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Is Susan Lucci On Her Way Home To All My Children?



In some encouraging news today via the L.A. Times, Daytime Emmy winner and beloved soap icon, Susan Lucci related that she is going to be getting together in the coming weeks with the folks at Prospect Park to see if they can come up with a way to work out the possibility of Lucci to return to All My Children!

Lucci revealed in the article, “We are going to be meeting in the next couple of weeks, all in the same room to put our books on the table and see what we can come up with.”

When asked what she thought of the idea of Erica Kane cursing, as now many of the characters do on the online reboot of All My Children, Lucci responded in classic Erica mode, “Erica Kane seemed to get her point across pretty well without cursing!”

So AMC fans, do you think Prospect Park and Susan can reach terms and work out scheduling issues for Lucci to make a return either part-time, guest shot, or full-time? Do you miss Pine Valley without Erica Kane?  Let us know your thoughts!

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I hope she stays wherever she is..
‘I will protest and write the TPTB to not ruin my great viewing pleasure that I am now having watching AMC..
Erica is not necessary.. Neither is Jimmy Carter as president..
Somethings need to stay as they are ..

Lucci only wants in because the soap is doing well, if it weren’t doing well, she wouldn’t bother with it..
She was out from day one waiting to see if AMC would make it before she would put her foot in the door..
She was asked many many many times, and always had an excuse or a no to not return and did not actually discuss it with PP until now when she seen AMC is rocking on line-line then she wanted in..
She talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk..

my opinion and I’m sticking with it..

you are crazy

You’re not the only one who feels that way, imo Erica Kane is the most overrated character in the history of soaps.

Susan/Erica would fit into the new era of AMC as well as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would fit into a sz 32 jeans..

Erica… the character… No.
Susan Lucci’s energy’s channeled haphazard. longevity with character acting 2nd hand…she understood the actor…. the writing 1/2 met. Tom Cudahy Hot in those days…

i have to hand it to her… days trophy… new medium… interest with.

Actually, Susan had already expressed her interest in coming back before the show started. She didn’t know how well it was gonna do, but she wanted to be a part of it because it was her home for over 40 years.

Wow. Come on folks. Sometimes I read people’s post and I start to understand why we have wars and crazy bombings and such. First, Erica kane is the the solution to cancer. Susan Lucci may not be the greatest actress – others differ. It seems oddly enough people can’t separate the characer from the actress. The enetertaiment world wants Susan Lucci as Erica Kane or Erica Kane type. Some people hate Lucci it appears though I think it is the character really – Lucci isn’t at alll like Erica Kane which is probably a sign she is a good actress. However, like it or not AMC is Erica Kane if not a large part. And why such nastiness towards the actress or character. Lucci has always remained loyal to AMC and the genre even when she had what most would say bigger opportunities – unlike Tony Geary, Deidre Hall et al she has always given soap operas their proper due and respected the gener not as something less than other entertainment. She has always been open to eturning to AMC; though she does have Devious Maids and deadly Affairs to balance. She has been treated badly at ties by ABC and PP. AMC is doing well in many ways but that is inrespect to internet; not tv standards really. But I digress Lucci has been open to returning all along, she has taken pay cuts in the past. I don’t think she can do it full time with the two other gigs. perhaps if Devious Maidss doesn’t make it she could but not logically now. If these posters wh hate Lucci or erica so much are this vocal I think we can say goodbye to AMC again.

you don’t have to question Lucci’s outside endeavors –

her hair products
her plugs.
her devious maids love that mark cherry… and deadly affairs… holding her afloat.

she’ll resurface and test her waters… over the top caricature… she aint.. but 2 showing it plus Erica….

I can’t hold her back better charges-I wine it and wait

She was out because she lost her job like many others, but was fortunate enough to get hired doing three different shows filming in three different states. That seems like a hard commitment for anyone to make.

