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Kelly Sullivan Says Farewell To General Hospital and "RIP Connie!"



As General Hospital fans around the country today are watching the demise of Connie Falconeri, it marks the end of the line for Kelly Sullivan, who for two years impressed the television audience with her portrayal of Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri in the DID storyline and as a love interest for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and much more!

As viewers on the west coast just watched Connie take her last breath, Sullivan took to Twitter to say: “RIP Connie. It was a great two years! Thank you for your love and support, it means so much. Long live GH!”

We expect today lots of people on Twitter to also share their sentiments to Kelly on a job well done.  So now the question is, who do you think shot and killed Connie? Are you looking forward to how the story will play out? Or, upset that Kelly has finished her run? Or, both?  Comment below!


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Thank you, Kelly Sullivan. Best wishes in all you do.

I will miss her as well

Sonny killed her in my opinion. He waited way too long before calling 911 :p …We can always blame Sonny 😉

Hahaha, I kept thinking the same thing! I know it’s a soap, but come on, the girl is dying and you just hold her hand, talking to her and not calling 911 until 3/4 of the show is done? What is that, like 5 minutes of realtime before he actually tries to get help? They could’ve EASILY had the same lines, except he calls first, THEN he tries to keep her awake!


It was stupid on Sonny’s part, yes. But the show had their reasons for making it this way. For one, Kelly wanted to leave the show so they can’t make it where it looks like she should have survived. And second, They needed Sonny to leave and go after a.j. Directly after calling the cops before they got there, so they had him talk to her first because it would have been lame if they didn’t even say I love you one last time. And perhaps Sonny could tell it as too fatal a wound so he might as well spend her last minutes talking to her instead of on the phone because she had no chance.

I think not


It definitely took him a long time…..but why was he fumbling around with the phone ( didn’t know the number – 911) and couldn’t get out want he needed….I guess Sony is not use to calling 911…LOL… he handles and gets rid of his problems…

that was not fare you let her dye on the floor

that is so right

Usually I am cynical about deaths on soap operas, and even knowing Connie was going to die– the scene where she actually did, moved me to tears. Any actress who can get this harden soap watching vet to get mushy deserves a round of applause.
Thank you KS for the scene and for giving it your all even when you knew it meant you got fired. Kudos to GH for doing it so well– it is a shame we lost Connie– but at least she went out with with a bang– no pun intended.

your so right mary sf

well, one of the Jeromes’ or AJ… or could it be a scene from old movie (Orient Express) where they each take a turn killing her? 😉

AJ is probably Ava Jerome’s initials. But it would be funny if it was actually AJQ.

That’s a good point.

Agreed, I think it is Ava Jerome, but AJQ will take the rap for awhile. Many thanks for a great 2 year run Kelly, you did an amazing job. I wish you all the best in the future, and hope to see you on a soap again, they would be foolish not to pick you up.

that was not fare

So long,Connie, may R I P 🙁
real life for Kelly Sulivan “Good Luck for your future endovor”

Seems to me someone really disliked this actress (maybe many disliked her) so they violently wrote her off without a chance of ever coming back to symbolize how permanent it is.

good question about connie I agree with that

that was right

Kelly Sullivan is a wonderful actress and made Kate/Connie her own! I will miss her on GH .

I think Ava Jerome killed Connie because she knew too much . And to get back at her for the Kiki newspaper article.

I believe that Franco witnessed it all..
And Franco will now own Ava and possibly Julian because Franco will have the knowledge/secret to destroy them!

Go Franco !!!!!

I like that theory. Did not think of that.

This theory is excellent! GH writers take note 🙂

AJ is also Ava Jerome

yes why did he wait so long to call 911 but of course aj is the one that looks guilty at the moment..i will miss kate/connie she is awesome

Agree Ava did it especially because Connie figured out julienne ect and was going to tell him about. That’s why she was helping aj to drink. Not sure if I’m gonna like the story line for aj. He needs to have something good happen. Getting sick of watching all this you will never change bit when he has and why bring him back if he doesn’t change? Hope the answer comes out quick cuz I believe we are right so I’m like get to it already I will be bored with it, so I will be watching to hope max keeps her baby and how that could destroy a lot and hoping now that Silas is a new character they will finally fix him up with Sam. To bring him back as a new person and not let them get together wonky make any sense. Guess sometimes I don’t like all the stupid drama in soaps just like real life. Did Kelly want to leave? She is a great actress and with her looks I hope she goes to t.v rather than another soap.

