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HOLY S@!#! TOLN Eliminates All Swear Words In Upcoming Episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Fans of the relaunch of One Life to Live have been vocal about their displeasure of the amount of swear words used in episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children, and today TOLN has announced that moving forward in upcoming episodes starting June 24th no swear words will be used throughout the shows!

To usher in the change, TOLN has released this very special sizzle reel in true One Life to Live style featuring all of your foul-mouth favorites in action!

Tonight, The Online Network’s CEO Jeff Kwatinetz will discuss the decision on the change on the launch of TOLN’s first live interactive audio broadcast, TOLN SOAPS Live with Michael Fairman, which will debut tonightvia BlogTalkRadio, the world’s largest social broadcasting platform.

Watch the Swear-word-a-pooloza video featuring the cast members of One Life to Live after the jump! Then let us know, what do you think about the news on the swear words being taken out of One Life to Live and All My Children?  Happy about it? Let us know and make sure to call-in tonight to talk to Jeff Kwatinetz on TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman!



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If it keeps people clicking in, do it. It was fun to hear Todd call Tea a “shitty mom”…but that could be in an outakes reel just the same.

WOW… there needs to some it online… LOL

Your comment makes no sense when reading it

WOW… there needs to some! It’s online… LOL

Why…is that a rule for online shows? lol

That is dumbest thing I ever ever heard. People get their shows back now they complain about swearing in them. Should be thankful they have them back at all.

FU Dianne – you must be a potty mouth too – I am one of those complainers. AMC and OLTL should be back the way it was with no swear words what so ever.

I stopped watching because of that reason and seeing the teeny boppers all the time

Oh the hypocrisy.

What has happened to this forum?!

wow Bridgette! What are you 5?

it downgrates the actors… makes people not have respect for them… and to see Jack cuss in front of Sam.. just wasnt right…

Um Bridgette…really?

you prudes are ruining our shows!

It seemed gratuitous each and every time. Because we can, does nothing for the story. Certainly does not elevate the actors.

Lisa, so you are OFFENDED by a few cuss words and children can’t watch the show! HOWEVER it is OK with you that for generations kids have watched MURDER, RAPE, MOLESTATION, PROSTITUTES, ADULTERY, KIDNAPPING, but OMG they can not hear shit, Asshole or bullshit, ALL MIND LANGUAGE compared to what they see and hear in school and outside and I don’t care where you live your kids hear foul language and I’m sure use it might not in front of mom and dad but they do use them…..
How many times have you seen a woman on a Soap moaning but you see no guy! Then up from the covers comes the man and guess what he was not massaging her feet!!! But that was OK because it was a Woman being pleasured but it was not OK for Colby to do it because the pleasure was to the man? WOW Selfish in bed aren’t ya?
The high road? Sounds to me like you are one of those who’s nose is so high in the air they have no idea what Road they are actually on………

Ian one of those complainers too! We do not like all of the cursing period! It does not move the story along and it’s offensive. There are still plenty of educated folks out here who do not lace their daily language with curse words.

You complainers must all have a stick up your ass. wow! Can’t take a few curse words. I’m university educated & couldn’t care less if I hear them. I’m guessing you don’t like sex scenes either. Wow what an exciting life you must lead. LOL!

Dianne, cuss words dont bother me that much but they do downgrate the actors and kids do stand by mommy to watch what going on… BTW check your ass because the stick isnt up mine

Haha, I actually do have a very exciting life. Are you trying to say that curse words and sex scenes gives one an exciting life? That’s pretty shallow and very sad. I’m very accomplished and travel the world… No curse words needed. I just find it unnecessary to move the story along. Plus, here’s another point. For generations now, Mothers have let their children watch the soaps and thus, the next generation becomes a fan. It has been passed down for 3 generations. However, that legacy is in jeopardy when there are a lot of curse words and explicit sex scenes like they had last week on AMC between Mathew and Colby. Most responsible Mothers would never let their their children watch that. So it is in the Soaps best interest for longevity to keep things “implied” instead of explicit. I too am just so thankful that our shows are back and I would like to see them succeed and have longevity. Furthermore, just because I don’t curse does not mean I have anything stuck anywhere. How crude and low class you sound to say such a thing. I just prefer to take the high road in life and that has made ALL the difference.

Even without the cursing, lets be happy the shows came back at all…a few didnt bother me but it was overused on these reboots…had it not happen so often both sides would be ok with it but lets be happy they are still around.

Cursing just to curse is ridiculous, however in some instances it adds REALISM to the show.. which is the #1 reason soaps have a hard to grabbing younger viewers: lack of realism. Seems like they were down to one curse a show, which isn’t all that bad.. after a while I hardly noticed.

People have a problem with cursing, but the killing, adultery, lying, cheating, kidnapping and raping is okay? If so, it’s quite an interesting commentary on what’s wrong with society.

Somebody should also remind PP that the fans aren’t happy about going from 4 shows a week to 2 shows, let’s see how they deal with that complaint. My guess is they aren’t going to do anything about it.

If they bring the shows back to 4 days a week, I won’t bitch about them taking out all the damn cursing!

Lets just hope this will attract more viewers…the rapes and killings dont happen as much as the cussing…i could pass some but in some episodes it was overused and felt like more for shock value than being real. I dont know why but me who dont like cussing anymore found your last line funny…go figure me out…i cant!

That’s my thoughts exactly. It’s a show for adults, some adults cuss at times. I’m educated and have a good vocabulary but can throw a good four letter word or to in when I feel the need. Who are these whiners that think everything must be white washed? It’s alright for their to be pre-marital sex, rape and drugs. Don’t you dare say a word not approved by these people. I see a lot of “We don’t like this” well what about those of us a little more evolved who do? what’s next for you to stomp your little foots at? To say that only “lowlife’s ” would use more colorful expressions is just old fashioned and out of date. These characters obviously don’t reside in Beaver’s neighborhood. the world has evolved I was glad OLTL had also.

My problem with the new OLTL is much bigger than simple cussing, which by the way you hear all over t.v. I think many people are trying to shoehorn this new version into the memory of the old. It will never be that again no matter how many cuss words they stop saying. Not everything is proper and fits neatly in a box. The world is not pretty. I like some grittiness and realism in my fantasy world.

I can’t stand the storyline with Vicki/ Dorian it bores me to death. I love the characters but can’t get behind them at this time. So maybe this a age difference issue. I just hope they don’t give in to every temper tantrum about things like this I don’t think I want to watch anything so lifeless even OLTL.

Here here, Krysta! Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

I like when Viki & Dorian go at it! They are two really good actresses. The curse words aren’t necessary to give the stories more flavor. Yeah people curse but I really don’t want to hear them on the soaps. There are so many other words in that can be used and you don’t have to curse every other word. OLTL didn’t need cussing in the stories before,why start now!

