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Joe Mascolo Speaks Out About Being Written Out Of DAYS … For Now!


As fans are watching this week the drama unfolding on Days of our Lives, most of the residents of the town of Salem are about to ready, aim, fire a gun at  Stefano DiMera! Who pulls the trigger will be the ultimate mystery? Or, will it be if Stefano is truly dead, dead?

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, the very popular Joe Mascolo (Stefano) talks openly about the events that led to Stefano being shot and the decimation of the nucleus the formed the current DiMera Clan!

Mascolo revealed, “Every single thing that went wrong in Salem was Stefano’s fault.  Every single thing.  He got blamed for everything.  When Stefano got blamed for this business with Lexie illness, I got very angry.  Stefano and his daughter had an absolutely pure relationship.  I adore Renee Jones (Lexie).  When she came to my dressing room and said, “I’m going to be leaving soon, and this is what is going to happen,” I said, “Oh, no!”

Joe also goes on to say how unhappy he was that they changed the father/son relationship between EJ and Stefano too!.  “It was very difficult.  The bottom line Stefano is will always be about family.  So when they wrote that, I couldn’t figure it out.  In all honesty, Stefano nor EJ would have had wanted it that way.  As a matter of fact when James Scott (EJ) saw the business that Elvis wasn’t Stefano’s son, we both went, “No, that’s wrong.”   We didn’t want it that way.”

Another issue for Mascolo was the ruination of Stefano’s relationship with Kate, played by Lauren Koslow. “Stefano and Kate were solid, and in love, and I thought breaking them up was such a bad move.”

As for now, Mascolo told SOD, “For all intent and purposes, Stefano is dead.”   But sources are reporting that he is already included in future story plans!  So, will the Phoenix rise again?  Do you think the writer ruined the character of Stefano with all these latest plot shifts leading up to his “murder”?  Or, do you think it’s making for great soapy drama? Let us know your thoughts!

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No offense to Joe Mascolo, but it was time for Stefano to go, or to change.
I do agree with him though, about the ruin of the DiMera family. EJ should be Stefano’s son, and the abrupt way that Kate betrayed him with Ian just didn’t make sense to me. As a John and Marlena fan, I would have liked to have Stefano stay around, because it gives J & M more story, but maybe have Stefano diversify and have him do something besides the vendetta against the Brady family stuff. Hopefully he’ll be back, if the story is good. Soaps need good villains.

i disagree about the Kate stuff, first he blackmailed her into marry him so it is not really a ‘pure’ relationship, secondly Kate is slutty nothing new she had affairs with many men even Ej (Stefano’s son..come on he is still his son).
That being said i love Joe Mascolo and his Stefano Dimera character and hope he will come back but make more creative stories for him writers..and that’s right without him John and Marlena have no stories they are boring but it is time to change the dynamics between these characters..Stefano being the uber-villain is so predictable and boring now.

I want him to come back …he is a great actor

Yes. He should come back. It will not be the same without the man we love to hate. They need the character.

I so enjoyed Stefano’s character and I will miss him terribly. I hope they do write him back in, at least as a ghost or something. He will be missed! Loved his acting!!!

i do agree we need stefano back. I do believe that john is going to end up ejs father

I don’t like them writing Stefano out. He was one of the main characters. His storey line was great for the show. They have already gotten rid of so many and each time the replace someone in the show it hurts the show. I don’t like the Ian character if he is to be the new villain. Stephano was much better and had a sense of humor too. Ian is dulllllll.

The show will not be the same without Stefano! Cut out all of the teen age junk about bullying etc. Who cares? I’ve watched DAYS since in was created as a half hour show back in the sixties and it’s become dull, uninteresting and it’s time to write out all that teenage stuff that nobody’s really interested in. Come back to us, Phoenix – we all miss you. Next will be getting rid of Victor – another big mistake to affect ratings.

Stefano was a great character in the show hasn’t been the same since they wrote him out hoping that he will come back soon that will make the soap more interesting

I can’t believe how badly Joe Mascolo has been getting treated by this bloody show. All the reaches that had to be made to blame absolutely everything that’s gone wrong over the past century on Stefano are not only implausible to viewers who only recently started watching the show, they’re insulting to longtime viewers – not just fans of the show, but fans of Stefano and the lovely, talented man who portrays him. The people behind this show right now continue to treat us all as though we’re idiots. The worst part about all of this is that it isn’t even in the name of good soap. All this supposed drama has been less than entertaining, and is being executed abysmally. Renee Jones, James Scott, and Joe have all been making the best of it – that’s what talented, professional actors do – but viewers know when an actor’s heart isn’t in it, and the show is a soulless husk right now. I no longer blame the writers for this. Ken Corday and company are letting this happen. They’re smothering this soap, and all the firings and hirings in the world aren’t going to save it if it’s still being built on the shaky backs of Corday and the rest of the powers that be.

Have to agree with what you stated. I have not been a longtime fan of the show, but recently started watching after OLTL was cancelled. I like the character of Stefano, but am not happy with the direction that the writers took with Stefano and his family. Even though I haven’t been watching the show for decades, I am aware of the family dynamic that Stefano has for his children, and I think it was a poor decision to have the weight of the world all thrown on Stefano’s shoulders. And I truly hated the way they dealt with the EJ & Stefano storyline.

I have recently found myself unhappy with the way all of the soaps are being handled and written, so for the most part, if I have a day off and I’m lounging around the house, I find myself channel surfing for hours, because daytime has gotten so unbearable for me. I remember the good old days, when there was about 10 different soaps on, so if one pissed you off, you could turn the channel and find another one….or when the writers of the shows cared more about character building and staying true to the history of the show, then doing a storyline for just plain shock value, or a way to kill dead space.

Writers & Producers of these shows owe the audience a little more respect. We have stuck around and watched these shows for years and years….by God, it’s time to step up to the plate and write smarter, stop dragging stories out for an eternity, every now and then give the fans what they want, and stop being afraid to write a story where some of your characters are happy. Too much doom and gloom. Don’t we get enough of that in our every day lives?

Right on Torrey excellent post!!!! I have not watched Days in a long time but you are right on about what is going on. These four soaps will be gone if they do not get their act together. Days in the 80’s use to be the soap with super couples!! I guess not anymore.

Supercouples is too cheesy, people don’t watch corny stories like that anymore, the real problem is that these writers are not daring and not creative enough.

I completely agree. The destruction of the DiMera family is ill-conceived and alienating. I so miss the uplifting moments and loving example of Viki (Erika Slezak) and others on OLTL. I remember feeling good after OLTL. Days and GH seem so depressing in comparison.

Don’t forget the wonderful comic relief that Roxy brought to the show. She was one of my all time favorites. People may not agree with me, but I think it’s hard to play someone who is drunk all the time, and pull it off in a believable manor, and Ilene Kristen was fantastic!! OLTL was such a well rounded show….that had drama, suspense, romance, comedy, action and everything else in between….something that sorely lacking in the four remaining soaps.

I so agree with you about Roxy. She was so funny and made watching OLTL such a pleasure. I wish she would open a beauty shop in Port Charles. I don’t think she was drunk all the time (although she started out that way) but had a unique, quirky personality. I would love to see Roxy do Carly or Kate’s hair when they couldn’t get an appointment at their regular salon. Roxy would bring some needed humor to GH, although I don’t know if GH viewers would give her a chance.

