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Jason Thompson Makes His Y&R Debut As Billy Abbott! What Were Your First Impressions? What Did You Think Of The Episode?


Now that’s the way you to make an entrance!  Wisely, The Young and the Restless did right by the audience, and by their latest cast member and star, Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott)!

In a pivotal and must-see episode in the history of the Abbott clan, Billy has been taken off of life-support.  All of Billy’s loved ones are sufferingm and trying to come to terms with forever losing him in their lives.  This set the stage for a fantastic entrance by Thompson, who played the out-of-body-experience of Billy-  talking to each of his family members as they talk about him and discuss what they should, or shouldn’t have done as he listens in and reacts to it.  Of course, the one catch … they cannot hear him.  Yes, we have seen this plot device before, but in the hands of Thompson and in his first episode inheriting the role, it all seemed pretty seamless to us.

Thompson owned Billy Abbott with his own styles and nuances out of the gate.  And for those who thought they were just going to see a complete retreading of Dr.  Patrick Drake from General Hospital, we think this first impression should put that to bed for those who watched his work at ABC.


Thursday’s Y&R also continued to give some strong material to stalwarts: Jess Walton (Jill), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Peter Bergman (Jack), Eileen Davidson (Ashley) and Gina Tognoni (Phyllis).  All of them A-listers and all of them Thompson’s new castmates.   We even got a snarling Billy, when he drops in on the conversations going down in Victor’s  (Eric Braeden) office!  We also got the emotional Billy when in a key moment he is greeted by the vision of his late daughter Delia, complete with the rings of Katherine Chancellor on her fingers.  In that moment, she tells Billy to go back and fight for his life, and for Victoria.   At the end of the episode as the family has gathered around him to watch him take his last breathes, Billy has a brain signal and is coming back to life.

So, what did you think of the debut of Jason Thompson as the new Billy Abbott on Y&R? What did you think about the episode, and the way the powers-that-be brought Jason onto the canvas using this vehicle, which also served as showcase for him to springboard into the part?   Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Honestly, I thought, it’s going to be okay with JT playing Billy Abbott. He is going to fit in quite well and despite my initial reservations about this re-cast, it is going to go well.

Certainly, JT is a very good actor. He’s with an “A” team. They interacted beautifully today.

And, I think JT’s entrance as Billy was interesting and well written.

I agree well done I can’t wait to see more

Me too, I didn’t think so at first but when I saw him acting, I think it will be just fine, maybe better than fine.

I think he has done a great job as Billy Abbott so far, and that he is a very handsome man and will fit in fine!

Additionally, I thought JT’s dark looks, so unlike the Abbot clans fair countenances, would be distracting. But, the episode and acting was so interesting to me, it didn’t matter at all.

Nice to see the role in the hands of a very good actor.

I agree with that. You must admit, Thompson looks more like Professor Korbel than he does any of the blonde Abbott’s.

Time will tell.

I tuned in to see Jason and how he would portray another character. I didn’t see Patrick Drake. I believed he was a character named Billy Abbot. That is the mark of an excellent actor, which he is.

The reaction I have seen on various sites and messageboards have been overwhelmingly positive. A far cry from what happened on GH with Howarth never getting a handle on Franco and just playing him like Todd. Jason is the real deal.

Matilda, he is quite the chameleon, is he not?
It as if JT were just chomping at the bit to get out of that starting gate to show viewers just what he can do.
I LOVED it–he is channeling the spirit of Billy Abbot. One gets the feeling that JT actually studied the role before he took it on.
I love Billy Miller but he always seems to be playing Billy Abbott no matter what. I don’t think he has the chameleonic abilities which JT has.
I cannot help but think that is a case of Patrick Drake finally beating the pants off of Jason Morgan.

Yes, he’s quite a chameleon. He’s really able to transform into another character and not have you thinking of Patrick. GH really made a huge mistake with Jason. Patrick was a doctor, a legacy, connections throughout the canvas, a rich ten year history of his own and played by a fantastic actor that has so much range and ability yet he wasn’t a prioroty.

I’ll miss the character, I’ll miss the actor and as a viewer, I regret the missed opportunity. But good for JT. He is an actor with the kind of talent that provides him opportunities and he took one. I expect him to be a fixture on Y&R for a long time; a prominent character on the number one soap, well done.

GH has made so many casting mistakes under Frank Valentini that it’s difficult to remember them all. He may be great at keeping a budget, but that is a small victory given all the rest. Dropping or losing many GH legacies, bringing in other soap stars for dismal and unnecessary characters and plots , the Prospect Park mess…. Just sad.

ForGOT to say, I did watch JT’s premiere as Billy (and I don’t normally watch Y&R). I agree with everyone who has said he knocked it out of the park. He will be a great Billy and it is our loss as GH fans in a big way.

Jess/Jill is knocking it outta the park! outstanding performance!

I really cringe knowing it will be the same old junk= Billy and Victoria ..
can’t there ever be a couple that is not worn out and the same ol’, and to have them move on and start a new life, just once.
Billy and Victoria are antiques! New stuff , please..

JT, well- I’m luvin him 😉 great casting!

