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Maurice Benard and Ron Carlivati Tweet Their Thoughts To Kelly Sullivan On Her Exit From General Hospital!



GH’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) loses another one of his on-screen lady loves.  Just how the on-screen exit will come about we will have to wait and see, since Kelly Sullivan announced she is taping till August, but has been written-out of the ABC soap.  Then, sadly for viewers who have been fans of the talented Sullivan’s work, some time after that, they will see just how Kelly and her on-screen character, Connie Falconeri will exit the Port Charles canvas.

Daytime Emmy winner, Maurice Benard took to Twitter over the weekend to share his thoughts on Sullvan being writen-off and leaving the series.  Maurice tweeted, @KellySullivan_NY  “This is all I’m gonna say, when an actress with that kind of ability & talent leaves the show it hurts.”

General Hospital’s head scribe, Ron Carlivati also took to Twitter to send words of gratitude to Kelly for her performances as Kate/Connie, relating,  @KellySullivan_NY “Thank you for your unforgettable portrayal of Kate/Connie on #GH. Can’t wait 2 c what u do next xoxo Ron”

So GH fans, what do you think of Maurice and Ron’s tweets to Kelly?  Do you think it’s a mistake letting her go from the ABC soap? Or, do you feel their is nothing more that can be done with the character at this point, so it makes sense to write Sullivan out?  Weigh-in!

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Its a huge mistake letting go. If Ron can writer storylines for Vikki and Jess dealing with DID. He could write tons of great material for Kelly. I guess Frank had to sacrifice Kelly in order for Lisa Locicero to stay. Frank has let go alot of fantastic actors. The show has been poor for a long time. If they want to save money then stop adding new people. Give scenes to the actors that have been on show for yrs just dont ignore for newbies. For example. Maurice Benard been with the show for yrs playing role of mobster. Now Frank and Ron been on the scene totally cut that out. Now they are making Sonny boring. Why would the writers create this new storyline between Connie, Olivia, and Sonny knowing Kelly was being written off the show. That just blame dumb on their part.

Wait, she’s being written out, Ron is the headwriter, and he has the decency to tweet at that? WTF

The final decision on who stays and who goes is not Ron’s. It probably is not even Frank Valentini’s. I’m sure they both have input, but ABC executives call the shots on things like that. So it’s not necessarily inappropriate for Ron to tweet what he tweeted.

then… ??? because of heirarchy – TPTB? Ron can’t even say as much?

this just smarts. what a let down. for fans and GH.

You know… as Fans disbend their beliefs…ie: storylines… and when you’re up you’re up and when you’re down… we roll with… but… an important character… one who’s smart, intelligent… catchs our attention regardless of…. that one character keeps the fans in tow. now we’re all like fish out of water….

i don’t think it’s that much of a stretch… or exxageration.

RC and FV should tell us.

Thank you Michael.Please keep in your head fans that this is a business.She is a great actress and will not have any problen get a acting job.Give changes a chance on any soap.I liked her as Kate but now we have Nick.So money is always a factor.

Of course Frank has the final say so. Thats the point of an executive producer. To hire and fire people

It’s been a long, long time in soapland since an executive producer had absolute say over personnel (in the same way that it’s been a long, long, long time in soapland since the headwriter had final say over story–which was the case, or at least pretty much the case, years ago). Even as far back as the early 80s, network executives were making personnel decisions; I remember that Douglas Marland left as Guiding Light’s headwriter because the executives were tinkering with GL’s personnel (and thus his canvas) in ways he felt made it impossible for him to tell a coherent story. I don’t know who was behind this decision; ABC executives would at least have had to approve it, and they could also have mandated it. Or it could have been Frank or Ron. Both have some clout but neither one has absolute say. Frons made personnel and story decisions all the time (wasn’t it his decision to get rid of Becky Herbst, until vocal fan outrage forced him to back down?); I see no reason to think the ABC executives who have followed him would not also exercise that power.

i know right

I think it’s a mistake and although Ron may not have any power when it comes to salary I do think that he does when it comes to storytelling so I don’t buy his tweet . GH is back to being boring so frank n Ron need to get their act together.

I agree. GH is crashing big time!

Anybody remember this FLAWLESS actress named MEGAN WARD?

Now she never should have been let go.

Sullivan? Blah. Don’t care.

