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Michael Fairman & Dan J. Kroll Discuss The OLTL Crossover Conundrum On Soap Central Live – Listen To The Segment!



In case you missed last Friday’s Soap Central Live with host Dan J. Kroll, On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman was a featured guest during a segment discussing the latest in the soaps.

The main topic during the episode turned out to be the situation that has developed between Prospect Park, and ABC and General Hospital, over the rights to use original One Life to Live characters John (Michael Easton), Todd (Roger Howarth) and Starr (Kristen Alderson) in the upcoming online reboot of the beloved series.

Last Friday, news broke from various sources including: Michael Easton himself announcing that February 8th was his last tape date at his moment at GH due to legal issues, which was followed by a statement by GH stating that they intend to keep the actors who are under contract to them, even if it means they have to become different characters.  That was soon followed by an official statement by Prospect Park relating that they “lent” the characters of John, Starr and Todd to GH, but that they are willing and hoping to work out a deal with ABC and General Hospital that benefits all parties involved in a “win-win” situation.

After the jump, listen to Fairman’s segment in the first 35 minutes of the series, and then let us know what you think of the situation after listening to the views expressed during Soap Central Live!

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cant they just do crossovers and borrow the characters occassionally. todd, starr, john, could call gh home now but travel to oltl for a brief visit to wrap up the todd/victor story and john/natlie/liam, then all three go back to gh. oltls nat and others could move on to different stories but on occasion todd, starr, and john could make brief returns to oltl and nat and blair could do the same with gh if needed. actually no matter how much i like the three, both shows could still go on without them. im tired of this with abc who i think wants oltl to fail to prove they were right to cancel. its getting to the point i dont care anymore what happens to the characters. im glad to get oltl back no matter who returns

p.s. in an unrelated subject, i want Brittany to be related to the dead Lisa Niles who came to gh for revenge for Lisa’s death with plans to hurt Patrick but fell in love with him instead. i also want Brit to be Faisons daughter, and had helped with Robins kiddnapping. i doubt itll turn out this way but it would be great way to connect the stories together.

I agree with you Jim!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want their charcters changed at all.. I like them just the way they are! I followed their characters a long time and come to look forward to seeing them as John McBain, Todd, &Starr! Especilly Michael Easton’s
character. It shouldn’t change to a different character at all. I woudn’t like that one
bit! And all three actors can do both. Do GH & OLTL . And forget about Easton
playing Caleb again. I don’t like the vampire storyline at all. Leave the vampire
stories for the horror movies not the soaps!

Think of the vampire story as an inside joke of how the previous producers and writers sucked nearly all the life out of gh, and almost killed it, and now with the transfusion of new blood behind the scenes, gh has been revived and can live again. i posted it before but thought it worth repeating to help fans accept the vampire story in a different way. I have mixed feelings about the story myself. Maybe there isnt vampires, and its a harmless little mystery with a reasonable explaination at the end. But if it is about real vampires, its okay with me too because it brought old favorites back like Kevin and Lucy., even if it might be 4 a short visit. If someone can freeze pc or Robin can be visited by an alien y not vampires? Ratings r up so that could b helping. I just happy the show is doing well whether i like the vampire thing or not. It actually could be worse with the show stuck with all that mob stuff, and very little else where it had been far too long.

Right now it is a murder mystery. There have been no vampires and no fangs. To assume Caleb is really a vampire is assuming a lot right now. No one knows where this storyline is headed. We’re guessing at this point. I love the storyline so far and have faith in Cartini to deliver a great mystery. I don’t think the will jump the shark.

The vampire element is actually quite intriguing. Potentially the subplot could take a purely symbolic, existential route or a literal route (actual vamps) or a savvy combination of the two. There are limitless avenues available in the realm of imagination and creativity and a substrata of mystery, in the hands of inspired writers (which GH certainly has at this time), can lead down paths of brilliance. Under the guidance of distinguished writer Ron Carlivati, cliches (shades of TWILIGHT)will be avoided and the storyline won’t lead to (pardon the pun) dead ends (or”undead” ends?).

I agree. They really could loan these characters and actors to finish the storylines and then move on. As a long-time viewer I would be fine with that.

Great discussion. I hope this turns out as a win-win for all parties, especially the fans. I really think it’s do-able.

