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Michael Easton's Short Film ULTRAVIOLENT Starring Trevor St. John Takes Best Of Show Honors In Best Shorts Competition!



On Thursday, none other than General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Silas) received a very special honor for directing and producing his short film Ultraviolent which stars former One Life to Live favorite Trevor St. John (Ex-Victor Lord Jr.)!  Easton’s short film took top honors in The Best Shorts Competition winning The Best of Show Award.

In Ultraviolent the time is April 24, 1996, and in an act that mirrors the ending of his best-known film Performance, avant-garde director Donald Cammell shoots himself in the head, putting an end to a lifelong obsession with art, insanity and death.  St John skillfully captures Donald’s decent into madness amidst a background of pulsing music, deadly silence and creative filming.

The Best Shorts Competition recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.  Each year thousands of entries are received and are judged by highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry including Emmy, Telly and Communicator Award winners and nominees.

In winning “Best of Show” Michael Easton joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including The Weinstein Company, Disney Interactive and the Oscar winning production Mr. Hublot by Laurent Witz from Luxembourg.

Rick Prickett, who chairs The Best Shorts Competition, had this to say about the latest winners, “Best Shorts is not an easy award to win. Entries are received from around the world from powerhouse companies to remarkable new talent. The Best Shorts Competition helps set the standard for craft and creativity. The judges were pleased with the exceptional craft and storytelling of Ultraviolent.”

The Best Shorts Competition is unique in the industry.  Attracting both established companies as well as talented new filmmakers it is a truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their films in this prestigious competition.


Currently in its 5th year, Best Shorts strives to give talented directors, producers, actors and creative teams the positive exposure they deserve. It discovers and honors talent and is often one of the first competitions entered by the filmmaker and a frequent indicator of future success.

The Best Shorts Competition is international in scope and has granted awards to producers in Australia, Bahrain, Bali, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States and more!

For Easton’s film Ultraviolent to win Best In Show, quality and creativity are an important component to the judging. The judging takes place by in-house staff and a committee of industry professionals including Emmy, Telly and Communicator award nominees and recipients. As with the Tellys and regional Emmy Awards, entries do not compete against each other. Instead, entries are judged against a high standard of merit and are scored accordingly. Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded as Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit, Award of Recognition or no award.  “Best of Show” honors are granted to the top scoring entry for each season.

What do you think about Michael Easton winning top honors for directing “Best of Show” for his film Ultraviolent starring Trevor St. John?  Would you love to see the film as much as we do?  Comment below!

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That answers the question, why no Silas happenings !
Michael Easton (Silas) was busy winning taking top honors in The Best Shorts Competition winning The Best of Show Award.
I have to see Easton’s film ‘Ultraviolen’t starring Trevor St. John / wow!

Winning The Best Shorts Competition is not an easy win..
It is an international/world wide competition..

I have read Michael Easton’s writings, he is extremely talented man..
He writes on the darkside, and very good at doing so..
The award/honor that was bestowed upon him, it doesn’t get any better..

I hope now he will have more time for GH, I gots luv for Silas 😉
Perhaps he will somehow get Trevor in GH, that would be awesome, indeed !!!


“…He writes on the darkside, and very good at doing so.. ”

Michael Easton’ doing it.. isn’t that something

“…The Best Shorts Competition is international in scope ”

high 5

standing “O” vation

Michael Easton , Trevor St. John, plus

a coop for “us”

“thank you” Michael Easton

i had no idea… beam… LOL.. radiate ear to ear… smile

What a brief piece of awesome that would be to see it. Congrats too all involved 🙂 Yes Su if TSJ came to GH I would start watching for sure

Hes a very talented man, not limited just to his acting. Congratulations, Michael!

It’s a wonderful honor. Michael is extraordinarily talented in every thing he does. I am so proud. I can’t wait to see the film. I know I am going to love it.

I’m glad for Michael, yes……
But, Trevor!!!!! Finally!!!! Where have you been? I have missed you. One of my faves of all time soap star!!
I am ecstatic about seeing these two working together again. “Great Shew”.
Congrats, Michael!

Congratulations to Michael Easton! I’m also glad that Trevor St. John is being recognized for his acting in this film. Whenever it is available to be shown and in whatever format it can be viewed, I would love to see it.

My hearty congratulations to Michael and his best friend Trevor! This is a huge honor! Two immensely talented gentlemen collaborating and taking home The Gold! I am so proud of this accomplishment! Way to go gentlemen!

Very impressive. Congratulations Michael Easton and Trevor St. John.

Congratulations to them both! Glad to see to ex-costars wanting to work together again!

Congratulations to Mr. Easton for achieving such a high honor in receiving this award. I’m continually reminded what a clever and talented man he is.

Michael is so talented!! Congratulations!! I hope we see much more from him in film and fiction!!

Congratulations to the incredibly talented Michael Easton and great to see Trevor St. John be part of this! Now maybe we’ll get to enjoy more Silas on GH, and how wonderful it would be if Trevor could one day join GH…Silas needs friends/family 🙂

Yes! Trevor could play the role of Ned? I say ‘Ned’ in a whisper. I don’t want the diehard Wally/Ned fans going up in arms against me….LOL.

