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Nick Stabile Steps In Temporarily For Tyler Christopher As GH's Nikolas Cassadine!

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In a temporary replacement situation, Daytime Confidential is reporting that none other than Nick Stabile (Ex-Sunset Beach, DAYS, and Passions) is stepping in for Tyler Christopher in the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital!

Christopher, who earlier this month won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys for the first time in his enduring 20-plus year career in the part, apparently has asked the GH powers-that-be for some time off due to personal reasons.

The item also reports that Tyler has been in lengthy contract negotiations with the ABC daytime drama series, but that Stabile taking on the role of Nikolas is being viewed by all involved as short-term.  Fans also remember seeing Nick on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


TV Line spoke with a GH rep for more clarification and related: “The soap could neither say how long the recast would be playing Hayden’s husband nor when the big switch would take place on air.”

What do you think about the news of an impending Nikolas’ replacement on the heels of Tyler’s Emmy win?  Do you think Stabile will make a good substitute for Christopher? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t care for the character of Nicolas. I think Tyler is a great actor, just cannot stand Nic, though I like him with Hayden….and I see that there is a lot of story for him so I guess I get why they are hiring a temp. Otherwise, I would say just write him out for a bit!

You know if you can’t stand the character…Tyler is doing his job.

I didn’t say he wasn’t! As I said, my problem is with the character and NOT the actor!

If they need to fill gaps, they should put Laura & her storyline on more instead of recasting Nikolas IMO. But, I fear they can’t do that because they still don’t know what they’re doing with Laura.

I am guessing that they have no idea how long he will be out… it says personal reasons!

Oh, I think they do know very well – especially when it’s during contract negotiations. TC has more leverage than most actors right now. His character is in the middle of a storyline that affects multiple main characters, he just won a Best Actor Emmy and he’s the only remaining adult Cassadine who embraces his family’s wealth and social standing. None of the male Quartermaines (Ned, Jason, Dillon, Michael) come close to playing the part of entitled wealthy bachelors. So, it’s up to Nikolas to be the token rich man in town.

My sentiments exactly! Give Genie Francis, THE icon of GH more screen time–please!
Re Tyler: Looks like he may be making a BIG mistake by using leverage of Best Emmy win to become a tough negotiator re contract and its terms. He needs to remain as grateful as he proclaimed to be in his acceptance speech and continue to work hard. Did he learn NOTHING from the Tony Geary debaucle? Does he wish for the same reversal of fortune–fans ending up detesting TG, the storyline, and the desecration of an icon character on GH?
A word of advice: Tyler, keep that ego in check and buck up and do your job as you’ve been doing for 20+ years and continue to be grateful for the opportunity afforded you. DON”T turn the fans against you as did Tony Geary. It’s mighty hard to win them back once they lose respect for you and your character.
All the above said–with one caveat: If Tyler is sick or if he has some dire family emergency then the leave might be justified. But timing is really suspicious, don’t you think?

I thought I was the only Phil..Tyler is a solid actor and was so happy for him his Emmy..But like you, I never care for the character of Nikolas Cassadine over the years.

His darker side written by the previous head writing regime, made him fun to watch and entertaining…I am hoping this continues but with these two ladies head writers in charge, I SO doubt it!

That said, Tyler Christopher, hope all gets better for you!!

Welcome back to daytime Nick..You were so good @ Sunset Beach !!

Wow, this is shocking news, I loved Nick on Sunset Beach. Nick is a terrific actor, he will do a wonderful job as Nikolas.

TC is neither scared worried or bothered by EP moves and neither am I..ABC will lose out in the long run.

I think it stinks!

No I am happy, I hope they fire Tyler. He has a big ego and not a good actor at all.

