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RATINGS: DAYS Up Slightly While All Other Soaps Down!



The ratings are out for the week of September 21st though the 25th, and overall it was not a good week for your favorite daytime dramas.   The Young and the Restlesss lost -115,000 viewers bringing it to an average total viewer count of 4,399,000.  In addition, it had also tied itself again for an all-time low in the women 18-49 demo ratings share.

General Hospital did not have a good week, either. The ABC soap lost – 142,000 viewers, the most of any daytime drama series.   The series brought in 2,593,000  total viewers for the ratings week.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful also struggled.  The series tied an all-time low in the womens 18-49 demo and 18-34 ratings share.

However, NBC’s Days of our Lives which is heading shortly into its 50th anniversary month in November, and continuing to bring back fan favorites, while adding potential new ones (A Martinez, Sal Stowers, etc), was up in the total ratings picture.  DAYS added +25,000 viewers for the week bringing its total average tally to 2,410,000.   The series also the only soap to be in the plus column in key demo categories: women 18-49 and 25-54.   View the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON here.

Noe, it’s time for you to be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterback:  If you were in charge of your favorite soap, how would you assess what’s working?  What do you think isn’t?  What constructive changes would you make?  Is DAYS delivering and meeting your expectations and more as it turns 50? Are the other soaps disappointing you … or, are they as exciting as ever?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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What started as a two-week hiatus from GH, it’s now turned into 5 weeks without watching. I had not missed an episode in 3 years until a month ago. I don’t miss the show at all and find myself watching an hour of more interesting tv in its place. I stopped watching GH in the 90s after being sick of the Sonny and Mob Show, and now it’s come full circle again.

mine as been longer not watching gh

Well Char, I usually criticize “Fans” for walking away because to me they are not fans BUT the show has been horrendous and you are looking pretty smart right about now!

The Pope ..
The Pope had full coverage, and trillions and trillions of viewers..
The soaps will be back up ..

OK- let the bashing of writers and the complaining begin!

Sure, sure, Su. Blame it on His Holiness…LOL.

So, am I the only one who was surprised that “St. Sonny” was not accorded a “papal visit” in his current incapacitated state? With the way he is treated like royalty in the scheme of all things Port Charles, it was the least the writers could have done for poor Dimples!

Shay, I believe the Pope had a secret meeting with Sonny which commenced before the meeting he had with Kim Davis.

Oh, my gosh…SHAY!!!!!! Where have you been? I just posted ‘I miss you’ on another thread.
A visit between the Pontiff and Sonny? You know what would happen if that would ever come to pass, right? The sun would shut down, the skies would roar in protest, the wind would crack and whip uncontrollably, and darkness would prevail.
I would think Sonny has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Later, amica mia .

@Harry….Works for me….I swear “Il Papa” has more secret meetings than “The Five Families!”

you can’t blame 3 weeks of Y&R lows on the pope


Su…if it was the Pope that took viewers away from the soaps you realize one of his messages to the UN was to stop violence. Something a lot of us have been saying about GH.

Oh Rose, that was a snappy retort! Good point!

Michael better hope the Pope is watching over his shoulder at the next FIVE FAMILIES meetings. They will eat that little doll baby alive! I couldnt even picture Michael being a shift leader at TARGET!

But Suoo, how does the Pope’s coverage explain Day’s rise in ratings? Or Y&R’s? It doesn’t.
Like Charday, I am not really watching GH. I have it on my DVR and pretty much DVR through all of the episodes.
Frankly, I am worried sick. I am reminded of two things: 1. during the last year or so of AMC, my first soap opera, I was rooting for it to end. Yes, it got that bad and it almost seemed like TPTB were trying to ruin AMC so when it ended, the collective fan uproar would be muffled. and 2. Right about the same time AMC and OLTL were canceled, it was reported that some executive suit from Disney said that they were not interested in day time dramas.
The paranoid part of me is thinking that the ABC/Disney suits are willfully running GH to the ground.

I meant to say tha I am fast forwarding through almost all of GH, not DVRing through it.

