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Michael E. Knight Returns to General Hospital

Photo: JPI

Next week on General Hospital, look for the return of Daytime Emmy-winner, Michael E. Knight in the role of Martin Grey, when Laura’s (Genie Francis) half-brother returns to Port Charles.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, GH co-head writer, Dan O’Connor, previewed Martin’s reappearance on the canvas, teasing, “Martin returns to Port Charles, and he must choose between his friendship with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and his budding relationship with Lucy (Lynn Herring).  While co-head writer, Chris Van Etten added, “Or you could say, choose between love and money!”.

GH viewers first met Martin back in 2019 when he became the lawyer for the nefarious Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier).  Since that time, his ties to Port Charles expanded being  revealed to related to Laura Collins, and another evil-doer, his brother, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

Now, with Michael Knight back on GH, it appears many fans are hoping for more of Martin and Lucy’s relationship on

So, where do you stand? Are you hoping that Lucy and Martin’s relationship grows stronger, or that it collapses? Comment below.

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This news just made my day. Looking foward to more of Martin and Lucy.

Always liked that man

Martin and Lucy need to be together

Always glad to see MEK and I hope there’s a way for him to be happy with Lucy and still be friends with Valentin.

He would be a great match for Alexis

I disagree! I am for Martin and Lucy all the way.

I’m with you, Anne. They’re so good together.

Mike, Alexis needs a vacay from situationships. Poor thing is traumatized. I was rooting for her and Harmony to start a little sumthin sumthin…Oh well.

I’m glad to read this! I think Lucy and martin are a cute couple and I love seeing Martin act with Laura and Lucy. Valentin better watch his step! Ha! Ha!

I just want to see more of Michael!! Any story line for Martin is a good storyline because it means Michael E. Knight is on the screen!

Absolutely agree

You make a great point. Any screen time for Michael E Knight is great! Have followed him for decades back to his first appearance on All My Children!!

Yes, agree, loved him on All My Children also! I love his grey hair!

I agree, just bring him back full time. Give him an excellent story line. To be honest bring in Cady McClain the ex Dixie from All My Children as a ex wife of his. Maybe his true love and a daughter and let Michael have to choose between Kucy. Valentin and his ex wife and daughter. Just my opinion.

Go MaLucy!

Where has he been all this time? Did he have to travel to Russia to close the KFC franchise operations over there

I usually get and love your humor… but this one goes right over my head ! (?)

KFC + Russia = Micheal (how and why)

He’s Colonel Sanders! Just look at him

He sounds like Colonel Sanders too with that accent he puts on, lol. Love Michael on the show, though. He was a welcome addition to the GH cast. Bad accent or not. I enjoy Martin and Lucy together.

Hahaha. That’s so true. The way he says, “Mama…” Adorable.

I’m thinking…Russia because of current events and KFC because people were saying he sounded like the Colonel when he first appeared on GH.

John York dropped the fake accent a few years into playing Mac. It’s time for Michael to do the same with Martin as it adds nothing to the character.

Thank you, Steve. I should have read ahead as I just posted the same thing well after you did.

Great minds think a like. At least with Mac, it made sense for him to have an Aussie accent since he is Robert’s brother. Still wise for them to stop it.

For Martin, neither Cyrus nor their mother had an accent. His character will be taken more seriously without it.

That’s so funny. I just got back from Jamaica where the KFC franchises are booming. The Jamaicans call it Keep From Cooking.

Please put him on contract

Welcome back. Michael—love you ever since when—-
…now, a word about sicko Esme—-She’s playing a good game of seduction. But, as I had intimated a few weeks ago, Is Nikolas leading her on, or is he simply an idiot? His son is sharper than he. Spencer has finally seen through her —Had no idea he was also into art and its many intricate techniques—chiaro e scuro? ( light and dark) . Contrast– WOW!! Impressive!! I shouldn’t be. He was educated abroud and he is a Cassadine. LOL.
More impressive? That the writers knew the Italian term. They must be connoisseurs??

