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GH’s Johnny Wactor Addresses Baby Liam’s Death, Its Impact on Viewers & Those Who Have Experienced Such Loss


Friday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it the heartbreaking scenes of Brando (Johnny Wactor) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) having to say goodbye to their son, baby Liam, who they decide to take off life-support, with no hope for the little one to have any quality of life.

It provided some very heavy material for the actors, and very sad moments for viewers of the series – some who asked why the show would tell this story now during the holidays.  Throughout the gut-wrenching story, both Johnny Wactor and Sofia Mattsson tore GH viewers hearts out, but today was especially hard to watch for some.

In story, after taking Liam off life-support and Sasha cradling her son in her arms for the first time, as the overcome parents said goodbye to their son, the late Mike Corbin (Max Gail, in a brief return appearance) was seen, as he would be the one to take the baby back to heaven with him.

After the episode aired, Wactor took to his Twitter account to address the storyline and how he sees it as a performer in the ensemble cast of the long-running ABC daytime drama series.

Johnny expressed: “I want to thank everyone for being so invested in watching Liam’s journey. It’s obviously an incredibly painful storyline that has left many of you with the question, simply put, “Why?” Why tell a story of two new parents, with a shaky foundation, but who have hope to maybe be something together, and then take away the greatest gift they’ve ever had before they even get to truly cherish and nurture that gift, their baby boy Liam? Why this story during one of, if not the roughest stretch of time in many our personal lives? Why during the holidays? Especially, when General Hospital is many of yours escape. An escape that is expected to provide joy in times of need. I won’t speak on the timing, appropriateness, etc, BUT I will offer my speculation from my end as a player in telling stories.”

He went to say: “We tell stories that are often times extreme, rare, and worst case scenario. These stories are painful. Painful to watch and painful to play. This story about Liam is especially devastating due to the child’s innocence and unfair circumstances. Imagine the pain of those families that have suffered these circumstances in their own real lives. This story is for them. To show them that we see them. That something so terrible and seemingly uncommon and unbelievable can be recognized by the storytellers they watch and they get to see their story shared with millions of viewers. Perhaps, that brings them comfort in some way. Being seen. And perhaps as a not so gentle encouragement to people everywhere to be grateful for the things we do often take for granted. One of them being life. Our own life and the life of our loved ones. Especially during the holidays.”

Wactor ended his sentiments by sharing: “So often we can get caught up in buying gifts and receiving gifts and prioritizing such as the most important part of the holidays when really the most important is being with those you love and are still with you on these holidays. Life is precious and fragile and death, although inevitable for everyone, can come unexpected. So… I share this not because it’s the “right” answer to the question “why?” There is no right answer. This is just my speculation. My understanding. And I think conversations that are geared towards understanding are far more productive and helpful to everyone than a conversation where the goal is to be right. I hope my understanding of Liam’s storyline is helpful. That is all. Again, I’m so thankful to all of our fans for watching, the kind praise and truly just honored to have such sparked such fervent conversation with this story. Hope to bring everyone some undisputed JOY in the storylines to follow. Much love. And happy holidays.”

What did you think of the decision to kill baby Liam? What are your thoughts on Wactor’s message to fans of GH, and for those who have gone through the death of a baby in their own lives? Comment below.

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Even a Devil seemed to have something stuck in his eye when Ghost Mike showed up to take little Liam upstairs.

The one serious error in the writing of this story was when Sonny was talking to Sasha, relaying his story about letting go of Mike. While that’s true, maybe it would have been more relevant for Sonny to remember that he’s actually lost THREE babies himself….

Lily & her baby in the “clink boom” explosion.
Carly’s baby, when AJ pushed her down the stairs in the Q mansion.
Sam’s “baby Lila” who was stillborn…. but ironically saved Kristina’s life in the process.

And of course there’s also the medical turmoil he & Carly went through when Donna was born, though fortunately that story ended better for the kid.

Are the current writers aware of any of this history??

I think the point was the loss of course, but having to make that choice. Sonny had to choose not to put Mike on a feeding tube, and they had to decide to take baby off life support.

