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Grayson McCouch Makes His General Hospital Debut As Agent Sloane: What Were Your First Week Impressions?



Last week, former As the World Turns favorite Grayson McCouch (Ex-Dusty) made his debut on ABC’s General Hospital in the role of Agent Kyle Sloane. McCouch was the replacement for Rob Derringer who premiered in the role a few months back, but was let-go and replaced by the soap vet.

In his first week of airshows, the stern and seemingly cranky Agent Sloane was faced with trying to gather all the convicts that escaped from Pentonville including: Franco (Roger Howarth), Ava (Maura West), Sonny (Maurice Benard), Julian (William deVry) who were either MIA or on the loose!  However, as viewers know Agent Sloane can’t be trusted because he is working seemingly both sides of the law.

When Helena (Constance Towers) and Fluke (Anthony Geary) were imprisoned after Fluke tried to kill Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), Sloane is put in the position with having to make this look like he is on the up and up and not let them immediately out on a get out of free jail card, even though Helena reminded him that it was her family the fixed the mayoral election that allowed Sloane and Lomax to continue in their current jobs.

So, what were your first impressions of Grayson McCouch as Agent Sloane?  Comment below!

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His hair is too messy, too long, and too greasy for someone his age. He shouted all his lines as a replacement for actual acting ability to portray being upset. Most important to me, the role is not needed in the least and hopefully once Anna exposes him, he will be gone.

Glad I’m not the only one who thought the hairdo was a mess & not doing his best job ‘acting’. Not impressed at all.

I agree. I don’t recall his acting being this bad from his ATWT stint. I think that’s the show he was on, maybe it was AW. Maybe he’s just rusty and he’ll find his groove. The only reason i can see him being of some use is for a love interest for Anna, but the other actor had more chemistry with her.

Lol, Jo. Someone on this site actually feels sorry for me for not being familiar with this gift-to-the-world actor and for not having been a fan of ATWT. So, I too am glad I am not the only one who is not feeling McCouch as Sloane. Is he world-famous or something? Should I coward in shame for never having heard of him? Was there something especially extraordinary and mind-changing about the soap?


I agree with everything you all said! I first saw his picture in the Soap Opera Digest and I thought ok, this guy could work. He looked handsome and more age appropriate for Anna. Then he came on my screen and at first I didn’t even realize it was him. When I did I was sorely disappointed. Bad hair and bad acting!

Not sure yet. Need more time to watch him. I was surprised how stern he was. The Grayson I am /was used to had such a cool vibe and playful spirit. I hope they will let a little bit of that peek out as time goes on. Want to see how he interacts with Anna, too, if there will be chemistry or ?

Will he turn out to be Valetin Cassidine with a new face?…anyway, i see no reason why the other actor couldnt continue in this part…i hate when they say they needed to replace someone to take the character in a different direction…any actor should be able to take a character in any direction good or bad…its why its called acting…but ill give Grays a chance since its not like he has replaced a long standing character…hope he turns out to be a good guy…all four soaps need a really good supercouple…a hero and herione we can all cheer for…thats what is sorely missing from todays soaps and maybe the reason many no longer watch like they used too…jmho!!!

A total nothing impression. He just said the words on the page in a stern manner. Perhaps this will improve? What I can’t get over is how everyone is saying Sonny saved Michael’s life. Michael found the bomb, running out of the club to throw it over into the water, and Sonny wasted an eternity trying to get it from him and then jump into the water to “save the day.” Sonny did nothing. The whole pardon by the governor was ridiculous. Also, when Dante was in the basement, why didn’t he call the cops to tell them about the bomb, instead of sitting there gabbing with Fluke (on Lulu’s phone) and then later destroying his phone. Extremely poor writing on multiple points.

Its a new character and a quick recast, I will give him some time. And Char, why didnt Sonny just throw the bomb in the water? He didnt have to jump in! Dumb!

Yes, so many plot holes. I can overlook a lot, and any loyal GH fan is made to if you want to stick with it, but much of the writing last week centered around Fluke/Sonny was poor and unbelievable.

Need to see more of him to form a real opinion. I think he looks more age appropriate if they are going to possibly pair him with Anna Devane. His long hair, however, needs to go!

I have already posted my feelings about this guy, as many of my fellow-posters also have done. I am not liking him too much….that is not to say I liked the other guy much, but, let’s just say, I did not mind him, as much.