I agree, did not like the way it all went down, Stephino is the man you love to hate… The writers… who were supposed to do all this wonderful, writing – story lines that were going to make us all want to watch… failed, failed, failed. All they did was retell, stories of old, boring, and then ruined characters that used to be likable, I so wish I was educated in soap writing, because I sure as heck could have done a better job then they did….

I want stefano back not the same without him

I have been a DOOL fan for 20 years and I did not like how they changed Stefano’s dynamic on family. There have been a few that we’re not biologically his and yet, they were still his family. DOOL writers better not mess around with the foundation of strong, identifiable characters or they might be another AMC or OLTL!

Well actually he let Tony captive on a island for 20 years if not more, Kristen as a slave, Peter in jail and the other ones are DEAD so i love Stefano, very entertaining character but to say he is good to his family is a BIG FAT LIE.
Mascolo just did not like the changes, he will get over it when he will come back lol

I can only wonder with so many actors exiting recently if Days isn’t under incredible financial pressure and the stress is so high that poor decisions are being made. It’s as if the show is imploding before our eyes.

Wondered about that myself.

Stefano was an integral character to the show for years and should be brought back! Also EJ should have continued being his biological son. Big mistake. What are the new writers thinking? Have been a huge days fan and have watched it over 20 yrs and really am unhappy about the recent changes, comings and goings, and getting rid of great actors like joe mascolo etc.. also where is philip kyriakis? Chloe?
Plus writing off jack devereaux? another big mistake.
If the current writers continue messing with the traditional story lines and characters of this much beloved soap, I feel it will alienate even more viewers –

I want Stefano to stay dead. But I think Stefano’s ghost might return from time to time to “visit” Salem residents.

I certainly hope not!! I detest when they have a character come back as a ghost!! If not the real thing, then not at all!!

Man did these fired writers have it in for Joseph or what? I hope Stefano and Kate will get back together. I liked them.

I like them but they became boring they needed some drama so their break up was a good thing imo, moreover Stefano was not kind to Kate, to see her being so passive was quite awful..the guy tried to kill her beloved sons for pete’s sake !

I ask how many more viewers are you willing to lose? Stefanos character ddisplayed an allusive allure. loved or hated the actors skills were comparable to Humphrery Bogart. Certainly I abd milliions of veiwers appreciated the immense style Stefano’s character added to

Exactly what we all said “No, that’s wrong” I hope the writers fix this mess! Ej is a Dimera ! We love James & Joe.

Joe & James are my favorite men on Days and I absolutely HATE what mardar did to the character of Stefano! They better bring him back and change the writing back to him being EJ’s father. In changing that alone I have barely been able to watch. I hate how they have Stefano treating EJ their dynamic was so real! They are wonderful as father & son. Loved him with Kate and Lexi too. Stefano not caring about Johnny & Sydney is so”un Stefano”. I did however like that he wanted EJ & Nikki broken up…please let that stick!

I agree with everything Joe Mascolo said. (Who is going to disagree with Stefano?! Ha, Ha!)

But everything will be alright.

I completely agree with Joe Mascolo. The writers at Days are ruining the entire show. It’s gotten so hard to follow again. I had SUCH high hopes when they did the “reboot” and brought back many long loved characters/actors. Sadly, that didn’t last long before it once again became the “Sami Brady” show. I am sick to death of Sami Brady. I’m sure Ali Sweeney is a great woman but Sami Brady has been front burner FAR too long. It seems as though she’s the only one the writers know how to write for. What they are doing with the DiMera family is so completely out of character and isn’t making ANY sense. Are there NO talented, imaginative writers left to write for soaps out in LA? Please Days, get your act together. Let’s get creative, get some balance on the show and not focus so much on one character and most importantly, write “in character”. Stefano would NEVER abandon EJ after all these years even if he weren’t his biological son. Stefano would forgive Kate for her transgression. And killing Stefano off is a HUGE mistake; though he IS the Phoenix so I’m holding on to hope there on that particular issue.

Your comment is going to get you into trouble. Fans love Sam Brady, and the writers can write for her, but unfortunately not for several other characters.

The reboot was a good idea but nothing came from it. Subsequently, the loss of several veteran actors is painful. Now Joe! Please say no!

Wouldn’t want to be an actor over there.

I have watched DOOL since it’s inception and I hate the Sami Brady character. I would be so happy to see her leave town for awhile.

LOL Well, I’m a fan and I can’t stand the character of Sami Brady anymore. Other characters/actors have much more potential for the show IMO.

And i love Sami Brady she is my favorite character by far on this show so i guess there is some balance out guys..ha

i agree with everything you said 1000%…………..

this was for metejt’s comment…………

Let me say that I met Ali Sweeney and she is the least friendly celebrity I have ever met and I have met a few. She was even at a meet and greet. Wasn’t like I intruded on her personal time. I had loved her so much till then. Btw, Jaclyn Zeman was so wonderful and so was Colin Egglesfield (What a hot man).
Anyway back to Days. I agree I don’t want it to turn back into teh Sami show. Why would any of those guys want to be with her? She maybe has worked 2 weeks total since she was a teen. I am glad that Stefano is going away, but I agree with the EJ storyline. Fine if he is not a DiMera, but to disown him didn’t seem to fit. Why has EJ not called Susan and asked who is daddy? I have watched Days for about 35 years. Geez. I remember watching with my mom when I was 6. Great memories.

Maybe you were obnoxious and she was tired, actors are not always here to please you on the other hand i heard lot’s of awesome things about Sweeney from people who met her.
As for Sami’s love life, all the men are not after her at all, she has had just three love-interests all these last years, it is certainly not more than for the other female characters..actually it is LESS !

@Ella Maybe you are idiot. I have heard a lot of people say that about you. It must be true.
Apparently you don’t comprehend things very well.
1.) She was at a fan meet n greet. Since you obviously you have never been to one or know what one is. Let me explain it to you. The actors are there to meet their fans. That is the only reason. So she was there to please her fans. If she was tired or not that is irrevelant. Can you go to work at Kroger and get the shopping carts from the parking lot all day and be rude to customers just because you are tired? (nevermind, you probably don’t work.)
2.) Because someone has told you (or you read) awesome things about her then that is the truth to you. The BIG difference here is I MET her in person! So your knowledge is only heresay. Mine is actual. Btw,I wasn’t the only one who thought that. (Maybe we were all obnoxious and bothering her while she was working. Yes WORKING. She is paid to meet the fans and sign autographs and take pics. That makes it a job! She isn’t doing it out of the kindness of her heart. If you could comprehend things you would have noticed that I said that up till then I liked her. I went there specifically to meet her. She and Patrick Warburton both were unfriendly. I liked him alot till then too, but he wasn’t as bad as her. You can believe she is friendly or not. I really care less. I know for a fact how she is.
3. Don’t start name calling just because you don’t agree with what I said. You (like everyone else) are allowed to have your own opinion, but be careful on what you decided to base them upon.