None of those storylines had to do with making a medical decision.

They most certainly were. But probably didn’t want to remind viewers the fate written for too many innocent little babies born on GH

Despite the revisionist history, Carly fell down the Q stairs during an argument with AJ. He did not intentionally push her.

AJ didn’t push Carly at all, either intentionally or unintentionally! She flew back and fell on her own accord! I hate the vilification of AJ and how Sonny got away with cold blooded murder. I also hate how Carly, the gigantic bully, retreats into the land of victimhood when she suffers the consequences of her actions.

This shtick is starting to get old.

I think the reason Sonny brought up Mike was because Max came back to the show to escort Liam to Heaven.

Remarkable comment, Satan. I had the same reaction—-I thought it was weird for Sonny to speak and bemoan his father’s death. I can appreciate that, losing one’s parent(s) must be heartbreaking, but it cannot compare to the death of a child, I’m sure—-especially if said parents live to a “healthy” age. It is not a tragedy. I don’t know about Sonny’s other “lost” children—-I wasn’t watching at the time—only aware of Morgan. As parents, we should not survive our children—goes against nature, right?
But, who says nature or what is “natural” always makes sense? The will of God?
Losing a child makes a body question and challenge the universe and the force which controls it. Metaphysics? THAT’s natural. Then, one comes back to esrth and learns to adapt and accept and believe in a higher power.
So, how remiss of the writers—to put it mildly.
I lost a child a few years ago—-the ache in my heart is constant, always with me. One learns to live with the pain; to control it—-but, my baby’s image is omnipresent. He came and went like a sweet summer’s breeze. But, oh, so cherished.
Sofia was outstanding and so very credible—as the tears streamed down her beautiful face, I cried with her! She deserves an award.

A beautiful perception on a very well told extremely sad reality.

I had a placental abruption a few weeks ago and this story was triggering and upsetting. Thankfully my baby is healthy and home after 2 weeks in the nicu. But I had to stop watching as a new mom this was upsetting me to see.

Caitlyn, I’m sorry to hear of what you went through. So happy to hear that your baby is healthy and home from the hospital. All the best.

I think that GH set a new standard in soap opera storytelling back in 1994 with the BJ / Maxie heart transplant storyline. Since that time.. literally EVERY soap opera on the air (including all the now canceled ones) tried some variation of a organ transplant story…some more than once…hoping to ape the success of that one.

I think at this point, children dying on soaps is just cruel and gratuitous. We are living in a time when children are being abused every day by being forced to wear muzzles and to take poisonous injections they don’t need or want. It is depressing and disheartening.

There was a time when soaps were fairly good at telling social issue storylines. There was a time when these types of stories could earn some kudos and accolades. There was a time when Daytime Emmy’s rant something. Sadly, those days are gone.

As well, Sasha and Brando are sideline, secondary characters at best…with a lack of strong canvas connections. These types of stories have no real impact when not told with deeply rooted legacy characters.

I also think this is going to lead to Brando going back to the mob…to be Sonny’s enforcer, and then we will just get Jason and Sam 2.0. Been there, done that.

I think the show missed an opportunity to tie Sasha in by making her Martin’s child…which would make her Laura’s niece, and thereby linked to the very heart and soul of the show. Sofia Mattson has grown into a very impressive actress in her own right, but if she is going to remain on the show, they are going to have to give her some connections.

All in all, not happy with the direction this story took. I was expecting the child would die…but the time to do it was weeks ago if they HAD to go down that route. It was heartless to give the characters hope…to hint that we might get a meaningful, impactful storyline about a child living with disabilities, and then kill the child. The timing is wrong, both given the Christmas season and what is going on in the real world.

Just…wrong on all levels.

Muzzles and poison lol — you’re not sane enough to comment on this or anything else connected with reality! The actor’s take on the story is very lovely.

I totally agree with you Kiki.

You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but some of your statements are just not true.

