or some sort.

Interesting storyline for Sonny, looking forward to what develops with that as well.

I will eat my hat if it doesn’t become the “Nina show” for at least a month. Since Ron started, it has been the “Todd, McBain, Starr” show, then it was the “Franco, Kiki, Silas” show, it has been the “Sabrina show” and the “Britt Show”, then (and I would argue still to a certain extent) the “Dr. O show” and the “Ava” show . I’m just hoping that someday it ends up being General Hospital again.

As far as the no Emmy thing goes – I would imagine that even though they are told not to, people look at all episodes as a whole body of work – The same people are voting on all of the categories. When you put up the Nurses’ Ball with all its OOT top ridiculousness as your best show nominations, and people see that along with the Robin returns stuff, they can’t help but link the two, fair or not. I would also say that it suggests that not even everyone on the show and at ABC voted for GH, otherwise it certainly would have made the cut over the skeleton crew of the PP produced OLTL.

And as far as Franco and Carly – there is no denying that the actors have chemistry. They do. They are great. But to believe that Carly would be with a man that set the rape of her son in motion (and that is a very VERY big re-write of history) and terrorized Jason, is just absurd. I don’t know who these focus groups are (I know that they supposedly are quizzed about GH history according to Nathan Varni) but they certainly aren’t the fans that have been there for years.

And I would also like to point out that not one mention of the Nik/Liz/Ric storyline perhaps because it only features old GH characters and why would anyone care about them?


RC was not asked about Nik/Liz/Ric by Michael Fairman.RC can only answer the questions that he’s asked.Plus RC talked about Sonny and he’s been on GH longer than Nik/Liz/Ric.Plus RC brought Nikolas and Ric back.


your first paragraph speaks volumes… and it’s the TRUTH

in order for serial to circumnavigate the prerequisite for show to survive in this medium. requires a deadening of stimuli… then it has

allowing the current regime to progress… allow that

do i let bait and hook/switch to satiate… I dare not! I believe in what I know
what prevailed

so many have walked the walk…

I omitted and withstood… bellowed… huffed and puffed… my stance… that it aches some

I love Carly and Franco 🙂

We;; I think the emmy’s have always been shady, I thought thought the emmy’s were shady when Guza would win and the show was horrible. However maybe Mr Carlivatiron should take the snub of the Emmy’s as a clue he needs to do better. I think he could start by moving ME and RH around the canvas to see where they fit. I like LW and RH chem, but him being Franco is def a problem. I think we have to many new characters on the show that get too much focus. New people should be dradually introduced. The couples on the show are lacking. the couples you have that could be good don’t get the writing ( Liz and Nik) .We need Family’s but how about bringing the webbers back or the harries or the Q’s as in Ned, Dillon, Jason.

food for fodder

with 4 current

are they well aware of stimuli outside their congenial

DAYS had better prevail… and WIN… 2nd year in a row

Im glad he acknowledges Sabrina can t just go back to Patrick. She will always be his second choice and she deserves way better . Carlina forever

The writing on GH this year has been more captivating and humorous than it has been in years! I have never laughed out loud or cried more during any show on television these last 2 years. Going through some personal turmoil as of late, this show has been my sanity and my escape and has aided in my ability to cope with life’s hard times. The writers, cast & crew are a gift and despite the obvious Emmy snub should seek comfort in knowing they do not need awards or recognition to know they are an appreciated, brilliant, talented & beautiful group of men & women inside and out! Thank you General Hospital Family for all you have given to us! Keep up the wonderful work!

Ron and his team are the best writers on GH!!!! Thank God they came on board. Ron Carlivati is the Bomb!!!!! Love ….. Love …the show!!!!!!