I understand Sweeney if she was annoyed by you, i don’t know you and even i find your posts obnoxious that being said, i will close this ‘lovely’ debate with you, not worth my time anymore..bue bye

There is no debate. You can’t. You have never met her. So you can only go by what someone else has told you. I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting her.

First of all Sami Brady has only ONE storyline where she is not the lead her son Will is, secondly other characters who came back this year have as much if not more stories than her, i am fed up with these silly attacks on Sweeney and her character just because of some bitterness, jealousy is pathetic.
Moreover Steffi in character would not forgive Kate like that AT ALL, do you his character ? He did far worse to people who did not do one pourcent of Kate did to Stefano Dimera !!!

Maybe you should have someone to proof read what you write. According to your comment and I quote ” Sami Brady has only ONE storyline where she is not the lead.” So you are saying the same thing that everyone else has been saying that she is on too much.
Read your second paragraph again. It makes no sense. Also the correct spelling of pourcent is percent.

Ella you’re a fan of hers, I get it. But let’s be very clear about something. There was NO attack on Ali Sweeney. I don’t like the character she plays. In fact I’m fed UP with Sami Brady. Far too much air time for ME. You like it, many of us do not.

What i wrote make perfect sense, thanks Mark.
Maybe to get it you have to think a for ‘percent’ and not pourcent..who cares i am not the only one making gramatical, spelling errors on internet boards and i will not be the last..
Yep i like Sami Brady and while she has some detractors she has AS MUCH if not more fans, don’t worry.

I have to agree they took what started out as a good s/l and totally jump the track. Stefano never after all these years would of turned his back on EJ. He would of found out who EJ’s real father was not just except a old lab paper. he would still of loved EJ as he has others. The chasing the egg came out of the blue and what does it have to do with anything. Just to give John, Marlena, Hope and Bo a s/l? I have watched since the early 70’s and the last 5mts have been all over the place. They never shpuld of written off a major character if this was not what he wanted. I find this totally disrepectful to a man who brings interesting stuff to this shows. I find John and Marlena totally boring. Think they should of stayed gone.

You are so right on with your comments on Sami. I quit watching after being a die-hard fan for over 20 years…watched Sami grow up on the show…however, she keeps constantly regressing to the eternal 15 year old teenybopper – she’s like Peter Pan – never really growing up. Sami, this and Sami that. I used to like Sami – but rinse, repeat and she is the girl that can do no wrong with Mr. Corday these days of the soaps lives…As for Stefy – he was the baddest of the bad and I really hate to see Stefano depart the show…John and Marlena, and all the rest of the good ol’ stars on the show…their talents were wasted – I blame the writers for nothing new (other than Will’s SL) after all these years.

i have been watching days since i was 8 yrs old with my grandmother and love






without Bo,Hope,E.J and Stephano the show is dead. I have watched it since I was 16 years old and am now 66 years old. If they get rid of all the old characters they will loose the fans that keep the show going. Where will the Cordays paycheck go then? STOP AND THINK WHO PAID YOUR SALARIES FOR YEARS”

I heartily agree with Mascolo’s comments here – with the caveat that he can’t really complain about Stefano being blamed for everything in slightly out-of-character plots since this is basically the point of the character of Stefano.
But yes, the EJ plot is a disgrace (or is it just me or the mention of a DNA test may suggest Stefano will be EJ’s father after all). As someone (was it EJ?) pointed out on the show, Stefano has had plenty of “children” that were not biologically his and that he stayed loyal and loving to and went to great lengths to protect. I hate the rewrite if they stick to it (if only because it cheapens the great Susan/Kristen plot of what is still Days’ heyday) but the out-of-character reaction is galling.
Similarly, making Stefano indirectly responsible for Lexie’s disease is unnecessary stain on what otherwise was one of the best sides of the character. If it was an interesting plot, I could have bought it, but it is merely an excuse to set up Abe for a murder mystery and really it was not worth cheapening a meaningful relationship for a show – and a character – that often lacks loving multi-layered relationships.
I am more torn on the Kate plot. I absolutely adored Stefano and Kate – best couple they have come up with in a long time – and thought they were wonderful together BUT I am at peace with the notion that some great couples have to be broken up to move the plot forward. Considering Kate had a plausible excuse for “cheating”, the door is not closed on a reconciliation down the line. What irks me is Stefano “testing” Kate. They never explained why he was suspicious of her in the first place.
Stefano is an iconic character for which writing has VERY rarely been good but it is testament to Mascolo’s charisma that we are still interested in him. Hope he comes back (but drop that coin plot. Blergh).

Sara, totally agree. Thaoo Penghlis’ character of Tony DiMera was adjusted – readjusted – tweaked – & outright changed in order to accomodate various plotlines over the years. Final reveal on that was Tony was NOT his biological son, but Stefano didn’t disown him; in fact, when he died in the freak impalement accident on the pier, Stefano mourned for months.

I also concur about the coin plot. Blergh, indeed! But I’m thinking it may be the way Stefano’s murderer is caught: perhaps it’s Agent Harmon who would not have been on canvas were it not for the John/Hope Alamaina Faberge egg plot.

I have watched since 1967 and many times these days find myself wishing the network would just cancel Days, and take it out of my hands. 46 years is a helluva run for TV. Take a page from Desperate Housewives, Mary Tyler Moore, MASH and other classic shows: go out while you can still hold your head high.

Stefano also let Tony prisoner for years and years and years on a island so pleas the out of character with Stefano and his children is ridiculous, by the way were are Kristen and Peter ? He doesn’t care and did not mourn stop with this BS, i like Stefano and Mascolo charisma but get real please.

Agree. Kate and Stefano where great. Never understood why he would test her love for him. Ian has come and now is I think gone. For what? Since Dar/mar have been writing this show has been full of half s/l that never seem to have no real finish. I often see them given this or that fan base a bone s/l that ends up going no where.

I agree with everything Joe said and have said it many times to my friends in posts. Stephano this & Stephano that …every day 24/7 since John has been back and even before that. The one thing Stephano did do was love Lexie and it was wrong to blame Stephano just because Andre existed. GMAB.

I agree with everything Joe said!!
I love him and his honesty!!
Mardar made a mess out of Stefano and the Dimeras in general!
They ruined Stefano’s character!

I hope the new writing team brings Joe back and fixes the EJ/Stefano paternity storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen!!!!!!! We want Stefano!!!!!!!

I hate what they’ve done to Stefano, to Stefano/Lexie, to Stefano/EJ and to Stefano/Kate. He is a vital part of the show & I, too, hope that the new writers are smart enough to bring him back ASAP!!!

This reminds me of what another writer [Reilly, was it????] did to Victor years ago because he didn’t like him. Victor had a stroke and was written out for years until someone was bright enough to realize how vital he was to the show.

Please and now Victor is a lame lame lame character, they should have killed him off instead of this awful writing for him right now..Victor Kiriakis is not Mickey Horton..pitiful

I LOVE Victor and now that he’s with Maggie would love to see them get more story lines. They are wasting the real talent they have at Days.

This writer shot Stefano and Killed Lexi and…and he is going to try and put EJ away and…and… he is just MEEEEAAANNN.
He is trying to destroy the whole DiMera Family! I…I….I….I JUST WON’T STAND FOR IT!!
You put it back or I will stop watch, Now!