The new agent Sloane is slimy, ….twofold slimy. He looks physically slimy, like he hasn’t showered in weeks. You know what I mean? It’s that goo he puts on his slicked back hair…oily, like a lizard, in more ways than one.
Then, of course, his dual representation of the law. However, I still have this feeling that he is pulling the wool over both Fluke’s and Helena’s eyes. He is playing them to nab them. He is making them think that their release is prolonged so not to cast suspicion on him and their affiliation. At the risk of sounding overly-redundant, I shall quote De La Fontaine again… really fits into this storyline quite adequately…..”it is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver”.
This could also be said of Jake, as he started putting small pieces together by having flashbacks.

If Sloane is here to stay, then he will be written in as the good guy, but if his stay in PC is temporary, he will obviously be the bad guy. So far, I do not like this character’s acting….too forced and too forceful…bully-like. Then again, this is his given role.

Many diehard fans sang this actor’s praises, so he should be given a chance. I had never heard of him before, sooooo…..

Geez, u never watched As The World Turns?? I feel so sorry for you!!

I can’t say I feel sorry for anybody for missing the train wreck that ATWT had become by the time Grayson joined it, and through the end (nothing about Grayson or the other actors, just how atrocious the writing, in particular, had become).

Ive seen the actor on other soaps…he’s ok on those but im not a fan…some liked him but i could care less if he was on GH or not…jmo!!!

Thank you, jimh! Yes, it’s now apparent that Sloane is intended to be a truly loathsome creature, and as much as I miss Robb Derringer in the role he created, I can neither imagine nor desire watching him plumb the depths of depravity that I sense will be forthcoming with this new “Commish.” I also concur with you that it’s possible this newest menace to Port Charles may, in fact, be the long-mentioned, yet never-before-seen, Valentine Cassadine….perhaps he is in town to give Helena (and Fluke?) a taste of their own medicine? He seemed not terribly eager to help them out of their current incarceration. Only time will tell…..

@CeeCee…..My initial reaction is that nuSloane is deeply creepy, even reptilian, in nature… if that’s the effect this recast was intended to achieve, well, then, Cartini nailed it!

I always love your descriptions Shay…you’re probably right about the recast change…makes it easier to accept this recasting even if the character wasnt on long…

I love Grayson and was excited to see him on GH, but Rob Derringer is much more suited for the role as Agent Sloan.

Thank you, Gail. You took the words right out of my mouth, albeit I was/am not familiar with either of them. I speak merely from what I have recently seen on GH. It is a matter of preference. You don’t feel sorry for me, do you? LOL.

I don’t feel sorry for you either;-D!

I like him! I thought Robb was okay in the role but so far Grayson seems to be playing Sloane as more of a slimy, bad-guy kind of role, conspiring with Helena and Fluke. But there’s also a good guy side to him which I like. Plus, seeing Grayson back on daytime is awesome, I hope he sticks around for a long time.

I like him a lot better in the role even though I really don’t care for the character. He’s sexy. Now I really wish Julie Pinson could join GH & mix it up with him and Scott Baldwin. Maybe replace Silas & Ava with her! But I know the canvas is already too full, leaving no real screentime for vets like Mac, Monica, Lucy, etc.

Ok, first I hope he’s not paired with finola Hughes Anna, especially if he’s a bad guy, it would make no sense for anna to be interested in this guy if he’s a baddy considering she dumped duke for well being on the wrong side, now if he’s undercover then maybe but to be honest the character is just too intense, he’s got no charisma, so still no on the pairing.

Not significantly better than the other guy IMHO.

He’s awful. The character isn’t even needed, just another waste of time.

I’ve watched Grayson McCouch on different shows for years (Another World, Legacy, ATWT) but he hasn’t been gelling with this role so far. Even the way he says “Corinthos” makes me cringe.

There’s nothing wrong with Mr. McCouch as an actor as I’ve loved him in everything else I’ve seen him in, but Rob Derringer was the better choice for Sloane.

On another note, I’ve never understood why soaps will have an announcer for one actor substitution (Kevin Collins) but not another (Sloane).

I agree He’s a decent actor but not selling it. Robb’s Sloane bashed Anna harshly but didn’t get bashed on social media-why? Because he has charisma. I believed Robb D’s Sloane. He also had chemistry w/a few, including Anna. Even if it’s platonic, I thought he’d make a good scenes partner for her.

I also noticed that GM almost flubbed his lines on the bridge, but since he didn’t audition as he said in a recent interview, and he hadn’t ever met TPTB in person before, I’m sure he was slammed w/pages of dialogue. He’s overplaying it, but maybe that’s what they wanted.

The current Sloane, GM, is 46. Old Sloane is actually 1 yr older, at 47, but he looks much younger. RD is spectacularly groomed: great haircut, handsome & rocked those suits all the way down to his shoes. He’s well-spoken & after seeing him in his hotel room on the NYE show, he’s very fit too. Too bad we can’t get a campaign to get old Sloane back. lol

Let’s start it Laurie, you and me! I mentioned the same thing, too. (see below) haha-ha.