I wanted a portrait of the whole Abbott family together at Billy’s bedside to say their final goodbyes. Traci should have been in that hospital room! If Billy and Victoria are divorced, I don’t want her hovering around Billy.

I agree totally. Bring back Traci Abbott. Although everyone did a fine job Jill and Traci we’re the best. Now she says she’ll never forgive herself for being so distant…GREAT Then bring her back under contract.

Jess has been great. Nice to see her onscreen. But where is Colin? It’s like they can’t have them on-screen at the same time.

I think he’s gone to General Hospital.

He’s at GH. Ironically, he’s NuBilly’s father-in-law on General Hospital and they just had several scenes together! I thought Tristan was just going to GH for a few wks but now they’re talking as if he’s staying. Who knows?

I agree, Suoo! Jess Walton is an amazing actress and vastly undeused.

He’s got it!!!! The role is his. Jason did not skip a beat, as Billy. Celebrate!!!!!

giddy laugh out loud

such high praise going… from start to finish, up to this point (10)

1. I truly like Jason Thompson’ acting
2. i’m guarded … and awaiting his acting w/ Amelia Heinle’ Victoria

i’d appreciate your candor… I can take it ie: w/Victoria

great to read these positive posts

@CeeCee…Sweets, wasn’t he just perfect !
Jason has what it takes to keep people watching,
good looks and undeniable acting chops…

We all agree, my lady. This is a good sign ….with better days to come.

@Fanny….I’ve no doubt that is exactly what Jason is displaying as Y&R’s new Billy….which begs the question, why did he have to relocate to Genoa City in order to utilize those God-given gifts which GH nearly totally squandered during his last few years in Port Charles? It simply makes no sense…whatsoever!

@Shay….Hi, hope all is well by you.. Agreed, over the past couple
of years very little attention was pd to the hospital or the prominent
Dr’s on staff… Be it Patrick, Silas, Dr.O, even newbie Lucas… Wasted
talent….TPTB wrote them into a corner and didn’t care enough about
these characters to give them their time to shine in the sun.

Right back at ya, Fanny!!! As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, GH’s genius answer to focusing back on the hospital is to introduce yet another newbie as a doctor after ignoring all the aforementioned talents they had at their disposal only a few months ago! How frustrating…to say the least!

He sure did!

I have been waiting for this day ever since it was announced. It is like a little warm spring breeze blew through the airwaves yesterday during the cold winter. It is like growing up with the seasons and looking forward to Valentine’s Day in February because it is a distraction from all the snow, sleet, and cold weather.

This is one casting move where it is good to be friends with Jill. I am so relieved that the character of Billy Abbott has fresh blood pumping into him now. It’s been too long. Burgess Jenkins was not horrible, he was just vanilla. There was nothing to get excited about with his portrayal. It’s a shame, but not every casting move is great.

You bet, Chrystie. Yes, Jason/Billy IS getting fresh blood pumped into him… more ways than one. Love your play-on words. Very clever of you. I like that.
Burgess never drew any emotion from me; that was the problem for me. And, at the risk of sounding shallow, his looks didn’t help. For those who say that looks should not matter; well, perhaps…..but, when there is no acting oomph either….what’s left? Jason was on for less than 45 minutes. Look at what he gave us. Spunk, determination, passion, compassion and a stirring of the heart. He gave us what we breathlessly awaited for how long? Later, my friend.

Every time Burgess [Jenkins] was on I could not help but think of Burgess Meredith (from Rocky, Batman, Grumpy Old Men) and if he were still alive, he could have acted circles around Burgess Jenkins. Burgess Jenkins just seemed too geriatric in his portrayal of Billy Abbott. It is not his fault, he was miscast.

I truly believe they got it right this time. I just hope they do not screw it up. 🙂

I agree, Cee Cee—we got to see Patrick morph into Billy.
And he did so seamlessly. How many times does one come in here to read comments which are all in concurrence with each other? Answer? NEVER–this is a first.
Okay, and because I am a negative person, I have to express one negative thought and am directing it toward you, Cee Cee, because I think you will agree with me on this one. Why oh why did that foolish and silly Nikki decide that the waiting room outside Billy’s death bed was a good location to play her stupid high school games? Oh yes, going into the waiting room full of grieving family who are all preparing to say goodbye to their loved one is a perfect opportunity to make Victor jealous. Great idea, Nikki. Drag in the equally stupid and hapless Neal and pretend to be lovers in order to poke Victor is just a GREAT idea.
Can they please find a way of giving Nikki a story line without making an absolute fool out of her?

Harry, my dear friend.
I suppose you did not read my comment about this very thing on another site. I can taste the ridiculousness of what Nikki and Neil are trying to do, and it tastes like caca. NIKKI?? Of all women? What in Sam Hill are these writers thinking? You are right….this schoolgirl play-acting just isn’t up to snuff. Many find Nikki so ‘wow’…..I never found her as the ‘it’ girl, even in youth. Her uppity countenance just turns me right off.


RIGHT ON!!!!! Also, that airhead Nikki using Neil (who ain’t too swift himself these days!!!!!) in her petty and childish games is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! I mean…is this a soap or high school?!?!? Furthermore, I’ve always found Nikki’s off-and-on snobby, hoity-toity and condescending attitude to be a MAJOR TURN-OFF…B-L-E-C-H!!!!! TRULY LAME ALL-AROUND!!!!!!


