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How Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati Make General Hospital Look Fifty Years Young!

Photo Credit: Thomas Montalto

This year has marked the 50th anniversary run of ABC’s General Hospital! While sadly, the beloved All My Children and One Life to Live were cancelled by the alphabet network, all signs also pointed that GH wouldn’t last but for more than a year after!

However, when the decision was made to bring creatives Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati over from Llanview to Port Charles it has certainly galvanized the show.  In an new piece by the Associated Press, they take a look at what are the keys to GH’s new found success and what are they having to do differently.  They not only spoke with the series EP Valentini,  but cast members too.

Frank Valentini noted, “We were all worried and we had a right to be worried. The show was in a very dark place and Ron and I managed to come in and shake it up!”

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas,GH) offered up, “One of Frank and Ron’s things is that every character has to have a job and every character has to have a romance.  So there’s an opportunity there for you to show up in somebody else’s story … so you’re still relevant.”

Frank Valentini said getting all the characters into the mix is not always as easy as it might look: “There are a lot of characters on the show and that’s a blessing and a curse. We try not to go more than two weeks without seeing somebody, and if we do, it could be for other reasons like the (actor) is on vacation or doing a movie.”    

The EP also offered up how important it was for the series to get back to some of its veterans and rock-solid performers like Jane Elliot (Tracy):  “Jane is such a spectacular actress and to have her not do much on the show seems like a waste of a resource.”  He also mentioned how bringing back other fan favorites such as Lynn Herring, Jack Wagner, Tristan Rogers was “a gift for the audience” and he still hopes for more returns:,”We’d love to have Demi Moore, and we’d love to have John Stamos. We’ve still got plenty of fun stuff to do and plenty of surprises.”

So, what do you think about the state of General Hospital from where it was pre-Frank and Ron to now?  Are you excited about the future?  What would you like to see happen in 2014 as the show continues to evolve?   Weigh-in!


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I am very hopeful with Frank and Ron at GH’s helm. They seriously are a fantastic pair! They turned around a dead-end soap and made it come alive again, like it was when Gloria Monty was at the helm. KUDOS to them!!! They have my gratitude and loyalty.

I completely agree. What I’m enjoying the most is how integrated the characters are, and that’s what I always liked more about OLTL. (I’ve loved both soaps for a long time.) For instance, Sonny’s enemy is Ava who loves Silas who loves Sam whose father is Ava’s brother who’s making out with Carly who is Morgan’s mother, a man who is sleeping with Ava (who used to like Franco who is purportedly a Quartermaine and connected to everybody in a hundred different ways). Not to mention Robin-Patrick-Britt-Sabrina-Carlos-back to Ava, back to Sonny, friend of Luke….

They have brought GH back to its glory days !!! They have done Gloria Monty and the fans proud !!!

I totally agree…reminds me of the 80’s…with a current feel to the show

What a wonderful show GH has returned to! And I do attribute it to the two gentlemen written about. I also, give hats-off to the outstanding actors who have been giving 100% daily. I have not enjoyed my show this much since the late 70s. Where, this time two years ago, I would fast forward though about 80% of the show, today, the only thing that is missed, is the commercials. It is such a great show, if you miss a minute, chances are you may miss something important. And for that I thank FV and RC.

GH has improved considerably over the last year. Of course there is still opportunity to improve but I’m confident it will only continue to get better and better. They have the right people at the helm guiding the show in the right direction.

Why is everyone going on about how great these guys are when they totally destroyed OLTL?

Because I don’t believe they destroyed OLTL. Under their leadership OLTL not only had improved ratings, but they came in under budget. It was not their decision to cancel the show, it was destroyed before they were brought on board.

They didn’t.

Destroyed OLTL?!? OLTL was at a ratings high when the show was cancelled. What alternate universe are you living in?

OLTL was awesome and the highest rated abc daytime show with these 2 in charge.

They did a great job on OLTL. I don’t watch GH because they destroyed some of my favorite characters history on OLTL (JOLIE). However with Robin coming back, I’ve started watching again here and there and it is good what I watch. I loved Nicolas C, Anna D, Robert S, Patrick & Robin, Mac & Felecia, so I guess the old characters are what catchs my eye. Still can’t stand to watch Carly & Franco, Sam & Silas – yuck!! Glad GH survived, but as much as Frank & Ron has done for GH, the fans of GH and Soaps everywhere have done more by once again supporting them!

I have watched all of the ABC Soaps for many, many years, and IMO, OLTL was the best soap on ABC during the last year of its run on the network. The demise of OLTL and AMC was in great part, the fault of Brian Frons and his FAILED vision of having ABC Daytime free of soaps, hence the reason why he was fired. I think Frank and Ron did a great job at OLTL, and are doing a super job at GH. I look forward to many more years of enjoying GH, with Frank and Ron at the helm!!!

Destroyed OLTL??????? I do not know what show you were watching, but the show that I watched to the very end was an outstanding hour. Loved, loved, loved the way the show ended and wish that the prospect park version lived up to the abc version. Wonder why it did not?,, Oh FV and RC. And thank heavens they are on GH now.

That wasnt their fault…Prospect Parks online version needed better storylines to survive and attract viewers…All My Children did ok without certain characters because of the writing…OLTL had a good cast but its plotlines werent interesting and Victors return poorly written. It started to improve near the end but a little to late…i blame PP and its writing team…even if the show had Starr, Cole, Hope, and John, who couldve all been recast it still takes good writing…PP couldve easily rewrote everything GH had done but they made the choice to go ahead with what GH had written anyway…Besides continuing soaps are still better suited on cable and network than online.

