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Kassie DePaiva CONFIRMS She Has Been Let Go From Days of our Lives!



Sunday on her own terms, Kassie DePaiva confirmed her exit from Days of our Lives after reports and rumors have been swirling over the past few weeks.  The former star of One Life to Live where she played Blair Cramer for over 20 years, took over the role of Eve Donovan on DAYS back on-screen in 2014.

On her website blog, the actress addressed her departure from Salem to her fans, and thanked them for their continued support.  Currently on-air, Eve is the middle of high drama following the murder of her daughter, Paige (True O’Brien), and the imminent arrival of her ex-flame, Eduardo played by Daytime Emmy winner A Martinez.

Here is an excerpt below of what Kassie had to share  about being let go from the NBC daytime drama series, which is about to have it’s golden anniversary this November.

Kassie DePaiva: “As the sand runs out of my hourglass over at Days … I have no regrets.  I had a truly remarkable experience there.  From the beginning as Eve showed up in town and throughout her bumpy ride through Salem it has all been a good time for me. I got to work with people that I have admired for many years.  I especially want to thank Melissa Reeves, True O’ Brien, Casey Moss, Jen Lilley, Wally Kurth and A Martinez.  They each helped me find the ‘real’ Eve.  It saddens me to have been let go from the show just as Eve was finally finding her footing… but that is the way the Soap business goes. Characters come and go just as actors, writers, and producers.  Some we love… Some we hate… But fortunately for all of us the stories still go on. Keep watching and here’s to 50 more years of Days of our Lives.”

Look for On-Air On-Soaps in-depth interview with DePaiva on her departure in the coming weeks!

So, what do you think about the news that Kassie was indeed let go from the show?  Are you sad to know that she is gone?  Do you think the the character should have been kept on the Salem canvas?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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She’s such a class act .. not a Dool fan
(Always watch abc soaps) but tuned in to see
Her from time to time..Not sure this was
A great choice for Day’s..She has a
Huge following..I wish her well !
Now if GH would pick her back up!

Exactly what I was going to write. .”what a class ACT!!”

Classy lady, classy exit. Kassie has handled this in the most professional way. The problem with her time on DOOL is that when she mentioned the actors on DOOL with whom she’d worked and whom she wanted to thank, she pretty much thanked the only six actors with whom she’d worked in the last year or so. You’re really up against the wall when you only interact with the same few actors over and over again, and one-third of them (A Martinez, Wally Kurth) she only started to work with in the last few months of her time on the show. I wish her well in whatever she does next.

Thank you Beth, beautifully stated

“…she pretty much thanked the only six actors with whom she’d worked in the last year or so ”

yeah, it just smarts, rankles, and pisses me off

that DAYS production… didn’t have the hindsight… and foresee the obvious love from the audience… and the potential and gold they had in this beloved LEADING Lady….


therin… i’m livid at all the possibilities Kassie DePaiva’ Eve could have flown and helmed with…

especially knowing… A. Martinez, Wally Kurth, and those cast members associated with these two men… she could have rallied befriend allied provoked tryst eye to eye

the cast alone… has to know what they’ve lost

At first, her version of Eve and a snooze of-a-storyline turned me off, especially when she bedded JJ but i saw a turnaround and started to like her in the role…in the beginning when Eve showed up there shouldv’e been hints Paige might be Jack’s daughter or Frankie’s and thats what Eve used to break up Paige and JJ…well, if Eve isnt killed off the could always bring the character back with her or Charlotte Ross if either one is available!!!

Yes Jim, they should try to bring back Charlotte Ross. She played the role the best. Nothing against Kassie, but she just was not Eve. She had the southern twang. LOL. I LOVED Kassie as Blair on One Life To LIve, she was wonderful in the role.

Maybe they are and thats why they let Kassie go?

I love Kassie and I loved getting to see her on DOOL. She’s a truly remarkable performer and gave us Blair Cramer, a character I won’t ever forget. I enjoyed her on Days a lot and I’ll miss seeing her onscreen.
I hope we get to see her in something again soon and I wish her the very best always.

So sad about this casting decision. Clearly current writers did not feel Eve had a place anymore. I hope I see Kassie dePaiva on screen again soon somewhere. She is awesome to watch. And again here, as she was during the OLTL cancellation and reboot, a class act. Applause, applause!

TPTB wrote Eve as a one-note character who’s life revolved around Paige. W/O her daughter, unfortunately she had no where to go.

What they SHOULD have done is cast James DePaiva as Paige’s father and show Eve “maturing” now that her daughter is gone.