I mean, go ahead and write your letter. But let’s be honest. Lucci, like her or hate her, IS the face of daytime still. And with the originator of the show, who’s made a point of noting Erika Kane is her favorite character, still onboard helping, I have a feeling your letter won’t go to far. ;-p

Bravo Boss and Chris I agree with you! SU000 always thinks she is righteous and everyone has the same opinion as hers and she can make it so that actors work on these shows or not depending on whether or not she liked them…..WHATEVER
Chris I agree like her love her or hate her she is AMC and she is still the face of Daytime, I can not wait for the announcement on what they were able to work out and the date that MS KANE comes home to Pine Valley, I’m sure Opal misses her Bestest girlfriend!!

Negative bitter haters will be haters. For your information, Susan has always wanted to be a part of the re-boot, but she like Michael E. Knight are under contract for other projects right now. That is why she is going to see if they can work around that. Many of the other stars of the show had to get other acting jobs when the show ended. They ARE people who have bills to pay and wanted to continue working as an actor even after the show was over. What did you expect them to do, stop acting and work in a shop and cross their fingers that PP could one day pull off the re-boot? Many of them will be back as soon as they are able too. For many others they had relocated their entire families to the west coast and don’t feel like they want to do that to them again so they might just see how this whole thing goes. But trash talking an Icon and loyal soup star like Susan Lucci will gain YOU NO fans on this site. No matter how you feel she deserves much more respect then that. We should be doing everything we can to uplift and support these re-boots if we want them to succeed, so we don’t need your senseless berating negativity to muck up the works. Don’t watch it, move on and the rest of us will just enjoy it and be thrilled to have them and the original actors back.

I think AMC is off to a great start, even sans Ms. Lucci. But, if she wants to jump in, I’m all for it!

Noooooo I stopped watching a few years ago because of Lucci overload.She eats the show

You have to remember that Lucci in an ACTRESS, first and foremost. She is playing Kane the way a director/writer WANTS her to play the roll.
If you don’t like it, you’re probably not supposed to. That means she is doing her job.

Lucci is soap diva and she never was a good actress.. The soap awards for umpteen years told the world she could not act.. One award, maybe a pity award through her 45/whoever many years..
She can not act she struts, pretends,flaunts, flips hair, and well that is about it ..
He quarkkyness as an extreme diva gave her fame not her acting.. 🙂
Lucci’s fame was for being thee drama diva queen, not her acting 🙂

Susan Lucci has been with AMC since the beginning. She’s earned the right to come back. ABC lied to the actors and so did PP. When AMC was cancelled, PP said that AMC would continue online immediately with no break in storyline. Do I need Susan Lucci to watch AMC? No, but I would love to have her back. I have watched AMC from the beginning so Susan Lucci is a big part of Pine Valley in my eyes. I wonder if they will bring Jack back? Also, why do we have Jane running the coffee shop? Shouldn’t Krystal be doing that?

I would love to see her join the reboot…one of my favorite AMC characters.

If the writers will allow the character to mature a little, it would be great. The character is not essential to the success of the series. This is NO slight against Susan, who was a wonderful ambassador for soaps for 40 years. It is just that the thought of a 70 year old woman still prancing around, trying to be a model, engaging in fleeting affairs…well…it is more than a little demeaning to both the actress and the character. She can still be feisty and fierce without being a joke. She can still have storylines that don‘t require her to act more like a caricature than a real person.

Susan is 66 and she is a knockout. Erica lives a full, exciting, romantic life, it’s pretty inspiring. I can wait until she returns!

I can’t wait either. Some of the best stories on AMC revolved around Mona and Erika.

well said!

I so agree. The character never grew or matured. I am really enjoying the Bianca, Miranda, AJ storyline and I just think that having Erica back right now would be a mistake.

But it is all right for Adam to do it and make out with Brooke all the time tho right! Susan LOOKS AMAZING for her age!