Christine, I agree with your statement. I always felt like Ron was a poor writer for the most part who had to resort to making characters act out of character to get a storyline to work.

Brian Frons was the destroyer of OLTL & AMC… I don’t think Ron was a poor writer at all. Look where GH is at …. It’s doing great and we have a soap to watch

they did great on OLTL… it’s ABC execs that failed there! Thankfully someone with a brain hired this “dynamic duo” 🙂 to come work on GH!


Frank and Ron did not destroyed OLTL it was the best during their time. Creative, inventive, full of fun and style. Loved it. the only good thing about the cancellation is that Frank and ron saved GH.

Loving GH…

In my entire life I have never seen a show like this. Every day is exciting and filled with humor and everything else it takes to make a show like this happen. I just love these two and they have made me so happy it is incredible. Thanks Frank and Ron for all the joy I get from watching GH.


In spite of some harmless flaws and a bloated cast…this show remains must see tv…these two men have been a Godsend…like them or not…where do you think GH would be if it werent for them…it wouldve been cancelled months ago…so no matter what we like or dislike about the show lets be grateful its still here and we have Frank and Ron to thank for it…so a big THANKS to Frank and Ron!!!

Could not have said it any better, myself.

I know, right?


“…where do you think GH would be if it werent for them…it wouldve been cancelled months ago…so no matter what we like or dislike about the show lets be grateful its still here”

it’s still here

If it weren’t for Frank & Ron we wouldn’t have GH to watch each day….So I am happy they came on board and stepped up to the plate.

What happened to AJ? Sean Kanan did a great job. Where is Genie Francis/Laura?
GH is great right now, but it’s been longer than 2 weeks since we’ve seen these important characters.

Genie Francis is now on recurring status.

Do you know that for a fact? Because nowhere has that been published that I can find…

More Laura…she is a magnificent presence in Port Charles!

How do we know GF is on recurring basis when the word out there is screaming that she is FIRED? HAVEN’T SEEN HER FACE IN MONTHS. What does that say???????????????/////

I’ve been asking where Aj (Sean Kanan) is for weeks! And apparently no one is talking. It seems obvious that something is amiss…first they had him on every day…they built up this great relationship with Michael…finally!…and then he just disappears. I love GH now…LOVE IT…but AJ missing out of the blue is a major flaw!

Bring back AJ! (or give some type of explanation!…)

I look forward to seeing John Stamos, et al.


Intertwining everyone’s stories and bringing back old favorites have breathed new life! I’m excited to tune into GH every day 🙂 Please don’t get rid of Sabrina! Teresa Castillo is fantastic! I am a Patrick/Sabrina fan. Yes,I am a Robin fan..have been since she was little, but Sabrina breathes new life into Partick.Please keep them together!!

Kelly I agree with you 150%, I love Patrick and Sabrina!

I totally agree. Please keep sabrina! Many rumors of her getting fired or turning evil. Give her a break, please!

I will always be a Patrick/Robin fan… They have a lot of history….And their ups and downs… Plus Emma who would be more than happy to be with her mother again & Patrick!

ROBIN is the ONLY one for Patrick. Actually Sabrina ruined Patrick along with being a pet getting way too make breaks with them trying to make her Ribin handing over Ribin’s family to her. The nurse got forced slanted writing from the first day, Now Patrick Can’t make decision for himself since she tells him what to do. This is not Patrick. Patrick had to be told by others including a vid from Robin to move on. Patrick still loves Robin and she knows it but is too pathetic. No way Patrick would ignore a phone call from Robin because the forced nurse told him to. She called a innocent baby a monster whereas Robin took care of the baby thinking it was Patrick’s.

Exactly! This situation gets more unbearable with each passing day! I keep waiting for the ultimate payoff of Robin/Patrick reuniting and Sappy getting her sorry butt placed at the curb like yesterday’s trash….it is way past time to put an end to this ridiculous misery! As for rumors about Sappy being sent on her way, I have yet to see them, but nothing would be a sweeter conclusion to this year-long nightmare!!!!!

I used to FF through much of the show and it go to where I could watch about 15 minutes and be good. NOW I almost never FF and look forward to each show because I am enjoying it so much! So happy…

I am just ecstatic that GH made it past the 50 year mark and I want it to have 50 more years!!! Frank and Ron have stepped in and taken this show to another level and literally saved it from cancellation. Aditionally they have made it exciting again and made it truly “must see TV”! Is it the same as Gloria had it back in it’s hey day… getting very close if not there! A huge amount of GH’s success is not FV and RC… but the best cast, characters, writing, producing, directing, editing, costumes, and makeup!!! Everyone of those helped FV and RC step in and take this to the level we are at today!!!

I hope it just keeps getting better and better… with more crazy, wild wacky, and fun stories with a balance of cast current and older, new and old characters, humor and drama, older age characters down to new fantastic young talent like Brooklyn Rae as Emma! There is a wealth of characters and story to contiune for years and we want more!!!

Thank you Frank and Ron!!! Thank you to the best cast from the past and the present!!! Thank you to the best writing and directing and producing!!! GH is the best!!!

but the best cast, characters, writing, producing, directing, editing, costumes, and makeup!!! Everyone of those helped FV and RC step in and take this to the level we are at today!!!

one can’t help but get emotional…


Double ditto!

I believe Frank and Ron are true romantics at heart…and what I love about the new GH is there are tender,gentle romantic scenes making heart beat faster!

YES… well said Double Z!!! Love those moments!!!

How about some actors / characters from pre-Gloria Monty days. Shelby Hiatt, (Jane Dawson) is alive and well and willing to make an appearance!

