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Madonna Tries To Clear The Air After Making Aretha Franklin Tribute About Herself At MTV VMA’s


After receiving quite the backlash on social media last night, The Material Girl, Madonna, came forward with a statement on her Instagram account about the “misunderstanding” of how she made the Aretha Franklin Tribute all about herself on the telecast of the 2018 MTV VMA’s from Radio City Music Hall in New York City,

The VMA’s wanted to acknowledge the Queen of Soul’s passing on the show, and Madonna expressed after being lambasted by the media and the fans: “Just to clarify: I was asked to present video of the year by MTV! And then they asked me to share any anecdotes I had in my career connected to Aretha Franklin! I shared a part of my journey and thanked Aretha for inspiring me along the way. I did not intend to do a tribute to her! That would be impossible in 2 minutes with all the noise and tinsel of an award show. I could never do her justice in this context or environment.  Unfortunately most people have short attention spans, and are so quick to judge. I love Aretha! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 🙏🏼. ”

When Madonna took to the VMA stage, she spoke of her difficult and humble beginnings in show business relating: “Aretha Louise Franklin changed the course of my life. I left Detroit when I was 18, $35 in my pocket. My dream was to make it as a professional dancer. After years of struggling and being broke, I decided to go to auditions for musical theater.   I had no training or dreams of ever becoming a singer but I went for it. I got cut and rejected from every audition — not tall enough, not blend-in enough, not 12-octave-range enough, not pretty enough. Not enough.   And then one day a French disco sensation was looking for backup singers and dancers for his world tour. I thought, ‘Why not? The worst that can happen is I can go back to getting robbed, held at gunpoint and being mistaken for a prostitute in my third-floor walk-up that was also a crackhouse.’ That’s right, I’m a ‘Rebel Heart’.  So I showed up for the audition and two very large French record producers sat in the empty theater, daring me to be amazing. The dance audition went well. Then they asked me if I had sheet music and a song prepared. I panicked. I had overlooked this important part of the audition process.  They looked over at the pianist, he shook his head. ‘I don’t need sheet music,’ I said, ‘I know every word. I know the song by heart, I will sing it a cappella.’ I could see that they did not take me seriously — and why should they? Some skinny-ass white girl is going to come up here and belt out a song by one of the greatest soul singers that ever lived? And a cappella … I said, ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna.’ No, I didn’t, I didn’t say that. ‘Cause I wasn’t Madonna yet. I don’t know who I was. I don’t know what I said, I don’t know what came over me.”

Then to tie it all back to Aretha and the impact she had on her, Madonna ended with:  “So you’re probably all wondering why I’m telling you this story. There’s a connection, because none of this would’ve happened — could’ve happened — without our lady of soul. She led me to where I am today and I know she influenced so many people in this house tonight, in this room tonight, and I want to thank you, Aretha, for empowering all of us. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Long live the queen.”

You can watch the Aretha tribute via Madonna from last night’s VMA’s below.  What did you think of it? Should the producers have done something else ,and had a few singers salute the legendary singer who died a few days ago, or was it just too short of a time for them to properly pay homage to her, and since Madonna was scheduled to present the last award, tying her story to Franklin was the only way they could do it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Steven Tyler was there to. Those two should have done a tribute to Glen Miller!

Madonna is nothing if not media savvy, but I think this is much ado about very little. She wasn’t assigned a tribute segment, and she treated Aretha respectfully. If you ask me, far more disrespect is being offered by Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, and God knows who’s to come, with these shrill, clueless vocal “tributes”. Certain artists can’t be bested and Aretha is one of them. Limit your tributes to spoken remarks, please!

Hi, Soaphound,
I agree ….all of them think they are bigger than life……however, Madonna’s ego is insidious.
I will admit that Madonna did revolutionaze the music industry, not so much because of her voice but more because of the ‘shock’ syndrome, as my mother calls it……she was, herself, prey to Madonna’s rah-rah-rah—my mother worshipped her!!
I truly think she should shut her mouth….they all should. Suddenly, Hollywood has become the go-to-place for knowledge and, integrity and savoir-faire….where only a small percentage are academically on the ball.
Surprisingly enough, those that have a modicum of introspective knowledge and higher education are those who do shut up.

