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Linsey Godfrey Exits DAYS and Shares “Thank You for the Opportunity to Play Sarah”

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On Tuesday, Linsey Godfrey took to social media and revealed that she is done at Days of our Lives.  Godfrey had taken over the role of Sarah Horton back in 2018.

Previously, Linsey portrayed Caroline Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful for six years- four on-contract and two on recurring status.

In her farewell to Days of our Lives post, Godfrey shared via a tweet: “It’s truly been a pleasure. A massive thank you to @nbcdays for the opportunity to play Sarah & all 86 of her hairstyles. Thank you to casting, production and the crew! Also thank you to the amazing cast I got to work with! I have made some lifelong friends that I cherish.”

Godfrey will last air in scenes on March 22 and 29th.

As fans have seen in story, Sarah is being held captive by Kristen (Stacy Haiduk), who has hatched another one of her schemes, and fans will see over the next few weeks how that will play out.

So, sad to hear Linsey is leaving DAYS? Comment below.

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I am shocked and saddened; I genuinely loved seeing Linsey Godfrey as Sarah Horton, and genuinely enjoyed seeing her being given material worth her weight… something she lacked at The Bold and the Beautiful. Given her mental health and other battles, and I am not saying her exit is due to this, I am not entirely surprised to hear of her exit. I am hoping they do not kill her off, and allow her to eventually return down-the-line.

I am going to stop watching Day of our lifes everyone is leaving,you can get out of jail and not be missed,if Ben was with cierra he was tearing up the appartment he would have killed her. Days is real sloppy now it was neverlike this. The writers are terrible a lot od Days make no sense a room in the house that no one know about.

Well, that is a bit of a shocker, as Rex is back, will Sarah return to Rex? Will Kristen lock Sarah up for good?
I like Linsey a lot. I loved when Linsey first came on, her hair was longer and I liked it a lot better than how short it is now. I also liked her a lot with Eric, too. I am wondering if Melissa Reeves is coming back and Linsey doesn’t want to work with her. She’s been very vocal (on social media) and rightfully so of “likes” on Twitter last year by Reeves. Including her co-stars who play Eli and Lani. I hope they don’t leave either. I would like to know if if Linsey left on her own accord or if her contract was not extended. Sarah Horton is a key player and when Maggie returns, it won’t be the same. It was lovely to see such a loving and caring mother/daughter bond. Xander won over both Maggie and Sarah. The other day, I was watching Days, and I was thinking how much more story is left for Xander… little did I think the same for Sarah. I thought the return of Rex was going to give Sarah a love triangle or something. What will happen to Sarah? Will they recast her? Any thoughts if they will kill her off? Apparently, Maggie is off-screen and is with Summer because she is dying. Will miss Linsey, she’s a fun loving gal.

GH: sign Linsey! She’s a gem.

Jeremy- there are already too many actors on GH already. Linsey’s talent would be wasted.

Her leaving has nothing to do with Melissa Reeves. Many of the cast members had issues with Melissa Reeves political spurts, as well as other, and was let go.

I am sorry to see Miss Godfrey leave. I am more sorry that DAYS just seems in a whirlpool. Salem does not seem very authentic to me anymore. I wonder if it is time for a strong reboot of Horton family. I am weary of the continued DiMera madness. AM sure I am in a minority, but days in Salem seem like we have lived them over and over.

Lakovos – Days also needs a strong reboot of the Brady family as well.

Yeah… when they forced Will, Hope, and Ciara off the canvas, that depleted the Hortons & Bradys at the same time. And having Eric gone, Sami only turning up once or twice a year & Roman not even showing up for his own sisters wedding (which was in his own pub, for Hell’s sake!) is additional Brady damage.

Ciara’s back at least for the time being. And it looks like Shawn might stick around. So at least Bo & Hope’s kids are around. Hell, it’s a step in the right direction at least.

i agree….sickkkkkk of the DiMera family especially if that British girl is carry a clone of Stefano. Sick of those most ridiculous story lines….and Rolf also has to go. thanks

I am sick of days to much wrong doing and lying wrong doing doctors getting out of jail not being missed,getting face masks of other people it is not like it use to be and why can’t they keep their start watching and one day later the actor has disappeared.I AM FINISHED WATCHING DAYS

With the current writing regime, it seems like every 6 months the DAYS revolving door starts moving again. There’s always new characters being thrown onto the canvas, at the loss of popular characters and veteran actors. Hope, Jennifer, Eric, Will & Sonny have all departed the canvas recently, and I’d take any of them over Jake, Gwen or Paulina any day. Now we can add Sarah to the list. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of Xander, too.