How old are Neil and Nikki suppose to be!


I’ve never seen Jason’s acting previously, so had no preconceived opinions of his acting in another role. He had more challenges as an actor in this first hour than I’ve seen any other actor on YR in a new role have to complete.
As we know, most actors say the emotional scenes are more about reacting to the other actor or actors, in this hour, Jason had to act truly alone pulling up emotions which were varied along the entire spectrum. I think he did a magnificent job. I was in awe of the talent of the small isolated sentences he spoke and the emotion in his face too. The only person he was able to act with was the young ‘Delia’ and it was delightful to watch them both.
He didn’t seem new. And this is not dissing the previous ‘Billy’ but he just has assumed this role being a consummate actor with obvious skills, experience in his background. I’m sure the other cast members are going to look forward to their own scenes interacting with him in the future.
I’ve even suggested that perhaps this recovered ‘new’ Billy could (if he is going to be behaving better) could maybe change his name to ‘Bill.’ Then in scenes with Eric, he can’t be called ‘Billy-boy’ anymore. A more mature characterization of this developed person who needs to be there for his wife and children in the role.
So, who know what lies ahead but guaranteed, Jason is going to be able to successfully depict anything the writers put on the pages of the script.
PS Thank you Michael for enlarging the font of these comments as it’s much easier to read and notice any errors.

Yeah, the “Billy Boy” references have gotten out of hand over the years. In the beginning Victor would utter that maybe every so many months, now it is every freaking time he refers to him.

Oh how I agree. I am so sick of the term”Billy boy Abbott” from that old fool.

Great post. Thats what I saw, mega challenges for the new guy on the set AND like you said, he acted mostly the whole show isolated.

I thought the writers and directors provided Jason with the perfect vehicle to get to GC. It was magic to watch. I’m in a group where some members are grieving over the loss of Billy Miller these few years later so even though I felt confident Jason would bring Billy Abbott to life I was in awe of his performance as were many of the doubters. I believe first impressions are so important and his was great. He could have walked off that set doing a Jose Bautista bat flip in my opinion because he knocked this performance out of the park.

Sheila..I’m a Blue Jays fan so I know what you mean, plus I saw that game. I think Patrick made an impressive debut onto Y&R. I also really liked how the story-line helped set him up to “meet” everyone else important in his life.

And Jason is Canadian so if he reads this he will also get it

I’ve been a fan of Jason Thompson since day 1 on GH. He’s a phenomenal actor! I think this character and a good storyline will allow him to shine and really show how good he is. Wish GH gave him better storylines and allowed him to have more scenes with different actors. I predict with this role on Y&R he will get the Emmy he’s so deserves!

Yep. Jason is totally deserving of an emmy. Maybe this (next) will be his year.

If there were a Daytime Emmy for best first day on a soap, Jason would finally have his Emmy with today’s scenes! He was simply fantastic! Watching him go from regret to anger to snarky, and back to regret was amazing! The scenes with Kevin and Mariah, and Victor and Noah, were great because we got to see such an incredibly funny side to Jason, and you can tell he was having fun! The scenes at the hospital, and with the kids, so sweet and so well done. Jason is great in any scene with kids! I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in real scenes with Amelia, Jess, Peter, Eric, and everyone else that he was “in” scenes with today! The role of Billy Abbott is definitely and fabulously being played by Jason Thompson!

The amount of pressure on this guy and he hit a grand slam!

I love JT. He excelled in emotional scenes on gh. The guy is a powerhouse . I thought he did well considering the material was very heavy & emotional. He looks just like Jill. It wasn’t that hard for me to see him as Billy because if you watched when Patrick first arrived to gh (before they matured him of course) he was a lot like the character of Billy. I was never the biggest fan of Villy, but I must admit, he and Amelia (Victoria) look gorgeous together! Swooon YR: Give him a chance & the right material and I promise JT will shine.

right on! on your post!

ie: “… He looks just like Jill. ”

@MarySF… said as much

I agree! and it’s like a nice testament to Jill … that when she sees her son… she she’s HER side of the family.

Jess Walton is also knocking it out of the park. WOW and Woah at the same time… this is must see stuff. wish I was

Dee… you made my morning : “… but I must admit, he and Amelia (Victoria) look gorgeous together! ”

you mean this, about; JT and AH? right !

Amelia Heinle and Jason Thompson : Victoria and Billy in his hospital room

Victoria: ” I’ll tell you a story – about; …an entitled, slightly reserved, obnoxiously reserved princess;

and a gambling womanizing but oh so charming… “frog”

i’m not sure about the ending… but i’m determined to make it a good one

so… once upon a time”

scene fades….

tears… isn’t this why we tune in


Amelia Heinle character

I’ve always been about underdog… and wanting for a character to grow

she may be seen as daddy’s little girl… but how could any child grow under those circumstances…

Victor… the tough as nails.. his way or the highway… not showing any kind of love.. on screen anyway… and the shabby way he treats Nikki… and the sun rose and set with Nicholas ?