The new writers are WORSE, be careful what you wish..they wrote the fake Rafe story AWFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I was crazy bad.




I “AGREE”, bring Stefano back. He’s my favorite!

Excellent article! Joe Mascolo said exactly what all of us have felt. What a huge mistake to destroy the DiMera Family. I can only hope Days rectifies the mess they’ve written themselves into.

Stefano is much more the heart of DooL than Sami Brady could ever hope to be. I do think it is time for him to disappear for a while and let Salem get along without him. I thought the breakup of his marriage came out of nowhere. Maybe it is time to close up the DiMeara mansion, set up fan allowance for Chad who can’t get his thoughts out of Melanie’s pants, and let EJ flounder on his own without the SiMeara name and power to throw around. I will miss Joe. He is certainly a suitable counterpoint to Drake’s character.

Why this attack on Sami ?!! Her character has nothing to do with that, back off !
She is a character who actually right now is complex, interesting and has only one story unlike some other boring characters who are on every days.

I Fast Fwy Sami to the next scene.

I have been watching Days forver, you can hate the Dimiras and then love them, its just part of any soap..theres been times I thought same for even some of the Bradys..I hope Stefano will come back..He is part of Salem and always will me..

Yes, the writers ruined Stefano, but he’s not alone. Writers really messed up having EJ not be his son. Hope that’s a mistake. And even if EJ isn’t bio, don’t push him away. It’s also been way too long in bringing Chad back to the fold. The scenes yesterday with Stef and Lex were really good. Doesn’t bother me so much that he could be to blame for her illness, but all the other stuff Stefano has been doing doesn’t make sense. The stuff with trying to mess up EJ’s bid for mayor, getting Will to rat on EJ (how did Stefano know about EJ and Sami and that Will shot EJ? Did the couch talk?). A lot of preposterous stuff and for Days, that’s saying a lot. I hope Stefano isn’t dead and I hope the writers fix a lot of this crap.

Mo said, “how did Stefano know about EJ and Sami and that Will shot EJ? Did the couch talk?”

Remember the old one-season 1960’s show, “My Mother the Car”?? Starring Jerry Van Dyke, this old vintage car talked because it was his mother, reincarnated as a car (voiced by Ann Sothern). Mo, you may have struck gold here . . how about “My Father, the Couch” to resolve EJ’s parentage??!! Stefano could still do the voiceover . . .

I think it would be an interesting story plot for Stefano to survive but be totally dependent on E J for some time. And Lexie should have an experimental treatment for her condition given by a famous European doctor. She recovers but does not remember anything before the operation.

Rene Jones playing Lexie doesn’t want to stay, so leave Lexie well alone, for once she is a character who has a great exit story, no need to mess it up with some silly corny rewrite, and i love Lexie/Jones but it is her choice.

II think this is the perfect oppertunity to bring Joe back to B&B because that needs something fresh right about now.

I was a long time viewer of Days but quit when Drake and Deidre were fired. I started watching OLTL then. After their cancellation, I tried to watch Days again but knew so few characters. It’s just not the same and I’m not going to invest the time and my heart in another soap. But they should have left the character of Stefano alone. He’s been killed and revived so many times. Let the main characters stay on the show. I’m really surprised Days is still on the air.

He’s right about everything being bad being Stefano’s fault, it seems like everything that goes wrong he is behind it. That’s why I was disappointed in Ian being written off, he could’ve been a good villian and a good rival for Stefano. It’s boring when you know Stefano is behind it, there’s no suspense or mystery. Salem needs another bad guy, I use to like Stefano vs Victor, to bad Victor’s been domesticated.

I do not agree with Stefano and Lexie’s having a pure relationship, and I actually like him being blamed for Lexie’s illness. Stefano is the one that unleashed Andre on Salem so yeah, it’s his fault Lexie’s sick.

I do agree with him about the Stefano/EJ thing, I liked EJ being Stefano’s son but even if he wasn’t it does NOT make sense for Stefano to turn his back on him. Stefano didn’t disown Tony, Kristen, and Peter so him shutting EJ out of his life didn’t make sense.

I actually like the ‘murder’ storyline, it’s interesting and besides we all know he’d be back he is the Phoenix afterall.

He did worse to Tony, Kristen, Peter, Benjy, René ect..and yep he disowned Tony more than once !

MarDar made a terrible writing decision. I am also upset about the destruction of Stefano and the DiMera family. i love Kate and Stefano and the relationship between EJ and Stefano. Joe Mascolo and James Scott are a dynamic acting duo that can’t be matched. When I met James last year I commented on how I enjoyed his and Joe’s scenes (I even entertained him by acting out the scene when Stefanobecame angry with EJ, and he told him to get out and never comeback). The DiMera should never have been blamed for all the injustices in Salem. I remember the time Brady ( EJ’s cousin) nearly beat EJ to death and Dr. Dan, Maggie and the some of the other so called upstanding citizens helped covered it up. How hyprocritical for the writers to concentrate on making The DiMeras the heartless villians in Salem. It was much better when Victor Kiriakis helped share that title as the other bad guy. I want EJ to be a gray gray character, not Salem’s new villian. I hope the new writers will rewrite this mess that MarDar have created. The Phoenix should rise again even if it is on a recurring status.

well these old/new writers are not better you will see, they just fired Ian Buchanan who had the potential to be a new villain and yep Ej needs to be gray not the new Stefano..but Ej an entity by himself, grey character.

I wholeheartly agree with everything Joe has said. It seems someone wanted to erase the DiMera Family methodically one by one. Stefano is the patriarch of the DiMera family and writing him off – well killing him off would be his “Swan Song”. They destroyed his relationship with his son EJ, his daughter Lexie, his wife Kate. His “supposed son” Chad never wanted anything to do with him either. What was left? The man had no family? DAYS erased them all. I was extremely upset with the way DAYS treated this man who has worked so hard and dedictated so many years playing Stefano DiMera better then anyone EVER could. DAYS definitely needs a “villian” and if Joe wants to go on playing Stefano for a few more years they should be so happy with that. After he is gone there will never be another like him. I can only hope and pray that DAYS is “fixing this” right now and Joe is back again filming with his entire DiMera family!

I totally agree with Joe. Days began on the right track with the Dimera family, Stefano, E.j, Kate and Nicole. There was a lot of potential for strong stories as they fought against Salem’s perfects. They have destroyed what made them work, their commitment to each other. Now each member are written horrible.

I disagree their dynamics; the bad against the good people of Salem was boring and played out..however Stefano will come back which is a good thing and a new villain should be here to go toe to toe with him.

Sami was is and always will be the perfect mate for Ej : a grey couple Nicole is not needed, and ratings did prove it.
The bad versus good storytelling is corny and boring, people are not interested anymore by that except maybe you Trinity, time to move on complex grey characters is where is that.

I agree with EVERYTHING that Joe said. Stupid writers. Hopefully, the new (old) writers, can fix all this crap.


I agree with almost everything Joe said. I hate how everyone is out to kill Stefano and how he is to blame for every single thing that happened.

