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NEW GH Michelle Stafford Promo: Nina Clay Poses The Question: "Love Forgives All … Or Does It?"



ABC has released a brand new promo featuring Michelle Stafford teasing next Tuesday’s June 3rd episode, when Michelle makes her next appearance on General Hospital as Nina Clay.

When we last left off on the May 1st episode, Nina finally awakened from her coma, and now the adventure begins as Nina has probably a lot of payback on her mind!

Her mother Madeline (Donna Mills) led everyone to believe her daughter was dead, but she wasn’t! And as for her husband Silas (Michael Easton), she sees it as he left her! What will happen when Nina comes face-to-face with Silas and his new girlfriend Sam (Kelly Monaco)?

In the new promo featuring Michelle as Nina, she states: “After 20 years I’m back to reclaim my life.  My family betrayed me.  My husband deserted me.  But love forgives all … or does it?”

Watch the promo after the jump!  Then let us know, what you think will go down upon Nina awakening from her coma? And from the looks of this teaser, will Nina be out for the ultimate revenge on those who she feels wronged her?

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I’m sure that Nina won’t be happy with her mom for drugging her and costing her over 20 years of her life.Plus Nina might have a few choice words for Ava too.As for Silas it should be interesting to see how Nina deals with him because he did cheat on her.Plus the Nina Silas knew before may no longer exist.Plus i’m wondering where we will see Nina next.Is she still in NYC or will she be in Port Charles?

I enjoyed Phyllis on Y&R and can certainly see what people admire in Michelle Stafford… but I am truly disappointed that GH has brought in YET ANOTHER star to impose YET ANOTHER character onto the canvas. For crying out loud, why can’t they just write for the characters they have? Why have we STILL not heard anything about Genie Francis?

It would be great for Genie Francis to return as Laura. She would see through “Luke” immediately. I will be glad when the fake Luke story line ends…it has dragged out too long…

Don’t forget Madeline killed her baby. That, IMO, outweighs everything else. Nina didn’t tell Silas she was pregnant. So, she shouldn’t hold that against him.

She seems exactly the same as she does as Phyllis when i seen her video talk about this role

To me, MS is always the same. And way overrated. Y&R needed a more realistic Phyllis character and also one who looked younger, and lovely Gina T will revitalize the Phyllis role. Kudos to the makeup people at GH who have done good work (especially with the eyes) at making the character of Nina appear younger than Phyllis did on Y&R.

I’m not familiar with her previous soap work, but it should be interesting,

She’s a beautiful woman. Everybody from “Young and the Restless” are missing her terribly. She played the town psycho villain turned beloved heroine over the past 20 years.

Can’t wait!! Michelle is so talented. Between her and Maura West things should go BOOM!!

i don’t think phyllis has ever been the ‘beloved heroine’ …. she was a terror to anyone who got in her way until the day she fell down the stairs.

Michelle / Nina..
Bring it home!!!

((this is gonna be a great story!!!

__GH has the best- mysterious, suspenseful, high drama of all the soaps..
and I love the surprises!!

It is the most interesting story right now…


Goodnite, Johnny…you sound tired…lol

OK, Ninaphan…you are a poster using a fake alias but i wuv the sarcasm…lol

Is “Ninaphan” really su0000?

Yawn indeed. How funny is this? A promo and story centered around a character coming back to reclaim her life when she’s never been HERE, we don’t know her and we don’t know any of the people involved for more than a few months.

It’s just so ridiculous, this whole Westbourne.Obrecht insta-nonsense. This should be GH and it just isn’t anymore. Aside from this being an attempt to establish an RC/FV created family as the core of the show, a show that had existed for 49 years before these two got their hands on it, the story and promo is such a desperate attempt to lure Y&R viewers with an actress they know because fans are tuning out due to how bad the quality is. If they come, they won’t stick around long so then there will need to be another stunt, maybe a Ricky Martin cameo, to try and prop the ratings for a few weeks.

RIP GH. It was great knowing you. You were murdered due to a callous disregard and lack of respect for a once brilliant institution. The weapons: a lack of talent and imagination. My thoughts are with you and your fans.

I couldn’t have said it better myself GH50. Well, maybe I could have…lol…but I compressed it into YAWN. I have typed ad nauseum about the destruction this regime has wrought on GH. But your post was very articulate and well written and sums it all up!

Ricky Martin did play on GH in the mid 1990s so maybe he could return to next years nurses ball…i think he played Miguel?(spelling) Well, GH50 your half right…the show isnt as good as it once was but…however…i still find it entertaining and i like most of the new characters(Kathleen Gati is a huge talent but needs to be written less dark)…the show does need more continuity, more character connections and toned down some of the violence and it could be nearly as great as it was during its best years which were…imo…1977 to 1985…part of the shows problem is that they seem to forget things…like Patricks and Sabrinas hit-and-run car accident…now im not totally against what you are saying GH50 but to me the show isnt totally bad…months before Frank and Ron took over i tried to watch GH and thought it was at its worse…none of the four current soaps are as great as they used to be but as long as they are still here and are attracting more viewers than two years ago it still better than nothing…and if one or all get cancelled sooner or later so be it…ill miss them but ill move on!!!