I’ve always rooted for the character of Victoria… like she always “lived” under the radar and less than spotlight… over shadowed… by her own father and mother and younger brother… the royalty she , it would seem… was never really accolade, at least for AH… Heather Tom was a spoiled brat!

so.. hence… when Amelia Heinle was cast , after Heather Tom left… was the emergence of Victoria becoming an adult and growing up.

I’ve always liked how she … has never really wavered between the power plays going on with … the Newman and Abbott

when she met Billy and one for the books romance… budded took hold and stratosphere the best couple to come out of Genoa City… from veteran legacy … ( very much in the same context; that Robin and Patrick; from GH melded)

so… to see Victoria take hold her own life… was been nothing short of riveting for me

LOL… ugh! watching Yand R yesterday and todays eps: Victor is still dead and dull as ever!

hoping for the best : Victoria and Billy

Wow! If there was an Emmy for a stand-alone episode, this would be the clear winner.Y&R is on opposite my soap, GH, where I live. I turned on Y&R to see Jason in his new role and never returned to GH. I thought the episode was beautifully written and immediately established Jason vis a vis all of Billy’s key relationships. Putting him in a scene with daughter Delia was a genius move which cemented him in the role AND elicited tremendous emotion. Bravo to all involved, especially Jason Thompson…but now I have a dilemma. Tomorrow I want to stick with Y&R but I want to be faithful to GH. Could one actor make me switch allegiance? I know I can see both shows, but the one I watch when it is broadcast is significant to me. In an unrelated aside, last night I dreamed that it was announced that Anthony Geary was returning to daytime – On Y&R!!!! I woke up thinking it’s probably only a matter of time. Meanwhile, Long Live GH!

I knew Jason T. would be the resurrection of Billy Abbott !!!
Given the right material he was bound to shine…. I’m so
glad his move prompted me to start watching Y&R a few
weeks back, so I’d be ready for his debut as Billy…
Smart casting move JFP.

All I can say is…W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Y&R Family, Jason Thompson!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, you. Where have you been? I’ve asked after you several times, Jay. I am so glad you’re back, my friend…..welcome…my friend.
I am also happy to hear that, obviously, you have been watching. Wasn’t Jadon just soooo fitting in?

Lol, Jason….

Thanks, CeeCee!!!!! It feels great to be back!!!!! Yes.

Oh…and HAPPY BELATED 2016 to you, my friend!!!!!!


Thank you. Happy New Year to you. Please stay, this time…LOL. Later.

Welcome back, jaybird369! I echo CeeCee’s sentiments…

James…thanks, bro!!!!! Much, much appreciated!!!!!


Guess what? I think Y&R got it right this time. So far so good. I am an avid watcher of GH and his acting was great. So yes Jason will ace the role of Billy. He has the energy, drive and some mannerisms of the Billy we grew to love. I think Jason will bring it and knock it out of the box. No he gas no resemblance to the previous Billy but change was necessary to get it right. Kudos to Y&R#chicago

He looks like Jess Walton and facially he has some of Peter Bergman’s looks. Great actor regardless!

He does indeed look like he could be Jill’s son.
And speaking of Jess Walton, she hit it out of the ballpark with those hospital scenes. Jill has not been in a scene in ions and suddenly she comes in like gang busters making us all cry along with her and making us actually give a damn about Billy.
My only complaint is the next day when Billy wakes up, the whole Abbot family and Jill are gone. Only Victoria is there. We barely got to see the family’s reaction to the news that Billy is going to live.

I agree, he does look like Jess and Peter. I had forgotten how well Jason does the entire range of emotions. They took a huge chance with those scenes. In the hands of a lesser talent, they would have bombed big time BUT, the risk was rewarded and JT finally gets scenes worthy of his mastery of the craft. It’s been a long time.
I’m really happy for JT. It’s life lessons for us all: Never be afraid of change. When you know you’re not optimizing your gifts, don’t whine and complain, move on. Be confident, not scared. Take a chance on you.
Everybody loves a winner and Jason is….Winning!

He was fine, yes. I’m trying to recover from Dylan being Instacop,

Harding should be assistant chief and not Dylan. That sucks!

I was just hooked, immediately. Kudos to JT. My condolences to the producers/writers at GH who are like the shopgirls in Pretty Woman today. “big mistake. huge”

In a word, brilliant. The past week Y&R has (again) been on fire. The emotions of each scene with JT and the cast, e immediately just became Billy. Right away I forgot I was watching a new actor in this big role, and was fully focused on the story. The entire cast, led by the outstanding Jess Walton, have all been hitting home runs all week. And if you were not crying during the Delia scenes, you’re not human.

Fantastic! I think Jason is the perfect Billy! Episode was very well written, too.

In all of the decades I’ve been watching soaps, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recast adapt and become the new character so quickly. The scene between Billy and Delia was amazing – the chemistry, I actually believed he was her father, like they had known each other for years (little Delia played a part in that too, I might add!). Wow, this is going to be fun!

GREAT point, Annie. Yes, you felt that father daughter connection instantly–it was if those two actors had played many scenes together beforehand.

