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GH's Michael Easton Talks On: Finn & Hayden's Budding Romance, John McBain, and Prospect Park!

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

The wildly popular Michael Easton, who only gives rare, but substansial interviews, chatted with TV Insider for a look into all the characters he has played over the years on ABC soap operas, and so much more.

Michael, who in his latest soap incarnation is tackling the role of GH’s quirky Dr. Hamilton Finn, talked about his ‘happy’ situation with the soap now, and getting the opportunity to delve into the skin of the self-medicating, seriously ill, infectious disease specialist.  In addition, viewers have seen that Finn and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) are becoming quite close! Are these two ABC daytime superstars headed for a sweeping on-screen romance?

Easton also weighed-in on his thoughts on the knifed-in-the-back Silas Clay, and One Life to Live crossover John McBain and how things got murky with Prospect Park’s online reboot of the series.  Here are a few interesting excerpts below!

Easton on if there is a large scale romantic story blossoming for Rebecca Budig’s Hayden and his Dr. Finn: “There’s definitely something there, but we’ll take our time and see. The writers still have to resolve the Hayden-Nikolas situation. Now that Tyler Christopher’s not coming back that story is on hold until they figure out what to do. And Finn is still very much hung up on his wife, Reiko, and is wracked with guilt that his obsessiveness with finding a cure to his disease led to her death. So who knows? Another great thing about this go-round is that Jean and Shelly told me up front, ‘We have no idea who we’ll put you with romantically.’ That hit me in the right place. I don’t like it when producers or writers say, ‘We are teaming you with so-and-so, and you two will be the next supercouple.; They don’t get to decide that. They don’t even get a say. The audience decides. But, yeah, so far it seems to be working well with Rebecca Budig, who is so wonderful. She has so much nuance, so many layers to her work.”


Easton if he any part of him wishes he was still playing John McBain, the beloved role which he played on both OLTL and GH: “I never wanted to play McBain on GH.  When they asked me to go over there, I wanted to create a new character but they were trying to lure OLTL viewers. They said, ‘No. You have to be McBain.’ And that proved to be a problem right out of the gate, because there was no way McBain would leave his wife and son in Llanview and be a cop in Port Charles.”

Easton on why he turned down reprising McBain on Prospect Park’s online reboot of One Life: “At first I thought, ‘Great, the GH audience will get to see McBain’s life in Llanview that he’s always talking about.’  Then I found out that neither show was coordinating story with the other side, so that none of the writing was going to correspond. At that point I said, ‘This makes no sense. You can’t have the same character playing parallel lives.’ It got too complicated.”

So, what has been your favorite soap role of Michael Easton’s?  Are you into Hayden and Finn becoming lovebirds?  What did you think of Michael’s comments and thoughts about what went wrong with crossing over John McBain via either GH or Prospect Park? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I love Michael and I’m thrilled to have him back on General Hospital. I absolutely love Finn and I am really enjoying his storyline with Hayden.

Hi, Debbie,
I was awaiting for this romance to blossom for sooo long!! After Leo and Greenlee; John and Natalie; I thought I would never see the same kind of chemistry as I am seeing between Hayden and Finn.
Mazel tov!!!!

Hi Cee, I am aware of Melisa Archer and I know how bad GH fans want her. Melisa is a very good actress. I dont mind her at all. As I have stated in the past, I LOVE talent. I woulnt dismiss her. I just turn on GH and it seems like every month the GH I knew and loved has disappeared. Robert, Bobbi, Monica, Lucas, Lucy, Kevin, Laura, Ned, Felicia, Mac, AJ, Emily, Duke, Faison, Helena, Luke. Now, looking at this list, I realize there are a lot of older cast members BUT as we see with Y&R, they mix the older and younger characters together and keep a better hold on its history. GH is a shell of itself. It isnt going to change Valenti hates the most of the vets except for Sonny and Carly. Case in point, when Lucy was walking around the hospital with a board member and he was telling her that GH might turn into condos. Lucy looked around at the walls of GH and became melancholy but they showed no clips! This was a perfect time to watch an old clip of the Hardys roaming the halls. NOPE, Frank will have nothing to do with GH and its wonderful history!

Timmmy, I love your sentimentality….you’re a romantic, at heart. I love that in a guy; and exposing one’s feelings does not emasculate a man. It takes a real man to accept and embrace WHAT IS!!
I understand what you’re saying, as I feel the same way. I would have loved to have seen ‘old’ GH clips.
And, yes, I agree about Melissa. I loved Natalie and John; as every other character on OLTL…..and, at the risk of sounding repetitious, ” all right already”….we all love to ruminate and go down memory lane, it fills a void. This is now….it is what it is.
I waited so long for Finn and Hayden; it’s sort of disheartening to rain on my parade.

I agree. There is enough hate in this world! I was NOT a fan of Sabrina at all. I never said I hated her. Maybe I said I hate the character. Regardless, hate is a terrible word. Teresa I’m sure is a fine human being and smart enough to separate the character from the human. Here is hoping the same about Hayden.

Totally agree! One of the absolute high points about GH.


I appreciate your passion Kathryn. I too miss Melissa and Michael. If Melissa comes on GH then I would love for her to have a role worthy of her talents. I do not want her to come on as a spoiler to Finn and Hayden. If she isn’t the love of his life then make her an interesting doctor or Sarah Webber who can catch Finn’s fancy and set him on fire. I would hate for her to be written like crazy Nina. There is so much potential.. If only..

Please, kathryn63; speak for yourself, with all due respect. You use the plural, “we” very generally. I am part of the general ‘audience’, and I, for one, LOOOOOVE Rebecca Budig.
So, respect that. I count!!

i’m back peddling… on track now

when Rebecca Buddig was paired at the very beginning … I thought they were the HOTTEST.

things went south so fast and spiraled…. now that Tyler Christopher is gone… I could care less about Hayden.

is she one of Frank Valentini’ PET ?

now we are force fed Hayden and Finn….

all the while her new girl in town becomes resident bad girl crown bitch ala Erica Kane…. just stomps all over town looking for a job and cash

so she mows over Liz… LIZ ! GET A BACK BONE… Hayden is hardly worth it

there’s little to no spark … with Finn and Hayden… time for them to go

another wasted couple stealing the rightful belong of so many other characters recently let go or fired.

So am I. I cannot understand why fans hate Hayden? I love the actress and the character.

Well, Timmmy, I believe that if people want to ‘hate’ a character, it is definitely their prerogative. However, said people should not impose their will on others and assume that you, I or anyone else feel the same way.
Furthermore, kathryn63 just insulted the actress herself. You know very well I am no innocent; that is, in making my feelings known about a character; but, I try VERY hard not to come out and say, I can’t stand an actor/actress.