I know, GH50, I know.
I am already tired of Nina and I haven’t even met her yet.
To paraphrase Lloyd from The Shinning,”Nina has always been the caretaker here.” Even when she wasn’t here, she was here.

UI think the Nina s/l is stretching things way to far. We waited for Silas and Sam to get together, now to have interference along with the Insta -nuisance (despite the wonderful talent), is just overkill, Too many branches onthe tree. Loving Julexis, too, just saying..

HA….How much you wanna bet MS steals AT from others on this show. FV/RC are going to make sure MS has scenes with all the biggies on this show and her story will branch out into other storylines. How much you wanna bet Kelly Monaco will get scraps like when SJB and VM came back and you didn’t see Kelly for weeks. KM is background noise on this show and will continue to be. More than ever now. I’ll believe a Jason recast, when I see it. FV convinced MS to come to GH and they are going to give her whatever she wants.

GH50 you have some good points but i don’t agree with them.This isn’t the first time GH or any soap is promoting a major soap star joining.As for fans tuning out in the last ratings report GH had gained 37,000 from the previous week and gained 308,000 from the same time last year.Finally if you no longer like GH then why do you keep watching it?

Put her in WD/Julian’s orbit I could see some serious fireworks there do not see her with ME/Silas at all. Relax MS is RC’s newest toy he does have a short attention span.

I could see Nina going after Julian for revenge because he’s Ava’s brother.

Andrew I find it interesting that you feel the need to comment on every single post I make. Why I still watch or how much I still watch is really not anyone’s concern.

Once again you repeat or re-post the Network ratings spin, massaging numbers without the proper context. I’m surprised you didn’t also repeat the lines about the younger demos that advertisers care about, more spin since those younger numbers in daytime aren’t large enough for those advertisers to care, those numbers aren’t large enough to command high advertising rates, and the show, if you watch it, is dominated by ads for menopause cream, wrinkle cream, cholesterol medicine, joint medication and products from Kraft, P&G and General Mills that pay the lowest ad rates of all advertisers.

GH is up 308,000 viewers from the same week last year, that is true. It is also true that at this point last year, GH had lost hundreds of thousands of viewers from a few months before. In the fall and early winter, GH had hit the 2.7-2.8 million range and was higher in the “so called” important demos as well hitting the 240-260,000 range 18-34 and 700,000 range in 18-49. The ratings stayed down for a while, we had relish stories and OLTL actors coming back in horrible fashion, and they rose again with Robin’s return. The week after she left, the show lost 400,000 viewers, down to 2.6 million and stayed there for 2 weeks.

The ratings spiked back over 3 million the week of 3/24 with baby reveal. The numbers for 18-34 and 18-49 were 233,000 and 773,000 respectively, all higher than the last reported week that is being trumpeted. That shows you that there is a larger audience out there to engage and who will tune in. The next week, the 51st, the numbers went down to 2,875,000 and then for the subsequent six weeks, the show has averaged around 2.750,000 total viewers, 208,000 18-34 and 656,000 18-49.

Comparing the first week of May 2014 to the first week of May 2013, claiming a victory and pointing to an additional 308,000 viewers is the spin of a press release. It is a period when the show had recently lost viewers. The show had better numbers, across all demos, a few months prior to May 2013 and a few months after. And aside from up and down and increases, the raw numbers are just not great.

The viewer numbers were higher, recently, and an opportunity to not just sustain those numbers, but to build on them was squandered with terrible writing, storylines and the constant disrespect of GH history and two very popular and important legacy characters, one dead and one made into a deadbeat.

Thank you Andrew, I was about to quote the numbers and ask the same question, but you beat me to it. The improvement from Guza is immeasurable, and while I do think that the show is floundering a bit, GH is as good as it was with labine. I ave a feeling tha we are about to turn a corner and the show will soar again. OLTL had acoule of bad years via valentine/RC, and they overcame that and started cranking out great soap opera. (and then got cancelled lol) but that was the network boneheads.


I did hear that MS was going to be on The View and balloons were going to come crashing down around her head! Just kidding! Memories of CBS overkill with Steve Burton.

GH50 you have the right to watch GH and to complain about it all you want.However i’m sure you could find some good things about the show that you like instead of bringing up all the bad things about it that you dislike if you wanted to.However since you’re the one who brought up the week of March 24-28 when GH got 3,058,000 viewers and a gain of 417,000 from the previous week and a gain of 304,000 from the same time last year i checked the week of March 31and yes GH lost 183,000 viewers that week.However all soaps lost viewers that week.Plus i hope you weren’t expecting GH to stay over 3,000,000 viewers.Also that 417,000 was a big gain for that week but i prefer the smaller gains from week to week instead of the bigger gains.Smaller gains to me shows a gradual audience building instead of a big boom.That way if GH hits 3,000,000 it would have happened over time and not just in one big week.

Andrew, GH50, myself and others have answered that plaintive query, “Why do you watch?” numerous times on Mr. Fairman’s comment section before. It does get tiresome trying to answer the same question and it deflects from the issue at hand. In short, most of us disgruntled viewers only watch sporadically, keeping it on in the background as we tend to household tasks and home office duties. It just seems like the multitude of unfinished storylines and ill conceived new characters is being written for those suffering from short attention span. We hold on with the hope that it will get better. When you grow up watching a certain daytime series you do become attached to it and it’s hard to completely quit. I do know the time I spend watching dwindles week by week.
Wanting a daytime drama to do better because we know it can does not make us haters. Personally speaking I am growing tired of complaining and my acrimony will dissolve into apathy and you will no longer have to ask me,”Then why watch?”