Great post Krysta! Good not have said it better myself! Completely agree!!! 🙂

S H * ! T *#*#*#* And I was just getting used to it!

Actually, think it’s a great decision. It’s not about some people being “proper” and some like to curse…some being older and some being younger, who’s cool and who’s not…it was just so contrived, in your face and so obvious that it just became ridiculous.

I’m sure there will be the viewers who now will sway the other way and think the shows will be less realistic. Please, we’ve had great TV for years now without everyone shi t ting all over the place.

In they feel the need, I’m sure they can throw in a couple as fans get more acclimated to the new version.

I was thinking of something else as well….there were so many expectations to see the old OLTL…the familiar characters, stories, etc, that there was too much newness thrown in our faces from the start.

Even Shelter. If that was saved for let’s say the third week…after we got to see Vicki/Clint/Dorian/Tea/Victor/Cutter/Natalie…all the regulars from the originals…and THEN they threw in the younger set and the club scene it would have made more sense.

I think they just wanted to start with some type of excitement but they lost sight of the fact that many fans of the original were looking forward just to THAT…the original.

Looking forward to the newer new version…LOL…and hopefully they’ll be able to incorporate the familiar with the freedom of online in a way that gets most viewers involved again.

Well said!

You said a mouthful Rebecca – cursing just for the sake of cursing is absurd.
If a character is a low life kind of person, such as a Billy Clyde, then I wouldn’t be surprised if he said a little off color expression. But, from many of the upstanding characters, it isn’t necessary. I won’t miss it.

I agree .

Nicely written…i think if they wouldnt have overused shelter(i dont mind some music on occasion) and wouldve been less with the cursing they might have been less complaints…especially from me…i just hope this brings in more viwers and we can enjoy our soaps for many more years to come…it is what we all want. P.S soaps were and always will be far from realistic the way character divorce and remarry, come back from the dead, and have forgotten they were pregnant for nine months until that long lost child shows up at the door…lol.

Well Rebecca the FANS were told by PP that AMC and OLTL would not be your Grandmothers AMC and OLTL so if they were looking for that they should have looked else where. They should not have changed anything just because some Mrs Cleaver Types don’t like the Few cuss words that were used……

Well not all the fans were bothered by the swearing Om more worried that are shows are being censored

I dont feel doing something in good taste is censorship…if it helps build a bigger audience im for it…maybe they should air two versions an edited version for us goody goody prudes and an unedited version for gutter fans who like tacky trashy shows, im just saying.


it looks like oltl has already been censoring themselves – i dont think it is bad what they have actually aired. for instance in the 2nd episode when Tea originally said I DONT WANT NO F’n WATER they edited it out, and by the looks of things they edited out quite a bit more. they should allow it if it is in the heat of the moment ie a fight

@TOLN @prospectpk @allmychildren @onelifetolive
Well not all the fans were bothered by the swearing Om more worried that are shows are being censored.

I understand maybe toning it down but there is no need to erase it completely. It made the scenes seem more real.

Hopefully you weave it back in where its not even noticable

Some when barely noticeable is ok…like its done on network soaps but the overuse of it online made these shows trashy and it turned a lot of people off.

On the networks I have heard them say SOB or pain in the ass. They use these cuss words very far and not that often. Is cussing make a soap popular ?
I don’t think so, if you have good writers with good stories you don”t need to curse every other word. I think cursing every other word takes away from the story. I don’t mind once in a long while but not constantly .

They have to be concerned about building an audience this early in the game. People won’t tune in just for the language but they will tune out because of it.

The swear words are not necessary at all. The “b” word, that rhymes with witch, is acceptable now and then, but words similar to “manhole” and “duck” are not necessary even on online soap operas. I agree with Susan Lucci that her character “Erica Kane” has never had to resort to using curse words and it is not her character. This decision to eliminate cursing might help Lucci decide to return to All My Children, if she can work it out with her Devious Maids contract and SAG/AFTRA.

I agree 100%…i used to swear a lot but since i rarely do anymore i feel less trashy and better about myself. Hope the same for these soaps.

Wtf. Soaps are not rated g. y r people complaining about cussing. its going to be no realism now. Whats next people going to complain about sex

Soaps in and of themselves are not realistic! People coming back from the dead, aliens (long-ago GH SL), murderers adored, faces switched, babies switched…etc. My point is the reason a lot of people love soaps are because they get engrossed in the story, the fictional town, become attached to the characters…and get to escape to a town and a “family” that takes them away.

Curse words don’t make a story. But the obvious throwing them in because now they can took away whatever “reality” there is…

If the shows succeed and the words seem appropriate, maybe they’ll do a gradual introduction of non-typical soap dialog so that it doesn’t seem so forced and uncharacteristic of the characters.

Really Rebecca? Back from the Dead…..PPL that are in the Witness Protection most of them are presumed Dead……Babies switched at birth has happened in the past….
Soaps are supposed to be a fake town with residents that deal with REAL LIFE SITUATIONS…..Aids, Rape, Molestation, Murder, Kidnapping etc
One of the reasons why soaps on network TV are fading out is because they are not REALISTIC enough…..When Jesse was in his car and Uri told him that he was not getting Cassandra back his reaction was real and why? Because he did not sit there and say NO YOU BUTTHEAD! That is not realistic any parent would have sworn like a Sailor or Worse REGARDLESS of Education level, Economic status, or anything else….Zack is a character that NO DOUBT has a colorful vocabulary and it DUMBS down his character to have him talking like The Beav’s dad! Not one time that the cuss words were used was it not appropriate for the situation or Character. How do you know that is uncharacteristic of the characters because they have never been allowed to be realistic til PP!!!

Soaps where characters come back from the dead when you see them get killed and mothers who forgot they were pregnant for nine months until the now adult child shows up on their doorsteps will NEVER be real.

I’m sure thats already happened Lawrence. No swearing or sex allowed in nothing on tv no more. RME. Anyone that complained about the cursing must not watch anything else on TV. More then one show on in the evenings has cursing in it.

People don’t watch shows for the swearing, but a lot of people do skip shows because of it– so it makes business sense to remove the swear words so more people can enjoy your show. A lot of things in life are realistic but not very pleasant to be around, and swearing is one of those things— so good for them for understanding their audience and I guess time will tell which format people like more- the show with the swearing or the show without.

You always have the most thought-out, intelligent things to say. Always the voice of reason and maturity. Thank you!

I didn’t have a problem with it because its reality. That said, there was a bit too much. I swear, but not in every conversation.

