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Is Austin A Goner From The Young and the Restless? Matthew Atkinson Tweets: "Don't Worry. You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me."

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At the end of Monday’s episode of the number one daytime drama series, The Young and the Restless, after someone spiked the punch/alcohol at the remote Valentine’s Day cabin party thrown by Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), everyone passed out and seemingly woke up.  Although Summer Newman (Hunter King) was oh-so-sleepy.

However, the only person that the gang could not locate was their friend Austin (Matthew Atkinson).  When searching for Summer’s husband, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) is shocked, as is everyone else, when he seemingly falls out of the doors of an armoire to the ground … looking dead!

There has been much speculation that Austin is a casualty during February Sweeps on Y&R, and that he is the guy that will be killed-off!

Now, after receiving many tweets from fans of the series, Matt Atkinson tweeted last evening, “Trying to respond to everyone, y’all are awesome. Thanks for the love and support! Don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me on #YR!”

But, is that a cryptic message? Is Atkinson’s Austin still going to die? What do you think will go down this week on Y&R with his character? Weigh-in below!

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He could go and please take Summer with too!!!

Austin was better than Summer. Summer looks like her whinny self killed Austin he could not take it anymore. I hope he comes back. He was a cutie 🙂

Shoot. I was hoping somebody would kill Summer. Hey…who was Austin texting the other day?

Summer loves Austin she should not be punnished. Austin is still a live! Believe that he has said that fans have not seen the last of him! I know deep down inside Austin and Summer loves one another! Austin please open your eyes and relieve your fans!

I think Austin and Summer are a good couple and Summer is really in love with her husband! Please let Austin turn up alive so he and Summer can be at peace with each other! Not Abby.


Diva no he is not dead they just play agame

I agree Summer or Chelsea needed to be kicked off. Summer the crying baby and Chelsea the voice of a gerbil so fake I can’t take it. Adam better not end up being with Chelsea I will scratch my eyes out . Sharon and Adam are the hottest couple. Adam would not be Adam without the love of Shadaqm 🙂

Are they kidding me with this storyline???? I’m sorry but everyone in that cabin (besides Kevin) really need to GO!!!! I hope the writers don’t drag this crap out.

I agree the story lines are out of control. Cabin party, plane crash, nightclub roof caves in.

Give me Sharon and Adam and I will be happy . I see this Chelsea thing and Dylan and Sharon thing and I know Sharon and Adam need to be a couple

I think the cabin events involved a collusion between Austin and the police. Courtney was the one who took Austin’s pulse…this was repeated in the interrogation room…. Paul knows what’s going on…and Courtney had a part in the game…hmmmm?

I think Austin is dead. I think Kyle had something to do with that. Maybe he wanted to kill him so he can be with summer. All of a sudden he shows up at the cabin very suspicious.

Then why does Sharon have a one on one with Austin? She might have something to do with it. Kyle does look guilty of it but I think maybe someone else had gotten Austin. Austin turns up alive! Thank you.

OK I thought the plot line was bad enough on GH – please Y & R do not get out of control!!!

I hope Austin is not killed off. If anything, he needs to be a stronger character in the face of Phyllis. Perhaps, it will bring Summer’s character out and make her grow up! Perhaps Austin will finally come into his own good status.

I hope he’s just in a deep sleep from the drugs and he wakes up and scares the bajeesus out of everyone. I can see it now. He turns and sits up with the sheet on his face. ha ha ha. Hey, it needed some comedy and besides, they have to keep Austin around for Summer so she can explain why she was daydreaming or what ever about the paperweight under the cushion. Is that from the days of the kook who wanted to “brainwash” her?

Butt he would have a pulse lol

I like your post and I hope he wakes up and scares the crap out of them !!! Lol

Please go – your character is dead weight.

Dead as a paper weight!

This just really upsets me. Why would Y&R want to kill off the most adorable honky looking guy you have. You just put him on contract about 6 months ago. He is my favorite guy in the hole cast. I know Matthew Atkinson tweeted not to worry, but I still find myself doing that. Please don’t kill him off. I miss him already. How are they going to bring Austin back? Last but not least, Austin and Summer make a great couple. Why couldn’t they look at Fenmore. He was stupid enough drug every one. Don’t like the idea that he is not to fond of Austin and Summer’s marriage. Austin is a great guy who made a bad decision out of grief over losing his Mom. He just wanted to blame someone. He never meant to hurt anyone.