What a fantastic episode! I’m a longtime viewer of both GH and YR so I know Jason would be great. What I ddin’t expect, was for the writers to give him such an opportunity on his very first episode to showcase his talent.

Great job, writers and beautiful performance by Jason!!

Also, after watching him for years on GH…..I never once thought of Patrick Drake during today’s YR. That’s a pretty huge testament to Jason’s incredible talent.

Thats true. Thats a testament to JT as an actor. Patrick who?

An outstanding way to introduce a new Billy..Jason was at his best only wish GH appreciate his talent and gave hm more. Powerhouse cast A+ performance. Y&R gain a big loss for GH!

I thought he did really well. I never watched GH so don’t know Jason. But he is already much better than his predecessor. Hope this bodes well for the future.

And Kevin is such a jerk. Didn’t even give time for Billy to die before he ran off to Victor.

Kevin is Kevin. I am still waiting to see when they are going to develop this character into a viable human being. He has so many chances and so much potential, but ultimately the character of Kevin is first and foremost a narcissistic and childish prankster who really should have done a little jail time.

No sooner do we have a wonderfully written set of episodes about Billy’s demise that we get sucker-punched with another lame tech peril tale with Natalie: too many holes in this one to bother writing about. Y and R needs to step away from these tech espionage sagas like come off like B movies and work more with drama like euthanasia… so much more to explore for viewers.

“that come off” sorry

In regards to Kevin, the actress playing Natalie would have been a good Mackenzie Browning.

I have been waiting for Mackenzie for years, now. And, Daniel, too.

She reminds me of a mix between Kerri Russell and Elizabeth Hendrickson.

I am not a Y&R fan, but tuned in to see Jason Thompson’s debut. He is an exceptional actor, was not surprised to see how well he performed. I also understand why he left GH and made the move to Y&R. When was the last time he had more than a few minutes of screen time on GH? Even when they wrapped up the Patrick/Robin storyline, he was on screen in short spurts (if you blinked you missed most of it). He was on our screen for most of yesterday’s episode on Y&R, which I am certain will be the case in months to come with this character. Kudos to JT! I may have to start watching Y&R to get my fix. 😉

Thats just it, GH gave him very little to do in 2015. Who wouldnt leave and go to Y&R to a juicy character that will never be killed off and the show has been number one for 2 and a half decades!

Loved it. Loved JT. Love the episode. Beautiful. Well done, Days.

This is Y&R, not Days.

Days is the Marcia Brady of Daytime.
I swear, it’s always Days, Days, Days!!

He will and is doing a great job as Billy Abbott!!!He’s a great actor so I had no doubt:)

THIS is what a soap opera should be! WOW! Chuck and Jill did a masterful job in doing something different. THAT is tough to do in all the years soaps have been on TV. They introduced Jason as the new Billy. Loved it. No bandages covering his face. Thank god! THEN, they dont ease Jason into the role of Billy. They boldly have him interact with EVERYONE who is in his life in ONE show! THEN to have Delia show up and have a scene with Jason was so brave of the show since she and Billy Miller had such a bond BUT Jason is a master at acting with children and he made me cry with their scene. He had tears in HIS eyes to. She tells him to go, its okay, and he walks right through Victoria and I said THIS is why I watch, great stuff. Soapy stuff that tugs on the heart strings with brilliant actors! Jason Thompson, I KNEW he would succeed. I knew it! Wait, what color is his hair? WHO CARES!

Bravo, Timmm!

I wholeheartedly agree! I hate when those say that so-and-so does not look like the other characters. Who gives a flying fig?! They could all look like the Coneheads, but as long as they can stir the emotions in ME, I don’t care. That is what Jason does, he stirs emotions. He makes you feel things.

Sadly Burgess Jenkins only made me feel that his Billy Abbott was not far removed from a farm boy. He just did not have the demeanor and said “Vic” just too many times for my taste. He also didn’t stir one emotion in me during any of his grieving scenes over Delia either, but Jason comes in and one day pulls out real tears and emotion. That is talent and that is what has been missing from Y&R for far too long.

Oh Chrystie, I was blown away with Jason’s performance and when Delia showed up that was it, I was taken! JT is a mega talent who was sadly wasted on GH in 2015. I knew he could do this! Thats it, Burgess couldnt pull any real emotions out of himself when he needed to. It really shows just how bad he was as Billy because when JT comes in, DAY ONE, and lights up the screen with ALL the characters. Amazing!

It was ingenious writing, Timmm. That’s the way to do it. So, when he is up and running, he will have had his introduction. Loved everything about the way Jason was given to us as Billy….what a gift!

It was. Think of all the stories that have been written over the years. It would be tough to write something different and fresh. As I said before, Jill and Chuck get a lot of heat for their EP duties and their writing but this was excellent and we should all recognize that. They have had their blunders but this episode of introducing JT should be put on the top shelf all shiny and gold!

I felt the same way I felt the day Laura Wright took over the role of Carly in GH. Jason Thompson gave the part a depth that has been missing since Billy Miller left. He honored the character of Billy but made it clear he was going to put his own personal stamp on it.