Off subject…just want to congratulate you Mr. Fairman on how far this blog has come and most importantly THANK YOU! “Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps” is my go-to for all things soapy!

I agree 150%. This is my favorite soap site. I always trust your words.

They should not be expected to do double duty. Recast on O!TL. New characters on GH!

Just finished watching GH there is Caleb & John . He’s playing two different parts. I saw
John McBain at the police station and Caleb on the docks. Oh Boy! I don’t like were this is going.

I don’t like vampire’s on GH! Again leave this story for the horror movies NOT THE SOAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched GH a long time and don’t want stories about vampire’s on it. I will watch repeats of Dark Shadow’s for that…..

They better work out something we the soap fans would like because we watch the soaps. Want to keep our inteerest in the soaps don’t mess around with John , Todd , or
Starr. Don’t change their characters!

of course I want to keep them on Gh and as the same characters, don’t care if they have to tinker with the character names, as I’ve said earlier, maybe John Ravaine instead of John McBain… but you know if PP is nasty about it and they have to be completely different characters, than there is no reason to mention any OLTL character and no reason for anyone to care about what PP is doing, and certainly no reason to go watch what they’re doing online for those that would have watched both just because they mention each other.

I think cross promoting each other is a good thing.

I want all three staying right where they are on GH. PP blew their chance last year! And I want Michael playing Caleb!

Watched him as Caleb on GH years ago. I feel it is a limited role..I don’t think it
is a long lasting role. There is so much you can do with that certain type of character (vampire). It isn’t a solid role like John McBain is.

Easton was Caleb on PORT CHARLES not GH. And you bet he could be Caleb permanently on GH now!

Hello? I see most of you are GH watchers, I have watched both for over 25yrs I was there on OLTL when these character were created, they belong back home on OLTL I have had trouble even watching them on GH they are not the same there and it takes away from their true characters….they have seemed out of place on GH> If anything they belong to OLTL and can crossover to GH. PP bought the rights to these characters because they belong with OLTL and their stories……I think there needs to be a mutal agreement somehow.

Agree Lynn!

I agree with Lynn. I watch both GH and OLTL, and these characters are OLTL characters. I have LOVED them over on GH, but now that OLTL is back….they belong “home”. Or, as others have suggested, they, along with maybe other characters, and do crossover stories from time to time.

All parties involved need to work together and not against each other.

I hope that they can be on both GH and OLTL !With OLTL taping in 6 week cycles,they could film scenes for GH when OLTL is on a shooting break,with all the great characters on the GH canvas,they would hardly be missed because of other great stories being played out during they’re absence !!

Bring the 3 back to oltl. abc and pp should work together to transition the stories on the correct canvas. It does not have to be rushed. I know it would be tough on the 3 actors who have already brought their lives to the west coast. The Caleb bring back is insulting. Sorry Blair needs Starr and Natalie needs John. Todd is the only one that can easily stay at gh. Once we find out that victor is still alive! The story line crossovers can be incredible.

I agree with what the radio guy said !! There is a way to do this with out messing it up! You can’t recast the characters for on GH and have different people playing them for both shows. I watch Both shows and it will only mess it all up!!!! If you watch both shows like I do, then there can’t be two different story lines for the same Characters. And what since they killed off Cole and hope on GH are they going to still be alive on OLTL???

They need to just go back and forth between both shows!!

I understand what people may feel about where the characters should end up. But I think people should also see the other side from the financial point of view. They will not be making the same salary as they did on an Advertisement driven Daytime Network show. Im an actor in nyc and Im so frustrated that people cant see where these actors are coming from. They all moved to LA pretty much making the same salary. Why should they move back to NYC/CT for a fraction of their salary? I get that fans want their characters, but the reality is that bills need to be paid, and that should definitely be their first personality.

Exactly Travis. And going back and forth woukd not be fair either to the actors. They should not be expected to do both shows. They would not have a family life. They would constantly be on the move. They moved out to LA thinking they woukd be on for the duration of their ABC contracts. PP had pulled out of the soaps. I mean what should have Easton done, not gotten a job. I hope they stay where they belong on GH!