Lol, my friend. You toooo??? Just kidding, Patrick, you know how much I love your prose.
Nevertheless, regardless of how much I love Little Miss Liz; she is not lily white. Let’s not forget that she is an accomplice to attempted murder, after the fact. She is also allowing Dhawn to rot in jail for that crime.
As much as ‘iffy’ Hayden may be? So is Lizzie-Girl a criminal.

The writers have not done anything to make me care about Hayden.

You know me through our conversations on these boards; thanks to Mr. Fairman. Thus, my Timmmy, you have had to bear my lamentations about so many characters—Sonny, Julian, Alexis ( of whom I am now a fan—I have converted, LOL) , but never, ever, have I used the word ‘hate’ toward either the actors or the characters.
Thanks, babes.

I did not care for Hayden at first blush, but I really like her now. Moreover, she works with Finn—she fits.
After watching characters like Nina, Francoand now Claudette, aimlessly wander around like square pegs looking for a home in a land of circles, it’s nice to see.
I like them together.

Prefer brooding John Mcbain…none of his other characters have sparked my interest…i can understand an actor wanting to try something new and different but none of the writers seem to know what to do with his characters…Silas and Finn actually seem like the same character as both talk about their wives and are doctors…Silas-his thought dead wife Nina turns out to be alive and in a coma-blah, blah blah…now Finn is talking about his wife-she will also show up eventually as Finn and Hayden get real close-talk about pararllels…

hey Jihm..
c’mon, don’t blame the great Easton for the horrible writing portraying the Finn character and the story he is thrown into.
Just imagine, what a real bonafide drama writer would have done with the Finn characters persona… no matter, Easton is a pro and gives his all to whichever character he portrays..

John McCain- may he RIP …(life moves on..

side note; Jean and Shelly are killing GH, they need to be replaced before they do more damage to GH and its’ characters..

Absolutely BRING ON MELISSA AS A HOT LADY DOC. I heard a lady doc in fact named Melissa is supposed to come still waiting on that or Sarah Webber, or certainly Reiko FINN’S wife you know she’s alive why else would they give/say her name. Let it be Melissa playing her or any one of those top 3 choices or anyone else. I don’t care just bring her on FV. We fans deserve it after the debacle of OLTL being cancelled & then the GH/ PROSPECT PARK LAWSUIT DEBACLE. YOU OWE IT TOO US FV BRING HER ON ASAP!!!!


Dear Kathyrn: Typing in all caps constitutes as yelling and makes my ears ring.
I understand you miss Melissa Archer as Natalie and you enjoyed the chemistry she shared with Eastman. But those days are over and trying to recreate the glory days of OLTL on GH has proven to be a depressing and abysmal failure.
Not only that, it ends up paying disrespect to the very characters you love–let those characters rest in peace. In addition, the cast is already over populated and there is no room for new characters.
Honestly, one thing I have learned in life is you cannot go home again–there are no second acts.

Finn’s wife, ANOTHER new character!

No, thank you. LOL…..Timmmy, I know you don’t watch DOOL.
However, I, and so many others awaited with baited breath for Melissa Archer to walk on stage with much expected fanfare.
The writing butchered both the actress’s talent and the character. I would really be ‘put-off’ if the same were to happen to her on the GH stage.


Awwww yes!
Michael Easton , I luves that man!
No matter which role he plays I luvs him.

Strange but– I got to somewhat know the intestering deeper side of Michael Easton through his facebook, he is talented in many directions.

Awwww, I luvs him, too; SuIeQ!!!!
Michael Easton is not the most good looking guy, comparatively speaking…..He has a very angular face with irregular features; but, soooo masculine!! To me, he oozes sex-appeal. To each his/her own, yah??

Oh CeeCee…Google Michael…then click on images. You can see how stunning he was. I think he’s still very good looking but has gotten very thin since his OLTL days. And, he’s had his nose broken a few times. SUCH a nice person! I’ve heard him interviewed and read many of his posts.

Yes, Bec, and besides, symmetrical perfection is boring.
It’s our imperfections which make us beautiful, unique and human.

He is the most good-looking guy around & he & Melissa are the most gorgeous to ever be paired together just look at all their beyond incredible JOLIE YOU-TUBE SCENES OLTL!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE REUNITED ASAP ON GH!!!!!!!

Great interview and great recap, Michael Fairman. GH fans are very lucky to have Michael Easton back, IMO. The bearded dragon is one lucky lizard to share scenes with him.

The guy is a class act, no matter what he is doing. I wish ABC would settle that Prospect Park lawsuit so they can get the character of Skye Quartermaine back, along with her daughter, Lila Rae. I think she & Hamilton Finn would be a great couple. It would increase the Quartermaine family, the Quartermaine influence in the hospital would continue, *and* Finn & Tracy would have more scenes together because they’d be family. Win-win all around!


no offense to Rebecca but I do not want them as a couple. just not clicking for me, but i am just one of thousands – just my thought anyway.

love Michael Easton.

Agreed. I see them as friends.Maybe friends with benefits but not on the level of Archer and Easton

Not feeling Hayden and Finn

Hi, Candy,
I truly appreciate your sensitivity. You spoke your mind without being crass and offensive. Refreshing.
We should all take a cue from the phrasing of your comment. Kudos.

I did like Hayden and Nick better together.

Me too

Same here they need Tyler Christopher back & pair him back with Hayden or that matter put Hayden with Griffin they would be quite good together. PLEASE JUST NOT WITH FINN/ME.

Just glad your back on gh. Your the best . Love Finn

Am I the only one who accidentally calls Finn, Silas?
But yes, glad he’s back and I think he’s working well with Hayden.

Harry! Agree. Wasn’t much of a John/Natalie fan either and I, too, liked him with Evangeline. I also liked him during his brief time with both Kelly and Blair. I vaguely remember him with Marty…liked them too if I remember correctly. And, I like Finn with Hayden. Good chemistry.

Hi Harry…found a reply button for you. Just in case you are still following MF and/or GH periodically I was just checking up on you to see you are surviving this emotional campaign. Hope for our choice in the election, and then look forward to seeing you back commenting. 🙂

Love him as Finn, but I think pairing him with Rebecca’s Hayden is not the right move. I would like to see him with Olivia.

I do not like Finn being paired with Hayden either.

Enjoying Finn. Michael has chemistry with almost everyone he works with. Just not into Hayden
to be honest.