I think Ava did it not aj

that is right

sad to see Kelly go, she will do well in other adventures, its just the nature of the business, and im not in show business but I have seen this so many times on many tv shows, as fan I do not like it but it is what it is!!! will miss Kelly she was a fantastic actor and made me laugh when she portrayed Connie when the character was in DID mode, thanks Kelly, and will look forward to seeing you in new advewntures!!

Fantastic actress!! Real loss for GH and for this viewer!! Actually, I don’t really understand the decision, but of course I wish Kelly Sullivan well. “Thank you,” Kelly, for the great performances!!!!

I totally agree — one of the best actresses I’ve seen in a long time. Didn’t care for her too much at the beginning but am really sorry she’s gone. They could have easily gotten rid of someone else instead. I will really miss both the actress and the Connie character.

I go with;
Ava as the killer..
Most likely a struggle, garbing the gun and the gun was fired..

AJ will be blamed and he will go through a change of character during it all..
I also believe that Franco will be involved as witnessing what actually happened ..

This is where Franco will be brought into a story..

Do you really think Ava– who is a member of a ruthless crime family would shoot someone point blank range and then leave without checking to see if her victim was actually dead and thereby unable to ID her? I don’t think Ava would be that sloppy, it isn’t her style. Her style is cunning and careful– goading a drunken AJ into killing Conne is what Ava would do and did– no don’t think the killer is Ava— if GH wants a good mystery it has to be someone not so obvious.


She wrote A.J. in her blood but that could easily stand for Ava Jerome. Kelly Sullivan would make a great Kristen Dimera on DOOL…please!!! loved her chemistry with Derek/Julian…they wouldve made a hot couple!!!

I still think Ava is way too obvious — if this is supposed to be a murder mystery it isn’t a very good one if Ava is the killer. I watched the character in her scenes after the murder and she didn’t strike me as a woman who just killed someone– she didn’t seem the least bit rattled. Are there any former characters that had the initials AJ, or maybe she was trying to write something else and it didn’t come out right? There has to more to this than Ava. If it wasn’t one of Connie’s alters in strange suicide/homicide my next guess is The Quartermaine’s maid– the Dominator. She is very protective of AJ and Morgon, maybe she thought she was helping them. Anyway if it is Ava I will very disappointed because it was way too easy and if you going write a murder mystery you should at least have a bunch of suspects to choose from.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced it was the maid. Her initials are AG, so Connie could have been trying to write out a G but it came out looking like a J. AJ had to get to the office somehow– he didn’t drive and wasn’t in any shape to call a cab or walk. So it was Alice who drove him to Crimson. She waited in the car and when AJ was taking so long she went up to office– she overhears all the horrible thing AJ suffered because of Connie, so when AJ passes out, she rushes in grabs the gun and kills Connie for him– then takes AJ out of there and home– Okay that sound plausible– I am going to go with Alice as Connie’s killer.

There was a murder mystery on GH 30 years ago: Diana Taylor, who was killed by Alice Grant, Heathers mother. Annes name was written in blood…so maybe this time too an Alice committed the crime…RC is clever enough writer to include nods to the shows past so maybe he is doing it here as well…i agree its gotta be the maid who did it!!!

Alice couldve grabbed for the gun and it accidentally went off…she panicked and run off with A.J. leaving a dieing Connie on the floor!

If Alice wanted to kill anyone, she could do it with her bare hands….she’s not called “The Dominator” for nothing!!!!!! She “don’t need no freaking gun!” LOL….