That will kill the realistic aspect that made the soaps touch reality..
Cussing is a big part of our society..
No cuss words used were actual profanity, just normal cuss and when a cuss word was used it was not often and to describe feelings..
Shame on PP for caving in to a bunch of witch hunting bloomer wearing old maids LOL ..:)

“a bunch of witch hunting bloomer wearing old maids LOL ..:)”

So that’s the demographic you believe complained? Try looking again as I am sure most of your “witch-hunting bloomer-wearing old maids” do not even get the internet. Yeah, I know that you were one of those who was in total disbelief that there are still places in the boonies that do not have high-speed internet.

I know, for a fact, that there are people of all ages, sex, demographics that did not care for the cursing. I guess some people were just born with a little more class than some others. LOL!


Exactly Domino! I don’t wear bloomers, wasn’t on a witch hunt and I’m certainly not an old maid. Haha. I just have higher standards for myself. I don’t watch those evening soaps that have all of the cursing and sex because I choose not too. Nothing wrong with that and whomever wants to watch them may feel free to do so. But like me, many of the soap fans have enjoyed the shows for many years (32 for me) without all of that and we’d like to keep it that way. We are also entitled to our opinion. Keeping it classy is cool! If I had ever cursed in my line of work I would never be where I am today either. Keeping it classy has kept me on the road to success. Sorry if some have a problem with that. I personally can’t see Susan Lucci cursing as Erika Kane either.

Soaps will always be far from being realistic anyway: people are shot dead in front of us and come back alive, characters divorce and marry dozens of times(which would be real if the soap was about hollywood actors…lol) women have long lost children they didnt know they gave birth to and characters like Victor pass himself off as Todd by explaining he had facial reconstruction but yet his voice, eyes and the rest of his body is completely different and yet they believe he is Todd then when the real Todd returned looking completely like himself his family didnt believe him? They are far from real! And i may sound like a hypocrite…i do swear on occasion…however i dont do it constantly…i rarely do it in public…and i dont do it just because of free speech…i cuss less and less …not like i use to…it comes out in anger if at all and i dont say’ i need some f’n milk’…i dont use foul language when just casually talking at all. Shows can be entertaining without it…there are many shows ive watched on network and cable you dont hear it and these shows attract millions of adults. im cutting back on cussing and i can have a great adult conversation without it…i feel less trashy!!! And i feel pp has a better chance of getting a cable channel to pick up the repeats and air them at different times. If they can attract more viewers who dont like the cussing, that can make these shows more successful and thats a good thing!!!

your response was antagonistic, snotty and full of shit. there, feel better?

LOL @ Su000! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

maybe you two should hang out together…im sure you have alot ‘shit’ in common! lol

Cussing is a big part of society– what part of society do you live in? In most of the world it is not acceptable behavior. If you swear at your children you can be charge with verbal abuse- does that sound like something that is harmless. I know popular music and media makes it appear everyone is going around cussing, but it is simply not true. Granted with every generation morals changed and what was unacceptable in one age can be fine in another, but most people find cussing unpleasant to listen to at any age. And if you had the misfortune of growing up and being in place where everyone is cussing you probably have no idea how unpleasant it really is.
It is like child who is hit at home doesn’t realizes not all parents hit their children, so they grow thinking it is normal and okay to hit others when it is not. So no cussing is not a big part of society– and hopefully as you mature you will discover that truth for yourself.

Well said…

Funniest video ever! Now they will bring OLTL back FOUR days a week if we keep asking! Then FIVE, love OLTL, but two days is not enough for me. The stories are getting so good!

LOL the vid was great !!
Now, that is true emotional soap , the real life deal !
And Tea can deliver a true woman ”fu—k yah” wrapped in pink bow!!
I loved that!! haa!

i DONT understand who PP surveyed to come to this stupid conclusion.The cursing didnt bother me AT ALL it added a bit of realism to the show. I dont understand these people these are the SAME people who dont mind watching people od’ing on drugs, open marriage, people drinking shots etc. There is no need to erase it completly whats next no kissing scenes just holding hands or maybe lets go back to sleeping in separate beds LOL

if you really watched the shows…AND read a lot of viewers comments…the cursing was NOT realistic, it was NOT the way the characters that have been on the air for decades would speak…and the curses were used so much of the time they rang false.

If you need cursing for realism, I guess that knocks out 95% of the great shows…daytime and prime time…that have been on for years.

Im with you Rebecca!

And again Rebecca how do you know that when for years they have not been allowed to be REAL and talk like Real ppl not some 50’s TV show??? You don’t!!

A lot of people complained about some of the other stuff…i know…i read them and was one of them. Danger of drug use has been done on soaps before and could send a positive message against drug use…if done right…to encourage people not to use drugs…i lost a cousin to drugs. But the cussing went far overboard here…a few i could ignore but it was way to much for a soaps…soaps were meant as fantasy and escapism…we dont need reality in everything…i get enough of that when i go outside.

The words used, are common..
The 2 most commonly used swear words on the world, yes the world, are;
sheet and fu–k ..
The other words in the video-
bullshit is used on network tv
dick is used on network tv
azzhole is used on night time network tv
sonofbotch and bitch is used on network tv..
So actually the only 2 words, the most used words, world wide, are not on network tv, but on cable tv, and our soaps are now internet soaps, where no words are censored..
I truly am a hater censorship ..

I just put a sheet on my bed, and now im learning its a cuss word…ill have to get rid of it!!! funny you hate cenorship but you kinda censored yourself in your own comments…lol…lol…lol! Thank you from the presidant of the prude brigade…lol…lol…lol!

sheet Jim…that was funny!

You said it right in your first line… they are common! They make anyone who uses them common and ignorant and lazy for not finding a classier and more intelligent way to express themselves! I happily embrace words and am educated and… enough said.

Nice and simplely put…i liked that heidi

I had no problem with some cussing but on these soaps it was often overused just because they could…my friend Kim will start watching again with her daughters if these shows return more to how they use to be. And so will some others…i feel its a good thing.

boozing it up, swearing and smoking is not why I tuned into the new OLTL – .. glad they’ve knocked off at least one of these. Won’t even bother with the video, cuz there are no “foul-mouth favorites” for me.

i feel the same…

I haven’t watched AMC and OLTL for a few weeks, but, as someone who was not a fan of the tacky, puerile language, I’ll probably start to check out the shows again next week. Now, hopefully. the storylines will improve as well.

same here

Well Mercy Maud and My Stars and Garters!

Now they better to get to work and lower those hems and cover up them bosoms and – OH! My Aunt Fanny! – back away from those sex traffic storylines and get back to who stole the tatertots from the church social storylines.

And they better make sure that everybody keeps their legs closed, too, cuz the God-Fearin’ Soap fans have been fainting left and right, first from the naughty words and then from having the shows suggest that the characters might want , you know…..s…e…x!

