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Ingo Rademacher Makes Another Return To General Hospital!



Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is back, yet again, and the timing could not be more perfect!

With Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) marriage imploding over the sudden death of their son, Morgan (Bryan Craig), and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) ingratiating herself into the Corinthos household, look for Jax to return to Port Charles hopefully with more info in the role he played in securing Josslyn’s kidney donor from the black market ring then he previously let on.

Ingo Rademacher let the cat out of the bag on his exciting return to the ABC daytime drama series via his Instagram account where he wrote, “Back! @generalhospital”

The popular actor’s return will be just in time for the all-important November sweeps ratings period of stories.

So, happy to hear Jax will be back? What information will he have on Nelle? His part in Josslyn receiving a kidney?  What will he do when he sees Sonny and Carly ripped apart? Share your theories below!

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The character of Nelle isnt working as i originally hoped…i found Carly too accepting of Nelle into her home just because she gave kidney to Josslyn…and at first it seems she was forced to give the kidney…who lets someone into their home they barely know-i dont want blood relatives in my home as it is-lol…Nelle maybe Nina’s daughter…at first i thought maybe she was Carly’s with Tony Jones but then she should be older than Micheal?…Jax i can take him or leave him-i know he is popular but i never cared for the character…i always felt he and Linda Dano were two daytime stars who were overrated …jmho!!!

i like Sonnys haunting dreams about young Morgan but i hope he doesnt end up in bed with Nelle…like a redo of Carly and Tony!!!

Where is Lucas…all the hospital drama and then his nephew Morgan ‘dies’ and he isnt around!!!

Couldn’t agree more Jimh including Linda Dano..never warmed up to Felecia on another world and that tiresome trio of her, Cass and wallingford

Felicia was too campy…and Linda was often side glancing like she was reading cue cards…people would talk as if she was the best thing to hit AW…ratings really werent that great when she was on and AW wasnt the top soap it once was…its the 70s era when Beverly Mckensie played the scheming Iris who was obsessed with daddy Mac and hated his young wife Rachel when the show was at its best and was hugely popular…When Bev left the show lost one mllion viewers…she was the actress here to remember as well as vicki Wyndam and Jackie Courtney who once was Rachels rival for the love of Steve Frame…and the actors who played Steve and Mac were also fine actors who kept the show top rated…Linda couldnt hold a candle to any of them!!!

you had me roaring with laughter…. “thank you”

“…who lets someone into their home they barely know-i dont want blood relatives in my home as it is ”

right ? I agree with you … that Nelle is losing track; steam ; edge ; mystique

at least thus far.. she isn’t smothering Michael… like Carly she’d mow him down. Please soap gods… do not pair her with

she’s gotten in too fast… with ; Sonny and Carly business… to even make it interesting… down the road… right ? it’s beddie bed time… and see the fallout

is this going to be Sonny and Nelle secret if they do connect… ? squirt

this will add so much dimension, layer, and intrigue…. it’s already written and spelled out… so we watch … what? drama between this couple with an ingénue and upstart ? LOL

STAT : I am livid … Laura is telling Liz.. she’s going to sell WINDEMEARE … let’s throw in it’s for Spencer. expletive all over the place… for those who aren’t posting… I will

the … dimension, layer, intrigue, and fascinating character Nicholas Cassadine… has left a gaping “whole” of the show that will forever never be fixed.

GH / ABC / Disney; DO NOT renew Billy Miller contract… FIRE Kelly Monaco

wouldn’t it be something to use their cache and bring back Nicholas and Dr. Joe

if GH is so fixated on Laura Wright… spend some money on Rick Hearst

Sonny character is barely making an impact on his loss…. the show is already past the fireworks … the death knell is the production… no muster past the car bomb.

where’s the muster and passion… from Frank Valentini and Jean and Shelley ?

Jimh I also have to throw in Jennifer Leak as Olive Gordon. I loved that character almost as much as I loved Barbara Rodell as Joyce Coleman on ATWT. GOTTA get rid of Jacquie Courtney’s alice..once the actress moved to llanview as Pat Ashley/maggie that’s when I liked Jacquie Courtney…as well as the actor who played Steven..not until he became Tony Lord on OLTL

Yes…she was another great actress from the show…and there were many back then…i did hate it when they had her kill off John Randolph-dont recall if the actor wanted to leave or not …also enjoyed Roberts Blossom as the evil Cory servant Sven…and the late Barry Jenner who played Olive’s lover Evan Webster!!!