Quite simply: Kassie DePaiva was one of the best things to have ever happened to DAYS. She brought it every time she was on screen, even with the previous sub par writers. Her scenes regarding Paige’s death were on the level that no other actor on DAYS can bring with the exception of Billy Flynn. After Eileen Davidson left for Y&R, they continued bringing in younger actors who really left a lot to be desired. We are left with an aging cast – John, Marlena, Victor, Maggie, Julie, Doug and the like who are pretty much snooze fests on screen. I don’t mind incorporating old guard with the new, I really don’t but they just can’t move the story along convincingly. I hope that with the addition of the new teenage characters (the grown up versions of child characters) that we don’t just become a place where love and lust are the focal point. DAYS has always been the soap that tells interesting, if not crazy at times, stories. That is their strength. It crushes me to know that Kassie will be gone from the scene because she is one of the brightest in that cast. Can we please get rid of Jennifer ? Other than her whining and scowling what exactly does she bring?

I do not know

that, it’s over doing it
that, it’s overwrought

or just command

that DAYS acknowledge a grievance

letting go… one of the best of the best… is glaring

will not be forgotten
in this day and age of what is

a treasured lead

dang it ! sub par …

we know that…

DAYS production is greasing the wheel… culling from… and whetting their experience vs. audience

how disingenuous to expect … ?

i’m indignant riled and in an uproar to cave

“…Quite simply: Kassie DePaiva was one of the best things to have ever happened to DAYS “

We need Erika as the new Laura Horton and Jerry Ver Dorn as the new Bill Horton. That would make my day. Also bring Leann Hunley back as Anna Dimera.

I meant Erika Slezak ex Viki OLTL. Lol

Heard a lot about the “excitement ” happening at Days. Well it certainly isnt exciting to the fans of the show who havent watched since 1985 . All I see are great actors and characters being sacrificed for the relics and fossils of decades long ago .

Apparently Corday and the powers that be learned absolutely nothing from the summer disaster of Genie Francis returning in Port Charles when ratings hit an all time low 🙁

I get what you are saying in your first paragraph. TPTB are putting an awful lot on characters that haven’t been on screen or driven story in several years. Once all these 50 – 60 year old actors are brought back, and the initial love fest is over … then what? There is a place for them for sure, but between them, the new kids being brought on, the show is missing a chunk of actors in the age group in between 18 – 50. Glaring problem there.

But I have to disagree what you seem to be saying in your second paragraph. You make it sound like Genie coming back to GH was a disaster, which I think is wildly overstating her influence on the ratings. I don’t think she caused the ratings to decline – I mean, she returned to the show along with Emma Samms, Nathan Parsons and Jonathan Jackson. Those four didn’t have an impact, so you can’t lay it all at Genie’s feet. And it had a lot more to do with an audience exhausted by the ongoing Luke saga, as well as a preposterous return from the dead and an exit story for Luke that was so poorly written and executed, that you would have thought amateurs wrote it.

If anything, once the dust settled and Luke was off canvas, her interactions with the rest of the cast, particularly Nikolas and Elizabeth, brought out some nice colors and shading to the scenes that we don’t get much of on GH. It showed the potential of what having her around regularly can bring to the show. But even those ‘solo’ scenes of hers (without Luke) only lasted about three days, so it wouldn’t have had much impact. And didn’t. You can certainly say she didn’t help the ratings, but you can’t say (or imply) she was to blame for the drop – there was SO much more going on that deserves that blame.

In a perfect soap world, there always needs to be a good balance of age groups with the characters featured. You have audiences that have watched since the beginning who know and love these veteran characters, some that started watching in later years and continue to do so, and you have your new watchers. Everyone should have story opportunity, but returning veterans shouldn’t be brought on just as a gimmick to prop up another character’s story or for a temporary ratings spike! They should have purposed, whether it be for a limited run or on contract to further their own story. Genie Francis was brought back as part of Luke’s exit story, but her story will continue. She had a 2 month family vacation pre-planned, which the show honored, and she will be back on canvas very soon with her own story. Execs have even hinted at a possible new love for her. They should also go back to the idea they started and dropped in 2013 when Laura and Lucy were going to open that spa with Milo as one of the fitness directors. There would be lots of potential there.

The show needs its vets and restructure the entire GH. The younger characters don’t have much bite and everyone just wants to fight and kill each other. Today the show went on and on about If Morgan kills Julian he’ll go to prison. No concern of Julian as a human being and saving his life because he matters. If Morgan had killed Julian, then he should go to prison but we know on GH that is the thing that will happen. The older characters have a lot of value to build community and and family structure. Morgan should be going to college or working. It would be interesting if he showed symptoms of being bipolar in school or on the job. Then something would be at stake. There’s nothing at stake at GH. The actors are out of control and are agressive in real life. Tony Geary refusing to do a goodbye scene with Genie Francis, calling out the show in an exit interview and when announcing retirement by saying he’s been bored for 20 years. That’s not going to make new viewers to watch. Morgan, the actor who plays him threatens a viewer on Twitter and now Nancy Graham insulting her network’s number one star at the moment and taking on racism. This are unhappy people who want to lash out and hurt others. Scary. The vets like Genie, Jackie, Leslie, Scotty, etc. don’t behave that way. I’m glad Kin has a job but can he take off resting bi**h face for a second or two?