WHAT a bunch of maroons.

I have never understood why when there is debate on any subject they are always a few individuals like yourself who feel the need to attack people’s character because their opinions on a topic differ from your own. Perhaps if spend your time telling PP rational, thought out and intellectual sound reasons about why a show is better with cursing in it, instead of attacking the character of those who find such language unpleasant, perhaps they would keep the foul language you want to hear so much.

As for me, my opinion is people pick their noses, which is real but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it on my television screen. And in the same too much swearing is unpleasant to listen to. I don’t agree with censorship and if a writer of any work truly believes the F word is important to the work I would defend their right to have their work aired as written. But throwing in swear words just to because can, doesn’t make it realism because in reality no every swears all the time.

What is real through is that in most work places if you swore like that you would get fired, and it has nothing to do with God or being sexually uptight, it is about manners and living in a civil society, where like it or not there are still rules of conduct for a reason. If believing those rules still matter even in this world, makes me a maroon- then I proudly be one, but before calling people names, you should look in a mirror and call yourself the same name, to see how it makes you feel. Words affect our being- whether it is being called a name, or being swore at– and that is why most decent people find offensive language offensive.

i always like your comments mary…

Great response, Mary! I think this comment of yours [below] is what is missing most from these discussions with the people who think “anything goes”, anytime, anywhere:

“…. it is about manners and living in a civil society, where like it or not there are still rules of conduct for a reason.”

Thanks for expressing the views of so many soap fans here. 🙂

I think the morons are the ones who enjoyed the shows as they were presented the first couple of weeks. The stories were weak, the characters were shallow, they didn’t interact with each other, they had no reaction to things most humans would like Victor coming back from the dead. They were boring, a mere shadow of what they were on the network…but, oh yeah, they said shit a lot. Wow! How kewl is that man???

Too funny. Do you wear sunglasses inside? That is just so cool!

I like reading some of your comments as well…they are sometimes more interesting than the shows!

No one steals tatortots from churches…they sell bakegoods at those social events! Also you spelled moron wrong…im a god fearin moron so i thought itll be ok if i told you…i love tatortots!


oh and…hahahha…power to the tater tot!

We have had this debate in our community theater, too. How much is too much and what is acceptable?

Yes, people today use swear words indiscriminatley and they are part of our everyday language. That behavior informs writers and contemporary literature in all guises. However, I wonder if use of proper speech is storytelling may inform our behavior and again there may be a little shame in use of colorful language all about.

Chicken and egg, folks, but to be honest… I prefer my soaps without the trashy talk. It elevates the form.

I think it is great. I would not have stopped watching no matter what but I can enjoy it better. My favorite scenes were ones Viki was in cause no cursing from her & very little by others because of the respect for our great lady. I am so thankful OLTL & AMC are back. Keep up the good works all!!

I loved that!! Glad that we’re not using “dirty” words anymore. Not that I let my kids watch with me – but I don’t want to make sure they can’t “hear” anything either 🙂 Thanks TOLN and OLTL!! (And, am I the only one that doesn’t remember the F bombs?)

Thankfully, I missed those bombs too, Jenny, but it’s probably because I skipped lots of scenes where the foul language was used so frequently.

All I can say is, I am DELIGHTED they have decided to let the characters on these soaps remain as we “remember” them. People who could express anger or frustration without resorting to gutter language. I’ll feel free to recommend them to others now.

Thank you so much, TOLN!

PP needs new viewers.. and the millions watching cable, internet shows, and movies, never watched daytime tv .. their grandmas watched soaps..
The generation PP needs is more than us, the old fans who are use censoring..

The soaps are very mellow with cussing and maybe twice there was the F word, no big deal..
The ones PP needs to bring in do not watch daytime censored anything..
They are use to cussing in their music, and in what they watch..
They will not be interested in what their grandmas watched, they need action and reality, no phony stuff, they need to relate..

Bravo su0000! The Mr and Mrs Cleavers need to grow up! PP told them that AMC and OLTL were not going to be your “grandmothers AMC and OLTL” so if that is what they want then they should look elsewhere IMHO

I wasn’t a fan of the swearing, didn’t feel it was necessary in a standard conversation, but could under it’s use in a hostile scene such as when Jesse Hubbard was frustrated with finding Cassandra.
But I will say that aside from the cursing, I hope the writers come up with some scripts that are more compelling than what has been aired thus far.

to much cursing way to much I say a little is OK

I think tje reality of ”real” people, talking like real people an especially the teens was a good move to bring the soaps into the real world..
They are internet soaps now and if people can not evolve they should maybe back out 🙂
The cussing was not overwhelming, not at all in reality there are cuss words used commenly, It was true to life..
I was very happy to see the soaps evolve into the 21st media by using some cussing and hopefully some sex that would be done tastefully.
Sex is beautiful and god given to humans… sex is very important to humans and done by every human throughout a life time, no need to faint at Pete’s face lol it was natural ..

We old leave it to beaver prudes win this round…oh shoot! lol

I’ve got to add one more thing. What bothered me most about the cursing was that it was out of character and used too often. I’m not one that is bothered by “words.” I could care less and use them myself. Maybe too much.

But! I wanted to watch OLTL. And THOSE people never cursed. So, to throw them in at such record speed made the entire process so obvious that instead of it seeming realistic it did just the opposite.

It’s not just between those who are offended and those who weren’t. For me, ti was just the plain fact that it seemed dumb, contrived, in every other sentence and out of character.

The old soap fans are use to censoring..
The new generation PP needs has never seen censored soaps, so to them, being in the internet uncensored world, a few cuss words would not even be noticed ..
PP needs to please 2 worlds and they need the new would-be users..
And for them to watch a ”phony” purity show will not interest them, they live in reality media and uncensored viewing, even in their gaming, video games, are not censored ..

Old soap fans have realize that with getting desperately needed new viewers, they are not us old-timers ..

well once again it appears to me that you’re wrong. if you’ve kept up with the comments there have been people of both sexes and all ages that thought the cursing was dumb. the reason that the video above is so funny is because that’s what it was…funny. not more dramatic or more realistic.

and, I wonder why you or anyone “new’ would even watch a soap if you’re so young and cool. why watch them at all?

the people that campaigned to have the soaps come back…the people looking forward to their return were the die-hard fans who were watching them for years. Whether 5, 10 or 30 plus. And they liked them fine without the oh-so-what you think is cool…cursing.

If all it takes to bring in new viewers are curse words then that’s not saying much. The stories, and this is sooooo freaking redundnant, weren’t good. The cuss words just added to how lame they’d become because they were trying so hard to be cool.

I haven’t seen anyone complaining about sex, drama, romance, mystery, murder, family, love, twists and turns, who/what/where…family dynamics, engrossing storylines.