Oh, really?!If Paul had died, you think a jury would have cared about…” I didn’t mean to hurt anybody”. I said this before, why is this character even on the show?
Austin is not very attractive, not hunky, or adorable.

I hope he is not killed off. I like Austin and Summer together. There are several other characters I would rather have killed off than Austin. Dylan, Avery, Joe, Hilary, for example.

I also believe Austin is part of a silly mystery party game and not dead…meanwhile, when Neil was holding that silver case i actually exepected Regis or Howie Mandel to make an appearance and say ‘Deal or No Deal’?…lol

No it is not game, it would be too cruel to let everyone believed Summer killed Austin, and it doesn’t look like anyone is on it. I thought it would be a dream but now I think it is real. Austin is dead, they will try to cover it up, and later bad things will start happening to each of them, like in that movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. And it will be either Austin alive getting back at them for leaving him for dead in the snow, or his ghost haunting them for letting him die. That is my guess.

Me too, Jim. Kept saying Howie Mandel was the pilot.
I really don’t think Austin’s dead either. It happened rather quick, but maybe I’m just used to GH’s long sl’s.
Daytime Confidential practically told straight-up that Fen was going to be the one to die with their “Under The Dome” hint. Max Ehrich (Fen) was on that show as well as Y&R.
If he does exit, I would like GH to bring him over as part of the 20-something cast they are greatly missing.

OMG if Regis waltzed out of that plane I would die laughing! Excellent plot twist!!

I have to agree. Austin has grown on me, as has his portrayer. Dylan, on the other hand….

I really like Austin too. Dylan is super with Sharon. He seems to come alive. I think Avery and all her baggage with Joe brings him down but if they split them up now that will be the second brother she left at the alter. I’m more angry with Nick. His parents could be dead, his daughter’s mother is also in the club, he has no idea if anyone is hurt or dead and he takes up this time to make out with Sage & what’s with Jack making out? I have to wonder if they all got into Fen’s punch.

Maybe Chelsea found out Austin knows she hit Delia and Chelsea killed Austin 🙂 Poor Austin

I dont want austin to leave the show hes so grate bring him backalive pl

I think maybe they are going to do something similiar to the ABC Family mystery series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ on there Alison is thought dead and her friends got cryptic text message from A.,…maybe Austins body will mysteriously disappear and Summer and their friends will get cryptic text messages with the initial A.(is it from Austin or Abby…maybe they staged this together as a prank)…its only a game that backfires and Austin later turns up really dead!!!

No not Dylan and A very. Just kill off the Naked Aris. And Fin.. They anoy me.

Quiet barky.
Please stop the negativity

was looking forward to a real ” YOUNG” and restless storyline with austin/ summer/ kyle! now that the show finally has a viable teen set! not since colleen/ j.t days has the show had any youngsters to showcase!
plus i cant take all my eyecandy disapearing from the show. first carmine, then tyler( who i still hope pratt will bring back for lily or abby!) and now austin! say it aint so!!!

I thought Lily was a goner!? Rumors.

No shes up and walking

I am all for exciting sweeps stories and yes, it is a means of “cleaning house,” but… this is another failed marriage that was hurried and felt forced to begin with. I miss the romance of the soaps, and when a wedding was a major event, not just a quick plot device. I do not think much of a character married four or five times by the age 40.

I agree with you about missing the days when weddings were a major event on soaps. Now you’re lucky if anyone even shows up. lol,

i really like Austin character on y&r and I hope he is not dead.

I don’t think Austin is dead. I think it’s a murder mystery party. But if he is dead, I hope Summer did it so she goes to prison. I despise her.

Wish it was summer that was dead, I can’t stand her either,, she needs to go

I think Summer is dreaming. And everyone will be fine once she awakens.

Please leave and take Hunter King with you. Total dead weight.

