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Days Of Our Lives

Greg Vaughan On If He Would Consider A Return To General Hospital As Lucky Spencer: "Of Course, If The Opportunity Was There, And If It’s Right."

Photo Credit: Joey Skibel

Photo Credit: Joey Skibel

On Sunday, exited Days of our Lives star Greg Vaughan (Ex-Eric) was the special guest on After Buzz TV’s weekly episode Dishin Days.  While there are still a few months to go on-screen for the character of Eric Brady (as played by Vaughan), the popular actor is already pursuing the next move in his enduring career.

One of the questions that keeps popping up on the minds of soap fans everywhere and on social media, is if Vaughan would be up for making a return to the role of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, a role that he played from 2003-2009, now that he is available.

During Dishin Days, a caller asked Greg if he would want tocome back to GH.  Vaughan replied: “Of course, if the opportunity was there, and if it’s right.  I think daytime television is a wonderful platform, and I have had some amazing opportunities.”

Greg went to to say:  “I was speaking with Michelle Stafford (Nina, GH) and Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) just the other day and Maurice was so enamored with my beard (Laughs).”  He  then added:  “I’m not saying I wouldn’t be open arms (to return), it’s just that I do have another opportunity, and if it does come to fruition then I won’t be going anywhere else in the daytime world.  I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, but they know where to find me, if needed.”

As to what DAYS fans can expect for Eric in the coming months as Greg wraps-up his run on-screen, Vaughan teased:  “When it comes down to it …  it’s going to be jaw-dropping.”   He also added the door has been left open for Eric to return to Salem:  “Yes, I would say it’s definitely open for Eric to come back on the canvas. “

So, do you think General Hospital should reach out to Greg and make him an offer to return to the ABC soap?  What jaw-dropper do you think is in store for the character of Eric on DAYS? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I pray Greg returns to GH! I know, I know fans will say they want JJ back but people, lets be real, JJ is tied to Nashville full time. He only came back to GH recently to whisk his buddy Tony Geary into “Retirement!” With Liz in a major story, Lulu front and center and Laura back on canvas, yes, it would be great to have Lucky back. He would fit in fine!

I think Nashville will be cancelled after this season but not sure JJ would want to go back to GH full time regardless.

I hope not Sarah; I love Nashville! Hope it gets picked up for many seasons to come. JJs great as Avery so as much as I like him as Lucky, for now anyway he’s Avery to me.

Its a job but I think he is more focused on music and primetime. I really believe the ONLY reason he came back to GH last time was to send his buddy Tony off into retirement.

I totally agree-Lucky needs to come back and put lizabeth in place and reunite with his kids

Absolutely agree Timmm… TPTB should make him an offer immediately
before it’s too late. Get him back on the Police force, reconnect with his
son and brother…and mother… GH could use a core character like Lucky.

Agree with all of that.

I completely agree! Please bring Greg back to GH!

I am with Rebecca on this–I really enjoy Nashville. I think I enjoy it because of JJ. And JJ is not coming back to GH anytime soon as this young man is the hit of that series.
Do I think JJ is irreplaceable as Lucky? Maybe. But I think Lucky is a necessary component to some of the stories occurring right now. The only actor who can play Lucky other than JJ is Greg Vaughn. To me, he was a grown up Lucky.
Moreover, I always thought Greg was a vastly underrated actor. He played an anguished man addicted to pain killers so very well. He CAN act.
Tony Geary even sung his praises and I fondly remember Luke singing that Cowboy song to an ailing Lucky played by Greg at the time which really tugged the heart strings. I also thought Greg as Lucky has a lot of chemistry with Lizzy.
Yes, by all means, bring back Greg as Lucky. Anyone but that ole Yeller Jacob Young.

Well said Harry!! Nice post!

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t be open arms (to return), it’s just that I do have another opportunity, and if it does come to fruition then I won’t be going anywhere else in the daytime world. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, but they know where to find me, if needed.”

What exactly is he saying here? Did DAYS ask him to return after all?

I believe so, michael.

I think he is saying he has another opportunity in a different area. Maybe a prime time show or a movie.

He is so hot! I would love him to return but maybe not as Lucky but as someone else. Remember Claudia??? Soaps do that sometimes. Although I would probably be safe in saying that Jonathan Jackson is not planning any GH return so maybe Greg could come back as Lucky. Maybe he can settle Elizabeth down and she can move on from Jason….