All that was missing. And if the new writers can accomplish that, who gives a SHIT whether if they cut the cursing!

(to those, LOL, peeps who don’t like that now much-used word…sorry. but I felt it was quite appropriate for this dialog/scene.) 😉

no one forced them to cut the cuss words out…pp did it on their own…thats not censorship!

It is not the cuss words that would bring in the newer viewers, it is the reality, the way their world is, the real word, something they can relate to.
too make an internet soap phony, not believable, and not resembling real life, they will not tune in..
soaps to them have always been grandmas show.., and PP was attempting to make the soaps realistic for the new viewers, they are not us the censored daytime viewers.. they watch cable, the internet and movies/shows on their PC’s etc more than they would ever sit in front of TV, and that type of viewing is not PG censored, cussing is a part of the media the real world they view..
when someone is madder then hell, they cuss.. when joking with buddies they cuss.. For them to see an angry person not use a swear word is total phony, they would laugh and say ”what the hell?” and tune out of the emotionally phony grandmas soap.. they want stuff they can relate too..
cussing all time is not cool, but there are times it is a reality expression and PP was nowhere near the internet soaps profanity etc, but when one is mad as hell or upset they cuss, call a name, and to have it emotionless not expressing their anger with a good ol cuss word is phony and the now media is tons of reality on the outside of dying network tv.
so, it is not the cuss words it is the reality to their relating to something they can feel by expressing anger, unhappiness, emotions using a cuss word is an expression to a situation is what is relating to it; not grandmas soap but modern story telling is what is desired..
That is what most want, reality, not something phony and unnatural ..
Not saying to cuss it up…. but in this day and age of internet media censoring expression is not done and the soaps are not valvular and they are revealing real life and censoring is not a good thing, the soaps are well below limits.. and doing very well..
Soaps need to change and move out of the 70, they remain in the time warp of 50yrs past..
And the soaps are dying because their are no droves of new viewers.. the younger generation do not want to watch the phony old-fashioned network tv soaps..
If there were millions of new viewers the soaps wouldn’t be on death row, but they are.

Sorry if words are not in not order..
English is my 3rd language to read, write, speak..

Excellent decision!!! They don’t need them!!! Does that mean they listened to us!!!

I think they should have just cut down the swearing SOME but not completely. The only problem I had with the swearing was, it seemed like they were just doing it as much as possible just because they could. A well-placed swear word can have great dramatic effect. Being inundated with curse words just seems like overkill, and really, cutting ALL the swearing seems like taking it too far in the other direction. Have they never heard of moderation?

I agree. I don’t mind swearing, but i don’t need swearing. I would prefer they write a really good show. If they did that, i wouldn’t notice the swearing. If they wrote a really good show, they probably wouldn’t need swearing.

People expect the soap genre to stay EXACTLY the same. They need to realize in order to survive the shows have to be reinvinted. The people who work on the shows are artists and if they want to be bold and provacative they should be. I don’t think the language was gratuitous. Has anybody watched True Blood? The content on that show makes AMC and OLTL look like Seseme Street but nobody bitches about it and it’s a well recieved show. Some fans act like soaps are so kid friendly when that is SO NOT TRUE. Fans who won’t let the soap genre think outside of the box will be the ones that kill it.

Great post Ron!! I could not agree more!!!

The swearing undoubtedly did bother some diehard fans – that I believe. So for them I hope this improves the show. For me and for many it was innocuous.

But then there’s the “fans” who complained nonstop about the swearing and other aspects of the show, yet NEVER WATCHED. It wasn’t hard to figure out since many of them directly stated that they weren’t watching. Yet, the complained early and often about things they neither saw nor heard because they didn’t watch.
This won’t change anything with them. All they’ll do is move on to some other aspect of the show to complain about. This sort of trolling is all too common, and the internet has unfortunately given these basement dwellers a large forum to foment trouble.

What will they complain about next? Because they will. Watch for it here!

Thank you boes for realizing some true fans were having a difficult time with the excessive amount of cursing on the show that is was ruining their enjoyment of it. Yes, it is true some people like to complain for no reason except to do it, and no matter what you do, it will never be good enough or right for those folks. But most of us were objecting to the language, in the same way people object to second hand smoke. If a smoker wants to damage their bodies that is their right, but forcing me to breathe the smoke too, is not fair and is why society bans public smoking in many places for that reason. Passive inhaling of smoke was just as harmful as smoking on purpose.
Likewise, many think swearing is harmless, but it is not. Swearing affects your mind and your mood and I am certain if they research it, I bet constant exposure to swearing would start to affect your health. So if you or anyone else wants to swear or listen to it fine, but for me, it affects me negatively, so if I will not allow smoking in my home, I will not allow verbal garbage into it either. And I was fine not watching these reboots, and allowing those who like it that way to enjoy it. It was PP decision to woo me and others like me back with the promise of less swearing, and for that I am grateful, but I didn’t force them to do it.
And yes, if I hit my finger with a hammer I will say the F word– but it is not something I am proud of and it is something I strive not to do, and limiting the amount of cursing in my life, helps me to curse less too. Swearing is like junk food for the ears, so if we eat less junk food our bodies improve, and if listen less to junk our minds improve.
So thank you for listening to our side and understanding it isn’t always about uptight morals or fear of sex, or living in the dark ages, it is, for me, and others about protecting our minds from things that don’t make us better, and might in long term harm us. And some may think that is silly, but that is what they used to think about those who complained about second hand smoke–

Mary SF I usually agree with you but this is just way out there…..I had an Aunt that smoked her whole life and her husband didn’t and he never got Cancer, As far as the second hand smoke stuff MOST ppl complained because their clothes would smell like Cigarettes or they did not like the Smell of Cigarettes and again them PPL are saying that their rights are more important than Smokers rights! One groups rights should not supersede another groups rights……For you to think that Swear words are going to “harm you” Is just beyond me! Most of your posts are logical and well thought out but this one is just WOW! Swearing does not affect your mind and it actually releases stress a good ol FBOMB when stressed out works very well and you are more focused after because that one little word let you release a lot of stress……Did you ever hear of FF thru those scenes and again why is your “Right” any more important than the rights of everyone else? A LOT of ppl had no problem with the swearing and MOST did not even hear it as they were to engrossed in the stories and not in to dissecting every part of the show to find something to bitch about!