Sasha and Brando have no meaningful canvas connections? Sonny is Brando’s cousin. Literally, the star of the show and his wife, who is GH’s leading lady Laura Wright, have been at the hospital for this whole storyline. It was Sonny who gave Sasha the courage to do what had to be done.

And this story has no real impact just because Sasha and Brando are the couple most affected? People are tuning out because of the sad impact. We are literally having this conversation because so many viewers were impacted by this story. It may not be the impact the writers hoped for, as many have reacted negatively, but there clearly has been an impact.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that everywhere viewers complain that the hospital isn’t front and center. This is the type of story you get if you want the hospital to be the focus. From Elizabeth’s stoicness to Britt trying to control her feelings to Epiphany trying to console Britt, it was a strong look at what medical professionals endure in their jobs and made for compelling hospital-based drama.

You are 100 percent right, the hospital is front and center and people still are not happy!

Yes, unfortunately, children are being abused every day, probably right this minute by some horrible person or persons. The masks and preventive vaccines you refer to have saved many children’s lives and will continue to do so as long as kids still have scientists that perfect these vaccines and parents that love them enough to see that their child receives them. Iam so sick of people like you and your lousy, sick ideas. If you had a brain,you’d really be vdangerous!

JJ, beautifully said. I agree with your every point. Kiki, you can disagree with someone without questioning their sanity. You owe JJ an apology.

Right after I posted this comment, I realized I made a mistake. I tried to delete and edit it but I was not afforded that power. I am often in a hurry and I read JJ’s comment in haste and my comprehension was compromised. So while I agree with JJ about the storyline, I certainly do not agree with him/ her about vaccines and masks. So I guess I am the one who owes Kiki an apology. I’m sorry. I completely misunderstood your point.

A big sigh of relief coming your way. When I read your first comment, I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking oh, no,not our Harry and your saying to offer JJ an apology. Well you don’t have to know what I had to say about that, made my cat put her ears back with fright.and now reading your explanation of what happened is very understandable, so don’t beat yourself up. A beautiful holiday to you and yours.

JJ I agree with you that the writing is depressing, redundant and gratuitous. Where we part ways is when you speak of poisoning children with a life saving vaccine or tormenting them with masks. I work in education, and I can assure you that children are doing fine with the masks. They are more resilient than we know. It is the parents who are in a state of outrage about the masks.

I agree. I do not like watching children suffer or die—not on soaps or films.
I also agree with you about children injected with the present vaccine. I will wait—-It’s one thing for healthy adults getting vaxxed, another when it comes to kids.
Children are too precious. And, not enough is known about the risks and reaction.
There is homeschooling!! Am I stupid? Oh, well—sobeit!!

I think Johnny Wactor’s message was very well spoken. But the storyline of baby Liam was incredibly sad, anytime…not just more so during the holiday season, in times which have been hard on many people for many reasons. Maybe the story should be a reminder to be thankful for what we have, and those we love and have in our lives.

And I think thats it Rose, the story is depressing BUT it hopefully reminds everyone how lucky we are and embrace those we love. After all, people lose loved ones on any day of the week and sometimes its near or right on Christmas! Its sad but true.

Please don’t use the term kill…..Liam had no chance of life off the breathing machines…..His body would have never grown. It would have slowly gone away. They did the right thing.

They didn’t ‘kill’ Liam!! This was just one of the sad things that happen to a baby and family that’s hard to accept.

I think they mean that the writers killed the baby, not the characters. And really, did anyone need to see this when Peter continues to rise up from the dead again and again like Michael Myers? No question that the performances were outstanding, but the writing was lazy, depressing, joyless, cynical and cruel.

Hi Harry, they are trying to make Peter out to be as evil or worse than his father. It just isnt working. I never liked the character. The casting of Faison’s son should have been someone who looks more dastardly and and has an innocence and shows a bit of compassion. Ander Hove was a legend on GH. If you want an evil son, you have to search high and low and not just pick Laura’s boyfriend!

Thank you, Timmm. I love every aspersion cast on Peter Puke and the cartoon-level performances that accompany him. Reminds me of Boris Balkinoff from the ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE cartoons, twirling his Poirot-like moustache with a bad accent and tossing off empty threats. Watching Peter taunt Sonny was laughable…like a four-year-old bartering with mom for a later bedtime.