People need to learn to READ these posts before offering a reply. Yes, I agree completely…she is a phenomenal looking woman…for her age or any age. I was commenting on how the writers never wrote her as older than a flighty self-obsessed 23 year old woman. She never grew or matured as a character. It is possible for her to retain her core Erica-isms while writing age appropriate storylines, but the writers never chose to. As for Adam making out with Brooke, which I never mentioned at all… they are in a committed relationship and moving towards marriage, so if they make out once in a while, there‘s no harm in that. If they broke up again, and Adam started chasing a younger woman, and moved onto his 17th marriage that would show a lack of creativity on the writers part too. My point was that women Erica‘s age are not supermodels anymore. They are not looking for their next grand love affair. Erica and Jackson should have remained happy after their 2005 marriage after nearly 20 years of stormy back and forth. The writers continually broke them up for no reason just because they lacked the imagination to write story for couples. A dynamic, anchor, power couple is so compelling and valuable to a show. I‘m not talking Tom and Alice here…they don‘t have to settle into domestic bliss and boredom. But everyone remembers the embarrassing debacle that was Ryan and Erica. A man in his 30‘s passionately proclaiming his love to a woman in her 60‘s didn‘t work on any level. I praised Lucci as a daytime treasure, and said that having her back only to prance and flit and bed hop is demeaning and cheapening to her and her character. And maybe she feels the same! There are reasons why she did not return to her starmaking, headlining role. As written in the last few years, Erica was nearly a raving lunatic…stabbing people, shrieking, battling a doppleganger, and was a caricature more than a character. So to all those of you who furiously got back to me telling me how awesome she looks for her age, I know! LOL. I never come on here and insult someone‘s looks…it is always critique or commentary about story, direction, production, theme, writing, etc.

Ms Lucci, glad your thinking of returning. It’ll be nice to see Erica/Brooke going at it again, to help her with Binx and the angst of teenage years of Miranda. Hope you really have your heart in it and not come back only to leave again.

That is what is missing from the new online episodes of All My Children. They really need Susan Lucci back. At the time when Lucci signed on to Desperate Maids, it appeared the deal for All My Children to return with new episodes online had soured, however, by 2013 the fire on the stove re-kindled and All My Children was returning, but Lucci was already committed to Desperate Maids.
Yes. I hope a deal can be made for her to return to All My Children online and I will be watching.

While I’m glad that AMC is back, it’s not holding my attention the way OLTL is. It’s probably because their is so much focus on launching and building the show on what were minor characters (Miranda, A.J., Cara, etc.) and new characters. This of course is because so many of the actors have moved on to other things and couldn’t or chose not to return. So I find it ridiculous that people are angry at Susan because she dared go on with her career after PP botched their original plans to relaunch. Susan’s dedication to AMC is obvious. She has an extremely successful clothing and beauty line, plus two television shows so she doesn’t need to return, she wants to. Susan is the only original cast member to stick with the show from premiere until cancellation. Michael Knight had scheduling conflicts. Alicia Minshew had scheduling conflicts. Why the hostility towards Susan, who was interviewed shortly before the show returned and urged the fans to tune in? Erica Kane is missed. Tad Martin is missed. Kendall Slater is missed. So many characters are mssed. AMC at it’s core had families that grounded the show and made Pine Valley a second home for viewers. I hope very soon, long lost family members can return to Pine Valley because for me, right now, while it looks familiar, it doesn’t feel like home. My two cents.

ICAM! I want Erica back, along with Tad and Kendall. I can’t get invested in the new version because so much seems strange and off to me. I need more familiar faces and I need Kanes, not just a teenage girl. Susan Lucci, Alicia Minshew and MEK are missed and missed badly.

Well said.

Beth I agree with you – maybe I’m one of the slightly older viewers, I don’t think that’s a crime, and I miss some of the more mature storylines. So, would love to see Susan Lucci return as Erica Kane – the teeny bopper storyline is a little too juvenile for me, though I understand that they are trying to attract younger viewers.

I can’t wait for her to return! I’d love to hear how Erica’s movie deal worked out 5 years ago and see how she interacts with her daughter’s daughter Miranda now. I can imagine Bianca having her hands full trying to stop her mother from giving bad advice to her daughter on how to land a boyfriend.

I would love to see Susan return as Erika! She really spices things up and she such a rich history with Adam, Brooke and Opal. But I do agree that I would like them to make her less of a sex kitten because at her age it just seems more appropriate to focus on other things in life. The skimpy tight as can be dresses really need to go. But I love Susan and her character as Erika.

and what will Miranda call her?

