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Kassie DePaiva Brings Blair Back to General Hospital

Photo: JPI

Soap fan favorite, Kassie DePaiva is making a return to ABC’s General Hospital in her role as Blair Cramer from One Life to Live. 

A rep for the daytime drama series confirmed to TV Line that DePaiva will begin airing in September. DePaiva appeared as Llanview’s Blair before on GH.

After One Life to Live ended in 2012, and in March of that year, GH kicked-off a crossover story that featured DePaiva along with Roger Howarth, formerly Todd Manning on One Life and GH.

Photo: JPI

While Howarth has remained at GH in other roles over the years including as Franco Baldwin and Austin Gatlin-Holt, DePaiva has also been playing Days of our Lives’ Eve Donovan on and off.  She recently appeared on the Peacock streaming soap opera earlier this month when she reprised Eve for a short stint.

DePaiva recently spoke to Soap Opera Digest saying she would love a chance to back to GH and reprise Blair, but she added, “I guess Todd is not Todd, right?’ So if I was to go back on that show, he probably wouldn’t recognize me. But I could go,‘You’re hot. You look like somebody I used to know.’”

Looking forward to seeing Blair on GH again? What story would you like to see her involved with? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Great news!!!!! Kassie DePaiva IS Blair. I have loved her as Eve on DAYS and welcome her back in her iconic role. As for Roger Howarth… honestly… none of his GH roles has really jelled. He has been an ill-fit who has been shoe-horned into many character’s lives without real success. SO… let Dr. Gatlin-Holt turn out to be Todd Manning! Stranger things have happened!

I Hope Dr. Gatlin-Holt Turns Out To Be Todd Manning And I’m Glad Blair Cramer Is Returning To GH

I have been aching for that to happen as well as Finn being turned back to John McBain

Yes. My thoughts too

Bring back one life two live

It failed. You just have to deal with it. They didn’t cancel OLTL because it had too MANY viewers.

So true!!! Great show!!!

For Hell’s sake….

When is Frank going to admit that his decade long attempt to turn GH into his dead show has FAILED??

No more Blair. No more Todd/Frodd/Austin…. next time he gets killed off, leave it that way.

Finn is at least tolerable… though now that they dropped the pet lizard, there’s nothing really different between Finn and his previous incarnation of Silas Clay.

If they even think about bringing back the whiny completely void of talent twit, that better be the week GH is preempted for one of Cheeto’s trials. And just dump those episodes entirely… don’t play them later.

You sound like a satanic twit so just go back to hell where you came from, don’t need your nastiness.

Go “back” to Hell?

I’ve been here a while now.

Sorry but we love Todd and Blair. You need to watch another soap. Some of us are excited about a Todd and Blair reunion, even if it’s a Austin and Blair reunion.

Todd and Blair have NOTHING to do with the proper history of General Hospital. Never did, never will.

OLTL never aired in Hell, so I know next to nothing about their story other than what was forced on us in 2012. Sorry for you mortals who are still grieving a show that was cancelled in 2011. Maybe they got a raw deal from ABC, no denying that.

But that still doesn’t mean GH has to roll over and let them in.

Satan, I usually agree with everything you say.. but strongly disagree on this. Blair Cramer gets very huge and joyous welcome back. I

Agreed!! Love Blair and Todd—Austin? Not sure—Please don’t laugh, but could Pikeman be Helena ( who never actually died? —-or maybe reincarnated? Not too far fetched for a soapy soap—-maybe Ms Wu ( s?)?

Helena is definitely dead. And we have enhanced the security around Hell’s version of Cassadine Island (located in the middle of the Lake of Fire).

She’s not getting out again. Nor is Victor or Stavros. As for Mikkos… he wouldn’t want to leave anyway. The guy’s making one Hell of a living installing air conditioners down here, based on the same technology he used to freeze Port Charles in the middle of August way back when.

How is it a “welcome back” when she never belonged in Port Charles in the first place?

I get that OLTL had their fans and that they miss their show. It never aired in Hell, so I don’t miss it at all. Y’all have every right to be pissed off at ABC for their boneheaded decision to cancel the show & AMC and replace them with a crappy cooking show and the other failed replacements that didn’t last very long. And then of course, the Prospect Park streaming “reboot” which was pretty much a dragonshitshow from day one, in terms of how they handled it.