She sure did, Steve. It helps that she has not vacated the role, but I remember how strong an actress she was from her LOVING/THE CITY days. Jason is also that strong and I look forward to YEARS of his performance on Y&R (God willing).

Jason Thompson rocked it. He didn’t miss a beat as he stepped into and fully inhabited the character of Billy.

And the writers also nailed it – this single episode gave Jason more material to work with than he’s had in years on GH.

I commented on another thread about how well I think Jason Thompson did his scene with Delia made it look like he had been working with her forever. The performance was flawless. All I can say is he is great with children he is going to make a great Dad.

He was great with his daughter on GH and what a brilliant move to have him act opposite of the sweet little Delia the first day! JT has that special touch with the kid actors. Great episode that I will never forget!

I love him!
I felt his charisma before he even opened
his mouth to say his first line. I think his
portrayal of Billy will be awesome.

I never had any doubts about Jason Thompson taking over, but one episode does not a character switch make. He WILL own the role of Billy Abbott by the end of the year. It will be hard to get Burgess Jenkins’ version out of our heads for a while as he was not there merely a few months. I am CRAVING the character development for Billy Abbott that I know Jason can deserve as he did that with Patrick Drake. That is what soaps are all about – character development. I am still waiting for that to happen to Kevin, Sharon, Victor, Nick, etc., but I will take Billy’s transformation because I know it is imminent.

All that being said, I am SO glad they did not do what the rumors had said and gave him a face transplant. Viewers can actually accept the fact that another actor is playing a part without these plot devices.

You forgot to add that Jason got to show his snarky side of Billy both with his interactions with Kevin/Mariah and Victor/Noah.

Doing and amazing job and looking forward to Jason/Billy.

What an actor. The transition was seemless. Now if he can bring on the humorous side of Billy Abbott I’m sold.

I will say this much, this was Y&R’s best casting decision that they’ve made since Billy Miller vacated the role of Billy Abbott almost 3 years ago now, and that includes the castings of Phyllis and Adam. I’d say the casting of Jason Thompson is # 1 with Justin Hartley as Adam # 2 and Gina Tognoni as Phyllis # 3.

Jason now owns the role of Billy Abbott. He absolutely killed it yesterday and the scenes with little Delia were beautifully done and you can see the tears welling up in Jason’s eyes during those brief scenes with little Sophia (Delia). It was pure magic! Well done Jason and thank you for shutting the doubters up! Also, kudos to #YR for bringing Jason over to CBS!

I agree with you in one hundred % ! Thank you, thank you ” The Young and
the Restless ” for hiring Jason Thompson to play the role of Billy Abbott.
Jason is a wonderful actor . Also, he is incredibly handsome and chemistry
between Jason ( Billy ) and Amelia ( Victoria ) is downright palpable. I love them
together and I am convinced that they will be a dynamite couple.

I thought it was a brilliant way to introduce JT into the role. He got a chance to shine alone, but interact with all the characters so a viewer could mentally adjust to a new actor in the role. And as much as I normally hate unnecessary melodrama like seeing all the characters believe Billy was going die, when viewers know he isn’t– this time it was forgivable because it was the perfect way to make the transition.

And looks wise, when JT was standing behind PB as Jack, to me, they look like brothers and since Ashley had a different mother and father, it doesn’t matter if he looks like her- and I was right JT really looks like Jill, so I think look wise he is totally believable as Billy.

But it is his acting that will win over viewers and he made a great first impression that I think this time, we have a keeper.

It seems unanimous! As one with no background on this fellow he pounced on screen with such energy; no easing into his new character. As other have said the entire cast poignantly portrayed the immense difficulty in dealing with end of life decisions. Kudos to the writers on this one.

It would be good to stop with this positive review. However, the mafia storyline is troublesome for me. The glimpse of a man in the elevator with a black bag over his head evoked thoughts that were uncomfortably ominous .

Amazing! I’m absolutely thrilled to have JT in the role of “Billy”. Finally, life back into the character. Thank You Y&R for getting this right.

Y&R received and gave a gift. It received the gift of JT’s talent, and gave the gift of a beautifully written and structured episode to introduce him to the viewers as Billy. JT hit a home run at Y&R with his first at-bat. As a GH viewer I really have to accept that JT made absolutely the right decision for himself in leaving GH for Y&R. GH had nothing for him, except to be a side-liner in the ongoing Jason-is-God storyline. In the long-run, GH did itself no favors letting this talent go. JT played the last on-contact doctor, and one of the few undoubted good guys on a show that traffics in mob and murder.

Congratulations to JT on landing a part that will really use and stretch his talent! GH? What were you thinking?? Or…were you thinking??

I could not agree with you more !

I look forward to watching every episode in which Jason Thompson plays.
He is so talented , charming and handsome that it is sheer pleasure to see
him portray Billy Abbott. I just hope that Jason’s wonderful acting skills will be
truly appreciated by ” The Young and the Restless ” powers that be.
Congratulations to Jason and his wife on the wonderful news about baby that
is to be born in May. All of the best to you both.

