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Marcus Coloma On His GH Exit: “I Don’t Know Why That Decision Was Made, But I Don’t Feel Any ill Will and I Didn’t Feel I Got Fired”

Photo: ABC

This week, GH fans saw Adam Huss returning to the ABC soap opera as Nikolas Cassadine to finish out the rest of the scenes originally intended to be played by Marcus Coloma who ended his three-year run on the show a tad early.

As has been previously reported, Coloma came down with Covid-19 as his final tape days neared, and a decision was made for him to not return to finish off his last run of episodes.

With all the rumors and stances taken by everyone involved, Coloma was the special guest on this week’s episode of the That’s Awesome Podcast hosted by Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson and discussed his departure from the long-running daytime drama series.

Marcus expressed that when he took the role on GH, he was excited to be in that kind of environment (working on a soap opera), and only signed on for three years.  However, as time went by it became more difficult to reconcile leaving when his contract was up, sharing: “You fall in love with the crew and everybody along with it. So, two and a half years in, this decision that was so clear in the beginning is getting complicated.”

The actor added that while, “I knew the end was coming, it wasn’t like GH was saying, ‘Hey, Marcus, we want you to stay.’  There was no negotiation … and all I can say to that is I don’t know why that decision was made, but I don’t feel any ill will and I didn’t feel like I got fired. It just felt like … there was maybe an understanding that I was going to be there for three years. The big surprise is how much it hurt. Even though I knew I was going to leave.”

In the end, Coloma reflected that this may have concluded as it should, adding, “I really do have some big goals and those goals would have never been realized if I would have stayed. That’s not to take anything away from GH because I admire everything about it.”

Watch the episode of That’s Awesome featuring Coloma below.

Then weigh-in, what do you think of Marcus’ thoughts on his exit as GH’s Nikolas Cassadine? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Comes off as someone still playing damage control. Let’s just wish him well and close this chapter.

Yes, Steve. After yesterday’s performance by Adam Huss, I’m like,” Marcus who?” Time to move on.

Nope I really don’t like huss acting .

Don’t care for Huss. The old one was much better


I want Colomo back!!!!!

I prefer the Original actor, Tyler Christopher. But since Ava killed him that ain’t going to happen.

No didn’t like Tyler!

I miss him too! Bring Marcus back alive

I get it. Had a lot of trouble with the new Drew, too. I would picture the old actor in his place. But I got used to Nina and I really couldn’t picture Michelle Stamford in the Nina transformation. She was classier for Crimson, but I couldn’t picture her doing the human aspect of it as well as Cynthia. Stuff happens- things change. We go with it and enjoy what we have.

I agree, Shirley—-this Huss guy has no charisma whatsoever—-Funny how it’s mostly us women who appreciate Coloma and not this new guy.
I don’t know—Coloma acted and looked polished and refined to me—classy. I’m not getting any good or bad vibes from Huss, which means he’s just there, taking up space. Just my opinion. No appeal!!

Hi Celia, I totally agree with everything you said.

Thanks, Lew!! Sometimes it takes getting used to a new character, but I have this sixth sense about Huss as I do of Ali—They just lack that certain savoir faire. I always try to give a replacement charecter a chance, and I have. These two turn me off.
It too me exactly a week to fall for NuNina—I guess it depends on the vibe we get from the characters—hit or miss?. LOL

Celia, the EXACT way you have explained Adam Huss is exactly how Marcus Coloma was. He allowed his co-stars to carry him through scenes, and he was barely putting in an ounce of effort to his work. His firing was long overdue.

I cannot disagree with you, Scott—your comments are always “en pointe”. Sometimes, a character’s looks obfuscates our sense and sensibility. LOL—From a woman’s point of view, Coloma is not the typical Adonis, but he is so very sexy. I cringe when I see Huss. His face and demeanor are not qualities which make him memorable to me. Just my opinion, as flat and superficial as it may be..
Good hearing from you.❤️

No Huss bring Marcus back


Very true

Agreed, don’t care for Huss acting. Don’t like his looks. Dead is a great ending for him.

But it’s not an ending for him; it’s an ending for Nikolas and that’s not a good thing. Hoping the writers have a twist mind because killing off a major legacy character is just as much a mistake as killing off AJ and Alan Quartermaine.