Keeping Tristan Rogers permanently would be the gift that keeps on giving

Yep!! Tristan Rogers being around is what got me watching GH again after not watching for years.

I think Tristan Rogers must be a pain in the butt or something because no writing regime ever seems to let him be on for more than a few days/weeks at a time. Wish is a shame, too, because I love Robert Scorpio and no one was happier than me when he was revealed to be alive after a decade plus being “dead.”

I love him too!

Agree completely Katee!!! I love it when Robert is on!

I agree Robert Scorpio a permanent resident of Port Charles!

Love Robert …. Keep him forever. He is aging nicely.

Loving it but still missing our other shows and hating ABC

So true! Blame is Brian Frons!

its nice that they are praising themselves and i do love the show but i’m dissappointed in Genie Francis return
and Rebecca Herbts lack of storyline so it hasn’t all been “great” they need to correct those two major wrongs in my opinion.


here ye, here ye

rightfully so…

and respectfully agree…. c’mon ABC/disney/GH

dang… I already ‘love’ the banter/cat fight/snipping/fine line’ing
between Britt and Liz…. especially during the halloween epi’s – what a coup if they continue this- so remniscent of two powerful women adversaries… and not.. just about men… these ladies are at general hospital

as for Laura…. it’s tragic really… to trot her out…. publicize her coming “home” and … in the blink of an eye… she trotted through GH so fast…

I honestly can’t think of what they’d do with her…

Luke and Laura galavanting senior citizen’ing WSB style… rescuing their kids… for ethos pathos logos… has run it’s course… no kids to reel with. Scotty is done….

Y&R was so wrong to let her go…
could DAYS hire her? would be a serious coup for more fans/viewers
I don’t know… quandary

Totally agree with you on the Britt and Liz b*+@#fest! They really are too much fun, but be forewarned, The Wicked Westbourne will always give back as good as she gets….and would we want it any other way? Must be an inherited trait from her tart-tongued, mercurial mutter???? As for Laura, I do believe she should have been the one who rescued Luke (ala Tracy) from Cassadine Island…it was her rightful place to be there, having already burned her bridges with Scotty…. even if it were to be THE last hurrah for the legendary supercouple. While “L&L” may be “over the hill,” Luke with Tracy as his lady is even more of a senior snore….just cannot get into those two together for anything more than the “spar of the moment.” Besides, LLS will NEVER settle down, he’ll be the lovable but irascible rogue who chases young skirts until the day he dies…all efforts to domesticate him with Ms. Quartermaine will ultimately fail…even if this is what TG says he currently wants for his character.

Luke and Tracy are a snore… Too much yelling and screaming. No real connection. Luke may be ready for the old folks home!

it just crossed my mind…

have Laura and Robert ever been together?

this would help immensely in settling her character

I really do like Anna and Duke better

I LOVE Robert Scorpio and used to think he and Anna were meant to be together, BUT after seeing Anna with Duke the last few months, and how much Duke loves AND respects Anna (as opposed to Robert, who tends to mock Anna and take her for granted), I realize Anna should be with Duke. They treat each other like equals, not underlings.

As far as Robert and Laura, there was a flirtation when WSB agent Scorpio first came to Port Charles back in 1981/1982 or so, but it was mostly because Robert thought Laura knew where the Ice Princess was and was trying to get that info out of her. I think pairing them would be strange at this point.

How about a new love interest for Laura? She’s never known any other guys but Scotty, Luke, Stefan and Stavros. How about bringing a new character to the show, a man who is age-appropriate, who is not related to ANYONE on the canvas?

One of the things that makes me crazy about Soaps is the need to make EVERYONE related to/tied to someone/someone(s) on the canvas. Life isn’t like that! Sometimes, people move to a town and have NO RELATION to anyone there already!

Interesting idea… Patrick!!! I want Robert and Anna in the end… but maybe Robert and Laura… if it gets both of them on more… YES!!!

I don’t think Robert and Laura as being together. That is a miss-match in my opinion(odd)..

Robert and Laura….yes there were sparks between them in the early Ice Princess Days. Rekindle that fire!

Plain and simply Frank and Ron brought General Hospital back to life. Thanks to them we are still able to watch the best soap on TV. Thank you Frank and Ron.

I think Leslie Charleson fans would take exception to Frank’s two week comment. The show needs a bit of fine tuning but, heck, at least its still here. I would rather see a bad day of GH than no GH at all.

Agree with you. I really have missed “Monica” on GH. She routinely appears only about once per month. In any case, I largely like the direction of GH, with the exception of too much focus on Sonny, Kiki, and Franco.

with the exception of too much focus on Sonny, Kiki, and Michael

Why can’t they bring a new character on to be a love interest for Leslie? I mean we never see her interact with Michael, with Sam, with Danny. And its enough with her fighting with Tracy all the time; that’s gotten way old already!

I’d love for them to bring Alan back for Monica.

I think he was only talking about contract actors. LC is recurring. SK is the only person I know who’s been off for more than 10 shows who is also on contract, and they’ve addressed that. The show had to make room for Robin’s last minute return when that deal finally came together and they decided to bench the AJ story temporarily, which made sense since he was in jail and bring him back in November.

Kudos to Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. I don’t miss #GH.

I always knew they would turn General Hospital around, Never had any doubt’s, I have watched One life to live which was and still is my favorite soap for always, I knew what they did to keep me tuned in everyday for a very long time, General hospital for years has put me to sleep, Now all of that has changed and I am loving it again and no, I am not falling asleep any more, Thanks Ron and Frank, I knew you both could do it and you’s Did, Lets go another 50 years.