Sorry folks, the Y&R fans that tuned in when Maura West came aboard are STILL here. Michelle will ROCK IT!! Y& R is losing fans in droves. And they are headed to GH. Now if they would just bring in Michael Muhney, the ratings would through the roof!!!

Andrew, look at your logic when discussing the ratings. You point to the week of 3/24 having a gain of 417,000 viewers from the previous week. It “gained” nothing because it had lost 400,000 viewers the two weeks prior. It LOST 400,000 viewers the week of March 10 from the week of March 3. It maintained that 400,000 loss for the week of 3/17 and then went back to where it had been, only three weeks earlier the week of March 24. So after suffering a dramatic loss in the course of one week, getting back to where you were is a major gain? And then subsequently losing viewers the very next week and for many subsequent weeks.That is the spin that ABC press releases are made of and I’m really not sure why it is you do so.

You hope I wasn’t expecting GH to stay at 3 million? Why not? What’s your basis for thinking it shouldn’t? What’s your basis for thinking that a show shouldn’t be able to maintain an increase in viewership and actually build on it, that’s what good shows do, especially in this case when the 3 million number isn’t wildly impressive, is not an unachievable number based on having reached it and at times exceeded it by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

You and others like to refer to other soaps going down certain weeks and comparing them to GH. Again, a way of deflecting and spinning. The CBS soaps have way more viewers and their numbers don’t matter. This is about GH and its audience. An audience that was ripe for the taking and squandered.

And you know what, I really can’t find anything good about GH these days. I think the writing is terrible and I find the agenda of TPTB a total turnoff. This is GH. It should be about GH characters, families and history. New characters should be brought on to the canvas with ties to that history and integrated properly. Michelle Stafford coming on as Nina Clay is a total joke. This character is coming back to reclaim her life that no one knows about and from people that no one really knows. This is a prime if not the best example of the agenda. Somehow it didn’t serve the egos of FV & RC to write for GH and write for its history, legacy and families. Instead they create this entirely new family, with new actors, that have no ties to the show, put them front and center and now MS and her family will eat the show alive.

And I’ll say one more thing to you and other’s who always come back with, if you don’t like it why do you watch? Having a TV on between 2-3pm is not really much of an investment. I have a TV on in my office all day. It’s background noise for the most part. I’ve watched GH for 34 years, so that’s what I turn the TV to at 2pm most days. During that time, I don’t sit quietly, glued to the show. It’s not that difficult to follow and doesn’t require the greatest of concentration.

And…let’s change the unwieldy Julexis name to Alian. It works better and its funny. Its like Alien.

GH50 you and i are never going to agree about how GH is doing.IMO it doesn’t matter how GH did ratings wise in the past.All that matters is how they are doing now.So in the ratings report for GH for the week of May 19-23 the show had 2,909,000 in total viewers.Which is only 91,000 from 3 million viewers.Plus i think it’s now 3 straight weeks that GH has gained viewers.Also week to week ratings go up and down all the time.For example GH could have several weeks of gains but then have a week where they lose viewers.I think as long as there are more weeks that GH has gained viewers from the previous week than losing viewers it’s a good thing.

What aa surprise GH50 is complaining about GH every day. Yet he will still watch. The ratings continue to tell a different story than the few normal complainers that pt down everything GH does. Someday they will just change the channel but then if they did that they would have nothing to come on here and complain about. They have the right to their option but it just gets old in every GH post. And the minute anyone defends the show they get all offensive as well. Cue the responses now of how they tell everyone what to think and how you shouldn’t question them but its ok for them to question you.

GH50 comes to this board with facts, numbers, comparisons, and logic around the observation that FV and RC have ruined a once iconic show that many viewers loved and no longer have the opportunity to see.

Such coments obviously bother some people such as David who prefer not to watch the show with a critical eye…and thus speak to blather about “the ratings telling a different story,” “RC saved the show,” etc.etc. etc., in other words, never coming up with valid, fact-based premises that either serve to refute GH50’s points or backing up their own cheerleading opinions. Yes, it is easier to simply suggest those of us such as GH50 quit watching, but if honest critical appraisal or factual analysis of the ratings bothers you, maybe you shouldn’t read such posts.

Actually Elizabeht wrong. GH50 never comes here with numebrs. The numbers show that GH is doing better than it ever did under previous regimes. If it werent for RC/FV tGH would very well woldnt be on there. And yes most people who don’t like show stop watching and dont talk about it anymore. DO you think complaining about it whether your opinions are right or wrong on an internet message board will change it. Nope. The fact is despite the complaints to the non internet viewer they could care less about the crap that is talked about on here. When the ratings tank I will be the first one to tell you that the majoriry are not watching. The botton line is the same 6 or 7 people go from site to site to complan baout it but the only way you send a message is when you stop watching. But when someone says that they get all offended. Why because they would rather watch and complain about it in a forum that the shows writers/producers either dont read or if they don’t dont consider important enoguh to bother with. Now back to your regular scheduled GH complaining from GH50, jonby, Elzabeht.