Stefano wouldn’t abbandon EJ like that. Joe’s right. Stefano was always about family and he cared for Kristen, Peter and Tony and they weren’t his bio kids either. So why would he turn his back on EJ? It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. I also adore Stefano and Lexie’s complicated relationship. They have had many ups & downs but in the end it’s clear they love eachother and I really dislike how they made Stefano to blame for Lexie’s illness. It’s too much, really. And now they are killing him off before he can say his final goodbye to Lexie? It’s SO wrong! I feel really bad for Joe and Renee.

I know that Joe likes Stefano’s marriage to Kate but i was never a big fan of State. I do agree that the break up happened way too fast and it came out of the blue. So i understand his anger on the matter.

I certainly hope the Phoenix will rise again! I love Joe/Stefano! This can’t be his final departure. His character deserves a way better exit!

it is not too much actually where the gas stories was played in 2007 Stefano was involved and responsible so for once they just follow the initial writing, sadly Lexie fate is Stefano’s fault.

I’m just saying it was unnecessary to have the toxic gas in the tunnel be the cause of Lexie’s brain tumor. Alot of people die from a brain tumor without knowing the real cause. The writers just had to blame Stefano for everything so they could get rid off the character. It’s as simple as that.

And as far as i can remember Stefano didn’t know Lexie was locked up in that tunnel. It was Andre who put her there. He wouldn’t have allowed Andre to do that, but he did bring Andre to Salem so if anything he’s indirectly responsible for Lexie’s condition. Ofcourse he’ll have to live with it.

Andre was Stefano’s soldier, Stefano was the mastermind he knew everything !

Joe Mascolo is a wonderful performer whose character Stefano Dimera is an absolute delight.

It is hard to envision fictional Salem without Stefano outwitting the good guys and making DAYS’s audience smile in the process.

May the Phoenix of daytime continue to rise for as long as there is sand in that hourglass.

The writers did a good job of making Stefano a scary and threatening villain again. He hasn’t been that way since 1997! He’s always at his best when he’s terrifying. That being said, undoing EJ as Stefano’s son was a huge mistake, and the break-up of Kate and Stefano was unnecessary. Can’t wait for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes!

Yes to EJ not being Stefano’s son because I want EJ to grow up and stop being Stefano’s lapdog and fall guy for the evil Stefano does.
‘But that does not mean I want him to be anyone else fall guy and lapdog.

AGREE, Ej being a mini one-note Stefano is pathetic and not interesting at all, we have ONE Stefano no need for another, Ej has to be grey.

I been saying this for awhile..Mar/Dar totally went out of their way to distroy, dismantle,errase all that was DeMira…I mean it was down right obvious when Mar/Dar took over they said then they were tired of the bad guys always winning and that will change boy they weren’t kidding they totally and completely wiped them off the map of Salem…. I hear Tomlin already ask Joe to return so they can restore the DeMira family,, that includes Kate and EJ being his son…so all we have to do is watch painfully for 2 more months before Tomlin starte to fix this mess..he has his work cut out since the recent pic of the week of June 11 has stafno in a open casket at his wake????? like I said Tomlin has his work cut out for him

Tomlin make bad bad bad storyline, totally boring and cliche, it will not get better Stefano or not.

I TOTALLY agree with Joe about everything he said! It was stupid to have EJ and Stefano not son and father, it was stupid to break up Stefano and Kate, and it was stupid to have him blamed for Lexie’s illness. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I defended these writers when they were fired but now I’m glad they’ll be gone! The only thing they did right of all the stories is Will’s story, and his scenes with marlena and Sami.

Hopefully Lorraine and the new team will fix these errors!

Stefano has always been responsible of Lexie’s illness, they did not make anything !!!

You mean the illness that just came up a few months ago? You make it sound like she’s had it for years.

Plus even the actors don’t understand that.

no i am talking about her being kidnappened and hiden on the gas tunnels for MONTHS !

I agree with most of Joe Mascolo’s comments.

But, the fact that he is indirectly responsible for Lexie’s illness: to me is karma. What goes around, comes around. For so many years, he has destroyed the lives of the Brady family, the Black family and what about André, Tony, and the list goes on…So it is poetic justice that he should pay in a most painful way: the death of his own daughter.

What I do not like though, is the break-up with Kate. That was unnecessary! I loved them together. I also do not like the fact that E.J. is not his son. If the writers wanted to undo a family connection, they should have changed John & Stefano’s relationship as brothers, because it is never mentioned, anyways.


i love joseph mascolo as stefano dimera. but they ruined his character. the writers don’t know what they are doing. mark my words stefano will be back. for now we need a break from stefano dimera. stefano needs to pay for his crimes. stefano always gets away with everything. enough is enough.

I agree with most of what Joe said. It was stupid for the writers to play with EJ’s paternity and make him not Stefano’s son. I believe the writers wanted to make Ian the new Stefano, and make him a Dimera and EJ’s father, given that Ian was these writer’s creation and baby. I think they were going to do yet another big reveal for shock value as opposed to writing a good well developed story about family dynamics. Now they’ve fired the actor that plays Ian, so all of that storyline and what they have put the audience through was for nothing. Why couldn’t they have just made Ian come on as Stafano’s brother and EJ’s uncle from the get go and no big drama around it. He could have started off as the “good” brother like Abel/Cain and slowly develop into full blown “Cain” wanting everything Stefano had, including Kate, Dimera Enterprises etc. They could have also brought in Madison as Ian adopted daughter rather than wife, so she could have still been with Brady but would be an adversary for Kate because she would assume Kate was playing her dad (Ian) and her uncle Stefano. They could have continued their competition for Mad World v. Countess W. And still have Mad World partially owned by Victor to tie him into the storylines and feuds. Sarah Brown is an amazing actress but wasn’t used properly. Both her and Ian could have been great Dimera villian/sometimes “good guys”, since this show lacks villians. Also, the more character dynamics and layers in a storyline the better it usually is, but Days writers don’t know how to write good story. They poorly plan and execute stories and then fire actors because they don’t generate enough buzz for these badly written stories. The writers, producers and Network reps are basically digging a hole for Days at this point. So sad…I miss the Days that had supercouples, love, family, romance and adventure…

I love Stefano. Please bring him back to the show. I agreed with everything Joe Mascolo said. I’ve been watching the show since 1991. Big fan of Joe Mascolo.
Hope Stfano will be back soon.

Some commentaries are really silly, Sami Brady is one the most iconic and complex characters still on this soap, no need to blame her when she has nothing but really nothing to do with this.
Stefano has always been responsible of Lexie’s illness (this story was written in 2007 and he was already responsible) he disowned his children time and time again, let them rot as slave, in jail or in a island ect..
His pairing with Kate became stale and boring it needed movement, moreover seing Kate as some lapdog with a guy who blackmailed her, tried to kill her children, pimped her ect..was a bit much..and finally he will come back as usual..the only thing to change is to make him more complex and not always the big bad wolf behind everything bad happening to the goodie goodie..IT IS BORING

I think the writers have lost their minds; I love Joe Mascolo! I am growing tired of the storylines on Days and have watched since I was a kid

Days should hire back Kola Boof!!! She has a freaking “bible” of the soap already written. They stole the idea of Will becoming gay from her so why not hire her and get all of her story ideas. I’m just sayin.

