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Ingo Rademacher Tweets: "Always Up For A Visit To Play With Laura Wright & GH Cast!"



For those jonesing for some Jax, fan favorite Ingo Rademacher was on Twitter within the last 24 hours to first congratulate former GH cast member, Antonio Sabato Jr. for getting ready to put on his dance shoes in the ballroom dance competition, which Ingo also was a contestant, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars! 

Ingo tweeted to Antonio and his DWTS pro partner Cheryl Burke:  “Right on mate!! Have fun!!!! Work him hard Cheryl!!”

Then a fan tweeted GH head writer, Ron Carlivati “When are you going to bring Jax back?” And Ingo responded with a tweet:  “Always up for a visit and play with the awesome Laura Wright (Carly) and the GH cast!”

With Carly and Jax daughter Josslyn (Hannah Nordberg) growing up into quite a handful, and Carly sleeping/rekindling her feelings with Sonny (Maurice Benard), isn’t it time for a visit from Jax to put some perspective on the situation?  Would you like to see Ingo make a return to GH in the near future?   Let us know!


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I would love to see Jax, again..
When the loved vets come back for a stint it is FUN!!
It’s always a good time when any return..
Hope to see Jax!!…. A fun time !!!

Since when do you like vets??

Jax only had mad chemistry with one person.

And that was Brenda during the 1996-97 triangle storyline.

WOULD LOVE to see Jax (Ingo) return. Would much rather have him than the villians (like Stavros & Heather doing reutrn visits) !!!!! Keep the villans AWAY !!!

Yes. Bring Jax back. Let the fun be again!!

I wouldnt mind a visit from Jax as long as it works for the current story…not for just Jax to pop in with a ‘Howdy Mate’…then leaves faster than a blink of an eye!!! So far Ric Lansings return and departure felt totally pointless…jmhof!!!

Bingo Jim. Jax needs a story. Dont bring him in to say hello. Ric may have just been brought in to set up a bigger story of his return from the dead. I hope to see him and for the Fluke story to be revealed in November.

I agree..Would be great to see Jax back, but only because of the storyline at hand…The whole story with Ric’s return, has basically slip my mind..Someone posted here once, that Ron begins a story and then gets bored and its never mention for weeks or even months..Ric is the perfect example. ..That is the problem when you a huge cast…GH might need a Co-head writer..I still like Ron and some of his stuff but…

They should of never let him go!!!!!!!


Jax lives in Hawaii and GH is filmed in Hollywood, CA..
The flight from Hawaii to LAx is 51/2 hours (not counting airport time)..
Just how would you propose Jax be a regular on GH..
I very much doubt he would give up his home his life in beautiful Hawaii to work on GH….
He has many things going on career wise no need for him to return to GH fulltime..
I’m sure RC&FV and all would love to have him..

its Ingo, not Jax that lives in Hawaii, and he could come back and forth its not impossible, the show needs to be more flexible with their actors, he’s not asking to be front an center, but he could play a supporting role, its better then nothing , if the show would of been more flexible with steve burton, then he woud of probably stuck around, but in his case his story is more fishy, i still think he left thinking he could get a deal with JFP and James Franco when they were trying to develop some lame project together, thankfully by steve choosing to leave we will now get Billy Miller in exchange, and i take him over Burton anytime.

I want Ric to come back, I love Ric.

yes, Ingo could fly from Hawaii to LA every other day lol
Its long flight 51/2 hours and hour or two airport time and then back again..
I doubt that would be his pleasure..
Its not always what the fans want ..
the actors have their lives to live the way that makes them happy..
Ingo is doing very well he doesn’t need GH to survive..
I’m happy he is returning for stint, it will be fun to see him again 🙂

He could tape for two weeks or even 1 out of a month and so it’s possible and from what I hear GH tapes 3 episodes per day so if he did a week a month that 15 episodes so I’m sure it’s possible.

Yes, he could
would he want to ? 🙂

He does not need GH to survive he is doing very well ..
anyways he being in Hawaii and GH in LA, nawwww workout work out well..
(a pain in the azz situation LOL 🙂
I would not hold my breath that he will return ..
but ya never know..

su000 LOL does not detract from your biting remarks. You love stirring it

We’ve been begging for Ingo to come back on screen and execs and writers need to take note and make it happen..the s/l is perfect for his return right now!!

Love Jax. My favorite character on daytime EVER. And I hope he never sets foot on a GH set while the current fools are in charge.

“Current fools-” so right! It’s very sad. I loved when Claire Labine and Wendy Riche were part of the behind the scenes team-in the 90’s.

It’d be nice. But once again it would probably be a short stay since he lives in Hawaii. (Ingo is still good looking…but man! He was stunning back in the late 90s when he first appeared on GH.)

“… man! He was stunning ”

I’ll leave it at that… he was too much for even one mind

I’d LOVE for Jax and Skye to return

LOL and agree re Skye!