Joshua, I personally loved Megan Ward as Kate Howard and was sorry she was let go. I like Kelly Sullivan, but they need to give her a storyline. Right now, it seems they have nothing left for her to do. ABC has made some pretty bad mistakes, beginning with the demise of OLTL and AMC. I have watched Prospect Park’s versions, but they’re just not the same. I was sooooo excited during the GH 50th anniversary and all the former faves returning to the show, except I couldn’t believe they did not include Tristan “Scorpio” Rogers. It seems they are starting to go downhill again. The biggest problem with GH and ABC?? THEY DON’T LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!!

I think it is a huge loss for GH and do not really understand why they are writing her out when they devoted a year of front burner storyline and viewers adjusted to the new actress in a fan favorit role !

I think it’s a bunch of bull s**t! Why would RC write for her like she’s his favorite character in the world then drop her like a cigarette butt. The possibilities are endless for the character and Sullivan’s undeniable talent! I mean they published an actual novel for the character and it’s soooo good! I can actually hear Connie’s voice when I read the pages! But if they think for one second I’m going to buy the sequel ‘Maine Squeeze’ when it’s released in September with Molly Lansing Davis credited as the author they are sorely mistaken!

IT IS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!! there is so much you can do with Connie. Put her and Sonny back together. Kelly does not deserve this. I don’t know what I’d do if she was gone. Kelly is AMAZING at her job. Don’t let her go cause you can’t come with a friggin story. Please Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini. If you read this take it into consideration.

I’m very upset that kelly sullivan has been let go. what a joke. this is bs. get rid of evil britt taylor and franco. kelly will get other acting jobs. kelly is a wonderful actress. gh ratings are fallen really low again. they better get there act together. Bring back jackie zeman .for good

Lord knows I’m not in the habit of defending Ron C. these days but I remember how much of the dreck AMC ended up being was dictated by TIIC like Frons and Sweeney, and how constrained the writers were. Much more than we knew back then. EXCEPT for the Chuck Pratt reign of terror, which was fully approved of by TIIC.

I guess what I’m saying is that while I hold Ron C. responsible for a LOT of the hideous dreck we’re seeing on screen right now, he may nothing at all to do with Kelly Sullivan’s exit. The same way TPTB foisted Farah Fath and whatswhisname who played the oldest Ford brother on OLTL, and the way TPTB forced out Julia Barr and Cady on AMC while forcing the writers to make the show the Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall/Zach hour on AMC, they may also be the ones who are forcing some of the cast changes on GH.

Never underestimate the ability of AMC execs to force their their “ideas” on the writing staff, and to hire and fire as they see fit.

I wasn’t happy when Kelly wasn’t nominated for an EMMY. She deserved it with all of the great material she had been given in the past year. Now she is leaving, isn’t fair.

I feel the character has run its course…plus its not the end…she can always come back but i think this is a good thing for the actress…she can take her talents to primetime…im sure some show will quickly snap up this wonderful talented actress.

Agree completely jimh!!! She will do well!

I think it is on of GH biggest mistakes to let Kelly Sullivan go. She’s one of the best actresses they’ve had in years. And Connie has just been intergrated. There is so much story to be told from that. And let’s not forget the amazing chemistry Kelly has with Maurice. I am dumbfounded by who or what made the powers that be a GH think Kelly should be let go if excess characters needed to be cut. Which in my opinion there are about 10-15 characters that needed to be cut before Kelly’s Connie was.

Noooooooo! I hate to see her go! Please reconsider Kelly. We love you

I think its a crime that an actress as good as Kelly Sullivan is being let go. Connie/Kate is a great character. Send Kiki, Franco & Silas packing instead. Their characters do nothing at all for the show.

C’mon GH, #KeepKelly on the show!! I’m sure Ron could come up with a great new storyline for her. If the reason is to sacrifice one actor for another, they could have looked elsewhere, not at one of their most excellent performers!

I’ve started watching GH again after many years away. Kelly was one of the actresses that really got my attention. She is fantastic and has tons of charisma. I liked the chemistry between her and Maurice. I can think of a couple other characters that I wouldn’t really miss.

At the moment I can think of a lot of characters I wouldn’t miss…but Kelly was one of the shinning stars she is fantastic and will be missed.