DOOL, without Alice Horton… is DAYS without STEFANO… LEGEND. Contrasting Energies. The “Good” and the “Bad”. The Hortons, Bradys, and the Dimera’s. Nuff Said… Joe Mascolo… “God”, the “Phoenix”, “Satan”. Shakespeare. A tour de fource JUGGERNAUT. daytimes FINEST. it’s maddening… Sad… Anxious Times. I marvel, the talent, we’ve witnessed… Stefano, is one of those actors, we shouldn’t do without. He defines Serials. soaps are an outlet… an escape… A voyeuristic flight. 5 days a week… without fail… whether you wanted it or not. Who’s knocking at the door?

the first thing that came to mind… when he left the last time.. and/or was let go… he went to the bold and the beautiful…. DAYS had a gaping hole…. if i recall correctly… and thankfully, they brought Victor… to the forefront… Stefano and Victor… John and Bo.. fighting for all of Salem… these two men(s)… were allies, opponents, and adversaries… Vital to the livelihood of all things good and machinations that prevailed.

the fallout this time around… may be too huge.. for the future of DAYS… if in fact they are the 1 soap that tapes 3 months in advance.. and the others 6 weeks.. i posted… at least the other soaps can emergency and fix story, without dumbing down… what once was.. and we remain faithful… regardless of the fallout.. of TPTB.

what i am still confounded about.. is how “writers” switch from one soap to the other… given the long history.. of our soaps… and what actors they are working with… can’t FIX the formula that has been the same from the start… OK.. i’m reaching here.. for clarity.. I don’t think we as fans.. who’ve been with the same shows.. are that much changed?

DAYS lost the spirit.. of Alice Horton… we have Marlena, Maggie, Hope… Melanie…
EJ is compelling… Victor.. when forced his hand… strikes… heck.. Nicole is a force.

it’s difficult.. watching the canvas of actors… knowing… who’s leaving… Jack, Madison, Carrie, Austin, Melanie, Ian, Stefano…. The fallout, recouping…

Keeping the faith… I’m in the front row. or cheering old faithful. Dag… the comeraderie.. with other fans.. is commiserating.. yearning for what we know. the history of soap.

i’m not letting go… LOL… it’s like an inside joke… how adament… we CARE. Lives are at stake.

Patrick replied May 30th, 2012 at 12:28 am

Thank You…. Intriguing writing. your words… “the hourglass isn’t going to trickle down forever….” Enliven us back… to the Tom and Alice Horton spirit.

My take on Stefano… i want him to stay on DAYS… COULD THIS BE… THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY… for a new reign… a new helm… taking command of the Dimera Enterprise… ALA… Eileen Davidson! Returning as KRISTEN?!?!

TO Perfect this juggernaut powerhouse…. bring back jason brooks as Peter… flirtatious, simmering sensuality… for Jenn! remember those days?

Kristen as an adversarie, even ally, for Salem.. and vying for John’s affections… would definately give us Marlena… her passion back. her fight. her best foot forward celebrating her woman.

i’m sorry if they’re quashing the will story line so quick. i was hoping for more fallout, drama, gut wrenching, story from lucas and sammi… like your idea of sammi being a homophobe.. as it happens. it would fit her character.. as it is all about her. it would be perfect story for will to cope with.. and still have his grandma marlena to help him through this coming out. Acceptance, tolerance, avoidance, bullying… should be told and shared.. these are adept.. quality.. actors helming the possibilities for more must see serial.

i definately share your take on Carrie and Austin… i do like the Carrie and Rafe story.. yes, rafe’s acting is suspect.. he’s hired for his looks… HOWEVER, I REALLY BELIEVE CARRIE AND RAFE TOGETHER… And agree with your take… that Austin is good acting as the beleagured.. i love you stance… it’s all he knows is carrie… his near desperation.. and or anxious… pleading.

lastly, for Billie… OK.. i’ve already posted this… she was only really good with Robert Kelker-Kelly… what’s the possibility of him returning… “wishful”.

i wish maggie hadn’t gotten married so quickly to victor.. although, they’re good together… remember when she was on the skids, walkiing that fine line.. when mickie died.. she was going to start drinking… ? i give kudos to suzanne rogers for helming salem and keepin the horton family alive.. ala the departed alice horton. she’d stare at the bottle and her hands would start shaking… let’s have some of that.. i really liked her scenes with melanie, her granddaughter.. another horton sibling.

just sharing… and championing DOOL.

05/31/12 I’m reposting…. I’m “pressing” for DAYS.

Peter returning with “simmering sensuality” for Jenn . . .

Don’t think that will ever happen. As I recall, the actor who played Peter and Melissa Reeves had a real-life steamy affair. And she almost lost her marriage over it. But she & husband Scott Reeves worked through it, with the Jennifer character just disappearing off the canvas for many years. In addition, didn’t the Peter character die??

I know… thankfully, Melissa and Scott… worked thru this trying time in their past. it’s definately wishful thinking… all things considered.. these two worked great story… Stefano’s son and Grans grandaughter.. Peter Blake and Jennifer Horton… The Spawn/pawn of stefano ala Jason Brooks.. and Closer to Gran in Salem true Heroine Jennifer. According to Soap central… the story with Peter ended with him in jail… Stefano “gave” him a cure for his jungle madness… as stefano waned his way out of this and in salems’ good graces as an upstanding citizen… thereby… peter “paying” for stefano’s machinations… just like Kristen is wallowing her time… ie: in some harem in the far east? in some fortress.?
Since Jenn bumped back in to town… sorry about jack… and her romance with Daniel fizzled… it sounded so right that bringing peter back would re-ignite the Dimera Fortress. would they do this.(rehire jason brooks-anyway).. to reinvigorate DAYS? i wish.

Yeah, Patrick now I recall the “jungle madness” thing. Maybe this whole bring-back-Peter-and-Kristin thing could happen . . . IF they use a different actor for Peter (that would take away the awkward factor for Melissa Reeves). I am betting there has been some kind of contact between Corday & Eileen Davidson. Her various personalities of Kristin/Susan/and others were just a hoot! My husband still laughs about the faux wedding between Susan & John Black when Susan’s fake teeth flew into Vivian’s martini glass!!!!

NeeNee… i’m so glad.. we can You-Tube… said… episodes… That is the all time ultimate scenery… john and kristen/Susan’s Wedding… LOL… i’m laughing just thinking about the same episode.

as for a recast of Peter blake… i, for the heck of it.. said… Vincent Irizarry… ie: dr. david hayward… wouldn’t he be great as a son to Stefano? and his talented acting with both eileen davidson and Joe Mascolo… course, i got stomped on… as Dr. david.. is Mr. AMC. how about robert kelker kelly? the former Bo… so Billie can have some one…. to par with…. heck… please, sony/days re-hire peter reckell… if not… RKK as Bo… for Hope. i’m reaching.. when i think about former cast members.. but, it’s just how good DOOL once was… and still is… this week, blew me away… what with Will/Sammi scenes, and Lexie saying goodbye to the veterans and her 20 plus years on daytime. I hope this is just a summer time vacation… ala: who shot jr/The Man Stefano.