OH – yes, I guess Ron and team are the best writers on GH!
This week.

you know… GH is causing more uprising and dust settled

then Y&R letting go of Michael Muhney, Billy Miller, and Michelle Stafford.. cause Genoa City is but an ember

Port Charles enlivens… burns… and pulsates some….

just keep ON

I guess I am a farly new viewer in that Ive only watched regularly since the OLTL cast crossed over. The show today isnt even what the show was a couple of years ago. I can completely understand long time viewers frustration, BUT this show would be no longer had these guys not turned it around.

My biggest problem with Showrunners and Head Writers is that they seem to never really listen to what the fans say or want. JFP has decimated The Young and The Restless. Ron and Frank need to get back to more of the basics as far as what we want to see. A good example, Julian and Alexis. I look forward to those scenes. I absolutely love Maura West as Ava but she definitely needs to be toned down. Dr. O is a great supporting character but the character is becoming increasingly ridiculous. I want to see another side of Dr. O.

Theres no more love in the afternoon, it seems killing kids, shooting people, dealing drugs have taken over on almost ALL of the shows.

The Bold and the Beautiful should be the model they all strive for. As dumb as it can be, its much more entertaining in a half hour than GH and Y&R combined.

I dont believe an award or a nomination can make of break anyone, the ratings continue to climb so that is validation enough.

Some of the fans out there are crazy!!!!

“There he goes again.”

Ronald Reagan


Damn you RC/FV… Listen to US


I love your paragraph 2

Kathlenn Gati. : will burn…. with passion… a relief… a respite… a path of true inner

hen her bossom…
beckon her true calling….
declare any angst who dare call her young uns any less

I an waiting for this


till all this rings true

I’m watching Jordan diana ross her stomp and entrance

Carlivati mentioned Focus Group! Are you kidding me? Focus Groups contribute to the death of soaps. Focus Groups made OLTL get rid of the character Kevin Buchanan! STOP USING FOCUS GROUPS! LISTEN TO THE FANS!

I totally agree with you!

I’ll never forget that insanity. I was a lifelong OLTL fan and I LOVED Kevin Buchanan and Dan Gauthier.

I agree that something fishy is really going on about the nominations. No way
can B&B or Y&R be nominated. I have watched all 3 , and the acting , story lines and drama in GH is way superior to the other 2.

Agree Verna..GH is way above the others!

Dool, and BB and YR are owned by Sony pictures, ithat gives them a large voting block and i’m sure that somehow comes into play, but as much as i love GH, under RC and FV i don’t see them ever winning, remember under these two guys, oltl only won once for best show, so in my opinion for some reason, they are not popular with the emmy people. and now that theres only four shows and three are by sony, you do the math..

I believe you’re wrong. DOOL & Y&R is part of Sony. B&B is not.

Sony produces both Y&R and DOOL.However the Bell owns Y&R and B&B.So those 3 soaps may have advantages that GH may not have because it is owned by a network that cancelled 2 soaps.So even though the Emmy voters have to be impartial in voting i do wonder if their possible disdain for ABC carries over to their feelings about GH somewhat.

Clearly a mishap

however, this … and it had better

stratosphere… a big win… for DOOL

2nd year in a row…

ducks aligned… and no holds barred… on regurge.. and cast the canvas.. you have.. and bite

> People think I exited Robin, so I could put Patrick and Sabrina together. I don’t know where that comes from, but it’s irrational.

BS. People saw what the writing was, and disliked it on its own merits.

Patrick and Sabrina were not two people who loved each other and were going to get married. They were two people who were shoved into an engagement to create drama for Robin’s return. The villainification of her character is what people hate.

Ron’s disrespect for the fans is just awful.

I don’t like… the come backs… the story arcs

it’s not fair to how progressive.. a characters inroad have made

I will stand uptight…. Scrubs fans… belong… stand back

I have never witnessed… a greater love

even i’ll vent some at the current regime… RC/FV… LOVE is not dissed or messed with



He says that Carly and Franco have fans? Plueeze! I run a Facebook group with over 5,000 members and I can count on one hand the number of members who like Franco and Carly as a couple. Most can’t stand them!