LOL, Jimmy….please, soap gods; let Nelle be Nina’s. Give this woman a break. I have this ominous premonition that Nina will be ‘searching’ for a baby, in every ‘way’ possible!!!!
It would be some twist, as I mentioned weeks ago, if Nelle and Kiki were twins. MadMaddie gave one baby to Ava and the other to an ‘adoptive’ mother. I do realize that the twin-stories on any soap has been played out….but….
I think it falls into the category of very soapy and bubbly. Don’t you think? Too stagnant? LOL.

Nelle and Kiki-faternal twins separated at birth…Yes, The Stagnate Twins do belong to their Stagnate(no dna needed there-lol) Mom Napni(means Nina puts me to sleep-lol)…Sorry, C-i know you like Michelle(Nina) and i tried to at least tolerate her but to me she is like nails on the chalkboard!!!

@Jimh(leave it to beaver).
Hey, there, my friend,
I will admit, that’s too funny, Jimmy. Kiki did very well this past week. Nelle? I keep liking her less and less. She’s always an ear-shot away….looming. She just appears out of nowhere. Sonny has had multiple nightmares–what follows? There’s instant-Nelle right behind the door. Isn’t she supposed to be upstairs tending to Avery?
But, that’s ok, say what you feel…I like that…. just too funny.
Yes, I love Michelle, but Nina needs to go on Morgan’s meds ( sans Ava’s placebos), LOL.
Yet, I do love Nina, as well…I love her style, her hair, her clothes, her willowy figure.
But, the character’s obsession with babies? Nah. That’s a mental issue.
I wish TPTB would give Nina one ‘face’ instead of having her persona traipse all over the map.

Hello Celia

^ Funnnny ! about “instant-Nelle within ear-shot – looming -”

if only the Corinthos could be as funny


yeah, shucks… ie: Nina character… I was / am actually interested in Curtis… helping Nina… regardless if it’s “against” the law… and even if it works against him wanting on the Port Charles PD…

so what… this is Curtis.. and his chemistry with Nina… works

i’m hoping that the writers get Nina character all fired up and in charge.. when Valentin gets back… as these two are stratosphere bigger than life. ahem

GH ! get Nina out of the doldrums and working it… Valentin power is back

what better way for GH to get this show up and running with Michelle Stafford… this may be her last shot

Agree with you–character of Nelle is not working–she’s a cold fish, introduced poorly.
Any character who comes on and tells the story that her parents sold one of her kidneys is doomed. No prep, hazy background story, muddled storyline, etc. It’s a shame.

Nelle WILL sleep with Sonny. Either he will be drunk or he will be drugged. She is creepy! Mr. Corintos! Mr. Corinthos! WHAT!

We agree, Timmmy. That has been my impression of Nelle from the onset.

Jimh agree…as for John Randolph Harding Lemay who over saw and wrote AW’s greatest era back then was irritated by certain actors and stories and pushed back against P&G hard to get his vision of Bay City on air. He couldn’t stand the two actors who were most popular as Steve and Alice which is how they ended up at OLTL. He said Jacquie Courtney once became so hysterical in a scene she mumbled all his good lines because she couldn’t bring the meaning across. George rheinholdt was a beast to work with and he didn’t like pat Randolph encumbered in her marriage to John. The audience was livid when he was finally allowed to get rid of him and Mary Matthews. He also hated the whole Walter curtain and Lenore mess and was finally able to get rid of Walter and make pat an alcoholic. He pissed off a large fan base but pushed the show to number one over long standing ATWT.

so happy he is back , i wish he comes back.perm. the
show needs him, tired of the .julian story and we need
more storys like felix , lucus, brad and bring back nick stable as nicholas.!! carly is an amazing actress, and bring the actress sabrina back too, huge mistake gh

No big surprise here. I think we all expected a return as his association (‘underground’, LOL) with Nelle is not over.
Actually, it’s just beginning.

