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General Hospital

GH's returning Michael Sutton on the Ghost of Stone past and present!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One of the most exciting happenings in daytime, and for fans of the sad and powerful love story of  GH’s Robin and Stone, is that the ABC sudser is bringing back Michael Sutton to reprise his role of Stone Cates, the week of September 28th.  That is when we see our Robin in a perilous situation where she needs Stone the most.   

As many know, Stone died of AIDS and his story has resonated for years. TV Guide caught up with Sutton for a short take on playing a ghost again, when he has done it previously on the series.   Here is an excerpt below:

Sutton on Stone hanging around as a spirit after he originally died on-air back in the mid-nineties: “At that point I was so emotionally drained and exhausted that I begged them to end it. I had just come off nine straight months on the show dealing with disease, drugs, life, death, time. It was really heavy. I remember having to sit down with the producers and say, “You’ve got to let Stone die! Really die!” I just couldn’t continue as an apparition. On some level, I was worried about the psychosomatic effect on my mind and body. In order to act something like that, you have to live it, and that required putting myself through a long, long period of trauma. And don’t forget that back in the mid-’90s we were all dealing with AIDS and HIV in real-life, too. Stone got it because he had a girlfriend who was an intravenous drug user and we were doing the story at a time when there was a lot of casualness about sex and drugs. At that time, every one of us in our late teens and twenties could relate in some way — we all had friends who had a drug problem and friends who were having unprotected sex because they were straight and didn’t think of themselves as susceptible. It wasn’t just a soap story. It was a story that could easily happen to anyone. ”

Make sure to come back to On-Air On-Soaps next week for our feature interview with Michael Sutton!


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cant wait for this!!

General Hospital

Adam Huss Fills-in as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital

Look for Nikolas Cassadine to have a new look on tomorrow’s Wednesday, September 29th episode of General Hospital when Adam Huss temporarily replaces Marcus Coloma in the role for that episode.

Although no reason has been given for the short recast, Huss shared on his website: “I heard a little rumor that I’ll be on @generalhospitalabc this week, getting to play #nikolascassadine for a moment.”

Huss had previously shared on a post on his Instagram which has since been taken down: “Tune in Sept. 29th, Wednesday, on ABC for the juicy stuff!”  It appears Huss got to play opposite Maura West (Ava) and Kin Shriner (Scott) in scenes when he also added: “Got to work with some amazing folks and consummate professionals! Thank you to the best (casting director), Mark Teschner, and his amazing crew.”

Adam has previously appeared in daytime on Days of our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and Passions, and in primetime on Power, NCIS and Everwood, to name but a few.

So looking forward to seeing Adam as temp Nikolas tomorrow on GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn Debuted 25 Years Ago Today as General Hospital’s Alexis Davis

Back on September 26th, 1996, (25 years ago today!) the new character of Alexis Davis made her debut on ABC’s General Hospital, and brought to the iconic soap opera, the talents of Nancy Lee Grahn.

Grahn, had already made a name for herself with her captivating portrayal of lawyer Julia Wainwright Capwell on Santa Barbara for which she won a Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy in 1989, in a tie with AMC’s Debbi Morgan.

Back in April, General Hospital, marked this milestone with a special episode for Grahn, that could be remembered come next year’s Emmys.

Alexis, or shall we call her “Natasha”, was introduced on GH as the daughter of Mikkos Cassadine and his mistress, whose throat was slit by Helena Cassadine, which has played into Alexis’ story for many years to come.  At the time of her entrance to the show, Wendy Riche was GH’s executive producer.

Through the years, viewers have witnessed Grahn’s portrayal of: a tough legal eagle, an honest depiction of a woman battling the bottle, failed romances, while all the time being a loving and faithful mother to her three daughters, Sam, Molly, and Kristina.

Nancy won her second Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy, this time for her role as Alexis in 2012, and has been a multi-nominee in the Lead Actress category for her performances on the ABC daytime drama series.

Kate Grahn, Nancy’s daughter took to social media within the last few hours since we posted this story to share a video on how thankful she and her mom are to GH fans and Nancy’s time on the show which afforded her the ability to have and raise Kate.  Check that out below.

Here’s to Nancy for giving us 25 years of her on-screen work as Alexis!

Congratulate Nancy and tell us your favorite Alexis Davis moments via the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny Comes Home as Jason and Carly Begin Their Wedding Night

Monday’s episode of General Hospital continued to set the stage for major payoffs in the long and winding road tale of everyone in Port Charles believing Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is dead.

Only now, with his memory in tact, Sonny is very much alive, no longer living as “Mike” in Nixon Falls. and back in the town which he ruled as the mob kingpin.  Problem is: his wife, Carly (Laura Wright) just got married to his best friend, Jason (Steve Burton) and they are about to have their first night together as newlyweds.  And without all the subplot and subtext, Sonny has no idea that they were first brought together to be a united front to save Sonny’s territory from the ‘Five Families’.  Only now, the two have admitted they truly are in-love with each other.

In story, after the bomb that went off was proven to kill mobsters Buscema and Novak, and not its intended target – the newlyweds – thanks to a double-cross from Ms. Wu – Jason, Carly, and Ms. Wu discuss Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) involvement and that Wu is happy for Jason and Carly.


At the wedding reception, Michael (Chad Duell) gives a touching speech about his mom and Jason and gives the official toast.  Later, Jason and Carly head out after Carly throws the bouquet which Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) catches.

Meanwhile, back in Nixon Falls, Sonny gets out of dodge and away from Nina (Cynthia Watros), thanks to Jax’s (Ingo Rademacher) plane, while Nina gets a visit from Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna (Finola Hughes), where she admits that Peter (Wes Ramsey) was in Nixon Falls, and caused the fire, and is going to go after Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and the baby.  She does not tell them what she did keeping Sonny away from his family for 9 months.

Anna and Peter split up to find Peter, and Peter’s exit ride hasn’t show up yet to get him out of Nixon Falls, so Anna catches him, gun drawn.

Later at the Corinthos home, Jason and Carly are alone together in the bedroom with wedding night jitters, but Jason says there is no rush as the two kiss, just as Sonny arrives home, smiles, looks around, sees photos of himself with Carly and the family, and heads upstairs!

Will Sonny find the two in each others arms and not tell then he is alive?  Will something call him away? Will Jason and Carly have sex? When will Nina get payback for all that she has done to Carly and Sonny?  Will Peter get away from Anna? Let us know your theories in the comment section below.

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GH’s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) chats with Michael Fairman about Britt being on the run with Jason, their burgeoning romance, working with Steve Burton and her other co-star and Britt’s diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease. .Leave A Comment

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