Patrick replied May 30th, 2012 at 9:35 pm

do you remember, when Laura and Bill came home for Grans funeral? Bill and Kate fell outa the tv. they were so real. they need to bring jenns mom Laura and Bill Horton back… this would be a great dynamic and trio to mix in with the veterans. Kate/Laura/Bill… with Stefano fighting back….. whilst Kristen (i hope) helms the Dimera Empire. teasing John and Marlena. top this all off with Peter Blake and Jennifer Horton. Toast to the hour glass.

Repeating myself… this is still my favorite IDEAL.

my other two…. bring back FAY for Nicole and Abe.
how about robert kelker kelly for Billie… and/or did anyone else notice the spark and chemistry with Billie and Shane? OK.. i love patsy pease…

lastly… for now… how about Kayla back in the hosp? since Dr. Manning and Lexie are MIA. She’d be good with Daniel…. yeah?

Good idea! Kayla with Daniel . They are not using Kayla now and that is silly as she is great. Javen

Patrick replied May 30th, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Remember Jenn’s Mother… Dr. Laura…. LOL… she was pure camp.. classic Serial…. Miss Egg Shells. Jenn was just beside herself. Fragile neurotic.. there were many flights Laura had left in her..

Didn’t Laura look good with Bill! i thought so… when they returned forn Grans’ funteral. I also liked the chemistry with Bill and Kate. this would really rock Dr. Laura’s Boat.

OK… i’m gushing… pulling out all the stops… Heed my vested Interest.

What are you talking about ?!! Sami should be the last one to be an homophobe, it doesn’t fit at all with her character !! Sami was an underdog who suffered of lack of self-esteem, insecurity actually she would totally get the underdog status of somebody young who is afraid of coming out !! On the other hand Lucas being the homophobe would have made a great story, it would fit his character and finally give him a story otherwise he is useless and boring.
As for Nicole she is not a force at all, where did you see that ? She has no ties on the canvas and no real deep even her stories are some former Sami’s stories it is pathetic.

I was agreeing with another poster, fan, who suggested this ideal… about giving Sammi new meaty material to work with. Sammi’s drive… ala her insecurity…is another dimension. Sammi has a GAY son.. that should be plenty for Sammi to work with. Let’s see SAMMI TAKE A STAND. AN ADULT with INTELLIGENCE.. step outside herself… and BOND with WILL. another fan, stated, aside from the “downfall” of DAYs as of late… the Will/marlena story has been the BEST. I AGREE. kudos to these two… WILL AND MARLENA ARE GIVING US PURE EMMY CALIBUR PERFORMANCES. As, fans, of the show… we simply wanted more gut-wrenching drama with the whole family… fallout with Sammi and Will… wouldn’t you not agree days is the sammi show? she’s the force that could carry another trait.. albeit questionable… and come out herself… as a herione for WILL. however, long, the two take with this flight… we know they’ll bond in the long run. As for Lucas, why not have Dad the accepting one? he hasn’t been on the canvas that long… THIS IS A STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD… and these actors are adept, up to th challenge with the hit story this is, FOR MORE POTENTIAL STORY… without dropping the ball. going back-burner.

As for NICOLE… I made the inference… that she’s one of Salem’s bad girls… i wish she had more ties to the canvas and Salem… please DAYS… Bring back her mother FAY – for a love interest for Abe. i said, that collectively, Sammi, please keep Carrie.. and Nicole… are the trio that binds DAYS cast… and these three are the “heart” of DAYS. Nicole is one of the best actresses out their… outside of knowing how to write for Sammi… the writers at DAYS are missing the mark what drives DAYS…

i kinda see this as a catalyst… a full circle, if you will… in Sammi and Will… Lucas, readily admitted he wasn’t around for so many years… and is re-learning how to be a father.. you have Sammi and her oldest son… parenting with his siblings… and side by side, through the years.. distant, moreso… watching Sammi’s relationship(s) fallout, one after another… No stable influences… or father figure(s). it’s just time for Sammi, to pay attention and focus on her son. She has support from Lucas… the three of them will find their way back to each other. it’s a burgeoning… clean slate. Adulthood.. Empowerment for Sammi to heal old hurts… past mistakes… and Bond with her child.

And Lucas will remain a useless sidekick to Sami (or Kate) not a real character..not good for the Lucas character imo..

They already rocked Laura’s boat years ago. Lucas is Bill Horton’s son.

I think it would be FUN… to have Laura and Bill; (jamie Lynn Bauer & John Martin) back… to bring the Hortons Back while we stew over Stefano and his family’s return… (ALA Kristen Davidson and wishful Jason Brooks). Jenn needs her mother.. ala alice hortons family… and Lucas father… for Kate… this triangle… would smolder… till the Phoenix’ return… off all of Stefano’s dalliances… Kate is his best “bet”. it would be a treat to see Laura and Maggie helming the Horton clan… with Jenn/Bill/Lucas – kate… a stronghold.. a comaraderie.. then the DiMera’s force in to town.

I, too, recently started watching DOOL after OLTL was cancelled, so I’ve not got the years of history with this show that many of you have.

That being said, I am glad that this character is being written off. I haven’t seen anything in the months I’ve been watching that would make him a character I would “love to hate”…I just “hate.” I’ve FF’d through the majority of his scenes except for most with EJ. Maybe that’s because EJ IS a character I can “love to hate.”

I can’t stand what they have done to Days. First they bring back my beloved Jack, played wonderfully by Matt Ashford, I got used to him being back and now they are going to write him off. What they have done to the Stephano character is appalling and after watching the show since 1976 I think I’m ready to give it up. Why have that Gabi character become a psycho chasing a man who is in love with another woman, who cares about Gaby, I have no time invested in her and if she left I would not miss her. Don’t fire Matt or Joe, give them good sl and keep them in Salem where they belong. Renee Jones and James Scott along with Joe has done a marveloous job with Lexie dying, but why was it made to be Steffie’s fault. Give me a break, EJ, not being Stephano’s son is just right down stupid. Time to change my channel. UGH!


Because it was his fault, look back to 2007 you will see that Stefano is the one responsible of Lexie trip on the gas tunnels, they did not rewrite the story this time, it is a good move.

Stefano needs to stop being so bad…the ISA thing is gettting really old. But I will miss seeing Joe on screen. , or leave

I meant to say that Stefano needs to stop being bad or leave

OH please it is the essence of the character, without the bad side he is useless..just watch Victor Kiriakis..he is a pathetic bore right now and has no really want that for Stefano ?!

Yes. Victor is not boring. Maggie just found out the truth. Now THAT is interesting, not some ISA crap where Stefano is never punished. Why would anyone want to see the same old storylines where Stefano tries to ruin someone’s life, the cops try to get him, he escapes, and then he just does it all over again? Victor is not boring; he just doesn’t have much screentime because stupid Stefano and ISA took over the show!

You are right, Margot. Victor has become mundane but the writers can change that. Love Maggie but victor needs to get his “manhood” back. He and Stefano are important for days. We can’t have a show with only “good” people. Javen

Joe Mascolo needs to be on DOOL… it won’t be the same w/out him… they’re a team.
I hope Days rethinks this bad move…

I believe they already have when Tomlin took over the reigns ..that was the first thing he done was to bring back Joe..I believe he’ll be back just in time for the son Ian McAllister makes his departure so I he be back July Cliffhanger..