Well said, CeeCeeGirl! I’m so tired of all the pontificating and politicizing that has become de rigueur for these self-congratulatory egomaniacs at every darn awards show. It’s beyond boring and boorish….but totally predictible. No wonder the ratings continue to plunge…

I have not watched any award show since forever……well, you know since when, mia bella.
I am not talking about the politicians, here, Shay….I am talking about those who know not what they say.
I like listening to what Schumer has to say, for example. I WANT, and welcome differences of opinions from those who know their stuff…..My mind is open….I crave diversity.
….not some street punks dresses as Ninjas who have no idea what Fascism, Socialism, Marxism or Communism mean…..but act up like spoiled kids just because: rebels without a cause…..this is how I look upon and perceive Hollywood.

Totally agree with everything you said here Celia. As Patty Labelle put it “Madonna was lucky”. And yes, Hollywood are the biggest hypocrites, calling for things like gun control when they always have armed guards, live in gated communities/mansions, etc.

Hey Blake; Well, I think there’s a difference between armed, trained guards who are hired for their services to protect against loons who try to get up close and personal to people in the public eye, including “Hollywood”… and putting guns into the hands of everyone who thinks it’s his/her 2nd amendment right with no concern of the mental, criminal, history of the owner. Gun shows? Buying guns on the internet? The gun shopping network? Please…

That’s one of the things much of Hollywood does right; using their voice and influence for charity events, fundraisers, and bringing awareness to the out-of-control gun ownership in this country. Schools? Concerts? Baseball games? Movie theatres? Anyone who thinks it’s a “the person and not the gun” shouldn’t have a gun.

As for Madonna; it was a bit more than luck. Multi-talented; she electrified her fans with her music, outrageous persona, gorgeous costumes, innovative videos and who got scores of people to “strike a pose and VOGUE!”

Her tribute, which I didn’t see, might not have been her finest hour but that doesn’t take away from her talent as a performer and a businesswoman who created her own empire from nothing.

Rebecca, the right to bear arms is in the constitution. If people like Mollie Tibbetts and Katie Steinle were armed they would have had a better chance at defending themselves and being alive. And taking away gun rights does not keep them out of the hands of criminals, same as drugs, they’ll always find a way to get one. Chicago is a gun free city and the murder rate is crazy high there and has been for years now.

And you think it’s okay that celebrities can have hired security with guns, but not law abiding, tax paying American citizens? I’m also guessing you don’t support borders, except for Israel and the Vatican’s huge borders.

Blake; I made several attempts to reply and none of them seems to have gotten the seal of approval; let’s see if this one makes the cut.

First: There was no need for you or anyone esle to make this a political left/right/Hollywood debate. Comments were requested about Madonna’s “tribute”; not what you think of “liberal” Hollywood.

But, no, it had to spiral into that overused whine and that whole accusatory spin that the right (which I find soooo wrong) likes to spew.

Then, you went for me when all I did was say why I thought it was not hypocritical to hire security complete with weapons. Really, if you think about it, they wouldn’t NEED security if every loon wasn’t allowed to own a gun or an arsenal of em.

You DO understand that “the left” doesn’t want to abolish The Second Amendment. Because that’s what “your side” seems most “up in arms” about when, really, if you got the actual truth and not Trump’s truth, you’d know that was not the case. But I can see where it would be difficult to distinguish real from “fake news’ because Trump keeps tweeting em out and his supporters, complete with neo nazis, keep believing every tale he spins. Like, showing his taxes. Do you still believe he’s going to do that? Like, how many times did he say he would? C’mon, You guys gotta know he’s full of…himself.

But rest assured, he knows his “people.” He knows you so well that he boasted that “I could shoot someone on fifth avenue and they’d still support me.” Talk about coincidence? An NRA supporter who receives large sums of money from them uses the example of shooting someone to make his point. How…presidential. How…refined.

Madonna? Hollywood? Did I hear the word narcissist? He’s staring you right in the face; tweeting you, “touring” like the rock star he thinks he is. THAT is the definition of narcissist. Not Hollywood or Madonna.

Illegal immigration? I think most would agree going through legal channels is the “preferred method.” But you once again bought into the “fake news” that these illegals are causing all the violence. I hate to tell you this but there’s more “home-grown” violence committed then from those crossing the border. Those good ol’ neo nazis are one fine example of the law abiding citizens you referred to. Aren’t you glad that those HItler loving, Jew-hating, race-baiting, “people” can easily get their hands on as many guns as their little ol nazi hearts desire? After all, they’ve gotta prepare for the race war they’re hoping to start. And then there’s all those pesky home-grown gay bashers, rapists, serial killers, etc. But let’s blame ALL the violence on the illegals. My recollection was Trump didn’t have a problem with the ones he hired. I guess they came from a “not-shithole” country. But I digress again.

