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Patrick Muldoon Interview on his return to DAYS, Christie Clark & on-screen mom, Lauren Koslow!



Wow time has flown by. It has been 16 years since Patrick Muldoon has been on Days of our Lives! The actor who made such an impact as the original Austin Reed joined DAYS in 1992, stayed for three years, then left the soap to go on to other phases of his career including a role on the hit nighttime soap, Melrose Place… and from there went onto work on a music and film projects.

Now as part of the Salem reboot, DAYS is bringing home Muldoon and his co-star, Christie Clark (Carrie) to re-ignite and re-establish Austin and Carrie onto the Salem canvas.  Watch for the key September 26th episode for your first glimpse of the uber-popular duo.  We caught up with Patrick on the set of DAYS to get his thoughts on his return, and what we, the viewers, can look forward, too.

Was it a difficult decision to come back? Were you at all concerned reviving the role of Austin Reed so many years later? I read in your TV Guide interview that you had many projects going on in different facets of your career.

PATRICK: The TV Guide interview was live and Christie and I were kind of riffing off of each other.  But no, it was not a difficult decision to come back. Let me clarify: I have always done four things at once; I am a multi-tasker. Now DAYS is the foundation for me, first and foremost.  But I am part of a production company, and so you really only need a cell phone to do that kind of work anyway.  I never knew why I was going into the office. You have the internet these days, so you can take care of stuff. And, the music side of things is on hold right now as far as my band, The Sleeping Masses. But I am going to go in and cut a solo record pretty soon. However, right now for this first couple of months, and to get my feet underneath me and reacclimate, DAYS is all I am doing and it’s got to be that way.

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Other than the fact that Austin Peck last played Austin, are you coming back as the same Austin as far as his character traits? Or, does he have some very new and specific problems?

PATRICK: He is coming to Salem and he is not as good looking! (Laughs) Obviously, I can’t reveal to much of anything, but people will be tuning back into DAYS to see the relationships that they know and those relationships collide, and that is what good soap opera is and what life is often about.  These characters run into those characters, you know what I mean. But Sami is Sami, Austin is Austin, and there is that history, and so I had to get filled in on what happened since I left.  And, so much has happened since I left (laughs) so you can’t really play that, you kind of have to play what is new.  The good thing is DAYS fans are getting familiar faces, and the fans are getting faces they have not seen in awhile. But they are definitely not doing the same story.   It’s the same characters and their same relationships, but I am saying the circumstances are much different.  We come into Salem and we deal with a lot immediately!

With Christie Clark (Carrie), the two of you were considered by many a true supercouple of Salem.  Were you completely aware of your huge popularity during your first go-round at DAYS?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

PATRICK: I don’t think we were really aware of it as much while we are on the show.  I think I became aware of how popular we were five years after I left the show, and then ten years after I left the show. And no matter what I was doing, whether I was in a musical meeting, or a production meeting as a producer, or if I was doing a movie, I would introduce myself and go, “Hi, I’m Pat.” And they would say, “No. You’re not. You’re Austin!” That has never left. So I guess Austin and Carrie were a supercouple, unless that goes for all the couples on DAYS, I don’t know.  We were definitely popular enough to be asked back, and so we were both really grateful for that.

What would you say about Christie? And, the differences between her… and ever-sweet Carrie Brady?

PATRICK: She is fun and Christie is a very specific “thing”…there is only one Christie Clark. (Laughs)  I would say there is a lot of Christie in Carrie, but also that Carrie has a good moral fiber to her and Austin has a good moral fiber to him. That is why those characters relate well to one another. But as far as Christie and Patrick, we have good moral fiber to us too, but we have other sides to us.  Christie is a little wilder than Carrie.  Patrick is a little wilder than Austin.  How’s that? (Laughs)

And let’s not forget you have a hot mama in Salem in Lauren Koslow, who plays Kate! Last time you were in Salem, Deborah Adair was playing her!  How is it playing in scenes with the delicious Ms. Koslow?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

PATRICK: My God.  She is amazing. Deborah Adair was beautiful back when I was here last. Recently, I just had scenes with Lauren for the first time. I had to stop for a moment and towel off, because I was sweating so much. The studio was hot because the air conditioning was broken, but I also think it had to do with Lauren.  I said, “That’s my mom? C’mon!”  I would have to be in therapy for years if that was my mother!  (Laughs)

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I was never a fan of Austin and Carrie didn’t see them as a supercouple just a thorne in SAmi’s side! I would rather they kept Chloe, Dario then go this route! I’m not a fan of reruns!!!!!!! I want the show to move forward with new characters instead of re-hashing the past! They will not keep me watching the show if my favorite characters slowing disappear! Nor will John and Marlena!


Carrie and Austin are most definitely a supercouple! I am very much looking forward to seeing them return. They and John and Marlena are my favourite Days couples of all time. So glad the new writers brought them back! I haven’t watched Days in years but am coming back full time because of the returning veterans. Days hasn’t been Days in years, you know what I mean? I am glad the show is going back to its roots with familiar characters and couples we love!

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