Days made the right decision period, Kassie was not right for the role as Eve. I love Kassie, but she was totally wrong for the role.

I agree with you Emma!! Great actress and she did a good job, but there was not connection as Eve.. Eve was very impactful years ago and us who watched then…. were def vested in the actress who played her.. Never thought Cassie was in the right role …..I am excited to see what Cassie will do next.. I will be watching!!

I think Days is not doing a very smart thing in letting Kassie go.I loved watching her perform and in the past week I have cried along with Eve .Good lord Days why?.She was the best one on your show.To be honest I never heard of Kassie until days but I quickly became a huge fan.I for one will miss her.

I dont watch Days but was glad Kassie got a soap role after OLTL. I loved her on that show and was surprised that she never got an emmy. I wish ABC would offer her a role on GH.

I think eve played her part ,I didn’t think that she should have slept with J J ….. that was just sick ….. I believe she was a true drama queen with Jennifer ….it won’t be the same without her or Piage I’m glad Eve is done …I only wish Piage hadn’t left and her and J J didn’t get back together.. now can we please get rid of Treasa.

Me too Betty, happy Eve will be gone. Theresa needs to be killed off the show. She is annoying and needs to be murdered. Theresa needs to go away.

I like Kassie, i sure did not like her role as Eve… if her character could have been redeemed and at least act more decent than to sleep with her daughter boyfriend JJ..i am really shocked DAYS let Kassie go…a shocker!!! she very classy professional, her kind words is huge plus as it shows her true self to be loving, kind. & she is great actress!!!…unlike EVE!!! i sure wish she is not killed off, but who knows right now…i wonder why DAYS let her go…..

Sad news. Sooner or later, Days ALWAYS does the same thing. They bring back a popular character from the past, hoping to strike gold one more time. Inevitably, for one reason or another- usually poor writing if storyline- and the character leaves the canvas again. DePavia is such a really good actress, they could have done so much more in writing for her character.

Aptly put.

I also agree with the person who said she only had scenes with a handful of actors. The was stuck playing the same three scenes over and over.

She’s a fine actress. It’s the writing that let her down.

she was never right for the part of Eve.

Going to miss her….There were more stories for Eve. Would love to see Bold and the Beautiful hire this lady as a love interest for Ridge or Bill. So sick of Caroline and Katie on that show.

Her Daytime career is over. Kassie had a good run
time to move on.

Not sure how you know her career in Daytime is over unless you’re privy to information the rest of us aren’t. Until you share…I will continue to believe such a great actress will continue working in Daytime or in any other genre. Thanks for replying…

How do YOU know that her daytime career is over? What’s that supposed to mean – no offense, but frankly, that’s a worthless, inane comment.
I thought she did well with the role of the not terribly likable Eve. I am sorry to see her exit the canvas, while the writers are concentrating on archaic characters from many years ago, trying to re-energize old storylines that probably should remain where they were left. I, as a newer viewer, do not particularly find the scenes between Marlena and John all that enthralling, nor do I especially care that “Patch” is back to annoy Kayla.
I would never be so presumptuous to state that an actor’s career “is over”.

What?!?!? An age appropriate love story on Bold and Beautiful? Do those happen? LOL. They would cast her as yet another transgender character and tell another fairy tale that has Ridge and Bill fighting over him/her. If B and B had normal writers with any talent, they could write a cool story for Kassie…maybe she could be Kristin Forrester! The last one was certainly not a very good actress. She could be a really commanding presence, and yes, her and Don Diamont would be good together! but that show has an incredibly embarrassing track record of wasting some of the best soap talent around. The list is too lengthy to even mention.

It does seem peculiar to let her go now that they’ve brought on an ex-husband. Why didn’t they just have Eve and Paige leave town rather than kill Paige if Eve was going to leave too? It just doesn’t make sense.

I wish Kassie much success.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kassie as Eve. Not upset about her departure from Days IF there is the possibility of a return. The writers and/or producers messed up when they had Eve sleep with JJ. Eve leaving Salem after Paige’s death is a logical ending to that story, if that is how it will play out.

I would like to see Eve return at some point in the future and get a fresh start in Salem. So I hope the writers did not kill her off.

I saw this coming, Kassie is a wonderful actress. She was miscast as Eve, Charlotte Ross was the original eve, she played the role from 1987 to 1991. she was the best Eve, but Kassie grew on me as Eve. When her daughter paige was murdered, and Eve went to the morgue I started crying. Kassie needs to win a emmy next year. I loved Kassie on OLTL as Blair Cramer. GH or The Bold and The Beautiful need to hire Kassie Depaiva.