Oh no! You did not just say that. That is what soap operas are all about.

I hope he’s not dead but with C.Pratt you never know he really is a great story writer. Maybe their all on a sleeping drug that made them hallucination otherwise how would Summer know where to find that book holder? They said someone dies well already the pilot of the plane is dead (Jill said)! Could that count?

No, please do not kill off Austin, love him, give him a chance, would love to see a storyline with Austin/Summer and Kyle.

I don’t think so, we never saw the pilot. They said it was a male lead that dies.

Well, looks like Austin is dead. The whole party at the cabin story has been so stupid and boring.

I cheated and watched the Canadian show. But I won’t spoil it. I’ll just say WTF ABBY?

Poor Abby, give her a story. This has to be embarrassing for her to be connected to a stupid cabin “Murder” mystery!

Abby looked ridiculous…what the heck was she wearing?….where’s the football game?…..Rah! Rah! Rah! And, she’s back to sporting the Donna Reed hairdo.
She happens to be another unnecessary prop.

Abby needs help with becoming more loving and sensitive. She seduced Summers husband. Not cool. Not a good story plot.

Shame; awful shame.

I am thinking this might be a dream sequence — otherwise, he looked pretty dead in today’s episode. Hilary looks like she might die, and Lily’s missing, and there is still the collapse at the Underground, so if someone doesn’t die besides the pilot, what a waste of three disasters. And what is up with Jack, going hot and heavy with Kelly in the supply room? ls that part of the plan to catch Kelly being all crazy, and we were mislead to think the plan was to catch Phyllis being out of control, because if wasn’t some plan then that is so out of character for him. But I digress– Austin is either dead and will start showing up as a ghost, or this isn’t really happening.

I think it is a dream too or a very sadistic trick.

I couldn’t understand Jack’s behavior either. I am thinking either Kelly got a hold of some of Ashley’s “hex” perfume or Victor did something when he lent the handkerchief to Kelly. Originally I thought he wanted the handkerchief for DNA, but now I am thinking it must have had something on it because Jack did not act like himself at all.

Okay that would make some sense– it is something Victor would do and would explain Jack doing something that odd. But how in the heck does the perfume just target the guy you want and not all the men in the room? Oh well that is soap for you, it doesn’t have to make sense to work LOL.

This is a repetition of another episode at the same cabin? Or was it the Newman cabin? What a big mystery to solve !!!!Am I mistaken? Does anyone remember that? I don’t find this silliness entertaining or mind-engaging. Pleas give me something to stimulate the mind with something into which I can sink my teeth.
These characters are adults, not children at play. …..makes no sense to me. Perhaps there is something else brewing?

I think Kelly had or Victor gave Kelly or Jack the love potion, Mary. Really, I do.
It’s a big fast or them to just have Austin drop dead IMO. If so, it’s odd.

I thought it very strange for Jack and Kelly to have sex when he supposedly is in love with Phyllis. Maybe it’s still part of his plan to cause Phyllis to go bonkers. LOL

That’s one explanation, Mo. He could also try driving Kelly bonkers….lead her on to the point of distraction where she will spill her culpability. Yet another reason would be frustration, or spite. He’s just a randy and horny pig? LOL. Reminds me of GH’s Sonny…ugh! Nonetheless, I don’t know where a 60 -something year-old guy gets his stamina… He’s like a rooster…often and quick…yucky!

I think hes not dead and its a murder mystery party …but again if he is dead i hope summer gets blamed ,she bugs the hell outta me lol

Summer is not to blame! Please don’t say that again.

murder mystery parties don’t drug their guest.. that is a crime/prison time ..

Hey suooo you must be loving this, a murder, a plane crash, a building collapse, an apartment fire and a car accident– all on Valentine’s Day in GC. I can imagine what CP plans for St. Patrick’s Day, but at this rate would should hit every disaster by Easter. LOL.