I agree Angela I want Nicholas back. I hope he comes back!!!!

I agree , Marcus was the perfect Nicholas

The new guy is good but Marcus is GREAT and Cute.

Marcus was never great but Adam is. Marcus slept walked through his performance and I never felt anything for Nikolas when he played him. It’s amazing that a temporary actor managed to step into this role and own a wealth of intense emotions breathing new life into this character. Marcus had three years to flesh out the character of Nikolas Cassadine and failed to do so. I suspect that was why his contract was not renewed.

Completely agree. I’m sure he is a nice guy, but not a great actor. Very little range. Always seemed out of sorts to me

I totally agree..
Marcus never brought out the emotional feelings that Adam did in one day!
Totally wrong for the part.

They should have brought back Tyler Christopher in 2019.

Too risky hiring him back then, and still now. From a business standpoint, he’s a risk and insurance to cover him is likely too much. Not to mention, based on what we know, he wouldn’t have been hirable in 2019, considering his removal from Days of Our Lives.

Sounds as if I missed a lot of background stuff..I can’t remember why Tyler left and I don’t know any of what was going on with him. Can someone fill me in??? He was the best Nikolas!!

I agree.Marcus was great playing the role as Nicholas Cassidine. Remember when a door is closed, a window is opened. Going to miss seeing you.
See you soon in a much better role
GOOD luck

Same… I wish the very best for Coloma… He will be missed

I agree, Marcus was so real in his acting. He need to be hired back.


I don’t agree at all. Furthermore, how would you like for people to to say about you “Harry who”?

Harry is just stating his opinion comparing performances on a soap. There was nothing mean in his comment.

They do it all the time- even my own mother!

Hi, Deb—I doubt very much Harry meant any disrespect. It’s a figure of speech , “Marcus who”— literary sarcasm which many of us here employ—especially moi!!—I can really drag a character/actor down. I appreciate Harry’s wit and I get him.
Nonetheless, it’s his opinion, whether we agree with it or not—you know—free speech and all that…
We are expressing our views and thoughts—the point of these sites.

Agree,how can anyone say this guy can’t act, especially after today’s scenes with his mother and son? Yes, he’s wrong in most everything,but he’s very compelling with his arguments.

Yeah here we are 3 days later and what do they do? Have Ava Murder Nikolas. So much for Tyler resuming the role he originated when he was 15.

Google Marcus Coloma and Scientology. You will find out all the classes he took. That is the real reason he was fired. He was recruiting people on the show for his “religion”. It is also the same reason Frank fired fellow Scientologist Michelle Stafford and wrote the story on the cult. He wanted her gone as she was recruiting the young girls on the show. Someone on Reddit posted this info and it seems plausible.

Not going to defend Scientology but that’s definitely not the reason Coloma’s contract wasn’t renewed. As for Stafford, her contract negotiations stalled and Y&R swooped in with an offer for her to “return home.”

That would be a good lawsuit against him. Getting rid of them for religious reasons.

Scientology as a “religion”. Most absurd thing I have ever heard. I used to love Stafford but now I loathe her as Phyllis on YnR. Her character is one note, vicious, and has zero purpose to exist. Just like every other character on that show.

Well, he did say that he moved to Clearwater Florida, and the Children of Xenu have pretty much taken over that town.

He’s not a good actor. He sucks. Why can’t it be as simple as that? I happen to think Burton is a horrible ‘actor’ as well (he’s the same in every scene, every show, every time – that’s not acting).

What are you talking about , Steve Burton and Marcus Coloma , are great actors , the writers of General Hospital need to bring both of them back . I love the way Marcus , portrays Nikolas and Steve , as Jason .

Yes,I agree.I love them both, especially Steve!!!!

Yes… Steve the absolute best!! I will always miss him and his character!!

I agree.

I totally agree,both great wish they would both be brought back.

Agree…I didn’t think anyone could ever become a new convincing Nicholas. But Marcus did just that & wonderfully too I might add. I loved him & Ava together. What a perfect match in actors & their chemistry. So sorry to see him go 🙁

% AGREE!!!!

