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OLTL Recap – Aug 1 – Aug 5th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Todd’s family is in shock and demands answers when they see the man with Todd’s original face. Todd insists that he is an impostor.  The man with Todd’s original face begs Starr to acknowledge that he is her father.  Jack, however, sides with Todd.  Blair and Tea don’t know what to think.  John finds Baker who refuses to answer John’s questions.  The man with Todd’s original face pulls a gun.  Todd demands that he be arrested.  Todd convinces Tea to leave with him and begs Tea to believe that he’s Todd Manning.  Meanwhile, before the man with Todd’s original face leaves, he shows Blair the wedding photo, arguing that they were married.  He grabs her and kisses her.

Rex, upon the arrival of the man with Todd’s original face, abandons his quest for vengeance.  He goes home and emotionally confesses to Gigi’s picture what he almost did.  Bo and Nora arrive home from a visit with Matthew.  Destiny shows up, hungry for news about Matthew.  They have little news to report, but are still actively trying to find out who hurt their son.  They ask her again about the gum wrapper they found.  At EOD, Destiny goes to the Buenos Dias where she runs into Nate and is rocked when she sees him stuff a gum into his mouth – and it’s the same unusual brand whose wrapper Bo and Nora found. After pressure from Dani, Nate comes clean about his part in Matthew’s injury.  When he asks if she’s going to tell Bo and Nora, she makes him leave. Vivian tells Shaun Destiny could be pregnant. Destiny sees them leaving and hides so that she doesn’t have to deal with them – or the baby she’s carrying.

Viki, Joey and Kelly are present for support as Clint leaves his hospital bed to be arraigned on multiple charges, including the murder of Eddie Ford.  Separately, Bo and Nora rethink the decision they made to let Clint take the secret of Matthew’s guilt to his grave now that he’s going to live.  At EOD, Nora tells the judge she’s not prosecuting Clint for Eddie’s murder and is asked to explain why. David plans to screen “Vicker Man” for Bo and offers his Pa a stick of gum which Bo recognizes as the brand chewed by the person who must have attacked Matthew.  David tells him he got the gun from Nate Salinger. Nate confesses to Ford that he’s the one who caused Matthew’s condition.  At EOD, Dani tells Nate his secret is secure, but the teens are unaware of Bo’s discovery.  Dani tells Destiny about Nate’s role in Matthew’s collapse.  She confesses to Dani her own huge secret that she’s pregnant with Matthew’s child.  Meanwhile, Shaun and Vivian are planning to confront Destiny. Echo thanks Rex for his help in securing her release from jail.  Rex confesses that he almost took a drastic vengeful action but thought better of it, then confesses that he saw Gigi the previous night.  Echo understands why he’d conjure up Gigi’s image, but Rex insists she was real.  Later, when he’s alone, Rex sees Gigi again.  Dorian warns Echo that although she had the charges against her dropped, she plans to run her out of town.

Téa confronts the man with Todd’s original face at his jail cell.  He insists that he is the true Todd Manning and presses his claim on that life – including paternity of Danielle.  Téa finds his memories of their tumultuous history difficult to ignore.  Blair is unable to answer Dorian’s questions when asked whether she believes the man with Todd’s original face over Todd.  Todd asserts his fatherhood over Dani when he throws Nate out of the house.  Téa asks Todd if he’s the real deal or a fake; Blair calls Tomas in need of answers; and the man with Todd’s original face has another visitor – Viki.  Nora does some fancy footwork when explaining to the judge why she’s dropping the murder charge against Clint.  The judge is forced to accept Nora’s statement that she and Bo have identified the real suspect, who happens to be out of their grasp in another jurisdiction.  Clint covers when asked why he confessed to the crime in the first place.  Clint does plead guilty for the other crimes with which he is charged.  The family is shocked when the judge refuses to send Clint back to the ICU, instead remanding him to police custody to await trial.  Elsewhere, Bo questions David about the gum he’s chewing.  David says he got it from Nate.  Bo realizes that Nate caused Matthew’s injury.  Nate, meanwhile, has won Dani’s assurance that he’ll keep his secret.  But there’s no guarantee their relationship will survive, especially if Todd has anything to say about it.  Nate is intercepted by Bo who ultimately confesses the truth. At EOD Bo goes to see Nora, who tells him about the culmination of the court proceeding.  Bo, in turn, tells Nora that he knows who hurt Matthew. Again, Rex sees Gigi, but she disappears before he can catch up to her.  Echo worries that Rex needs professional help.