You’re right, Celia. More in the ongoing saga of ho-hum. I thought maybe Jax was returning to comfort Joss or even Carly, but I’m sure there’ll be a bigger plot (plop?) here. Stay tuned.

You’re too funny, Soaphound.

I agree. There seemed to be unfinished business and secrets when Jax left the last time. He had a “look” on his face, and he just acquiesced to Nelle being there too easily. Wonder what he’s been up to since he left? He has the resources and contacts to find out more. Or maybe he already knew things about Nelle???

Anyway the Morgan story has been a showcase of great acting on the part of Carly, Sonny, Ava, Michael and Nelle. And even the Charlotte story has finally given Maxie a chance to show her stuff, especially in scenes with the guy who is probably working for Valentin, as well as Griffin and Nathan.

Everything you said, Rose. I can’t add anything to your concise and complete account.
I think Jax knows Nelle….and knows her well. How? Maybe he was the one who ‘bought’ her kidney?
Obviously, there’s a history between them. Good, bad or a conspiracy?
As far as the actors/ actresses—-superlative work by them all.
And, yes, I loved Maxie’s spunk. So feisty, LOL. can’t kick her around.
My son was so upset to see her being thrown around, as he has a crush on Maxie ( he’s seven, lol). I had to explain it was all fake and he wasn’t trying to hurt her. I am usually very careful about what the kids watch; but, I was caught off guard.
Great episode, today by all. I am somewhat confused about Griffin and his vulnerability to Claudette. He keeps capitulating, then he catches himself. Is he in the garden of Eden, and Claudette is the serpent? Is God testing him? I am not getting the moral substance here.
What do you think Rose? Is there a moral to the Griffin storyline? Will he emerge the victor?
Thus far, he is experiencing such an internal struggle. He can’t seem to find any peace. He is so tormented. Is it because he still has feelings for Claudette and he is fighting it as his soul/heart/core are the subject in a tug-of-war?
I am not too sure about Griffin being Charlotte’s daddy. ‘Tis very questionable. I will stick to my guns and say she is Valentin’s. He knows it, and that is why he sent his henchman to find her. He wants his daughter.
I also still contend Nathan and Griffin are brothers, with Val as their father. Twins? LOL.
Plus, I agree with you. I can smell Valentin in this ‘makeshift’ Maxie kidnapping, an ocean away.

Just love Jax…happy whenever he returns. Wish they could work out a deal to have him recurring. I know he couldn’t appear regularly since he lives in Hawaii but more often might be a win-win.

I wish they would throw us for a loop and reveal that she’s AJ’s daughter out for revenge. As it stands, I’m still betting that she turns out to be Carly’s daughter.

I think she’s Carly’s daughter too but I love the idea of her being AJ’s! As it stands now though looks to me like she’s trying to seduce Sonny…much as Carly did to her mothers’s ( Bobby) husband Tony.

What a great idea, Jason. Nelle and Michael; AJ’s children. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

well… now that we think about it more….

Nelle… does have facial features “similar” to Ms. Tracy

right ?

you guys blew me away… with her likeness to Diane Lane

This is the right thing to do! In the past, GH would tell stories and important people in character lives would be absent when the story demanded they be there. In other words, at Morgans funeral, Jax should and will be there! Nelle is another story Jax disappeared from. I hope he stays long enough to at least explain how he knows her. Welcome back Ingo!

Jax is coming to check on Nelle and to say I told you so to Carly about marrying Sonny again…

I wish they could keep Jax around long term, he’s such a great character and the show is in need of more leading men than just Sonny, Jason and Julian. The newbies aren’t cutting it – Nathan, Andre, Curtis and Griffin aren’t exactly leading men material. Plus, Jax has a long history with the show and chemistry with many leading ladies. And Ingo Rademacher is such a natural performer, he immediately draws you in.

I’m still hoping Nelle turns out to be the daughter of Jax and Nina. The writers are so determined to give Nina a child, and this whole black market baby buying scheme doesn’t seem to be working, so why not make Nelle be Nina’s daughter? Plus, it’ll integrate Nina into the show more by connecting her to more main characters. (side note: I still think the show have made Nina pregnant with Valentin’s baby.)