Yes, but that never works, Li. Claudia was an abysmal failure.

I think Greg, as Lucky, and Lizzie would be dazzling together….beautiful couple. We need to see Liz in a different light….I know I do!!!!! She is now a persona non grata; a cold place for her to be. So, bringing Lucky/Greg back would be a welcome respite.


O Thank God they are not killing Eric– the way they were going I was worried they were just planning to kill off all the characters one by one until they knew for certain if they were going to be renewed or not.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Y&R tried to grab him just to spite GH– too bad he is too old to play a recast Kyle. But where ever he goes next I am sure he will be successful and I wish him luck.

Come on GH, don’t miss this opportunity! Great time for Lucky to return to the canvas!

i watched the afterbuzz show last night – called in & spoke to greg – he is such a doll & really down to earth…………….
i would love to see him come back as lucky on gh – now if jonathan jackson becomes available i don’t want tptb kicking greg to the curb like that did the last time…………

I watched the whole interview. I think he may be in negotiations with DAYS again. It appeared that was more of an option that GH was now.

I agree, Elaine!

Well I hope it’s with Days, I’d like him to return to Days.

I really think that what Greg was hinting at was that he has a prime time gig opportunity and that if that works out he would not be returning to daytime at all. He left Days because they could not agree on a contract so it would be silly to have his character taken off the canvas only to return a month or so later. I do not watch DOOL, but from what I can gather it would just be too much of a shock to the storyline to do something like that. I really think that if the opportunity he is hoping for does not come through that he is going to really consider coming back to GH, why else would he be talking to actors on that soap recently??? All I know is that at any rate, this Texas Woman LOVES her Texas men and only wants to see the best for all of them regardless of what that may be!!!

GH needs to drop a few characters in the meantime…yes, id like to see the return of Lucky…Speaking of GH is Jake going to somehow turn out to be a clone and the real Jake truly dead…i think Helene has mind control over clone Jake to cause problems, especially with Sam as part of the curse Helene-still alive-placed on Sam.

Pretty sure if Jake was a clone that Nicholas would have put a squash on that one real fast, he still cares very much for Elizabeth, enough that he told her that big “Jake” was Jason before anyone else, so if lil Jake was a clone pretty sure he would know that too and NOT let Liz get attached to him. Whether or not Helena has any control or influence over Jake is yet to be seen, whatever the cause, the boy ain’t right that is for sure. I hope they are able to get him the help he needs though. What I am REALLY REALLY wanting or waiting for is to find out that Jake is not really Jason’s after all, would be the first double DNA switch ever. If that were the case most people would jump to the fact that he would naturally be Lucky’s but I would LOVE to see them write in another scenario that she slept with someone else at that time aside from Jason and Lucky and that Jake would be his kid. Who that someone else would be I am not sure, but OOOOOOHHHHH wouldn’t it be crazy good if he were RICK’S kid, the crazy gene would for SURE make sense THEN!!!!

Definitely!! GH cannot go wrong with Greg. I don’t really know Lucky, but I do know multiple actors have played the role. I love Greg; however, TPTB at Days turned Eric into a sanctimonious, wretched failure. I sooo hope he comes to GH. He has so much more to offer that what Eric had.

Mainly before the car crash, CeeCee. Eric has come down to earth and now rolls in the mud with the rest of us/Salem folk. lol

Regardless how Eric is or was, he and Nicole are great as Ericole! GV and AZ only have to look at each other in character to see the chemistry.

I think Greg will be back.

Hi, 4ever,
I hope Greg will come back as Eric. And, I did feel the connection he and Nicole had….but, if you remember, TPTB turned Eric into a superficial, hypocritical snob. There was a period of time where I disliked the character with a passion.
In the meantime, lol, he could just slip over to Port Charles for a spell.

“rolling” on the floor laughing

“… Eric has come down to earth and now rolls in the mud with the rest of us/Salem folk ”

I would welcome Greg Vaughan back on either DAYS… or GH

it’s so hard to fathom…a character resurge… when they’ve been kicked to the curb or never gave him a chance to act… just no scripts

I wish him the best

Greg is a sexy man and a wonderful actor. Greg will be back in Daytime, hopefully GH as Lucky Spencer.