Absolutely I too like Finn but he is acting like Silas & very similar to him & is most certainly the wrong move putting him with Hayden & like you not into Hayden at all & I hope she doesn’t make it from this mysterious illness then we will be rid of her she adds nothing repeat nothing to the canvas. Liz’s sister or not who cares she is a WASTE! I would have only liked Hayden if they’d gotten Melissa to play her it didn’t happen. Oh well, with that being said. Bring Melissa on in any capacity of 3 roles I said earlier Reiko, Sarah, or Melissa the lady doc. Just get/bring her onboard FV PLEASE.

Not sure why you think I dislike Hayden, but I don’t. I love her, only not with Finn. I love her with Nikolas. Rebecca and Tyler have amazing chemistry.

what’s happening with all the Prospect Park stuff? Was it ever settled? I know some of the OLTL characters were owed moneys (hearsay through the web, so not reliable). Hopefully all was sorted out.

John McBain by far…miss him. Wish ABC would take him, Melissa Archer and Liam to prime time kind of Castlesque like. Cop & Forensic tech work together during the day and love by night with their little family. Michael Easton is one of my favorites.

Love those two. Wish to see them anywhere anyhow together. So missed

Ditto on this to the tenth degree. Love, love me some Archer and Easton!

Was never an Easton fan until he stepped into the role of Hamilton Finn, so I’m glad he was against portraying John McBain on General Hospital; the way off four OLTL characters were initially handled at GH was horribly executed, and should have been a hint that it would not work out.

I have always loved Michael Easton’s work and I am very impressed with the acting choices he is making with Dr. Finn. I also completely agree with his remarks about his character of John McBain crossing over to GH. His character was known for his loyalty and enduring connection to Natalie and his son was everything to him. Sometimes soap couples take a while to develop and the best couples take time. I am loving having him back on my screen.

Uber cool and brooding John was my favorite character and so was the Vampire he played in “Port Charles” and again the Vampire 2.0 in GH during Ron C. writing regime.

In person, this actor is uber cool , suave and friendly…Very talented in the different aspects of his career!!

Great description of character and actor!

Hey, Rebecca,
I never thought about it, but, Claudette may, indeed, be a scared, vulnerable little bird.
With Finn? Hmmmm. Maybe. But, he deserves someone who truly cares for him; as you have so eloquently described Hayden.
So far, Claudette has not manifested any altruistic motivation, at all. Not even toward her daughter; if Charlotte truly exists. She is merely using this child as a means to an end.
No display of motherhood, humanity, or honor.
Nonetheless, I would welcome a ‘good’ Claudette. And, speaking of recycled stories. Maybe Claudette is also Josette, LOL.

Now I’m lost, CeeCee…who’s Josette???

Oh, my gosh, Rebecca. LOL. I made Josette up????
You know Jessica/Tess ( Bree–OLTL). It would be ironic if Claudette had an alter ego, as Jessica Buchanan did. That’s all.

CeeCee…LOL! Gotcha. I was wracking my brains out trying to remember Josette!

Love that Michael Easton is on GH and enjoying him as Finn. As far as who he should be paired with…it’s a no brainer…Melissa Archer all the way.

Love Michael but I have to be honest. Yes, he and Rebecca have chemistry but I am still holding out hope that he will be reunited with Melissa Archer. Their story was never finished and that stinks. It was a slap in the face to Jolie fans when the PP mess occurred. Perfect opportunity to reunite these awesome actors.

Stacey, I completely understand but the unfinished story of Michael and Natalie cannot be finished on GH!!!

Bring on Melissa Archer as his wife or a new doctor that will knock his socks off. Cannot stand Hayden:((((

Yes please!

Definitely not into Hayden and Finn becoming lovebirds, even though it is evident that’s where the story is headed. I would rather see Finn with Tracey than Hayden. Do not like the character, regardless of how much they prop her. Hope his story with Hayden is short lived and sure hope we see him with Melissa Archer eventually. That is proven, wonderful chemistry.

I just don’t see Michael Easton’ going the young puppy love… romance with all the flowers satin sheets… gushing

he’s an intellect…. he’s in the same arena as Tracy Q…. ????? I think so

now that Paul is gone… why not… give Finn and Tracy bff with benefits.

the quick whit barbs give and take…

Hayden needs to go back burner with Curtis… give the audience a break.

I too would prefer him with Tracy rather than Hayden

I love the Tracy/ Finn FRIENDSHIP…don’t see them as a romantic duo. I actually like him with Hayden. She genuinely cares for him, she kept his secret, she saved his life, she has no ulterior motive with him. They look good together and I like their chemistry. Natural…

If not her…and this comes out of left field…Claudette. Her coy attitude, her manipulative ways may mask a vulnerable, intelligent woman who can hold her own against the quirky but extremely intelligent, loving, protective doctor. I can hear the Natalie fans screaming now…ouch!

In addition to having no idea who they were going to put him with romantically, I don’t think Jean and Shelly had any idea what the character was about nor did they have a pre-planned arc for him. Finn came to town with a lizard and a mysterious drug addiction and seven months later the only other thing we know is that he has a dead wife. I liked the actor as John McBain but expecting a character to succeed based solely on viewer goodwill isn’t writing.

Say what you will about Ron Carlivati but the characters he introduced were developed as the story went along and actually had a reason to be in the story.

Exactly, Alan. I, among many, loooved John and Natalie. Those were different people living in another world. OLTL was one of my favorite soaps, and I still mourn its death, as I said many times. But, these actors need work; they do not pick and choose who is paired with them.
I am just happy to see Michael and Rebecca.
Disliking Rebecca/Hayden because she is not Melissa/Natalie, just doesn’t hold water. Sure, Melissa Archer would have been a great choice….the two looked so good together….very at ease with each other…believable. But, that does not mean the same would apply in this storyline.
Also, even actors grow and change.
I saw the relationship between Finn and Hayden coming since forever. As a matter of fact, both Timmm and I commented on it. We both relished the idea.
Let it just happen, I say; and, be happy. LOL.

Good points Celia. Not being fond of Hayden has nothing to do with Melissa’s character of Natalie. Just not fond of the character.

I don’t dislike Hayden because she isn’t Natalie — if anything I am apathetic towards the character and that’s because Jean and Shelly have done nothing to develop her. They just expect us to like her because they do. That’s not writing.

(And truth be told, OLTL’s Natalie got on my nerves A LOT — I was totally Team Jessica all the way.)