Michael, I think you make a very interesting point. People are so busy pointing the finger and PP, at the OLTL Fans & The GH Fans that they are all forgetting that ABC is the one that put this ball in motion. And I personally believe that it goes a little deeper. Follow me on this one…..

Ok, at the height of the fans anger, after ABC decided to cancel AMC & OLTL….ABC could not have been more hated by the fans of daytime television. Well, here comes Prospect Park to save the day. Now can you imagine what would have happened to ABC or GH for that matter, if PP would have been able to successfully pull off the transition from television to internet, the first go round? They would have been the downfall of ABC entire daytime lineup….but I firmly believe that ABC put so much red tape and hassle in the mix for PP, the first go round that they made it virtually impossible for PP to get things off the ground….ergo making PP the bad guys and taking the heat off of ABC. Now with this new situation with Kristen, Michael & Roger….who is taking the heat? PP….AGAIN! ABC knew the deal when they came to an agreement with PP. They have just been using the popularity of these characters and others that have made cameos as the fuel to gain them more viewership and more money. They should have never lead the fans of GH or OLTL to believe that John, Starr & Todd were on GH for good….yet another lie told by ABC…Remember, PP had a year to start production with either show, per the licensing agreement. So to sign these actors to multiple year contracts was kind of an under-handed thing for ABC to do, not knowing the certainty of the future of the internet endeavor.

I am a long-time soap opera fan….let me state that. I’ve had my moments where I have literally watched just about all of the soaps at some time or another. I have always found myself drawn to AMC & OLTL, because that’s what I grew up on….My mom watched and passed it on to me and my siblings. So I find myself more invested in these two shows. Now I can say with no regret, I don’t like the way the characters of OLTL have been handled on GH. I didn’t think it was necessary to bring Starr, Cole & Hope on….only to kill off her family. Then bring John McBain on….only to have him leave his new family (that all of the OLTL fans had watched for an eternity fight all kinds of crazy odds, only to get a brief happy ending) then have him immediately hook up with Sam on GH. And as far as Todd, I have always been a fan of the back & forth entanglement that he and Blair have always had…..but to have him come on and be apart of that story where Tea’s baby, the only connection that she had left with Victor, gets killed off and go through the whole horrible baby-switching story (which is so overplayed).

I want these characters back in Llanview. At least Starr & John. If Starr is not back, what family member will Blair have to worry about? LOL And you are right, Starr drove story on OLTL. Right now, she’s just a seat filler on GH…so she’s not really being utilized to the best of her abilities. John needs to come back and be with his family. Besides that….he was the detective that was like a dog with a bone on OLTL….they need that on the show. Now, if they don’t bring Todd back; 1, it won’t make sense….but other than that. Do everything in their power to bring back Victor & Tomas. Blair needs some kind of man in her life….and I liked the connection that she had with Tomas.

I wouldn’t be offended with cross-overs….because like you stated, God knows all three shows AMC, OLTL & GH have connections with each other. I mean, who didn’t love those “What If” Webisodes that Frank Produced using all of the characters from the various shows? Ok, I have more to say, but I’ve rambled on enough….. Just want to get the point out, that I don’t think PP is the bad guy in this. I still blame ABC!!

How are the characters not acting like themselves? Starr is trying to be a singer and her stories have been about boys, singing, and her dad. Ummm…I’m pretty sure minus Langston, that’s what she was doing in Llainview. It’s been over a year since Natalie decided to leave John. He only came to Port Charles on an assignment, but after losing your home, your girlfriend, your job, and your child, and being offered a job doing what you’re good at doing, why wouldn’t he take it. Gotta pay the bills somehow. And he’s only kissed Sam. Again, a year after his relationship ended. He’s a cop, who hates Todd Manning, always being overprotective of a “spunky” girl, & has a close relationship to the commissioner. Ummm….sounds like same old John to me. Ha.
And Todd, hated Victor. The “Todd” character has pretended to have DID before. Always putting his daughter in compromising situations. Has always been rather selfish to a degree…even when he thinks he’s making the right decision. He kidnapped Jack and made Blair think he was dead for goodness sake. lol. Todd’s running a magazine, off and on with his daughter, obsessed with a strong in your face blond, in and out of jail and other illegal activities, and doesn’t really have any friends. Sounding like same ol Todd to me. Ha.
I think some people expected….well I don’t know what people expected. I just think, yes, there were minor changes, but they were made to benefit the the support of the show and daytime. But also, those three wouldn’t have signed on if they didn’t approve the directions their characters were being taken.
They’re not THAT different. And frankly, I’m kinda glad we’re not being forced into another Blair and Todd I love you/I hate you soon. Or Starr and Cole/James. Or John and Natalie. People grow and evolve in real life with how they handle things that come at them. These characters are being written that way.

