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Frank DeCaro Show

Hear Brett Claywell's segment on DeCaro Show & on Kish's sex scene!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Tonight, we have posted Brett Claywell and Michael Fairman’s guest appearance on last week’s Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.  For those who did not get a chance to hear the live in-studio segment, you can listen to it in it’s entirety by clicking here to our media gallery.  On-air, Brett talks about his thoughts on the ending of his wildly popular storyline, and takes some calls from his many fans who were concerned for one half of their favorite soap couple, Kish.

Also out tonight,’s Lynette Rice profiles Brett in a new Q&A about how his experiences in the same-sex storyline, and if he received any pushback from the network, and how he wrapped up playing Kyle Lewis.  Then Rice posed the question, if the critically praised same-sex love scene between Kyle and Fish could have been the contributing factor to the couple’s demise.  Brett’s response is below.

Claywell on if sex scene was part of the reason Kish was abruptly ended; “I don’t know if we’d want to be there if we hadn’t done the sex scene. A year ago, I wouldn’t be saying this. I think the storyline would have been incomplete without the sex scene. Daytime, for 42 years or however long it’s been on television — that is what daytime does. They tell love stories over and over and over to people across the country. Year in and year out, day in and day out, they’re telling stories of love and they’re telling true stories of relationships. We would not have been truthful if we had held back that scene. I will never, ever regret [it]. I’m very proud and I stand by all the work we did.”

For more with Brett, you can check out our video interview with him, posted a few days ago.  This was shot prior to the shocking news of Brett being let-go by OLTL.

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Thanks Michael…great interview as always although shorter than i would have liked…
it is always a pleasure listening to Brett..he is such a classy, articulate and talented young man and ABC/OLTL are going to have major regrets letting him and Scott Evans go as they were the best reasons for watcing the show….their amazing chemistry made kyle and Oliver
such a believable couple and they didnt need words to convey the strong love between them but could do it with one look alone…as a straight woman i can truthfuly say that.this was the sweetest most romantic love story i have ever seen in my many years of watching soaps and and no other couple has captured my heart the way that they have…like countless other Kish fans i feel cheated by its abrupt ending after investing in this wonderful story since it began and after Kyle’s last airdate on April 16h i will no longer have a reason to tune in anymore…
BRAVO AND THANKS to Brett and Scott for their excellent work they have brought such happiness to so many people worldwide and i hope that ABC will bring them back even if its just for a short time to give them and the fans the proper send off they deserve….

hi brett-you never cease to amaze me in your interviews always good positive views on
all subjects ask sometimes being from our part of the country the south myself from the
heart of the south which is alabama being stereotyped as close minded you know as i do it is how you perceive things because i have always been liberal in my views.the choice of pairing you & scott to play oliver & kyle wow you guys bring them to life.the
‘ you belong to me’ clips taylor swift she has close ties to wife’s family .i would hope we
as fans of you & scott would always try to stayed focused on things. i know this has been a draining 3 weeks you guys the shutdown of the storyline has taken you guys &
us the fans for a wild wild ride. i do believe their is still more to tell about oliver & kyle on daytime tv oliver’s parents reaction to having a grandchild does kyle have more family.i
feel the journey is not over but has more to tell.i feel that in the end you & scott gave a
110 percent each to this you guys poured your hearts & souls into oliver & kyle with all
outrage over this no matter the outcome your work speaks volumes for you guys it is
something you guys can be proud of for years to come. i feel honored to have watched the lovestory of oliver & kyle unfold that was beautiful.thanks guys.

we have special connection to brett & extended family memeber . brett is always a
professional in his interviews. he & co-star scott evans these 2 guys will go on to do
greater achievements in the acting & television industry.

Frank DeCaro Show

Brett Claywell at Sirius Satellite Radio on Thursday's Frank DeCaro Show

One Life to Live’s departing Brett Claywell (Kyle) appeared on Michael Fairman’s monthly soap opera segment on Sirius Satellite Radio.  Thursday morning, Brett visited the Los Angeles studios and took part on SiriusOutq’s, The Frank DeCaro Show. Brett fielded questions from callers on a myriad of topics including, what’s his next career move, would he consider playing a gay character again, and his disappointment at the ending of the Kish storyline. However, Brett praised his on-screen romance with Scott Evans and the love story that One Life told.  Many Kish fans who will be at the rally in front of Good Morning America Studios in New York, this morning also called in.  Here are a few pics of Michael with Brett at the studios.

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Frank DeCaro Show

Thursday: Brett Claywell Live w/ Michael Fairman on The Frank DeCaro Show!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One Life to Live’s exiting Brett Claywell (Kyle) will be in-studio live with Michael Fairman on his monthly soap segment on Sirius Satellite Radio’s, The Frank DeCaro Show.  The topics will include the ending of the Kish storyline, Brett’s thoughts on the controversial decision, and his important part in the same-sex storyline that captivated soap land.   It all happens live on Thursday March 25th 10:15AM PST/1:15PM EST.

Listeners can call in to ask questions during the segment by dialing 1-888-305-6887. If you don’t currently have Sirius Radio, by clicking the link here.  You can sign up for a free three day trial to hear the show, or visitors can subscribe.

On-Air On-Soaps will post the segment from the show in the following days here on this website.

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Frank DeCaro Show

OLTL's Scott Evans unable to make guest spot today on Frank DeCaro Show!



Michael Fairman’s final soap segment of the year on The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirus Satellite Radio featured a review of the GayYear in Soaps.  One Life to Live’s Scott Evans ( Fish) was the scheduled special guest call-in, but unfortunately to due last minutes circumstances he was unable to be on.

An OLTL spokesperson offered this to the fans of Scott and to The Frank DeCaro Show: “Due to unavoidable circumstances, Scott had to cancel the interview at the last minute. We will reschedule at the earliest possible date after the  New Year and we apologize for the  inconvenience and disappointment.”

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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