Thank you, Tim. I am glad you do see my point. Liking or disliking Rebecca/Hayden should have nothing to do with Melissa.
Some people do not like the actress or the character. That’s fine. However, I find the word ‘hate’ sort of harsh, don’t you?
I just do not think it’s fair to bemoan a character her/his role because said character was paired with the ‘preferred’ one’s previous role!!!!!
I wish to see Rebecca paired with Josh Duhamel, LOL,… that going to happen? So, should I dislike Michael/Finn because he isn’t Josh/Leo?
I hope I am making some sense, Tim. Double LOL.

I actually was not crazy about John and Natalie. Nataline annoyed me with the manner in which she was constantly preening and posing.
I thought John and Evangeline had a smoldering, hot, sexy chemistry.
For me, they were the “it” couple, not John and Natalie. I never thought Natalie was worthy of John.

Not true AT ALL in Melissa & Michael’s case their chemistry was beyond phenomenally exceptional & they most definitely would still have it no matter what characters they’d be playing. It is just that plain & simple & you know they WANT TOO VERYYYY MUCH BE REUNITED TOGETHER AGAIN ON GH & THEY HAVE BOTH SAID SO NUMEROUS TIMES IN INTERVIEWS. He said he WOULD LOVE FOR MELISSA TO COME IN & THAT HE MISSES HER/WORKING WITH HER SOOOO MUCH! AND MELISSA SAID THE SAME THING THAT IT COULD VERYYYY WELL HAPPEN THEM BEING REUNITED. She said don’t GIVE UP HOPE! I know she is sorta keeping busy with a movie project here & there but she can certainly do both soap people are quite known for doing that. Look at Laure Lee Bell, Sean Karan, Finland Hughes,Maurice Benard. Melissa soooo deserves to be on GH as does Michael,ROHO,BW. I know BW is off now but heard she may more than likely be back later. Personally I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE MELISSA THAN BREE ANY DAY BECAUSE MELISSA IS FAR SUPERIOR ACTRESS TO BREE & I just like Melissa 10 millions x times better. She is my FAVORITE actress of all soap actresses & Michael of course is my FAVORITE ACTOR OF ALL SOAP ACTORS. And that is why I want them on GH together/reunited soooo badly. And I have a feeling it will happen at some point sooner rather than later because this pairing with BUDIG will indeed be verrrry short-lived. And there is no one else actress/wise currently on the canvas that he would be a good fit with chemistry/wise like he fits chemistry/wise with Melissa! That is why Melissa needs to come & why I feel they are going to bring her on because you have to have pairings with actors/actresses that have phenomenal proven chemistry & that is definitely MELISSA & MICHAEL! Their is not one couple on GH right now that is super at all! Melissa & Michael would definitely change that they were a SUPER COUPLE ON OLTL. THEY CERTAINLY WOULD BE ON GH! FV PLEASE BRING HER ON ASAP!

Sorry for the long post I’ve just got a lot to say about their reunion & her being on GH with him & wanting it soooo much. Got too get my feelings out & heard & hope fully FV hears me & all of us MA&ME FANS WHO WANT THEM ON GH TOGETHER! All of us their most ardent& devoted fans that we are & there are soooo many of us just have to keep posting & we can make it happen! Keep posting everyone & we can have our MA&ME TOGETHER AGAIN!

Same here, Alan….I did not mean to imply you do not like Hayden because she isn’t Natalie.
Nonetheless, I get the feeling this is the jist with most of the comments….the ‘motif’, per se.
I liked Natalie; but, as yourself, I was partial to Jessica and Starr.
I am pretty determined and ‘hard-headed’; in that, no writer can feed me anything I do not desire with which to partake…..much like yourself. LOL.
But, I do admit that my ‘like’ for Rebecca Budig carried over from AMC.

Really let’s not over analyze. Some will like Rebecca Budig and her character and others will not. This forum is a vehicle to express opinions. Thanks Michael Fairman for offering this avenue for comments.

Hi, Nikki,
That’s exactly what I said, if you followed my ‘interjections’, LOL.Some of us like her, some of us don’t. LOL. Somehow my point got lost after all the responses.
My point was: those of us who like Rebecca/Hayden should be allowed to do so without criticism, as you say, we are here to give opinions.
But, somehow Melissa Archer’s name is always brought up whenever the subject of Hayden and Finn comes into play. It is what it is, I say.
Later, Nikki.

That’s what happens CeeCee. Fans get stuck on a couple and they don’t want to see one of the two with anyone else. Think of the resentment that occurred almost as soon as Patrick fell for Sabrina. Yes, Robin was alive but Patrick didn’t know it. I could see if people were impatient for him to learn the truth, but in the interim “Sabrina” and the actress got trashed as an interloper by some.

Natalie and John from OLTL? As I posted before…nothing outstanding for me as a couple. I liked John with Evangeline and Kelly. McBain was just so cool that he had chemistry with all of them. As for Finn…I either like him with Hayden or I don’t based on what’s going on with his new character on GH, not his old character with Natalie. Different show, character, etc. Some viewers get stuck. And then the gloves are off, or gauntlets on. One of those… 😉

Glad to see Michael on our screens again. He is right about the people deciding what works. That being said, this person says bring on Melissa Archer . Fans have been waiting since 2012 to see these two exceptional actors reunited. Come on!


I loved John Mcbain on OLTL and loved him and Natalie ‘s relationship. I was devastated when they Cancled OLTL. I am so happy that he is now on GH and I think he and Hayden can be a very interesting couple.

Enjoying Finn but will always love Jolie . That being said I too hope to see Michael and Melissa together on our screens again.

Oh yes!


You can tell that Michael is clearly a writer as well, the way he’s invested in his characters. I was upset he wasn’t on the last OLTL websoap but I give kudos for his reason, and I agree, why play the same character on two shows when they can’t be bothered with making the shows connect the stories together? It’s a waste of everyone’s time, disjointed, and disappoints everyone in the end when they don’t take those seemingly small steps necessary to accomplish huge things, and look what happened. If they really wanted AMC and OLTL to last they would’ve taken care of all of their debts and other problems BEFORE they put those shows back on, then we would never have to deal daily with Franco, an actual person named ‘Kiki’ even if it’s nickname it makes my soul wince when I see or hear it. I don’t know how I feel about Finn, because they were just starting to massage Silas into the canvas naturally, after a year or two he finally connected, and those dumb a$$es killed him off in some whacked murder mystery, much like what’s going on now, and I’m not sure which writing team it was then, Carlivati or if they were in transition, but this show needs another Monty, Riche, miracle to propel it further, because what I see is a show in disarray, desperately in need of overhaul. There’s too many characters that don’t connect on the show with the other characters. I have no reason to care for Haytchel, what they’ve got has got potential, but when I say I want legacy, just making her related to Liz, a character I do like isn’t going to work. Finn is his own island as well, so why should I care about him, no familial connections, his own island, the show is full of that already. We’ve already got Maxie, Griffin, and resident hair model Nathan West being eaten up in another story with Claudette, another character who needs to disappear, because she’s useless, other than some foil in a relationship quadrangle. I’ve gone through that on bold and the beautiful already, not GH please. I don’t know, I continue to watch, and there are characters and stories I do like, and pray.