NO one wants to take away your guns. Try to pass the word. I just love when the Second Amendment crusaders get all “macho’ with their “let them try and take my guns…” And that adorable thing Trump said at his campaign to REALLY rile up his supporters, something about if Hilary didn’t have her bodyguard they could show her how important it was…something to that effect. Again, so brilliant, so presidential, wise, mature. But then again he’s “talking to his base.” In “their language” to show he’s one of them.

I’m afraid all that chest thumping is based on a lie. No one’s looking to abolish, do away with, the Second Amendment. But sensible people see the common sense of having more checks and balances so those who are UNbalanced can’t get a gun. So, your example of the two women who might have been able to save themselves doesn’t apply. The call for more security, background checks, etc doesn’t mean that “law-abiding” citizens can’t exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm. Not sure though why a “law-abiding” citizen would need an arsenal or some kind of add-on to make that gun become a weapon of mass destruction.

So, instead of criticizing the “left” and those you think ARE the left because of certain views, maybe time would be better spent pondering why Trump thinks there are good people in the nazi party, thinks grabbing females by their privates is okay, or why he endorsed a pedophile.

Seems “hypocritical” to criticize Madonna when you give a free pass to the Donald, unless you think the three things I just mentioned above, (out of soooo many things) are acceptable.

Oh, and just as an fyi, Mollie Tibbett’s friends and family don’t want her used as an example for anti immigration. They said that’s not what she was about; you can google that.

Strike a pose…

Rebecca, I just saw this. I am in AWE of you… Your intelligence, insight, and eloquence are off the chart. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

It’s exhausting, Jamesj75. And,exasperating. But, as the saying goes, “never give up the good fight.” How apropos.

Thank you for your “awe” and the other accolades. In this horrific political climate, with hateful rhetoric and policies off the richter scale, let’s hope that scale gets tipped in our favor sooner rather than later. LOL; he and his minions may not believe in climate change, but they’ve certainly changed the climate of the country! And we’re swimming in it. The swamp, the swamp he was supposed to drain but instead it runneth over. We’re drowning. In his swamp. Oh how I could go on… 🙂



Thanks, blake….I did answer you, my friend….but, I don’t see the post. We agree.
Perhaps it’s ‘en route’? LOL.

Thank you, Blake! (And CeeCee, too….) Yes, hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood! Not only do the inhabitants display a “do as I say, not as I do,” mentality, but they think it’s their divine right to dictate to the rest of the country (and world) how to live. Anyone who is a legal, law-abiding U.S. citizen with proper mental capabilities deserves the right to bear arms in order to protect themselves, and it’s especially important in this increasingly dangerous day and age for women to have this option if they so choose. I was just thinking today that it’s a shame that Mollie Tibbetts didn’t have a gun primed and ready when that piece of garbage approached her to take her life. Perhaps instead there would now be one less predatory criminal today for the left to be defending to the hilt and probably trying their most mightily to acquit for his heinous behavior.

You said it Shay, amen!

Right back at ya, Blake! Love your posts…

@Blake…Also, per your comments regarding the blatant hypocrisy of those who surround themselves with protective barriers, yet at the same time, condemn those of us who want to likewise protect our country, I have to ask: You don’t suppose that the much-beloved ranch where McCain drew his last vengeful breath and authored his scathing Trump-bashing “wall manifesto,” has its own system of gates, fences or other security measures installed as means of keeping away the “undesirables,” do you? I mean, given his own sanctimonious posturing on illegal aliens, I should think that these interlopers would have been welcome to stop by for a chat (featuring interpreters provided at taxpayer expense) and refreshments as they unlawfully entered the United States via Arizona!

Shay and Blake…Oh that everyone who had a gun was law-abiding with “proper” mental capabilities. But they are not. Nor could the founders fast forward to know how their muskets would advance into what’s available now.

I agree the person who killed Mollie is garbage. But why why do you think the “left”, whatever that means to you, would want to be more lenient with him? And since this article was partly about Aretha, from what I know of her she was more left leaning. and a pop star/celebrity type. But still admired.