And Ava is hardly a rich character with depth that you root for. The woman is a murderer and has slept with first her teenage son-in-law and now with his father and that is just the tip of the iceberg of reasons as to why this character is iredeemable. The only reason this character is on is because of the actress.

And Levi is hardly likable either-he is a rude jerk, he is obviously manipulating and controlling Maxie and there are now hints that he is after Felicia’s family treasure.

Oh and Silas and Sam have become a snoozefest but Silas has bored me practically since he came onscreen. I liked Michael Easton much better as John McBain on GH.

As for the story with Patrick and Sabrina and their baby, I still think there is a chance Carlos might be the baby’s real father. And I am just waiting until Kimberly McCullough inevitably, eventually returns. I would much rather have her and Patrick on for story arches now and then then to have Patrick and Sabrina shoved at me yet again.

And the reveal of who faux Luke is is long overdue-been dragged out for way too long. And while everyone is wondering who this faux is why is hardly anyone asking where the REAL Luke is? Is he alive? Being held prisoner and by whom? I hope this story leads to Genie Francis returning and her rescuing the real Luke. And please please end Luke and Tracy I can’t stand them! Bring Laura back and reunite the most popular soap opera love story once and for all.


The only reason this character is on is because of the actress.

Maura West… has the ability… and it’s hard for me to emphatically state:

she progesses.. the current day , realm… of television prerequisite

she across the board on the GH canvas… resonates

it would be a nice in-roads if Carlos does turn out to be the father… as this would be an easy let… that Dr. Patrick Drake.. be given a let… to do his OWN thing… his own gig… his own journey..

after you lose the love of your life… where

he’s that good… let him be… he’s a one act play… he’ll mix.. he’ll vibe.. he’ll portray so much more… reach and write his stuff

Focus groups! Why doesnt he read these posts? THEN he would see what GH fans feel like and start pleasing people who commit 250 plus hours a year on the show he writes!

I, my family and friends are GH fans,,
We all watch everyday, and we are all happy..
We have great conversations about the stories and acting and we love GH..
very few complaints..
Most the friends are new to GH, 3- 2 yrs, as are the other ‘new million’ viewers, and I do not see them giving a crapola about decade old back stories etc.. lol
GH has more lovers than haters, imo .. 🙂

Where are you getting this “million new viewers”?
One thing I will say is that Ron IS bringing back decade plus old back stories.
Duke, the Jeromes, Lucy and Scott – old stories, old characters.

As a lifelong fan of ABC soaps I just don’t know where to begin with RC. I was a fan of his writing on OLTL. He seemed to be pretty good at storytelling for the most part. I am so glad GH is still on the air, but, to be honest, the show is a bit of a mess (I’m being kind).

I’ll keep watching and supporting GH, but it really could be so much better. I won’t go into a lengthy diatribe, but the bit about a focus group liking Cranco? WTF? I’m guessing they showed the group a clip with no backstory or context. I’m a big RH fan and LW/Carly fan, but making RH Franco and pairing him with Carly is just disgusting. Sonny and Ava fornicating on AJ’s grave was disturbing, and IMO a big FU directly from RC to SK/AJ and his fans.

I do think he did some things right like adding the Jerome Family.

I’ll stop now and hope RC gains some self-awareness and insight at some point before he ruins GH. Sorry for the rant. I should know better than to read anything RC related.

I’ll stop now and hope RC gains some self-awareness and insight at some point before he ruins GH

GH is so much better than Y&R… B&B… should he watch some DAYS… sure

DAYS has the same vein, follow through… love… insight… belong… that carries.. what we know


we all know the drill….

prime time soaps… are done before the season ends… a movie flops… a broaday play dims… a book gets lost

I get the drill

1/2 decade plus… AND

viewers are still watching the same show

I count on these 4

I count on the lesser of entertainment value… that serial is devalued…. expletive on all the other genres who thing this


this is merely a soapbox stand that fans align themselves with

Patrick, I support all the daytime soaps. I DVR DOOL, GH & YR daily. For the past year I’ve watched DOOL first, binge watch & FF through GH, and YR sits on my DVR for a week or two until I binge watch/FF through it. I only catch BB if I happen to be home on a weekday which is very rare, but I enjoy it when I have the opportunity and always wish the best for ALL the soap fans out there. I still miss OLTL 🙁 and wish for no more soap cancellations.

