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MORE One Life to Live Friday Recap Show Debuts – What Did You Think Of It?



The Online Network and Prospect Park’s Friday recap show had its debut today on Hulu and iTunes with both More One Life to Live and More All My Children.

These two shows offer the viewers a behind-the-scenes look and interviews with the stars of the series, plus an opportunity for fans to engage with their favorites more up close and personal.  Added into the mix are also some lifestyle pieces, and in this opener it was a swimwear fashion review of sorts of how you can look like a soap star this summer.

In More One Life to Live, anchor and host Leslie Miller sits down with six-time Daytime Emmy winner, Erika Slezak (Viki), the new Matthew Buchanan, Robert Gorrie, and One Life’s executive producer Jennifer Pepperman to talk about the return of the iconic series and what viewers might look for in upcoming episodes, and the look and feel of the new online version of the soap.

In addition to the interview, MORE One Life to Live offered a recap of the first week of new episodes, and a portion of the OLTL historical back-story.   We also get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Club Shelter and some of the first scenes shot in the new major set for the reboot of the series.

You can watch the first installment below! Then, let us know, what did you think of More One Life to Live?  What did you think host, Leslie Miller?  Did you like the sit-down interviews, features, and Skype session with the stars and the show? Let us know your thoughts!

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I liked the interview parts and recap. We don’t need fashion or counseling- plenty of shows do that. I was disappointed that space filler was used instead of more star interviews or more questions. How about seeing more about the sets. It was okay- needs to improve big time. The host- we don’ t know her at all. I think they should use maybe someone who used to be on soaps who is no longer acting. Or someone who iis working for the soaps, but not before the camera.

I generally agree. It was a bit forced, but it was the first one. I love the behind the scenes and interviews. ABC really missed the mark by not doing more promotion like this. I did like the host, but I agree that it could be someone more familiar. I would like to see a ‘where are they now’ segment. For instance Catherine Hickland has been very busy after OLTL. Didn’t care for the swimsuit, but I get it, they are trying to appeal to new viewers and they have these product placements like this and Heineken, and every product made by Apple, to help pay for it. Overall I thought it was great!

Good point about the product placement on the “More” shows being a paid advertisement, that might be true. However, if they want people to watch on Friday (or watch the whole show) it will have to have MORE show and not these fashion shows, etc. I mentioned all the Apple Macbooks on display on the showat my Mac Club Meeting on Friday. I’m sure this is a good source of revenue for Prospect Park.

I did not like it. It was not that interesting and a bit boring..
It was just more promoting..
I didn’t spend my time on it and clicked out and watched GH ..

I can’t imagine having that to watch every Fri…
anyways, I most likely won’t watch on Fri …

I enjoyed the discussion of the storylines but the recap package that was shown on the net was redundant and the “fashion” part of the show was irrelevant. I would not mind if this show got axed and they saved the money to increase production value on the Mon – Thurs shows.

The issue is that the Friday episode costs little to no money to produce. The actors are now being paid weekly so their cost is built in. By canceling this show it won’t add money to the other days. I’ll be curious to see how long the recap shows last – again, they may last awhile because they’re cheap to do and it’s a way to promote the shows.

Ardant fans will watch the Friday show if they have lots of interviews, behind the scenes stuff, giving us a tour of different sets, etc. I’ll watch, but not things about fashion, food, marriage, etc. I think they can make it much better. This was just the first one. I have no idea who that host is , or why she was chosen. Maybe have someone who is with Prospect Park who is already on payroll?

If you recall, they tried this on Saturdays way back when My Network TV was running the Tela Novelas. They did it for a while, but no one was watching them, either.

not impressed, would rather have a fitth episode… it is not like they are telling you any reason to watch, and swimsuits? really? now your sounding like the revolution, which BTW was cancelled…..

I agree that it was not that good. But I’m assuming they don’t have money for a real fifth show. The interviews are welcome. We know they can’t tell us what’s going to happen, but surely they could do more interviews, give us more info. Even ask the stars what they’ve been doing in the time that passed. Give those who are newer viewers a little bit of a bio of their character. etc.

I loved the part of the talking with the show people. Erika Slezak is always a pleasure to watch. I liked the things they could tell us about the future. Didn’t like that we might not see a wedding of Viki & Clint. Enjoyed the rest of the show but Erika was my favorite.