I don’t think any actor could be better than J. Jackson in the role of Lucky.

i never watched an episode of gh ever but i would follow greg to port charles if i got to watch him every day!
days dropped the ball on letting greg go. i could care less about the new aussie doctor supposedly taking eric s place as nicoles new love intrest. days has no supercouple to root for currently. chabby will be recasted with a new abby. dont like the newer recasts in the phillip/ belle/ shawn triangle. hope / rafe feels forced, brady / teresa s been neutered down with a watered down teresa so days goofed up losing ericole! the last authentic couple on th show…
i will miss greg vaughan

Hi, damien,
I like the way you describe the ‘remolded’ Theresa. “Watered down”….perfect!! Great way to describe the character. Supposedly her great love for Brady and motherhood did this? Okay, but why such a drastic change? And, what the hey is the big deal about Brady, anyway? A recovered alcoholic? A good guy? There is no such thing ….once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, even though he no longer drinks. What makes him better than Theresa? Or Any of those others with their nose up in the air?
Hope and Rafe? Oh my gosh!!!! The most mismatched couple on Days. If you sense it is forced? Then, it means it is. There is absolutely no chemistry between these two. Too bad the episodes are filmed six months in advance….so, any influence the viewer’s opinion may have, goes down the drain. I do hope TPTB will duly take it upon themselves to squash that idea.

Hey, CeeCee…y-e-s…Rafe and Hope are so mismatched…PERIOD!!!!! To me, they look BEYOND RIDICULOUS together!!!!! A-n-d…more and more, I have this unpleasant image (or whatever) in my head of poor Bo already turning over in his grave…Y-I-K-E-S!!!!!!

Later, my friend. P-e-a-c-e.

I have watched GH for the better part of 30 years now, and while I love J. Jackson as young lucky and teen Lucky, for ME he never seemed to be able to grow the character up past that stage. Like I said that was just for me, my mama on the other hand thinks J. Jackson will only ever be the best and only Lucky. I however feel that Greg Vaughan did wonders for the character and growing him up, maturing him. Greg as Lucky got some really GREAT story arcs like being hook on prescription painkillers, and having an affair with one of the other main characters only to have a connection to steal the meds for him, all this after being one of the finest and most upstanding police officers of Port Charles. He was also able to redeem his character after such a tragic story arc with a lot of grace so that everyone loved Lucky again. I just wish Greg the best of luck(no pun intended) with his future prospects and hope that what he is really wanting to come through for him does.

DAYS Co-headwriter, Dena Higley, left her writing post and was replaced by Y&R’s Beth Milstein. Greg’s exit was written by Dena, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg returned to DAYS as Eric.

I sure hope so. Love him and Nicole!!

The best time for me between Eric and Nicole was when she was working in the Rectory with him (I think it was the Rectory). Their blossoming love was so sweet. He, a priest, she a messed-up woman who had been to hell and back, inflicted on herself by herself. I felt the sexual tension, albeit it was sort of ‘gross’ since Eric was a priest. But, he is human with human feelings, regardless. Then, TPTB deftly, but stupidly ruined that relationship, as usual, I don’t think ‘they’ like happy endings?

I like him but I’m on the fence with the lucky character I feel the character can be so condescending so I’m not sure we need the character at this time.

Jackson is an awesome actor. But I preferred Vaughan version of Lucky.

Yes, Aria. I always got that feeling, also. I do like Greg very much, but something about Eric’s persona emanates the sense that no one is good enough, or lives up to his standards. Plus, he truly does represent the typical lovelorn, lost soul….a true Shakespearean character….which to me is quite a contradiction.

They really messed up the character of Eric Brady. I blame the writers for this. He’s a genuinely gifted actor. But so was Archer. It was a loooooong drawn out stroll through tedium for both actors.

Eric going off the rails didn’t make any sense. He did the best he could with awful or subpar material.

Speaking of subpar material, how long is Paul going to be stuck pouring tea in the background? No one wastes talent like Days (heavy sigh).

Yes! Come on home to GH. Perfect time for Lucky to return & stay. I always liked Greg Vaughn in that character.

He never brought Pathos to the character of Lucky. It’s portray was in no way iconic. Wooden pretty boy with no shades of anything Spencer. But I’m sure he’s a great friend.

Please come back to G.H. The story calls for Lucky’s return. Liz needs a backup to ward off Sam and Jason is just too wishy washy to be any help to her. Jake is legally Lucky’s son and well the boys need a father that loves their mother and will STAY!!!!!

To ward off Sam? LOL

That’s funny, Daria. Maybe Greg/Eric still has his PRIESTLY powers!!