The one thing they could do is bring back Greg Vaughn as Lucky yes I know he is at Days but really a good looking man like that playing a priest! No way would Lucky abandon his family bring him back now offer him the moon. RH had great chemistry with him she needs a love interest and I just do not see that with Nick or AJ.

Lucky is a serial cheating, self righteous deadbead. He screwed half the town but ONLY Liz’s sins are brought up over and over and over. His disgusting rant to Liz and Nik will make me hate him for life. Since he banged her sister, his teenager drug dealer in her bed as well as the woman who intentionally endangered the kid he said he loved so much, his BS rant about how her kids would hate her and how he preferred her as a rape victim showed was a POS he is. Deadbest suits him just fine thanks. Sexist there much Guza??

Ok I just always loved GV’s grown up version I would just like to see them use her more. I was personally upset when they fired him and brought JJackson back.

Tell us how you REALLY feel. LOL. The character of Lucky was decimated under Guza that is true. Greg Vaughan was awesome in the role but he, like everyone else during the decade of destruction, played second fiddle to Jason. The whole point of bringing Jackson back was to reunite Lucky and liz and hey completely squandered that opportunity with Siobhan and other silliness.


you are absolutely right… they had amazing chemistry together… GV and RH.


absolutely right as well… this is the one element that registers with me about Lucky:

but ONLY Liz’s sins are brought up over and over and over. His disgusting rant to Liz and Nik will make me hate him for life.

Nicholas left Port Charles for this reason…. i can still see him saying goodbye to HIS child… and making way for a Liz and Lucky pairing… He was so dark, gothic, zombie emotionless…. OK save for with his dad… that’s gone

glad Nicholas is back

Lucky was a beautiful human being in the early years…that’s how I chose to remember him,

I’d love to see Greg Vaughn back on GH if that would get him off of Days. The guy has all the animation of a cardboard cutout.

Vaughan is turning in a powerhouse performance that is likely to garner an Emmy nomination. He’s not going anywhere.

Love love love the new GH !!
GH is the best and only ”entertaining” soap !! It is king of variety!
Looking forward to 2014 and all the many years to come!!!


They have done a great job. Loving it


GH is so much better since Frank & Ron took over!!! I’ve been watching GH since it came on in 1963!!! They’re AMAZING!! I haven’t enjoyed GH this much in a long time!!! Keep up the greatwork!!! As for OLTL the show was Awesome when they workethere!! I’m mad too that ABC cancelled OLTL but they is nothing we can do about now. Ron & Frank made OLTL better!! Here’s to the next 50 yrs!!! I LOVE MY SOAP!!!!:)

Im thankful that Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati turned GH around and saved it from being given the boot, they made it hip and fresh and fun to watch, not a day goes by that a character`s line makes me laugh or smile, and to those who still blame them for the demise of OLTL get over it, these two work hard and all the actors give 1000 percent to bring as the BEST in daytime and for that im greatful!!

I love the new GH so much that I have stopped missing OLTL so much.


Triple Ditto!

Not me. There’s not a soap on the air that comes close to what OLTL was, no matter how good GH can be.

And none will, without Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser and Jerry Van Dorn. Can’t be done.
And no, I don’t want to see them on GH, the show is just too different in feeling and focus to know what to do with characters who actually have class. As good as GH is, the last character with any class was Edward. The ones who are left are entertaining, but most of them would be kicked out of a trailer park for bad behavior and lack of manners.

OLTL was at its best and the best soap during its final year on ABC…had it not been cancelled and Frank and Ron remained at the helm, i bet it would currently be the most talked about soap and even higher rated than GH is right now…possibly, it couldve breached second place…but the online version just wasnt good enough…it was entertaining and steadily improving near its end but wasnt as addictive…imo…as that last year on ABC…GH is pretty good right now and im enjoying Days right now too…im glad they are here at the moment and know they still might get cancelled one day but ill keep tuning in while i can because tomorrow they could be all gone for good!!!


I agree with you on the characters “of class” and I still miss OLTL very much.

I have read many compliments here about the present state of GH. I have welcomed many of the actors from OLTL coming on board and enjoy some of their stories. But I am disappointed in the way stories are dropped midway for weeks at a time in favor of some new ones. I am further disappointed that Genie Francis was let go but Kin Shriner kept on. I could live another day happier without Heather once more using the loonie bin as an exit & entrance place at will. Nothing ever is resolved and in typical fashoin for these two guys in charge everything is dragged on forever. And yes, they destroyed OLTL.

Genie Francis was not let go. In a live chat during GH, Emme Rylan said that she’s going to be having scenes with Luke and Laura. Frank and Ron did not destroy OLTL. But, to each it’s own I guess.

Brian Frons destroyed OLTL!!!!

They did NOT destroy OLTL – that was Frons and Sweeney.

In fact they made the show very good. Ron C. did indulge himself with the horrid Ford brothers and he kept Farah Fath front and center, all terrible things, but otherwise the writing was great.

Well, first of all, Francis wasn’t let go, but even if she had been, who are you to question that? None of us are in the room, so we don’t know if that was the actor’s or producer’s decision, what circumstances were involved, and how it went down. So have a seat, unless you have actual, firsthand knowledge of what is going on.

Second — no, they did not destroy OLTL — in either its television or internet incarnations. The first was 86’d by a misbegotten phalanx of television executives who are no no longer employed by ABCDisney. The second died a slow and painful death for reasons which would be obvious to even the most obtuse and stunted viewer of on-and-offline shenanigans by the license holders, Prospect Park. Please avail yourself of Google and read.

If, after that, you still cling to the bitter comfort of your resentment and bile, I recommend therapy.

I haven’t loved this show this much since the 80’s and frank and Ron love soaps you can tell. They love the genre — some producers in daytime want it to be like nighttime which i think is a mistake. Ron and frank love daytime and it shows.