Yep. This is what ReRon does. And General Hospital is still trying to recover from it (even though he’s been gone from there a while).

Decimating the original core family of Salem (Sarah, Jennifer, Will & Hope were all Hortons) can’t be good for business.

Agree…GH fans were right in warning us to prepare for repeat storylines and no need to watch everyday

The devil is always keeping mess going!

This happened even prior to Ron Carlivati becoming head writer, so cannot blame him for that one.

Well, I can’t blame him for the original Hortons getting old and dying off, obviously. But instead of writing the rest of them off, he should have brought back some of the others who were still alive. For example, why did Jennifer supposedly fly off to Boston to settle her mother’s estate with her brother Mike, when it would have been just as easy for Mike to come to Salem?

Because he has a job there? That would probably be the reason given… though I don’t think Dr. Michael Horton would have a problem getting a job at the hospital that his grandpa practically built himself. And there’s always his kid Jeremy (or whatever his name was) who was SORASed into his 20s a few years back, and then disappeared a few months…. along with one of Abe Carver’s short-timer relatives named “Jett” or something like that. Can’t even remember how he was related to Abe. Not his son.. nephew? little brother?? Abe doesn’t seem to remember him either, so I don’t feel all that bad about it.

I thought they missed an opportunity to better use Linda Dano and Robin Strasser. He could have made them a sister and advanced the plot as well as opened up new opportunities

Vivian Alamain is the type of character that just doesn’t work with a recast. If Louise Sorel doesn’t want to do it anymore, they should just let the character rest.

Linda Dano might have worked better as her own character…. Hell, they could even make her Felicia Gallant. Another World didn’t air in Hell, but I saw a few episodes of that show over the years, and it was an NBC show, so they should have an easier time getting around the legal red tape. Cass Winthrop showed up on an episode of Homeland, and that’s on Showtime, for Hell’s sake. And yes, I mean he was using that name, not just the same actor. Of course if he came to Salem, he would have to be Julie’s brother, Steven Olson. (yeah, that’s going WAY back. I’m actually surprised I remembered the name)

I will say this: Linda Dano worked more for me than Robin Strasser did. The writing for Dano’s interpretation felt more aligned with Louise Sorel, while, for Strasser, it felt like Ron Carlivati brought on Dorian Lord, which is not what the role is.

no missed opportunity with them.

completely agree. Gwen is really bad…and bad at acting.
I hope they keep Chad and Abigail together now that they are back.
and please let Gabi and Jake get together. thanks

Who will Xander be paired with? Incredible possibilities….

Probably Gabi. I hate to see Sarah go. I loved her and Xander together.

She and xander are not replaceable. They and Gabi make it worth watching

I really did to but thats the end for them

Name one! I can’t think of any.

The possibilities include…
1. Xander goes stag and becomes the rightful anti-hero heir of the Kiriakis family.
2. A rivalry-romance with Gabi could be hot… but Ron cannot write it.
3. Xander and a new character who is a doctor doing classified research for the U.S. govt. Xander steals the information, diverts it to a lab he controls through a front group and develops a vaccine that launches him to become head of Kiriakis Inc. Xander hires the new character to operate the facility. He romances her, until she learns that Xander is the thief.

Actually I like your #1 and would like it, if and when Victor passes on, he leaves most of his estate to Xander

Are there any Hortons left in Salem? Hell, Sarah technically wasn’t really one herself (Mickey wasn’t her real dad).

Guess Lucas & Allie are all that’s left of the family (at least those with the name) and considering how Days has treated Lucas in the past, Hell only knows how long that will last.

Hold on. What about Eli, Shawn D, Claire and “the babies”? I’m as much part of my mother’s family as my father’s, no matter my last name.

Yes, they’re all part of the family, but none of them go by the name “Horton”. At this rate, the Horton name will only exist on that plaque in the middle of the town square with Tom & Alice’s faces on it.