Let’s live in soap fantasy….now with Kassie being let go, Melissa also being let go, Ron being fired….one can only hope a ONE LIVE TO LIFE re-re-boot is coming.

No no no, I have mourned OLTL. Time to move on. OLTL is never coming back, I have accepted it finally.

Oh Brian, let us pray!!!!!!!!!

and I forgot Michael Easton. Sorry, but it just seems all the OLTL cast is available

I wish that were true…well, one never knows.
I will say, as I have said too many times, that ABC-TV made a mistake in letting both All MY CHILDREN and OLTL go.

Yes let’s hope so!!! OLTL is the best soap to ever air!!

I have been a fan of Miss DePaiva, and her resl life husband (Max, on OLTL) for many years. I was very happy she had joined Days and hate that she has been let go. Her character had alot to look forward to as one of the “bad guys” which she played so well. Her acting ability reaches its height when she is dealing with the death of her daughter. She had me in tears. Good luck in the future.

I agree with everything you said.

Soap producers and network executives make idiotic decisions all the time.

This news about Kassie DePaiva is just the latest.

The new writers are taking away any good potential for story line and adding old, overused characters to just make DOOL much worse…very frustrating show and very disappointing.

Having only watched Days for a little over a year, I tend to agree with you. But, I’m trying to keep an open mind. I really enjoyed Stephen Nichols on GH and Y&R. Here so far, I’m underwhelmed. I’m trying to give it time.

It just keeps getting worse. I will stop watching on Kassie’s last day. Eve is the only character that is exciting and can hold my attention. No wonder DOOL is last in the ratings. I bet they’ll lose even more viewers too.

Super sad to see her go. Loved her as Eve, it is not the actresses fault that her material was terrible. Would rather have had her given a longer chance with a better story. Her parting words are gracious, and prove what a class act she is.

I love Eve ! She is a great character played by a great actress, I cried along as she grieved for Paige, I am pretty sure she had everyone bawling. Sorry to see her go. I hope she shows up on Y&R,,the only other soap I am hooked on.

I would love to see Kassie on The Young and The Restless. Cast her as a new Character.

“…It saddens me to have been let go from the show just as Eve was finally finding her footing… ”

bar none… she’s “one” of, if not the best, of the entire genre…

she carried
she caught my attention
she never let up
she shared her presence

Days production erred on their part

I haven’t been this caught up in a leading lady… in a very long time

and it’s Ms. DePaiva

“Thank You, Kassie”

I wholeheartedly agree. Kassie is a powerhouse and deserves better story and a show that treats her like royalty. Brava, Kassie! We will mIss you and look forward to your next endeavour.

she… may…. not have…. been “right” … for the role

but she sure made us watch

I was riveted… because DAYS after EJ and Sami / and / Will and Sonny / and Kristen departure

who did DAYS have left…

Kassie DePaiva’ Eve

that’s saying something… that put her at the top of the cast LEAD

DAYS Production ? figure that out !

I have been so very upset since I first heard this news. Kassie is a wonderful actress with a tremendous range. The scenes since Eve learned of Paige’s death have been so raw, so real and so heartbreaking. Kassie knocks every scene out of the park. There is so much potential for Eve’s at least partial rehabilitation after the tragedy of her daughter’s death. I was so hoping to see her develop some kind of relationship with Justin. The powers that be certainly missed the boat again on this decision.

Her comments demonstrate once again what a truly closely lady Kassie DePaiva is. Thank you Kassie for your wonderful work and the enjoy you brought to this viewer. I wish you the absolute best in your future.

She was the bright spot the last few months when the show was not that watchable. The are not many actors of her caliber around, some other show should snap her up. The lady is a true class act.

Again, desperate times equal desperate actions. The problem was not Kassie, but the writing. Bad decision by DAYS and I wish her the best. Oh, how I miss the old days of OLTL.

NEW talent
NEW artists
NEW fans
NEW renewed interest
NEW blood
NEW lifeline

so many actors coming and going, in and out, of, said studio(s)

this is at or near the biggest let…

yeah, I was watching… as Eve , was home alone… mourning Paige and whats left of her life… and it was obviously clear… she had no one on that cast in which to share or bereave….

yet… I was riveted just watching Kassie DePaiva

as the cast around her… was rallying … bringing in old is new talents
as the cast around her… was celebrating … vim and vigor over new scripts
as the cast around her… didn’t have that choice to keep her

as DAYS production… took the easy street and easy way out… to blindly forge supercoupledom… and SORAS… and appreciate what fans have always known… what worked… what brought ratings… what will… ??? !!! ???