Quite frankly if I’m out jogging the last thing I want to carry besides water is a gun. And daily I’m more worried about the bad-hair-day hothead when driving, or who I sit next to in church in case the are concealed carry, or the stand-their-grounders, or peacefully shopping in the mall, at a concert, etc.

There are just too many guns of all types available. And even if the more “innocent” handguns are stored properly, they wouldn’t be instantly available to defend somebody, or get accidently in the hands of have a child who could shoot/injure/kill their mommy/brother/sister from the back seat of the car.

If there have to be guns because Pandora’s box is open, and I have never seen the case for them, maybe it would be better for there to be a limit on how many guns and ammo are manufactured by gun manufacturers. And they could only be bought after rigorous checks and reasons for wanting them, from police stations or other newly established law enforcement departments. Is this perfect? No, but reasonable starting points. But I’m not fooling myself. There would be great opposition from the NRA and certain gun owners and collectors. And then the black market would always be there.

@Rose….Thank you for your reply…Your last sentence said it all in a nutshell: “The black market would always be there.” Indeed! If the gun control advocates have their druthers, firearms would be forcibly removed from the hands of the “good people,” aka, responsible, law-abiding owners, but would do nothing to take them from those of the “bad people,” aka, criminals, since most don’t legally obtain their weaponry anyway. And given the latter are the ones who generally are using their guns to kill others and perpetrate violence, that sort of negates the supposed argument for confiscating legal firearms in the first place, unless you don’t believe that American citizens have the right to self-defense. Up until now, I have not necessarily felt the need to arm myself for protection, but I do believe in never saying never on the subject. I happen to live in a quaint, historic locale that up until a decade ago was the epitome of a tranquil and idyllic town…little to no crime whatsoever, but alas, times have changed. We now have major lawlessness to deal with due to two specific factors: the drug crisis and an influx of illegal aliens…quite frankly, it’s deplorable and has ruined the peace and beauty of our once-enviable, picturesque little burg!!!!! Just a few weeks back, a woman on the outskirts of our city limits was awakened in the dead of the night to find an intruder attempting to rape her in her own bed…it was only because her husband was also there at the time with a firearm that this person—-who had initially broken in to rob the house—was stopped and apprehended. Turns out he was an illegal who managed to escape notice of ICE agents who had only been in the area for a massive sweep the week before. To see such a normally unthinkable thing occur in my own backyard certainly gave me pause, and unless more can be done to keep these predators out of our country, then I believe in the enar future, a lot more individuals will opt to purchase their own means of protecting themselves, particularly in their personal environs. Whilst it’s sad that life in the US has been degraded to such an extent that we now must even consider taking these precautions, it is what it is, until more politicians get with the program and start putting Americans’ safety and interests first.

Hi Shay,
What a story when it is in your own neighborhood. So glad to hear her husband was able to stop the intruder. But with the proliferation of guns, ease of purchase, and how they have been used irresponsibly and with criminal intent, I’m afraid I will never be okay with guns of any kind except with military and law enforcement. And it’s everywhere. I have been visiting my son and grandson this summer near what has been called Toronto the Good. And I guess it was once. But now there seem to be a lot of random/targeted shootings, mostly gang related, with guns being smuggled in mostly from the States.

I just turned on CNN to hear about the passing of John McCain. I may not have agreed with all of his politics, but have always had respect for how he has conducted himself..

@Rose…Since you mentioned Toronto, I have to say that I did think of you when news of the numerous reports of gun violence broke out earlier this month, and I hoped you and yours were alright. It struck me as particularly ironic that a country renown for its own gun-control measures was facing much the same fate as our own Chicago, a famously “gun-free zone” city. Apparently, the criminals were not aware of such policies in either locale! As for the firearms being smuggled in from the States to Canada, I have to ask if the same situation is not true at the Southern Border….remember “The Fast and Furious” fiasco of the last administration??? That was an ill-fated, clandestine government sting operation that provided arms to the Mexican drug cartels and ended up getting some of own agents killed in a thinly-veiled attempt to push more gun control laws here. Hence, along with the endless supply of drugs, it’s obvious that pretty much of anything can be had by way of Mexico, and it would be all the more true for black market guns were restrictions put into place in this country. Just some food for thought…as you have noted, witnessing others experiencing violent behavior at the hands of illegals so close to one’s own home does inspire contemplation regarding the future need for possible means of self-defense,since the already spread-thin police forces cannot be everywhere all the time, especially at a moment”s notice! So, as someone who is justifiably concerned not just for my own safety, but that of my loved ones, I will not apologize for wishing to keep all my legal options open. Lastly, we will again simply have to civilly agree to disagree on the subject of McCain…as a lifelong conservative, I harbor only feelings of resentment for his immense betrayal by frequently voting against our deeply-held desires and interests despite his empty campaign promises to the contrary. That is. In no way honorable, and quite frankly, I don’t believe that the left would tolerate someone on their side who repeatedly and purposely lied to their constituents about supporting their own pet issues and then throwing in with the GOP when it came time to pass legislation. I could expound on many other well-documented reasons I am not mourning this man’s passing today, but will not. I only hope his replacement will be more mindfully considerate of their voting base’s wishes and react accordingly. Fingers cautiously crossed….