I watch out of lifelong habit. Thankfully we still have freedom to watch what we want and complain vociferously and vehemently if we choose to. As I said watching and enjoying are 2 very different things. Personally I find it hard to enjoy a show about murderers and the brain dead women who love them. But hey…only my opinion. Everyone is free to watch and enjoy whatever they want.

No one said you couldnt watch. But when you say you watch out of loyalty is lke when someone is in a bad relationship but they say they are staying in it out of loyalty. That is just a cop out. Also the definition of loaylty is defined as a strong feeling of support. I am not seeing any support so I wouldnt describe watching as loyal. Quite honestly the feeling I get is you watch so you hav esomething to come on the internet and complain about. Yes you can keep watching but again why watch something you dislike. If a restaurant serves you bad food do you still keeping going there so you can go online and keep posting how bad it is or do you simply stop going? The complaining about GH has become an obsessions for you Johnny and other people like GH50. But as I said below, the numbers tell a whole differnet story than your miniority opinions.

So you want numbers here are numbers from the press release just sent out by ABC. Apparently people are enjoying GH despite the comments here and these numbers prove it. Best May Sweeps in seven years in total viewers and best may sweeps in 18-49 demo in 3 years. See below.

For the just concluded May Sweeps ratings period, ABC’s “General Hospital” attracted its largest audience in seven years in Total Viewers (3.068 million) and best performance in three years in Women 18-49 (747,000/1.2 rating) and Women 25-54 (999,000/1.6 rating) – since May Sweeps 2007 and 2011, respectively. The soap ranked as the #1 daytime show in Women 18-49 (tied in rating). Further, “GH” stood as the #1 program in Women 18-34 (252,000/0.7 rating), hitting a 4 year high in the demo – since May Sweeps 2010.

The iconic soap posted gains of 8% in Total Viewers (3.068 million vs. 2.851 million), 6% in Women 18-34 (252,000 vs. 237,000) and 4% in Women 25-54 (999,000 vs. 964,000).

It wont be three’s company with Silas, Sam, and Nina…all will seem forgiven at first then BAM! The apple doesnt fall far from the tree?…Madeline may be a wicked woman but Nina will be far worse!!!

@jimh(leave it to beaver) Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY…any at all…that viewers can reminisce and gab over the good ole days and yet say…New era new times..why do all these people hearken back to 80’s and 90’s…those characters do not look like what you remembered…some have even passed away and are resting in peace..why can’t people evolve with shows??? Oh wait..they have and do and just don’t realize that kicking and screaming shows have grown and changed…characters have come and gone…you simply cannot expect to watch what you watched 20 years ago…Just give it a rest and realize we are ALL still on board new characters or not..

Evolve with the show? Or regress with the show? GH is like short attention span theater meets high camp. Why do we have to accept that good story telling is gone with the wind? I don’t buy this mentality that some of us old geezers have to get with it. If getting with it means accepting choppy badly written storylines and a cast list so large that I need a who’s who map to accompany my watching, then I guess I will never get with it.

@harry I stand by what i’ve said ..and ..”old geezers” you so aptly put it, should be glad that daytime drama is not dead altogether. Because it was headed that way to say the very least. All i’m saying is that soaps started close to a century ago on radio in the early 30’s. By the time they hit the TV screens they were dragging in audiences from here to Timbuktu. That’s over 80 years of storytelling and being as innovative as you could be, and the networks allowed. There was a time when there were so many soaps stories were mirroring each other. There was a time when fans could afford to be outraged and vocal because you had at least 6-8 other shows to choose from. There was a time when you could say i’ll just watch at 4 o’clock because there were so many shows they aired at that time too. 80 years of storytelling is a long time to try to stay fresh and innovative no matter how well you write. Over 30 years ago soaps rose in prominence again but they still had to keep telling stories…they still had to pull people in. And along came social networking and network brass getting wind of all the nay saying and they just said oh well…feathers will ruffle but daytime is dead. We all know that’s not the truth and so did they or we would be drama less in the afternoons. What i’m saying is it’s like the depression era for soaps now..if it’s edible or can make a soup..throw it in the pot. And if you’re hungry enough…believe you’ll show up to the table…rock soup or not. We have four soaps with very different voices and takes on the genre on screen now. Because of the sparse landscape no one is copying anyone and you don’t expect to visit Port Charles and get served coffee in Genoa City’s Crimson Lights because it’s not the same town and certainly not the same people. Yeah @harry if you’re a die hard soap fan than sometimes you eat stone soup instead of an aromatic chicken and noodle…AND LIKE IT. Cuz at least it’s food.

You get it get it embrace it and go with the flow…oh that we all could…

And what’s with all the GH cast is bloated nonsense??? Hell, bring on 10 more…somebody will keep me watching out of all the bloat…TRUST THAT…AND…i’ll be upset when the cast dwindles…HEY..what happened to that extra who was always lurking in the GH hallways and overhearing EVERYBODY???..UHOH..that extra’s back and just at the right time too…

Thank you, davelestev1. The people that talk about the size of the GH cast always crack me up. Unless you work in the payroll department for ABC, why would an average viewer sitting at home even care about that? Who cares whether they have 10 actors under contract or 100 actors? I don’t get why people constantly bring that up.