NBC / Sony / Days of OUR Lives

listen to the majority rule


I loved her, she was so pretty and talented. I saw her just last night on an infomercial
for time life love songs. She was on with her husband and they were both very charming. She played Eve to perfection. Good Luck

The scene where Eve just had enough of it all and started to tear apart her living room was good acting. Compelling.

“… where Eve just had enough”

made, me, cry

Eve’ journey

cut so short
as to affect my willingness to laud DOOL

yet I’ll circumvent a travesty and never forget .. may dim… to…

Days of OUR Lives is forefronting their vision

it’s a serious dismissal that firing something amiss stalls

Kassie is my absolute FAVORITE actress! She is kind and an just an incredible person all around. I will definitely miss her when she leaves Days Of Our Lives.

always liked Kassie no matter who sshe was playing. glad to see eve go but not Kassie. Wish her the best in her future

Big big rumor is, One Life To live could come back online or on ABC. They are trying to revive the soap. If this is true, we are all going to be happy. Heard this on the 6o clock news. I live in Vancouver BC Canada. what they are saying is, its going to be 30 minutes.

How I pray this will actually happen.

Hi Tom. I live in Canada too. I loved those shows as much as anyone else, but do you really not feel that those ships have sailed? I am not trying to be rude, or quash your enthusiasm. Those shows left the airwaves at a certain moment in time, with certain actors, and certain storylines. Time has passed, actors have moved on, fans have new shows to love. After being screwed around for so long, what makes anyone think that the actors from OLTL would even WANT to gear up for a fourth attempt at reviving that show? I liked some of the Prospect Park version, but some of the absences were just glaring, and made the show not even feel like OLTL. Jessica was not there, Starr was not there, Todd was occasionally there. There was no Roxy, no Rex, none of the characters that made OLTL so fun. It had Viki and Dorian, which was good, even if their storyline was absurd…Viki sinking her entire fortune into a fund created by Dorian? And weren’t they saying her whole fortune was only something like 5 million dollars??

I think to gather these actors again after 4 years would prove problematic, and to recast most of the major roles would not be well received by fans. It might be best for fans to just enjoy memories. I used to cherish my dusty VHS tapes of special soap moments I saved, but now thanks to youtube, we can relive almost any moment from any show we want! Thats what we long for anyway, are the great old storylines, and how soaps used to be!! The nostalgia factor is what we crave.

40 * years of ANY business or tv show is a remarkable feat. Everything ends, and nothing lasts forever. Don’t get me wrong…if it were logistically possible, I would LOVE to see Another World (cancelled 1999) or Santa Barbara reboots (cancelled 1993)!! Those were my childhood soaps! Soaps just need to reinvent. They need primetime size casts…12-15 people. They need NEW writers. They need to air maybe 3 times a week, not 5. They also need to find a home that is receptive to them…something like soapnet, but with new programming as well. These shows dont need budgets that break the bank either!!

A channel like that could do anything with these shows. They could do 12 week mini stories of OLTL, or AMC, or GL, or ATWT. They could get back say 5 actors from the original show, and write a closed ended story arc with beloved characters from the past, not focusing on an unwieldy cast of 30-40, but a small cast.

There are SO many possibilities, and yet people get tangled up over red tape and other silly things. Like with Prospect/ABC. Who gives a #$@% who owns the rights to these shows and characters? The shows are off the air!!! There are no characters or shows to be fighting over! LOl. It is absurd……fighting legally over two entities that don’t even exist anymore except in the hearts and minds of viewers, and on youtube. Why would Procter and Gamble refuse to let these shows be rebooted, or characters used in other places? They could make money off it too, as if they really need the few dollars from licensing out characters would bring.

Even 2 hour primetime t.v. movies would be cool. They have made them from primetime soaps, like Dynasty, Dallas, etc. Everyone would watch an occasional two hour Guiding Light movie, or All My Children. they wouldnt do any worse than some of those dreadful made for t.v. movies! LOL. At least these have a rabid built in fan base!!

I could go on and on, and usually do. My point is, I think as regular television series, these shows had their days in the sun. But for new innovative potential approaches to keeping our beloved shows alive, I don’t think any production entity has even scraped the surface!! Crystal Chappell has done some amazing online work. Instead of her running to the lesbian well with Jessica Leccia for the last decade…these two are getting a little long in the tooth to be playing star crossed lovers in show after show…they could be negotiating some online rights from soaps we loved previously and could love again!

Many possibilities!!

Talented lady. She is available GH!!!! Make your move!!!

Sorry to say I could never get past thinking Kassie was all wrong for Eve. And her relentless hatred of Jennifer and JJ didn’t help. If I tried to think of her as a completely different character, I could accept her a bit more, but at the end of the day, the shadow of Charlotte Ross just hung over the role and the delicious story it would have been had she come back.

That being said, Kassie BROUGHT IT to the scenes of Paige’s death. I fast forward through much of Eve’s scenes, but stopped for those – and the woman brought tears to me eyes, it was so raw and painful. She’s acting her heart out and deserves an award for her grieving scenes alone.