I didn’t know Canada was renown for it’s gun control measures. But since all of the gun violence, a least there is now a call to have hand-guns outlawed in Toronto. Instead of token words in the States, and no gun control action. In one recent gang arrest they were caught with, I think, about 60 handguns the looked like a cross between popsicles and a squirt gun amongst other lethal guns. The “popsicles” were smuggled in from Florida, manufacture unknown. Doesn’t necessarily mean Mexico…there is also the rest of the world creeps that are always looking for a buck to be made…like drug…from other far away places. Regardless there are way more than needed, and being produced in the US. And now a 3d printer with instructions to make an assault type rifle?!?! I just thing the whole gun thing is way out of control. Don’t know how you could ever get it back on track. One good book to read about how guns have affected mankind this is “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” a non-fiction book by Jared Diamond.

As for McCain, as I said I didn’t always agree with his politics. But I did like his patriotism and character…as he might say it…country first, party second. And if, as you said, he didn’t always support certain conservative agendas, that also took courage. But then both parties are fragmented now. Hard to say in a few words nowadays what either represent.

I think Madonna is just a victim of Internet outrage on this one. It clearly wasn’t meant to be a big tribute. She shared one personal story about a fond memory of Aretha’s work and how it influenced her. How can a personal anecdote NOT be about oneself?

Madonna is so narcissistic, she did the exact same thing to the michael Jackson tribute at vMAs a decade ago.

And what is she on? She looked HORRIBLE to go along with the rambling.

LOL! “Madonna is so narcissistic?” But you support Trump!? That’s a laugh riot! If there is such a thing as reincarnation Trump is the original Narcissus! And you don’t see that? Wooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.

So, what else is new?? Isn’t it always about herself? She shames the name “Madonna”!!

You know what else is new, Celia? I totally agree with you. Never could stand Madonna.

@CeeCee…When Madonna first emerged on the music scene she had some fun and catchy dance tunes that perfectly captured the essence of the ‘80’s, but once she started with her sacrilege and vulgarity that was it for me….I’ve had no use for her ever since! However, I will give her this much credit: Unlike so many of her fellow loud-mouthed libs, she actually did move away from the US as so many had promised to do (yet, sadly reneged….) after the 2016 election…Now if she and her p-hat would only stay in Portugal! She can be their problem now…..

It won’t last, Shaybelle….Portugal is beautiful…the Azores breathtaking….very HOT climate.
Why Portugal? A boy-toy?
I don’t dislike her, Shay……I do not appreciate the disrespect. I know she was banned from Italy—-the Vatican, I think. I wonder if the ban was lifted.
I must admit, I do like her music….
My mother said she had just given birth to my brother the first time she heard “Like A Virgin” on the radio…… she said she loved her instantly. LOL. She even bought her ‘book’…pretty popular, at the time, I presume?

Hmmm…she asserts that she didn’t have enough time in 2 minutes to pay homage to Aretha Franklin but 2 minutes is enough time for her to pay homage to herself?
I don’t buy her excuse at all–she’s a friggen narcissist.
This kind of reminds me of when Oprah attempted to pay homage to Mary Tyler Moore after her death and all Oprah did was talk about herself and then she played the tape of her impersonating Mary in the opening to The Mary Tyler Moore. Even Dick Van Dyke was irate with Oprah for her making it all about her.
I just think folks like Madonna and Oprah have been mega-famous for most of their adult lives they don’t know how NOT to make it about themselves. Honestly, I don’t think they can help it.
This is not a criticism but an observation.