Norma. LOL

That’s a good question, what WILL Miranda call her –
Grandma Kane?
Granny Erica?
Grand Mama?
Old wise one?

I am looking forward to exploring more about Bianca and Miranda before they bring back Erica. The character has never grown or matured. If they bring her back now it will be all about Erica and not about her daughter and granddaughter. Seriously how old do you have to get before you grow up already. Bianca has her daughter to help and doesn’t need to have to cater to her mom too.

Kudos to Susan Lucci for say Erica needs not to curse to get her point across. I may sound like a prude but it really isn’t necessary. We’ve enjoyed the soaps without it for decades and didn’t seem to be an issue so why is it now? AJ seems to curse just to curse. It takes so much away from the character. Why cheapen the show with more cursing and showing more flesh just because you can get away with it now? Soon the younger generation won’t get to watch with their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, etc because of it.

I so agree with you – my grandson loves the soaps and watches GH everyday- will not allow him to watch AMC or OLTL the cursing and sexual content are not appropriate – so you are right they won’t be on very long if there are no “new comers” to watch-

I agree with you Mel and I’m no prude either – trust me I curse when someone cuts in front of me when I’m driving but I don’t need to hear that coming from a TV character – I don’t like this feeling of “we can curse now so we’re writing it that way” – why? I’ve watched the show for thirty years and didn’t hear “real” cursing. It’s not “real” life – it’s a soap. It’s entertainment. If I went to see Barbra Streisand in concert I don’t expect her to face the audience and start cursing, I expect her to sing and do a decent show. If I go to see a performance of “sound of music” I don’t expect the kids to trot out cursing between the lyrics. When I watch “all my children” I expect to see the characters behaving in a certain manner and using eloquent language. Now, if it’s a low-life character, like a Billy Clyde type, maybe that’s different – but for A.J. just to curse because he can, to me, it’s not necessary. A soap doesn’t REALLY mirror real life – how many of us have an evil twin running around town or have been married 17 times – so why should the language be reflective of what we could hear on an downtown street?

It doesn’t mirror real life?? How many ppl have died from AIDS like Cindy Chandler & Stone from GH?? How many ppl have dealt with some kind of Addiction like Hayley Vaughn? How many teenagers do you see walking around Pregnant or pushing a Stroller with a baby in it Like Starr Manning, How many stories have been on the news about Teens Athletes and Steroids Like Cole Thornhart? So yea they do “Mirror” real life….
I don’t know what Mayberry town you live in that you think Swearing happens on a Downtown street…..

I agree with you Johnny. The one instance of cursing I loved on the new OLTL was when Blair shook her head and said to Todd “You‘re such an asshole.“. I literally laughed out loud! It was such a natural thing for her to say in that moment, and struck me as very real. And what an apt description for Todd. LOL. That line was loaded with 20 years of backstory. I think the new shows are doing a bit of envelope pushing to see what viewers want, and will accept. So far, even with their limited cursing, viewers seem to find it jarring, unnecessary, and uncomfortable. I think as these shows find their footing, they will find the moments most necessary for the swearing. What I am far more disturbed by is that they keep doing these scenes in the bedroom where either Miranda or AJ are half naked, or in underwear, or wrapped in towels. That is far more gratuitous and offensive me than some swearing. It reeks of child pornography, and as the show is embarking on a sex trafficking storyline and how illegal and criminal it is…it is all the more disgusting.

I don’t live in Mayberry – if you like swearing and enjoy hearing it from the lips of soap opera characters that you evidently think are real life people, that’s fine. I live out in Vegas, I’d hardly compare it with Mayberry. I was expressing an opinion, and if you disagree, that’s all right. There is/was no need to be insulting ~


Erica Kane would help anchor the show. And she would bring some spice. Bring back Lucci and I am glad she is willing or interested in coming back. She has been treated bady by ABC but she is thinking of the fans. Yes, she did wish he best to AMC when it got rebooted but she had or has two prime time shows and she has to work around those legal obligations. COme on folks Erica is ERica – some hate her some lover her but she is interesting – she is an icon having her grow olld and wear a bun while making bread just wouldn’t be Erica Kane.