Viki’s stunned to see the man with Todd’s original face.  He emotionally pleads with her to believe he’s really her brother.  She’s confused and goes to John to find out more.  John has the DNA test results. Tea challenges Todd to tell her what’s going on.  He tells her what he knows, but Tea demands to know why Tomas said he isn’t Todd Manning.  Todd swears he doesn’t know.  He begs her to believe him.  Before she can answer, Jack enters and makes an emotional vow to his father.            Tomas tells Blair the story of his involvement with Baker and how he first came into contact with Todd.  But by the EOD, he’s forced to admit that he still doesn’t know which Todd Manning is the real one. Starr and Jack argue about the man with Todd’s original face vs. Todd.  At EOD, Starr appears at the jail cell. John questions Baker but is interrupted by the Feds.  They force him to spring Baker from custody.  He puts a tail on them.

Todd is unhappy to learn Starr isn’t sure if he’s the real Todd and grateful Jack is.  He’s worried that Tea isn’t totally convinced.  Tea reminds him there’s a DNA test.  Blair and Tomas arrive, to try to find out what happened after Tomas handed over the beaten Todd to Baker.  Todd resents having to match Tomas’s story, and he offers no details. Starr quizzes the man with Todd’s original face on family memories. She discounts his prowess because she thinks he read all that stuff in the Todd Manning biography.  He finds out that Starr has a baby and they have an emotional moment that leaves Starr very conflicted about whether he’s her real father. John tells Viki that they have the DNA results and can confirm who the real Todd is. Viki is emotional, wondering if she’s given her love to a fake.  Tea arrives and argues about the legitimacy of the DNA results. John rounds up everyone at Todd’s house and at EOD is about to open the results to answer the question: who is the real Todd? Shaun, Dani, Destiny and Vivian meet at Vivian’s office. The pregnancy is confirmed and Vivian warns she’ll have to make some decisions fast. Destiny considers her options and at the end of day has

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THE BACHELORETTE: Clare’s Laser-Focus on Dale Pisses Off The Other Guys; ABC Exec Robert Mills Reveals The Turning Point When They Knew They Had To Replace Her

There was a lot to unpack on last night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette, and it’s becoming harder to like Clare and Dale in this messy first part of the season where everyone is awaiting next week’s installment where things are previewed to really blow up.  Thus, setting the stage for Tayshia Adams to replace Clare as the new ‘Bachelorette’.

So here is what went down: Yosef finally could not take it anymore and had to get off of his chest what he felt about Clare … to her! In a moment alone with her, he told her how “immature” she was and how demeaning it was to the men to make them play “strip dodgeball” and that the way she was behaving is not something he wants his daughter to see.  He tells her there are a lot of  “red flags” surrounding her.

Photo: IG

Yosef then launched into: “I’m ashamed to be associated with you!” Adding, “I can’t believe I sacrificed so much to be here just for this tasteless and classless display.”   Clare fired-back, “I never thought I would have to repeat these words to another man. I would never want my children to have a father like you. Get out of here.”   Of course, Clare was referencing her tirade launched on Juan Pablo during his season of The Bachelor in which she was the runner-up.  Back to this season, an angry Yosef gets in the limo and it is driven away, and thus he is never to be heard from again in the episode.

But lo and behold, who should come to crying Clare’s rescue? Yup, you got it, Dale, the man she is enamored with, holding her in his arms and consoling her.  Later, Clare in a testimonial tells the cameras she is falling in love with him.

Photo: ABC

Fast forward – after cancelling the group date Clare brought the following men outside of her place for a cocktail party: Jason, Jay, Eazy, Chasen, Blake, Ed and Riley … and Dale! But then Dale tells the guys he wants a few moments alone with Clare and will be back.  Next thing you know Clare and Dale are gone for an hour because they are making out at Clare’s place, until Eazy finds them together, at that point, pretending that they were just hanging out.  Now all the guys are pissed at Dale.

Next, Clare goes on a one-one-one date with Zac J. and it blows up in his face, when he goes in for a kiss and grabs her by the neck and the arm and she doesn’t like it.  Later, Chris Harrison tells him that Clare will not be joining him for dinner, so he is sent packing and limo’s off the show too!

Photo: ABC

Then, we come to the ‘Roast’ where the guys are going to learn how to do some comedic roasting of one another by comedian Margaret Cho, who came to the La Quinta for a guest appearance on the reality-dating show.. But instead of throwing zingers at each other, Dale was the epicenter of the remarks, especially from Bennett, who really laid in to him as witnessed by Clare and Margaret who thought it was very hostile, while the other men really enjoyed it.

Later, during a cocktail party where all the guys were hoping for one-one-one time with Clare, she spent the entire party individually talking to them about Dale, and what Dale was saying about her in the house, and about the hostility shown to him by all the guys,  Then, the guys were over her!   After the suitors did not “give her what she needed,” Clare told a producer, “I’m not going to sit there (after they) dished on my fiance; so hard!” What?