Sara, I’ve been wrestling with this very topic for a while. I have the same problem with TC that I had with Jason Thompson as Patrick. They do some things well, but there is little or no warmth or compassion flowing from them as actors, which makes it hard to connect to them. Even in the scenes with Spencer, he seems annoyed and impatient, as if he believes that old showbiz motto about never sharing the screen with animals or children. And those choppy short haircuts always make him look chubby. Which would be okay if he weren’t advertising himself — and his chest — as an object of lust.

booo boooo get off the stage! lol
I luv ‘thee’ Nikolas ..

((hope all is well for Tyler))


So this is the actor they were talking about and people thought it was Roger H-Franco!!!!

Seems so! And if is then there’s another lie because they said the rumor wasn’t about Roger OR ANY actor on GH! Chris Tyler is great as Nicolas…hope he comes back.

I hope he comes back too…

I hope Tyler is ok. I hope nothing is wrong in his personal life. If this is just for contract negotiations, good for him. Anyone who wins a lead Emmy and has been on the show for 20 years can test those waters without judgment from me. And if the GH door closes on him, I’m sure another door will open for him. He seems like such a nice person. His acceptance speech was so humble and gracious.


Love Nick and he will be terrific as a Cassadine!

Well one thing is for sure he is a handsome devil but no I am not fail at with the actor.

Familiar ! Oops


Hey not knocking the guy ok don’t even know him handsome devil 45 Genie 53 that’s ok this is soaps don’t know what is going on behind the scenes with TC that is his business just be careful on taking long breaks sometimes the replacement takes over.

Hopefully they work things out with Tyler like they did with Rebecca Herbst in her contract negotiations. It’s a tough spot for these actors that have been on the show for a long time, they rightfully expect to get paid a certain amount, and GH has to make it fit in their budget, under the watchful eye of ABC. We’ve literally watched Tyler grow up and mature as an actor before our eyes. He’s the only Nikolas Cassadine that I want to see.

Rebecca had a huge fan base behind her with a huge outcry of support. Hopefull Tyler will have the same leverage.

I’ve always loved Tyler’s portrayal of Nikolas, but I hate the way the writers have been demonizing the character of late. I’m all for a darker, more proactive Nik, but A&P have taken it too far. I’m hoping the recast is VERY temporary and Tyler’s hiatus gives him time to resolve his personal issues and tptb a chance to get the character back on track.

I hope that Tyler and his family will be okay!

Rumor is Tyler has a drinking problem. I hope this is not true.

if this is a personal issue

I want the best for him

@Shell… love your post above

“… He seems like such a nice person. His acceptance speech was so humble and gracious. ”

it was his time… to be acknowledged

its HIS TIME to mend and/or for… ABC / Disney / GH to step up to the plate… and let him be

his 20+ year career… he’s a standout.. and he deserves to be cared for

The drinking rumor may be true, Conner. He looks like he’s been putting on some weight in the last month. Robin Strasser even tweeted about it during the emmy’s last month that TC needs to take better care of himself and stay in shape.

What a shame. Tyler has to do what’s best for him and his family. Just remember one day at a time.

Keep Tyler. No more replacements. Dump this stupid waste of time storyline with Hayden. It hasn’t worked and yet we have to keep watching this crap. No one cares about Rachel Berlin!


I sometimes wonder if he just can’t stand… this storyline… it just went from passionate to just plain stinks…. who cares any more.

GH can prop this “new” ala Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner “War of the Roses” all they want

it’s not working here

a relative of Nicholas Cassadine had better come to his rescue…. or that old witch Helena.. had better surface… with a squired away fortune to reward Laura for … her grandson and great grandson…. Nicholas and Spencer to keep the Cassadine fortune and heirs intact.

GH needs to team up Hayden and Curtis and give them the heave ho.. bye bye

I agree with you Patrick.
The story is not good and I’m not sure why the writers can’t let IT go or let Rebbeca Budig go. They’ve made her despicable and no one cares about this character. At least we all like Nicholas before … and we can like him again if they’d stop messing with his character so much.
It’s not enjoyable to watch.
Not sure what this Curtis ‘aka Shaft’ character is all about either … GH has too many damn people on the show to even dig into his past with Jordan and frankly, I just don’t care.