I thought i was watching the Towering Inferno, Airport or Survive(if the passengers start eating the dead pilot the show might get some good reviews from su…lol), Deal Or No Deal with Neils silver case and Pretty Little Liars with the younger group(will Austins body turn up missing and the others recieve strange text messages from A.?…lol

I hope Austin stays for Summer, yes, today I was disappointed when I thought he died but not sure it was just part of Summer’s drug in Duce dream. Can’t quite understand what this is all about. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

I surprised myself when I was excited to see the “young” group altogether for a storyline. I’m not a huge Summer fan (she’s tolerable in small doses), but all the rest are great! I was also surprised when I was actually concerned about losing Austin!!! lol.

After seeing today’s story I think the drug Fen put in the punch has them all dreaming.

I actually like the storyline MB. Folks on twitter criticizing it but I like it better than the plane crash. At least it’s different.

I think its all good…im just an occasional viewer but i have been watching every episode since last week…

I like it better than the plane crash too. Lots of excitement on Y&R right now and I’m loving it.

While the cabin story is very twisted, I was actually, finally, impressed with Abby. Melissa Ordway finally showed another side to Abby then the petulant brat that I always want to slap. Scared Abby was actually believable and enjoyable.

I can understand why Fen did what he did, but boy, not much development or maturation for that kid. Just when you think the dolt is finally growing up, he goes and buys a drug that he knows nothing about and puts it in everyone’s drink. Like having Summer OD once already was not enough. I guess that is what one should expect from a kid with a stupid name like that. Who would ever name their kid “Fenmore?” They should not have been so egotistical and given the kid a real name.

Austin is cool, keep him on, he’s need to be kept on the show, he’s good looking and hopefully he will receive a great storyline out of this…there much we don’t know about his character, his family, etc.

It’s like Chuck Pratt put the whole show in a blender and chopped it into pieces.

I was left saying “Huh??” to so much of today’s episode.
This is Y and R now?
Doesnt make sense.
It is like everyone has gone wacko all at once.

C.Pratt is a fantastic writer. She brought life into a snooze town. My gosh everywhere you look there is a great story unfolding. Will Dylan stay with the cookie maker or follow his heart to Sharon, Will Billy die leaving Chelsea for Adam/Gab. Will Michael beat his cancer,Will Devon & Hilary stay together, What’s the secret Hilary wants to tell Neil, What’s up with Jack is he over Red ,Is Joe leaving town or playing another game,They say Sharon can’t go without a male in her life what about that Nick can he go a month without a female in his life? & I haven’t even hit the cabin yet. I would love to see Abby with the cop, more about Courtney & Noah, Kevin & Mariah Less on Fen.Summer,Jill, & Colin.

Im upset that Lily ends up dying ..

I don’t think Lily dies. She’s walking around just fine. I think it’s a guy. I love the fact that Dylan is over at Sharon’s place. They are so perfect together.

I’ll take Shadam or Daron anyday!

Does she? Lane has a big fan base so I would be surprised if they kill off Lily. But it doesn’t look good with her being MIA. And Hilary is probably paralyzed and Neil will have to nurse her back to health and they will fall in love. HA HA I wouldn’t mind Hilary freezing to death and the rest have to eat her to stay alive.

Hilary would make a nice meal but seriously you have to keep her around for a while as Neil tears into her and the Devil!

Remember the scene last week where Austin was texting with a mystery person? I think It was Courtney and they are involved in some scam on the rich kids of Genoa City. Courtney was the one who said Austin was dead and didn’t want anyone touching the body (because they might notice the body wasn’t cold). As for the crime copying Kevin’s writings, Courtney probably discovered Kevin’s alter-ego when he stepped away from his desk at the police station and then schemed with Austin to use Kevin’s scenario for their scam.

Sounds good to me…i believe they will pull a Pretty Little Liars on the group!!!

i bet this is exactly what is going on…………….

Did you see austin and Abby kissing at the end of the episode of y&r?! Not expecting that but it was hot! I’m taking about Wednesday 2-18-15 episode. I watched it a day ahead on YouTube. I hope it was all a dream and austin is alive. I hope hilary dies, I don’t like her anymore. Anyway love that austin and Abby kiss. I guess we will be seeing more of austin one way or another so I hope we see some Abby and austin! 🙂 I didn’t ever think of them together until I saw that kiss. It was great. Anyway love y&r can’t wait for more!!