I LOATHE the character Kelly Monaco plays.. Why they continue to make that skank of a character front and center I’ll never understand. They whitewashed her sins away and they’re never mentioned again, yet others must be chastised daily for much less. The ratings when she ate the show were at their lowest EVER. Her pairings bomb, so why the HELL is she front and center again? No wonder I stopped watching this stupid show. They’ll push that trick down peoples throats till the very end unfortunately.

Don’t hold back Jana. Give us your true opinion.

It wouldn’t be a Soap without someone to hate,

Her pairings bomb?! Really? I hate to admit it, because I loathed Jason Morgan, but that was one of the most successful pairings in daytime. It lasted almost a decade, which is unheard of in the genre. Her coupling with Greg Vaughan’s Lucky was very popular and received adamant, enthusiastic support from viewers. Her current and third pairing with Michael Easton’s Silas (Her first being the wildly popular Caleb/Livvie pairing on Port Charle) is incredibly popular and consistently rates as one of the highest in market demographics and viewer feedback.

Please tell me how any of these at all embody your erudite use of the word “bomb”.

Monaco is a frontburner actress because people like her. You may not, but I’m afraid you’re in the minority. As for the flaws of Sam Morgan — yes, she’s got quite a few, but show me a single female character on the show who doesn’t — and yet all of them are viable as love interests, friends, companions, daughters, and worthwhile human beings. That’s soaps, and in a lot of ways, that’s life.

And in point of fact, the ratings didn’t reach a low point because of her or her character ‘eating the show’. That distinct honor goes to her stalwart Galahad, Jason — the mob hit man with a heart o’ gold, who is now mercifully dead, gone, and contributing to the renewal of the earth for the first time in his miserable existence.


As much as I enjoyed GH pre-Frank and Ron, I was quickly growing tired of it. Frankly, it was becoming the Carly/Sonny/Jason/Mob show. There are still a few kinks that need to be worked out, but my love for GH has come back and it is stronger than ever thanks in part to these two!

I have been watching since 1979. I wish they would bring GENIE FRANCIS (Laura) back! What happened to her??? I also hope they KEEP TRISTAN ROGERS (Robert Scorpio). I would love to see them, SOMEHOW, return Franco, Silas and Kiki BACK to Todd, McBain and Starr. I was also a fan of OLTL and it would seem that with Prospect Park potentially not bringing OLTL back, why not? I love these three on the show, but am not happy about Roger Howarth playing Franco or Michael Easton as Silas Clay. NOT GOOD!

I love RH as Franco!!
I am waiting for the extremity talented RH to get a really good story!!

I love ME as Silas!! and an waiting for him to also get a really good story!!
(I’m still out on his hair cut lol

I do NOT like ME’s hair. It doesn’t suit him. He doesn’t look as hot with short hair.

I like it now..
He is no longer a young guy, he has aged, and his now hair suites him well..
He is very handsome and his new doo is working for him..
He can not continue to look, hair wise, as he did 30 years ago 🙂
ME is always HOT!! 😉
(I will take him home with me!)

Howarth is talented but his extremities are no better than anyone else’s. Two hands, two feet, 10 fingers and 10 toes.
And as good as he can be, he’s just as awful in this stillborn role as Franco. If he mugs it up any more than he is now he’ll be arrested for impersonating a clown. This is the worst side of his acting.

ME with the new haircut looks a LOT like Nancy Pelosi after a 3 day drunk.

@boes….Please enlighten me…does NP ever appear (or sound) like she hasn’t been on a three-day bender???? And by the way, on ME’s worst day, he could NEVER come close to looking that bad!!!!!

I am very happy with the current state of GH… Other than DAYS it is the best show on the air period( day or night). I want more Genie Francis though!

I agree with you I want to see her more also

Thank You!!! KEEP IT GOING!! LOVE IT!!

I love GH!! It’s the best it has been in years. Besides Franco and Carly im okay with the show right now. I need Laura, AJ, and Kevin back soon. Lucy has no center on GH without Doc.

Ron and Frank is doing a great job!!!!
Make Sam have a baby with Silas

She should/have a baby with Silas because of the poor story telling when she had Daniel

She probably will, but let’s let her get to the phase where she takes Jason’s ring off first and gives the figurines back to the Chinese restaurant, shall we?

GH has become MUST c tv, unfortunately u can’t say the same about any other day OR night time show right now. My hat is off to Ron&Frank !!!!

This show is so much fun. It’s real proof again, the first being ONE LIFE TO LIVE, that a stale show can be revived when led by show runners who love the genre and respect and understand the show’s history. I had sworn off ABCD, but I watch GH daily. Frank and Ron are geniuses. I wish they could help Y&R, too! They bring such a fun sense of chaos to GH that leaves me constantly amused, surprised and sitting on the edge of my seat. My dream would be to work with these guys, and one by one, fix every soap that is and was.

GH has become unrecognizable. RC has taken this classic Soap and made a mockery of the legend created by writers before him. No where in the writing of GH history have characters or history been “re-written” to satisfy a writer’s agenda. Which is what RC seems to enjoy so much. I disagree strongly with the approach. And much like I felt with the dark days of Guza, I continue to hope it gets better. I miss the writing strategy that Guza brought. More original storytelling and character development. I continue to watch but without the passion and excitement I once did.

You poor baby. Watching every day despite how awful it is. You slay me.

The ratings are up, demos are up, new viewers are up, and the show is thriving. So clearly you are in the minority in “disagreeing with the approach”, as that selfsame approach saved the bloody show. Guza, on the other hand, almost killed it with his barely two-dimensional writing and story plotting — and by the way, Guza and his team did more rewriting and bludgeoning of characters and history than ANY other writing team on the show has ever done.