When it comes to RC, well, I just think he is talented, but too arrogant to see any faults or accept fan feedback that doesn’t support his vision. I think his arrogance is getting in the way of a better version of GH. JMHO.

I’m an Elizabeth Webber fan and I don’t give a frick about emmy powerhouse actresses from other shows I didn’t watch.

I want to know why everybody and their momma walking in the door less than five months has family connections built up and even a whole new family for newbies quickerthanthis but the Qs are diminished and Elizabeth Webber has nobody? I want to know why GH is still mob central without any strong hospital based storylines after over two years.

I couldn’t agree more. RC doesn’t write for her b/c that would require him to research and find out about what happened on GH before and after the 80’s which he watched. She could be involved any number of stories dealing with why her family abandoned her, what secrets are they hiding, was she adopted , who were her parents? She could be involed in the art world and maybe some kind of mystery. And heaven forbid he write ANY kind of story for the hospital other than the never ending number of “baby swap” or “who’s the daddy stories” he keeps leaving us with. Gh is at its best when the hospital is at the center, with poison balls, disasters in town, viruses, and all kinds of fun!

I don’t mind a little mob, but the mob take over is what caused GH to loose ratings in the early 2000’s. I hope this mob story doesn’t last forever.

It takes a writer with some real talent and creativity to do write for the characters that are already in place, rather than to try and fit characters into a plot in his head. RC is using GH to create the soap opera he has had in his head and never had a big enough canvas to create. I wish someone would give him the money and let him go create his own show and give me back the Gh I used to love.

il love Elizabeth too, finally she has two guys fighting for her. I still want more, hopefully she will get more. i wish they would show her having more of a balance life, she should still be involve with art, it would be great seeing her painting, and be involved in some storyline where theres a art heist something fun like that. heres what i feel the show miss the boat when the original Franco, played by James Franco never went after Liz? think about it, he was obsessed with Jason, if he truly knew so much about Jason like he think he did, then he would of known that jason loved Liz too, and Franco had at least art in common with her, what did he see in Sam an or Carly that made him concentrate on them instead(or i forgot, they were both guza and JFP pet) even now, Franco could show an interest in Liz, wish would make Carly go bananas, and have some fun storyline about art. now don’t get me wrong, i don’t want franco paired with Liz, but it would be fun to see them involved in an art caper along with Nick, Carly, and even throw Ava in the mix, clearly it would be about some expensive piece of art stolen, a picaso worth 100 million, ect, theres so many stories that can be told. not everthing has to be about the mob.

it’s amazing what powerhouses… Liz… Tracy and Monica ARE


my first thought:

the writing team…

hasn’t been able to : write up

for…. Liz, Tracy, and Monica…

but… they don’t have to… they stand alone… and WITH

just like.. Franco and Carly

what current day revelations… must they share ? be?

our world is in so much infrastructure… that I don’t want any feature

demand love and romance … sex and bills are paid

I don’t want to venture to far in to the future…

Russia is asking… that China help that country…. colluding… together… that their energies be

I love Liz, Tracy and Monica… they be

Don’t see any chem between Maxie and Nathan or Levi.

Levi is a terrible character and Nathan is a terrible actor. How can an actress have chemistry with someone who can’t act? She might as well be standing next to a piece of cardboard. KS deserves so much better as talented as she is. The fact that Paevey not only has an acting job on GH but a prominent role is just offensive. But hey, he had his shirt off today. It’s bad enough that the writing and pacing is so terrible, but at least GH always put professional and skilled actors on the air.