You are correct they were talking about Huss

Disagree completely. Burton was boring. There was NO depth to his acting. Sam is another drag. And Felicia, with her baby voice is just annoying, IMHO. The new Nina, Sonny, Jocelyn, laura and even Spencer have so much more range. Much better actors.

We need Jason back believe me the stories are boring without him there’s no sparks between Laura and her new boyfriend they don’t click!!!please give us something good to look forward too

Not sure I would compare the two. Steve Burton IS Jason. They tried a recast and it didn’t really work. I put Billy Miller’s “Jason” in the same category as Greg Vaughan’s version of Lucky. Two good actors who were good fits for GH overall, they just didn’t work as recasts of iconic GH legacy characters. In Miller’s case, they found a solution by giving Jason a twin brother nobody knew he had. Nobody was going to buy that retcon if they had tried it with Lucky, but Greg moved on to Days, and he’s been well received as Eric Brady over there (even though that’s also a legacy recast) As far as Cameron Mathison’s Drew… uh… geez I was trying to be such a nice Devil today, so I won’t say anymore there…..

Marcus never was, nor would be the definitive Nikolas. Neither is Adam Huss, whether he sticks around the rest of the week, the rest of the month, or longer. It’s always going to be Tyler Christopher’s role…he wants it back, and (from what a few folks here have told me) it’s just a matter of some paper-pushers getting out of the way and letting it happen.

Ttue. That is not acting! That is writing. Steve is a two time Emmy winner for a reason. No he is not a master thespian, but when he is given good material, he really does it justice.

Since Jason’s accident in 1996, every regime has chosen to keep Jason as the brain damaged murderer. They never allowed his character to grow, remember, or become a real character outside of who he was in relation to Sonny and Carly. 27 years of rerun writing is too long for any soap storyline.

Jason’s amnesia and reaulting work for Sonny was maybe good for a 6 month to 1 year story arc. The show dragged it out, off and on, for 27 years. He should have reverted to Jason Q., become a great doctor in his father’s footsteps.

I am sure if/when they bring him back again, he will still be nothing more than Sonny’s thug and bromancer. I think we can agree that Steve plays what is written for him.

Yes.. all of that!

Did you ever see that episode with Monica, Ghost Alan, and some “magic glasses” where she saw some “alternate timeline” where Jason didn’t get his brain scrambled, finished medical school, became a doctor and then got a serious cocaine habit? Considering both Alan & Monica struggled with addictions (as did AJ & Emily) it’s certainly not out of the question that “Dr. Jason” might have carried on the “bad” family traditions as well as the “good ones”.

Though I always did appreciate those rare moments when he actually was able to tap into his medical training buried deep in his subconscious, like when he did an emergency tracheotomy on Nikolas when he was injured in some sort of accident. Or on Night Shift when he did an emergency C-section in an elevator that got stuck. On a woman who was HIV+, no less!

Don’t be mean!
Also ….. Could you do better?
I don’t think I could.

I thought he did a great role for his part.

That was Steve’s persona on the show and played it well. He was supposed to be that way

Yep, Burton was awful. For that matter so is Samantha. I am tired of her.

back 1998 one of my favorite bands of that era, Sneaker Pimps, had a brief hit.. largely unknown… but fitting after reading this.. “SPIN SPIN SUGAR”

This is a disaster. Like him or not (I did), Marcus looks like Anthony Hopkins compared to his replacement. I’d have to go back decades to find such a poor substitute. His “emotions” seem like script directions — “Now act angry. Now act sorry. Now cry fake tears.” He doesn’t remotely suggest someone raised in luxury, attended good schools, or radiates some class or breeding. The character of Nikolas has been ruined by the writing and now I can’t even enjoy watching a great-looking actor TRYING to salvage him. His scenes with young Mr. Chavez are particularly embarrassing. It’s sad watching Nicholas act Nikolas right off the screen.

Going to have to disagree with you 100% here. In over 45 years of following GH, Adam Huss is nowhere near the bottom 10 recasts (permanent or temporary). Long time viewers remember the disasters of Camilla Moore (Anna), Sandra Ferguson (Felicia), Jed Allan (Edward), Jennifer Branson (Carly) or more recently Oliver Muirhead (Ashton) come immediately to mind. And some of those performers had good runs on other soaps.

Huss actually showed emotions, a nice change for the character.

I agree with both OG Steve and WhyNot.