Sure, GH has a large cast. And I think they do a pretty good job making sure that as much of a cross section of the cast, new and old characters, are represented in a given week. Of course there are always gonna be certain characters that you would like to see more of, but that’s true of any television show you watch.

And your point about people being hung up on the past is spot on.

The everyday viewers don’t even consider things like this. It is just the internet people who think they know it all about the soap business that try to shove their opinions on everyone else. And yes people cant wake up and realize its 2014 not 1980.

Dear gawd Michelle is as great as it gets! Can’t wait to have her in PC!!!

yahhh with blond hair!!
I really liked her long blondish hair in the promo..
She looks awesome / new look !!!!

It would be amazing if GH could manage to secure David Tom as the new Dillion. If not, a non-soap star…a newbie would be welcome too. Let’s start a ‘bring Dillion Q. back’ campaign. 🙂

Yes! I too welcome Michelle to the GH family…and, I look hope to see lots of scenes with her and powerhouse Maura West? Though, I’m not sure about Nina & Silas…maybe a Nina & Rick pairing?

How about Nina and Ned? We need Ned to stick around and get a love interest!!

Now that would be interesting for sure, Ned and Nila, that has a hot ring to it. I want Ned back full-time to GH, though I like him on Days too. but, GH, needs to expand the Q’s and bring a recast Dillion into the mix. More Quartermaines please.


Y&R has shown David Tom the exit door and i want GH to welcome him as the new Dillion Quartimaine!!!

I would welcome David Tom as the new Dillion Quartermaine. I hope we see it happen or another actor play Dillion. Tracey needs Dillion back in her world.

I also hope Dillon returns no matter who is playing him.I have a feeling Tracy will need both of her sons coming up.Plus Dillon has a history with both Maxie and Lulu.Also i think enough time has passed and with Scott Clifton on B&B now that fans will accept a Dillon recast.

So exciting live MS. Watched her for years.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!

this is going to be good!! I can’t wait to see what Nina does with her “mother” and Silas……poor thing! she sounds just like Phyllis would!


I am wondering if there baby really is dead Madeline lied about everything else; maybe the overdose did not stop the pregnancy. Nina could have been in a coma during the whole pregnancy and Madeline had the baby taken away.

wondered about the baby too . Bet it lived and she gave birth in her coma and her mother adopted it out. Now the 20 year old kid will come looking for his/her parents! This might be a great storyline.

I was thinking the same thing that the baby didn’t die— I am hoping that Rafe will turn out to be really Sila’s son instead of his nephew– or maybe Kiki isn’t Ava’s but Nina’s or it could be whole new character yet to be reveal– I guess we will just have wait and see.

God please dont mention Rafe’s name! Another character who doesnt belong on the show and went to the “Wooden Soldier” acting school. You know they one that Nathan graduated from!

SO looking forward to this storyline & seeing MS on GH!!

It will be fun to see her as a new character.

Yes!! ”’fun”’ …
It will be fun, and something being fun is a really great part of watching a soap..
(some soaps have no fun, at all)

Oh hooray, a character we’ve NEVER MET and DON’T CARE ABOUT is back to reclaim her life. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Exactly who cares!

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”s…….I guess I’ll watch The View,,,,,Never for her,….

Sam and Silas 4ever….

I truly could care less about this story. Honestly a man stays married for 20 yrs and then oh my she wakes up – too stupid for words in my book. There conversation will be ff for me. There is another story coming down the pike that I am far more interested in.

I feel like I already know Nina. Silas mourned her and told stories of day after day as Sam listened intently on. I felt like I was watching Big Bird mourn the death of the Snuffleapalus. In fact, after I was heart broken upon hearing of Nina’s passing, I was saved from watching anyone really mourn the death of AJ, a character we’ve known for well over thirty years.
So Nina’s back? Nina, how can we miss you when you won’t go away?

That was a weird promo. I second the comments that say why should I care? Love MS, but this storyline has disaster written all over it. Perhaps if it involved one character who has been on the show for more than a year? Yes I know Sam is supposed to be there too, but I’m not sure she won’t be just a supporting player to Silas and his drama.

Was hoping she wouldn’t be playing a vengenful b*tch since that is exactly the character she played on Y&R. The role she claims no longer inspired her! Yet she’s possibly doing the same thing on GH…

I’m kind of excited to see Michelle in a new role, aside from the GH cast being terribly bloated. But

*But I see a spark in her eye I feel like is so amazingly bright.

What a waste of good talent to put MS in a storyline nobody cares about . ME needs smelling salt to wake up he’s so bored with it and Kemo well she always looks bored. Westbornes are multiplying like roaches in PC to the point of ridiculousness case in point Madeline and Dr.O being sisters and Nathan and Brit siblings..really?…lol Its become cartoonish. Plus all the hype of MS coming to GH Did they stop and think that many of the viewers don’t know who MS is? Most watch GH or YandR not both. I watched Y and R know who MS is she is a great actress loved to hate Phyllis but not even she can make me care more about Nina, Another Westbourne being forced fed to us… Sam and Silias act like they rather take a nap then find her and that’s what I’ll be doing thru this whole S/l.

Seems most all care for the upcoming story and are excited about it..
That is also obvious from comments in this thread most all are looking forward to it….
For you to say ” nobody cares about it ” that is nonsense!