Aside—I wonder why Harmony did not die? I thought that’s what the accident was all about. …. perhaps this whole mise en scene was for the benefit of either placing Sasha front and center or eliminating the character?

Oh Celia, was I wrong. A while back I thought Harmony was going to be an interesting, oddball character. Instead they turn her into a psychotic murderess with a syringe the size of a tennis racket. And Why? So we can have more of Curtis’ creepy dad, who even overacts his silences? Bad move. So I will enjoy seeing Martin again; his unplaceable accent has grown on me.

LOL–Oh, that syringe, Soaphound, seems to always be at the ready. Have syringe, Will travel.
I do agree, I started liking Harmony, too—At one point, I actually thought she and Ryan had been an item , once upon a time, and that Esme was the product of that demonic union –ergo, a psycho.
Marshall must possibly be the most uninteresting mystery of quite some time on soaps. Who cares where he’s been? —-or why he left his family? I think he and Stella did the “dirty”? Oh, I get it—Curtis is really Auntie’s love-child?
I haven’t warmed up to nuJordan either. Too impersonal and rigid—neither she nor what’s her name? —oh, yeah—Portia (from Willie’s, The Merchant of Venice—sorry….can’t help it.. LOL) appeals to me. I love Curtis, he’s hot—yet, we’re seeing too much of him—and, Sonny.
( excuse the typo in my previous post—abroad)—‘Nite❤️

I don’t think we have heard the real story about Marshall yet. Yeah, there was a “stigma” associated with mental illness which might have caused somebody to hide it from their family back in those days, but I seriously doubt it would cause somebody to fake their death and stay gone for decades.

Sonny – given his experience with the subject – will probably be the one to talk Curtis through all of that, but eventually Marshall’s going to turn up somewhere.

Makes sense, Satan—great synopsis of Marshall’s past, if true.
By the same token, I do not care much about the character unless a bomb drops…..

That’s the best description of Curtis’ dad that I could never think of!

I fully expect Harmony’s arrival in Hell by the end of the day on Friday. But I’m thinking there’s going to be a “deathbed confession” from her first. Only question is… who gets to hear it?

I’m thinking it will NOT be Willow. It damned well better not be Nina.

Why not, Satan? Regardless of how one feels about Nina’s character, she has a right to know who her child is—-vice versa for Willow, albeit I understand. You’re not a mother–LOL. Neither of them deserves to be in the dark.
If we must blame anyone for all this maelstrom of deception— then that person would be Madeline? Was that Nina’s mother’s name? Not sure.
Anyway—-Nina is an amazing mother, as we have witnessed —her treatment of Sasha ( before and after)—She is loving and comforting.
I also like the substitute Alexis—At least, I don’t have to watch her tossing her head hither and yon with every word she utters. Annoying!! And, the affectation of a lisp drives me to distraction.

When Nina thought she was Sasha’s mother she was at least tolerable. Since then, she’s reverted to psycho mode – possibly worse than her original red-haired incarnation, and has become a parasite who is eating the entire show, and I want her gone. Not necessarily in Hell, but if that’s the only way to solve the problem, I’ll take one for the team. She and Harmony could have their little talk in the dragon stables.

I have to disagree to some extent, Satan–Nina needs to be right where she is. The biggest story of her life is about to break open—you see her as a parasite, I see her as a lost middle-aged woman who has gotten herself caught into a trap of spitefulness ( to some degree) and stupidity. At least she didn’t shoot anyone.
I see Carly as a parasite, a hypocrite and an entitled nouveau riche. She was about to get down with Jason when Sonny showed up. She was given some respite when Jason was supposedly killed—-but, imagine if he hadn’t died? Would she go, eeny, meeny miny moe? She was spared that.
Also, you cannot compare her to Harmony and her syringe–Double LOL and HaHaHa!!
Ciao, baby.

The only reason Carly married Jason – first as a “business” strategy, but eventually a “real” marriage – was because they both believed Sonny was dead.