I wish GV all of the best in the world, but he was fired and replaced as Lucky Spencer when JJ returned to the show in 2009, and the second JJ is available after Nashville is cancelled, GH will once again send GV packing. However, GV could return to the show as Sly Eckert, but no way should he ever return as Lucky Spencer.

Maybe he can come in as a new character or AJ

Greg should NOT come to GH..His talent will be served best over at CBS ..Nashville is one of my favorite shows but once it completes this season, the show qualifies for syndication and the ratings are not that great, so most likely it will be cancel, so JJ will be looking for work and GH will hire him in a heartbeat and if Greg is cast as Lucky, they will drop him fast..They did that a few years ago and I thought that was messed up and not right.

I hope DOOL rethinks and hires him back..He is a legacy character..His character of Eric has so much chemistry with the character of Nicole..They can be written to be a supercouple if the writers give them some good material..The chemistry is there!!


What makes anyone think after “Nashville” ends, Jonathan Jackson would want to go back to GH? Greg was always more believable as the adult good-guy cop Lucky who had demons to battle. I think it would be great if GH snapped him back up.

From the sound of this interview it sounds like he’s just keeping the door open at GH should he at anytime in the future be looking for work but is hoping for and banking on some other possible offer. I think the way he phrased it was confusing as to whether the prospect was in daytime or somewhere else.

As for Nashville… one of my favorite shows. As long as it has its faithful following, which it still does, and continues to make money off the music as well, I’m hesitantly optimistic it’ll get picked up for season 4.

No! No! No! What he said was ‘ In order for him to come back to GH-A LOT of IFs would have to happen!”
It was DOOL that has the door open for him to return as Eric!

I don’t know which interview you’re referring to Guest. I’m referring to the one that’s at the top of this page. LOL…

Didn’t he pretty much point blank say it isn’t GH he’s in talks with? I know I’m just being a hopeful DAYS fan, but I can’t help hoping that he is heading back. GH dropped him for JJ and I think he deserves more respect than that. DAYS under utilized him, but what GH did was just nuts.

It was the old producer and head writer who dropped Greg for JJ. I’m sure that Greg could let bygones be bygones, especially if the money is right and he gets something meaty to work with. He’s proved himself at Days but Lucky is definitely needed at GH.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Greg. He is from around here (north Texas) and I remember many moons ago, back when his oldest son was just born, he and his wife and another couple came into a local sushi joint. I wanted so badly to talk to him and tell him what a big fan I was but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. They had a newborn, were in his home town, and were with another couple…just didn’t seem right.

Come on GH bring Greg back! He was always my favorite Lucky.

Geary, Easton, and Thompson are no longer on the payroll. I would think there has to be plenty of room in the budget to bring back Greg as Lucky. The old regime are the ones who fired him and they are all long gone.The new regime would have a fresh clean slate with him so no reason they can’t get a deal done if both sides want it. GH needs to give Greg a long term contract and Lucky needs to be a full time character again. It would be the first time in over a decade that Laura would be in town at the same time as all her children. The boys need Lucky and so does Liz.

I agree Newmanwins. It would be very nice to see Laura with all of her kids!

I would love for Greg to come back as Lucky.I really enjoyed Greg’s portrayal of the character and Lucky should be on the canvas. Another leading man, a father to his kids, a brother to both Nik and Lulu, a cop…the list goes on.
But please do not put him back together with Liz. How could he possibly forgive her after she cheated on him not once, but twice!? And the second time with his brother. There is no coming back from that IMO.

But I would love to have Lucky become Liz’s friend again – because he knows her best – and have him help her develop and mature her character so she doesn’t keep lying and manipulating the nearest man whenever she feels desperate and alone. There is gold mine of story there for Elizabeth to finally deal with her brutal rape and her parents’ abandonment.

Bring on a new love interest for Lucky or have him interact with Hayden or Sabrina or Sam. I liked them together back in the day. Or bring back Britch for a love triangle with Nik. So many possibilities!

No. I want him back on days. I think GH did him dirty and I loved him as lucky, but if he don’t go back to days then I would like to see him pursue other things.

If YOU actually read it carefully- In order for GV to return to GH it does like A LOT of ” IFs to happen for him to come back!.”
There is a bigger chance for him to return to DOOL as ERIC – He has said- ” They left the door for him to return & they know where to find him”
He sounds like he would prefer DOOL over GH as well, if given the choice.