And I still think Charlotte will turn out to be Valentin’s child, as well. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Nathan’s ex-wife and cousin (who he considers his sister) both have children from Valentin, who may also turn out to be Nathan’s father? Remember, Leisl said Nathan’s real father isn’t Victor, and is much worse. Now THAT would be cool.

I disagree when it comes to Curtis and griffin

“thank you” Jimmy… and any one else who cares to acknowledge

WITHOUT: Nicholas, Dr. Joe , Morgan, Paul

MEN with charisma… masculine men, Men with personality … sexual energy

seriously… why would we be that drawn to Sonny and Jason ? LOL
Julian is STUD

as for the men you mention not up to snuff:

Nathan, Andre, Curtis, Griffin… I’d definitely add to this list.. Franco, Michael, Finn

lackadaisical…. period (lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy)

let’s even put it out their… not for lack of try? it’s Jean and Shelley writing

that being said… Frank Valentini and Jean and Shelley have made grievous error

in firing and letting go – Nicholas, Joe, Paul

it’s easy to realize how problematic this is…

Nathan : wooden slow talker – so easy on the eyes nevertheless
Andre: very blasé… is not even interesting with Jordan.
Curtis: IS making inroad… has chemistry with Valerie/Hayden/Nina. meh evenso
Griffin: taking way to long for him to man up… stuck in purgatory … losing steam
Franco: GET A HAIRCUT… I’ve lost interest in HIM at all… with Liz…
Michael: dang it already… thankfully he’s lost Sabrina and Morgan… backburner
Finn: lose Hayden… your best bet after all his starts @GH. stick w/ Tracy. meh

for the love of serial : why are Sonny and Jason… continually featured… they have no fire…. i’m so over Sonny… machismo longing looks of manhood i’m mob his steely gazes are getting creepy… camera.. pull away… yike

Jason… I’m done with so long already… no longer care what you do if you ignore Quartermaine. take off on that motorbike and take Sam with you… so long snore

I miss Tyler Christopher, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Bryan Craig, Richard Burgi

Wally Kurth is essential to this MIA leading MEN. Ingo Rademacher is needed.

Patrick…it’s not like you don’t always have a lot to say, but you really covered a lot of territory with these comments. Agree GH needs more ” Men with charisma…masculine men, Men with personality…sexual energy.”

Hmmmm, Patrick. Curtis is H O T !!!! From the beginning I found such a steamy, spicy and scalding current flowing between him and Nina.
Valerie does not have that erotically, titillating substance to sustain Curtis for too long….didn’t work with Dante….short stint; and, it won’t last with Curtis….she just does not possess the IT-sultry facor. If I’m wrong, I’ll…I’ll…I don’t know what I’ll do…LOL.
Hayden is veeeery sexy….but, I don’t see her and Curtis going anywhere ‘exotic’.

As far as Nelle and Michael. You are right, in my opinion. She has the ‘look’ . She and Michael really resemble each othere….especially around the mouth; puppy eyes; and, a pallid complexion.
Oh, by the by? I only miss Richard and Jeffrey—-stellar actors. Why get rid of them? Other projects?

Now, if Jason and Sam would, indeed, move to Aurora, NY? Well, that would be a gift from heaven.
Remember: I LOVE Billy Miller— so, please forgive me—-just not working as Jason, or within this life of domesticity with Sam; maybe with someone else? She is the worst actress playing an expectant mother. And, her voice still drooones, and drooones, and…..
When the baby kicks for the first time, a woman experiences surprise and joy. She does not grimace in pain. Sooo weird.LOL.
Bye, Patrick.

I really like the idea of making Nina.. pregnant with Valentin.

it’s just maddening… that FV and jean and Shelley were greenlighted and renewed @GH for ??? however long their spiral continues

why not call them out ? chemistry .. be it familial, bonding… relating to the cast as a whole… sexual energy… is vital… no two ways about it…

the woman are in cruise control… as it were

the menfolk are stymied …

I adore… Lucas, Brad, Aaron, Julian, Ned

I haven’t read any thing worthy @ Franco, Sonny, Finn, Jason.. other than they are veteran or have an impact on other shows. this is a lot of cash. put them on the firing line


I forgot… for good reason

Dante and Dillon… are cruising

Kevin and Scotty… both va va voom in their own right… dramedy… whew!