Answer about Reecca Budig she is a pet this is my problem with soaps keep personal feelings out of it the dam show is circling the drain get off your asses get professional and run it like a business or you will be cooking with Whoppi Goldberg!

I think Tyler is fantastic as Nicholas. I hope everything is OK with him, his wife and family. That’s what’s important. The character on a show is just that, a character. Of course I hope Tyler returns as Nicholas, but in the scheme of life…it’s a job.

I’m going to be sick… just disheartened with GH

if this is about…. contract negotiations

Tyler Christopher has always sold me… as a true to form… act

WHEN an actor… has ALL that IT factor

LOOKS and ACT equates

the definition of husband material… a soap viewers dream

DAYS of OUR Lives

let me introduce you to your NEW Mr. DiMera

and or Deimos son… perhaps ???

Tyler Christopher is GH BEST Leading Man

there’s not an iota fake about his performance

Bring back Colton Scott/Stephen Martines!! Seriously! What a treat for longtime viewers, especially those of us that we’re teenagers when he aired!

Yeah, it would have been cool to see Nicholas #2 come back as a temp. I remember him, too. Though, I’m sure that Nicholas #3, will work out, well.

ABC is full of BS, Tyler better come back to GH. ABC cancel Nashville. Watch your back, ABC will stab you in the back. Nashville was a good show, and they cancel it.

Apparently he’s cancelled his appearances with Genie Francis too. That sucks because many fans paid to meet him, not his replacement Jackie Zeman. I love Jackie, but she’s no Tyler replacement!

Doesn’t sound very professional. We working stiffs can’t just cancel obligations–again, the caveat, as I stated in earlier post–if he is sick or a member of his family is sick or in crisis–then, yes, I understand–leave would be justified–but, still, as I said, the timing just seems too coincidental.

I hope Tyler is ok and I sincerely hope GH will do what they have to in order to keep him!!
That would be a huge loss, in my opinion!

And, he’s tried for nightime before–with no go. So be happy and grateful?

Hope all is o kay.

Thats okay, as long as Tyler returns! I wonder if the writers will pull back on any bomb shells with Nick and Hayden until Tyler returns? You know, I wonder if this will be all filler? You cannot have something major happen like Stephan return, use a flashback later down the line and it not be Tyler?

He looks more like Justin Hartley. In fact, he temp took over Justin’s role on Passion’s while he was at the 2004 olympics.

WOW! Just when Tyler’s storyline was just heating up. To see Tyler create and develop Nikolas from a teenager to a Cassadine has been magnificent, regardless of how indifferent the writing the has been over the years.

Please watchout for Nick Stabile! The ball is temporarily in his court and he’s ready to play! I remember him from Sunset Beach so I know he can deliver for the current story being presented. Hopefully he has chemistry with his current leading ladies and can get ready to battle with the NU-Jason.

Here’s hoping for Mr. Christopher’s grand return but remember watch out for Mr. Stabile.

P.S. if Tyler stays away too long, fans will begin to like Nick as Nik, which could cause another Kristen-Lily situation, where fans slowly began to accept Lily as Maxie

Tyler is THE ONLY Nicholas as far as I’m concerned. GH is on a roll. I love the SL with Nick and Hayden/Rachel. He’s gotten a lot of airtime and I’m happy about it Having said that, ABC has jumped the shark. The network is only interested in promoting their own. All the cross-overs on their shows are annoying and they are having trouble with many of their shows ie Kelly

If any of the fans watched Tyler on “Wife Swap” he is a different guy. He is very strict and runs a tight ship. He seemed to have no gray area in life. When you do that your bound to break! I wont buy into any rumors but I could see his life crumble because it seemed like his whole personal life was built on egg shells? I hope he is okay and back on GH by August.

