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Ingo Rademacher Talks Being B&B’s New Thorne Forrester!



He’s the new Forrester in town and is ready to shake-up the canvas of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.

Former General Hospital favorite, Ingo Rademacher (Ex-Jax) debuted on Monday’s episode as the new Thorne Forrester – a role played previously for years on and off by Winsor Harmon.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Ingo at the recent Forrester men intimate fan gathering, which introduced Ingo to the B&B audience and the press, to get a few candid answers from the popular soap star.

During our chat Ingo weighed-in on: what has been his experience thus far in his new soap home, how this role came about for him, and how he felt about Winsor Harmon’s very gracious tweet to him welcoming him aboard as the latest incarnation of Thorne, and more.  

So, what is the back-story that landed you at The Bold and the Beautiful as the new Thorne?


INGO: I moved back to LA in January for my wife’s clothing line, and because I am too young to retire, I thought I should just go after stuff.  I was doing a Christmas movie and they asked if I wanted to do eleven episodes on The Bold and the Beautiful.  I said, “Yeah.”  However, that role was not right for me at all.  It was written for a 30-year-old Latin guy with six-pack! (Laughs) I was like “The pool guy with his shirt off? Hmmm … I don’t know if I can pull that off.”  Then, two days before I was supposed to start shooting it; I guess Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B) said, “Don’t waste him on this, because I can’t have him back.  I want to recast Thorne.”  Now when I see it, I understand it. It makes a lot of sense.

How has it been working with your new cast members, and being a part of the first family of B&B, the Forresters?

INGO: I’ve been working with everybody including: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), and John McCook (Eric), who is awesome. Everybody goes, “Wow, Thorne! You’ve changed a lot!” (Laughs) There are some great and talented people on this show.


There is going to be quite the contentious relationship between Thorne and his half-brother, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye).  Wouldn’t you say?  

INGO: Definitely, and I think it’s going to continue till Thorne kicks him out of the country. (Laughs) Thorsten and I have some fun scenes coming up that you will see, and some of it gets a bit physical. Thorsten is great to work with. We have a great on-screen brother relationship.  With me coming onto B&B, Thorne brings in this new found strength that he has never had, or had never been written for him before. It makes Ridge do a bit of a double take.  He is like, “What are you going to do?  Go after my job now?” Thorne replies, “Yes, I am!”

What has the pace been like for you since coming to B&B, especially it being a half-hour soap as opposed to GH, which is an hour? I assume you are working a lot and hitting the ground running!

INGO: I had five scenes on the first day. The entire first week I taped at B&B, I never worked so hard, since I was on the Australian soap, Paradise Beach.

Will you be keeping your Australian accent for Thorne?


INGO: I will not have my accent. I played an American on Hawaii-Five-0, and here on B&B there is a lot more ad-libbing, so you are often making the words your own.  So sometimes, our producer, Ed Scott will come down to the floor and go, “Make that sound a little less Australian.”  Now that nobody comes to the studio floor to tell me about it anymore that either means they have given up trying to make me start slipping into an Australian accent, or I got a little bit better at it. (Laughs)

Winsor Harmon was very gracious in his tweet to you about you taking over the role of Thorne.  What did you think of that, and being his recast?

INGO:  Winsor is great.  He was one of the kids from the other soaps that I used to hang out with in the 90’s at events.  He and I started on GH and B&B at the same time in 1996. I knew I was coming on as a recast, but I did not realize that Winsor did not know yet.  When I read that, I went, “Oh, no!” However, Winsor has not been off contract with the show since 2010 and had been recurring, so I don’t know if it was a big surprise.

So, what are your first impressions of Ingo as Thorne from Monday’s episode of B&B? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I thought Ingo did a good job. He brings a new energy as Thorne is ready to take on Ridge. I do think Winsor could have played that, but for whatever reason Brad wanted to recast.

In the past, they have played some of Thorne’s resentment at having been relegated to the basement, but it’s not entirely Ridge’s fault. Thorne also needs to go up against Steffy as she is co-CEO. Thomas ought to be back to join Thorne on his crusade, as he is another who has been passed over.


No offense to Winsor but with Ingo in the role finally Thorne can be a leading man believably challenging Ridge in business and in his love life. Can’t wait to see more of him!


I like IR and am thrilled that he’s bringing his charm and acting chops to Bold. It’s about time someone stood up to Ridge and I am looking forward to seeing Thorne’s relationship with Brooke progress.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

@Jaye. Agree. Think he’s doing a great job so far. A little edgier than W.H. and can’t wait for him to take on the arrogant Ridge, with his designing chops as well as getting Brooke’s attention, and daddy Eric’s admiration and approval of his new designing endeveaur.




I am a big Ingo fan, and I have no problem with someone taking on Ridge. It makes for good family drama. But B&B is messing up royally with me by making Thorne aggressive for all things which belong to Ridge from the second he showed up on Monday’s show. Seriously, there’s been no let up from the start. What ever happened to building up to a storyline, instead of shoving the viewers into the deep end from the moment Thorne Forrester showed up again?

I get that Thorne is a legacy character with lots of history, and his rivalry with Ridge isn’t new. I get it, I do. But Ingo is new to the show, and this version of Thorne is new–he’s more “in your face” than previous incarnations of Thorne. And for me, it’s a little grating. Even if I hadn’t read interviews or spoilers, I could tell from Monday’s show that Thorne is back for Brooke from the way he looked at her (and vice versa), and he’s back to threaten Ridge’s position at FC. One episode told me all that. Why not slow things down a bit? This reminds me so much of Thomas’ entrance on B&B when PF took over the role, and IMO, this version of Thorne is like nails on a chalk board and coming on way too strong for his first few episodes. Ingo deserves better, and so do B&B’s viewers. JMO.


I completely agree with what you said, the writing for Thorne is coming off way too strong and it’s making it hard to invest in his character because he’s too one-dimensional. Ingo is doing a fantastic job so far, but I’d like to see more sides to Thorne in the coming weeks.

It’s funny that B&B has jumped head first into this story, but has been lagging for so long on developing Sheila’s story into something worthwhile.


I love the nu thorne and I love the nuridge too but since I love ridge more then I will be rooting for ridge not to get with brooke because I want ridge with quinn but I want ridge to beat thorne in all other areas and I must say I like the chemistry that brooke and thorne has

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So, will you miss Supernatural? Comment below.

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Photo Credit:

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