Hi Dante…I don’t agree with everything you said but still…good post! I do agree with you regarding Michael Easton. He cares about his work and his reasons for not wanting to play the exact same character on Prospect Park and on GH with stories that didn’t correspond or even take place in the same location would have really stretched the ability to suspend our disbelief. The idea was beyond absurd and he chose respect for his character and fanbase over a paycheck. Glad it’s worked out for him…knock on wood! Hope his character becomes more integral at GH thus securing his job with the budget crunchers.

Even though I am glad some OLTL characters were brought to GH, I am so mad and disappointed to this day with their stories as they were written on GH.Michael is right in saying that McBain would never have left his family.Natalie and Liam were everything to him. The garbage they wrote just to facilitate McBam stunk. Why in the world would OLTL fans want to see this? Ruining characters and their integrity is never good. That failed as well as Siam and his pairing with Nina(awkward as hell). I can’t imagine that a pairing with Ava would have lasted either. Ok now Michael is back and even though I loved McBain I am enjoying Finn. Now we’ve got a pairing with Hayden the grifter coming. Yes the actors have chemistry but I will always hope that Michael will be reunited with Melissa Archer somehow some way. Their chemistry is amazing. They could just look at each other and speak volumes with their eyes alone. There are Facebook pages for this pairing that are active and growing. So Michael to answer your question I am not on board with a romance for Hayden and Finn even though I know it is coming. Holding out hope someday for a Michael and Melissa reunion especially now that Bree is also on GH with Roger and Michael.

Well said

I always loved John McBain but could take or leave Natalie. I liked McBain with Blair, Evangeline, Kelly…buthave no longing to see them on screen together.

Jay, I appreciate your comments.I’m with you 100%


Fans have been waiting for so long. I hope TPTB wise up and bring her on board. Fayden are already stale to me.

John McBain

I am enjoying him as quirky Dr. Finn.

I love Michael Easton in any role that he portrays, but if I had to pick one, it would be that of Caleb Morley on Port Charles. That’s when he first captured my interest. 🙂

Hi, Sigrid,
As you say, Michael Easton is one of a kind actor. No matter what role is thrown at him, he makes it his own, with style and relish. That is the crux of his talent. He has the Midas touch. He can lure you in and keep you there.
I loved the scene with Hayden today, when he showed a bit of jealousy towards her ‘admirer’?
By the way, are you Scandinavian? My aunt’s name is Sigrid. Later.

Hi Celia!
I am Norwegian 🙂 And I too have an Aunt named Sigrid, who I am named after. Incidentally, my Aunt has a cousin named Cecelia (so close) 😉

I knew it!! My paternal great-grandfather was born in Kristiansund, Norway. So, I know that Sigrid is an ‘old’ Norse name according to my grandmother. I am so glad to have another Viking (LOL) on these boards.
While “Cecelia” is an ‘old’ Roman name, it did become popular in the North Sea regions. People just keep misspelling it, wanting to spell ‘Cecilia’ because of the Simon and Garfunkel song, LOL.
What we need is a Nordic character on GH. I mean, so many characters are lined up to enter the stage, why not a Scandinavian? But, NOT the typical stereotype of a giant, buxom woman with pale-blond braids, sporting a horned helmet and a blow horn…..DOUBLE LOL.
Later, Sigrid.

Ok have your romance with Hayden but then bring on Melissa Archer to GH as a hot techie doctor that lights Finn’s fire

Honestly Katia, I would be overjoyed to see this.

Love Michael the actor/person. Did we need four characters? No.
I really wish every story didn’t involve a dead or ex wife. Watch, just as he and Hayden hit it off, Reiko will appear alive! Writers lack original storytelling. Hope he still gets scenes with Jane Elliot in the future; loved their playful chemistry.

I really enjoyed him as Calab on Port Charles and absolutely fell in love with his John McBain of One Life to Live. I really miss brooding and stoic John. For Michael’s sake, I hope GH gives him something worthy of his ability.

Everyday my heart aches for our beloved One Life to Live.

Me too. Love McBain.

I find Finn & Hayden together – boring.

More than boring they are horrible.

I’m really happy they were able to find a way to bring Michael Easton back to GH. Finn is a much more interesting character than Silas was, and I really like the fact that he’s different than others. I really like the idea of Finn and Hayden, mainly because Hayden isn’t as aggravatingly intolerable when she’s with Finn. One relationship I’d like to see more of is Finn and Carly, they have a fun witty banter similar to his with Tracy.

It’s bad enough that Carly has her claws in Jason. Rather see Finn have a friendship with Liz, Alexis, etc.

after all the DeMuccio debacle… it seemed like Ava was back on top… with

Tyler Christopher. it was hurry up and wait… and BAM…. all heck broke loose

all of Maura West… leading men… goon too soon

Nicholas… there was so much promise … I dreamed of this
Paul… had a nice … as it should be… tall leading dashing daring man
Morgan… it was always hot between them in whatever capacity
Dr. Joe… adding him because it would have been like her and Carlos… YUM

what does the best of the best do now ? wait for Valentin .. how about Scotty

for starters…bring back her mother…Delia Ryan

now it’s back to checking in on her daughter at Sonnys…. lame

I don’t care who he plays or on what show, as long as he is on GH right now. Never saw him on OLtL, but fell in love the minute he hit Port Charles. Like him very much with Hayden and also like his friendship with Tracy.

Well, I loved John. But John McBain will never be seen again and those days are over especially on GH. As far as Silthought Silass was coma inducing

I too love Michael Eastern, I think Finn and Hayden would be an interesting couple.

Enjoying Finn and his quirks but McBain is my favorite . Give me some Easton and Archer any day.

Love Michael Easton and glad he is enjoying Finn. As far as budding romance yes it is coming but not a fan of Hayden. This character has been inserted into all sorts of storylines to get her to stick and now shoehorned into a legacy family. Really? She is always looking out for number one. Even if they try and soften her up with Finn she’ll never be likeable to me.

Cheers for Michael! He really seems to have his head screwed on correctly. He doesn’t like it when the WRITERs decide on a super couple–he says the audience decides that. Kudos! He also didn’t want to bring John McBain to GH because it would do violence to the character. Another bravo! And he is HONEST–a quality often lacking: he says TPTB were trying to woo OLTL viewers. But he–like the viewer–knew it wouldn’t work.