Tyler is taking time off due to personal reasons so the contract negotiations may not be the real issue for his break from the show. I know there will be some out there who will put a negative spin on this and will slam the network and show based the assumption they haven’t been able to agree to a new deal but that could not be the reason for him asking for time off. The fact that Tyler has pulled out of his much hyped fan event with Genie leads me to beleive the “personal reasons” may be the real reason for this temp recast. The soap actors still attend fan events during contract negotiations and even if Tyler has informed them he plans on leaving when his deal is up he would still show up for the the Fans and Genie. He has been promoting this fan event for a long time. Tyler may have some turmoil going on in his life right now (didn’t his mother recently die?) and needs time away from the set cause it can be a grind. I am choosing to beleive the personal reasons and from everything I read this is a temp recast.

Let’s hope you are right; otherwise, very unprofessional to leave Genie–and fans–in the lurch.

He had a recent meet and greet with Genie this month

Yes his Mother died at Christmas. I would guess he is returning to Ohio to settle her estate etc. From what I have read he was close with his Mom etc. I just pray all goes well for the Christopher/Baker family, Take Care Tyler

Nick is really good and adorable, but Christopher IS Nicolas. I would have a tough time adjusting to someone else in the role. Not saying I couldn’t but don’t want to.

Tyler will be missed–hope he comes back home to GH!

He is taking a temporary leave.

Didn’t Tyler just win the Daytime Emmy for Best Actor? I find the Nikolas/Hayden stuff one of the best parts of the show recently. This is a bad move.

Actually, Jeremy, Nick Stabile will be Nikolas Cassadine #4! Chris Beetem played the role temporarily in December 2005! I agree with Phil completely! I have no problem with Tyler Christiopher! I can’t stand the character of Nikolas, so he is doing a great job, and I’ve always liked Nick stabile, and I’m sure he will do a fine job as a temporary recast! Did anyone know that when Tyler Christopher first appeared as Nikolas in 1996, he was then known as Tyler Baker? I also liked the other two actors who have played Nikolas! Speaking of Hayden/Rachel, her mother comes to town on June 3rd, played by actress Robin Riker, who was the last of four actresses to play Beth Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful! A little coincidence here: Robin Riker played William deVry’s (Julian Jerome) mother on The Bold and the Beautiful! I wish Tyler Christopher well, and hope his time off from General Hospital will do him good!

PS for anyone interested–just read that Bree Williamson from OLTL is coming to GH as Nathan’s ex-wife Claudette. Should spark some fireworks! Bree worked with Erika S. and her work reflects the great tradition of soaps–fiery, dynamic, sexy, etc. I eager to watch her in this role.

I just knew, Nancy, that Claudette would turn up eventually! This should prove very interesting! Is it possible that Nathan will go back to Claudette, because it seemed to me that they were putting Maxie with Griffin! Anything is possible on soap operas! I’ve always liked Bree Williamson since her One Life to Live days as Jessica Buchanan, and I know she will be a very welcome addition to General Hospital! I do miss One Life to Live, though! Great show! As you know, they brought a few OLTL characters on GH after OLTL ended in 2012! They tried to revive OLTL online, but with no success ! I had read that the OLTL characters were owned by Prospect Park productions, or something like that, which is why Todd and Starr Manning left GH, and the actors who played them were brought back to GH as the new Franco and Kiki! By the way, Haley Erin, who replaced Kristen Alderson as Kiki Jerome on GH, once played one of the many Abby Newmans on The Young and the Restless! Haley Erin was replaced as Abby Newman on Y&R by Emme Rylan, then known as Marcy Rylan, who now plays Lulu Spencer on GH! So GH now has two of Y&R’s former Abby Newmans! What a coincidence!

Yes, “what a tangled web [TPTB] weave,” right?