The Kennedy Center does great tributes. I always love the talent and the speakers who pay tribute to the honorees.

You are correct about Madonna knowing well ahead of time about Aretha Franklin tribute. She posted on her social media hours before she came on stage while getting ready and hastaged Aretha. Then she blames all of this on MTV instead of taking the blame.
She did the same thing when she was jerked off the stage by her cape a few years ago. Instead of acknowledging that someone’s timing was off she blamed the designer of the cape. I’m pretty sure that stunt worked in all of the rehearsals.
Madonna is definitely a narcissist, and the comparison to Oprah is spot on.

Amen, Blake!!!!!!!!!!!! “The Oprah” and Madonna are definitely two narcissistic peas in a pod! It’s always about THEM!

I have never been an Oprah fan, dear Harry……
She’s another who does not practice what she preaches.
Nouveaux Riches, Harry. Those two words say it all.
I wonder if you’ve ever read Moliere? The translation of ” Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme”? Perfect description, in the most hilarious way.
Knowing your humor, I’m sure you’d appreciate it. LOL.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ll always be a fan of Madonna’s music…but…more and more, Madonna ALWAYS makes everything about her. BEYOND SICKENING!!!!!


Totally agree!

I didn’t see Madonna’s tribute to Aretha since i don’t watch award shows. But from the clips I saw I can see why there can be some negative views from many. But that’s Madonna…no surprise here. What I can’t get from some of the comments here is the dislike of Oprah. She lifted herself up from poverty to become a very nice, rich person who has given to many philanthropic causes including education for girls and women. Can’t say the same for all rich people born with silver spoons who only think about themselves.

@Rose…..I don’t think most of us have a problem with anyone who works hard, becomes a success and enjoys the fruits of their labor. Even though I always regarded Oprah as a take her or leave her sort of celeb, I didn’t mind her early talk show days and would even tune in when there was a guest I wanted to watch. However, somewhere along the line, Winfrey became too self-important and seemingly styled herself as an omnipotent guru for the uninformed masses…from her “I know best” attitude on what to read and how to live, to her very manipulative promotion of her Marxist buddy for president over her countless gullible minions who bought into her endorsement hook, line and sinker, she has overstepped the line of entertainment into a sort of cult-like presence, and that is simply unacceptable for those of us who can see through her fake act. The woman has now become purely political in her actions and deeds of supporting various individuals and causes, nothing philanthropic about them. In terms of her “educational” charity, why did she have to go outside of her own country where she amassed her riches when there are plenty of youth in need here, especially given the deplorable state of her own “hometown” of Chicago, which she handily abandoned in favor of more tony locales??? I guess maybe because a school bearing the “O’ brand has more cachet in a foreign land and ups her “cred” with liberal Hollywood??? Furthermore, I find much of this woman’s rhetoric divisive and disturbing…the most recent example being her encouragement to “Shout Out About Your Abortion!” That is simply sick… matter which side of the debate upon which one falls, and I am pro-life with certain exceptions, I should hope any decent human being would consider a pregnancy termination as a tragic ending of a prospective life regardless of the circumstances which led to the decision to do so, and as such, is most definitely not something to be celebrated and boastfully shared on social media!

Hi Shay…Like you I didn’t watch Oprah everyday. But I did catch some of her celebs and other interesting people when at home. Don’t think I have to apologize for someone who tries to promote a positive, attitude with some of the type guests she had on her show…as born out by the customers at the bookstore I work at who look for hers and other authors books on these subjects. I don’t consider this political or Marxist on her part or Obama, who I have to assume you meant as her buddy….just an “aim high” attitude, and trying to help give others a leg up out of bad conditions.

Or defend that she choses to do with her own money, when giving away millions within both the US and Africa (that some others think is a stinkyhole or a place to trophy hunt animals which are going into extinction). Money that is mostly targeted towards education, especially for girls and women. Bill Gates, on the other hand, has chosen medical issues and clean water.

As far as abortions…I am torn on this one. I am probably more pro-life in my heart…”with certain exceptions.” I do figure there are valid points on each side of the discussion. There are birth control options for both male/females out there where this unwanted pregnancy didn’t need to happen. But I do have problems with women who are hell bent on getting an abortion having to use non-legal means to have this done safely and cleanly. And that women seem to have to take all of the responsibility about this possible child. Where are the guys…it does take two? It’s complicated.