Wow! So nice to hear, and to relate to, a person of integrity! I wish him all good things.

Love Michael Easton, love his chemistry with Kelly Monaco, not really in to him being paired with Rebecca I liked her with a Tyler and GH threw that away for whatever reason. Michael is hilarious with his expressions and one liners, he and Roger are special that way. I love that he is interacting with a lot more characters finally, that’s a yay! I liked how huge a presence McBain was on GH, he rivaled Sonny’s status, Silas and Finn seem to be less Center Stage than McBain was. I miss that, I’m sort of confused about where his story is headed with the drugs and dying I hope this story moves along or gets juicier it’s going kind of slow, he deserves something meatier IMO. All I know is that if ME leaves GH ever again, I will be less likely to watch. He’s TV heaven.

❤️❤️ Michael and his work but he will always be Mcbain to me!

Agreed. ❤️McBain and Jolie

I have to admit I love Michael and Melissa as well and would welcome a reunion of these actors in any forum.

So glad that Michael Easton mentioned that John McBain would never leave Natalie or Liam to be in Port Charles. Ron and Frank tried to destroy the integrity of McBain but at the last moment, they rightly decided that he wouldn’t sleep with Sam and would go home only to be pulled back into the FBI.

Frank, since you and Ron screwed up Jolie, you owe it to OLTL fans to do something about it. Perhaps a dream sequence where John, Natalie and Liam are all together and happily reunited perhaps in a Rodi’s like setting. Perhaps playing pool with Liam and their daughter like in the OLTL dream sequence when John almost died. You don’t even need to mention names so that Prospect Park can’t take action. I need some closure like you did on the Series finale only you destroyed it later on. We need a happy JOLIE ending and as JOLIE fans for ten plus years, we deserve it.

Next, GH is horrible right now and it needs a hero. Make Finn more like Michael McBain ‘s character and bring on Melissa as a doctor on GH. JOLIE is ratings gold and if we can’t have Jolie, give us Finn and Melissa. They could be the next SCRUBS. Sorry but there is no chemistry between Finn and Hayden. Can’t stand her. Bring on the fiery redhead and let there be some sisterly bonding with Claudette.

Frank, you owe us for messing up JOLIE. Please rectify it and soon.

Finally, thank you for the goodbye scenes between Roger and Kristin. That was closure.

Love your post Gentry.❤️❤️❤️

Hell yes!

Bottom line: would love to see Michael and Melissa on our screens again.

Thanks Gentry for your post. I know it’s just a soap but soaps would not exist without fans and fans need to let their opinions be known. Personally, I would love to see your scenario materialize.MA and ME rock.

“… Bring on the fiery redhead and let there be some sisterly bonding with Claudette”

you have me

I would sing the hallelujah chorus in praises!

Hmmm, Patrick. Why don’t ‘they’ just bring in Archer as Claudette’s alter ego, Josette. Make it a “fantastically mystical” soap–you know, similar to PASSIONS, where the alter ego takes human form. Everyone will be happy, then?? TRIPLE LOL.

Gentry loved your post. Thank you for expressing what so many of us have felt for years. Missing Michael and Melissa more than I can say.


Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Please keep them coming and perhaps Frank will hear us. I have been watching soaps for 40 years and I have loved a ton of super couples, including Luke and Laura but by far and above all others, JOLIE is my favorite. Their love, loyalty and passion resonate with us. Let’s face it, all woman want a McBain and we love Natalie for keeping him in check.

Please give them a beautiful, happy ending. We love Natty and John and we can’t seem to let go.

I would be grateful for Melissa and Michael to be reunited on GH. Obviously not as John and Natalie but Finn and……?

Beautiful sentiments, Gentry!!
Sadly, the only way you will see Natty and Joh reunited would be if OLTL were resurrected. I would welcome that with open arms, myself.
But, this is GH, and Hamilton Finn has no idea who Natty is—or, John McBain. LOL.


I just love that Michael is in such a good place. Actors often times cannot say how they feel in fear of their jobs. He has other interests so I love that he can be candid. He flat out hated Silas as did the fans. He loves Finn and is excited to see where it goes. So am I.

“…Now that Tyler Christopher’s not coming back that story is on hold until they figure out what to do. ”

Michael Easton has not been on GH for 20 plus years… that’s Tyler Christopher

Dr. Finn… has not even solidified any thing as of yet…. Tyler had the whole cast.

apples and oranges….

OUT WITH THE OLD …. IN with the newbie

another thing that grates at: resident bad girl … trying way to hard … @bitch. Rebecca Buddig. what few scenes I’ve seen … especially when Hayden shows up at Liz door… demanding Liz pay her hospital bills…. LOL…. SERIOUSLY ! this is what the resident bitch grand dames . I say Liz needs to dump her. buck up Liz . STAND.

I’ve tried and posted prop for ME. character(s) . no more….

when the likes of : Morgan / Dr. Joe / Sabrina / Paul / Nicholas are fired / let go.

and we are left with … Finn and Hayden


The Finn character had it hard being he is not connected to anyone…
And that is why he should have written as a much strong mysterious intriguing man with hidden secrets..

I am a true fan of Michael Easton, and it’s always such a treat when he gifts us with a rare interview! I am LOVING him with Rebecca Budig! It’s always so great when soap vets are paired together — and they actually work, and actually make sense. They are a very attractive couple, and they compliment each other so well. And they’re age appropriate!

As for Finn’s wife — I totally think Renee Elise Goldsberry should come on for a few episodes to play his wife. That would be so incredibly awesome, and such a treat for fans of OLTL who loved them as John and Evangeline! Frank, Jean, and Shelley should really reach out to Renee and make this happen for a few episodes, as told through flashbacks like Michael suggested. That way, we can travel down memory lane with JoVan and still currently enjoy HayFinn! It’s a WIN for everyone!

Finn’s wife is D-E-A-D….
And this one/her, is really dead..
No, Finn wife will appear unless the writing can become worse than it now is ..

Ummm, I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me here. I know Finn’s wife is “dead”. My question to you is do YOU know that GH is a daytime soap? By default, in daytime soaps, NO ONE is ever really dead.

You do watch this show right? OR is it that I’m not wanting the “right” person to be his wife who’s supposed to be “dead”? If I wanted someone else to be his “dead” wife, would that have been better for you?