Absolutely, Nancy! On today’s GH episode, Nikolas was found on the rocks by Sam and Jason, who was unable to retrieve Nikolas from the water! It appeared Nikolas had a fight where he put up a struggle, and fell out of the window! I could be wrong, but I think this might have been Tyler Christopher’s temporary exit from GH! Perhaps the next time we see Nikolas, it will be that someone found him, and is nursing him back to health! Wouldn’t it be something if his grandmother, the evil witch Helena, is the one who finds him, and it turns out she wasn’t dead after all?! To me, it just seems way too easy that after all these years of misery she caused a great many people, she’s finally dead! I really don’t think Helena is dead! Time will certainly tell! Just a theory of mine, but I think when we do see Nikolas again, Nick Stabile will begin playing the role temporarily, naming Nick Stabile Nikolas Cassadine #4! It should all be very, very interesting!

So, TC wins an EMMY for the show and they won’t give him a raise? I feel you TC, I get that same BS at my job! Yet, they hire a bunch of crappy newbies thinking people want to see that instead. I’d tell them Hasta la vista just as I will at my job SOON!

No one can replace Tyler Christopher! He is one of the best actors around and he does not even know this! A humble and very nice man. Hope he is back soon.

Let Tyler have is time off as long as he returns …. he is already missed.

I don’t like the new actor–too bland!

Sorry but this new Nicholas is so bad it’s hard to watch? Your better off loosing the character than keeping this new “actor”. Please put me out of my misery.

I hate that Tyler is having to take a personal leave. I LOVE his character and he plays the part perfectly. I do hope this is just a temporary situation. As I don’t feel anyone could give the part the justice it deserves as well as Tyler.

I hope all is well with CT. I have watched Nick take on the role and kept an open mind, but after watching today’s show, Nick just doesn’t appeal to me as NC. He comes across whiny, not the strong dark brooding prince. Nick appears stiff and his interaction with Ava is not convincing. I have not seen Nick in other roles, so i don’t know of his acting, just think it too difficult for him to pick up the NC role. Perhaps as the storyline develops, the role will get more substance and Nick will be able to show his acting skills.

Now I want Tyler Christopher back

No…only Christopher can play Nikolas. In the early 2000s another actor attempted to play Nikolas and EVERYONE WAS RELIEVED TO SEE CHRISTOPHER RETURN! PLEASE Tyler Christopher work it out and return to GH!

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who Will Turn Out to Be Adam’s Father?

For weeks, General Hospital has been playing up the anxiousness, anxiety, pressures of a college student named Adam as played by Joshua Benard (the son of Maurice Benard) on the ABC daytime drama series.

Adam and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) have become friends, and along the way she seems to be attempting to put together the pieces of what is going on with this young man. In story, what we have learned as it seems that he is receiving unbelievable pressure from his mom and dad, to ensure he has the best grades in order to become a doctor.

On Wednesday’s episode, after receiving a 97 on his test in a do-over, he called his father.  We don’t hear the voice on the other line, only Adam’s.  Apparently, the father was not happy that Adam has to do a make up test, even though he received a high score.

Photo: JBenardIG

So, where is this all leading? Is Adam suffering from bipolar disorder or mental illness? Is he talking to anyone on the phone? Or, is he the son of a current character on the canvas, or a new or incoming villain?

Much speculation has been made that Adam might turn out to be the bio-son of Mr, Brennan (Charles Mesure), presumed to be the nefarious ‘Pikeman’. However, Adam had said that his parents were both doctors. Others are assuming he could turn out to be another child of Sonny Corinthos, but Sonny doesn’t know it, and he was raised by some over-achieving well-to-do parents.

Looks like next week, Josslyn and Trina (Tabyana Ali) may be on the case to try to figure out what is really going on with the guy.

So the questions become … do you think this will turn out to be just a random story featuring Joshua Benard? Do you think Adam till be tied-in more to the Port Charles canvas?  Is Joss spending too much time with Adam and and not enough time with Dex (Evan Hofer)?

In addition, Joshua just turned 19-years-old this week on December 5th.  Shout out to another year around the sun.