Stop being so delicate. Rebecca Herbst has shown a pulse for the first time in years in her scenes with the new Nicholas. The old one brought the ENTIRE show down with his sleepwalking.

Didn’t realize it until you just said it, her whiney emotions HAVE improved. What the hell have all these men seen in her over the years. She’s like a windup toy.

“I don’t feel fired” says fired actor.

I do think it’s funny that Marcus is like, he only wanted to sign a three year contract. Um, I think that’s pretty standard in daytime and I doubt (as an unknown) he had much say in the matter:. That said, I never had a problem with him and didn’t think he was that bad until I saw Adam Huss on Friday with both Genie Francis & Nicholas Chavez. He blew Marcus out of the water in one day with those scenes. I’m not sure if FV has had with the character in general or he’s going to rest the character and recast but I think they should continue with Adam Huss.

Right now, from reading this …. Seems Huss is just there to finish out the part of the 3-year contract that Marcus was not allowed to complete once he contracted Covid-19. “Finish out” ??? Then character is written off ??? We shall see.

GH does some stupid things! I’m still pissed about Britts death they could have just sent her over seas or had her leave town. The new Heather Webber is awful no one can touch Robin the original Heather.Nicholas Cassidine is another fumble… why not bring back the original actor who played him ? I hear he is willing and able! GH you gotta do better.. i mean come on really? I just dint get it. I mean yes Tyler Christopher had his issues but playing Laura’s son was not one of them. Wake up GH my goodness. Dumb stuff like this is why i dont watch on a regular. And we aint gonna even talk about the dumb way they wrote off Luke Spencer… and where the hell are the great actors that have such rich history like Bobbi Carly’s mom? Huh?

Agree with this entire post 100%❤️

Yeeesss… Tyler needs to be reinstated as nicholas!!!!

Lawrence Aldridge
It’s so funny that people like you that ” don’t watch on a regular basis” think they have all the answers? Most of us agree that Britt leaving for good was a bad idea, unless everyone felt she was totally irreplaceable. Again, most of think the new Heather is doing a hell of a job and the original one was not physically able to return. FYI, Bobbi is NOT history, she was just on last week helping to deliver Willow’s baby. You probably don’t even know who Willow is!

Hey Violet,
Let’s get a few things straight shall we? First of all I know who Willow is. Ok. When i said I don’t watch on a regular that means that i used to watch it every freaking day… but due to the fact that I am not pleased with the direction of the show… i dont watch every day. Which is my right. Does not mean i do not know what’s going on. can miss 3 episodes and miss nothing…drags out.. believe me.Bobbie appearing to deliver a baby is not a storyline for her character. She is Luke Spencer’s sister. Carly’s Mother! She should have a huge story please!As for the New Heather…i know Robin is unable at this time to return … again I’m entitled to my opinion.. and quite frankly the new one is not on par with Robin…it’s like all the times One life to live tried to replace Dorian Lord.. no one could touch the original…So i stand by every word i said..GH does some stupid things! Which is WHY I DONT WATCH EVERYDAY. STILL LOVE THE CONCEPT HATE THE DELIVERY

I still would like to know what went on behind closed doors with Frank and the writers reguarding not writing in Sonya Eddys death. That spot that was given her wasn’t even as long as a commercial!! They give Britt a memorial but nothing for Steve or Ephiphany?? Go figure

Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) died just before Christmas. The title card notice was added to the first episode that wasn’t already edited. The show is written out 2-3 months before airing. Frank has already announced they’ll have a tribute at the end of March.

Jason wasn’t the type for funerals as was mentioned when the character was last presumed dead in 2012. No surprise they didn’t have one this time.

They didn’t do a Jason funeral because nobody believes he’s really dead.

BRAVO….I agree with wvery word

He is a good actor but I don’t think Adam is a good Nikolas at all. The writers have ruined Nikolas so much that I don’t think anyone could play him no matter how great of an actor. It is a shame that they are getting rid of the character though. How many characters have they gotten rid of in the past 12 mths? enough already!
I thought Marcus really grew into the role but there will never be a Nikolas like Tyler.

Nicholas Chavez is one of the best actors on GH now. He blows the rest of the kid actors out of the water. Kuddos to that kid!!