I’m, going with Ava, too. It is AJQ who would be too obvious. Ava was upset that her secret about Kiki’s paternity had gotten out so she had reason to want Connie dead. AJ will be the prime suspect for a while and may even be convicted and sent to Pentonville but the truth will come out eventually and he will be freed.

It seems to be Ava…however, i think RC will shock us, and itll either be Monica, Alice or Connie herself but as Kate…we got have a mystery whovdunnit, and it might not be Ava…but what if A.J. really did do it…that would be something none of us would expect.!!!

I think it would be stupid to bring him back and have him do it. Forgot about Alice, but if Aj does get put away for it how could she keep quite when she did what she did for him. I thought potentially Franco too but I don’t understand why he would. I hope they get his story line going soon. I think he is a great actor

Kelly go to night time tv or movies!!

Good news connie is dead. now please let aj die soon.

Loved the performances. Wish Kelly the best! Sad to see her go. Writing and storytelling is boring and uninventive with this whodunit so predictable

I hate it, this sucks ! I hoe they don’t drag out the story and or let the killer get away. But it sucks cause it most likely another central character that they’ll have to get rid off .

I think the killer will turn out to be Alice the maid just like Mary F mentioned…

I hope it’s not a long whodunit story. I want AJ and Liz to work out.

Agree it will be a bum kill and the way gh had to let the actors go and bring them back as new ones if they aren’t smart could hurt them in long run. And it is time she finds happiness

Thank you Kelly for 2 great years of Connie/Kate. As for who killed Connie I think it was Ava Jerome.

I agree with Mary F…Alice the maid killed her…..

Ava is a member of a crime family— I think it would be sloppy and stupid of her to shoot someone point blank range and not check to see if Connie was dead before leaving the building– any mob daughter would know you don’t leave a witness alive to ID you later. No– don’t think it was Ava.

Ava also tends to be easily thrown and over-emotional….she is not the cool and collected cucumber she pretends to be….especially when she has already tossed back a few. The more I see of her, the less impressed I am with her abilities…she’s really just a “B-Movie Queen” in disguise. I can see her falling apart very easily….especially when “the plan” starts going awry…..

I agree that it is Ava or Julian and Franco saw it happen.

Thanks Kelly… you were fabulous!

It wasn’t Jillian, he was at the hospital when Connie was facing her death..

but Franco saw it happen, I really believe that..

((will soon find out))

Who ever it is dont drag the mystery to long and ruin the momentum.

I am disappointed that GH killed her off. I wanted her to be able to come back when needed . Kelly Sullivan played the parts of Connie and Kate fantastically! She will be missed on the canvas. I hope we can solve the “who dunnit” soon…

I think Ava did it or someone connected to her. The suspects I had in mind were Ava, Franco, even Morgan. May not be any of them. AJQ looks the most likely one but that would be too simple.

What if it was Monica, Alice or Connie herself but as Kate?

Hi, I didn’t think about them but it is not likely. Monica and Alice don’t use guns besides AJ was the one who had the gun. Monica and Alice wouldn’t do it knowing AJ would be a suspect. The way Connie was shot, I don’t think she could have done it to herself. Where would she have gotten the gun unless as someone mentioned that she and AJ were fighting and the gun went off. In that case AJ would be guilty because his intention was to kill her.

I will miss her vivacity and versatility in the dual role of Connie/Kate. This regime dropped the ball with the integrated personality when they failed to capitalize on the chemistry between her and Jane Elliot. They could easily have spun these two off to work together as powerhouse female business entrepeneurs that offered story balance for the hospital and re-emerging mob segments of the canvas.I treasure having had the opportunity to meet her in person and I look forward to whatever happens next for this lovely and very talented artist. GH is the poorer for absence.

I have to be honest, when KS first came to GH to play Kate Howard, I was not happy about the choice. However, within weeks of her coming on the show I was a fan. She truly made Kate/Connie her own and I enjoyed watching her over the past two years and I am very sad to see her go. I also agree with many of the peeps here that it was Ava who killed her and not AJ.
Wishing Kelly the best of luck and I am looking forward to meeting her in FL this fall at the Fall Get Away events.