I’m so sorry you’ll ‘continue to watch’ without the ‘passion and excitement you used to. Your sacrifice is TRULY awesome, and my heart bleeds.

While “Cartini” are immensely inventive, have breathed new life into GH, and definitely deserve kudos for their brilliant efforts, they still have some quirky qualities that drive me mad….like their obstinate insistence on continuing to use characters that clearly don’t work instead of cutting them loose (Sabrina, Car-LOS!, Taylor, TJ, etc.) and putting beloved characters in “drydock” for far too long (like AJ, Laura and now Anna/Robert!) in favor of other legacy roles that simply are not as important (Lucy, Scotty, even Leslie….) As for the “gift” of bringing back Jack Wagner, it was more of a “gag” for his fans….he should have had a much better and longer stint, so the ptb’s should quit patting themselves on the back for that one…ditto for Rick Springfield.

I think ABC wanted FV & RC for GH along and the only way to get them is to cancel OLTL on ABC and delay PP version OLTL so they could go to GH and SAVE it ass.

Sorry but i disagree…if ABC wanted Frank and Ron they wouldve hired them for GH before PP could…PP signed FV and RC for the online version so how could ABC hire them the way you say…ABC only got to hire them after PP announced they shelved plans to revive both soaps, and most people believed the shows werent returning, then ABC hired them because they realized how foolish they were to think there were no audience for soaps so they wanted to see if they could save their last one…if ABC truly didnt want PP to bring back those 2 soaps then they shouldnt have given PP the rights to them…PP just arent the right people to be in the soap business…

That’s one of the silliest, most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard a LOT.

This regime has done some brilliant things and also made some major major missteps. But I think we can all agree the show is better than it was under Guza. That’s a good thing. I really hate the renewed focus on Sonny and the mob, but at least now there are a whole bunch of other stories and characters to watch. Sometimes days, and if we are lucky like we were back around the anniversary, weeks go by and we don’t see Sonny! There is a lot of variety that was just not there under Guza.

I absolutely love how the article/interview mentioned Jane Elliot as Tracy. She is one of my favorite actresses and characters on the show. I absolutely love the Quartermaines. I miss them. I love some of the newcomers: Ava, Derek/Julian. Both Jeromes have chemistry with many other cast members. I do think there are too many recurring characters that unfortunately, do not offer a lot to the show. It seems as though they are used as “fillers” during the middle of the week. Storylines are being dropped, such as Connie’s murder and AJ’s prison stint. Please, please, please, send nuMorgan to the Pine Barrens (sp) or diving off of Pier 52 and Kristen Alderson back to Llanview.

I used to be a news junkie…but the news today is always bad….so now I’m a GH junkie. Thanks Frank and Ron!

They have done some very good things. Just changing the focus from the Sonny/Jason/Carly hour alone made the show more watchable. And I do think it’s a fair assessment that they have given GH new and prolonged life.

But GH also suffers from the same things that made OLTL uneven under their watch. While the good stuff can be great, the so-so stuff can be just awful. The A cast, even with characters I don’t care for, are imminently watchable.
Then there is the B cast and storylines – Olivia, Kiki, the horror of Howarth as Franco, and that stuff is just godawful. And I’m a little afraid that they’re too invested in the Jerome family they are resurrecting/creating, and that vet families will suffer, just as OLTL did when Higley had her Rappaport family eat Llanview alive.

So, they’re good, and they have “saved” the show. I’m just going to hope that they don’t overreach and become too enamored with their own cleverness and make the show unrecognizable. (I was Ryan’s Hope number one fan, but I still can’t fathom why they bothered with bringing that soap back into the mix).

With Ron C. in particular, his ego can get in the way of good story and even moreso, good characters and casting. I hope he reigns it in as much as possible.

From the day I found out that Kimberly/ Robin was coming back I decided to start watching again to catch up. Cannot stand seeing this pathetic version of Patrick who turned into a wimp when put with pet nurse. So many charactes had to prop her. Can’t wait for Patrick to learn that Robin is alive, his soulmate and love of his life. Come on FV and RC don’t let us wait too long and remember the story is about Scrubs not a forced character nurse.

From this excruciatingly over-the-top and contrived storyline, it appears that “Cartini” ignored long ago the real reason that most fans tuned into Patrick’s journey….to see him reunited with Robin!!!! This deranged Disney fantasy tangent that we have been subjected to for the past insufferable year can only be attributed to one of the worst cases of adult ADD ever!!!!!!

But what if Patrick tells Robin he only loves Sabrina now? Maybe Dr.O put something in Pattys drinking water to make him forget his love for Robin forever!!! kidding!!!

I goofed my 1st reply…so had to redo…lol

What if Patrick and Robin are finally together and he tells her he only loves Sabrina? Then we find out Dr.O drugged Pattys drinking water with a ‘stupid’ pill that makes him forget he really loves Robin…wouldnt that be funny? Maybe not, sorry!!!

Uh, definitely NOT, jimh!!! Although the part about Patrick having ingested a “stupid pill” is about the only plausible explanation for whatever has phased him during his “lost year” with Sappy!!!!!

Everyone has to have a romance. Hmmm yet Liz doesn’t have one, hasn’t had one for years and can’t even get a story. Still waiting for what we were promised when they first took over.

Ron & Frank are the worst things to happen to GH in 50 years. I want them both fired asap.