Of that we can certainly agree, rebecca1!!!!! Jax was oh so appealing back in his “golden guy” heyday! Now, not so much for me, but his character is still a welcome visitor…..

yes AMEN! bring him on:>)

Yes, I would love it if Jax came back!!

Morgan also needs him, he is long overdue

This would be a good time for Jax to return. But, it probably wouldn’t be long-term since Ingo Rademacher is living in Hawaii. – I think.

luv luv Jax , so yes bring back one of our favs back to Port Charles. At least for me he is missed!

I’d love for Jax to show up!

I would love to see Jax back! Long stay, short visit I’d take whatever we could get! Laura & Ingo always had great chemistry & he has a lot of ties still making him very current & interesting in the story lines right now!

I love Jax. U can bring him back anytime!

I LOVE Jasper Jax! If he ever came back, let him get involved with a woman who really loves him, and him only. I challenge these writers to do something unusual …..let Jax be the winner in a storyline for once!

He would be a sight for sore eyes for sure. Carly is torn between two complete sociopathic horrible men. The Carly we all once knew and loved would NEVER bed the man who orchestrated her virgin son’s prison rape, convenient tumor or no tumor. She (the old Carly) would never allow that serial killer around her little girl either.
And before someone screams, “This is fiction! Suspension of disbelief!” I will remind you that suspension of disbelief in fiction ONLY works when there are character driven stories. Sonny is pond scum, he is what you wipe off on the door mat–it’s disgusting, but mostly boring that Carly hooked up with him for the millionth time.
GH has too many villains to count and if they’re not a villain they’re wimpy and passive. There has got to be happy medium between those extremes. Jasper Jax is that happy medium.
Carly was at her best when she was with Jax–bring him back.

“…Carly was at her best when she was with Jax ”

Carly… for so long… what ? since rc/fv tenure ? has become a carbon copy of her former self

just not that interesting…. course, how long can she fight over her two sons

I think, this carly… played by Laura Wright… is good at fighting for her family… and her “own” demons… her libidinous wanton

I don’t think i’m in the minority here…. it’s just not working… not at all with Sonny… and is barely audible or registering with the uber hot… RH Franco

my thinking… is… it’s worth it to have Carly on GH , if only for the visits from mom Bobbi

I don’t know… i’ve been so disappointed in the Carly/Franco pairing… and if it’s this lame… the only “fire” that Franco can muster… is jelousy of Sonny ? where’s the passion… the manhood… in Roger Howarth character appeal. I Love him.. and it’s been far too long… a wait… to see Franco be any thing

hmmm…Carly slept with Sonny 3 times while she with amazing Jax. Let’s get real Carly LOVES Sonny & always will. How was she at her best when she was screwing Sonny when ever she wanted too and running around threatening his girlfriends…lol

Sonny might be pond scum but Carly can’t seem to get enough of him.!!!!!
I’m enjoying Sonny & Carly. No need for Jax in their story. Carly loved Sonny before Jax, while she was with Jax and she’ll love him long after Jax is gone. Kinda like NOW!

Actually as a Jax fan, I agree with you. Let Carly and Sonny stay together. I am dying to see Jax with someone other then Carly or Brenda. Those two can fight over Sonny. I just want to see Jax in another romance with someone totally new and different for once. I hope we both get our wish. 🙂

Personally, on appeal alone, I’d take Todd aka Franco ala Roger. He’s just one hot dude…But I digress…

At least she can rationalize/believe that Franco wasn’t responsible for Michael’s horror due to his brain tumor. Valid or not…I can see where she can believe that.

But how can she rationalize that Sonny threatened to kill her when he found out she was responsible for shooting Olivia. “If she dies…you die.”

Back to Franco…he risked his life trying to find her from his lunacidal mother. He took a bullet for her. He never gave up the search.

Sonny? Didn’t lift a finger to find her. (Which I thought was out of character…) But the point is…he didn’t. It was Franco that found/saved her.

As for Franco, they’ve aged him…emotionally. He’s not half as ludicrous as they made him so I’m enjoying him more/rooting for him more. Love Roger and he’s bringin’ it.

Jax? Ya, always loved Jax. But since he won’t be sticking around even if he does show up…we’re back to Sonny and Franco. Process of elimination…after Franco finds out about her cheating…the shite’s going to hit the fan. So, back to Sonny?

Ha! Wouldn’t it be funny if she winds up with the new Jason?

Franco, as played by RH, has been one long mission of damage control–that is all he is. He’s the personification of fast food redemption ordering up a convenient brain tumor at the drive up window. It was a horrible decision to make Roger Franco and they can’t undo the damage of it.
Sonny and Carly on rerun over and over is, as Yogi Berra once said, “deja vu all over again.”
Yes, bring back Jax–GH needs a strong, solid character who is actually a good idea.