Michelle Stafford , Donna Mills , Michael Easton , Kelly Monaco , all headliners starring in a story, along with other great talent..
It doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

((So sorry you are upset over it, perhaps a trip the library would be much better..

Ok you think about my post when this story bombs out just like Franco!

You have this highly predictable knack for putting it upon yourself to decide what “most” GH viewers like or dislike and it is extremely annoying. For the record, “most” does not constitute what you and your cats find to be delightful!!!!! You certainly never speak for me nor a demonstrable number of others who post here, so please cut it out!

Go Michelle Stafford! I hope she’s a hit with GH fans!!! Y&R fans should check into General Hospital because the young and the restless need life support!!!!!

I don’t care about seeing Nina at all, honestly. I also don’t see Silas leaving Sam for Nina. Silas fell in love with Sam. It’s been 20 years for him. Love may forgive but it doesn’t forget nor would it matter as Silas loves Sam now. Love changes in 20 years.

Silas is in love with Sam but now he has a chance to make it up to Nina for how he treated her when they were married by helping her and get closure to their relationship.Silas i’m sure will be happy that Nina is alive.So he won’t have to live with the guilt anymore.Plus just like Nina Silas may have some questions too.Plus now that Madeline has proven to be a liar Silas may start to wonder if she lied about the baby been dead too.

Ditto! Silas will stay with Sam NOT Nina out of obligation & guilt!

I think it’ll be a great storyline. Not only is MS a phenomenal actress, she’s playing a character that lost 20 years of her life. She’s missed cell phones, wi-fi, all the seasons of Friends and ER, her husband’s medical career. In her mind, Ava is the woman that stole her husband. She was pregnant when she went in a coma – which she thought would save her marriage – when she wakes up, she’s not. Nathan is still a little kid to her. Silas still has feelings and remorse towards her…and will now have the chance for closure so he can completely move on with Sam. Can’t wait to see her and Maura West go at it! Will be so much fun. And if they can throw Laura Wright and Maurice Benard in for good measure – well, even better!

You brought up an excellent point and I hope GH writes this into the character. Nina has questions. Where are the pay phones? Gas is four dollars a gallon? A black president? Christopher Reeves AND Patrick Swayze are dead? What is a Lady Ga Ga? Michael Jackson has new CD out and he is dead? When is Whitney Houston’s new CD coming out? I Tunes? Only four soaps left on TV? And on and on. I hope they just dont have her wake up and focus ONLY on those who betrayed her.

When she went into a coma, there were 2 World Trade Center buildings in New York – I can’t imagine a bigger culture shock than the world she wakes up to.

Yes the shock of all shock, 911. GH better not mess this up!

Didn’t see her on Y&R, but I know she’s a very talented actress, so I’m intrigued by seeing how she does on GH. And unlike some people that post here, and have already judged a character that has appeared on screen for all of about 10 seconds so far, I’m going to actually watch the show and see how things play out before I form my opinion.

I absolutely adored Michelle Stafford on Y&R looks like I’m going to have to switch to GH I’m not real happy with all changes at Y&R it’s getting hard to watch!

so excited that Michelle will be back on my tv screen again. I’ve already tuned back into GH since I found out she was coming to the show. she’s such a tremendous talent, i’ll definitely be watching religiously again because of her. plus i love Britt so i can’t wait to see their scenes together or her scenes with Nathan and Dr.O. i really could care less about Silas but maybe Michelle will do the impossible with Nina in making me care about him, though it’s doubtful since he turned my once favorite character kickass Sam into nothing more but his boring sidekick. no matter what happens though i’m excited to see it play out.

Is it just me…but I noticed that ME does not kiss KM the way he did with other actresses. Perhaps because he is playing a new character but ME always was so sultry and seductive. I could not keep my eyes off him. Perhaps with a new actress…he will get his sexy back. I hope! No one plays a love scene like ME…love him, but not with KM.

Agreed ME fan. Watch Youtube videos of ME’s John with both Natalie and Evangeline, especially his last love scene with Melissa Archer , tongue galore.

Shes a great actor so I’ll excuse her for being new because she will elevate those around her and her and Ava will blow it off the charts!

I just could care less for this storyline. I’m not a huge Silas fan. Sam is a one dimensional character-speaks in a monotone. Not very exciting. Maybe Michelle Stafford will bring some excitement to this story. I do love Donna Mills. Always have adored her, from her days as Abby Ewing on Knots Landing.

I agree Sam and Silas are a one trick Pony but Michelle will bring Nina to life and elevate Sammy and the Grasshopper!

Four soaps wanted MS and GH gave her a deal she couldn’t refuse. Funny, but FV complained when bringing Robin back originally if money allowed. Would love to know where FV gets the money for A Y&R Actress but doesn’t have money or would make a deal to work with Kimberly’s schedule or keep Robin recurring. Robin is a legacy and GH vet not this MS Nina person. Contrary to GH publicity MS Isn’t all that. I guess FV will have the GH actors all over twitter soon hailing MS like they did for FV and RC OLTL characters and their newbie pets like the Propped Disney Princess Nurse.