DOOL, PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS! Lindsey Godfrey did an amazing job as Sarah. Why get rid of her?!?! And ending her storyline at the expense of Kristen is just adding insult to injury. Sure, allow one actress to chew scenery with two roles while tossing aside another actress who is adept at drama and comedy.

As I stated in another post, DOOL has virtually no stability, with long-term characters constantly coming and going, and with new characters coming and going (e.g., Charlie). The viewers are getting whiplash. I am not a doctor — I don’t even play one on TV — but I think that too much whiplash is NOT GOOD!

It is difficult for a viewer to have allegiance to the show when any favorites you might enjoy could easily be gone in just a few months or in an instant. For instance, in the span of one episode, several characters mentioned that they wanted to kill Charlie; and, sure enough, a killer was at his door at the end of the episode. The foreshadowing of a murder wasn’t allowed to last for more than even one episode!

Honestly, there is not much in the way of storyline that is keeping me interested at the moment.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Abigail? I sure don’t. She has become an obnoxious, whiny, criminal bitch.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Gwen? She has done horrible, irredeemable things. Daddy may be giving her a pass, but NOT this viewer.

Are we supposed to root for Gabi? She can be counted on for levity, but with all she’s done, she doesn’t deserve anyone, let alone Jake. But you can see that they will be paired up in time.

And what about all the other characters who appear in back-to-back episodes, not to be heard from again for 3+ weeks? Should we care about Justin and Bonnie? Patch and Kayla?

I do like Ben and Ciara, but are they killing off Ben, too? Just when he and Ciara finally get back together? It wouldn’t surprise me, given that the writers are in torture mode.

I like Rafe, but please don’t link him with Ava. Are we supposed to root for them because they are so different yet under one roof?

How many times is Sami going to be arrested for murder?

I could go on and on — and you know I want to — but the incessant casting changes are unfortunate and infuriating. And they may lead to the hourglass turning on its side.

Who ever said she was let go? How do you know it was not her decision to exit the role?

Hey Scottie: It’s called speculation, just as what you did, suggesting that she left because of “her mental health and other battles.” At least we can agree that we both enjoyed her work in the role.

James, I never stated it was why she is exiting, unlike you, who flat out stated: “Why get rid of her?!?!” That, right there, is not speculation. That is you stating something as fact when it is not verifiable as such.

What I said, and I quote: “Given her mental health and other battles, and I am not saying her exit is due to this, I am not entirely surprised to hear of her exit.”

I cover in my comment that I was not even stating this is reason for her exit. Two completely different type of comments.

So glad you replied again, Scott. Let’s just tone it down a little, shall we? To answer your original question directly, which is what I should have done: I don’t know whose decision it was for her to leave.

Let me explain it a little better. I think we both have some wiggle room here. I am speculating, maybe even assuming, that she was let go, but I don’t know it as fact. You brought up the issue of her “mental health,” so you at least floated the idea of that possibility. I admittedly went further than that. I think it’s safe to say that we are all, for the most part, offering our opinions here. We are not reporters or fact checkers.

I will again try to find common ground here. I am honestly not trying to be antagonistic. We both are disappointed with her exit. Though we may have had a minor disagreement in this instance, I do appreciate your replies. And I enjoy reading your comments at this site. Best to you and your loved ones!

While I did enjoy and mostly agreed with your comments, there are a few I see differently. I like Linsey Godfrey but more so on B&B, when she was seduced by her husband’s older brother. She was a little too silly and flighty to play the professional Doctor/Surgeon, I thought. Iam also not liking the change in Abby and her revenge thing with the horrible Gwen, though I can understand it and how hurt she is that Jack is trying to make up for his lack of being daddy to Gwen, even though he knew nothing of her existence. I believe Bonnie is really Adrienne thanks to Dr. Rolf, time will tell. You are most likely right about Gabi and Jake, but I kind of like the chemistry thing between Ava and Rafe. I can’t stand the thought of he and Nicole together, actually the thought of Nicole with anyone.
Lastly, Claire is a flibity jibbit, sorry, very old term for annoying pest. I also think it was very sadistic after waiting all this time for the Ciara and Ben reunion plus losing Hope to give us this amnesia crap that seems to only be with Ben.