The problem is that GH has an already bloated cast and has a hard time finishing their own storylines and keeping actual GH characters on the screen. And then that has to all be pushed aside so they can bring in characters from these other shows that a good portion of the GH audience doesn’t know or care about.

But as I said elsewhere, there MIGHT be a valid reason for this Blair visit, if indeed she’s coming back to pick up that ball that ReRon dropped in 2012, and get to the revelation that Lorenzo Alcazar is indeed the guy behind the Pikeman mercenary group.

If that’s the case bring it on. And then get back to GH characters & storylines… which are already moving slow enough as it is, due to the apparent “restrictions” on what the scab writers are allowed to do.

They are bringing her on to MOVE a story along, it’s a short stint. Instead of spewing your hatred why don’t you let some of us who are going to enjoy her presence on the show in peace. Kassie is a wonderful sweet actress who does not need that kind of welcome. We enjoy her, Let us do that because it sounds to me like You’re getting butthurt that someone got a job. It doesn’t make you look good. It makes you look like an idiot.

Church of RoHo???

Yeah, that’s appropriate because you and a few others here come off like some sort of bizzare cult, on the level of MAGAtt/Qanon types. As in “everybody must bow down to what our weird little fringe group wants, and we don’t care how much damage it does”

General Hospital is under no obligation to reanimate the corpse of One Life to Live, and GH fans are not obligated to accept OLTL (or AMC, for that matter) taking up valuable airtime that should be given to actual GH characters, some of whom have been around for decades.

Get over yourself.

Oh Satan, perhaps I’m at a disadvantage only being an occasional OLTL watcher. But from what I’ve seen on GH, Blair is synonymous with bore. The only thing I will say, on a superficial level, is I found Howarth’s Todd really sexy…maybe it’s the blonde highlights. He was ok as Franco but this Gatlin gobbledygook is a disaster for me. It’s got enough plotholes to drive a fleet of Winnebagos through, and it feels longer than a root canal. Right now, I’m only paying attention when the great Maura West is on, or when gorgeous Spencer is free of Trina. We’re in pretty bad shape right now. Isn’t there a limit to how many stories include Carly and/or Sonny? I’m surprised they’re not in the Molly surrogacy tale… yet.


Bring it on!! Can’t wait—it’ll be such a drastic, but sunny change from the Curtis-Mrs Robinson-Trina-saga—so boring!! Who cares?? I completely FF their scenes. Uffa!!

Maybe Blair is PikeMan ?

There’s not a snowball’s chance in my backyard that she could be in charge of Pikeman.

Having said that though…. Pikeman COULD have something to do with why she returns.

Probably the last thing that aired during the OLTL invasion phase of GH – before the Prospect Part lawsuit forced an abrupt end to it – was Carly & Blair discussing how much Lorenzo Alcazar resembled some guy named “Thomas” from OLTL.

Supposedly Blair took off to investigate this mystery, but then the legal red tape kicked in. Todd became Frodd and none of this was ever spoken of again.

But now we have Pikeman… a shady mercenary organization known for weapons smuggling and doing “black ops” with rogue elements of intelligence agencies all over the world. Which is exactly the type of things Lorenzo Alcazar used to do.

I’ve been predicting for months now that Alcazar would be revealed as the leader of Pikeman. Maybe Blair is back to announce this fact to somebody? Other than that, I cannot imagine any valid reason for her to be in Port Charles.

Doubt it.

I’m thinking the same thing..but I hope they give Sasha a mother.

Love Kassie she is a wonderful actress, sign her to a contract on GH as Blair Kramer. She is 62 years old and gorgeous as ever.

Nah. There are others more integral to the canvas that should be series regulars.

A short visit is fine, but there are characters more critical to GH history in that age group that should be on contract or have more story than Blair.

Please let us know the dates that Blair will be on GH. I absolutely love Kassie DePaiva and Blair Cramer. I don’t want to miss her episodes.

She should come back as Monica’s long-lost sister.

A bit fuzzy on 40-year old storylines, but Monica was adopted as a young child. They gave her a cousin, Lorena Sharpe who came to PC to open the infamous spa.

Kassie is playing Blair Cramer, who the backstory is clearly established.

Sadly, will it really matter? What purpose? Half the audience do not even know who Blair is and are we to believe after a decade she hasn’t settled down and living happily after with Todd or Victor? And please don’t have a line like “:Haven’t I seen you before?” if she and “Roger” meet?