Oh, thank goodness, Trophy Lady. I don’t feel so lonesome, now.
Hayden and Finn…..Let’s give them a chance and see what happens. I will be the first to naysay a ‘failed experiment’, LOL.
Yes, an appearance, whether through flashbacks or dreams, sounds informative; in that, we glean a bit into their past life together….what made Reiko so extraordinary…..What sealed their love.
But, I agree with su…..let’s leave her dead. It will spoil Finn’s persona, as we have gotten to know him, sans wife.

I LOVE Finn and Hayden! I think Michael and Rebecca are great together! Quite honestly, I haven’t seen Michael have this much chemistry with anyone since Renee Elise Goldsberry on OLTL!

That’s precisely why I think it would be great for REG to play “Reiko” in a few flashbacks, just to tell the story of Finn and Reiko’s love. Obviously, REG probably can’t commit to GH for months on end, but I’m sure if Frank, Shelly, and Jean wanted to work with REG for the sake of the storyline, she’d probably be willing to do so. She’s said plenty of times how much she loved working with ME on OLTL.

So, yes, give us Finn/Reiko =JOVAN AGAIN; and then give is Finn/Hayden = HayFinn! Everybody wins!

I think it’s a great idea Trophy Lady and since Michael and Rene are good friends they’d probably love playing a few scenes together!

I soared GH should bring Renee Elise Goldsberry to play Finn’s dead wife. The two of them were so awesome together, soap opera gold. IMHO, Michael Easton would move mountains to work her again. When she won her Tony award he was so very proud of her.

I didn’t write soared, I don’t know how that happened. I think I wrote I also think GH should bring Renee Goldsberry to Port Charles to play Finn.’s dead wife.

Finn’s wife can be brought back from the dead or she could be written to be a flashback. The only actress I want to see opposite ME is Renee Goldsberry.

I’m a casual fan of Michael Easton. I respect his past work with Melissa Archer, and I think there’s an interesting dynamic with him and Rebecca Budig. But I loved the excerpts from the interview which were posted on this site. Soaps 101, which is disregarded by just about everyone, is to bring an actor on to the show, develop the character, and let the fans figure out who he or she should be paired with. Brian Frons on ABC used to violate this rule all the time, and two soaps were cancelled on his watch. The best pairings happen organically, and are so much fun to watch, IMO. I see it now with Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst, and I see it with Michael and Rebecca Budig, but it does need to happen slowly and with some care.

I also applaud Michael’s comments about Prospect Park, and how they didn’t coordinate with ABC Daytime (and IMO, there’s blame there on both sides). The decision to re-launch AMC and OLTL was well-intentioned, but poorly funded and without the support and cooperation Prospect Park needed from ABC and alot of the talent formerly associated with both shows. I don’t fault the actors for not wanting to take a chance on Prospect Park’s wild ride. I just prefer to think it never happened in the first place.

Lastly, I love what he said about how John McBain wouldn’t have left his wife and son behind in Llanview to move to Port Charles and be a cop. I respect him so much for remembering and honoring his character’s history, and knowing that the audience may not want to go on the roller coaster if the story doesn’t make sense after OLTL had ended on ABC. Alot of actors do as their told and don’t mention their legitimate concerns about fan reaction, or don’t even think about how bringing a popular character to another show will impact the fans, but Michael realized this might be a tough sell, and IMO, he was right. I respect an actor who has common sense and who knows and values his character’s history, and understands how the fans would probably react.

Best comment on this site, Beth. Thank you!!!!
Yes, the relationship between Finn and Hayden should be cultivated; take its time. And, I think it is being well-paced, thus far.
I respect you for respecting actors with common sense and for your own common sense. Admirable quality and post, Beth.

Letting the fans figure out who the character should be with — that’s EXACTLY how John and Evangeline organically happened on OLTL! They weren’t brought on for each other, and were both with other people. BUT when they started having scenes together — boy, did ME and REG light up the show! It became so OBVIOUS that these two loved working together, and that their characters made so much sense together! Michael Malone was a GENIUS for bringing John and Evangeline to life!

Yes, Trophy Lady. This is exactly as I see the Finn/Hayden relationship developing.
There was an instant affinity, per se. Not physical, not necessarily sexual; but whatever attracted them together slowly turned into something more.
You described John’s and Evangeline’s “coming together” to the letter.
I see the same ‘pattern’ unfolding with Hayden and Finn. Love the anticipation. LOL.

Although I don’t mind Hayden and Finn as a couple, they’re ok, not earth shattering. However, I would love it if Renee Goldsberry would come to Port Charles as Finn’s dead wife. The writers can bring her back from the dead or write her as a flashback fantasy, either way it would be great.

I think ME and REG would explode on the screen and out shine everyone else, just like they did on OLTL.

Yes Rebecca Budig is a good actress. Not a fan of her character . Really don’t like that she blames everyone else for her problems. Ok so she is part of the Webber family, so now what? Are they going to have her running GH next? They’ve tried too hard to make her fit just like another fav of mine, Nina:(((

Agreed. Good actress not liking her character.

Very, very true, Nikki. For this reason, I hope the Hayden character does not go downhill, any more than it already has.
But, sometimes we form an opinion and there is no way to erase that image from our heads.
This is why I find it so hard to dislike both Nina, as you say, and Hayden, albeit I know they are not the ‘ultimate’ soap- favorite ‘belles’.
By the same token, Liz, as I keep saying, is no saint….she’s a criminal. But, weirdly enough; I love her. Ahhh, the human brain is a complex machine. LOL.

Agree with Nikki. Nina and Hayden will never be likeable to me. Again, nothing against these actors.

As Dorothy in the WIZARD OF OZ said to the scarecrow, “I think I’ll miss you most of all…”

That’s how I felt about John McBain when the little town of Llanview packed up and took its last bow. I was so elated to hear McBain, via Michael Easton, had survived the destruction and would be surfacing in my other go-to town, Port Charles.

Though McBain has sadly left the building…again…it doesn’t damper my feeling about Michael Easton. Exquisite actor/man. I don’t care how many characters they have to go through to find a match as long as he saunters across my screen.

many fans say FV loves MA and she is one of his favorites..if this was true she would be on GH right now..MA and ME were a very popular pairing on OL and as long as I watched they were pretty much a main story every sweeps but for some reason FV will not bring her on…..I see fans asking for her to be on all the time but I never saw many asking for RB,BW or MS to be on..with that being said I would love for her to be on GH ..she pretty much had chemistry with any man on OL and I think the same would be true oh GH.

Hi dani,
You just made me pause, for a minute. Is it possible that Michael Easton and Melissa Archer did not get along? Is it possible that they put on a good face? It does happen…ALL THE TIME. I could name a few, who allegedly, did not like each other.
Perhaps, that’s the reason FV won’t bring them together; or on the same show?

no I don’t think it is that..I think FV just has his favorites and sadly she is not one of them..