Hello Violet: Thanks for your reading and replying to my somewhat lengthy post about DOOL. I also agree with much of what you’ve shared here, particularly with regard to Sarah’s being “silly and flighty to play the professional Doctor/Surgeon.” I still enjoy her immensely, even if sometimes the humor is a bit forced (problem with writing, not acting). I have not warmed up to Claire at all.

We (and so many other viewers) are disheartened by the turn of events for Ciara and Ben. Just give them a nice reunion already! Enough with the roadblocks: glass and otherwise! With this storyline, you denounce the “amnesia crap” — me, too. You used the word “sadistic,” and I used the word “torture.” I am hoping for better Days ahead — “hoping!”

I heard the actress who played Rafe’s other sister and stepped in on GH as Sam was taking over the role of Sarah but im not sure if its true???

Yes, Lindsay Hartley stepped in for Kelly Monaco last summer, doing a very good job I thought.

If they brought Lindsay Hartley back, just bring her back in her original form (what’s one more Rolf zombie, after all, right??)

I’d much rather see Arianna Hernandez trying to save her little sister from doing anything else stupid, than see another previous Days actor return as a recast.

Also…. wouldn’t that really mess with Kristen’s head if Arianna came back to Brady?

Lindsay Korman-Hartley did a fantastic job as Sam McCall, and makes me desire for Cara Castillo to crossover from Pine Valley to Port Charles to begin working at General Hospital.

As far as I have heard Lindsey Korman-Hartley is not returning as Sarah Horton.

I agree to what you are saying i am finish watching

@NBC ; @DOOL ; @SONY – okay i get it…. this had better be a let for actors time off for good behaviours’ PLEASE . we can all clearly see a revolving door of past and present actors … which is working it’s magic. You don’t pull the rug out of another FANtastic pairing… especially after they were just about to be married. Sarah and Xander, 4EVER

I LOVE YOU MS. Godfrey – be well, enjoy your time off…. you will be MISSED. hope

I am just wishing Linsey all the best, yes mental health and dealing a lot can get to a person. I hope that NBC will bring her back on days soon. I loved how she really brought Sarah to life and did a wonderful job

Thank God

I’m sorry to see her go. I like Xander and Sarah together.

BTW, where is Maggie?

Maggie is supposedly out of town, because one of her ridiculous retcon children (Summer)is dying from alcohol induced liver damage.

Sarah was the one kid that Maggie actually gave birth to. Daniel supposedly came from the same batch of eggs that Sarah did, and yet was 20 years older than she was, and Summer? Don’t even get a Devil started on how that character made zero sense. On either of her brief appearances.

Knowing how ReRon works, they will probably kill Sarah off so she can be a liver donor to her useless half-sister.

Why is Sarah. Leaving with no warning. Noone can take her place

Kristen is now wearing a facemask to impersonate Sarah?!?! This is the laziest, stupidest, most unbelievable writing debacle yet. As it was when Kristen was wearing a Nicole mask. Somehow she is able to duplicate Nicole’s (and now, Sarah’s) voice?!?! And I think it’s obvious that Kristen is quite a bit taller than Sarah. So there’s just another element to the absurdity of this plot twist. Oh wait! Maybe Rolf has a miracle drug that temporarily decreases one’s height.

DOOL writers: unless you want viewership to further erode, please do better.

Yeah, as if the latex lines around her neck wouldn’t be obvious enough, Kristen has a big ass Phoenix tattoo in the middle of her back, to honor her daddy Stefano. Yet. she jumps into bed with Rex (to stage a scene for Xander’s benefit) and…. her back is clean. Is she wearing an entire latex mask suit now??

And how would that mask not come off if you’re rolling around in bed with somebody anyway?? Rex is supposedly a doctor. Surely he should have noticed something wasn’t right with his alleged “ex wife”. Apparently he still has some long term brain fog from that whole “being hatched from a space egg” thing?

Satan, thank you for your reply. And thanks for filling in other absurdities to this debacle. I don’t remember — maybe I never knew — about Kristen’s big Phoenix tattoo. Perhaps Kristen slept with Satan himself at some point… Cheers!

**In my best Bill Clinton voice**…

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Kristen DiMera!!

(Though admittedly the thought may have crossed my mind back in her early days in Salem)

I can barely stand to watch this debacle, it is so unbelievably absurd. First of all these women are no where alike in size. Lindsey/Sarah is much shorter and thinner and voices are no where the same. Lindsey has the tattoo on the back of her neck she’s always had, with no attempt to hide it, which is so stupid. I don’t even want to watch this crap. If they couldn’t make this stuff more believable, than why do it?