That kissing scene with Austin and Abby was much hotter than him and Summer. I wish they were together and kicked Summer to the curb.

I so agree!! Summer is just pathetic at this point. Good actress sometimes but disn’t play this part well. She’s always winning

It probably wasnt even in the script! Austin just wanted to get that taste of Summer out of his mouth. Speaking of tastes, how gross was it that Jack kissed Ashley after he just had sex with Kelly! Ewww!

Lol!! I know! Today’s episode of y&r will reveal things about austin and Abby and it confirms they were having an affair. We will also being seeing an Austin and anby flashback. I don’t want to spoil anything else but it’s a good episode. And I can’t believe jack and kelly. Kelly is crazy. And I think just about everyone is ready for summer to get a one way ticket out of town. No wonder austin got tired of her. I don’t know how he could even marry her. Austin and Abby are way hotter and when you go back and look at other episode (2-10-2015) you’ll see how things start to unravel that they’re having an affair and whatever. Also yall will be shocked how today’s episode (Friday 2-20-15) ends!!

I think you all are nut’s! Keep Austin and Summer and kill off summer’s Mom and victor.Because this is a new generation! Time too get rid of old keep the young actors for are kids to watch and learn from the Young and the Restless Amen.

I like all the people at the cabin except for summer. She’s just a spoiled brat. The rest of them can stay. I like Abby,austin,Kevin,mariah,noah,and fen. I hope hilary,Devon,jack,lily, or Neil die. I don’t like any of them. After you watch today’s episode I don’t think austin is actually dead. 🙂 I think we have a good chance of it being jack. Since that’s his the episode ends

Get rid of summer, Sharon, fen,Hilary,Kelly Devon and start over

this is definitely fulfill one of the most exciting week of the young the restless in a long time I’m glad that this affair between Neils wife and Devon has been exposed I’m glad that Nikki’s drinking has been uncovered I hope everyone survives the plane crash I’ll definitely be watching.

Whats really going on is Austin Dead or is he gonna wake up in that snow…

I’m glad Austin is being killed off because weepy and winey Summer doesn’t deserve to be happy. Was hoping Phyllis, Billy and Joe Clark get killed off too.

He’ll have an unknown twin that he texted at the bar that came to avenge someone Austin killed on accident. Sigh..So he won’t be Austin. And that’s who Summer remembers whacking……..?

OK, you know what…if Austin REALLY IS DEAD, then that W-H-I-N-Y Summer will N-E-V-E-R stop crying!!!!! BLECH!!!!! Thanks a lot, Y&R. Idiots.

But Summer’s crying could inspire Pratt to write another disaster story…the flooding of Genoa City…lol

J-i-m…’the flooding of Genoa City’…HAHA!!!!! GOOD ONE!!!!! O-K…you know what????? As far as I’m concerned, this alleged and future flooding of Genoa City can, uh, do away with the following: Avery, Cane, Christine, Colin, Devon, Dylan, Hilary, Summer and Victor. Everyone else can survive/stay…L-O-L!!!!!!

Take care, Jim.

It must be a dream or something . All the things that are happening to be everyone fro m every family can’t be real.

My thoughts exactly. Everyone in town involved in one
disaster or another, yeah, right.
Well, except for Victoria and Stitch, and Lauren and Michael.
And Kelly apparently left after her romp with Jack? Not
sure. Anyway, it is all just too weird.

Me too

Wake us all up when this disaster is over! The actors look like something out of a poorly produced high school play! Exit left!!! Kevin having a storyline with youngsters! Yawn we have a plane crash and everybody has a nose bleed Nick can’t keep it in his pants for five seconds and we have Sage or was that Pepper giving her two cents about Sharon!

HA! So true!

Not to mention the torn shirts. Sage’s was the worst. Torn in two places and thrown from the falling ceiling by Nick. Must be Nick buys cheap shirts.

Like GH whenever anyone gets shot – it’s in the shoulder.

And no scars!