Well, sorry, sweetheart, but that’s not going to happen. The ratings are up, new viewers are flocking to the show, and GH is kicking serious ass in the key female demographics. So my recommendation is to either suck it up or find something else to watch. Because clearly, they are NOT “the worst thing to happen to GH in 50 years”.

I think you should give up that dream of becoming a television analyst. eeee

Lifelong fan of #GH but man, that last decade of Guza was brutally bad. I would tune in for a day or two every six months to see where the show was at, and would usually turn it off in disgust at what had been done to these characters and this once fabulous show. I have to admit that I didn’t warm up to Cartini in their first few months although I loved their run on OLTL (well, except for pretty much everything to do with Marty Sayebrooke). It wasn’t until Tea (from OLTL) came on the show that I gave it another shot, and I haven’t missed a day yet. THIS is the show I remember and its damn good soap. Love the vets, love the returns, love the new characters, love the mix of stories … but where o where is AJ?? 🙁

Kanan was on vacation. These people do have lives.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York On His Health Battle & Living Life While Waiting for Bone Marrow Transplant: “Let’s Just Go One Day At a Time”

John J. York’s positive outlook on his current medical diagnosis is quite remarkable, as his approach might be one many facing the same circumstances might consider.  The beloved General Hospital vet, where he has played Mac Scorpio for 22 years, revealed last week that he is battling cancer.

The popular soap star shared that he has been fighting myelodysplastic syndromes, or MDS, and multiple smoldering myeloma: two blood and bone marrow disorders.

York spoke with PEOPLE about how he found out about his diagnosis, the support his wife Vicki has shown throughout, and how he lives life day to day, while he waits for an all-important bone marrow transplant.

Photo: JPI

The actor shared what happened the moment he learned of his diagnosis: “(The doctor) was explaining all these different things and cells and all different levels and words that had, you know, 25 letters in them. And I didn’t understand. And Vicki finally came out and said, ‘Does John have cancer?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ And I’m sitting there, I’m really just like a fly on the wall, listening to him talk to Vicki because she was the one asking all the questions.  At the end of his doctor’s conversation with Vicki, York’s one question was simple: ‘Why do I feel so good?’”

Vicki and John were in the process of moving to Tennessee to be closer to their daughter, Skyler, but considering UCLA in Los Angeles as John’s treatment center.  In the end, Skyler’s husband suggested Vanderbilt University for John’s cancer center so he did not have to travel back and forth to the west coast.

Since March of this year, John has had IV chemo treatments every month, with another one coming up in September. On that, John expressed: “It is what it’s, you know what I mean? And then everybody’s gotta get their treatment. And then you go home, go about your life and you play with the kids. And here we are.”

Currently, York is waiting for a bone marrow transplant. He has been moved up the donor priority list. If anyone is interested, and you are between 18-40, you can join the registry here

Photo: JohnJYorkX

York shared how Vicki is coping with what’s ahead: “Yeah, she’s scared, but believe it or not, I really kinda wasn’t because I feel great. Personally, I feel like it’s in God’s hands. God’s will be done. It’s gonna work out okay, one way or another. I’m either gonna survive or I’m not. And life goes on and things are gonna be okay for everybody… Let’s just go one day at a time.”

Share your well-wishes, and support and love to John, as he goes through the next phase of his health battle and let’s hope a bone marrow transplant donor is found for him soon. After all, we all want to see Mac Scorpio return to Port Charles, but more importantly, we all want John to feel better and beat this.Comment below.

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Breaking News

Billy Miller’s Mother Issues Statement On His Passing

Patricia Miller, the mother of the late Billy Miller, has come forward and issued a touching statement on the tragic death of her beloved son at age 43.  The statement was shared by Billy’s longtime manager, Marnie Sparer, via social media.

Billy was best-known for his performances as Richie Nowack on All My Children, Billy Abbott of The Young and the Restless and Jason Morgan/Drew Cain on General Hospital, as well as countless primetime roles.  Throughout his career, Miller took home three Daytime Emmys for his work.

“I would like to share the following thoughts,” Patricia began. “I want to personally thank the many fans & personal friends for the overwhelming amount of love, prayers & condolences sent to me and my family on the devastating death of my beautiful son BJ – Billy Miller.”

Photo: JPI

Patricia continued with these sentiments, as she wanted to clear up any misinterpretations on this death: “He fought a long hard valiant battle with bipolar depression for years. He did everything he could to control the disease. He loved his family, his friends and his fans but in the end the disease won the fight and he surrendered his life. The other causes of death being told are not true. I wish they were but they just aren’t. We all loved him so much and are desperately trying to deal with our loss. I will have nothing further to say. Thanks for the love and support.”

The soap world as well as Billy’s family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues are in deep mourning for this talented man, who was gone too soon.

Share your thoughts, and send your condolences to Patricia Miller and the rest of Billy’s family, via the comment section below.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat

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Billy Miller Remembered by His GH and Y&R Co-Stars As They Share Grief on His Passing

UPDATED: On Sunday, longtime friends and co-stars of actor Billy Miller took to social media to share their remembrances and sorrow on the passing of the three-time Daytime Emmy-winning star.

Miller passed away on Friday, September 15th as first reported and confirmed by Michael Fairman TV.  While the official cause of death has not been revealed, it has been related to the press by his management that Billy was suffering from manic depression.

Billy played Jason Morgan/Drew Cain on General Hospital from 2014-2019, and prior to that won 3 Daytime Emmys for his role as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless from 2008-2014.  He started his soap career on All My Children in the role of Richie Novack back in 2007-2008.