Anyways, everything you said about Robb Derringer’s Sloane was spot on! Robb was the complete package. In every way.

Even my husband, who pretends not to watch, is scratching his head on this recast.
Yes Jeremy. I agree. I understand there was some kind of campaign to keep Sloane but maybe not the former one. That’s odd. I’m not up on those things. What do you do? Do you do it on twitter?

lol, Laurie.
My husband is forced to watch with me when we go to bed. He’s very good at reading the characters. He agrees with Shay….in that, if this is the image Sloane has to present, then, he is really doing his job.
I think
Sloane is necessary, albeit I do not like his countenance. I am actually repelled by him, more so than Sonny….can you believe that? LOL. But, I firmly believe he is serving a very Integral purpose to the climax of this storyline…if its culmination is ever reached. I desperately want him to be working undercover, as Jordan is. I want to like him. I’ve sort of lost interest in Fluke….the most inscrutable character ever. Just when I think I have him pegged, I find that I don’t. I need a thrill, a head-spinning succession of revelations and destruction upon the heads of the evil-doers. The Fluke thing is old and not delivering. Sloane must be the savior. He must slay Hydra.

If it does not go down this way, then Jake HAS to do the deed and be the deserving hero, not Sonny.
Furthermore, if TPTB would bring Robb back as Anna’s love interest, then that would be the icing on my cake.

Love Grayson, but not impressed with this character. I think he can play a villain, but this one is not interesting. What’s up with his hair? Please fix it. Grayson is an appealing man, but thus far, any handsomeness is hiding under that bad hairpiece.

I am luvin Sloane!
He is exactly what he is supposed to be, dirty ..!
Sloane is a dirty cop/commissioner and Grayson McCouch is portraying the part beautifully!
Grayson is perfect in the role of Sloane..(a great match)

Sloane is working for or with the Cassadines so there is something going on with that and I’m excited to know the backstory..
I feel Sloane has a good side to him, also there is way more to Sloane than what we’ve seen, so far..

I’m luvin Sloane !!

I hope his name isnt really Sloane. Its too 80’s! If he is a Cassadine his name needs to be darker like Devin.

I think he might be Valentin Cassidine???

I think they should have at least announced the change of actor during the airing of his first show– it took me a bit to realize who this guy was. I like the actor but right now his portrayal lacks the charm of the last guy. Unless he is undercover, he will be just another flunkie working for the bad guys– and that would be a waste of potential. And for pete’s sake let the man smile, right now he looks like he is in need of a good laxative.

I’m certain you and I are sisters from another mother! LOL You always read my mind!

He looks like Faison.

He does a bit! Maybe Dr. O cheated on Faison with his brother!

Couldn’t stand his acting when he started on Another World and still don’t care for his acting. KILL HIM OFF ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we need to give him time to get acclimated to the character, but I thought his acting was terrible.

mmmmm Grayson

Not a fan of him or his character

Don’t care for him and the “acting” is terrible!

As a long term “As The World Turns” fan, I was expecting to see Dusty. We didn’t get Dusty, so that is a good thing. It’s too soon to have an opinion otherwise. Like others here, I liked Rob Derringer in that role. He had the good looks and the big smile that made you want to like Sloane, and made the fact that he might be evil seem that much creepier. Grayson has a perpetual snarl that makes you want to dislike any character he plays. I question whether that will work with this character. He needs to play it the way Daniel Cosgrove is playing Aiden on Days. Every day my conclusions about Aiden change. That is what’s needed here, and I question whether Grayson can pull that off.

Robb was divine as Sloane! He had a commanding presence, and a big great smile, and he was a fantastic actor.

Oh, yeah, Jeremy. Don’t forget , hunky and sexy.

Color me not impressed. Robb Derringer was a natural in the role from day one, Grayson McCouch not so much. I found him stiff and awkward in every scene he was in, there was no need to fire one actor and hire another one in this case. Maybe they should have kept Robb and hired Grayson in another role (maybe as Robb’s boss?? I don’t know, just an idea).

exit door left

Grayson Is a very seasoned soap actor..
He is playing the role as Sloane should be played..
There is way more to Sloane than what we have been shown, he has only been on screen for a total of 15 minutes lol..
Grayson is a good actor and can deliver the bad guy, with ease..
I do not believe that Sloane is all bad, nope..
Much more to come from Sloane and I see him and Anna heading into love hate situation. awesome! ..
Rob was too soft to play Sloane. Gryson has it going/right on for a dirty cop..