GH50–I think Nathan’s chest should be nominated for best supporting actor in a drama series.

lol i go back and forth with nathan, mainly because he is so gorgeous and nice to look at, but yes, he’s not an actor, i hope GH still has that acting coach they had on set for the young actors, and hopefully we will see nathan or the actor improve. is mark teshner still GH casting director? or was he let go when RC and FV took over? i ask because i don’t think “nathan” would of ever made it pass the audition, he’s more someone you would see on OLTL , under RC an FV no less, because he sure reminds me of the Ford brothers, nice eye candy but clearly not much more. since we already have him , i ‘m fine with keeping him, but, RC and FV need to be careful with turning GH into a modeling show.



surely you jest

I beat you

Levi’ mine

Thank god he said we’d be getting insight into the Luke madness coming up in the next few weeks because this guy is hella creepy and I can’t take much more of it! That rendition of “I am what I am” sent shivers down my spine!

I love Julian and Alexis, they have amazing chemistry. Carly and Franco… not so much. Roger Howarth was much better as Todd, and I liked Carly with Todd more than Franco, even if its the same actor. The character just doesn’t ring true to me, and let’s not even mention his basket case mother, Heather.

Michelle Stafford’s addition to the cast is amazing, I’m really looking forward to seeing scenes between her and Maura West. She’s a powerhouse and as a Y&R fan too, I really miss her as Phyllis.

As for Sonny… I don’t even know anymore, what little respect I had for him was gone when he shot A.J. and then I really started to hate him when he and Ava had sex in the Q cemetery! That was gross and awful!

i haven’t belabored Sonny’ mix… in the show

Olivia is by the wayside

forget mixing in with Michael and Kiki.. as they are at ELQ

sonny has NO inroads… Carly is caught up in Franco

will FLUKE save Sonny

I don’t think so

I appreciate that Maurice Benard.. has truly stated… that at this point… in his heralded career… it’s about supporting his choice… and that’s GH

I keep saying… Dehlia Salem.. and Kelly Sulivan… are all he needs

I thank him… as he’s lauded so much… for caring with

If the writers will kill the baby & break Patrick & Sabrina…. I will honestly STOP watching this show PERMANENTLY.

Something does not add up alright. It’s the writing. Many of us would be happy to say why we think GH was passed over for writing. The writing is just not GH…it’s OLTL. GH is a Drama..always has been. GH NOW is a campy, comedic, over the top soapy mess….where it’s history is being changed everyday to suit the plot and where long time GH characters (some emmy winners) have been relegated to playing back up and supporting to new characters who leave many GH viewers NOT interested because they HAD BEEN wanting to see their regular longtime GH character continue their lead roles, and now they are having to watch characters they are NOT invested in get lead stories. GH always had a good balance of soap, drama, danger and excitement. Everything now is just TOOO MUCH in one direction and that direction leads totally AWAY from what GH offered before. It’s no surprise no one thought it was worth a nomination. Ron C just does not understand the GH viewers OR the show. If he did, he’d know what would sell to the viewers, but what he’s giving us is not working for MANY and obviously, not for those on the Emmy panel either.

RC and his writing team, the team that does the writing, they know GH very well..
You see; It is no longer 1980 , 2010, whatever year people are stuck in..
It is 2014, things change, and the way GH is now is exciting and the stories never bore me..
There is much variety and balance..
RC and ALL the writers are giving the public a great soap and they know well exactly what they are doing and why it is being done ..
RC and FV also know the loudest complainer’s do not and will not tun out 🙂
Being they watch daily, it truly can not be that bad for them to watch, they do watch..