Michael Easton is absolutely briliant! He has won top honors for his graphic novels as well. I cannot wait to see this film! This is so wonderful for Michael and Trevor and I know they had fun making it! Congrats to both of them!

I am so happy for Michael. He is such an incredibly talented individual. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film.

Thrilling news for Michael Easton! He’s always got a lot more going on than just General Hospital. The man is extremely talented. Looking forward to seeing this film and reading more of his chilling and thought provoking books.

I’m so happy for you Mr. Easton! I’m sure you were happy to work with Trevor St. John again. You are both truely talented and I hope you will be able to work together again in the future.

I echo the sentiments of every comment above! I love Trevor St. John; plus, I ‘m growing to like Michael . Nevertheless, congratulations !

Congratulations to Michael and Trevor!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nina Confronts Ava for Sabotaging Her Relationship With Sonny and Signs the Divorce Papers

Looks like Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Ava (Maura West) are back to be each other’s sworn enemy number one. By the end of the Monday, April 22nd episode of General Hospital, the women know where they stand with each other after Nina goes in on Ava accusing her of wanting Sonny (Maurice Benard) all to herself, while her marriage has been on the rocks.

In story, at Nina’s office, Ava shows up to see Nina and says she is sorry about what happened with Sonny and that he reacted the way he did, acknowledging that is was over the top, even for Sonny. Ava says she’ll smooth things over, but Nina says she now understands how manipulative and transparent Ava really is.

Given their horrible history, Nina goes in on Ava and how she should never have trusted her. Nina wants to know how long has Ava had this agenda dating all the way back to telling Nina to turn Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) into the SEC. Ava says she never told her do to that, but Nina wants to know how long Ava has been playing her for a fool.


Ava says she moved in with Sonny to keep Avery safe and she wants to be on good terms with Avery’s father, Sonny. Nina thinks she likes being in Sonny’s inner circle. Ava tells Nina if she goes to him about her advising Nina to call the SEC on Carly and Drew, it won’t work.  Sonny still considers Nina a traitor and he will think she’s lying because she’s so desperate to win him back. Ava says if Nina would stop blaming everyone else that maybe Sonny would respect her.  Nina says “like he does you?” Ava says Sonny not only respects her, but he also counts on her.

From there, Ava launches into why she and Sonny understand each other, after all, Sonny is a powerful, turbulent, and sometimes violent man. She goes so far to say if Nina wanted someone to just sit by the fire with and play with their grandchildren, she’s got the wrong guy.  Ava then talks about Mike from Nixon Falls (Sonny with amnesia) and how Sonny hid the darkest parts of himself from Nina back then, whereas with Ava they are the same similar creatures, so he doesn’t have to hide anything.


Nina wants to know just what Ava wants with Sonny? What is her end game? Ava responds that they understand each other, in ways she can’t with Sonny. Nina tells Ava she can go ahead and have it all and signs Sonny’s divorce papers. Ava walks out with the documents, while Nina in tears at her desk, takes off her wedding rings and has her assistant come in so she can messenger the rings back to Sonny’s address.

The episode and these scenes featured great performances by Cynthia Watros and Maura West. You can check some of the scenes below.

Now, let us know, what is Ava’s next move? Is she going to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos? Do you like Ava and Nina as enemies? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Ellen Travolta Makes Another Return to General Hospital

If General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) nuptials are on, you didn’t think Grandma Gloria Cerullo would miss out on the festivities, now did you?

Casting news from Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ellen Travolta is back taping scenes that will air the week of May 13th on the ABC daytime drama series.  When viewers learned that Carmine Cerullo, was also on his way back to Port Charles, now in the face and body of actor George Russo, it only made sense that Grandma Gloria would join Grandpa Cerullo. Look for them both mid-May.

As most people know, Ellen is the older sister to John Travolta. She first make appearances as Gloria back on GH in the mid-90s. Most recently, she returned to the Quartermaine mansion to meet up with daughter, Lois (Rena Sofer) and granddaughter Brook Lynn for Thanksgiving in Port Charles in 2023.  Michael Fairman TV interviewed Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton late last year where they shared what it had been liking working with Ellen, who remains very close to Sofer in real-life.

Photo: JPI

Amanda shared: “We fell in love immediately. What’s crazy is my maternal grandmother was Grandma Gloria. I had her till I was 30 and we were so close. She was really like a second mom to me. So, when I got this script and I’m reading “Grandma Gloria”, it was so bizarre. And then in meeting Ellen, she looks like my grandma – same haircut, same high cheekbones. It really did feel like I had a few days with my grandma. It was very, very special for me. Ellen is sweet, prepared, professional, talented and funny to boot. So, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at work. I hope she comes back. My fingers are crossed.”

Photo: ABC

Now, we can’t imagine Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding day to be smooth sailing, in fact, expect just the opposite, but could it be Grandma Gloria who is ultimately the hero or the calming voice of reason for any pre-wedding jitters? Stay tuned.

So, glad to know that Ellen Travolta will be back for Brook Lynn and Chase’s big day? Comment below.

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Breaking News

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

Photo: JPI

Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Share your remembrances and condolences for Meg Bennett via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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