Maybe GH got Michelle Stafford to sign by not offering her more money but something else she wanted.For example maybe more time off to do other stuff as long as she’s there when GH needs her.As for Kimberly McCullough with her directing career maybe it would be hard for GH to coordinate with her schedule.Plus with Robin GH may want to use her big in stories and not just have her pop up from time to time.

Enough of the candy coding for McCullough..The character of Robin, needs to be recast..or in my opinion, not recast and left the way it is now..Enough of this character and all the melodrama about the actress that plays her..GH does not need Robin really and does NOT need the actress that plays her.


Good point. GH seems to have money when they want to spend it. Michelle is worth the money. Y&R would die to have her back on that sinking show! Your a GH fan and you love their history as I do but I bet you’ll embrace Michelle Stafford as a newbie as long as they write her a good story. Also, remember, Kimberly wanted to leave and pursue a directing career. She will be back someday. The only hole in her departure is choosing Jason over Emily. No mother would do that!

u mean Emma…

Welcome to GH family and friends.. 🙂

Oh joy, she’s “back”?? “Back” from where in the GH universe? With any luck Ron C. will soon have replaced anyone and everyone who was on this show a year or two ago, but why complain? We’ll still get to see the vets every year at the Nurses Ball, right??

Of course I’m prejudiced. I dislike Ms. Stafford. I prefer actual humans cast on GH as opposed to whatever she might be.

Well, the nurses ball is like a class reunion…you get to see people you havent seen in years! (Except for my real class reunion was such a downer i never attended another one…)

What is Michelle Stafford? She’s a beautiful talented actress with a huge fan following.

GH is lucky to have her.

Boes what vets are you saying we’re not seeing that much except at the Nurse’s Ball?Anna who consider a vet has been on a lot in the last week or so.

Boes, we are in the minority. I think Stafford is way overrated too.

Hear that Jill Farren Phelps?

Its the death knell for Y&R’s so called “#1 soap”.

Cast Billy Miller as Jason and the ratings will soar.

Loved Stafford as Phyllis. I would like to try to watch her on GH, but the show just has never worked for me.

Will you be watching DAYS when Eileen Davidson resumes her role as Kristen? Y&R fans are going to be watching more soaps than Y&R. DAYS loves Eileen! DAYS fans love Eileen!!

JFP hates women older than 40!

Kassie DePaiva and Eileen Davidson coming to DAYS..Please tune in to the best soap in daytime without them.. Imagine DAYS with both of them..WOW!!!

ED is one of my favorite YR actresses. I already watch both YR and BB, so probably not.

If I did pick up another soap, it would be Days. GH is too much like a cartoon.

GH is back on track!!! Hopefully this Nina Clay storyline will bring lots of good story telling and great acting..And now that Sunny finds out it was Ava that was responsible for Kate/Connie murder but he can not kill her because she is pregnant and possibly carrying his grandchild or own son/daughter, now that is some exciting stories coming ahead for GH.

I am looking forward to seeing Michael Easton paired to a new actress. He was great with Kelly Monaco in PC, but I don’t see the chemistry this time around. Sam is very bland, and Michael Easton needs another female lead…he’s too sexy for words. Check him out on OLTL especially his scenes with Renee Goldsberry. OMG…Michelle….I hope to see that side of ME with you

I like him with Sam NOT Nina. It has been 20 years and a lot changes in that amount of time. You can’t start where they left off 20 years ago like, nothing has happened. Nina is living in a fantasy world….And needs to move on…I always thought him and Natalie were really smoking on OLTL!

Poochie from the Simpsons (look it up)

I’ve never watched this actress on Y&R, but on GH I already find her almost unbearably annoying… The breathy cluelessness is just not working for me. I hope it’s just some affectation to let us now that she’s really has some secrets. BTW, does anyone really belive that their baby died?

You are right on MissFixIt! Character is annoying and is portrayed by an uninteresting actor. However, if she is going for obvious passive aggressive, she is doing a fantastic job. In contrast, I loved Brit even when we were supposed to not like her because the actress has great chemistry and vulnerability. BTW never liked Sabrina either.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Proposes to Brook Lynn; Kristina and Blaze Share a Kiss

Finally, many GH viewers got their wish, when on the Monday, December 4th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, Chase (Josh Swickard) got down on one knee (a few times) and proposed to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

At first, Brook Lynn balked at his attempt as she believed Gloria (Ellen Travolta) and Lois (Rena Sofer) were pressuring him to do so. When she tells Chase marriage is off the table he pulls out an engagement ring. Chase reveals he was planning on proposing at Christmas, so he had the ring ready to go. A romantic Chase shares that he doesn’t want to waste one more day as he clearly knows what matters now … her!  With that, Chase gets back down on his knees and proposes again, and this time Brook Lynn says, “yes!” The two seal the deal with a kiss!

Molly (Kristen Vaganos) breaks the news to TJ (Tajh Bellow), that she now wants to accept her sister, Kristina’s (Kate Mansi) offer to be their surrogate, after all the failures they have been through in trying to find a candidate that will stick.  While TJ voices his concerns, he eventually comes around and tells Molly, “Let’s have a baby,” and now seems excited about the prospect of Kristina being the answer to their prayers. They seal the deal with a kiss!

Photo: JPI

Kristina and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) get together with a bottle of champagne, since Blaze’s latest song just hit number one on the charts. During their conversation, Kristina asks what is Blaze’s real name? She reveals it’s “Alison”.