I personally think they ARE bringing something to GH. And frankly, if the actors and the networks agree to “sharing custody”, it’s not like all three have to go at once. It could all be gradual, if at all. There are a LOT of amazing Legacy characters signed back on for OLTL. I think they could do quite fine if John, Todd, & Starr aren’t immediately on the screen. :-p

Hugo Boss, I don’t know if you actually read one word of what I said. I said that I didn’t like how the characters were being handled…..I didn’t like the killing off of Cole & Hope, the killing off of Tea’s & Victor’s baby, and it wasn’t a year after that John broke it off with Natalie before he was kissing Sam….OLTL went off the air in Jan of 2012 and the characters of OLTL joined in like March or April….by July he was kissing Sam. HA! Not quite a year.

I read exactly what you wrote. Yes you did mention Cole and Hope, who lets be honest, Cole wasnt even on the show anymore. Yes Tea lost a baby. But how often does that happen on all soaps. But you did also mention John and his family, which I commented on. Todd and Blair….which I commented on. And Starr, the “seat-filler”, which I commented on. How is that not reading anything you wrote?
And I’m sorry. It wasn’t a year. You are very correct. How silly of me to extend the time frame in a daytime soap. That NEVER happens. I mean Michael’s only like 9 years old right? lol
The bottom line of my response was simply to say, the characters are evolving. There’s a reason Kristen and Roger DIDN’T sign on to Prospect Park. Kristen said point blank she wanted to try something else. So, is Starr leading a storyline? No. Not exactly. But, just like John and Todd, they’ve all been mixed in nicely. And look who’s writing for them? The same guy who knows their characters as well if not better than they do. So you gotta assume there’s big plans on down the line in the future. I’m all for legacy characters and keeping history of the soaps in mind. But sometimes, we the fans just need to trust the people who created/write for/KNOW these characters and accept a little change. It’s hard, cause we all want things how WE want them. But even reading these posts on here. You could have five people in a row, all with different opinions, all “speaking for the majority”. lol.
I’m wasn’t trying to offend you. I just pointed out that the main three who were given contracts and crossover are basically the same characters at the core. With a little new dynamics. And it sucks Tea lost her baby. However, we all know Victor is alive. And I’m pretty sure we can all rest assured that Tea will one day deliver a healthy baby by Victor. Haha. And think about how losing a child is going to give Flo’s character even more levels to play with. And John and Nat have been off and on forever. They’ve both dated others. Hell how long did we bare with Jared being her “one true love”. lol. I’m just saying, you know all of these characters will make their way back to each other. I’d rather it take it longer. Cause if they do it now, they’re just gonna end up breaking up in another year when one cheats or lies or has a former dead lover or unknown child pop up. :-p

Bottom line is, I guess it would have worked out better “in my opinion” if Ron & Frank would have just started off making John, Starr & Todd three new characters that were not tied to OLTL. Had they done that, none of this contract mess would be an issue…..and on top of that, they wouldn’t have had to kill off Cole, Hope, Victor’s baby….plus have John leave Natalie behind in Llanview. It would have been just as easy for them to write 3 new characters in. When I said that I didn’t like how they were being handled, I didn’t mean that the characters were acting like different characters….I meant that I “personally” don’t like the story situations. I mean was it really necessary to bring Tea onto the canvas, so she could lose her baby that she had with Victor? I know there’s a chance for her to have another child, but for me it was just pointless storytelling. And Hope could have stayed home with Blair, while Starr went off to have her music career….Guess I just don’t get into the whole baby killing stories. Plus, being that Hope is a part of a major family on OLTL, the opportunity for some great heart wrenching performances were missed out, because they couldn’t spend too much time on that subject on GH, because the Mannings haven’t cemented their feet in the ground at GH, by this time….So they had to spend time focusing on the major characters on GH, which is understandable….