Mac – crime.. what’s happened to him and Felicia… AIRTIME

let’s just put it right out their…. Ingo Rademacher – drool – is TOP SHELF

even after all these years… knock me out

Jax was the best part… of Laura Wright’ Carly…. THE REASON, she won a lead actress emmy. fact

Jax was the best part… of the Brenda / Sonny / Jax / Carly Saga…. WOAH… at it’s prime… Port Charles steamed us all out.

for romance, leading man, fight, persevere, stamina, tall, dark, handsome… you get it – Ingo Rademacher IS ( masculine )

his last visit was blink of an eye

I still say his visit prior.. when he steamed us all out.. WITH Robin Christopher’ Skye
is where GH should go

Bring this couple back… with Lorenzo and Lila Rae…

WHO ???? needs Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam / Julian /Alexis ( dullard)

time to turn GH

Jax / Skye / Dr. Joe / Nicholas / Sabrina vs. the dullards

his twinkle alone has already started

Ingo is tall, handsome…but not dark…he’s blond. 🙂 other than that…yep!

I think Carly/Laura can stand on her own. She is one of the most expressive thespians on soaps ( other than Maura West, that is, LOL).
Laura has the power to communicate heart-rending emotions from the most icy person….she’s that good. Her piteous rendering of the grieving mother was too much for me to bear—I had to FF. Her scenes reached deeply, within my being that much!!!!

jax is needed full time, w/ all the drama of morgans death, i would think jax would not want his daughter anywhere near sonny, plus add into the mix his ex carly and bff Alexis, theres enough drama there to keep jax around for a while.

Much like Kimberly McCullough, Ingo is another one I’m always glad to see whenever he comes back. Like others, I wish he could be on more often, but I’m glad to take whatever I can get. I’d rather he drop it every now and then as opposed to not seeing Jax at all.

I think Nelle could be Carly’s biological father, John Durant’s daughter, making her Carly’s half sister. When he got killed in 2006, Nelle would have been probably 12 or 13. Maybe she got put in foster care and adopted out. Perhaps, Jax discovered Carly’s Dad had another daughter and paid Nelle’s adoptive parents a large sum of money for her kidney. Nelle has made comments that she admires Carly for making it to the top and she also keeps looking at their large family. That would be something an orphaned child would long for. Just a thought.

You have better ideas than the writers! The whole Charlotte paternity thing was a HUGE bust. But, this sounds good. Much better than Nelle being Carly’s daughter. Like Carly wouldn’t remember having a child the same age as Morgan! And, if she did, that meant Morgan tried to make out with his half-sister. GROSS!

Hi, Kansas,
Please don’t laugh if I am off, here. I am not familiar with Carly’s story as I should be…..I have only been watching for a couple of years.
I know absolutely nothing of Carly and Sonny snd their child, Morgan, together.
I like what many fans are saying regarding Nelle and her ‘origin’; but, is it possible that Nelle was replaced by Morgan, at birth?
Ho, the possibilities!!! All these ideas are swirling in my brain. LOL. I’ll stop now, while I’m ahead.

Still, if Carly and Nelle being sisters would mean Morgan kissed his aunt. That’s equally as gross, but he didn’t know that at the time. And Nelle stopped it from progressing, maybe because she knows they are related in some way?

I haven’t heard this idea before but I love it! It explains why she is a match for Josslyn, it explains her interest in Carly, but it also closes the door on a possible Michael/Nelle pairing, which I am intrigued by.

Another interesting idea I’ve heard is Nelle being AJ’s daughter, and seeking revenge on the people who hurt him. I think that has possibilities too, but it would work better if somehow AJ was alive and they were working together. It would be a cool way to reintroduce him into the canvas and right a wrong that Ron C did by killing off the character. Plus, it would create another Q member.