The same here. When KS first came I thought she was really snooty but she really did a good job with the character(s). Megan Ward I don’t think could have played the split personality role though Megan was good in her role at the time.

RIP Connie! 🙂

Good luck Kelly. You are a very talented actress. I will miss you on the show. I especially enjoyed your cake stabbing scene. I thought you had a lot more potential on the show minus Sonny. Wishing you the best of luck in the future.

Ava did it. She came to the office and saw AJ chicken out on shooting Connie, he drops the gun she picks it up and shots Connie. Something tells me Ava is the real seriel killer not Franco!

A daughter from a ruthless mob family would not leave the scene without making sure her victim was actually dead— first rule in a hit– don’t leave any witnesses alive who might have seen you do it. Don’t think it will be Ava— goading AJ into wanting to kill Connie was more her style, which is what she did. Usually the killer is someone you least suspect which is why I am going with Alice the Quartermaine’s maid. Her initials are AG, which Connie was trying to write by it came out AJ instead. She loves Mr. AJ and would do anything for him, maybe even kill Connie — if they had a butler I would go with him, but since they don’t I will go with the maid Alice.

But what if Monica shot Connie…Connie might have wanted to spell out A.J.s mother but died b4 she could finish…this way RC could fool us all…Monica wouldnt see A.J go to prison so she’ll blurt out the truth at his sentencing but she’ll go free because the gun went off when she took it from him so itll be ruled an accident!!!

Kelly is a fantastic actress! I will miss her on GH and hope she shows up soon on another show.

My first impression is that Ava did it or had it done.

The smirk on Connie’s face right before she died was very interesting. Was she pleased that she left a clue????

She saw Trey.

I am gonna miss Connie/Kate … I liked her better when she had the split personallity I am gonna miss her

Kelly is a great actress but I thought the scene was poorly written. I agree with the person above, Sonny killed her by not calling for help immediately. And really? he doesn’t immediately repeatedly yell, who did this? who did this to you? The actors did what they were told to do very well… I just think the writers missed in on this one. Much of it was done well, but then the obvious things ruined it for me. For one – after being shot in the abdomen, lifting up her head in that odd position she was in would have been too difficult – I found all that really strange. Just my opinion for those that disagree, that’s fine, I am glad you liked the scene better than I.

My husband took a liking to the character of Connie he is a good sport and lets me watch “my friends|” first when we watch TV at night, and it was fun to have him really interested in her scenes… so sad she is gone.

This too shall pass, I wish Kelly the best moving forward.

I really love Kelly , she is a beautiful, talented actor. I will miss her smile. I loved her bad girl Connie scenes, I think Alice did it because Ava is to obvious. Hope to see Kelly on a show soon. Rip Connie or come back soap style.

Ava Jerome shot & killed Connie ! AJ probably passed out, she took his Gun & killed Connie

Sorry to see Kelly Sullivan go, she did such a great job as Kate/Connie over the past two years, especially last year with the split personality storyline, and the fact that she didn’t get nominated for an Emmy was one of the biggest snubs in recent Emmy history. I’m sure she will have a lot of success in whatever else she does in the future.

From a GH perspective, her death opens the door for what should be a compelling story in the weeks and months to come. The show has been on fire the past few weeks!! If you’re not watching, or you tuned out during what was a pretty lackluster June and July, now would be a great time to check back in.

i dont think she was suppose to die though…….but anyway RIP connie and you did an amazing job….

DAYS should scoop her up. Maybe as a cop – Hope’s partner. They could be a tough-ass crime fighting due and also buddies a la “The Heat” (KS is the gritty cop, Hope is the prim and propper Sandra Bulock character). KS even gets Hope to come to terms and admit Bo has abandoned her (like Sandra Bullock opening up avout being adopted).

The subtext, however, is that Hope suspects that KS’ character is actually a dirty cop but she can never prove it. Meanwhile, KS meets Brady in their 12 step programs and right when she’s about to say I do with Brady her secret is exposed when Hope comes in with the evidence!