I don’t know, I just don’t like it. I want the actors to do whatever makes them happy. I just wish it could have been handled a little differently

If I have read correctly, PP will be filming OLTL and AMC in CT. GH films in CA. This could cause a slight problem with Starr, Todd and John/Caleb bouncing back and forth between the two soaps and the two coasts.

Years ago the story lines did cross over General Hospital’s Dr. Steve Hardy appeared in Llanview to consult on Meredith Lord Wolek’s blood disease. One Life to Live’s Dr. Larry Wolek visited All My Children shortly after its premiere in 1970. AMC Skye Chandler to GH to become a Quartermaine. AMC’s Babe Carey’s son to OLTL’s Kevin Buchanan & Kelly Cramer in a baby-switch story line. Just as Port Charles and General Hospital crossed over with the Nurse’s Ball with the story starting on one show and continuing to the other. It was easier then, since AMC & OLTL were filmed in NY. GH has always filmed in CA. In 2010 AMC & OLTL also moved their filming to the ABC studios in CA, If Prospect Park were to film the on-line version in CA then it might be possible, but I read they will be filming in Connecticut.

OLTL never moved to CA, it was just AMC. OLTL took over AMC’s studio space in NY, when AMC moved to California.

Torrey, I stand corrected. I was under the impression all of the ABC soaps were filming in California. Thanks for the correction.

Saw today on GH (Mon.) John McBain at the police station and on the docks you see Caleb. Looks like Michael Easton is playing two parts. John the cop & there’s Caleb the
vampire. What’s up ???

When GH split into another series of Port Charles aka Port Chuck. They got into a whole vampire story. Yes Michael Easton was a vampire back then. That’s why he looks like he is playing two characters. I turned it off and got tired of the vampire storyline. Who knows whats happening now. Maybe this is what they want to do to write him out.

Thank you for being one of the voices of sanity. I’m one of those who have been deep in the trenches involved with the fight to save the shows since the beginning and to see so many people all of a sudden saying they’re not going to watch the oltl reboot because mean ol’ PP is wanting their own characters back is just forehead-slapping insanity…how quickly people forget what the whole PURPOSE was in the first place in regards to getting the show back – and the oltl’ers TEMPORARILY visiting gh to keep up their visibility was all to service that result!

Sadly, part of the reason there’s all this hostility and blame games going on in the first place is due to the irresponsibility of a lot of the soap press in their reporting on the subject. Some on the worst examples i’ve seen have included a headline saying the oltl3 were “banned” from the gh set after 2/8 and another very biased toward abc article with a poll at the end asking readers if they’re “Team GH” (“Please PP, don’t steal our babies!!”) or “Team PP”. UnbeLIEVable!!!

Thankfully there’s still the rare voice of sanity like yourself. Thank you.

Just like I said before…ABC is doing all the dirt slinging. They knew that PP has the rights to the shows and the characters. And for them to sign those 3 on to long contracts, knowing the possibility of PP getting things going on the internet was a dirty, under-handed move.

I agree with you 110%

PP only has the rights to the character names, not the actors! They are contracted to ABC now! They do not have to do PP if they choose not to. And it could work out the roles will be recast on PP, the actors Would be different characters on GH. PP blew it when they pulled out of the soap business before.

But keep in mind Roger and Kristen NEVER signed on with PP in the first place. And Trevor is now booking so much work doing Primetime Guest spots that he most likely wont return. And he will def be back recurring on Lifetime in The Client List. And it should be noted that the moment PP canceled their first attempt, that virtually released Michael Easton from that commitment.

Im in NO way an ABC Daytime advocate, but this relaunch only became a problem because of the 1 month extension PP/Jeff Kwatinetz got from DISNEY not ABC Daytime. They were sort of blind-sided as well. I think everyone sort of assumed that PP wouldnt happen and when it did, it threw everything in turmoil. But I still dont know why ABC wouldnt write in some type of Clause to protect themselves concerning those 3 characters? Whatever contract lawyer worked on this should be terminated. I mean thats Contract 101, always have a exit strategy in place in case of surprises or the unknown.