Hey, Jimmy ( not Jimh? LOL),
I can’t tell if you are referring to me about the ‘novel idea’, LOL. If you are? Thank you.
It is a soap, afterall….so, replacing Nelle with Morgan is plausible. He doesn’t look like anybody.
And, although it is a soap, genetically, Morgan does not have a fraction of Sonny’s ‘look’.
Nelle, at least, looks familiar…..falls more in the genetic pool.
But, I am, once more, stretching, LOL.
I don’t want to erase Morgan’s memory. I think it would intrinsically essential when/if Morgan comes back and a story evolves around this very subject.
Perhaps, whoever finds him; wherever he is, has ‘ties’ to PC. His real parents?

one. that’s a beautiful thought… as you said… in all likelihood .. an orphan want(s)

yet will exact , revenge?

a mixed up child ? would explain a lot … yet give Carly a lot from which to work

which would help in explaining … Nelle action (s)

dang… there are a lot of possibilities swirling.. this is going to play out

for me selfishly… I hope it’s the “all about Eve ” angle… and she and Sonny, against his better judgment .. beds… Nelle.. and it’s all crosses to bear… for struggling Sonny and Carly.

GH might be turning Nell into an old school Carly type character. Would not come as a surprise to me if Nell has sex with Sonny. Nell is too goody goody two shoes. I am basing this on previous conversations of Carly”s past

General Hospital

Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon; The Tradition Continues

On Sunday, it was Mishael Morgan’s (Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless) turn to host the annual Lead Actress nominee luncheon, for this year’s talented woman who are going for gold at the upcoming 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night, December 15th on CBS.

Morgan took home the Daytime Emmy in this category in 2022 becoming the first Black actress in the now 50-year history to ever win it. In a tradition that was started by four-time Daytime Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful), the winning actress from the previous year has to pick up the tab, choose a restaurant and host a fun afternoon gathering for this year’s crop of nominees.

Attending the festivities were 2023 Lead Actress nominees: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless) Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful).

Photo: SCaseIG

Taking to her Instagram, Melissa Claire Egan shared: “To be nominated alongside this incredibly talented group of women is a TRUE HONOR!!! Thank you to last years winner, the fabulous Mishael Morgan for hosting an epic Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon today. It’s so nice that they all offered to give me their Emmy if they win!!”

Michelle Stafford took to her Instagram and expressed: “Lead Actress Brunch. This is a real honor. I’m truly honored to be in a group with all of these incredible women. I’ve loved them all for a very long time. We are all so grateful to be working on our shows… to be working in general, as actors. What a spectacular group of women. Mishael (Last years winner) put together a brunch that was BEYOND spectacular with gift bags even!! I mean Mishael, you are an absolute class act. Thank you for the beautiful day 🧡”

Finola Hughes posted her sentiments as well, “Yesterday was the leading ladies lunch for the Emmy’s. It’s a tradition started by the inimitable Susan Flannery. (The previous years winner throws a luncheon for the nominees). Yesterday was a very special lunch. Mishael Morgan raised the bar! The conversation was at once light hearted and deep. This was an amazing group of women, supportive, funny and caring. Thank you all for a brilliant few hours 💕 🌸 ✨”

Posting on their Instagram Stories were Michelle Stafford who gave us a little more behind the scenes of the luncheon, where Mishael also handed out a gift bag to each of the ladies, and Sharon Case who accompanied her photos with the tune “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride.

So, looking forward to seeing which of these talented actresses takes home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy on December 15th? What do you think about how the tradition has been handed down for many years that the luncheon carries on? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Shares Heartfelt Message to Mark His 30-Year Anniversary as Dr. Kevin Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since back on December 3rd, 1993, when General Hospital viewers got the shock of their lives as the ABC soap opera introduced the psychiatrist twin brother of serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, in the form of Dr. Kevin Collins.

For soap fans that meant we got to see even more of one of the finest actors ever to appear in the genre in Jon Lindstrom. The talented actor started on GH a year and half earlier in June of 1992 as Ryan.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Lindstrom is in the running for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series when the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are given out in less than two weeks on Friday night, December 15th on CBS. Could an Emmy on his 30th year playing Kevin and Ryan be in the cards? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

It has been well-documented that former GH creatives Wendy Riche (ex-EP), Claire Labine (ex-head writer) and Michelle Val Jean (ex-writer) were all instrumental in keeping Jon in Port Charles with a second role as Kevin, when he could have headed to As the World Turns at the time to play the role of Damian Grimaldi, that eventually went to Paolo Seganti.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday to acknowledge this special milestone, Jon shared via video message, “I woke up this morning to see that today December 3rd, marks 30 years since I debuted as Dr. Kevin Collins on General Hospital. I knew that it had been a long time, but 30 years since the doppelgänger to Dr. Ryan Chamberlain was introduced. It really is remarkable. It’s been a great ride, a great run. it’s like an entire career right there. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just been great.”