Yep I hate being a Negative Nellie but this is why daytime soap operas are laughed at! I hate what this show has become it makes me sick! I literally cringed at the dialogue out of these characters mouths. The first thing out of Lilly’s mouth was you lied to me? Please ! I wish Cane had dumped her in the snow and told her to get over herself. The character of Nick is so over for me the man only thinks below the waist! I could go on and on but don’t want to bore you guys any further!

So who is missing from these scenes?

Victoria and Ben. They left The Underground, why? Why are they not involved in one of these three disasters when everyone else is? Maybe Victoria or Ben is dreaming all this.

Maybe just before the show goes black they pull away to see that Genoa City was in a snow globe and someone shook the heck out of it and that Y&R was just a fantasy.

Oh and I forgot Paul and Christine and Michael and Lauren are missing too.

Fen spiked all their drinks!

I have to say the show has been entertaining lately.

However, once again the writing shows what a DOLT Nick is. When the roof caves in he claims he has to get to “his family” that are at the bar. Nice that he thinks about his PATRONS. But before he can rush to rescue his family, he has to stop and suck face with Sage.

Just like last week when he was mad at Austin and Summer for not giving him the message about the building inspector. He says to them that he forgets “just how young the two of you are” and then in the same breath he asks these two (youngsters) if they can watch his small child while he goes out presumably because her birth mother is so irresponsible he had to take custody away from her. Yet somehow he thinks asking the two knuckleheads to watch Faith is a good idea.

He is not dead. I like his cool ways. I wish to meet Victor in person. I’m inviting Victor to St Lucia a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Y&R is the only show I watch

I’m looking forward for the next episode. I know it will b great. Nicholas will know what Sharon did.

Ok, I’ve given it a few days and this is totally the work of Chuck Pratt; excitement for the sake of excitement and characters acting out of character. I am all for suspense and action, but not at the expense of good writing and continuity. Where is Michael and his cancer story? Why would Abby invite Mariah, Kevin and Fen to her party? So obvious that the disasters were created to bring Nick and Sage together; Joe and Avery and Dylan and Sharon. These type of stories did not bring more viewers to All My Children, but eventually led to it’s cancellation. Y&R deserves better.

Chuck is shaking the show up. Resetting it if you will. Could be a disaster but he needs to reboot and put his mark on it. I like it so far because you see anger, danger, odd people working together, hanging out together. Its just a way to make HIS mark. It beats another day in the worst nightclub ever or another scene in the GCC gym! PLUS, I like Dylan and Sharon’s scenes together. They started out his tenure with them together as friends and would like to see a romance. Let Joe and Avery go to Chicago on a one way trip!

I agree. I’d love to see dylan and sharon get together

Paul and Christine are the only ones that nothing has happened to !!

I think the current storyline is interesting. The plane crash is something I’d expect from Dynasty or some other show of that ilk. The whole segment in the cabin is puzzling. It is highly laughable that everyone except the law enforcement girlfriend is willing to cover up what seems like a murder. They give new meaning to the word “dumb”. I want Adam to finally fess up to Chelsea. I think they make a better couple, obviously, that Chelsea with Billy. As far as “new” Billy, I’m sure he’s a competent actor and all. But with Billy Miller and the one after him, I felt some empathy and they had a certain spark. I’m not really a fan of the current Billy. He doesn’t strike me as interesting. I’m surprised that Lilly was giving Cane “snake eyes”. I mean, surviving a plane crash should be paramount over bearing a grudge about a husband not being forthcoming about Devon’s affair with Hillary. Priorities Lilly. I cannot stand Joe. He’s smarmy. However, there is a dark cloud in the form of Chuck Pratt and Jill Faren Phelps. They have a long history of ignoring fans’ pleas and exterminating long established characters. It is odd that two people who have a reputation as being soap killers would be at the helm at Y and R. Pratt put a knife into All My Children. I will never forget that Phelps have a big role in the demise of Another World. As far as the cast is concerned, there is a definite lack of diversity by not having at least one major Hispanic character. The last one that I remember was that woman who was involved with Neil. The Hispanic population is a very large minority segment of society. A great disservice is being done by ignoring that we exist as a group…in Genoa City. When Victoria Rowell talks about the lack of roles for African Americans, Hispanics apparently do not exist on Y and R. It’s about time the producers do something about that. I hope that the show continues to do well. Otherwise, Sony and those two soap killers (Pratt and Phelps) will have no hesitation to do away with a show like Y and R. Be afraid…be very afraid.