You know what? I’m just happy that PP didn’t give up on my soaps, like ABC did. I know that everyone was mad at them, the first go round, when the online venture didn’t happen….but I do appreciate their determination on making this happen. ABC cancelled both shows, in won fail-swoop and didn’t think twice about it… they’re painting this picture of PP as the bad guys….sounds like PP wouldn’t be opposed to doing crossovers, which would benefit everyone…but does that appease ABC? NO! They are painting a lop-sided picture, and it’s not right. They are going to benefit financial either way, so why not do the crossovers?

Oh Im def happy for my OLTL being back. It was and is my heart and soul. But Im not sure how you are feeling like ABC is doing any dirt slinging. They have not released any statements that said anything negative about PP or vice versa. My point wasnt about ABC or PP.

My original point was about the actors. I was just trying to make it clear to everyone on the boards that two out of the 3 actors were never gonna be involved in this PP venture. And ABC can only ask them to do crossovers, but the actors dont have to if they dont want too. Their contracts are with ABC not PP is all Im trying to get across. Now ABC can ask them to do it as a favor to the network, but at the end of the day they cant force them to do it.

I think everyone keeps forgetting that RH and KA moved to LA the moment OLTL was done because they werent going to do the online version. It wasnt until the announcement came out that PP had suspended there efforts that ABC brought those characters to GH. My concern is that these actors signed a contract for Network show, and now they are gonna be forced to be on an online show for a fraction of the pay. Im a Sag-Aftra actor in nyc, so I really want this to survive, plus Im hoping to book some extra work on the show as well cause I could def use the money.

The problem for me is, ABC doesn’t own the rights to these characters, according to the deal that they made with PP…. I realize that neither Kristen or Roger were planning on signing on with the online venture, and what should have happened is ABC and the execs should have created new characters for these actors, in order to avoid a situation like this, rather than rely on the popularity of these characters to lure in pissed off OLTL fans…. guess that’s all I’m trying to say. It would have been so much easier to give these actors new roles to play, especially since they had no intentions of being a part of the online venture. And that’s why I think it’s so under-handed on ABC’s part… because they were using the popularity of John, Starr, Todd, Blair & Tea to lure in OLTL fans to watch GH….when they new that PP own the licensing and rights to these characters.

Dear Michael, So legal terms are that Easton, Alderson,and Hawthorne are layed off until an agreement is made. Is that somewhat correct?

Not technically. The actors are contracted to ABC, but the characters belong to PP. So there are only 4 options. ABC terminates their contracts, the actors ask to be released from there ABC contracts and sign with PP, ABC keeps the actors and make them the same characters with different names, or they come to an agreement to make ABC, the actors, and PP all happy. But even if ABC lets them go, two of those actors wont be going back. I guess the best question is what were they planning on doing last year with those 2 characters because RH & KA was never coming on board anyway.

General Hospital

Kimberly McCullough Shares Remembrance of the Late TV Legend Norman Lear on the Set of ‘One Day At a Time’

Television legend, Norman Lear passed away on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. The comedy genius who created, wrote and produced some of the greatest sitcoms of all time died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lear’s body of work included: All in the Family, One Day at a Time, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, Sanford & Son, plus the soapy, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been working as a director in the television industry for years now and upon learning the news of Lear’s passing, shared a very touching moment via her Instagram that stayed with her through her directorial career. McCullough had been a director on the reboot of One Day at a Time that featured EGOT winner, Rita Moreno.

Photo: JPI

McCullough expressed: “My hat goes off to your, sir Norman. What a wonderful life you lived. In my very first directing job, only 6 weeks after having a baby, I was feeling fragile and not quite ready to get back to work. On the set of One Day At A Time, you squeezed my chin and said ‘Look at you! A baby directing our show.’ It wasn’t condescending at all. In fact you seemed thrilled by how far we’d come in the industry, giving young women a seat at the table. I replied, ‘I’m not a baby. I just had a baby.”‘

McCullough added: “You gave me nod of approval saying, ‘Even better. You let me know if you need anything.’ That meant the world to me. Thank you for your service of the television industry, of our country and being a stand up human. #ripnormanlear”

In a previous post pictured with Norman Lear, Kimberly shared: “Thank you changing the world with your storytelling. Honored to say I’ve been able to work with you. One time I heard you say “but where is the HEART of the story?” I have a feeling you’ve asked that question a lot…”

The Lear family also put out this statement on the death of the iconic TV genius: “Thank you for the moving outpouring of love and support in honor of our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather,” the Lear family said in a statement. “Norman lived a life of creativity, tenacity, and empathy. He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all. Knowing and loving him has been the greatest of gifts. We ask for your understanding as we mourn privately in celebration of this remarkable human being.”