You are entitled your opinion. I just have found Grayson exceedingly boring. As for him being a “seasoned soap actor”, he doesn’t show any seasoning at all. He walks like a stiff board and he shows absolutely no expression on his face. Time will tell if he improves but so far it seems as if GH made a rather large error in recasting the role.

Well, su0000, no doubt that GM is a seasoned soap vet. But RD’s a seasoned actor. He has a long IMDB resume and he has done daytime before, just briefly. I saw him nail all of his lines. GM was good on ATWT, only place I saw him, but something’s missing here for me. I didn’t find RD soft at all. He almost knocked Dante & Nathan’s head off. LOL…To each their own of course. It’s all fun.

Personally, Robb Derringer didn’t do much for me with his portrayal of Agent Sloane. It wasn’t a good performance, it wasn’t a bad performance, it was just there to me. He could have been any random day player. That’s why I’m puzzled as to why some commenters are acting like GH got rid of this actor that was the second coming.

I’m a fan of Grayson McCouch from his previous roles, especially on As The World Turns, so I’m interested to see what he does with the Sloane character. It’s obvious they wanted to take the character in more of a “bad guy” direction, and felt that he was better suited for what they wanted. It’s way too soon to pass judgment after one week. He needs time to get acclimated to a new show and new role.

But he’s a good actor, and after one week, he’s already made more of an impression on me than Robb Derringer did during his entire tenure on the show. I think he’ll do just fine.

I will agree with those that have commented on his hair, lol. Not a very flattering look for him. It made him look much older than he really is. I’d recommend a few minutes in the barber’s chair ASAP.

Rob was too vanilla. Grayson is darker. Give him time. He was probably thrown into the Lions Den!

So, with lots of uncomplimentary comments already on just this blog alone about Grayson as Sloane… perhaps the ‘Save Sloane Campaign’ should be put back into place, but change it to ‘Robb Derringer IS Sloane – Bring Robb Back!’

“Bring back Robert!”

Loved Grayson on AW, but not impressed with him as Sloane…so far, anyway.

lol how can you be ”impressed” when the man has been on screen for a whole 15 minutes..
why not wait a month to get know the character and actually see how the actor portrays a dirty cop before judging 🙂
There is much more to Sloane than what has been seen. so far..
I think this Sloane will be a mixed bag…

I can see Anna and him in a hate love drama ..

I thought he did a good job, Maybe a bit too angry. He made the character memorble, which Robb didn’t. I think attacking an actor after 2 days is kinda ridiculous.

maybe i am wrong but i thought the character of sloan was supposed to have been mentored by anna & someone she took under her wing………this actor looks kind of old for that scenario – they should have kept the first actor

Which is interesting because the first guy, Rob Derrenger, is actually older than the second guy, Grayson McCouch. I agree that Rob looks younger.

I don’t think age has anything to do with “spy” school!

I wasnt impressed with Rob and Grayson doesnt do anything for me either. Maybe once Anna resurfaces and those two have scenes together my opinion may change. I do like his character, though.

Robb divine and fantastic? Maybe good looking and adequate. He never smiled, no charm or warmth and he was replaced by an actor soap fans recognize where no one knew Robb.

Whereas, GM spits out charm from every pore? Yuck!

It’s not quite the same level, but it reminds me of when Y&R replaced NuBilly DTom for NuNewerBilly BJenkins after 3 months. I’m lost as to why they replaced him in the 1st place, but so fast? Tom’s replacement is much, much, much, worse than him, but it’s been a year of folks complaining & downright begging to kill Billy or replace, but no go. Don’t understand that one. Don’t understand this 1. I’ll give GM a chance for sure. He hasn’t been on much, but RD only had 13 episodes I think. Too soon to replace. Just, something else was going on there, IMO. Oh well. Robb’s doing an episode of Castle now. He’s moving on.


I had heard much hype on himand found him to b totally not what I expected. Robb was better suited for the part. I do not care for his acting or mannerisms. I do not doubt he can actbut do not feel…this role is for

man he awesome gh will go far with all actors and actsdress they getting way to go but i do think luke needs to go am sick of hearing about luke or fluke

I have liked Grayson, NOT AS SLOAN> So mad that they got rid of RObband said to take character in differrnt direction. H>>E>>L>>L>>O>> It’s the same writing for Sloan and acts the same jsut different face. Not happy about that.

My point is that Robb was replaced by a higher profile soap actor. This always has and always will be the case.

It looks as if he has an awful hair piece on.

I was very shocked and saddened when I heard that they were going to recast the role of Sloan. I really liked the original actor, much more than the actor portraying the role now.

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