Photo: JPI

Lindstrom paid tribute to those who helped create Kevin, expressing, “I have a lot of people to thank about that, let alone people like Wendy Riche and the brass at ABC at the time … Claire Labine who was writing the show back, but Michelle Val Jean was really was the one who I had the pleasure of working with to develop and bring to life Kevin Collins. She’s still a great friend today. So, there’s been a lot of blessings around this for me, and don’t think, I don’t know it. I pretty much drop to my knees every day in gratitude. Thank you world for supporting Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, for that matter. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Accompanying his video, Jon wrote: “So grateful today for my 30 years of ‘Kevin Collins’ (and ‘Ryan Chamberlain’) on General Hospital, and for the wonderful journey my life has been, for my friends, my the family and incredible opportunities I’ve had. Hope you all have much to be grateful for.”

Share your congrats and well-wishes to Jon for 30 years as GH’s Dr. Kevin Collins via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jon Lindstrom (@jonlindstrom)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Are You For or Against Kristina Being the Surrogate for TJ & Molly’s Baby Knowing the Storyline Implications Down the Road?

As many GH viewers have predicted, things have swung back around to Kristina (Kate Mansi) seemingly being the most viable option in Molly’s (Kristen Vaganos) mind to carry her and TJ’s (Tajh Bellow) baby as their surrogate.

If you recall, Kristina offered a few months back and was shut down by Molly, and then TJ, as the couple then went looking through agencies to find a surrogate to carry their baby to term. The surrogate they found, Andrea, told TJ she lost the baby in a miscarriage, which was confirmed by a doctor at Mercy Hospital, and she won’t go through trying to have a baby again. Leaving the couple devastated. But, is her story suspicious?

Last week on General Hospital, Molly was overwhelmed when having to look through a file to start the process of finding a surrogate and identifying the right candidate all over again and it brought her to tears. Kristina found her in the park, and that led the two to have a heart-to-heart conversation. While the two sisters have come to an agreement, now it comes to convincing TJ that this is the right move.


However, fans of the show can see how complex this will be for everyone down the line. If Kristina’s relationship with Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) moves further down the line, will she be so willing to give her sister the baby? Could there be an ugly court battle for the little one between two moms vs. TJ and Molly?  Will Kristina having their child, bring TJ and Kristina actually closer together, and cause rifts in Molly’s relationship with her man and her sister? What does the long-running soap opera have in store in the storyline by making Kristina the ultimate surrogate? Or, could Kristina lose the baby, only to find out that Andrea, the original surrogate has TJ and Molly’s child? So many possibilities.

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Soap Opera Digest spoke to Kristen Vaganos on where Molly’s head is at with the situation. Vaganos shared, “I think there’s a little bit of desperation there, wanting to take a route that might be more trustworthy. (Surrogacy is) such a hard process to put trust and hope into because anything can happen. And Molly is a control freak! She wants to control as much as she can, so having a relative involved is, I think, comforting in a way.”

In terms of how Molly will re-approach TJ with Kristina being the prospective surrogate, Vaganos added, “Molly knows that it’s going to be an uphill battle, convincing him. Kristina’s track record with TJ is what it is. But it’s another leap of faith that Molly wants to take, and she just wants TJ to be on board with her. Plus, I think that TJ will really trust Molly’s opinion because Molly knows her better than anybody, and Molly would be the first person to doubt Kristina, to make sure to double-check her work. So if Molly says that she really feels strongly about this and thinks it’s the right decision, I think that’ll go a long way. I think TJ will take that to heart. But unless he’s on board with it, too, it’s a nonstarter.”

So, how do you see this playing out and what do you want to see? Are you in favor of Kristina being the surrogate for Molly and TJ’s baby? Are you for or against it, and what it could mean for long-term story implications? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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