I love Kelly Sullivan. I’ve been hearing some rumors of another actress coming over from another soap. Why don’t they just keep Kelly instead of hiring yet more newbies!! It’s just not fair after we’ve all grown to love her in the role of Connie. This is a huge mistake on the part of whoever is responsible.

RON AND FRANK are turning into Jill and bob guza, they had their faves at the expense of other characters, they give us great stuff for a little bit then things turn to shit. And they don’t listen. I keep hearing us fans plea for faves like Laura n Anna to get storylines yet nothing happens, less introduction of new characters when they have a bunch of characters just hanging around. I find it discusting that a newbie like Sabrina can get storyline over Elizabeth ? And I’m sorry but Olivia is only good as a supporting character not a lead so her getting involve with sonny is such a waste.

Stupid Move ABC get rid of Elizabeth instead.She bores me to death

Whoa, stop exec’s and listen to the viewers. Kelly Sullivan is a multi-talented actress that adds a “spirit” to the show. Letting her go is a big mistake and gives the other daytime soaps an edge to raise their ratings and drop yours. Soap opera fans don’t like to have their favorite actor/actresses go. They can be quite vocal and that raises awareness of weaknesses within department heads. All the writers need to do is to write a better storyline for her to exploit her acting ability. It’s their for the taking and if you don’t; another soap will.

STUPID decision.

That sums up my feelings too, Cindy. 🙁

As for the tweets, MB’s was nice, and Ron’s was wasted effort if it was to appease GH fans… or soon to be EX-fans.

I still … really can’t believe how such a tremendous talent could be cut, to make room for such dreck!

As usual GH makes big mistake again. Kelly won me over with her performance with the did . Gh is the loser I’m sure another soap will grab her. I say get rid of Kiki and Silas and Franco and that Ava they all suck! Omg and Britt too, they story definitely ran it’s course!!

I totally agree with you. I can’t stand Britt or Kikki or Ava.

I have to agree. That storyline with Franco started out intriguing and amusing…but has died with too much Ava and not enough depth. And Kiki with Michael – please not! Regrettably neither of the young actors seems to have any comedic talent – so they’re killing the Q tradition of fun. But, they must keep Michael.

GIANT MISTAKE!!!! Ron & Frank are ruining GH after turning it around!!! I’m in the verge of dropping this show. Not long before those 2 idiots get it canceled. So much other useless talent should be axed from GH!!!! #keepkelly #GHSUCKS

I certainly didn’t expect them to fall all over themselves.

that being said…. it’s kinda like how insulting…

they shouldn’t have tweeted…. GH is faltering… and letting go… an intelligent all compassed nuanced delivery… and they let it go.

I mean… consider the writing… and Kelly Sullivan. you know… the clear winner is Ms. Sullivan.


it’s a mistake to let her go she has dine an excellent and believable role and she’s been the best kate/connie so far she will be missed greatly

it’s like a catch 22…..

for those of us who’ve watched for decades and all our lives.

we can’t have our STARS of OLE’… and enter in the newbies… and it’s rare to be treated with hollywood royalty and treated to acting lessons that deserve accolades. Kelly Sullivan is exactly that. She personified… fit like a glove… beaconed… herself right in to our imagination.

I’ll miss her… and GH less.

DAYS and GH.
DAYS and back to Y&R.

I’ve watched Y&R for just as long as DAYS… and I left…

what a conundrum…?

Drama and less turmoil and angst… it happens everywhere.

the one thing I dread… about Geneo City… is more Victor.

maybe she’ll show up in Genoa City as a new love interest for Victor but hopefully after the kill off Nikki! ijk…

Nikki is a Star.

she just kowtowed to men all her life.


Have you been watching…Sam was just on last Fridays episode!!!

I did watch. I know she was on but before that its had been like a week and only once. Sam is a leading lady she should me on more than once a week for five minutes.

I agree sam should be on more and feel she will soon with the baby Danny and Silas storyline…all the show needs is a little more balance by giving all characters…vets and newbies..equal airtime…Sam is still shown a lot more than Mac, Felicia and Monica who deserve more airtime…Mac and Felicia for Maxis story and Monica with all the people now staying in her house! And i guess Leslie was only back for her daughters wedding to Scotty who also needs to be seen more.