Sure it’s the same plot as Madison and Kristen but Days needs someone on the air as compelling as ED now that she’s leaving. If they gave KS a meaty role like that with some comedy, some toughness, and some tenderness/vulnerability the could capitalize on the full range she showed on GH without having to do DID. And it’s a Brady pairing people would definitely root for. Come one DAYS – Kelly Sullivan is a gem. Scoop. Her. Up.! Lilly- put in a good word for her!

GH’s loss. Filmworld awaits you Kelly!

Kelly, you will be missed at GH Good luck on whatever you do next.You were great. Loved you everyday on GH,GH will not be the same without you.

Megan Ward never should have been replaced. She was FLAWLESS and I never bought Kelly Sullivan as Kate.

I will miss on GH. I’m sorry you are gone.

I’ve hated the Kate character from the beginning. Connie was starting to grow on me since Sullivan took over but I’m happy to see the character gone.


Where’s the gun AJ took out of the safe?? Ava Jerome is a prime suspect. I think they were both present at Connie’s death

Wish they aint kill her off. But I believe it was Ava Jerome

Kelly Sullivan is an awesome actress..I bet she already has something going on!!! maybe that is why she was killed off…her last scene really got to me because I had a sibling that was shot & killed a few years ago & it was almost too much…I usually don’t get like that watching those types of scenes….a testament to her acting..I predict Kelly is gonna do great things..

I am not the only person who agreed that Sonny took long to call 911 and the ambulance took long to come. I didn’t think that AJ stood for Ava Jerome but I suspect Allan Jnr. didn’t shoot because it is too obvious. Kelly Sullivan did some great acting in the past two years. I wish her well.

Kelly you are a great actress and you will truly missed on GH I’m so sad to see you go :(. I never seen this coming I can’t believe it. I wish you the best in whatever show you decide to play in next but I was wondering what that is? Lol.. Good luck and again wish you the best and you will be missed 😉

It’s that new blonde who lied about Marco. She killed Connie. Ava Jerome AJ

So sad to see you go. I am totally bummed. Loved you as Kate/Connie. Especially Bensonhurst Connie. You will be so missed. You are a shining star Kelly Sullivan!

Absolutely loved Kelly’s portrayal of Connie Falconeri! And I believe the GH writers, “suits”…made a HUGE mistake killing her off. When she joins another soap opera…she will definitely be a force to reckon with. Finally, will Sonny & Olivia be able to develop their long-awaited relationship…after Connie’s demise?
P.S…Of course Ava Jerome did it!!!!

Here’s hoping that whatever comes your way Kelly that it will be spectacular! Enjoyed watching you.

Two former GH characters with the appropriate initials that may have come back from the dead.

Aleksander Janáček
Amelia Joffe

Aleksander was in a crime family. Maybe he or someone like him was trying to kill Julian and Connie got in the way?

Amelia was crazy, all kinds of possible scenarios there.

I had no idea the Connie character was being killed off. Plus, the show kept getting interrupted for local news, so I didn’t get to see most of the events leading up to it. Bummer, I really liked her…don’t understandt the move. GH has made some really weird moves lately. “Franco” & “Kiki” to name two.

All the very best life has to offer–I look forward to seeing you in other venues. You did an awesome job playing Kate/Connie.

Personally I think that Ava killed Connie just as she tried to kill Franco-or maybe it was Franco–after all he is missing and he has reason to hate her since her article broke his heart.-I think that AJ was too drunk. Unfortunately I think it’s going to be a while before it all comes out and I think that Sonny will be the one to figure it all out. Question–how fast will Sonny turn to Olivia for comfort and will she need that comfort too.

I think Ava Gerome killed her…A J is just too obvious….

I cannot believe they killed off this character. She was definitely one of the better actresses on GH. So disappointed ! There are so many other MENIAL characters that wouldn’t have even been missed.

She is a fabulous actress, cannot figure out GH wrote her out.

It is a soap. Nobody ever dies on a soap. She will be missed, but she will be back!

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