Sorry to say, but the host, Leslie Miller, has got to go. She did not connect with the guests she interviewed nor did she connect with the audience. She talks at the guests rather than conversing with them. She’s too loud — like a loud newsreader on a newscast. Not a warm or likeable on air personality. [Michael, I think you’d be a great replacement!] I do like the format and interactivity of the recap show more than I thought I would.

I agree Leslie is awful!

I feel badly saying this, because I hate to cause anyone to lose their job, but I agree with both of you 100%. Even her hair was a distraction. She reminds me of someone given the role of a rude interviewer on Scandal or one soap. I can see her trying to get a statement from Dorian about her predicament, but not as the host of the Friday show.

Nothing about her caked on makeup or those utterly distracting orange pumps?

But seriously, yeah, she sucked, as did the entire “episode.”. On a side note, would it have killed either of the EPs to have made a quick pitstop in wardrobe, hair and makeup?

So glad both shows are back! I have watched them from the beginning…. That said I watched the More show today and thought what a waste. Wish it was regular episode…also wish they were a hour (maybe in the future).

Needs a reboot big time. Host, format, all of it.

I didn’t mind the interviews with the actors but I think the “lifestyle” segment isn’t needed or useful. I’d rather see outtakes/bloopers, previews for the following week and more fan interaction.

Should have brought Blanca Morales from the Blanca Morales Show back. She is so much entertaining than the one they have now.

Big bummer. I assumed the shows would be on 5 days a week, not 4. Were we forewarned? I want to see the shows, not watch people sitting around talking about them.

Yes, it was always announced as 4 a week.

Parts were ok but i was bored…its like another lame talk show.

I didn’t care for the host,no interest in the fashion bit.
They had one Skype question per show and I think one email or twitter question.
I like Lin’s idea of having someone perhaps no longer on the soaps or maybe someone connected to the shows as host.

“I like Lin’s idea of having someone perhaps no longer on the soaps or maybe someone connected to the shows as host.”


How about Ilene Kristen (Roxy) She would be a GREAT host because she knows EVERYTHING about the show!

And WHY isn’t Roxy and her porcupine back?(What was his name?) I mean, Nigel is back….. 🙁

The name of her porcupine was Morris! I like Roxy’s off the wall sense of humor. She should be on OLTL(Foxy Roxy’s)…Rememeber Roxy and Ferternity
Row! She should be on OLTL and say that Ferternity Row is back & it “ROCKS

It’s so fun and a great The Talking Dead for it.

I think people have got to realize that Friday is about promotion. The swimsuits was another “ad”…every time they get a click..each person that watches…proves that online soaps can be an asset to advertisers. Without that, we’d probably not have our programs back. It’s all about money…ABC is not alone in that. It’s a business…believe me, the bathing suits were “disguised” as a fun part of the episode, but again, it’s advertising.

I didn’t like it. I’d like a little more mystique. Seeing Vicki’s living room turned into just a set where the producer and the actors/host chats just reinforces how “fake” it all is.

.LOL…yes, I’m aware it is. But I’d like to stay in the fantasy of it a little more. Seeing the models parade around in their fashion show, in the middle of “Vicki’s” home…in Llanview…it just is too reality based when really I just want to escape into the non reality of it all. It breaks the third line for me.

As for the host…could she sound any more plastic? Think she’d be better off on QVC selling miracle anti-aging creams.

third wall…

Maybe, just maybe the Fri interviews (I saw no recap) is for promotion to get the new viewers an insight of the soaps..
Because if this will be every Friday it will be soooo boring because they need new actors every Friday and it will be same thing, and we have already seen all the interviews..
and the other stuff is like talk show rap.. not interested..
I really can not sit through 30 mins of that stuff …

Would prefer five storyline days. More and it’s nonsense is totally unnecessary and annoying!

The “fashion” segment was irrelevant and unnecessary. The host is TERRIBLE. The retread clips of what happened during the 4 episodes was pointless. Any interview with Erika Slezak, however, is gold. I know this is a work in progress and I am hoping the Friday show will be retooled. So many possibilities here. We fans freqiemt;u hear the actors credit the folks behind the scenes. Why not show us how awesome their work is, truly? Example, what’s with that dreadful wig that Robin Strasser is sporting? (j/k) Just my two cents.

I’d much rather have more Q&As with the actors and maybe a more in-depth re-capping. The last segment of both the AMC and OLTL shows held no interest for me.