Share your theories on Adam. what you think is going on with him, and who could be his father, via the comment section. Now below, check out the scenes between Adam and Joss from Wednesday’s GH.

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Kimberly McCullough Shares Remembrance of the Late TV Legend Norman Lear on the Set of ‘One Day At a Time’

Television legend, Norman Lear passed away on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. The comedy genius who created, wrote and produced some of the greatest sitcoms of all time died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lear’s body of work included: All in the Family, One Day at a Time, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, Sanford & Son, plus the soapy, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been working as a director in the television industry for years now and upon learning the news of Lear’s passing, shared a very touching moment via her Instagram that stayed with her through her directorial career. McCullough had been a director on the reboot of One Day at a Time that featured EGOT winner, Rita Moreno.

Photo: JPI

McCullough expressed: “My hat goes off to your, sir Norman. What a wonderful life you lived. In my very first directing job, only 6 weeks after having a baby, I was feeling fragile and not quite ready to get back to work. On the set of One Day At A Time, you squeezed my chin and said ‘Look at you! A baby directing our show.’ It wasn’t condescending at all. In fact you seemed thrilled by how far we’d come in the industry, giving young women a seat at the table. I replied, ‘I’m not a baby. I just had a baby.”‘

McCullough added: “You gave me nod of approval saying, ‘Even better. You let me know if you need anything.’ That meant the world to me. Thank you for your service of the television industry, of our country and being a stand up human. #ripnormanlear”

In a previous post pictured with Norman Lear, Kimberly shared: “Thank you changing the world with your storytelling. Honored to say I’ve been able to work with you. One time I heard you say “but where is the HEART of the story?” I have a feeling you’ve asked that question a lot…”

The Lear family also put out this statement on the death of the iconic TV genius: “Thank you for the moving outpouring of love and support in honor of our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather,” the Lear family said in a statement. “Norman lived a life of creativity, tenacity, and empathy. He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all. Knowing and loving him has been the greatest of gifts. We ask for your understanding as we mourn privately in celebration of this remarkable human being.”

Tonight, across all network television, an in memoriam card will air at 8PM ET/PT to pay tribute to Lear and acknowledging his influence in the medium.

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s touching tribute to Norman Lear and the passing of the TV legend via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: What are Your First Impressions of Charles Mesure as ‘Mr. Brennan’?

There’s a new villain in town and things are about to get turned upside down for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) as General Hospital circles back around to the looming mysterious ‘Pikeman’ story and who was the target of the shooting at the Metro Court that put Curtis in a wheelchair.

Last Friday, and into yesterday’s Tuesday, December 5th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, viewers were introduced to “Mr. Brennan” who has to turn out to be the dastardly “Pikeman.”

If his portrayer looks familiar, actor Charles Mesure has appeared in numerous television series and film roles including: Once Upon a Time, CastleThe MentalistDesperate HousewivesBones and more. Mesure is also British-born, but moved to Australia when he was younger, accounting for the fabulous accent “Mr Brennan” has on GH.


In story on GH, as Sonny was telling “Mr. Brennan’s” minion, Hume that he would no longer run Pikeman’s shipments through his territory, the guy showed up at Kelly’s Diner with an ominous message for Carly (Laura Wright), although she doesn’t know it.

On Tuesday, in his room at the Metro Court, Brennan is upset that Sonny won’t work with him and tells Hume he plans to stay in Port Charles to make sure the shipments to Canada are ready to go. We also learn that apparently the head of the WSB has taken a leave of absence. Brennan reveals that being the director has its benefits. He then says he got rid of Frisco and he can work remotely and now things are falling into place.

Hume asks Brennan who the intended target is in all of this, and he says both Sonny and Anna. “Brennan’s” goal is to force Sonny’s hand to continue the shipments and more. Meanwhile, Curtis on the case as to who is behind his shooting and more.

So, what has been your impressions thus far of GH’s newest baddie as played by Charles Mesure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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