What if in the 10 years we’ve seen her, Blair married and divorced Martin? Not sure I could see her paying him $50k/month for alimony though.

She’s a super talented actress. Can’t wait to see her, I just hope it’s a long term return for her! Blair and Todd, now that would be amazing!

Blair Cramer one of my favorite all time daytime Diva’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️

She is related to gaitlin holt and helps save him

Blair Cramer is back on GH that’s super awesome but I hope Starr returns with the very much alive Cole and Hope also did Blair ever find out who her biological father really is.

I’d rather sit through a 666 hour church sermon by Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell than ever see that whiny little untalented twit on GH again.

We can arrange that.

I could arrange that myself, now that Pat & Jerry are both down here. But why would I torment myself like that?

I think Blair is coming back because she is the one suing Deception for stealing her “idea” because Blair does own a cosmetic company called Melador and Tracy is in league with Blair and Dorian or maybe she is Martin’s third ex wife.

What an unexpected treat this is. Love the actress and the character.

I love Kassie. She could be involved with Pikeman OR maybe Tracy’s partner in trying to have Deception fail? Either way, she would be with Roger or Jane. Who are both great!

Another interesting return.

Would love to see Finn turn back into the vampire what walked out of the morgue many years ago. Where has he been hiding? Probably in clear sight! Lol

Vampire doctor cures his father’s ALS… by turning him into a vampire??

I mean… it’s not really any more ridiculous than anything Nina or Gladys is involved in, is it?

YES, that would be great, I miss seeing her face.

Since Robert Howarth is currently playing Austin I would love to see Trevor At John back in action as Todd and it would be nice to see Jack, Star, Danielle, and Hope grace our screens on GH. NOW THAT WOULD BE DREAMY

My first thought too!!!! Need some TSJ back. He is the best!!!!!!

Yeah…”dreamy” … in the Freddy Krueger sense.

I just got chills and nauseous, anxiety seeing someone is on here using that evil enemy’s name and it’s allowed on here. I can’t wait for satan,who doesn’t deserve a capital at the beginning of his name to finally be thrown in the pit of hell once and for all and I hope this person using his name doesn’t have innocent children in this world. That just ruined any fun of talking about our favorite actors and characters and soaps.

I’m not crazy about the OLTL invaders either, but calling them “evil enemy” is a bit much, ain’t it?

That is not going to happen. Can you all imagine Todd Manning as a doctor. Austin is too calm to be Todd.

Just sayin’ , Kassie and Roger have always had great chemistry onscreen. I hope that that the storyline has them involved in some sense. Not necessarily as lovers, but in some way. Maybe she is involved somehow with his family, pikeman or both. Maybe she’s Cyrus’ daughter. Though I loved OLTL, this has nothing to do with that. So don’t get your panties in a bunch ” Satan “.

Never really like her when she was on befor sorry

Don’t forget one life to live was canceled because of the ratings

There were quiet a few reasons it was cancelled, but as mentioned before, OLTL had higher ratings than GH at that point in time.

As Howarth wife with 2 young high school children that he hide from his blackmail life. In OLL they had good parenting repor with each other.
It would be nice to see positive parenting skills for viewer’s of high school children,such as suicide,children falling behind with their school work because of covid. More social and emotional concerns.
Just my thoughts.

Thrilled to see Blair making a comeback on General Hospital. Loved her on OLTL. Hope she stays with GH for a long, long time! Congrats Kassie DePaiva!!!!

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Donna Mills, Linda Gray, Nicollette Sheridan, Morgan Fairchild, Loni Anderson to Appear in Lifetime’s 80s and Soap-Themed Holiday Movie

Wowza! Now here’s a line-up of soap opera and primetime favorites all in one movie! Coming up for the holidays, Lifetime has revealed they have an 80s and soap-themed film starring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing, General Hospital), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing and Dynasty), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest, SFT, DAYS et al) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Filmed earlier in 2023, Ladies of the 80’s is said to follow five soap opera divas (how fun and perfect!), as they reunite to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera!

In story, the producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), who happen to be old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together.  

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the five leading ladies, the cast also includes: Days of our Lives favorite Patrika Darbo (ex-Nancy), Alec Mapa, and Donna Mills’ real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, plus 80s heartthrob, Christopher Atkins.

Photo: TiffanyX

There is even a Ladies of the 80’s theme song, performed by none other than 80’s pop star, Tiffany!