Joliefan Fan– I did say some might think the idea the words we hear can affect us might sound silly– but I was going on experience. As I stated in another post, my father swore constantly, and being around that always made be feel tense, negative, and impacted me on lots of levels. I didn’t say it would harm me in physical way, I was merely suggesting I would not be surprise to find out if it did, because research in many areas have shown many things that used to be seen as harmless, aren’t so harmless. I know a lot of people have no problem with swearing, and I was just offering some reasons why for some of us it is an issue, using examples in other areas, like smoking and eating junk food, as way to help illustrate my point, that the issue against swearing isn’t always just about being uptight, or being over the hill, or being a prune. I wasn’t saying there should be a ban on swearing, but those who don’t have a problem with it, should at least make an attempt to accept some people do and respect their choice not to listen to it. As far as rights go, since we have to try to live together with some form of order and reason, at times, we cannot have everything we want, sometimes compromise is necessary. And that was my point, I wasn’t trying to tell people what they should or should not listen to, only explaining why I don’t listen to it. And time will tell if PP made right call or not in removing the swearing or not. Personally, I think they should introduced into the show more slowly, let those who were expecting them to be like they were a chance to adjust it might have worked better. But hopefully it will all work out for everyone. Peace

OK Mary so we should have to consider you and your feelings and ppl like you HOWEVER you and ppl like you don’t have to give us the same respect?? Especially when all you have to do is FF thru the language.

Joliefan– I do respect your right to make choices you want to make as to what you want to listen to or watch, and I thought I made that clear in all my posts on the topic. But as for FF it is difficult to do after the fact, because you don’t know exactly when or what word is going to be use. But as I stated life is about compromise, and I think what others have said about PP offering a G rated version and the uncut version of the shows seems reasonable– but don’t know how costly that would be, so I don’t know if that could be an option.

Hi Mary,
I’m sure it would not be financially smart for them to do that.

I liked the swearing it didn’t bother me ona side note hula released apromo for next Tuesdays episode but the scenes are all for july 2 episode the spoilers and preview scenes for next Tuesdays episode are completely diferent it seems like they dumped Tuesdays episode and replaced it with july 2 episode whats going on

I think there can be a happy medium between words that nearly everyone says and words/phrases that are vulgar.

Nora how did you get a pic up there next to your name?

Oh, Happy Days!!!! Thank you PP for listening.

I said all a long that I would not watch the online shows because I do not like watching my TV on the computer and, I do not like Hulu because it messes up my Tivo every time I use.

Yada, yada, yada. Anyway, I only watched the first two episodes of OLTL out of curiosity, but have read everything here and on other forums. It sounds to me like the profanity was too distracting and did not seem organic. If it were organic, then I doubt many would complain. Apparently there was enough complaining because they are doing away with it.

I have a good example of a show that was on basic cable (FX). It was a gritty legal drama called, DAMAGES. It was on basic cable (no profanity except for the sh– word and it was used maybe once every other episode in an hour format) and then because FX wanted to cancel it Sony managed to get it to Directv for two seasons. This meant that the writers could stretch the limits. I don’t really remember the violence being more or the sex being more but they did use the F-word …OCCASIONALLY! I think I remember Glenn Close saying it maybe once and then maybe the other time it was directed at her character. You see I am saying this because I barely remember it. It was not done like some of these lousy movies that are F—- this and F—- that. Media that uses cursing just because it can makes it look immature and unintelligent.

But then there is the other side of it where the writers/producers believe, in a period piece, that that was the way they spoke. Take the canceled HBO show, DEADWOOD. For an hour show, they must have used the word cocksu—- at least 20 times. I got used to it because it was part of what made DEADWOOD what it was. HOWEVER, what these two shows have in common was that they were critically acclaimed and well written/produced. If ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE are faltering with viewers, and it is quite obvious they are still throwing things on the wall and waiting to see what sticks, then all these tweaks are to SAVE the shows. I mean they already changed head writers and had to cut the episode order down. From everything I have read, OLTL was the most anticipated of both shows, yet I hear time and time again how it has become ruined and that AMC is far better.

For every person that loves the profanity and the explicit sex scenes, there is one that detests it.

I don’t know. I realize this is the year 2013, but “soaps” back in the olden days, were sponsored by housecleaning products. They were called soaps because of that. Now if you factor in all the profanity and explicit sex, then it sounds more like they should have their mouths and bodies be soaped up or something.

Life is too short. Find something ELSE to complain. If you do not want to watch a show because they took the profanity out, then find something else. But just putting profanity in for the sake of attracting what they think is the demographic that will put the ratings through the roof is wrong to the already loyal fan base.

Those that are watching, just be happy you got your shows back in some capacity. My life could go on without these two shows even though I was saddened they were canceled by ABC, but I have a full life that I really do not have time to watch them.

Just my two cents.

@Domino…your two cents are worth a lot more. Excellent points; well written…just not sure if you got through to anyone other than the ones that already agree with you. But that’s the way it goes…

I just noticed something that may be a problem in attracting viewers. If you do a Google search, Hulu is the THIRD response that comes up. It should be the first. You have to wade through Wikipedia and IMDb. Hulu comes in third and looks like one of those sketchy ads. For Bing and Yahoo, it is even further down.

Someone at Prospect Park should do whatever they need to promote these shows and move that link to the top.

Jumping geewhillikers! Don’t those catfish lovers know that most furshlugginer youngsters of college aand work age in 2013 have a different attitude to cuss words than was held by church and state in 1960? Let’s get on with the stories and not be hornswaggled by the trashy words! LOL

PP gave a video of the terrible words some uptight fans were freaking over..
A gave every word in our ears loud and clear..
It was done to show us as a sigh at how ridiculous some are being..
Think about the wording ..

first a sarcastic Waring;

The following contains strong Langue
Viewer discretion is advised..etc..


”you won’t hear this sh%t on OLTL any anymore…

then PP threw every single cuss word ever said in the soaps loud and clear right in our ears..

Haa haa I bow to you PP, excellent!!
didn’t take any shit from the puritans who are not doing well on the internet..
And reminding them; this is our/PP internet soap, not ABC censored soap..

I feel they are pissed off that they are harassed by whiners and they are not happy with them forcing them into something they absolutely do want..
They were sarcastically showing how ridiculous some are acting over shit ..

PP said from day 1 as did the actors..
this time the soaps would be created for the internet and there would be freedom to cuss and do sex scenes and have stories they could have on network tv..
That was the plan/dream of PP, for their soaps
they were excited to bring soaps into 21st century media, and the whiners peed on their parade.

It is more sarcastic then any bowing, giving every cuss word back at the whiners LOL!!

Dear god that was awesome 🙂 ..

su0000, I think the “real” problem is that the writers are not as nuanced in the art of adding provocative language and profanity and making it sound organic as THEY think they are. Had it sounded natural and when used for effect, I do not think you would have that many complaining.

I think that if they were better at adding these kinds of words to their dialogue they would not be making a public statement saying they are ending this. It just sounds immature all the way around.