If I were Ron and he knew Robin was only going to be on temperately the logical thing to do in my opinion was to end Scrubs have Patrick chose Sabrina than the would not have to worry about where Patrick next story line is going to be.Of course they would of had to write Tc out for ML.I like Patrick with Sabrina and hope later on down the line they do get together. And as for Ron using the Patrick/ Robin/ Emma reunion for his Emmy nod was a absolute big mistake I thought the reunion was boring .

The reel for the nomination wasn’t the problem it was the writing and the Emmy people saw that. Best part was the Sceubs reunion and ratings proved that along with Scrubs together for Christmas and love scene. People were bored with Sabrina being shoved down our throats when story was about Scrubs. The worst part was her crying the the background and interrupting Scrubs and Emma.

The logical thing to do was not have this baby story and keep Scrubs together and work with Kimberly like they did for other and most recently MS.

If they can work around TeC pregnancy they can work around Kimberly’s schedule a vet of GH for over 25 years.

There should be no worry about Patrick’s story and it would be easy with Kimberly recurring like she should have been.

There’s a difference between TC going on maternity leave because she’ll come back full time right afterwards and working around KMC’s schedule because she doesn’t want to be on GH full time.Now the show might have been willing to work around her schedule if they knew for sure that she’d be there when they needed her.As for making KMC recurring as Robin that limits Jason Thompson as Patrick storywise.

It was boring cause it became about Sabrina and focused on her. You can blame her for the NB fiasco and let down. That was the other epi he submitted and was probably more of a reason for No Emmy Nod.

Great interview, Mr. Fairman! I for one enjoy the Luke story being played out in long term. Remember when stories used to take months, even years, to play out?

I also liking the Luke story and the mystery of it.Yeah RC could have revealed who is pretending to be Luke right away but that could take away from a bigger impact later.Plus when Tracy finds out this isn’t the real Luke how will she feel knowing she slept with and married him?

Praise the Lord Patrina Waste Of Time and Talent will FINALLY BE OVER. I loved how he called fans irrational for seeing what was happening on the screen. Fans knew Robin would not do what she did without be written out of character. Be done with PATRINA and call it what it truly is…AN EPIC FAIL.

The things RC & his writers laugh about, “can we have them have sex on Aj’s grave” are the things that infuriate long time fans of the Q’s. It shows a total lack of respect for that family. You couple that with RC’s twitter statement about “wouldn’t it be more fun to have Thanksgiving with this family (speaking of his newly created Westbourne clan) and many fans are expressing outrage at how little he cares for the history of the show. It just feels like he is systematically eliminating the importance of the legacy families and playing up his newly created characters.

It’s quite obvious he never watched Y&R, and it shows in the writing, the lack of depth in scenes where characters should be sharing deep conversations and bonding, & instead we are getting jokes, sarcasm, and slaps in the face. I am NOT one bit surprised that GH did not get any Emmy nominations for Writing, Directing, or Show, or why they will never catch up with Y&R or take first place in total viewers under this head writer.

For example: today we see Julian and his new family acting like they are all just best buddies. When exactly did this bonding happen? To me and many others, we miss those scenes that show how this rag-tag group became a family. To RC, this is just wasted air time (paraphrasing him from Twitter and several magazine articles where he chastised fans for complaining about the lack of depth in character development on the show) The same goes with throwing together couples, like Britt & Nik. We saw very little of them falling in love, no deep conversations, no little moments. But we are TOLD they are in love so we are supposed to just accept it.

I have watched & loved GH for 51 years. I have to force myself to watch it now and I FF through most of the show, because RC has belittled fans on Twitter, he shows little consideration for character history and often the writing is wrong, i.e. Britt constantly throwing LIz’s history in her face, but it is wrong each time. (Liz was not married to Lucky when she and Nik had their affair, but Britt has said this 3 times on air.) I could go on, but I think you get my point.

He has a bloated canvas, too many divas, and his stories lack depth and character development, and that is all on him. Instead of creating an entire new family, I would have preferred more story for the vets and some of the newbies we already had. That’s my opinion.