Honestly, I’ve been enjoying AMC, even with no Erica Kane…..I think if she wants to come back, that’s fine, but if she does I don’t want there to be a huge shift in story and all of the attention be devoted to Erica. As long as they keep it balanced like it has been, I’d be fine with an Erica Kane return.

I want to see Susan Lucci return as the iconic ERICA KANE – I also want to see Michael Knight return as Tad Martin. I’m sorry but the show needs these characters – and where is Krystal? I understand completely that they need younger storylines, I get that, honestly, and I know I am one of the Dixie/Tad age group viewers, but the Miranda storyline is a little too teeny-bopper oriented for me (personally) and Petey zipping around town is fine, but Opal Cortland as played by Jill Larsen deserves to do something more exciting than offering brownies to him when he comes over. If ERICA KANE were there at least Opal could be giving her some un-asked for advice – these are my own views and observations, everyone may not agree but the core characters deserve to be more of a focal point in the show.

I am enjoying AMC 2.0 — it’s a breath of fresh air. I think not having some of the old characters return made it easy to breathe life into the show. I *love* Susan Lucci, but I don’t miss Erica Kane one bit in the reboot. I’m afraid bringing the character of Erica back will mean the return of the old, tired Erica storylines of the past 20 years. I’d welcome the character back on a very limited basis.

Please find a way to bring Erica back.

There are many reasons why Erica Kane and Susan Lucci need to return to AMC reboot. First, like it or not, she is the most identfiable character and actor. Even her not being on the show or a former cast member brings AMC recognition and brand power. Second, this issue about Lucci’s acting and or not growing up. Blame it on the writers. Lucci has show she can act not only by over 20 daytime nomnations for acting but by doing other roles. Perhaps the strongest evidene of her acting is that she is so unlke Erica Kane. Third, Susan Lucci is hardly a diva – her character yes but not her (a tribute to her acting skills! She has been married to the same guy for billion of years, loyal to ABC and AMC when she could have gone on to night time or whatever. Third her character is itnegral to the main plot of AMC and the families. Erica Kane was at the inception of AMCShe also, love or hate Erica brings some sizzle to the show. Like it or not Debbi, Julia, Vincent, Darnell, Cady, Jill and Thorsten even together cannot generate the media attention of Lucci. AMC needs that too. Finally in respect to her acting – the woman is paid to play iconic Erica even in non AMC roles. You can’t blame Lucci for that. How many people daytime or night time become a legend???? With nasty talk that I have seen I can see why soaps are dying. You whiners might just kill off your beloved soaps with such negative chatter.

Erica!! Kendall!!!

I believe it is very unfair and cutthroat to condemn Ms. Lucci for not returning to AMC as hoped-for. While I believed that Ms. Lucci would have ideally returned to the role of Erica Kane and AMC by now, perhaps some of the hesitation in resuming the role was the result of Ms. Lucci’s skepticism as to the on-line format of the AMC revival; and as to whether the show would be of good quality and well-received by fans in the same. Also, let’s face it: Prime-time television roles, especially ones on popular cable networks, still have an allure for actors primarily known for daytime dramas; and it is hard for daytime dramas to compete with that. I also believe that AMC creator AGNES NIXON should be respected as to her sentiments as to Ms. Lucci, regardless of what individuals may think of either Ms. Lucci or Erica Kane.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to Kick Off Season 36 of ‘Live’ with New Show Opening

The new season of morning talk shows begins this week, and one of them, Live with Kelly and Mark, is starting things off with a new show open starring the hosts and married couple, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, formerly of All My Children fame.

Make sure to circle Tuesday September 5th, when Kelly and Mark begin their first official season together as co-hosts of the long-running show now in its 36th season.  As many know, Consuelos joined the show back in April of this year, after Ryan Seacrest made the decision to depart the series and move back to Los Angeles full-time, since the talker is shot in New York City.