Loved the interviewing and look forward to more. Swimsuit didn’t interest me. Would like to see a fan discussion about the show. Real fans, those who will know how the history comes into play. Maybe tweeted questions for actors or Skype call ins. And predictions. Have fans take set tour and reenact classic scenes ha. Oh, do a casting call and have actors win a role, let us judge the process. Give shirts and mugs away to Friday viewers some how. Hey wait, is Friday counting as my 21 episode purchase?

I didn’t mind it, but would prefer it as an extra, not as the 5th show. I would love a 5th episode instead.

I will be skipping Fridays…

I have an idea… on Friday why not have it be a Michael Fairman Hangout with fans and cast taling about the shows and the week and the making of it?

Michael, I hope you’ll invite Prospect Park to read these comments. They are pretty much in total agreement that:
The host is awful (but we did give some other employment ideas for her)
We don’t want to hear about fashion, ways to make your marriage happy, cooking or anything else like the Chew, Revolution, View, etc.
More interviews, talking with actors,- or even the crew, etc.
Even interviewing the writers- how did they learn about OLTL and AMC, what are they doing to be sure they are true to character, etc.

The behind the scenes stuff on Fridays are interesting but I dont really care about the fashion stuff or the relationship stuff they had on more AMC. Just do an episode on friday and this more as an extra.

I thought the recap show was a waste of time as a viewer. I am surprised that Rich and Jeff didnt use this once a week opportunity to create a companion show that offered more value to Prospect Park. Case in point: Soapography. A perfect 30 minutes that aired on Soapnet (and of course, was cancelled by Soapnet). These profiles were wonderful! (Robin Strasser talking about her life and career. What could be better than that.) Prospect Park could then package these profiles and license them independently of the soaps. What I don’t want….
Leslie Miller (why???) and bathing suits (why??). BIG TURN OFFS!!!! I hope the guys at PP are reading this. That extra 30 minutes each week is too valuable to throw it away on drivel. What I personally would like to see – 30 minute profiles on all of the AMC and OLTL actors…and they can start with TREVOR ST. JOHN!

I agree with most everyone here – host needs to go. Would rather have real behind the scenes stuff, even watching as they tape the show, or get wardrobe or makeup done. Behind the scenes of the crew, out takes/bloopers, stuff about the writing, blocking, read thrus, etc. Not these forced interviews and mostly none of that fashion stuff, which, gag, reminded me of that crappy show that replaced OLTL on ABC – the Revulsion!

interviews are fine, but how about someone shadowing people with a handycam and talking to them during the work day… in other words, stuff more like we’d get on the extras of a DVD.

try it again OLTL. You can do much better!

It was okay. Didn’t love it/didn’t hate it. The fashion segment was boring but I understand that it may act as another revenue source. No idea who the host is and thought she was bland, at best. I would almost rather see a third cast member act as host on a rotating basis. Sort of like when SOD does those pieces with 2 actors interviewing each other.

I also think Pepperman needs to stay off camera. Don’t know if it was nerves or that’s her personality but she seemed uncomfortable and tense.

I think they should combine both more eps & turn it in to a soap talk show where the host goes behind the scenes of both shows & have 3 actors form each show come on & take about the shows & also have a spot in the show where they tell what else the actors are doing & the show will have fans from both show & there will be a Q&A sport & at the end gave a sneak peek of the next week shows .

What was the name of the show that the actor who was Troy/Colin used to host with Lisa Rinna? That was pretty interesting, with lots of interviews, and he would definitely be an insider – can you imagine him interviewing Nora? Maybe something like that. This host was super-distracting with the OTT hair and makeup, more like RuPaul or something.

Days Of Our Lives

Emily O’ Brien Confirmed as Theresa Donovan Replacement on Days of our Lives

At the end of the October 2nd episode of Days of our Lives, and during its closing credits, Emily O’ Brien was listed in the cast playing the role of Theresa Donovan, which confirms the rumors that Emily is taking over the role from Jen Lilley.

So, what does this mean for O’Brien? Does this mean she is exiting her role of Gwen Rizczech, a part she has played since 2020? It would seem so, but this is DAYS after all, so anything is possible.

As the backstage story goes, Jen Lilley, who had played the role of Theresa on and off since 2013, wanted to appear for a limited-run to be a part of the memorial service episodes for Victor Kiriakis, and honoring the late, John Aniston. Lilley often shared scenes with Aniston.