Wow, I’ve never EVER seen everyone on this board agree. Has soap opera hell frozen over?!?!

story line not a good idea. It gave false hope to people who have loved ones that are brain dead. As far as I know, once a person is brain dead there’s no coming back. They went too far this time

You are correct Ginger. I thought about making a comment on that. However, the topic and dynamics of opposing opinions were rather well presented. Thank you for pointing out the reality.

I tried saying something flip on another site…..trying to be sarcastic, but it did not turn out that way, and my comment failed miserably. I said that miraculously coming back from ‘death’ happens more often than we know, meaning that this is believed to be true, and “by the grace of God”. I don’t mean to sound controversial, but, when someone is declared ‘brain dead’, the person is dead, period. The reality is, people mistake ‘brain dead’ with being in a coma……very different diagnoses or state. But, it does happen!
A miracle or wrongly diagnosed? As I said earlier…..a cosmic mystery. Those of us who believe in miracles and the metaphysical accept the impossible….yet, those of us who believe in the scientific opposition, dispute this very possibility, except for scientists/doctors on soaps. It’s a very touchy subject; especially if faith comes into play….then, we are walking on shaky terrain. The struggle, created by man, between God and science is ever alive….as is evolution versus creation.
The point is, it’s a great story, albeit fictitious. Perhaps, this very subject could be delved/tapped into by TPTB…. Could be a very illuminating storyline…..point is, Billy’s back. Very exciting!!

I’m sure that people who watch a soap opera realize it’s just that. I don’t think they look to soaps for anything but basic entertainment. If you watch soaps you know how to stretch the limits of reality. And if people are truly offended, they change the channel. I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m just presenting a different view. Upon further thought, I actually really dislike when soaps try and tackle truly heavy storylines because the characters will get over the trauma and move on to their next story, but it doesn’t work that way in real life.
For example: Elizabeth on GH was raped many years ago, and yet today she never has any issues with it or “it” doesn’t interfere with her everyday life. I think someone who suffers that always carries it around with them. So I am right here, right now reversing my opinion and admitting I…..was…..not completely ….right. Whew! That was tough to admit. Ok have a good one!

JT was great but you know what’s not great? The silly storylines going on right now. Not for nothing but a 5 year old could tell better stories. Y&R has lost it’s D*** mind. It’s all over the place and nothing makes since. Luca and his wife needs to go. Kevin needs to find someone he has chemistry with and for goodness sake can Chelsea shut the H*** up!

And that is why the show is the most watched of the four remaining……has remained solidly in 1st place for god knows how long. Maybe it’s just too complicated for you. The solution is to reach for he flicker and change the channel because you are obviously in the minority.

Whoop De Doo it’s the most watch out of the remaining soaps. The numbers have the declined over the years. You can believe I’m in the minority if that gets you to sleep at night but the numbers show people aren’t watching and if they aren’t watching. why would they comment?. Too complicated, ha..ha..haa.

And yet you watch……

Well I can’t dream up a comment.

Sheila, you are right.

I so agree, Penny. Luca and that whole storyline is just ridiculous and am quite sick of this mess. Don’t care for this back and forth storyline with Hillary and Neil. That is getting old as well. They truly need some better writers here and quick!


Well, I’m happy to see JT as Billy. He’s got to have chops or he wouldn’t have been so popular on GH. He might be physically different than the previous Billys I have known but I think he fits in well with his siblings. It was a nice way to integrate him but there was zero suspense. Despite all the hand wringing and tears, we knew Billy would be just fine. No story at all.

I am happy to hear of a new Billy Abbott. Did not care for the last one as I didn’t think he was a good match with Victoria and I didn’t see any chemistry between them. So my vote is still in limbo at this pooint until he recovers from his coma at least. I did like Billy Miller tremendously who played Billy Abbott once upon a time and I thought he and Victoria were the perfect match. Time will tell here.

LOVE Jason in this role – can’t wait for him to wake up! Had to laugh tho when they turned off “life support” since he wasn’t hooked up to anything and wasn’t even on a ventilator

Yes, it was a ” slight ” oversight . Thanks to it, though, Jason was so handsome
on his deathbed ! Nothing ( no ventilator, etc. ) could spoil his amazing good

I hope when Billy finally completely wakes up he remembers the conversation he overhead in Victor’s office. That way, Billy can give Victor payback for helping Adam escape justice for Delia’s death. And also get some justice for both Phyllis and Jack.

I thought the episodes were terrific. JT instantly became Billy. His scenes with Delia was some of the best acting i’ve seen. Y&R gave JT more material than what GH gave him in a year. GH’s loss is Y&R’s gain

@ Robert : you are absolutely right ! Casting Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott
was the best decision . I agree that the scenes with Delia were very touching
and wonderfully played. Loved them.

Jason along with writers gave us the #Best recast of Billy Abbott Ever..Kudos!

Yes and yes !

At first glance, I am not sure. His seems more serious than the previous billys. Didn’t feel any chemistry between him and Victoria. Will give it a few more episodes.

I was completely disinterested when I heard there would be a new Billy (I didn’t feel that Billy Miller could be replaced but I do think for some strange reason Burgess Jenkins got better in the last month) and then I was completely SHOCKED by how much I enjoyed JT’s performance. I wasn’t prepared to believe right away and yet there he was, tearing up with Delia, tearing up with his mother…and totally owning the role. I hope that his “rebirth” of sorts will be the beginning of him kicking Victor’s butt to hell.