This show has an enormous cast and newbies and vets are constantly being added. It seems that someone in charge would rather force three actors on us who were just on screen and give them new hair colors and styles and then act like they are new characters than write for the people that we know and love….I cry “foul”!!! I stopped recording this show when JMB departed after being grossly ignored and shelved. I still read recaps hoping that Francan/Kiki GH Hour will end permanently! This treatment of a brilliant actress is unforgiveable. I think that MB said all that he can say. I cannot imagine that he is happy with this decision. I have no sympathy for anyone in management at GH and their tweets. Some just don’t know how to tweet appropriate messages and cannot accept criticism. Ratings are supporting my thoughts.

Ratings last week were down on all four network soaps…not just GH.

I realize that they were all down but GH is now squarely in fourth place. Many comments I see online are about people abandoning GH due to the Franco show being shown continually.

i wasnt in total disagreement with you, i was just saying…the ratings were all down…i still watch gh…it has lost some addictiveness for me…but im not sbandoning it over 0ne character…i feel all characters should have equal airtime and storylines…its a little off balance but all soaps have that at some point. A year ago gh was my no 1 soap…currently its DOOLs for me but that could change months from now.

Agree….but am still worried about many of us (you included who had GH as their number one last year). I too, am enjoying DOOL now. Also, besides the Franco show, the writers seem to be pushing the Franco/Kiki, Kiki/Michael, Silas/Sam stuff as if we don’t know that these characters are Todd, Starr, and McBain in different hair styles….insulting to me as a viewer.

And i agree with the pushing of the three…they shouldve came in a little more slowly…stayed in the background more instead of thrown right at the viewers…and gradually mixed in with the already established vets…it might have worked better for some viewers. The got them in the Quartimaine mansion too soon. Monica must be on vacation?

A lot of people here don’t understand how the soap opera world works! As Michael Fairman said, it’s not usually the headwriter’s call when an actor is fired. Kelly is a great actress, I think she has amazing work ahead of her!


I think it’s OK to vent here. Just not at the expense of other fans/posts’. until it’s malicious with intent…

then it’s gangbusters – “you’re in my way”.

I love you Kelly Sullivan…. GH, I’m so dissapointed. crestfallen… beleaguered; beset with difficulties.

Vent frustrations, disappointments… yes. Spread false information… no. Just wanted to point out that there are a myriad of reasons why an actor is let go and its usually not the decision of the head writer, who always seems to get more misguided blame than well-earned praise on these message boards.


well said.

my post wasn’t directed at any one.

My point of view at times is haphazard…. and I start soap boxing… other interests.

i was racing with LGBT cause.

I think it stinks and she should of gotten an Emmy for her performance on GH as Connie/Kate. I will miss her and wish her the best and look forward to seeing her elsewhere. She will be a great addition to any show/movie.

Oh GH….

what am I to think? No Robin….. No Jason…. No Connie.

my three all time storylines… since i left Y&R.

all kaput. I want to see Sam and Daniel Edward Happy. the prospect of seeing further developments with Connie are cinder…. so isn’t Sonny.

IT was time for the actress and the character to go. The show has evolved and her character no longer felt essential. They need to pair down the cast anyway. In addition, if this means more screen time for Genie Francis or Lisa LoCicero then yippee… But please can we get rid of Shawn, Molly, Ellie and Damien. Spin Maxie into a new story. I also don’t think Sabrina/Patrick pairing is working now that she has transformed. Brie is the best of that set they brought on. She can be the next crazy Kate.

Nooe to getting rid of any u mentioned but maybe Ellie. And Britt? The sooner she leaves, the better. GH doesnt need pyscho bitches to move story.

This is my opinion only. I think they are making room for Michelle Stafford, Ex Phyllis from Y&R.

GH is dead but for the dying. The only scribe that always could and should save GH is Sri Rao. Get rid of the Cartoony kwacks

I liked the Kate/Connie story..
It was very well acted; bravo!!
But, it ran its course and all good things come to an end..
There was nothing left for Connie or for Kate, both had been played out, it was over for them both..
I can see the need to let her go, there was no more for either character, sad but true..

I think, that this signals Michelle Stafford’s entrance to GH. Only way to explain Kelly’s firing when Frank and Ron were so high on her. Higher tier actress available!