And I would love to see her back on GH. Wish, wish, wish they could get the OLTL characters back, but if they can’t – Celia Quartermaine? Jenny Eckert? Those roles aren’t considered iconic and weren’t played by distinctive actresses, so she wouldn’t have the same recast issues. There’s a place for her and she could still be tied to GH families and history.

Just sayin’.

Hey Mike! Good casting suggestions!!!! Scroll down and read my long post about suggestions I made! I never really got the character of Jenny Eckert at all. But I LOVED Celia and Jimmy Lee! I don’t know what Steve Bond is doing these days, but I have been saying for years that Tom Eplin, formerly Jake on AW, should be the new Jimmy Lee. Last I heard he was not acting anymore, but there are a lot of rugged men in that 50 ish age range who could play redneck Jimmy Lee! Kassie as Celia would be awesome! They would be a fun addition to GH, and liven up the Quartermaine mansion, which has been decimated by pointless deaths and writers who only write for Sonny Corinthos. Hayden could be their daughter, thereby tying her to the main family. Celia and Jimmy Lee are a blank slate on which the writers could write anything, as no one has mentioned either of them for almost 30 years! Both Sherilyn Wolter and Steve Bond went on to have roles on Santa Barbara, and I have not seen them in anything since. If any writer is willing to write for the Quartermaines, that is the way to go!! Along with another reveal that AJ is alive, once and for all! Whichever, it doesnt matter that Kassie briefly portrayed Blair on GH. We would accept her in any role!

Kassie’s acting is flawless, but this incarnation of Eve was poorly written. She had the unfortunate luck of the draw.

Theres nothing wrong with kassie acting the problem is the writers they give parts then they fade her then bring her back doing the same things that only works for a part for a young actor growing up shes just too old for the parts .

Another example of a wonderful talent who was given a role and a story line that wasted her acting skills. And, now that she’s finally getting scripts that make use of her abilities they decide to let her go.


I know she sings in the Christmas episode, which should be wonderful.

Glad she’s gone. I thought she was a bad actress. I tape it so I buzzed through her character when on. I didn’t dare for Paige either so don’t feel bad.

Kassie made a very nice statement. I wish her well. She is a strong actress, and she needed a bigger role, and more interaction with more characters. Her character was kept in a box with a limited storyline. I just keep thinking of her in that apartment. She was great as Blair on OLTL. Look forward to seeing her in other roles.

Kassie’s scenes today with A. Martinez were riveting. When Eve collapsed in grief into his arms, I almost collapsed on the couch. Eve has been a hell raising vixen that i’ve wanted to strangle. But now, her entire world is destroyed. You can’t help being moved for her. Kassie is doing a magnificent job.

I love Kassie. Everyone loves Kassie. At first I thought…Why Eve?? (I loathed the character in the 80’s and 90’s). I thought it woeful miscasting…but then thought…hey, Kassie is the recast Queen! Blair on OLTL was played by a short Asian actress, and Kassie is tall blonde and southern…lol…and Kassie made that role all her own.

A side not to Michael Fairman…I have seen twice now that you have said Kassie played Blair for over 20 years. She didn’t, just for the record. If memory serves, Mia Korf played the role from 1991-1993, and Kassie took over in late 1993 and was going full steam ahead in 1994. As OLTL was cancelled in early 2012, that wold make her run well under 20 years, but that’s not important.

The problem was what it usually is on soaps…the writing. Eve was stuck in the teeny bopper story, played most of her scenes in her claustrophobic apartment, and rarely interacted with anyone but Paige, JJ, or Jennifer. Kassie is daytime royalty. She should have been interwoven into stories with the heavy hitters…Victor, Kate, Nicole, Kristen, etc. Her fued with Jennifer often came off as silly, looking like David vs. Goliath due to Kassie’s height. Back in 1990-1991, when Jennifer and Eve were in their early 20’s, their bickering and bantering was light weight fluff. To have it brought back over 20 years later as this simmering refueled rivalry did not make sense or make either character look good. That is one of the big problems with soaps…characters rarely change, even after 20 years. It gets repetitive and tiresome to see characters KEEP doing the same things over and over…what I refer to as the ERICA KANE SYNDROME. characters who don’t learn a single thing, or change or grow at all during a lengthy soap run.

DAYS’ accelerated taping schedule has also hindered this story. Paige was not really well received when she was written as some kind of homespun 50’s teen from Wisconsin. But once she found out about Even and JJ, she became interesting, and True O’Brien showed she really could deliver. Like I said when she first came on, there is something Sydney Penny-ish about her, and everyone knows how successful Sydney Penny was in daytime!! (SB, AMC, B and B). Then Paige was murdered.