One place where I believe they went wrong was announcing, in the first place, that they were going to be edgier. And, when that backfired, now they make another public announcement stating they are taking away the cursing. Maybe it is a case of bad publicity is better than no publicity. I am not sure. In any event, these shows are not running as oiled as they had expected.

If there is a sophomore season, as they say there will be be, then maybe they will have found the magic bullet to fix everything.

I guess it is true what they say that once you start living in garbage you start enjoying the stink. And that is why for a long time society tried in vain to keep these disrespectful and demeaning words out of civilized conversation. But as society loosen the grip and started allowing foul language in the media, people got so accustomed to it they really don’t see how this language robs something from not only from the person saying it but for those have to listen to it.

My father swore constantly and perhaps growing up and listening to it all the time I grew to dislike it so much. But I know he swore only because it gave him a sense of power, but it is an immature form of power. A 3 year old who says the word shit for the first time will begin using it all the time when grown ups react by either laughing or getting upset, because either way the child feels like he has some power over the them by getting a reaction.

Adulthood is about choices, so I respect your right to enjoy whatever you like, even if I disagree with your idea that these words are harmless. But you are mistaken when you think being able to swear or listen to swearing is the mark of the modern era. Foul language is as old as time, and there was a reason why society over time made these words unacceptable in the public sphere. By going back to anything goes, society is not progressing, but regressing, which is a shame, yet I am glad I will not be around to see become what it is becoming.

I know that I complained I could not tell people, like my neighbor’s teen daughter, to watch because what my neighbor would think of me telling her daughter to tune into a show where curse words were thrown in for shock factor. Not because they actually were natural or fit in the scene and character. Simply because they dared to practically product place it like they did plugging the internet. I cannot and will not let my daughter watch with me, either. Or at least until after I watch it, and see if I think it’s appropriate and not too vulgar.

However, removing all curse words is a bit too far. They had “ass” on OLTL while it was still on tv, and I think an occasional “shit” or in extremely pissed off scenes a “fuck” is just fine. The main problem was the writers went overboard, and seem like they’ve never cursed naturally in their lives. They writers seem like amateurs when it comes to the insertion of curse words. But Bruce’s dialogue after the shooting, saying “shit” to end his sentence twice threw me out of the scene. Dude…people…even stoner sounding people don’t talk like that. However, a REAL actor should know when to say – this doesn’t sound right.

But, honestly, I was more annoyed with the fact that once again we have drive-by’s with Todd and Blair outside the club. I’m tired of I’m going to KILL him Todd and enabling-no-backbone-Blair. I cannot root for a woman so dumb. I’m more annoyed with clubbing mothers who say they are good mothers to their children …hint…Nat and Destiny. When did Nat become a forensics lab tech? Since that’s my husband’s major, he needs a Bachelor’s and maybe even a Graduate degree. Things like all of that…are more annoying than four-letter words.

As someone else mentioned on this thread…the stories still feel like shit is being thrown against a wall to see what the fans like and piece things together as they go.

In moderation wins. But if the writers cannot learn to do that, then they shouldn’t use cursing at all.

Thank you to the producers for recognizing that cursing will not enhance the show.
Cursing just because you can is rude.

I personally do not curse and was appalled that our beloved Viki had to say that life ‘su..ed’. Niki would have said that, but never Viki.

Thanks again.

I agree, but I guess it just shows how well Viki and Niki were “integrated”!! lol!

I do not watch either one but it does amaze me that soapy fans are offended by cuss words but have no problem with accepting and loving a character like Todd who is a rapist baby snatcher just creep in general and is adored. Go figure?

I know that people swear in real life. It is not pleasant, but it happens. And characters in movies curse a blue streak. I think why it is so jarring to hear on soaps is because we viewers are accustomed saying “frickin“, and “shoot“, and other interchangeable words. Its comfortable to us and suddenly seeing them using real swears just seemed out of place and character. I am not against an OCCASIONAL swear if it is a very heightened dramatic scene, but just doing it for the sake of doing it. The one time it fit, as it sort of encapsulated 20 years of history, was Blair calling Todd an asshole. It was so true, and spoken like a real person would say it. It was less harsh than the soap insult of choice…“You bastard!“, and yet it carried a lot of dramatic impact and humour at the same time. It is nice to see that Prospect Park is consistently listening and adapting to viewers concerns, and learning as they go in this exciting new venture.

Not all are overly offended, and we have a silent voice ..
People who are content have no complaints they do not complain to PP, they like what they are watching, so PP will not hear from them. All is well with them.

The complainers complain, and PP will hear from them, LOUDLY ..

So, not everybody is in the same basket..
And it well my be that many more are ok with the reality of cuss words then those who are not, because content people do not complain.. 🙂

You must not be content because you do complain about about people who dislike the overuse of sex and cuss words on soaps…a few i could overlook but here it was only used because they could…it didnt sound real…it made some of the characters sound trashy…it is also overused in our society as well then some wonder why our society has gone downhill…no morals, no family values and now its all about self importance…soaps can be revelent, a few cuss words can be acceptal but lets also teach some morals and family values as well. I have nothing against you…i try to respect all opinions…these soaps only need good character driven storylines…oltl final year was very engaging…the ratings kept going up…had abc not been foolished and cancelled it i feel oltl couldve surpassed y&r in the ratings and become number one for the first time. i know cussing and sex is in everyday life but do soaps need it so much…some maybe but not as much as these reboots have done…yes not all are in the same basket…some, not me, belong in the waste basket with the rest of the trash.

this is loff topic but why are there differen t spoilers and pre view sces for next week on one life to live hulu released apromo for next Tuesday but the scenes were for Tuesday july2 all the other websites have different spoilers fornext week and the previews at the end of Thursdays and Fridays one life to live episodesare the same what is going on

Always felt that i moderation it was more realistic. The previous writing team seemed more like kids free from their parent’s watching eye and used the swearing in every episode, sometimes multiple times. The swearing in itself never bothered me, just the usage of the word shit again & again & again.

But then again….if I have to hear Victor Newman say one more time on Y&R that Adam “took a bullet for me” I will scream. Oh, wait,,,,I already have…lol.

To me it is the same thing….repetitive dialog is just lazy writing….swearing or no swearing.

I get what you are saying about repetitive dialog, but you need to remember soaps need to be repetitive at times. Since it is daily, and not everyone watches daily, or even weekly, the writers have to weave in the background of what has happened in the past with what is on the screen now. This how people are able to catch up. For us who watch any soap on a regular basis it seems like the character is stating the obvious, but for someone just tuning in for the first time, or after year away, the information helps them catch up pretty quick because of this way of recapping. Annoying for regular viewers, but a necessary trick of the trade to keep other type of viewers in the loop.