I agree 100%

(Liz was not married to Lucky when she and Nik had their affair, but Britt has said this 3 times on air.)

THIS. its grated my nerve I’m going… HUH?

but as a writer who went to school for it albeit I haven’t won an Emmy or a million a year salary…its simply a writers ploy to manipulate the audience…

See if you are a new viewer and don’t know the history of the show then what Britt (who admitted she wasn’t around just putting Liz’ business out there on blast to another new character who wasn’t around either) …

says skewers the audience to not root for Elizabeth paint her as the bad guy solo. See Nik isn’t mentioned by Britt as the aggressor/pursuer of Elizabeth he skates she doesn’t admonish his part their tryst …nor that its his brother and he didn’t give a rat’ tutu. He still wanted her.

Nor does she mention that Elizabeth was going to tell Lucky when Nik stopped her from doing so… He literally “begged” her not to tell him because Lucky would forgive her but would never forgive him. Writing skewers the audience perception of a character with this kind of storytelling.

See, its to show one in a bad light so the other one who is favored by the pen is the one the audience will root for.

you have a large list of what you do not about GH..
why on earth do you watch??
There is no sense in watching something you do not like..
You must actually like GH you watch it..
Nothing and nobody could make me waste an hour of my time watching a show that disgusts me and that I detest.. ..
It is logical if one watches GH daily they like it, if not there is something seriously wrong to force yourself to watch it 🙂 ..
Perhaps you have soap opera burn out ..

Weird. You don’t like Karen’s post but you spent all of this time writing about it.
How can anyone do that?
I mean, one should just turn off the computer if they don’t like negativity!

Su0000 you are constantly disrespectful to other posters, often getting personal with your attacks, questioning people’s sanity, motivations and mental health.

There are things you don’t understand, like how people watch the show when they don’t like it. You have no idea how that can be. Well there are a lot of reasons, like being invested for decades and hoping it gets better. But I’ll try and explain my situation and possibly you might understand it.

I watch GH almost every day. I have a TV on in my office most of the day. It is background noise. I have CNN, CNBC and MSNBC on at times. I’ll check out the view depending on what they’re talking about. At 2pm, I put on General Hospital. While it’s on, I’m working. I’ll take a phone call every now and then. Someone will come into my office every now and again. Actually a lot of things happen in my life during that hour in addition to GH. I don’t sit in front of the TV, glued to the screen, hanging on every word and every scene.

I would think that sort of scenario is true for a lot of people. Whether they are at work in an office. Whether they work from home. And if they aren’t working, people can be sitting at their computer surfing the net, getting shopping done, taking care of things in their daily life. They could be taking care of things in their home while it is on. They could be cleaning, taking care of kids, arranging their schedule, cooking, even walking in and out of the room at times.

You see, having a TV on at 2pm is not that much of a commitment and watching GH, especially these days, isn’t an all consuming event for most people.

In addition, the ratings show that a lot of people who don’t like it are tuning out. The ratings are down, despite your constant posts about a million new viewers, unless you mean that almost a million left and have been replaced and don’t mean an “additional” million viewers.

Su000 dear, did you read Michael Fairman’s post in which he admonished people for making personal digs at those with whom they disagree? Karen said she has been watching GH for fifty years. It’s hard to leave a daily series which which you have spent your entire adult life watching. Moreover, Ron does do certain things right–such as bringing back old veterans we have not seen in 20 years or so. But then he puts them on a shelf, like forgotten dolls to be played with later. There is a bait and switch kind of tactic being employed. I for one, have been watching GH since 79. I am now down to watching it about once a week. Why do I hang in while complaining so much? Because our soaps become like family–we complain about them but we aren’t going to quit them so readily. We just want them (it) to do better because we know they are capable of it. It doesn’t mean that we are bitter, unhappy, mean spirited people with no lives so please stop making those assertions.


If MF is going to interview Ron/Frank, get down to the nitty gritty.