ME and MA were cast members, not best friends. I remember when OLTL ended the cast picture taken they weren’t together like the other couples. Also they took no pictures together at the cast party, although both of them took pictures with other cast members. My observations probably mean nothing, but it’s odd they haven’t hired MA.

Hi, Olivia,
Thank you for responding. Now, I am one of those people who sincerely loves Melissa Archer; and I truly appreciated her and Easton as a couple….they did make the perfect couple.
But to ‘condemn’ Rebecca Budig, at every possible turn because she is made out to be the interloper between Melissa and Michael is ridiculous.
LOL. Olivia, I ‘resent’, for lack of a better word, TPTB many, many times, but , why rush to judgment? It could very well be Melissa, herself, did not want to join the GH cast. We do not know.
Also, look what happend to Melissa at DOOL. That was shameful….that stupid elephant storyline was as bad as Catherine Chancellor’s music box.
Later, Olivia.

Hi Celia,
Sometimes soap fans confuse fantasy and reality. ME, MA, and RB are actors, hired to to play roles, characters. There’s been plenty of fans asking for MA, I wonder if FV will bring her to GH.
I know MA and ME were a popular couple on OLTL, but I don’t want to see the crazy couple wars on GH, I’d much rather see a temporary appearance by Renee Goldsberry playing Finns dead wife,either as a fantasy or flashback storyline.

I agree Dani. Love her as well. Maybe later. I agree with Gentry’s post above. Make her a new doctor. She is a tech wiz, gorgeous and funny. The story would write itself.


I believe FV WILL BRING HER on at some point hopefully sooner rather than later but I will take later either way just bring her on FV.

Exactly Kathryn. Hoping for the same.

I agree with Pete. I’m holding out hope we’ll see her later. Hayden story first then Melissa.

Dani. Don’t fret. As they say, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” Keep the faith!

My favorite character of Michael Easton’s will always be Stephen Clay the vampire on Port Charles. Loved that show and loved him in it.

I enjoy him no matter which character he is. Just glad he’s back on gh! I am enjoyoing his relationship with Tracy and Hayden, but not romatically with Hayden…. nor Tracy, 🙂 just like tge threesome they seem to have going. I think if they hook him up with Hayden theyll have less with Tracy, and I enjoy his scenes with Tracy more so.

Agreed, especially after this past Wednesday’s scenes. Doing what Hayden did to someone who had passed out even though he was a jerk was awful. I don’t find it cute or clever at all. It certainly doesn’t make me want her with Finn. Let’s assume it was Finn and Hayden was passed out and he touched her inappropriately and placed a condom by her to make her think they had sex. Isn’t that what Franco did to Sam? Wouldn’t that be assault? Sure it would. I know the actress was just doing her job but let me tell you, she is not scoring points with me.

I meant the character.

No. Its not assault. Making some one think something happened that didn’t is not assault. Has to be the other way around… Like being drugged, taken advantage of, and then making it look like nothing happened when something actually did, that would be assault.

But that was typical old Hayden. Lying for money. Scamming that guy, who she didn’t even have time to see if he was just scamming her telling her he had all that grant money. I don’t think he had any intention yo give her money at all let alone for one night sex.

I was surprised Flint went along with her.

Maria…I agree with you about Hayden and the condom. If it was to be clever and cute, it really put me off. I’ve been okay with a romance between Hayden and Finn, but I haven’t liked the way they have been are setting up their “budding” romance ever since she helped him with his injection of his magic cure when he was in jail. Maybe it’s just me but I find these things distasteful.

General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

Photo: ABC

There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Soap Stars and Notables Participate in the 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (Photos)

Sunday night in tinseltown, it was time for the 91st anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has become an annual tradition featuring soap stars and other celebrities from primetime, movies, music, and sports as thy drive down famed Hollywood Boulevard amongst floats and musical performances.

While many attended the live event, viewers around the country will be able to see the taped version of the parade on Friday, December 15th when it has its first airing on The CW in a two-hour special starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Taking part in the festivities were: General Hospital’s Tajh Bellow (TJ), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Denise Richards (ex-Shauna), and Naomi Matsuda (Li), Days of our Lives stars, then and now, including: Deidre Hall (Marlena), A Martinez (ex-Eduardo), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Brant Daughtery (ex-Brian), and Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa), The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder (Esther) and former star Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne), The Bay’s Kristos Andrews (Peter/Adam) and Maxwell Caufield (Sir Thomas Kenway), plus As the World Turns Ming Na Wen (ex-Lien) and more.

In addition, iconic dancer/singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year, while Dean Cain, Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Montel Williams along with guest host, Elizabeth Stanton, called the Sunday-after-Thanksgiving tradition from different locations around the parade route.

Now below, check out some of the snaps from the 91st annual Hollywood Christmas Parade featuring some of your soap favorites.

Photo: JPI

Wow! Marlena and Sheila together for the first time! Imagine if Marlena as the MarDevil met up with Sheila Carter and caused all sorts of havoc from Salem to Los Angeles? Crossover? Here’s Deidre Hall and Kimberlin Brown getting into the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

Reunited and it feels so good? Remember when Daytime Emmy-winner, A Martinez came to Salem to play Eduardo Hernandez, father to Gabi, Rafe and Dario? Now, A can be seen in The Bay. Meanwhile, Stephen Nichols continues to keep on keepin’ on as Salem’s “Patchman”.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tajh Bellow with his lady love actress Lauren Speights.

Photo: JPI

Giving us some Christmas wrapping vibes, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Naomi Matsuda (Li).

Photo: JPI

Always ready for the holidays is former Days of our Lives star, Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa).

Photo: JPI

Former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star, Denise Richards (ex- Shauna) dressed in the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

There is no doubt! Our pick for ‘Best Dressed’ has to go to General Hospital’s Josh Kelly (Cody). I mean, how can you top that for being in the ‘Christmas Spirit’?

Photo: JPI

Humanitarian of the Year recipient, Paula Abdul.

Photo: JPI

Former As the World Turns Star Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes) ready for the holiday season.

Photo: JPI

Brant Daughtery brought along his young son, and wife Kimberly, who is expecting their second child.

Photo: JPI

Maxwell Caufield who will soon appear in the latest season of The Bay, looking ‘Christmas’ dapper.

Photo: JPI

Ready for winter, and dressed in holiday white, Y&R’s Kate Linder.

So, who’s holiday outfit from their appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, did you think was the best? Let us know via the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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