And whose fault was that? Oh right…..

Oh, c’mon, Satan—let’s get real here LOL. Carly has had the hots for Jason since forever—-she wanted both him and Sonny. A threesome even, yes??
Business deal, my you-know-what!! Perhaps I’m different? I don’t know—Jason was Carly’s “bestest” friend? Jason was just as yucky—he was Sonny’ best friend too. How do you do it with your best friend’s wife, dead or not??????!!!!!!
— Disgustoso!! Nice Italian word. Pardon the oxymoron.
Or do it with someone with whom you were not in love? –which lets me to believe that Carlyhas always lusted after Jason—not that I blame her—-look at Sonny!!
Nonetheless, she should be honest with herself and fess up.
I am not condoning what Nina did. But, I will be honest and fess up—I abhor Carly. I love Nina.
See? I am as unreasonable as my husband says. I admit it. LOL.

Looks like you’re right and it looks like it’s Carly but she tells her that Willow can’t know about Nina and although I think Alex should have been the one to hear this confession, since she was the one who befriended her, it seems to me that Harmony obviously knows of the bad blood between Carly and Nina and Carly would be more than happy to keep the mother/daughter thing a secret.

Has anyone noticed Esme’s very weird clothes? She wears this reddish short dress with little flowers & awful sneakers. Worn this on several different shows, I can’t remember anyone repeating an outfit on a soap!

Wardrobe is likely dressing Esme like that to have her look younger. With pants and her hair down, she’d probably look older than the 19 year olds she’s grouped with.

LOL, Gloria—it’s weird to us —I have nieces from 13-17 years—They all dress like that–high-top Converse. They wear sneakers with cocktail dresses. I know–Strange.
As far as the repetition—yeah, I haven’t seen that either.

Celia, what about Esme’s hairstyle? Is it 1968 again? Personality aside, she’s very pretty and could use a DECEPTION makeover. That repetition thing is funny. On Y&R recently, both Sharon and Victoria wore the same dress four days running because it was all part of the same day! Funny, I don’t mind if Nick or Noah or Adam are wearing the same shirt…just hoping it will be removed.

Actually, Soaphound, all the hot men should go shirtless—-LOL—We sound like two desperate housewives!!
Esme’s hairstyle has really never gone out of style—-it’s just her hair. It is mousy, without flair or umph–that’s the problem.

Seems like they change Esme’s entire look about every three weeks or so. First time they did it, I thought that they were trying to make her look like Harmony, as a clue that Harmony was her mother. I still say she is, but Harmony is on her way to Hell, so who knows whether the storyline of her true parentage will be dropped. Surely Ryan knows who he made a psycho baby with? Has he told Esme who her mama is…. and what will her reaction be to Harmony’s death?

I would love to see Lucy and Martin get together, they will fit just perfect

Right just like back in the day
Tad and Jenny story I just love Michael so glad he is back in soaps

Looks like you got your wish everyone loves Lucy, even Valentin. She’s always annoyed me, but I can’t fight the majority.l

Love Martin and Lucy together. Lucy has enough money for both of them.

Hooray! So glad he’ll be back next week. I would rather see him with Ava or Alexis than flaky Lucy.

Martin with Ava or Alexis? They would eat him alive! Lucy, can’t really see him with her either, he and his home spun charm, doesn’t seem her type. As an attorney, I’d have him any day of the week, the sly old fox.

I think he could have sparkling dialogue with Alexis. She was still a lawyer when he first came on and I had visions of them duking it out in court and then it flipping to romance.
Ava is a more recent idea for me. He gives as good as he gets. I think he would be an upgrade from Nik. This Nik doesn’t have chemistry with Ava.

I’m enjoying our little debate here. I agree with the professional part of Alex and Martin, just not the romantic part. Ava needs a certain kind of man. Someone at least on her level or stronger and that sure isn’t Nick! He’s a dud and I can’t really see any woman on the show that he’d be right for. Now, Mr. CHRISTOPHER, yum

I want them to get together and be a couple long term

Best news I’ve had all week. ☺️

Great news…what about the Nurses Ball this year?