Below are just some of the tributes pouring in for Billy:

Eric Braeden: “We lost BILLY MILLER! It saddens me deeply! He was a very gifted actor! Amelia(Victoria) and I took him to dinner one evening while he was in tough negotiations, and I remember telling him to reconsider, because rarely is an actor given a part that describes him almost perfectly, and to not make the mistake I had seen some actors make over my 60’years in the business, that they are indispensable! Once an actor thinks that or is told that by some sycophants, they step onto a slippery road…usually to oblivion! “BILLY BOY” was not only a damn good actor but a nice man! May he rest in peace and meet up with KRISTOFF in the BEYOND, ‘the undiscovered country from whose bourn no Traveller returns “ and tell each other jokes! They were both loved by their colleagues!”

Photo: JPI

Melissa Claire Egan: “My beautiful friend. I love you. I’m so sad. And I’m so sorry.”

Chrishell Stause: “Still processing this. Too many feelings, but you are gone too soon and I’m so happy I got to work with you all those years, but also call you a friend. I hope you are at peace now ”

Jess Walton:RIP to my precious Billy Miller. You were and ARE  much loved by all of us who knew you”

Daniel Goddard: “The world is going to be just that little bit more dull without you in it… you had that “it” factor that lit up every room you were in. Rest In Peace Mate ”

Photo: JPI

Nancy Lee Grahn: “So very sorry to hear this very sad and unexpected news. I would like very much for my beloved General Hospital to have no more of it. #RIPBillyMiller

Eileen Davidson: “I’m so sad to hear of Billy Miller’s passing. His infectious charm and warmth left lasting impressions on all of us who were lucky enough to have him in our lives. I’m gonna miss that mischievous smile. Love you Billy.”

PhotoL JPI

Jason Thompson” “I’m so sorry and saddened to hear about my friend, Billy Miller. Heartbreaking. He was funny, had a great laugh and very talented. Light and love to his family and friends.”

Brad Bell: “Billy Miller was a great man and a gifted actor. Billy left an indelible mark on The Young and the Restless with his brilliant portrayal of Billy Abbott. He will be sorely missed.”

Stephen Nichols: “Sure gonna miss you, man.”

Finola Hughes: “Billy … far too soon … peace be with you”

Kin Shriner: “Very sad to hear about Billy Miller I so enjoyed his time on @GeneralHospital He was a really good guy and funny and kind to all !RIP Billy”

Jon Lindstrom: “Billy was gifted. He was also good-natured, smart, funny, and always impressed me as a great friend to those close to him. He didn’t blink when I asked him to put on this shirt to help raise up the marginalized artists in our industry. He always seemed to have his heart in the right place and I always laughed when I was around him. #FlightOfAngels#RIP #BillyMiller #bereft”

Frank Valentini: “I am devastated to hear news of the incredibly talented Billy Miller’s passing. On behalf of the entire (General Hospital) family, our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.”

Photo: JPI

Elizabeth Hendrickson: “Today I should have been sending you a Happy Birthday text BJ. Truth be told i hated calling you BJ but that’s what your closest friends /family called you. I eventually caved. The last couple years we kept in touch through birthdays and monumental moments or when we wanted to vent about “ work”. You gave me a lot of advise. When i understood it always mumbling your words. We always joked about that.
We didn’t text or talk often. But I’m glad the last couple times we did, we had a great banter like we used to. I knew that we always held a special place in each others hearts, no matter what. You were such an amazing friend to your inner circle. They were your family. You would do ANYTHING for them. That’s who really were. As loyal as they came. I’m sad and yes, mad at myself that I wasn’t being a better friend, checking in more often because I was thinking of you recently. I was. I hope you know that we are all here now texting each other, sending pictures and sharing memories of how fucking AWESOME you were. This hole in my heart will never be filled. Goodnight, sweet Billy.”

Scott Clifton: “This is not fair. We deserved so much more of him. Rest in peace, Billy. You’re immortal now.”

Photo: JPI

Coby Ryan McLaughlin (ex-Shiloh, GH): “Man… this sucks. Billy and I played on GH together for nearly a year. He was intense, focused, cool and kind. He knew the hamster wheel that I was about to start spinning on all too well, and always made himself available to help the new guy….. Rest easy, man…

Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R):  “Billy, My fellow Texas brother. You lit up every room with your smile. Your quiet intensity onscreen was second only to your gentle kindness and genuine care in private. We recently shared work on an Apple series, and your encouragements during and after that process, and your kindness over the years are now but a few of the things I’ll hold on to as warm memories of you. What a big heart you had. You were bigger and braver and bolder than this life. You were legend. There is no landing to this final cliffhanger, the wings you’ve spent your lifetime earning have carried you up to that wonderful place in the sky. Happy Birthday Billy Miller.”

The Young and the Restless:The daytime community mourns the loss of Billy Miller who graced Y&R with his talent for many years as Billy Abbott. Our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.”

Kathleen Gati: “I am beyond sad to hear this tragic news.#BillyMiller was always so kind, professional and a wonderfully talented colleague  @GeneralHospital Deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.”

TK Weaver: “Devastated. Hard to find words. You always gave me such good advice. You were always there for me. You were an amazing person. #BillyMiller I’ll never forget you. Please join me in praying for his family and loved ones.”

Greg Rikaart: Generous, passionate, fun, soulful and brilliant Billy. Can you just imagine the reunion between him and Jeanne? I can. Rest well, dear Billy

Sean Kanan: “Shocked and saddened to hear that Billy Miller is no longer with us. He was a terrific actor and always kind when we would see each other. I pray that his family and friends find comfort and peace during this unimaginably difficult time. #BillyMiller #YR”

Share your remembrances for Billy Miller and his work and performances on Y&R, GH and AMC below.  But first, check out Michael Fairman TV’s interview with Billy following his Daytime Emmy win for Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2014.


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