I’m sure Maurice had nothing to do with the “letting go” of Kelly. But if Ron did then he’s a total hypocrite. I get confused who is the head writer and who is the executive producer, so I don’t know if it was Frank or Ron who fired Kelly. But I think they work in unison. I think it’s awful. She’s terrific. And even if they wanted Sonny with Olivia (I think a ridiculous couple) Connie said she can’t be with Sonny. they could find someone else for her. I can’t see Sonny and Olivia lasting. Her sense of right and wrong are too strong and they don’t mesh well. Regardless, the letting go of Kelly saddens me. I wish her the best.

Not happy about this.One of my favorite charcters on GH.Love the Connie/Katie character.What is going on?

The thing is WE all scream enough with theses stories we’ve seen them.
So when she leaves it’s different for some?
I agree she’s great actress but they already had a tuff egg in Olivia.
Being with Sunny it like a war isn’t it? You don’t when a enemy will strike.

It’s too bad they are cutting her. I rather enjoyed her as Connie as that character had more life and energy than Kate. Hope she lands on her feet soon with another project.

huge mistake, there is so much that can be written with her characters. Don’t lose this actress!

I’m sorry to see Kelly Sullivan leave GH She was fantastic as Connie/Kate she will be missed by fans and cast and crew a like…But she was working less in the past few weeks.

About time worse actress G.H. Ever had& 2worse writer G H ever had, after 50 years, since Jason left it gets worse every day, what a shame, I will always cherish all the vets & memories, where is Guza, lets get S.B. back & on track again please !

No, they should NOT get rid of her. It will hurt the show.

He is made another mistake seems lately that’s all he does

Terrible news. Big mistake. I started watching when AMC/OLTL went off the air. She is one of my favorites.

The only reason I am not upset with this talented actress leaving is, Less Konnie less Sonny. Every Time she is on there is Sonny.I enjoyed her with Olivia,now it will be FF Olivia time.She will be with the man who shot her son in cold blood? Thanks FrankenRon, I am now watching only from my DVR, so I can FF the mobster,and the OLTL show!
I am one who does not like ToddFranco.Why take one of the most despicable characters and try to clean him up. Can’t be done.

The Franco thing is a real head scratcher!

Damn some you are so shady! Alls I keep readimg are assumptions, assumptions, and hate. None of you know the behind the scenes facts! We don’t know WHO actually made the final decision! We’ve seen producers make the call in the past. As well as writraers writing the characters in corners, and producers making dumb calls. Months ago, the boards were filled with complaints of being over Kate/Connie and sick of seeing her. A year ago, the boards were filled with people sick of Sonny and the mob shows. Bring back Laura, bring Anna, ect……..does everyone not get by now that it’s so much easier to just support the show as a whole rather than bitch and complain about everything you hate and someone else might like. Every week theres someone on her proclaiming how bad the show is and that theyre never watching again, and the next week, theyre on bitching about another storyline. I thought you would never watch again? Or that you ff all those scenes.
Stop the damn constant bitching every damn article. How about we take all that pointless insanity of the blame game, and write to get her back on the show. Or even moreso, fb or tweet her to show support and encourage her. And keep in mind sometimes you do actually get what you ask for. It just may not happen when you dont expect it.
I thought Kelly came in and proved she belonged. Everyone didnt necessarily want to accept her at first, but in my opinion she fought and claimed that role. And did great! But part of me has wondered what Sonny and Olivia would work again. I for one feel like all the characters are getting screen time, and as storylines come up certain people will get front burners, and others will get suoporting. Its how soap work!!!

Worst storyline ever putting boring Olivia with sonny. She should have been let go. Kate/Connie great character!!! Send Olivia off to Steve. Keep Kelly!!!

I’m so upset Kelly Sullivan got dropped from the show.She’s a great actress.I know she will find something new.Everybody will want her.She will be missed a great deal.

I’m not surprised at all with them not making it work for Kelly to stay. I wonder where they need the money she was getting to go to. All we need is another oltl actor to come over The two actors Roger H and Micheal e. were not cheap to get. They had money for them. IMO RC or FV don’t care about Gh and what’s best for them. It’s all about changing and redoing all of gh and its history to may Franco work. Crazy it makes no sense

I wish Kelly all the best. At least she is jumping off the sinking ship known as gh.

Keep Kelly. Kate was boring, but Connie has dimension. Love Olivia and Sonny together again. I also love the Jerome family being brought back to Port Charles, that should get the mob, Sonny and Duke back to the front line stories.

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