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OLTL Recap – Dec 20 – Dec 24th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Todd accuses Marty of framing him for Eddie Ford’s murder. Natalie shows up at Marty’s with news that she and John are marrying.  Natalie wants to know if Marty intends to tell John that Brody is her baby’s father.  Starr and James visit Inez and Nate and think that they’re hiding something. Langston lies to John when she corroborates Ford’s claim that he was in the ER all night. Inez is relieved to discover that James is not a suspect.  But when she calls Clint, he insinuates that one of her other sons may have murdered Eddie.  John gets a break in the case when an eyewitness identifies Nate as having been at the scene.  Clint arrives before Bo can confess to Nora.  Bo takes Clint’s advice.  Viki’s livid when she discovers that Charlie’s accompanying Echo on the long road to recovery from alcoholism.

Natalie begs Marty to let her marry John and live happily ever after.  Marty agrees not to tell John the baby isn’t his.  After Natalie leaves, Marty reveals she intends to tell someone else.  John questions Nate about his actions the night of Eddie’s murder.  Nate admits he was at the motel that night and when the murder weapon is found in Inez and Nate’s apartment.  Nate is arrested in front of Dani.  Dani learns that Todd’s cufflink was found at the scene of the crime.  Todd asks her to believe in his innocence and she does.  Tea and Todd ponder who could be setting up Todd for Eddie’s murder.  Kelly tells Blair and Dorian about her aborted attempt to tell Joey how she feels about him.  Blair and Jessica inadvertently give Kelly the idea that the fabulous Aubrey may have something to hide. Joey and Aubrey get into the holiday spirit.  Viki tells Dorian about Echo’s becoming Charlie’s AA buddy. Dorian has some thoughts about how to stop Echo from further digging her claws into Charlie.

It’s Christmas Eve and Starr is sad after visiting Cole in jail.   Ford and James are worried about Nate in jail. No one feels like celebrating Christmas but Langston gets Starr to take Hope to see the tree in Angel Square.  Likewise Ford convinces James they should get out of the house. They all end up in Angel Square. Starr tells James she needs him in her life. Kelly sees Joey and Aubrey at Angel Square, after Dorian does the mayoral tree-lighting. Joey complains to Kelly and Aubrey that his father thinks everyone is a gold digger. Kelly tells Rex she may have a job for him to get dirt on Aubrey. John gives Natalie his mother’s engagement ring and she decides it’s safe to announce their engagement. Brody reads “The Night Before Christmas” to the kids. Echo tells Clint he’s missing out on the opportunity to be a father and grandfather because of his dastardly deeds. Clint softens on his rejection of Aubrey.  Echo is ruining Christmas for Viki.  Dorian decides to give Viki a present and she plots to get rid of Echo. Echo ends up locked on the roof of Dorian’s house, but she makes a dramatic escape. Charlie worries about where Echo has gone but chooses to stay home with Viki

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Quinn and Carter Agree to Take Their Secret to Their Graves

Well, this won’t end well for either Quinn (Rena Sofer) or Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor)! On Friday’s episode of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful it was reconciliation time.

First, at Forrester Creations, Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Carter patch things up, after Zoe believes he had sex with Shauna (when it was in reality Quinn), and after a panic attack from Carter.  He says to Zoe, “I’m the best version of myself when I’m with you.”  Zoe is somewhat shocked and yet overjoyed and she is ready to give him another chance too, and so they wind up in each other’s arms, but not without a guilt-ridden look from Carter.  He knows he has been sleeping with his dear friend Eric’s (John McCook) wife, not Shauna.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, at the Forrester Mansion, Eric tells Quinn he has been thinking about their marriage and comes to the realization that he has not been fair to her.  Quinn replies, “No. Eric it’s me who hasn’t been fair to you.”  Eric then launches into how badly he feels for making Quinn feel undesirable. Quinn responds with, “I’m sorry too!”  She goes on to say that Eric’s kindness and affection means everything to her, and how his love helps her not give into her darker impulses.  They embrace and tell each other they love each other.

Later, Carter gets a call from Quinn.  She tells him that Eric and her are back together, and he shares the same news about he and Zoe.  They thank God for Shauna (Denise Richards) saving the day, but Quinn tells Carter they have to take the secret of their affair to their graves.  Carter replies, “To our graves.”

Now the questions become: will Quinn and Carter be able to stop their impulses, or hit the sheets yet again?  Who will find out first about their affair … Eric or Zoe, or will someone else come upon the information and might blackmail ensue? Share your theories via the comment section, but first check out the final moment from Friday’s cliffhanger of B&B.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL Touches on Racial Profiling, Social Injustice and Bias In Key Scenes with Portia and Jordan

This week ABC’s General Hospital took the opportunity to write in to their scripts and story, the issue that has been so prevalent in our country now and for decades that of racial profiling, injustice, bias, gender equality and more rolled into scenes featuring: Brook Kerr (Portia), Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan), Sydney Mikala (Trina) and William Lipton (Cameron).

When Portia comes to the boxing gym for a workout and comes upon Jordan hitting the boxing bag hard over the the incident with Cameron in the hospital garage, it spurs a greater conversation.

Jordan tells Portia about the situation that arose with Cameron and a gun, and Portia says she heard about it.  Jordan knows if Cameron’s skin was a different color, she may not have been able to de-escalate the situation and talk her officers down, if she had not arrived on the scene in the nick of time.

This launches the two women into an important conversation on racial profiling, social injustice, white privilege and gender bias that they have found themselves dealing with in their professions (Portia is a doctor and Jordan the police commissioner) and their children’s lives.

Later in another scene, Trina reminds Cameron how they, along with Joss (Eden McCoy) were pulled over by a cop last summer when they were driving around the backroads.  She goes on to say when Cameron questioned why they were being stopped, it scared her.  She feels if Joss and Cam were not there, she would have likely been pulled out of the car and pinned to the ground by the cop.  Trina notes she put aside her fear and never said anything to them, because they would never understand.  Trina tells Cam he needs to realize how lucky he was the other night when nothing happened to him after his run in with police.

You can watch the conversation below in scenes with Briana Nicole Henry and Brooke Kerr.

Then let us know, did you like how GH wove this social message into the story?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Passion Ignites for Carter and Quinn

CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful has been known over the years to surprise viewers with a cliffhanger they may have not seen coming, or a moment within an episode, that was unexpected.  Now, while often on daily episodes of soaps there is repetition in scenes and stories, Friday’s show surprised many!

In story, Quinn (Rena Sofer) went over to see Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) to try to get him to forgive Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and give her another chance, only things don’t go as planned.

Carter tells Quinn when he sees Zoe he wants to make love to her, and that it’s been a long time since he has had sex. Quinn can relate informing Carter expressing that it’s been a really long time since she felt wanted by Eric (John McCook).  She says that it feel like “We’re strangers”, and that when she reaches out to touch Eric he actually recoils.  Quinn adds that she is starving for affection, and that sometimes she just wants to be held.  Carter adds that he does not want to chase anyone, especially if she has feelings for someone else.  He wants someone who truly wants him.

As the seduction between Quinn and Carter begins, she recalls how Eric’s love gave her confidence and made her feel sexy and how she just wants to feel that again.  Next, Carter moves in close to Quinn, which prompts her to whisper, “We can’t”, but oh they do! Cue the music, the making love montage, the candles, the sofa, the camera cuts back and forth, and voila, Carter and Quinn make love.

This is a great twist for B&B, which will clearly give Lawrence Saint-Victor and Rena Sofer a secret to play.

Now the question becomes, will Carter and Quinn be the next hot couple on the show, or will this just be one night of bliss? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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