Harry…you are so RIGHT ON!!!!! I AGREE!!!!! I always thought that Jax was THE BEST ONE for Carly. I still do. To me, Sonny is nothing but a MANIPULATIVE MORON!!!!! Furthermore, any chick that would fall for Sonny and his ICKY AND LAME-ASS ways (or whatever) clearly has NO TASTE AT ALL when it comes to men. Nope. Bottom Line Here: Jax is (among other things) charismatic, charming, dashing, handsome and romantic. Sonny is NONE of those things!!!!!

Thank you, Jaybird.
As I said, he reminds me of Nick Tortelli from Cheers.
Sonny (Nick) says to Carly, “Admit it, you’ve been thinking about me.”
Carly (Diane) responds, “Only during tic and flea season.”

Harry…dude, your Cheers-like comment really made me LMAO…LOL!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!! Thanks.

ummmm duhhh, yes, if he’s not going to pay them “port charles ” a visit , he can come an pay me a visit. this is a no brainer. to bad Jax is linked to Carly, and joslyn only, i’m not a fan of either, but Jax deserved better then Carly or Brenda.

Bring him back contract! I would love for Carly and Jax to get back together.

What does Igo do in Hawii ?

His wife was born there; they both love the ocean…they do a lot of watersports and I believe his wife just started her own clothing watersports line which he may be involved with too. But he’s involved with a lot of activity there…I think it’s surfing; not sure.

Jax and Carly were the perfect pairing; it’s disappointing to know he’d only do a visit return, though, I understand his life taken a different turn.

Oh YEAH, Jax was/is the only man I truly believe Carly was in love with and the chemistry between Ingo and Laura is undeniable!

I agree with Harry – the old Carly would never be with Franco. She simply wouldn’t.she was great with Jax … Would love to him back for the Michael/who shot AJ reveal.

Bring back Jax full time to support both Carly and Morgan… Jason is looming, Sonny’s going to be in a pickle soon, it would be perfect. LONG TERM, not short.

I sooo hope ingo (Jax) will be coming home to GH soon …. Ingo has always been an important part of the GH story , he has been gone far to long…

We need Jax…Carly needs Jax….most defiantly Joss needs her Dad, he’s the only sane parent she has.

Why not bring Jax back? They have brought everyone else back…. and I happen to LOVE Jax!!! It would be great to see him interact with his daughter and give Carly some business about her romance with Sonny.

I would rather see Steve Bond return before Ingo. Nothing against Ingo but for me, nothing come to mind that Jax did on the show that begs for his return. Sonny and Jax have heat but Sonny always wins. So thats boring. Jax is a business man. Maybe take Michael under his wing to piss off Sonny? One thing for sure, if Jax comes back, have him return with a fiance not named Brenda and have zero interest in Carly.

Yes, pretty please, bring back Jax and let him and Carly re-unionize! Love him!

I think a visit from Jax to Port Charles at this time could prove very entertaining. He needs to see how fast his daughter, Josslyn, is growing up and I’d like to see his reaction to the Carly/Franco affair. Even tho Jax won’t stay long, it could be long enough to shake things up some in Port Charles!!! So I say “Bring Jasper Jax to GH and see what action he can create and hopefully lots of excitement!!!


They should send Sonny to jail and bring Jax back.

Jax and Carly just worked for me and this comes from someone who has never liked Carly.
Sonny and Carly?
Well, these two seem to be the result of having nothing better to do…’s akin to picking the dust off one’s inward facing belly button. No that I know anything about it.

When Jax first appeared on theGH canvas, Ingo was in his young prime, simply stunning and oozing charisma. He had that fairytale storyline as prince charming ala wunderkind with never-ending deep pockets and became love interest Brenda’s knight in shining armor . Imo he had the best chemistry with Vanessa Marci; the writing was great for them, and they were at their best craft wise at that time.

Ingo and Laura were good together for awhile until the writers put Carly and Sonny back in the sack yet again, and also ruined the integrity of Jax’s character e.g. making him a liar and in general not the knight in shining armor that he once was. The writers succeeded in stripping Jax of his personal power (except to use for the bad which we rarely saw in action but only the result) which what made him such a hero vs Sonny who wielded a dark power. My favorite memory of Jax was his romance, courtship, relationship with and loss of, Brenda. I loved his back story, and was fine with all until Jax became unrecognizable to the point where when Jerry became written as a cold-blooded murdering,psychopathic sociopath and menace to society, Jax still protected him. I know it all was suppose to highlight Jasper’s loyalty to his family and love for Jerry, but it went past the point of being okay and admirable or even realistic..

If Ingo/Jax should return I hope it’s under contract, and with the character of Jax restored to his original self, who I loved. The question of which actress should play his romantic interest is another story. I happened to like him with Nancy Lee Graham out of the actresses he’s been in story with before, or perhaps test his vibe with Kelly Monaco.

I enjoy watching you on general hospital. Love to see you back on general hospital.

GH is ridiculous overrated train wreck. I like Cartini at OLTL and when they first took over GH, but this show is a joke now. ABC canceled the wrong show.

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