Violet, thank you for your reply. All this talk of tattoos! Yes, I noticed Sarah’s neck tattoo. Maybe we’ll learn that, on her way to meet Rex, Kristen stopped at the Salem Tattoo Shop and had a quickie duplicate tattoo etched into her skin. It all pains me to know we won’t be seeing Lindsey in this role for much longer… Take care.

Sarah is my favorite character on the show, why is she leaving, I hope she comes back soon really soon

Sure do hate to see Sarah go. I wish they would kill off Xander.I just can’t stand him.I wish they would bring back Eric. I want him and Nicole to be together again. This time forever.

I’ve watched this show since 1974, if it was cancelled tomorrow, I wouldn’t care. Ron Carlivati has destroyed Days of Our Lives while Corday watched him do it. What a shame for Betty and Ted’s legacy.

Good riddance. Her cutsey squealing when happy or flirty and clown nose when crying was insufferable. And the hair: glad the actress mentioned 86 hair styles because they were all terrible. The actress was great, the character and writing was awful.

Rachael White, Saved your butt on that one huh? She was annoying at times, but no more so than Susan Banks as played by Stacy Haiduk who makes her more obnoxious than ever. I would like to just reach into my TV and smack the hell out of her, but all I can do is say shut up when she gets going. Meanwhile, Sarah is dragged out of town in a trunk. What an exit and insult to the character and actress.

Good riddance to that character. Making a grown woman, and a doctor no less, act like a teen with air for brains was some bad writing. This actor was too good for this role. She did the best she could with what was written for her but I have to wonder if she felt like throwing up every time she had to act like a 15 year old with no brains. But she got to make out with a stud! Best of luck on your next role.

Jan, thanks for mentioning that Godfrey was too good an actress for the “bad writing” they gave her character. So true. “But she got to make out with a stud!” Absolutely hysterical! 🙂

Why does Days keep booting the good ones…tired of the political bs. Sad to see Sarah leave….she was fun. Xarah was a good match. 🙁

The two best storylines on DOOL were Sarah and Zander snd Ben and Ciara! Now writers messed up BOTH of them. Crazy! And Hope gone???? I can’t see Days keeping fans.

I am so upset they got rid of Linsey!! Bring back the Sarah character!!

I was just catching up on Days I’m sad that they are taking Sarah off the show. Please bring Sarah back her and Zander had lots of chemistry.

Now guys, this is very important to me, so hope someone has an answer, ha.ha. Really, on Friday’s show, we saw Kristen as Susan dragging in the huge trunk to Marlena’s apt. which I assume was empty of Sarah. How was she transporting said trunk to the “deserted island” back and forth to dispose of Sarah and why the hell bring it back to Marlena’s? and where is the trunk now ? This stupid stuff makes me crazy!!

Maybe she couldn’t leave the trunk on the “deserted island” because she thought Sarah might somehow turn it into a sailboat and use it to get home??

Which would be ridiculous, but no less so than carrying an oversized empty trunk half way around the world for no reason. On the other horn, if this is the same “deserted island” that Stefano banished Tony to all those years ago, Sarah could be there for decades before anybody realizes she’s missing.

Sarah and Xander are hotter than Luke and Laura. Please bring her back. They should be allowed to get married. Have a huge wedding. Don’t let Xander go back to his old ways. Please please please. Bring Sarah back!! Bring Lindsey Godfrey back as Sarah.

Days should have gotten rid of Chrisen.

Days should have gotten rid of Christen.

Does anyone care about poor Maggie who has now lost her daughter. Shouldn’t Mom be searching g for
Her daughter…?

Shouldn’t Maggie be searching for her daughter.

LOVED Sarah & Xander working together especially when they were going to take down Philip!! Sarah was the only one who could handle Xander – I can usually go with the story line and be ok with it – but this two-decade fan is extremely disappointed – Godfrey added so much to the show and their chemistry was great.