Tonight, across all network television, an in memoriam card will air at 8PM ET/PT to pay tribute to Lear and acknowledging his influence in the medium.

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s touching tribute to Norman Lear and the passing of the TV legend via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: What are Your First Impressions of Charles Mesure as ‘Mr. Brennan’?

There’s a new villain in town and things are about to get turned upside down for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) as General Hospital circles back around to the looming mysterious ‘Pikeman’ story and who was the target of the shooting at the Metro Court that put Curtis in a wheelchair.

Last Friday, and into yesterday’s Tuesday, December 5th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, viewers were introduced to “Mr. Brennan” who has to turn out to be the dastardly “Pikeman.”

If his portrayer looks familiar, actor Charles Mesure has appeared in numerous television series and film roles including: Once Upon a Time, CastleThe MentalistDesperate HousewivesBones and more. Mesure is also British-born, but moved to Australia when he was younger, accounting for the fabulous accent “Mr Brennan” has on GH.


In story on GH, as Sonny was telling “Mr. Brennan’s” minion, Hume that he would no longer run Pikeman’s shipments through his territory, the guy showed up at Kelly’s Diner with an ominous message for Carly (Laura Wright), although she doesn’t know it.

On Tuesday, in his room at the Metro Court, Brennan is upset that Sonny won’t work with him and tells Hume he plans to stay in Port Charles to make sure the shipments to Canada are ready to go. We also learn that apparently the head of the WSB has taken a leave of absence. Brennan reveals that being the director has its benefits. He then says he got rid of Frisco and he can work remotely and now things are falling into place.

Hume asks Brennan who the intended target is in all of this, and he says both Sonny and Anna. “Brennan’s” goal is to force Sonny’s hand to continue the shipments and more. Meanwhile, Curtis on the case as to who is behind his shooting and more.

So, what has been your impressions thus far of GH’s newest baddie as played by Charles Mesure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Proposes to Brook Lynn; Kristina and Blaze Share a Kiss

Finally, many GH viewers got their wish, when on the Monday, December 4th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, Chase (Josh Swickard) got down on one knee (a few times) and proposed to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

At first, Brook Lynn balked at his attempt as she believed Gloria (Ellen Travolta) and Lois (Rena Sofer) were pressuring him to do so. When she tells Chase marriage is off the table he pulls out an engagement ring. Chase reveals he was planning on proposing at Christmas, so he had the ring ready to go. A romantic Chase shares that he doesn’t want to waste one more day as he clearly knows what matters now … her!  With that, Chase gets back down on his knees and proposes again, and this time Brook Lynn says, “yes!” The two seal the deal with a kiss!

Molly (Kristen Vaganos) breaks the news to TJ (Tajh Bellow), that she now wants to accept her sister, Kristina’s (Kate Mansi) offer to be their surrogate, after all the failures they have been through in trying to find a candidate that will stick.  While TJ voices his concerns, he eventually comes around and tells Molly, “Let’s have a baby,” and now seems excited about the prospect of Kristina being the answer to their prayers. They seal the deal with a kiss!

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Kristina and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) get together with a bottle of champagne, since Blaze’s latest song just hit number one on the charts. During their conversation, Kristina asks what is Blaze’s real name? She reveals it’s “Alison”.


Later, Kristina opens up about her past and her abusive relationship with Keifer, her short marriage to Trey and then how she went away to college and fell for her professor Parker Forsythe (formerly Ashley Jones).  She then reveals Parker went back to her ex. However, Kristina’s takeaway was she realized she was clearly into women. That leaves the moment open for Blaze to make a move on Kristina and the two share a kiss.

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So, three kisses moved the stories forward on this episode of GH. Which are you most happy about? Chase and Brook Lynn getting engaged? GH moving forward with a same-sex romance for Kristina and Blaze, or TJ and Molly coming together to agree to let Kristina be their surrogate? Three kisses, three different stories.  Let us know via the comment section below.

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