Photo: JPI

In speaking with on the situation, Lilley thought she was taping episodes during a 3 to 4 window in which she made herself available. However, DAYS actually wrote more episodes of Theresa’s story, and had decided to recast the part with O’Brien  Later, when Jen was told who the actress is, she was a bit mystified as they also told her that the show would put the actress in a blonde wig, because O’Brien was a brunette.

Photo: JPI

So, are you excited to see Emily as Theresa? Have you enjoyed her as Gwen? Share your thoughts on this DAYS casting switcheroo via the comment section below.

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General Hospital Preemptions This Week for MLB Wild Card Playoff Games

This week, General Hospital will be preempted on Tuesday, October 4 and Wednesday, October 5, and potentially again on Thursday October 6, due to Major League Baseball’s wild card playoff games airing on ABC.

In the best of 3 games, the Texas Rangers face the Tampa Bay Rays in an American League wild card series, starting on Tuesday with a 3:08PM EST start time. If the series goes a full three games, then Thursday’s GH will also be preempted.

Encore episodes of GH will be seen on the east coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, while all other time zones will be preempted for the game.

Photo: MLB

In addition, GH will not be streaming the episodes on Hulu or as is it a nationwide preemption.  That way, everyone will begin to see the all-new episodes on the same day when they resume.

Photo: ABC

Hopefully, Thursday, GH will resume with an episode that teases: Spencer and Trina affirm their feelings, Tracy has a slip of the tongue, Valentin surprises Anna, and Sasha is in danger.

So, going to miss GH for the next few days? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Talks His General Hospital ALS Storyline, Battling Addiction, ‘Falcon Crest’ on Maurice Benard’s ‘State of Mind’

Film and TV star,  Gregory Harrison is currently appearing on ABC’s General Hospital in the role of Gregory Chase.  In story, Gregory is trying to come to the terms with the fact he has ALS and is now displaying symptoms of the disease that will ultimately claim his life.

On the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, General Hospital) You Tube series State of Mind, the actor opens up about the challenges of playing a character with ALS, how he has battled addiction, his prime role on Trapper John M.D and Falcon Crest and much more.

In fact, it’s actually the the 40th anniversary of Harrison’s solo TV Guide cover as Dr. George Alonzo “Gonzo” Gates on Trapper John, M.D.

Photo: ABC

Speaking on his General Hospital storyline, and Gregory Chase’s battle with ALS, Harrison detailed: “He’s a complicated character any way, but we’ve added now ALS into the equation and that’s a really fun technical calibration for me. It’s a relatively quick demise – three to five years, generally for ALS, and it moves along pretty quickly. The body deteriorates pretty quickly and things happen, and there is an emotional kind of reaction to those that my character has. My character reacts to the loss of things and that’s what I am starting to be able to play.”

Harrison added, on how he is playing the nuances of ALS in the scripts he is given, “Where am I going to put in that slip and fall? Where am I going to put in that tremor in my hand? Where I am going to put in  the stumble, or the slur of this word or that word? That’s real technical stuff, but I have to layer that on top of emotional honesty of what’s going on. So, for me, it’s a buffet and I love that.”

Benard and Harrison also delved into the fact that Gregory he has been sober for 36 years. Harrison opened about how addiction changed his personality at a time when his career was riding high: “If I was the kind of person who would be regretful, then I would say that during my prime, I was busy using all my acting skills to disguise my addiction instead of building my career. ”

Photo: ABC

As his fame rose, Harrison also started his own production company. He admitted to Benard, that at the time, he was barely getting through jobs and projects: “I could act, but I wasn’t doing as good as I should have been doing. I was just persevering … pouring massive amounts of energy into enduring my addiction … not into the creative artist that I was inspired to be. And then I found my way back.” At one point, Harrison sought help at the renowned Betty Ford Center. Gregory shared that he had to hit rock bottom, in order to build himself back up again.

At the conclusion of the episode, Maurice asked Gregory how he enjoyed being part of the cast of the defunct CBS primetime soap, Falcon Crest, to which Harrison said he loved playing the role of Michael Sharp back in 1990. He compared that character to the likes of Port Charles’ Sonny Corinthos.

Check out Maurice and Gregory’s conversation below.

Let us know, are you emotional invested and enjoying Gregory Harrison’s portrayal of the ALS storyline on General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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