They already announced there is no Nurses’ Ball this year.

Martin and Lucy all the way!

I’m always on the side of love.

Grows they are cute together

Looking forward to his return

WHY ? can’t Valentin and Martin….. BE …. drumroll…. get your panties in a bunch…. TADA !!!!

THE NEW !!!!

Jason and Sonny hunks all over again

Jason still looks pretty good but Sonny is looking every bit his age and I think his hunky days are over. I see Nina dancing with this little old man and she’s all gaga and I cringe.

No…do not have Lucy Coe and Martin Grey as a couple. He needs someone else!

Yes, want to see more of Martin and Lucy!!!

I think he will be Harmony lawyer since Diane will not and Scotty is Trina’s lawyer.

I doubt if she’ll need a lawyer where she’s going!

But if she does need a lawyer, we have plenty to choose from. Since most lawyers end up down here!

A lot of lawyers end up in the ocean too, with the rest of the sharks.

Love him. Hope it continues.

I’m looking forward to this, however, I genuinely hope the accent is dropped. It makes no sense.

I couldn’t agree more. it’s really bad.

Yay! I have missed him and his character. Hope he’s back for good!

I would love to see this relationship grow into a “forever thing. I think they could become a real interesting and loving relationship.

I just want Michael to have the front burner roll he deserves. He has always been my favorite

I’m all for whatever keeps Michael E Knight on the TV canvas! While I never was a fan of dippy Lucy Coe, I’ll take it if it means more Martin Grey!

Love them together. More canvas time please.

Martin and Lucy will be the new Ricky and Lucy!!! Love them both!

Martin and Lucy all the way ❤️

Not a fan of Lucy… tired, fake character. They should hire Cady Mclain. They had real chemistry.

Martin is such a minor character in the overall GH canvas. They’re highly unlikely to pay Cady to come aboard as his love interest.

Other than Lucy, the only pairing that would be intriguing would be Martin and Gladys.

OOOOOOoooooo Martin and Gladys….I can see that!

Martin and Gladys! She really is a beautiful woman, would look good with him, but could he teach her what really is important in life? She is so materialistic, wants her son to work for Sonny, despite his way of life, as long as he makes the big bucks. Only recently has she shown any interest in Sasha and her well-being and her recently becoming a multi millionaire doesn’t hurt any.

Violet, based on Brando’s behavior to the sleazy reporter, I’d say a job with Sonny’s crew is coming soon. He was pretty threatening. And Gladys? I thought she was making progress but I can also see her leveraging that memory card for a share of Sasha’s fortune. Why doesn’t Sasha just admit she had a relapse? It’s more understandable than what’s gonna happen next.

I think Gladys would drive Martin a little crazy. But then he is sorta with Lucy who is a little “spontaneous.” And would she want try Martin after her experience with his brother, Cyrus Renault?

Love Martin and Coe together

I would love to see Michael and Lucy together.
Welcome back Michael, you were missed.

They need to be together its sweet

I’m digging on Martin and Lucy!

Excited to see him return and hopefully in time for the nurse’s ball. Would be great to catch he and Lucy in their skivvies

Michael E. Knight has the “niche” talent; slapstick comedy. I love seeing him on my screen, and with Lucy too … they are the comedy that General Hospital desperately needs!

Love Martin and Lucy together please.

Well, Yay! I absolutely adore this naturally affable, talented and charismatic actor. All I ask is that they let him give up his phony New Orleans accent. It distracts from his talent. John York as Mac Scorpio was allowed to give up his faux Aussie accent and no one cared or even noticed. I don’t think anyone will care if Martin gives up his phony accent either. In fact, he will shine even more without it

I love MarCy. Lucy loosens Martin up so much. I hope they are given a chance to grow their relationship. I frankly don’t see how Martin’s relationship with Lucy would affect his working relationship with Valentin. Make it make sense.