@Rose…We probably agree more than disagree on the abortion issue, so I have no reason to further debate it with you, although I also believe that it should be the responsibility of both the man and the woman to address the consequences of their carnal activities…..but certainly not the taxpayers who may have moral objections to such matters!!! Having said that, I did find the entire notion of “shouting out” the highly-personal details of such a major life -altering event as a pregnancy termination really distasteful and grotesque…I see no upside to using social media as a public confessional on this subject, especially if done so in a gleeful, self-congratulatory manner! As for my assertions of her political posturing, Winfrey has made many pronouncements that are both highly racial and indisputably leftist in nature, particularly in recent years, which have nothing to do with “aiming high” or helping others…they have purposely been divisive and offensive to certain groups of people, even though this woman became rich and famous through the support of individuals of all races, creeds and colors, so I find her remarks more than decidedly ungracious and ungrateful to many of those who may have contributed to her success. In terms of assisting others, that’s wonderful, but again, I assert that before looking beyond our borders, it’s incumbent to assist our own people first, whether privately or publicly, and that goes not just for Oprah, but Bill Gates and anyone else who fancies themselves as great philanthropists… as they say, charity begins at home!

I just haven’t heard or seen Oprah the way you have. But I do admire anyone who takes the time, and a big chunk of their own money to help other people.

Completely agree with you!

Fair enough, Rose! Just offering you the other side as to why a lot of people are not swayed by “The Mighty O.” and those of similar ilk. I believe our reasons are more than valid for holding the opinions that we do regarding these vastly-wealthy individuals whose pet projects often seem nothing more than an exercise in self-aggrandizement! Perhaps instead of throwing obscene amounts of money at foreign causes or campaigns to defeat their political opponents, those funds could be more efficiently used to make life better for those truly needy and deserving people in their own backyards!

I think a lot of how we judge people includes whether we like them or not, their politics, style, etc…like Oprah…no matter what time and money they will give to causes they feel need help. I could name a few that when I seen them on tv I change the channel. But at least someone like Oprah, Bill Gates, etc. do give compared to some others who legally or illegally just find ways to accumulate more.

Where we do agree is that I don’t want any one group or person giving obscene amounts of money towards campaigns to defeat their political opponents.

GrannyMadonna the has-been. So glad I didn’t watch this mess.

why should Madonna shut her mouth i don’t get it it was not a tribute she told a story move on the woman deserves her own respect because there would be no mtv awards without her stop the hate and negativity and tip your hat to madonna a revolutionary artist

and don’t give me madonna was lucky that is plain jealousy she is the 2nd biggest act of all time behind The Beatles that is not luck thats creativity great songs from a great artist Love Patti but jealous much and by the way go to and look it up

Yup … and after such a long career… no drug or alcohol addictions ..not bad

In defense of Madonna…

Those attacking Madonna’s physical appearance deserve zero respect or consideration.

Some of those attacking Madonna in this instance simply don’t like her: for her politics and/or persona. The same thing happens with Barbra Streisand.

Those attacking Madonna’s words are misguided. Sadly, I have, on occasion, given a eulogy. It’s only natural to mention, within that eulogy, how the departed and the eulogist were connected. Madonna was truly honoring Aretha and mentioning how Aretha impacted her. I think that, in this appearance, Madonna was a ray of light…

All My Children

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Young, Joan Collins and Nadia Bjorlin to Prague to Film ‘Murder Between Friends’

On Thursday night during the Michael Fairman Channel’s livestream interview centering around Jason Cook’s (ex-Shawn, DAYS and ex-Matt, GH) latest movie Four For Fun which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, ex-Rick, B&B and ex-Lucky, GH), revealed another upcoming film project with some very familiar faces.

Jacob Young shared an exclusive that he is set to direct, produce and star in a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery feature film aptly tiled Murder Between Friends.

Speaking on the upcoming project, Jacob said, “I’m flying at the end of the March to Prague to direct, produce and star in a film with Joan Collins (ex-Dynasty). Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) is in it, and Toby Alexander Smith from Eastenders (ex-Gray Atkins). Plus, a couple of my Broadway friends and a very well known Czech actress (Hana Vagnerova).”