Austin is not dead remember they are playing a game

@Laurie. Yes, yes, yes. Bring Max to GH. I always thought he was an interesting actor with so much more to give. He’s also grown into a cutie. Austin, Abby, Dylan, Avery, Cane, Devon, Hillary and Nikki ( I have just about had it with this woman–wake up and smell the coffffffeeee) I can do without. Oh, yeah….add Victor, Jack, Billy and Kelly to the list….oh, my….not many characters left…LOL

I think Sharon hit Austin with her car…….

Please don’t kill Austin, He is a great actor,and i love him on the show i have watched everyday for 40 yr a great story could develop for Austin, Summer, and Kyle, I hope too see more of Austin.

Wednesday ep : flatlined…. plained OUT …. dumbed down….

.1 the plain crash…

couldn’t believe that Neil… regressed and became the genteel family man… bore
Lilly… didn’t skip a beat… angry again… bore

I will prop Devon (only so much) but he genuinely showed he really does love Hillary… he doesn’t have to listen to any of the other passengers…with HIS 2 billion… and if Hillary is to survive…. hey… far be it for me to step in their way… cache her purse…

I laughed when Colin … who spotted the brief case… and opened it … LOL… wanting to end the blackmail… and their was nothing in it… snore Neil… burn everything but the pic of him and Lilly….

2. the cabin fiasco !!!! ???? HUH? these teenie weenie excel at idiot… are bonding and want to SAVE unwatchable Summer? so they stage a save summer … snore… Hunter King… as histrionic as Heather Tom… do not pull at the heart in any way shape or form… if this was chris pratt writing and production team… wanting to feature someone from the younger set… of all of them at the cabin… they are wasting the audience time with Summer… if it was Abby who did it.. then that’s a go… cause this gives Ashley and daughter (whom, I know have a great chemistry and bond together)

3. the underground : Oh.. god.. the most gnawing… doormats … Nikki and Sharon… Victor doesnt care about Nikki…. Nick doesn’t care about Sharon… the first things out of their mouths…. Nikki crying out for Victor… as the roof caved in….
Sharon… out at the cabin… or wnerever… is so afraid of what Nick will think … with the car stuck out on the side of the road… I realize she wants to spend time with Faith.

the lame kiss Nick and Sage shared… he knows Sage and Gabriel have a fake marriage?

prop: I LOL … with Cady McClain… she looked hot… as Jack disrobed that wrap around dress… and passionista ensued… it got my gourd tho… when he “threw” her wrap back at her… does any one else think she’ll end up preggers… I hope so…
sidebar: Jack is looking older… was noticeable as he was talking to Ashley thereafter.

4. the towering inferno

Gabriel/Adam… save face.. and a let from Genoa City residents… as he saves Conner… does he save Billy as well?

I really have to admire Justin Hartley acting … HE still is.. the ONE and ONLY character in that cast who can still bring Eric BRaedon’ Victor DOWN…


that scene in the underground did it for me… I applaud JH… be wary … the dethrone of Victor should be an imminent departure …

on it’s way….

Sharon and Adam

Nick and sage was lame. They are forcing those scenes. I wanna see dylan and sharon get together and adam and sage get together.

Jack and Kelly was kinda of hot!! I think that will result in Kelly getting pregnant …

Kelly’s too old to get pregnant. And if she does she’ll have a miscarriage. Jack and kelly can both die in my opinion. I want austin to be alive and after what happened in today episode, it looks like that’s what is happening

I thought Kelly was leaving the show. Did she make it out of the club?

Maybe Kelly will try to kill herself AND be successful.That would be one way to get rid of her and Jack should drop Phillis for someone new.

We love Matthew Atkinson. Pick someone else to kill off, like Kelly!


Tom Arnold to Guest Star on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful is adding a new pilot to its cast of characters to fly the Forresters overseas this summer to Monte Carlo, and it’s none other than Tom Arnold.