”my son took a bullet for me! he saved my life, I will never forget that ;; quote Victor a 100 times a week .. LOL

the expression word shit has become more popular that fvck , and a favorite among the young generation, used frequently along with fvck, both every popular …
so use of the word with the younger in AMC was right on true reality..

I went to India last year, and the word shit was a constant lol really, I heard it said there more there than here..
Seems its use is world wide and a popular choice and fvck was also used in India, by men only that I heard, and used a lot ..
It is also popular in Germany..
So, not only in the soaps lol ..

anyways; the stories are not about the word shit, that is just a slang word, and not the story.. and has nothing to do with the stories, just a word said that adds nothing but expression and takes nothing away..
The stories are great and I can not wait for the next episode with or without a shit word, the stories have me hanging on edge !! .

Yeah that is fine and dandy that they use English curse words in other countries, but do you actually feel like these people sound intelligent?

Our schools are messed up enough as it is. Children are no longer being taught how to write cursive (or so I have heard as my children are not even in preschool yet). Plus you have the texting and the emoticons. If we take away writing like intelligent adults and replace our dialogue with emoticons and profanity what is left? I will tell you. It is laziness. Everyone is in such a hurry these days … or so they like to believe they are. Everyone is so entitled these days. No one has time for anyone but themselves. Families not sitting at the dinner table anymore. People go out to dinner but can’t have a conversation because the stupid cell phone is more important. Same for movie theaters.

A lot of us “old folks” (I am only in my late 30s by the way) would like to retain some semblance of the world we grew up in.

I am still waiting for the first baby to be born and named as an emoticon. I am sure it is coming.

People will tune in for the swearing. People tune to see heart-warming stories and the suspense stories…And so on…

Correction people don’t tune just to hear all the swearing!

Or if any swearing at all. People want good and interesting stories which don’t require to swear every other word .

The stories are powerful, interesting, and very good..
I am intrigued by all the stories, they hold mystery and I can hardly wait to see how all will turn out..
cuss words do not interfere with the telling of the stories, they are great stories..
some people just can not put themselves into the reality that is occurring, and that the stories are new and openly real ..

I think the cuss words do interfere with the story.. Why do they have to swear
every other word? Is it a requirement to swear every other word? Is a must you have to swear every other word! In my opinion NO! I think it lowers the standard
of the show. These shows are made up stories and aren’t reality. They are an escape (fantasy) for an half hour..So I am glad the swearing is cut out of these
two soaps. Good writing and good stories never needed swearing .

Cuss words make people uncomfortable as I was one of them.
I just didn’t like it, it’s not the proper way to talk.
I’ve watching a scene with Bo in it and I swear he said the f word fast while interfering in Matthews life. Did I hear right? It was last week.

Oh my god didn’t realize I missed some more f words after watching video..

He did! Don’t like it either! Glad that we will not be hearing the swearing anymore . When they come back from their hitaus in Aug. It’s nasty in my opinion. Again glad the swearing is cut out!

It’s for the best. There was really no need for the cursing. All you need is good writing and good story. It doesn’t say much for the fans – or those they are trying to attract if they think that they need to curse to get viewers. Good choice!

I was hoping to hear Viki tell dorian to F off ES can say it with class

LOL, That is funny, I Would have enjoyed seeing that to.

No.. Viki is too classy for that! She is a lady & class act all the way.

Swearing stinks and is low-class. I think less of people who resort to such crudeness.

Well G how are you standing what is being printed on these threads I have never seen such talk to each other the last two days. Everyone should be ashamed of each other everyone says they love the soaps and you are calling people you do not even know crude names. Stop it please I hope Mr. Fairman pulls these threads!

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Taking to her Instagram, Watley shared a photo of herself with a young Darnell Williams, where we learned not only is she a huge fan of the iconic Jesse from Pine Valley, but she danced with Darnell when they both appeared on Soul Train! Darnell was regular on the show from 1974-1975.  Watley began her professional career on Soul Train, then became part of the musical group, Shalamar, before beginning her own solo career which has now spanned decades.

Photo: JPI

Watley expressed on Willi: “EVERLASTING Indeed! 😁😁✨ “Always believe in you..” #flashbackfriday #70s 😘 this photo was shared with me from a ST fan page on FB .. I’d never seen it before 😯😍 – two teens with big dreams — Darnell Williams such a nice guy and so handsome we danced together a few times – a snapshot – … later like every other soap fan I loved his legendary character “Jesse” back in the golden era of daytime TV “All My Children” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ terrific actor— and I was in awe like “I knew him on ST” 😁 – before coming into my own trajectory as an artist.”

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Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Darnell Williams appeared on All My Children during several stints from 1991 to 1998, then again from 2008-2011, before reprising the role in 2013 in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.

Watley’s biggest hits include Real Love, Looking for a New Love, Everything, Some Kind of Lover and more.

So, what do you think of the Darnell and Jody connection, and her remembrances of his time as Jesse on AMC? share your thoughts in the comment section, and also check out the radio edit version of Jody’s new single below.


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All My Children

‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Most-Watched Week of Syndicated Talk Shows in 2 Years; Delivers Strongest Week in Nearly 3 Years

In another case of soap alums doing great things, come news that former All My Children stars and real-life marrieds Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) are having a great ride together as on-screen co-hosts of the syndicated morning series, Live with Kelly and Mark.

New numbers were just released by ABC that share that during the week of January 15-19 2024: Live with Kelly and Mark hit series highs in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). Interestingly enough, former GH star, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah Drake) appeared on the show that week performing with friend and musician, Richard Marx.)

But there is more good news: Live with Kelly and Mark delivered the franchise’s strongest week in nearly 3 years in both Households and Total Viewers, as well as double-digit week-to-week increases in key demos over the last three weeks.

Photo: ABC

With 2.673 million Total Viewers, ‘Live’ delivered the most-watched week of any syndicated talk show in 2 years ( since Dr. Phil second week of January in 2022).

In even more solid gains for this ratings report: the talker stood as the week’s top  daytime talk show in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). ‘Live’ also ranked as the No. 1 entertainment talk show of the week across all key Nielsen measures, topping all daytime and late-night entertainment talk shows.

Photo: ABC

Overall the Live with Kelly and Mark is up 4%  from the the previous year averaging roughly 2.4M viewers across all of its episodes. ‘Live’ also stands as the season’s No. 1 entertainment talk show across all key Nielsen measures.

Consuleos arrived officially on the season on April 17th 2022 taking over for the departing Ryan Seacrest to co-host the show with Ripa. While many voiced concerns that the on-screen and off-screen coupling might make for lower ratings if they were not entertaining, just the opposite has happened, the series seems in a very healthy place; given the constant downturn in linear ratings and viewership in daytime TV.

Are you enjoying Kelly and Mark as co-hosts compared to Kelly’s other co-hosts through the years? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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