Photo: BBC

According to Jacob, the production start date is April 1st. He added on the premise of the film, “It’s very Agatha Christie sort of ‘Knives Out’ without having a hundred million dollars to shoot it, but still will be a lovely film nonetheless.” Young said the plan is to finish all principal photography by April 17th.

Photo: JPI

IMDb has more on the film. It shared that former All My Children star Trent Garrett (ex-Asher Pike) is listed as co-directing the feature. Mark Rozzano is listed as writer of Murder Between Friends.

So, what do you think about this upcoming feature from Jacob that will feature Joan Collins, Nadia Bjorlin et al? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Then below, check out the full livestream conversation with Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young on ‘Four For Fun’ and their notable soap roles.

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The Young and the Restless Renewed for Four More Years at CBS

Congratulations are in order to the cast, crew, creatives and fans of CBS’ The Young and the Restless. On Wednesday, the top-rated daytime drama was renewed by the network for four more years.

The renewal will bring Y&R through the 2027-2028 television season, and brings the series through its 55th season. The Young and the Restless has continued to remain the #1 daytime drama for over 36 years and is CBS’ longest-running series.

In a statement, Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment shared, “The Young and the Restless has been a staple of daytime television for over 50 years, and it is with great pleasure that we will continue that legacy at CBS,The talented cast and writers deliver compelling performances and stories on a daily basis and have provided iconic moments that have kept the show on top of the ratings and thrilled generations of fans for over five decades. We look forward to seeing what new creative twists and turns they have planned for the folks of Genoa City.”

Photo: JPI

According to CBS, Y&R is averaging 3.50 million viewers this season. The series is also the #1 daytime program among African American viewers. Full episodes of the series are streaming on Paramount+ and CBS TVE.  The soap opera airs weekdays at 12:30-1:30 p.m. ET/11:30 a.m.-12:30 p..m. PT.

Y&R notables are also celebrating anniversaries in 2024 including series icons: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) for 45 years this month, and Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) for 44 years. In April, the show will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nikki and Victor’s wedding, which aired in April 1984 and was one of the highest-rated episodes in the history of the show.

Photo: JPI

Other notable cast anniversaries in 2024 include: Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) at 35 years and Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman), Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) all at 30 years.

Photo: JPI

The Young and the Restless debuted on March 23, 1973 and the show celebrated its 50th anniversary season in 2023. Y&R was co-created by the late William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. At present, Josh Griffith currently serves as the series executive producer and head writer.

Share your thoughts on the news that Y&R had been given a four-year renewal by CBS and will continue on with the lives of the people you love in Genoa City through its 55th season via the comment section below.

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Kimberlin Brown ‘Killed-Off’ as Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful in Shocking Twist

The Monday, February 26th episode of CBS daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful brought with it the apparent end to one of the all-time villains of soap opera.

In story, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was being stalked by Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) in the dark. Eventually, Steffy stabs Sheila in the heart with a knife and she apparently dies.

Speaking with TV Insider, Brown admitted that it is extremely hard to leave a now iconic role she made soap-famous since 1990 on first The Young and the Restless and then The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo: JPI

Kimberlin expressed: “It’s a tough place for me to be in right now; I’m not going to lie about this. I guess if anyone were going to take Sheila down, I’m happy it’s Steffy. I just wish that no one was taking Sheila down.”  Three time Daytime Emmy-winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood expressed: “It’s bittersweet because I absolutely love working with Kimberlin; she is just the consummate professional.”


However, the stabbing is vindication for Steffy as Wood related, “This is her moment. How long has it taken Steffy to take her down and it’s finally happening, so it’s going to be a big shock.”

As to her B&B death scene and to her future plans, Brown revealed, “Laying there on that floor when the paramedics pronounce the time of death, my eyes were closed and you’re holding your breath so it doesn’t look like you’re breathing. It was just like, ‘Wow, OK, I guess we’ll have to see what might come next for me.’”


If this holds up and Sheila is “dead” dead, it will open up the story and trouble in the marriage of Finn (Tanner Novlan) and Steffy, because ultimately, Steffy killed her husband’s biological mother.

Photo: JPI

This is leading many to believe this move will bring Steffy back together with Liam (Scott Clifton) while Finn and Hope (Annika Noelle) draw closer. Is that part of the reason for Sheila’s death? Stay tuned.

What do you think about The Bold and the Beautiful killing-off Sheila Carter and Steffy to be the one who put an end to her life? Comment below.

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