According to US Weekly, Arnold will appear in two upcoming episodes of the CBS soap opera airing at the end of July.  In story, Arnold will play the Forrester’s new pilot named Captain Deuce Stevens.

Arnold said of working with the B&B actors and crew, “It was great fun. People love The Bold and the Beautiful. The loyalty, the fans, the opinions … I started going online and listening to fans argue about certain things. It’s like sports.”

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In the scenes, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) head back overseas to relaunch the iconic, Brooke’s Bedroom fashion line for Forrester Creations.

One of the more hilarious behind the scenes moment Arnold shared, was with now two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Thorsten Kaye: “I was in makeup and this guy comes in and goes, ‘Hey, can I get you anything?’ I go, ‘I don’t know, do you have Sugar Free Red Bull?’ This guy who I thought was the crew — he had a very hard handshake — was Thorsten. The rich, wealthy father.”

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As a preview of one of his scenes, Steffy will be running late to the flight and cannot locate her passport. Tom shared, “One thing that is true is you have a window to land at the airport. And if you mess around and you’re late, you will miss that (window). I like when there’s some reality to this stuff. It heightened the scene because Steffy forgot her passport.” Look for MacInnes Wood to pull off some “I Love Lucy-esque” moments.

Arnold added, “You expect (the drama) for a character, but it opens the doors for some hilarious stuff. It’s very funny because things are so dramatic that it lends itself to comedy.”

B&B is not Tom’s first foray into soaps, having previously appeared on General Hospital in the 90’s. He spoke on how he and ex-wife Roseanne Barr (who also appeared on GH as Jennifer Smith), were into daytime dramas, “Roseanne and I loved soap operas. (After I was on General Hospital), we ended up having all these folks on (Roseanne]) from the show, because soap operas are very good actors. They don’t mess around.”

Look for Arnold’s episodes to air on B&B on Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st.

So, what are your thoughts on Tom Arnold coming to B&B? What do you think of his respect for soap opera actors? Comment below.

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The Young and the Restless’ Michael Mealor Says of Summer/Kyle/Claire Storyline, “It’s Going to Get Nasty”

On CBS Daytime’s The Young and the Restless, Kyle (Michael Mealor) seems to be spending more time with Claire (Hayley Erin) much to the chagrin of Summer (Allison Lanier). All this has gone down since little Harrison was held captive along with Claire by Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and rhe

While Summer has told her concerns over and over to Kyle, that she doesn’t like Claire getting so close to the little boy, Kyle seems to be somewhat smitten with Claire, or is he?

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Michael Mealor on the red carpet at last week’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards to get his thoughts on this possible love triangle, or as the popular Aretha Franklin tune says, “Who’s Zoomin Who?” Can anyone be trusted?

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Mealor revealed that coming up on Y&R between Summer, Claire and Kyle that, “It’s going to get nasty. I gotta say that. No one trusts anyone, which makes good TV.”

To that end, it looks like no one in the Abbott family trusts Kyle either, to which Mealor replied, “Jack (Peter Bergman) doesn’t trust Kyle. Summer doesn’t trust Kyle. Diane (Susan Walters) doesn’t trust Kyle. Claire may be the only one, and I (may) have her fooled.”

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Fans have been speculating that Claire isn’t the now “good’ girl she seems to be and that her psychotic tendencies may take over. Mealor says, “That’s a testament to Hayley (Erin) and how amazing she is because she plays this lovable character, but you just kind of go, something may be off here.”

Recently, Y&R aired the two-person episode featuring Kyle’s on-screen dad, Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) where Jack tries to get Nikki to stop her bender and sober up, but ultimately loses his own sobriety and almost loses his life. Mealor shared he saw the unbelievable performances when it was being filmed.

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Michael expressed, “God, that’s such a fantastic episode. They showed up for that and they filmed that over two days –  split the episode in half. I was there on set shooting other scenes, but just watching them pour it out on the monitor. It was incredible.”

Watch our red carpet conversation with Michael Mealor below.

Now weigh-in; Do you think Claire will ultimately take to underhanded tactics to get Kyle and Harrison in her clutches and away from Summer? Let us know your theories via the comment section.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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