I still love Billy Miller.

It is funny how someone’s abilities get better in the final months. I think it is because they know they are leaving and the weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

That may be the case but I am of the opinion that Burgess Jenkins was
never really suited for the role of Billy. He was too serious all the time,
hardly ever smiled and there was a ZERO chemistry between him and


Saw a poll on a site called SoapShows if I’m allowed to mentioned that. Out of almost 3,000 votes almost 60% said he was doing a terrific job already, 20% said they didn’t know yet, too soon to tell and 20% said no, he doesn’t fit the role.

I’d take those numbers if I was Jason Thompson. That’s so much better ALREADY than most actors taking over a popular role get. That and I think many folks just didn’t feel BJ in that role, including me! JT has sooooo much emotional range. He will win that 20% that unsure right now over in no time!

1 other thing I want to say is that JT DID get great roles on GH!! He exited right in the middle of the leading, hottest sl going and was knocking it out of the park! He had so many great sl’s on GH-that’s why his submitted material earned him 5 Emmy noms. It’s just that the show went months and months at times w/o giving him a sl at all! They became too far and too between.

I can’t help but think… to increase those numbers in Y&R favor

is to keep Jess Walton on full time… should she want that

she, more than any other actor… would expedite and solidify his character belong

it would be a major treat and uproariously good time seeing this mother and son duo … bond and reconnect these two characters

Jill Foster Abbott Chancellor is a force of nature… with Jason Thompson by her side… he’s got all the character in his genetic

and he doesn’t even need Victor


The Cast of ‘The Bay’ to Preview Upcoming 8th Season in Live Chat

Four Daytime Emmy-winning stars, and two fan favorites, comprise the very special guests when cast members from the upcoming 8th season of the The Bay participate in an upcoming livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel on Monday, December 4th beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

Scheduled to appear are: A Martinez (Nardo), Mike Manning, (Caleb) Kristos Andrews (Pete/Adam), Maxwell Caulfield (Sir Thomas Kenway), Alicia Leigh Willis (Avery) and Eric Nelsen (Daniel) who will tease what’s to come for their character in the new season and much more.

Daytime fans know A Martinez best for his role as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara, a role that won him a Lead Actor Emmy.  In addition, Martinez has appeared on General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Mike Manning, previously played Charlie Dale on Days of our Lives, and took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program for his role as Caleb on The Bay.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

Kristos Andrews, the series lead of The Bay, who has taken on the dual roles of Pete Garrett and Adam Kenway,  is an eleven-time Emmy winner and made history as the only individual to ever receive Emmy recognition in four key categories: Acting, Producing, Writing and Directing.

Eric Nelsen, also took home a Daytime Emmy for his on-screen performance on The Bay for Supporting Actor in a Digital Series, but also has two more Emmys as a producer. All My Children fans remember Eric as AJ Chandler in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.  Recently, Nelsen also appeared in the hit show, Yellowstone. Alicia Leigh Willis is remembered by General Hospital fans as Courtney Matthews, the biological mother to Spencer Cassadine, and Sonny’s half- sister.

Photo: ABC

One of the major editions to the new season of The Bay is Maxwell Caulfield, who many primetime soap fans recall as Miles Colby on both Dynasty and The Colbys. Caulfield has appeared in numerous soaps, primetime, and motion picture roles, and is married to former Passions star, Juliet Mills.

Photo: JPI

Be on the look out for 14 all-new episodes of The Bay, when they drop beginning on Monday, December 11th, that will include The Bay’s 100th episode special, that premieres on Thursday, December 14th. The 8th season also includes the final performances of the late Jackie Zeman in her role as Sofia Madison.

92 episodes of The Bay are currently available on Tubi, Prime Video, and Popstar! TV, with several episodes also available for streaming on Peacock and The Roku Channel.

So, what has been your favorite role and performance from these six actors? Have you enjoyed their work on ‘The Bay’? Let us know if you will be with us in the live chat next Monday via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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THIS FRIDAY: The Young and the Restless’ Hayley Erin to Chat Live

In a rescheduled livestream event, The Young and the Restless‘ Hayley Erin (“Claire” Grace) will chat live with Michael Fairman on Friday, December 1st beginning at a special time – 2:00PM ET/11:00am PT.

As Y&R viewers have seen, there is more to Claire than originally meets the eye, as she and her Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) have ramped up their revenge plot against Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and the entire Newman clan and their true identities have been revealed.

Previously, Erin appeared on Y&R as a teenaged Abby Newman. Later, she went on to General Hospital to take on the role of Kiki Jerome, a part which won her a Daytime Emmy for her performances. Now, back at her original stomping grounds in Genoa City, and playing an entirely brand- new character.

Photo: JPI

Hayley is getting the opportunity to show another side of her acting chops. Make sure to join us for this exclusive livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel. Make sure to ‘subscribe’ to the channel for more upcoming celebrity features, and content, and to receive up-to-the-minute tune-in alerts.

So, are you enjoying Hayley’s performances as “Claire’ thus far? Will you be joining us this Friday? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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