Later, Kristina opens up about her past and her abusive relationship with Keifer, her short marriage to Trey and then how she went away to college and fell for her professor Parker Forsythe (formerly Ashley Jones).  She then reveals Parker went back to her ex. However, Kristina’s takeaway was she realized she was clearly into women. That leaves the moment open for Blaze to make a move on Kristina and the two share a kiss.

Photo: JPI

So, three kisses moved the stories forward on this episode of GH. Which are you most happy about? Chase and Brook Lynn getting engaged? GH moving forward with a same-sex romance for Kristina and Blaze, or TJ and Molly coming together to agree to let Kristina be their surrogate? Three kisses, three different stories.  Let us know via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon; The Tradition Continues

On Sunday, it was Mishael Morgan’s (Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless) turn to host the annual Lead Actress nominee luncheon, for this year’s talented woman who are going for gold at the upcoming 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night, December 15th on CBS.

Morgan took home the Daytime Emmy in this category in 2022 becoming the first Black actress in the now 50-year history to ever win it. In a tradition that was started by four-time Daytime Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful), the winning actress from the previous year has to pick up the tab, choose a restaurant and host a fun afternoon gathering for this year’s crop of nominees.

Attending the festivities were 2023 Lead Actress nominees: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless) Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful).

Photo: SCaseIG

Taking to her Instagram, Melissa Claire Egan shared: “To be nominated alongside this incredibly talented group of women is a TRUE HONOR!!! Thank you to last years winner, the fabulous Mishael Morgan for hosting an epic Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon today. It’s so nice that they all offered to give me their Emmy if they win!!”

Michelle Stafford took to her Instagram and expressed: “Lead Actress Brunch. This is a real honor. I’m truly honored to be in a group with all of these incredible women. I’ve loved them all for a very long time. We are all so grateful to be working on our shows… to be working in general, as actors. What a spectacular group of women. Mishael (Last years winner) put together a brunch that was BEYOND spectacular with gift bags even!! I mean Mishael, you are an absolute class act. Thank you for the beautiful day 🧡”

Finola Hughes posted her sentiments as well, “Yesterday was the leading ladies lunch for the Emmy’s. It’s a tradition started by the inimitable Susan Flannery. (The previous years winner throws a luncheon for the nominees). Yesterday was a very special lunch. Mishael Morgan raised the bar! The conversation was at once light hearted and deep. This was an amazing group of women, supportive, funny and caring. Thank you all for a brilliant few hours 💕 🌸 ✨”

Posting on their Instagram Stories were Michelle Stafford who gave us a little more behind the scenes of the luncheon, where Mishael also handed out a gift bag to each of the ladies, and Sharon Case who accompanied her photos with the tune “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride.

So, looking forward to seeing which of these talented actresses takes home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy on December 15th? What do you think about how the tradition has been handed down for many years that the luncheon carries on? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Shares Heartfelt Message to Mark His 30-Year Anniversary as Dr. Kevin Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since back on December 3rd, 1993, when General Hospital viewers got the shock of their lives as the ABC soap opera introduced the psychiatrist twin brother of serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, in the form of Dr. Kevin Collins.

For soap fans that meant we got to see even more of one of the finest actors ever to appear in the genre in Jon Lindstrom. The talented actor started on GH a year and half earlier in June of 1992 as Ryan.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Lindstrom is in the running for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series when the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are given out in less than two weeks on Friday night, December 15th on CBS. Could an Emmy on his 30th year playing Kevin and Ryan be in the cards? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

It has been well-documented that former GH creatives Wendy Riche (ex-EP), Claire Labine (ex-head writer) and Michelle Val Jean (ex-writer) were all instrumental in keeping Jon in Port Charles with a second role as Kevin, when he could have headed to As the World Turns at the time to play the role of Damian Grimaldi, that eventually went to Paolo Seganti.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday to acknowledge this special milestone, Jon shared via video message, “I woke up this morning to see that today December 3rd, marks 30 years since I debuted as Dr. Kevin Collins on General Hospital. I knew that it had been a long time, but 30 years since the doppelgänger to Dr. Ryan Chamberlain was introduced. It really is remarkable. It’s been a great ride, a great run. it’s like an entire career right there. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just been great.”

Photo: JPI

Lindstrom paid tribute to those who helped create Kevin, expressing, “I have a lot of people to thank about that, let alone people like Wendy Riche and the brass at ABC at the time … Claire Labine who was writing the show back, but Michelle Val Jean was really was the one who I had the pleasure of working with to develop and bring to life Kevin Collins. She’s still a great friend today. So, there’s been a lot of blessings around this for me, and don’t think, I don’t know it. I pretty much drop to my knees every day in gratitude. Thank you world for supporting Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, for that matter. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Accompanying his video, Jon wrote: “So grateful today for my 30 years of ‘Kevin Collins’ (and ‘Ryan Chamberlain’) on General Hospital, and for the wonderful journey my life has been, for my friends, my the family and incredible opportunities I’ve had. Hope you all have much to be grateful for.”

Share your congrats and well-wishes to Jon for 30 years as GH’s Dr. Kevin Collins via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jon Lindstrom (@jonlindstrom)

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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