Since then, Kassie has been playing the kind of scenes she excels at…rage fuelled grief!! There was a nice chemistry developing between her and Justin. She could also have swung in Rafe’s direction! I am totally on board with the new writing regime thus far…I just don’t get why they are doing this story almost in reverse…bringing on Paige’s father AFTER she died, and making him connected to Rafe as well. This was a story that should have played out while Paige was alive, and before media had reported that Eve is leaving.

All in all, it seemed that nothing quite worked out for Kassie and DAYS. The writing, the timing, the pacing, the plotting, etc. The one thing that never wavered was Kassie’s talent nor her complete dedication to acting whatever the writers gave her and trying to make it the best she could. Never say never…just because she was let go, does not mean she can’t be rehired at some point in the future.

Probably, with all this said, Kassie should have been cast as a different character. One with more ties to the current canvas. One that allowed her to have a viable love interest other than a teenage boy. She could have even been cast as a recast Melissa Horton if Lisa Trusel was unable or unwilling to return. There is a similarity there. Or she could have been a never before seen sister of Kate’s. At least this was an instance where DAYS tried to reach back into the past, but maybe they reached too far…Eve was on from 1987-1991. To longtime viewers, that is like yesterday, but to new viewers, they are like “Who?”

The last year, I think, will hopefully teach DAYS a lesson. Don’t rush to grab popular talent from other shows if you don’t have well thought out roles for them to play! Melissa Archer TOTALLY should have been a Horton, related to Maggie, and a viable character for years to come! Then a triangle between her, Eric, and Nicole would have involved all the major families and been something spectacular!! Or she could have been Kate and Roman’s daughter Cassie! Crishell Stause suffered the same fate. They brought her on like gangbusters, with fanfare, with the promise of this life changing, earth shattering secret that would rock the canvas of the show! Then they saddled her with Rafe for months in a story that went nowhere. Her secret, that she had an abusive stepfather hardly made a whimper or a ripple, and is a story that has been told on DAYS many times before (Adrienne, Billie, Nicole, etc).

I love Gina Tognoni as Phyllis on Y and R. However, I think the casting should have been reversed. Gina’s shorter stature and gritty spitfire style would have totally worked for Eve, and made grudge matches between her and Jennifer more fun and believable. Kassie’s tall, lanky, willowy frame and adult sensuality would have been captivating with Peter Bergman, and made Phyllis much more age appropriate.

Alas, if viewers ran the soaps…they would be much better, right JimH? I just keep watching, keep enjoying, keep complaining, and hope everyone has gainful employment at what they do best. 🙂

Thank you, Kassie for an amazing body of work. This long-time fan looks forward to seeing you in your next project! I’m truly going to miss you on my screen.

Good bye DOOL when Kassie is gone. I’ll have 5 more hours in my week to do other things. She’s honestly the only good thing that show has going. It’s amazing how many bores they keep on that show but let interesting characters leave. No wonder they have the lowest ratings! I bet they’ll keep dropping viewers too! Stupid mistake DOOL

I’m happy to see her go. Never did like her with her “over the top” “sweetheart” talk to Paige. But I am increasingly bored with the new writers. I used to cringe at the thought of the show being cancelled, but now it’s possible I might just decide not to watch. The story line is soooo boring, with conversations between the characters that go on for too long. It’s just bad writing overall. Sorry to say… BAD…

Oh one more thing ,whatever happened to the story where Eve was suppose to drive Jennifer crazy?I would have loved to have seen that.I knew something was up when they never really had Eve do or say anything about it.Whoops I forgot they did it twice .big deal.I would have rather have seen that then Abby and that creep Ben all of the time,sorry but they are so boring,Besides I think she would be better off with Chad . just saying ,Kassie I love ya and your singing,Wish that days never had stopped you from singing Days not a very smart move and Kassie you will be missed.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eric Says Goodbye to Baby Jude

The Monday, May 27th of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, picked right back up for the emotional payoff of Nicole (Arianne Zucker) finally getting her biological son, Jude, back in her arms and learning it from Eric (Greg Vaughan).

As the episode began, Eric (with Jude in tow) is at the front door of the DiMera mansion. Eric recounts Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) confession. Nicole (Arianne Zucker) says she knew from the first time she held Jude that this was her child. She says a parent knows deep in their soul. Eric looks at her with tears in his eyes, as he thinks Jude is now EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) biological son. That’s a lie into itself and EJ is covering the truth of that along with Sloan.

Eric goes on to explain that Sloan even rigged the DNA results, telling the couple that they can check for themselves with a new DNA test, but this is their baby. Once inside the living room, Eric apologizes to Nicole for what Sloan put her though. Nicole says EJ was a victim too.  She turns to EJ and insists that Sloan be arrested. He tells her there is plenty of time for that. She reiterates, “That bitch stole my baby!” But, EJ is not about to do anything about it.