Greg is so talented and the sweetest man so of course I would love him back on GH. His chemistry with Kelly Monaco was amazingly hot. Why not have Jason with competition for Sam instead of another tired round of Sam against one of his harem members. Whatever Greg decides I’m sure it will be the right decision for him and I support that 100%

Bring on GV! But not for Liz – for Sam. They were so hot.

I think they should reach out to him instead of recasting the character.

Greg is super talented and he’d be very welcome back as Lucky! I read that Rebecca Herbst, who plays Liz, would love to have him back. With Lulu likely getting a divorce, her big brother would definitely have his hands full. Plus Laura and Nik are in town and Genie Francis could use a great storyline.

Well, frankly, He’s a good actor I cannot say that he isn’t.
However, in all honesty, his character of Eric is so whiney and always so full
of self-pity, it does get monotonous and annoying after a while.
I am perhaps being presumptuous but I suppose Eric will go off the show to
serve a prison term for his drunk driving incident and will re-emerge at some
future date.

Yes, bring him back!!

yes please bring greg back as lucky he was an amazing lucky !!!he made it his own i love greg as lucky and lucky and liz belong together i think it would be good for lucky to come back now he could be a father to his son aiden and be there for the boys and liz and not right away be with liz but be there for her and have them get back together they have always loved each other he is the only man that is right for her plus loved him when he was a cop awesome bring greg back your an amazing actor greg vaughn love u as lucky

Never as Lucky. Johnathan Jackson owns that role. Greg never came off believable as Lucky. Some other character perhaps.

All My Children

Chrishell Stause to Guest Star on Amazon Freevee’s ‘Neighbours’ in New Soap Role

Look. who’s returning to the soaps but this time down under? Chrishell Stause, who before the reality-series Selling Sunset found notoriety on daytime dramas, is set to play a new guest role on the iconic Australian soap, Neighbours.

Stause will play a new character, Yasmine Shields, who is said to be,”a glamorous and successful businesswoman in pursuit of an exciting new opportunity.” Chrishell will make her way to Australia and start filming in July.

Neighbours releases new episodes Monday-Thursday, at 7 a.m. BST, on Amazon Freevee in the UK and the U.S.  Stause is joining the show at the right time as it just received its first Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Photo: NBC

In a statement, the former All My Children, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless star, expressed, “I am honored and excited to join such a beloved and iconic show.  Coming from the world of soaps in the U.S., it’s back to my first love in the entertainment industry. They pitched me an idea for a character, and I was immediately excited to figure out a way to make it happen. Ramsay Street here I come!”

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said on the casting news, “We are thrilled to welcome Chrishell to the cast of Neighbours. We created a character especially for her and we can’t wait for her to bring the storyline alive. Expect intrigue and surprises – and many implications for the residents of Ramsay Street.”

Photo: CStauseIG

As fans know, Stause married her partner, Australian musician G Flip back in 2022, so now she has additional roots on the continent.

Previously on the soaps, Chrishell played the role of Amanda Dillon on All My Children (2005-2011), Bethany Bryant on The Young and Restless (2016) and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives (2013-2015; and make returns in: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023).

Since leaving the American daytime soaps, Chrishell has received an MTV TV & Movie Award ‘Best Reality Star’ and a People’s Choice nomination for ‘Favorite Reality Star’ for her appearance in Selling Sunset. In 2023 she was recognized by Variety as one of the ‘40 Most Powerful Women in Reality TV’ and by Us Weekly as one of the ‘Top 10 Reality Stars of the Year.’

In February 2022, she released her debut memoir, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work. Chrishell is committed to philanthropic endeavors and is a vocal advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The continuation of the long-running series, Neighbours, is about the lives, loves, and challenges of the residents on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, Australia, a fictional suburb of Melbourne—picked up two years after the finale in 2022, which was watched by millions of adoring fans.

As well as on Amazon Freevee in the U.S and UK as mentioned above, Neighbours streams on Prime Video in Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Australia’s Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new chapter of the series. Previous seasons of Neighbours, as well as over 100 iconic episodes, are currently available to stream on Amazon Freevee.

So, what do you think about Chrishell Stause returning to the soaps with a role on Neighbours? Comment below.

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Ron Carlivati Reveals When Days of our Lives Episodes From His Head Writing Regime Resume Streaming

Days of our Lives viewers have not been watching material from head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing team for many months. Well, things are about to change.