I wish him well and much success.

I don’t think we’ll ever get the facts on this one we living in very sensitive times any little thing can put you in a predicament that’s out of your control ‍♀️

sorry to see him go hope the best for him and so far I don’t like the new one

Exactly! I’ve grown to really like Marcus as Nicholas.Another handsome actor let go. Please,bring Steve Burton back!!!

When the vaccine goes,he may comevack

Change is often difficult for us. We seldom like it. Give him a chance.

Why isn’t Tyler Christopher back playing Nicolas?


Other projects

As far as I’m concerned Tyler Christopher will always be Nicolas he was the best. If the character of Nicolas is being written out why not let Marcus finish out the last three months of his contract VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH HIS REPLACEMENT


I too would love to see Tyler Christopher back as Nicholas.

I love them as actor’s you all did a great job and are missed.


Marcus will be missed! At first his version of Nikolas took some getting used to but now I am disappointed to see him go. So cute and I liked watching him with Ava and how he was so wild about his cougar. This character’s paternal family are awful and he inherited personality traits from that side. It happens! I have no clue what’s wrong with people to come on a perfectly fine interview with this actor to try and tear him down under the ground, it’s so ridiculous. Haters are gonna hate. People are so hate filled and jealous of a good looking man doing his thing in the field he chose and getting PAID. It’s PURE ENVY. Ignore the miserable green-eyed monsters. Marcus, you have GH on your resume, you’re golden! I’m sure we will be seeing you around. Look at Michael B Jordan, I remember when he was just a corny teenager on AMC and now he’s a heart throb. Chrishell Stause, from AMC/DOOL also went on to prime time and still dabbled off and on with Daytime. STAY ENCOURAGED!

Personally, I loved Tyler Christopher the best- and by the way- I miss Steve Burton everyday!

So do I

Bring Jason back!!!

Yes and Yes!

Oh c’mon, he had to have known. He’d been coasting in the role since they resumed filming in September 2020. He relied on his co-stars to carry his lazy “acting” through every single scene he was in. He acted with the likes of Genie Francis & Maura West, and did not even show up. The ONLY time he showed up was when Nik slept with Esme, which was gross, and on his social media posts. But it shows how little he thought of his time there by unfollowing every single person he followed from that cast. What a petty, petty human being.

Each time Adam Huss stepped into the role he dominated the text, came alive with his co-stars and seems genuinely enthused by being on that set. Whether he’s there to finish up the storyline or for the long haul, we won by Marcus Coloma no longer sucking up airtime on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Sing it, Scott. Well said.

Well written Scott !!! 100%

What I do not understand are people who spit in the face of an employer who signs your paycheck. I have always believed we are all responsible for our own personal happiness in both career or personal life.. and if you are unhappy in either… keep your self respect, resign and move on.

I actually loved Marcus as Nikolas…I wish GH would bring him back.

Marcus was the best actor to play Nicholas. I wish you the best in future endeavors GH fans loss.

When Tyler Christopher left GH I didn’t think anyone could “ fill his shoes.” IWAS SO WRONG!” Marcus Coloma “BECAME THE MAN!” Health issues are “ not to be taken lightly and put on the back burner.” Working in healthcare, I understand and send prayers to Marcus Coloma. May Our Lord help with healing and complete recovery from this hideous disease. I WILL MISS YOU!

I willbmiss him he was good!

I wish they would have kept him. I don’t like this new Nicholas

Do not like this new Nicholas at all

Marcus did an amazing job, filling the big shoes that Christopher Tyler left behind so Bravo, to you Mr. Coloma! You’re the best! Not sure how I feel about Adam Huss, yet, but we’ll just have to wait it out! Of course seeing Christopher Tyler return would be the ultimate!

Yes I agree Marcus filled Christopher’s shoes with his own really heartwarming connections with his mom Laura, his son Spencer, his uncle and his friend was so real. And even Ava. I don’t feel it anymore. Bring Coloma back. Or see if Christopher still has that connection.

He’s my nikolas but I really think GH turnover is super high so like Days I don’t see a long future on network under this TPTB, might as well take your 3 years and he’s a hunk, looks far younger, perfect for hallmark or all these steaming series.