In a statement on the project, the movie’s EP Larry A. Thompson shared: “The opportunity to bring together Donna, Morgan, Loni, Linda and Nicollette, five powerhouse women into one holiday movie, has been like finding the perfect gift under the Christmas tree.”

The official airdate of the holiday movie will be revealed shortly in the networks’s A Wonderful Lifetime Holiday movie schedule. Deadline first shared the news.

What do you think of this upcoming soap opera-themed movie featuring Donna, Linda, Nicollette, Morgan and Loni? Comment below.

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General Hospital Preemptions This Week for MLB Wild Card Playoff Games

This week, General Hospital will be preempted on Tuesday, October 4 and Wednesday, October 5, and potentially again on Thursday October 6, due to Major League Baseball’s wild card playoff games airing on ABC.

In the best of 3 games, the Texas Rangers face the Tampa Bay Rays in an American League wild card series, starting on Tuesday with a 3:08PM EST start time. If the series goes a full three games, then Thursday’s GH will also be preempted.

Encore episodes of GH will be seen on the east coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, while all other time zones will be preempted for the game.

Photo: MLB

In addition, GH will not be streaming the episodes on Hulu or as is it a nationwide preemption.  That way, everyone will begin to see the all-new episodes on the same day when they resume.

Photo: ABC

Hopefully, Thursday, GH will resume with an episode that teases: Spencer and Trina affirm their feelings, Tracy has a slip of the tongue, Valentin surprises Anna, and Sasha is in danger.

So, going to miss GH for the next few days? Comment below.

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Gregory Harrison Talks His General Hospital ALS Storyline, Battling Addiction, ‘Falcon Crest’ on Maurice Benard’s ‘State of Mind’

Film and TV star,  Gregory Harrison is currently appearing on ABC’s General Hospital in the role of Gregory Chase.  In story, Gregory is trying to come to the terms with the fact he has ALS and is now displaying symptoms of the disease that will ultimately claim his life.

On the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, General Hospital) You Tube series State of Mind, the actor opens up about the challenges of playing a character with ALS, how he has battled addiction, his prime role on Trapper John M.D and Falcon Crest and much more.

In fact, it’s actually the the 40th anniversary of Harrison’s solo TV Guide cover as Dr. George Alonzo “Gonzo” Gates on Trapper John, M.D.

Photo: ABC

Speaking on his General Hospital storyline, and Gregory Chase’s battle with ALS, Harrison detailed: “He’s a complicated character any way, but we’ve added now ALS into the equation and that’s a really fun technical calibration for me. It’s a relatively quick demise – three to five years, generally for ALS, and it moves along pretty quickly. The body deteriorates pretty quickly and things happen, and there is an emotional kind of reaction to those that my character has. My character reacts to the loss of things and that’s what I am starting to be able to play.”

Harrison added, on how he is playing the nuances of ALS in the scripts he is given, “Where am I going to put in that slip and fall? Where am I going to put in that tremor in my hand? Where I am going to put in  the stumble, or the slur of this word or that word? That’s real technical stuff, but I have to layer that on top of emotional honesty of what’s going on. So, for me, it’s a buffet and I love that.”

Benard and Harrison also delved into the fact that Gregory he has been sober for 36 years. Harrison opened about how addiction changed his personality at a time when his career was riding high: “If I was the kind of person who would be regretful, then I would say that during my prime, I was busy using all my acting skills to disguise my addiction instead of building my career. ”

Photo: ABC

As his fame rose, Harrison also started his own production company. He admitted to Benard, that at the time, he was barely getting through jobs and projects: “I could act, but I wasn’t doing as good as I should have been doing. I was just persevering … pouring massive amounts of energy into enduring my addiction … not into the creative artist that I was inspired to be. And then I found my way back.” At one point, Harrison sought help at the renowned Betty Ford Center. Gregory shared that he had to hit rock bottom, in order to build himself back up again.

At the conclusion of the episode, Maurice asked Gregory how he enjoyed being part of the cast of the defunct CBS primetime soap, Falcon Crest, to which Harrison said he loved playing the role of Michael Sharp back in 1990. He compared that character to the likes of Port Charles’ Sonny Corinthos.

Check out Maurice and Gregory’s conversation below.

Let us know, are you emotional invested and enjoying Gregory Harrison’s portrayal of the ALS storyline on General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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