Why the storylines always break up a couple now Sarah and Zande. Kristen holding Sarah hostage & now she have to break his heart. Zander changed and now what will he become now. I’m sick of Kristen now. She need to stay in jail and quit sgowing her with crazy self. Zander and Sarah made a good goofy couple. So sad; you all never let anyone have a happy ending or get marry really. You all have to change the storylines. Sign by DOOL Viewer

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am mad! We have watched Sarah and Xander work hard to get their relationship to the point of love and marriage and we all invested out time into this couple just so they could do this??!! I could have come up with quite a few other ways to write it that would have been a hell of a lot better. Days as usual has left us hanging.

Days just keeps getting rid of the good people no wonder why the soap is starting to stink! I’m pretty much done with the soaps. A persons political view should have no bearing if they are a great actor or actress. To many buttercups in Hollywood. It’s time to go back to the old VCR and DVD’s actually I have original soaps I tapped from many years ago. It’s fun to go back and watch them again when soaps actually had great story lines now days it’s trash it hopes back and forth and it’s off the wall.

A fabulous actress!!

I hope they bring Lindey back at Sarah.

Days writing out Sarah the way they did was really stupid christian puts her in a trunk and ships her off to some island and puts her in the wine cellar where she had Kate and no one thinks to look for anyone in the wine cellar they just think the person or persons just disappeared.the tunnels at the demera house is so over used and the writers need to at least explain the remodeling of the demera living room twice now? The whole house changes and the sets are bad they need a serious update and show outside once in a while show what the houses look like from the outside for once.i believe a child could do better writing pluse there is no jack without Jennifer..

Miss you on Days, Sarah. I hope your health is improving.

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Trevor St. John Announces His Departure from The Young and the Restless

In a shocker, Trevor St. John revealed on Tuesday that he is leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless and his role as Tucker McCall.

The popular actor took to his account on X and in a series of posts said his “thank you’s” and bid farewell to the top-rated soap opera.

St. John shared, “As you well know, Tuckers come and Tuckers go, and so the cycle continues… this Tucker is in his go phase… I thank each and every member of the wonderful cast, the crew, the directors, the producers and production staff, and CBS/Sony for the great experience from day one to the last. I feel so fortunate to have played such a terrific role.”

Photo: JPI


Trevor continued: “Most importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you the (Y&R) fans. THANK YOU!” Tucker might be gone for the time being, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got projects in the works, and if you haven’t seen my film, A Good Enough Day, it’s now available to stream for free on Tubi!”

The news of his exit comes just two years shy of his time on The Young and the Restless.  St. John made his Genoa City debut in September of 2022 as the new Tucker, last played by Days of our Lives, Stephen Nichols (Steve). The role was first played by actor William Russ.

No word from St. John or Y&R as to when his last episode will air on the top-rated soap opera.  In story, Tucker is losing his company to a takeover by Audra and Victor, while Ashley is finally getting help she needs after her personality split.

So, what do you think about Trevor’s departure from Y&R? Comment below.

Photo: TStJohnX

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The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Joshua Morrow’s Son, Crew, as the New Will Spencer

In casting news, Crew Morrow, the son of  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman, The Young and the Restless) and his wife, Tobe, is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as a a recast in the contract role of Will Spencer.

That means that Crew will be the biological son of Katie (Heather Tom), who formerly played Joshua Morrow’s on-screen sister, Victoria Newman over at Y&R) and Bill (Don Diamont).

According to Deadline, Crew has already begun taping episodes of B&B starting last Friday on June 14th. Look for the new Will to debut on the July 1st episode of the CBS daytime drama series. Clearly, B&B is ramping up their summer teen storylines and now Will supposedly has a half-sister in Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Photo: IMDb

The role of Will Spencer will mark Crew’s third acting credit according to his IMDb, where previously he appeared in Continental Split and Healing Towers. The previous Will’s included Heather Tom’s real-life son Zane Anchor, who played the role on occasions from 2013-2018, and Finnegan George who took over the part and was last seen in 2020.

Photo: JBelushiIG

In addition, more casting was revealed. Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian and actor, Jim Belushi, is making a one-day guest appearance in the role of April, a lab technician on today’s Monday, June 17th episode. The outlet also mentioned that Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Finn (Tanner Novlan), with whom April works for, are about to embark on a summer mystery story that kicks off on July 1.

So, what do you think about Crew Morrow becoming the new Will Spencer on B&B? What do you think will be the new summer mystery story? Share your thoughts via the comment below.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michele Val Jean (@michelevaljean)


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