I am very disappointed at the change of Nichols. Marcus Colomb was just fine and better on my eyes to look at. He was a gr8 character and actor.

I love all three of these men, and it’s fun seeing them grow and explore their futures. By the way social media is what got me to like Marcus more.

I hate the new Nicholas and so do all my friends bring back Marcus co!oma

I’m very disappointed Marcus was replaced I don’t like the actor who now plays Nicolas I don’t understand why the decision was made 2 replace him he did a great job

I LOVED Marcus in the role of Nikolas. I think Adam is doing a fine job. That being said, I wish they’d bring Marcus back. I DO NOT want Tyler back as Nik under any circumstances. That ship sailed long ago.

I will miss Marcus portraying Nicholas and hate to see him go…

I will miss him. I like him much better than the new Nicolas

I loved your role as Marcus it was awesome I hope you will return someday to me nobody can plY the pRt like you love you

No,no,no!! Leave Nicolas alone. I get so tired of changing actors like this. I really like an actor in a certain part,then, he’s gone. Please bring Marcus back.

I feel like I’m going to miss watching him. I will look forward to seeing his work on other shows. He did a great job portraying Nikolas

Well I loved Marcus and He & Ava had great on screen chemistry & thought they would have lasted way longer… But with soaps, Don’t get use to anyone or anything… Hopefully all 3 of you get your butts back to GH… All good actors & Definitely Miss Steve… Hopefully you’ll return one of these days, hopefully sooner than later & your on screen chemistry chick, Britt left. Boo hoo… Anyway glad to see all 3 of you!

I watched the interview. He seemed sincere. Why wouldn’t GH try to keep him?

I love what all three of these men brought to GH. I’m wishing them all well in their journeys. I’ve been watching GH since the seventies.

Oh Frankie will kill off RH or ME’s character then two weeks later bingo they will be the new Nick!!!

I think Marcus was excellent and his chemistry with Ava perfect I think GH has made a big mistake.

I’m Really Gonna Miss Him!!!

It was a dumb decision.

I just love Marcus!! I will miss him dearly ! But you go boy! Onwaoand upwind❤️

Let a small amount of time go by and get TC back. He sizzles on screen with RH and I bet he would with MW too. He’s changed his life. I think he’d be fine.

It’s very hard to watch somebody new playing a character you’ve been watching for almost 3 years. It changes everything. They would have been better off killing his character.

I will miss Marcus Coloma as Nikolas on GH. He was the first actor to make me care about the character of Nik, who I was never much of a fan of. I loved Nik & Ava together & wish the writers would not have given them such an acrimonious ending.
I wish Marcus the best always & hope to see him in his future endeavors.

If you look at this from the fans perspective, I wish people like Maurice would move on. Soaps don’t develop characters well. It becomes boring. I’m a Jason and Bradford fan, but, would love to see them in other roles than soaps! I know y’all gotta pay bills. But, these characters get very boring! That may be the nature of soaps!

I believe if they were going to get rid of him they should have brought back Tyler Christopher to play Nicholas

I always thought Marcus was perfect for the part. The moment I saw him I knew the show would get better ratings bc I had seen him in other shows like Major Crimes/The Closer. I’m really disappointed, don’t understand why they let you go. Huss is also good in this part. Bring Marcus back and make Huss his long lost brother! They look alike, yes? I wish all of you the best.

Really sorry to see Marcus go he really was Great as Nicholas and wish the writers had given him a better story and didn’t turn his character so dark. I have watch GH from its start but in the past year they have killed off many good characters and one has decided to leave. It’s no longer something I enjoy watching… so after All these years of watching I’m leaving too!

I do not feel Adam Huss’s portrayal of Nicolas is on point, but I didn’t feel Marcus’s was either. Christopher Tyler was born to play that role and it’s going to be hard for anyone to represent Nicolaus like he did.. Where’s Christopher Tyler at? He wasn’t available to come back? I know that would make a lot of people happy.

He’s the best Nicholas, best chemistry with co workers,and should absolutely stay!!!

Far from the best. Quite possibly the WORST and any chemistry came from his co-stars carrying him through scenes.

I’m sorry to say but I am glad to see him go. Wasn’t in love with his acting style. Love the new Nicholas. He has a lot of range. Do wish him a lot of luck in future endeavors

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General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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