Eric vows he will make Sloan pay for all of her lies and deceit. Nicole asks Eric if he would like to hold Jude one more time before he leaves. Eric tells Jude he will love him more than he will ever know.

As tears stream down his face, he returns Jude to Nicole. She tells he can come over anytime to see the baby. Eric thinks it’s best for Jude to bond with his new family. Holly (Ashley Puzemis) comes in on all this and is filled-in on Jude’s “parentage.” Outside, Eric continues to falls apart.


However, after getting a call from Rafe (Galen Gering), they meet outside Eric’s apartment door. When they enter, the place is a torn up and there is no sign of Sloan. All that they find is a necklace, Eric gave her for Mother’s Day.Eric realized she took off, knowing she could be caught for her crimes. Meanwhile, back the DiMeras, an overcome Nicole is in tears that she actually has her baby back.

Now, what? Will EJ try to bond with Jude or not bond with Jude since he is knows Eric is the biological father? Will Sloan eventually get arrested? What did you think of the performance of Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker? Let us know via the comment section below. 

But first, in case you missed it, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s conversation with the Ari and Greg  from five months back where they talk about the baby switch storyline and more.



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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Nicole Gets Her Baby Back; Then Hauls Off and Decks Sloan

This week on Days of our Lives starts, what looks to be the next and final leg of the baby Jude, baby switch saga, and all of its deceptions. As viewers saw on last Friday’s episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) told Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Jude is actually Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby. Of course, that’s a half-truth as the bio-dad is Eric.

Trapped and in cahoots now with EJ, Sloan had to confess what she did to Eric. At the cliffhanger, Eric show up at EJ’s door with Jude in tow. In tears, he tells Nicole this is her baby, and hands it to her. What will go down when the show picks back up on Memorial Day with an all-new episode?

Eric doesn’t know he is the father, but EJ does. EJ also saw Nicole kiss Eric. He is going to do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out in an effort to keep his marriage in tact.

Photo: JPI

However, how long can EJ and Sloan keep this major secret? Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Dimitri (Peter Porte) are very much alive. Will one of them blow the final whistle on them? Right, Lady Whistleblower? Will Nicole and Eric learning they are the true parents of Jude, be the impetus for Nicole leaving town perhaps with Eric, since we know Arianne Zucker’s last episode of DAYS is set to air July 29th? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile in the latest promo for this week’s DAYS, Nicole and EJ introduce “their” baby to Holly (Ashley Puzemis), while Rafe (Galen Gering) confronts Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who is playing dumb in all of this. Rafe asks her, “Are you saying you know nothing about the baby switch?” Melinda pretends she is completely shocked, saying, “Did you say baby switch?”

In the moment you’ve been waiting for, harkening back to when Nicole stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeneybaby for months, and the two finally had a showdown which saw Sami delivering bitch-slaps to Nicole, Sloan comes to the DiMera mansion to see Nicole.  Then, Nicole screams that she lost she lost six months with her son because of all of her lies. Next, Nicole hauls off and punches Sloan.  Elsewhere, Eric grabs Leo by his shirt collar, which will be interesting to see how much Leo fesses up on what he knows about the baby switch.

Watch the DAYS preview below.

Now let us know, are you happy to see Nicole get her baby back? Are you frustrated that the story is still going on and now its Eric who is the one in the dark, along with Nicole that he is Jude’s baby daddy? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Longtime Lovebirds, Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian, Set Wedding Date

In the words of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, DAYS) himself, “Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships,” it appears that he and his longtime love. Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS), have finally picked their wedding date, and the destination for their nuptials.

Back in August of 2023, the couple shared that they plan to tie the knot in 2024, and with their latest IG post it looks like the wedding day is becoming closer and closer.

As Days of our Lives fans know, Zucker is suing the soap opera’s producers and production entity, and her last episode should air on July 29th, since the show tapes so far in advance. One can assume, her character, Nicole Walker may get a happy ending and get her baby back before exiting Salem? However, that’s yet to be seen.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, the couple who live in Nevada, continue to make plans for their big day. In their newest update, Zucker shared, “We discovered a wedding DESTINATION and DATE DATE! So grateful to everyone who has helped us make this exploration an eye-opening awe-inspiring adventure!”

While Christian chimed in, “I already hear many of you saying ‘finally Shawn!’ Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships.” #justsaying #loveispatient #loveiscrazy”

Shawn’s journey as Daniel Jonas on DAYS lasted from 2008 to 2017, while Zucker has portrayed Nicole Walker since 1998. The couple have been engaged since 2021.

The duo made no clear mention of the exact wedding date or location in their post, only that they have got things locked in and all systems are a-go!

So, happy to hear that Ari and Shawn are finally about to become husband and wife? Comment below.


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A post shared by Ari Zucker (@ari8675)

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