Exactly. And this is why he does NOT know the GH viewer. If he did he’d understand that his way of writing for GH is the wrong way. He needs to writ FOR GH and it’s longer running characters and NOT for himself and his newbies. That is all GH viewers ever wanted. We didn’t ask for or want a new or different show. We only wanted GH to be continued. Instead it has been changed in to a different show that pales in comparison to it’s 50+ yrs of legendary and standout drama .

You said it perfectly.
Now be prepared for snide comments from other posters who for some reason won’t allow anyone to feel cheated or annoyed by the nonsense Ron C. puts on screen.

Yet we get to see every beat of the Westbournes’ bonding. A family I could care less about.

General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Daytime Emmy-Winning Directing Team Remembers Johnny Wactor: “He Came to Set Every Day with a Smile of Gratitude and a Love-Filled Hug for Everybody”

It has been a rough year and a half for the General Hospital family losing so many beloved cast members and producer, Nneka Garland.  Now, the Daytime Emmy-winning directing team has spoken out about the emotional toll it has taken on everyone associated with the show, and most recently, with the heartbreaking murder of Johnny Wactor (Ex-Brando Corbin).

The actor was shot back in the wee hours of the morning on May 25th by a masked gunman who was part of three car thieves trying to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s vehicle. Johnny came upon the scene after he finished his bartending shift in downtown Los Angeles and was walking a co-worker to their cars.

Last Friday at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, GH was named Outstanding Directing Team for a Daytime Drama Series. Following their on-stage victory, the group stopped by to chat with Michael Fairman TV on the Winners Walk.

Photo: NATAS

Directors Robert Markham, Tina Keller, Allison Reames and the rest of the award-wining directing team, shared in the joy of their victory, but it was not lost on them the seriousness of the moment as well.

Tina Keller expressed, “It’s been a rough year, and it’s been really rough for General Hospital recently with Johnny.” Keller, along with Robert Markham recalled what it was like working with Wactor.

“He came to set every day with a smile of gratitude and a love-filled hug for everybody,” shared Keller. “I’ve never worked with anyone who was so much light-filled and happy to be where he was. Just so much gratitude and joy and it’s a tremendous loss for his friends, his family, and anyone who loved him.” An emotional Robert Markham confirmed what Keller shared,  “Yeah, absolutely. He was a gentleman. He really was, and we’re going to miss him.”


GH paid tribute to Wactor in the final moments of the Tuesday, June 11th episode with a title card in remembrance of the slain actor. A march in Los Angeles is scheduled for this morning, Wednesday, June 12th, to City Hall for a call for change to clean up the streets of LA from crime, to help find Wactor’s killer.

The directing team took home the gold in the Directing for a Daytime Drama Series category, in part, due to the episode they submitted surrounding the memorial of Epiphany Johnson played by the late Sonya Eddy, who passed away back in December of 2022. The second episode they submitted was when Anna’s (Finola Hughes) house was set on fire.

Photo: ABC

Keller spoke to directing the memorial episode that was so heartfelt and raw as performed by the cast that knew and loved Sonya Eddy. “You know, it was a beautiful day to be able to pay tribute to Sonya and it was a rollercoaster all day,” shared Tina.

“We had our cast giving tributes to her and they all did such a beautiful job. It was well-written and a rough day emotionally, but it was an honor to be able to play a tribute to somebody who’s been such an important role in General Hospital throughout the history of the show,” Keller concluded.

You can check out the entire conversation with the Daytime Emmy-winning Directing team from General Hospital below. Make sure to visit the Michael Fairman Channel for full coverage of the red carpet and Winners Walk with interviews from daytime’s biggest night.

Now, let us know, what you thought of the winning GH Emmy episode submissions and the heartfelt words from the directors on the death of Johnny Wactor and the loss of Sonya Eddy via the comment section.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting death of Johnny Wactor is urged to contact LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247). Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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