NO! I don’t agree with any of it. They should never have broken Stefano & Kate up, nor should they have created the stupid story line that now all of a sudden EJ is not his son. I will no longer watch Days without Stefano (Joe). He is and was the best part of the show and one of the major reasons why I watched. I will look at another show to watch as it won’t be Days now that he’s gone.

My motto if Joe is not on I am not there..last day for me will be 6/13 when we see the last of Joe Mascolo (Stefano) but don’t worry we only I hope have only a no joe siting until August and he’ll be back repairing his family

Don’t worry…SOD hinted in 2 magazines that the Phoenix will rise again..he is already in future story plots..I believe Tomlin frst Job task was to ask Joe to return after the terrible treatment he suffered under Mar/Dar…He will be back problerly just to kick McAllister butt to the curb and take his family back..hints of the week of 6/18 spoilers Has hinted that Stefano “death” is not what it seems a his daughter dis in other wrods his death didn’t take

Why????????????? Kill Stefano,???? Bad Idea!!!!! E.J. not Stefano’s son… That was not a good move….. I loved Stefano and all his evil doings….. He loved his family…. Oh how much he loves Lexi, what a shame she is leaving.
Kate and Stefano was such a great match, now that marriage is over too…
What a shame….
I always loved watching Day’s… I hope the show can still remain interesting to watch….

I finally caught up… thru wedneday. after seeing Lexie… break down… i could actually.. see, her, possibly doing the evil deed of comeuppance for Salem. FOR THE LOVE OF THEO… MISSING OUT… i broke with her.. when she was hugging Abe… saying… “she’s not ready”.

i hope, as most want… that it’s a who shot JR? – Phoenix rising, Summer Break for Mascolo… as they create Mystery… intrigue… Build up… for Stefano… having Kristen.. helming the Dimera Empire… Reaks… Drama.

Lexie asked EJ.. why no DNA testing? EJ said…”fathers’ already convinced”… ???

I understand that Joseph Mascolo is 83 years young and he has truly perfected the Stefano Dimera character. Frankly, I can’t see Days surviving without the character. Yes, he’s been gone for small stints before but he always returns. As for the writing I have to agree that EJ not being his son was a ludicrous move. To add injury to insult, we have no clue who his biological father really is (John Black ?) He will be sorely missed as he really is a central character to the entire soap. Why split up his marriage to Kate, let her sleep with Ian and then fire Ian from the show? There are so many other actors who could have been let go – the Gabi character, we don’t need. With Stefano dead and Melanie (Molly Brown) leaving, why do we need Chad? With Sarah Brown leaving (Madison) what will become of Brady Black? It’s just too many loose ends.

the one we don’t need is Rafe the faux-hero and his dull family. End of story.

I have been watching DOOL for almost forty years and the current story line involving Stefano has been pathetic. The show needs the continuity between Stefano and E.J.
They also did not need to tie Stefano to Lexie’s demise. He has always been a loving and faithful parent. I just wish the writers would stop making so many stupid character changes. There was never a need for Ian, or Carrie and Austin. Madison should have been developed better. The people who run DOOL should realize that changes for only making a change is not always a good thing.
Sure hope Stefano comes back and that E.J. really is his son.

It is untrue ; he has not always been a ‘loving and faithful parent’ you are kidding i hope, he spend all his time blackmailing Ej for one reason or another, not long time ago he let him mourn a child who was not his for pete’s sake !

Right and the Brady family is perfect. They don’t follow the law at all, their kids are never around. Bo’s daughter kills his son. Bo cheats on his wife and Hope has done the same (Mimi’s brother). Marlena has shot Stefano and then put him in a coma, while Roman looked the other way. I much rather be in Stefano’s family. By the way, remember when Hope gutted Bart for a key??

By the way. Why was the fact that Stefano and John being half brothers developed at all. No mention of it at all.

fired writers desolved that family reunion dispite Joe personally going to them and reminded them that John is his Brother. it’s .unknown if Tomlin will DeMirize John as Stefano brother again

Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Days Of Our Lives

SAG AWARDS 2024: Jennifer Aniston to Present Barbra Streisand with SAG Life Achievement Award

This Saturday night the 30th annual SAG Awards will be handed out for acting performances in motion picture and television. One of the high points of the evening will be legendary actress, singer, producer, writer and director Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG’s Life Achievement Award.

Scheduled to present the award to Barbra will be Jennifer Aniston. Streisand becomes the 59th recipient of  SAG-AFTRA’s highest honor for her career accomplishments and humanitarian efforts.

The 30th annual SAG Awards stream live on Netflix this Saturday February 24th at 8pm ET/PT.  Winners in SAG’s 15 categories will be announced that evening. The SAG Awards historically have been a predictor of who will win the top performer categories and potentially Best Picture.


Additional presenters for the evening include a reunion of  the stars of A Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

Others on the presenter list include: Erika Alexander, Danielle Brooks, Sterling K. Brown, Michael Cera, Colman Domingo, Robert Downey Jr., Fran Drescher, Phil Dunster, Billie Eilish, America Ferrera, Brendan Fraser, Taraji P. Henson, Troy Kotsur, Greta Lee, Melissa McCarthy, Cillian Murphy, Glen Powell, Issa Rae, Storm Reid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alexander Skarsgård, Omar Sy, Hannah Waddingham, Naomi Watts, Jeffrey Wright, and more.

In the nominations, Barbie and Oppenheimer lead the motion picture categories with four nominations apiece, while the television nominations saw Succession receive five followed by Ted Lasso, The Bear and The Last of Us.

The Morning Show and Friends star. Jennifer Aniston, is the daughter of the late Days of our Lives legend, John Aniston, who passed away on November 11, 2022.

So, looking forward to Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG Life Achievement Award? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Playgirl Confirms ‘Hunks of Days of our Lives’ In Spring Digital Edition

Looks like the Days of our Lives men, who have been known to show some skin on daily episodes of the Peacock streaming soap opera, will be featured in a pictorial spread in an upcoming spring edition of Playgirl.

The guys that are known to have participated include: Robert Scott Wilson (Alex Kiriakis), Eric Marstolf (Brady Black), Paul Telfer (Xander Kiriakis), Christopher Sean (ex-Paul) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton).

The official Playgirl Instagram account shared a pic with Rob Scott Wilson in a robe with noted photographer Katie Levine, and expressed: “Cooking up something epic with @katielevinephoto@robertscottwilson and the hunks of @dayspeacock.”

Photo: Playgirl IG

In response to the Playgirl post, Rob Scott Wilson replied, “Here goes nothin’, while Christopher Sean added, “Thanks for having me.” Bryan Dattilo took to his Instagram story in a post that has since bee deleted, where he confirmed that the ‘hunks’ shot their photos this week.

Playgirl Magazine made its debuted in 1973. It’s last print edition was released in 2016. Now, the Playgirl brand is returning as a digital publication.

Photo: JPI

So, what do you think? Glad the DAYS hunks will kick off the new digital edition of Playgirl? Looking forward to seeing the photo spread? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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