Somebody please give my three headed dog Cerberus an Xmas present… send his favorite chew toy, Whiny Heiny, back to Hell!!

I loved the story line. So well done. Unfortunately I gave birth to twins born prematurely in December many years ago they died and my husband and I had to deal with that very situation. Timing is not always an option.

Didn’t care for the timing of this storyline.

Is there ever a good time?

Quite frankly, I prefer they not do the story at all. But if they are going to, the holidays (in my opinion) is terrible timing. If this story brought healing to some viewers during these holidays, then fine. For me, not so much.

I’m tired of all the sad, horrible, devastating storylines. I’m tired of some of the more ridiculous storylines. My feeling is it may have been a story to tell regarding Liam but it was the wrong time ND possible the wrong couple. I’m kind of getting done with GH. Some storylines are hard to watch whether they are sad or just stupid. I think the writers may he trying g to push watchers away.

I agree with you but unfortunately, sad, horrible, devastating is what life really is. If we watched a show where everyone was in la la land with all sunshine and lollipops, it wouldn’t hold our interest very long. You also said ridiculous SLs. Do you watch Days Of Our Lives? Now that has got to be the worst. I bitch and complain but am drawn in like everyone else that said ” oh, I’ll never watch that stuff about the devil” Hang in there Hon, some of these crazy comments make up for the bad SLs. Can you imagine believing in some of the stuff some people believe in?

I still haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet. I will soon,and Iam prepared. I appreciate GH and whatever the writers write, I understand. I love GH,been watching for 50 plus years.

Must have been hard for Sofia Mattsson to play, given that she is a new mother herself.

I kept thinking the same thing myself watching her grief and suffering.

I thought the episode was very touching and well acted. Sofia really hit all the tragic notes in a great piece of acting. I truly felt bad for them. Naturally, Carly was on hand to make trouble for Nina and probably try to make it all about her and Sonny.

The timing was horrible, the storyline was pointless. The actors performed beautifully, and just ripped your heart out . However, It was just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! Just like the story with Leo possibly being on the spectrum, I’m sure the writers will muck that up too! The writers need to do better.

A lot of life is wrong wrong wrong…get over yourself! Life and death don’t look for right or wrong, they just happen…I’m thankful GH shows both sides of life…the happy and the tragically sad.

I lost my baby with
the exactly the same thing. With difference being that mind never made it from the delivery room and I wss so close to death that I bleed out on the table.
I was a week over due.

I do not like this with letting baby Liam pass. Not good writing. As Shasa just had a baby in real life days n then she looses 1 on gh. Not good. To many bad things happening on gh.

I really didnt think the actors who play Brando and Sasha had this in them but they were awesome! And its also good to see Max Gail. What a find for GH!

Saying it was a decision to “kil” baby Liam is a misnomer. He was a baby without any ability to sustain life or any ability to process feelings. Letting nature take this child to a place of redemption rather than mechanical life in a facility was the best blessing. There is no great time for this event just like in life. I appreciate the love and thoughtfulness given to this story. Bravo actors.

As a frontline critical care nurse, I thought the story was very well done. This Unfortunate type of thing happens and timing has nothing to do with it. Seeing these things on a daily/weekly basis keeps them very real and for many pretending or not knowing they occur works for them, that doesn’t change the facts. The storyline was executed so well by both of the actors and it told a terrible story of parents making a heart-wrenching decision. This is still daytime drama, if this is too much for some, perhaps a cartoon would be a better option. I respect everyone’s opinion but this feed has gotten cruel and far too personally political in my opinion. Great job to the writers and the actors. I believe GH is the best soap opera on the air currently and was not a GH fan prior to the cancellation of the CBS soaps GL and ATWT.

Worst story line ever! It is Christmas we’ve been thru Covid and now someone thought this would be enjoyable??

Horrible , the writers could have chosen for Liam to survive and we could have watched his journey with a disability.

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