Circle this Friday, May 31st when the first new script from Carlivati and company will stream on the Peacock soap opera. If you recall, Carlivati had to step away from the writing gig at DAYS due to the writer’s strike, but because the soap tapes at least seven months ahead of air, it is only now that fans will see how the stories shift or finish out that were started by Carlivati.

According to Ron’s conversation with TV Insider, when Carlivati and his team resumed writing the show in late October of 2023, the stories were already written well into 2024. Carlivati explained, “For me, as of us talking right now, the (replacement writers’ material) is still airing, so that has been very tough. I’m just very anxious and eager for our stuff to start airing again.”

Photo: JPI

Ron explained before the writer’s strike, he and his scribes had written up through the 2023 Thanksgiving episodes. Speaking on how the replacement writers tried to handle stepping in for the regular team, Ron expressed, “I think what they tried to do was move things slowly in the hopes that the strike would end and respect where my storylines were so that I could play them off when we came back. Unfortunately, the strike dragged on, so I understand that the show needed to make story decisions.”

The award-winning writer made clear that, “from January to May (2024), those were not my stories. I had nothing to do with those.”

Having lived through a writer’s strike before (when he was at One Life to Live in 2008), Carlivati explained how he dealt with coming back and adjusting the stories including that the plan was to, “blow things up, jettison anything that I did not like, and get back to a show that I understand and can enjoy and tell. ”

Photo: JPI

Look for a Carlivati-style ‘wink-wink’ on Friday’s episode. As he puts it, “I did want to make it clear that this was the line of demarcation, that the writers were back and there was a change happening. We have a little nod or two to what was going on in the first day and I think it will be very obvious and clear to the savvy viewer. Luckily, story-wise, certain things were coming to a head already.”

Photo: JPI

Stay tuned for how Ron resolves a Sloan and Nicole showdown, how Eric will find out he is Jude’s true baby daddy, what happens when the new Gabi returns from Salem from out of the slammer, the Maggie/Konstantin wedding, payback time for Theresa and more.

In addition, and as previously reported, when Carlivati returned, he crafted the series 15,000th episode which is set to air in early December, and will also pay tribute to the late Bill Hayes with the passing of his on-screen beloved character, Doug Williams.

So, glad to know Ron and his team’s material will start to reveal itself this Friday and moving forward on DAYS? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric Says Goodbye to Baby Jude

The Monday, May 27th of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, picked right back up for the emotional payoff of Nicole (Arianne Zucker) finally getting her biological son, Jude, back in her arms and learning it from Eric (Greg Vaughan).

As the episode began, Eric (with Jude in tow) is at the front door of the DiMera mansion. Eric recounts Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) confession. Nicole (Arianne Zucker) says she knew from the first time she held Jude that this was her child. She says a parent knows deep in their soul. Eric looks at her with tears in his eyes, as he thinks Jude is now EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) biological son. That’s a lie into itself and EJ is covering the truth of that along with Sloan.

Eric goes on to explain that Sloan even rigged the DNA results, telling the couple that they can check for themselves with a new DNA test, but this is their baby. Once inside the living room, Eric apologizes to Nicole for what Sloan put her though. Nicole says EJ was a victim too.  She turns to EJ and insists that Sloan be arrested. He tells her there is plenty of time for that. She reiterates, “That bitch stole my baby!” But, EJ is not about to do anything about it.


Eric vows he will make Sloan pay for all of her lies and deceit. Nicole asks Eric if he would like to hold Jude one more time before he leaves. Eric tells Jude he will love him more than he will ever know.

As tears stream down his face, he returns Jude to Nicole. She tells he can come over anytime to see the baby. Eric thinks it’s best for Jude to bond with his new family. Holly (Ashley Puzemis) comes in on all this and is filled-in on Jude’s “parentage.” Outside, Eric continues to falls apart.


However, after getting a call from Rafe (Galen Gering), they meet outside Eric’s apartment door. When they enter, the place is a torn up and there is no sign of Sloan. All that they find is a necklace, Eric gave her for Mother’s Day.Eric realized she took off, knowing she could be caught for her crimes. Meanwhile, back the DiMeras, an overcome Nicole is in tears that she actually has her baby back.

Now, what? Will EJ try to bond with Jude or not bond with Jude since he is knows Eric is the biological father? Will Sloan eventually get arrested? What did you think of the performance of Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker? Let us know via the comment section below. 

But first, in case you missed it, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s conversation with the Ari and Greg  from five months back where they talk about the baby switch storyline and more.



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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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