In addition, after the roast group date that went south,  Clare during a testimonial decided to give herself the rose instead of any of her suitors! On former ‘Bachelor’s” Nick Viall’s podcast, ‘The Viall Files’, Robert Mills, ABC’s Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming, noted that was the turning point for the production, citing: “When she didn’t give out that rose and she just gave it to herself, that was it.  That was really it, when we started making the call (to replace her).”

At the end of the episode, we were given a sneak peek to next week which will air on a special night due to the presidential election. The Bachelorette returns on Thursday November 5th.  In the preview, Tayshia is seen coming out of a pool in a bikini, as Clare’s time as the ‘Bachelorette’ is quickly coming to an end.

What did you think of the all the drama of last night’s episode of The Bachelorette? Comment below.

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Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Chrishell Stause Continues On After Halloween Week, Kaitlyn Bristowe Reacts To Carrie Ann’s Comment That She ‘Gave Up’

It was a fright night full of competition on the ballroom floor, as the celebrity contestants and their partners performed for the judges as notable villains.

Selling Sunset’s and former soap star, Chrishell Stause remained in the competition with pro partner, Gleb Savchenko after dancing the Paso Doble to VonLichten’s version of the Genesis classic “In The Air Tonight”.  Inspired by Maleficent, the duo received solid marks with judge Carrie Ann Inaba calling it, “storytelling at its finest.” Judge Bruno added,” Your focus, your intention, your purpose were absolutely spot-on,”  The pair scored 26 out of 30 and was revealed to be “safe” at the end of the night’s voting and scores.

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, one of the frontrunners, ‘The Bachelorette’s” Kaitlyn Bristowe received some heavy criticism from the judges after dancing with her pro partner, Artem Chigvintsev to Rihanna’s “Disturbia”.  In her Cruella de Vil outfit and dancing the Paso Doble, the duo received their lowest score since earlier in the competition which totaled a 24 out of 30.

Carrie Ann Inaba told Kaitlyn that she felt like she “gave up” during the performance and that she “felt her spirit drop”.  Following the night of competition, Bristowe who was saved for another week, talked with ET were she disagreed with Inaba stating, “It’s not in my character to give up. If anything, I might get tired at one point, but I’m pushing through as hard as I possibly can. I would never give up.”

Photo: ABC

The first perfect score of the season (3o out of 30)went to Nev Shulman and pro partner Jenna Johnson’s rendition of the Paso Doble dancing to the Swan Lake Remix by District 78 with costumes inspired by the movie Black Swan.

During the results portion of the show, Monica Aldana and Val Chmerkovskiy were sent home by a 2 to 1 vote from the judges over Jeannie Mai and Brandon Armstrong.

Watch Chrishell’s and then Kaitlyn’s performances below.

Who do you think is in prime position to take home the Mirror Ball Trophy at this point in the competition from all the celebs remaining? Let us know in the comment section.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas Gets Creepy As The Hope Mannequin Talks To Him

Leave it to the good folks over at The Bold and the Beautiful to incorporate a play on their headline-grabbing mannequin use during Covid-19.  B&B was the first American television show back in production during the pandemic, and its executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, told the media how they were using mannequins in several scenes in place of real actors when it comes to some intimate moments between characters.  Since the time, the show has also brought in real-life partners of their cast members when needed for a make-out scene, etc.

And that brings us to Thursday’s shocking reveal on the CBS daytime drama series, when Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), who seemed to be a more centered-version of himself of late, takes home with him the Hope for the Future shipment and opens the box.  He is for a surprise when inside the box is a lifelike mannequin of Hope  (Annika Noelle).  And from there, things spiral out of control, as viewers learned Thomas’ obsession with Hope is alive and well.

Thomas just can’t believe how life-like the mannequin of Hope is – saying to himself, “No wonder they use it for the Hope for the Future line.”  But then  after he takes the mannequin out of the box, it starts talking to him … in Hope’s voice, begging him to allow her to stay there with him and not put her back in the boX saying, .Please don’t lock me up in that box again.   I’ve been away from you too long… I know you want to be with me too.”  Then, Thomas who is having a very hard time between reality and this apparent hallucination shouts: “You’re not real!” What’s wrong with me?”


Perhaps Liam said it best earlier in the episode when Hope was speaking about Thomas to him, when he uttered.“I get creeped out just thinking about Thomas.”

Watch some of the Hope-mannequin action with Thomas below. Then weigh-in, what do you think of this plot twist? Share your thoughts in the comment section,

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Video du Jour

B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood deliver the Power Performance of the Week as Steffy’s drug addiction leads to a confrontation and intervention by her loved ones with dire consequences.  Here is the last seven minutes that featured Emmy-winner Wood at her best. Leave A Comment

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