I like those two together!!! “Lucy Coe”, nobody else is like her!!!!!I love it when she’s on canvas.

Breaking News

(WATCH) 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations Special Live!

After exciting morning for your favorite daytime stars when they were revealed to be nominees for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards comes tonight 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special.

Beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, several of the nominees will talk with Michael Fairman on their reactions to the news they have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, share what scenes they submitted that landed in the top five or six in their respective performer acting categories and much more.

Scheduled to appear are: Days of our Lives nominees, Tamara Braun (Ava), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), The Young and the Restless nominees: Allison Lanier (Summer), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Courtney Hope (Sally), Bryton James (Devon), The Bold and the Beautiful’s John McCook (Eric), General Hospital nominees, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Alley Mills (Heather), and The Bay’s Mike Manning (Caleb).

Photo: JPI

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th and emanating, once again this year from the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

For a full list of this year’s nominations click here.

Now, watch below as the stars chat it up as we celebrate their Daytime Emmy Nominations. If you have a potential question you might want posed to any of our guests, drop it in the comment section below and we just might ask it on air.

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51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations: CBS Soaps Score Most, Eric Braeden, Dick Van Dyke, Guy Pearce Receive Nods

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) have officially announced on Friday, the full list of nominees for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

While Thursday brought with it four reveals of the nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama, Talk Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress categories (as presented by various entertainment news programs), today’s nominations include all the other categories not previously announced.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast is set to be presented live on Friday night, June 7, at 8 PM EDT /delayed PT, on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. This will mark the 18th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys.

Photo: JPI

In addition, The Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 8 at t9 PM ET/6 PM PT and streamed on The Emmys apps and at The ceremonies will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles.

Television icon, Dick Van Dyke has received his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for his touching portrayal of Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s Days of our Lives. The nomination makes Van Dyke the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee in history at 98-years-old.  In addition, motion picture and TV star, Guy Pearce, is also nominated as Guest Performer for his longtime role as Mike Young in the reboot of Neighbours.

Speaking of Neighbours, the Australian soap opera also received its first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for Daytime Drama Series now that its a revival can be streamed on Amazon Freevee. In addition, The Young and the Restless iconic, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) received his first Daytime Emmy nomination in more than 20 years in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

In the Daytime Drama series categories, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless each scored 12 nominations more than any other show. Leading the acting nominations was B&B, who landed 7 performers in the various categories, a first in its 37-year history.

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President & CEO, NATAS expressed, “We are happy to once again honor the creative talent both in front of and behind the camera of America’s favorite Daytime programs. We look forward to celebrating the icons who enliven the days of audiences across the country.”

Photo: JPI

Brent Stanton, Head of Daytime, NATAS added, “Producing the Daytime Emmys is a labor of love for all of us at NATAS. The huge popularity of these shows continues to be must-see viewing for their fans.” NATAS also revealed that Lifetime Achievement Honorees, Hosts, Presenters, and Silver and Gold Circle honorees will be revealed at a later date.

The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in television programming honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be produced once again by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI). Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie executive produces from ATI.

Congratulations to all the men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes for their recognition as we take a look at who will be going for gold come June. Here are the nominees below starting with the Daytime Drama Categories.

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital


The Young and the Restless


Tamara Braun, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

Photo: JPI


Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo: JPI


Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Photo: JPI


Robert Gossett, General Hospital

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Wally Kurth, Days of our Lives

A Martinez, The Bay

Mike Manning, The Bay

Photo: JPI


Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

Guy Pearce, Neighbours

Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


General Hospital

The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

Photo: ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

The Kelly Clarkson Show


African Queens: Njinga

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

Start Up

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show

General Hospital

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Jennifer Hudson Show


Photo: WarnerBros


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show


The View

The Young and the Restless


“Shine” General Hospital

“Unexpected Truth”Unexpected

“We’re Home” Reconnecting Roots


The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tamron Hall

Turning The Tables with Robin Roberts

The View

Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

Photo: Disney/ABC


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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Breaking News

51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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