In the concept of the new opening, the husband and wife duo are seen brushing their teeth in their apartment, then going through a couple of outfit changes/looks, before they settle on what they wearing as they are driven to their New York City studio where ‘Live’ emanates from, and arrive in its corridors.

Photo: Disney/ABC

In addition, this season will have a new trivia game segment called Stump Mark.  In it, Mark will try his darnedest to keep the coveted Live mug away from trivia callers trying to stump him with their two statements — one true, one false.

Scheduled guests for the week: Derek Hough, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Etheridge, Josh Gad, Shinedown, Phillip Phillips, Nikki and Brie Bella and more.

Take a look at the opening title sequence for Live with Kelly and Mark below, and then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section, and let us know if you are looking forward to the new season of the talk show.

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All My Children

Kelly Ripa Teases New Season of ‘Live’ with Husband Mark Consuelos: “Our Show Is Best When It’s Going Off the Rails”

Since Mark Consuelos joined his real-life wife, Kelly Ripa on the morning talk show Live with Kelly and Mark, the ratings have never been better.  In fact, according to the Nielsen ratings, the former All My Children stars came in second behind The View for the 2022-2023 television season in total viewers averaging 2.293 million.

Now with the new season upon us come September, Ripa spoke with the Purist about what fans can expect now that Mark is coming into his own as her co-host.

Kelly shared, “We’re going to provide the same sort of humor and irreverence that people have come to know and love. Mark has taken the trivia game, where Ryan (Seacrest) and I would just give away coffee mugs to the audience, and decided that he’s not going to do that any more. There are no participation trophies in life, he says. If they want to win a mug, they’re going to have to stump me. I don’t really follow the ratings, but from what I’ve been told that since Mark has taken over, people stay with the show all the way through because they want to see whether or not Mark gets stumped.”

Photo: JPI

When asked what favorite segment on Live is her current favorite, Ripa expressed, “I love talking to the trivia callers. Our show is best when it’s going off the rails, when our audience gets to see the slip-ups. It is not this highly polished, Hollywood thing. It is two people meeting, having coffee, having just read the paper. We never cover actual news, we cover absurd news. When you factor in a person calling from their cellphone in the parking lot of a grocery store, what have you, it is rife with the ability to derail very quickly, and I think that’s what I love the best. I also love our viewer feedback at the very end of the show, where we take our viewers.”

So, are you looking forward to more Live with Kelly and Mark? Enjoying the duo on-screen together on the morning talker? What are your favorite staple segments from the show? Comment below.

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Pamela Blair, ‘A Chorus Line’, ‘Loving’ and Daytime Emmy Nominee, Dead at 73

The Broadway community is mourning the passing of one of their most beloved members, who also appeared on several daytime soap operas throughout her career.  Pamela Blair, the original Val in A Chorus Line, died at her home in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday following a lengthy illness. Blair was 73-years-old.

Throughout her career, the singer/dancer/actress continued to showcase her exceptional talents in shows such as: Promises, Promises, Wild and Wonderful, Sugar and Seesaw. She also gained major kudos from the musical theatre community for her portrayal of Amber in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. 

Pamela also had notable roles on soap operas taped in New York City. First, Blair played Elizabeth Shank Ryan on Ryan’s Hope in 1980. She followed that with her most-known daytime role as Loving’s Rita Mae Bristow, a part she played from 1983-1985.

Photo: ABC

Later in 1985, 1986 and in 1992, Blair made brief appearances in two roles on All My Children, Maida Andrews and Mrs. Goodman.  It was the role of Maida Andrews that landed Blair a Daytime Emmy nomination in the newly named Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series back in 1987, only losing that year to John Wesley Shipp for his role of Martin Ellis on Santa Barbara.  Blair’s last soap role was in 1994 as Another World’s Bonnie Broderick.

Throughout her enduring career, she appeared in numerous television and motion pictures including: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Law & Order and the motion pictures version of Annie.

Let us know if you ever had the opportunity to see Blair as Val in ‘A Chorus Line’, or if you remember her daytime roles on Ryan’s Hope, Loving, All My Children or Another World via the comment section.

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