It’s about the week..
— The ratings are out for the week—

I was not referring to past months, only to the WEEK, the ratings of the week..
And yes- the Pope was in America and had tv coverage and his appearance had near trillions and trillions and trillions of viewers,and I’d bet some were soap watchers 🙂
It’s only ratings no big deal, they always have been a rollercoaster.

Probably, Harry. Except that OLTL always delivered…was excellent until its death. I miss that show with a passion. Perhaps it’s the spell I have cast on ABC that’s bringing GH down. Lol.

Huh, GH wishes they had the Pope’s blessing right about now! My soaps were not interrupted by our holiness, it was that BREAKING NEWS that John Beohner was stepping down! Who the freak cares! Tell us on the 6pm news for gods sake!

Nope, the soaps were not interrupted, people were just watching.
like; hmm should I watch my soap or the Pope, thing lol

Right? That guy reminds me of my Dad’s basset hound…..such sad, sad eyes. He never smiles. Who wants to look at that?

You are nothing if not inventive.

Who me? Gee, thanks. LOL. You mean Su, right? She is pretty inventive when it comes to GH. Gotta admire her firm grasp of this show.

GH down…maybe if retitled the Corinthos Story it would make more sense to those confused by the General Hospital title…Days refocus on vets and bringing back favorites and adding popular newbies with killer(pun) character driven drama is why Days is the hottest soap right now…only mistake is letting go KD as Eve…i feel there is more story to tell especially with Eves ex Eddie in town…Eddie could start dating Jen and Eve would cause them all sorts of trouble while Eddie has been keeping a secret from Eve…Paige had a twin!!!

Soaps ratings have been going up and down since they first aired on tv…im used to it…Neilson ratings use less than 5000 homes to help calculate ratings…and how can you trust what they claim to watch unless an electronic device is attached to the tv to keep track of what each home watches…back in the 70s we were part of the neilson ratings and we had to write down each show we claimed to watch…how would they know if we watched what?

Does Neilson track all viewing devise as well as the taped ones to be seen at a later time? Or even the ones I watch on youtube the next day when I missed one?

Jim, did the Neilson’s supply the slate tablets and chisel’s or did you have to buy them?

Actually, jimh, I believe there is an electronic device (meter). Someone comes into the home to install it and then, after a period, it’s retrieved.

You got it, Jimh! Days’ refocus on vets–fantastic! So great seeing Patch and Kayla again! CHARACTER DRIVEN DRAMA–you got that right also! And the scenes are long enough to savor. Like I said in an earlier post, the scenes with the suspense surrounding the murder(s) mystery are reminiscent of the 40’s film noir. Go Days! I’ m watching you now! And enjoying it immensely!

Im enjoying it a lot more too…its addictive again and it hasnt been that way for ages!

I agree. Of all the missteps DAYS has taken recently, and there haven’t been too many, letting KD go was the most egregious. We need a vixen/bad girl on canvas and KD was doing a hell of a job. She was well liked by all, and she liked DAYS too. I think there were plenty of places they can take the character. It’s a shame she’ll be off soon.

I love Kassie DePaiva too, but one must remember Eve’s exit is in several more months.

Eve was the perfect replacement for Kristen as Salems vixen/bad girl and KD didnt come an go like like ED because of commitment to another soap!

Great comparison Jim!
Kassie more than proved her worth with 20+ years in soaps, but she has shown this week (and several weeks before…like the JJ/Eve reveal) to the DAYS crowd what an asset she can be with good material. I so hope the reconsider. She seemed to have a good rapport with Exec Producer Greg Meng so I hope he holds onto her number. A talented team player with much more to give.

For the first time in a few years, DOOL is MUST SEE TV. What is working: Theresa and Brady, and Abby and Chad are superstar couples in the making. The murder mystery is fantastic. The use of veterans is fantastic, especially Victor, Maggie, Julie, Caroline.

I really want DOOL to reconsider letting Kassie D go. Her scenes for the past two weeks has been gut wrenching. I think there is so much that can be done with the character, especially with Justin, a friendship with Kate, having a career, etc. Eve had no redeeming qualities, with the only purpose it seemed to spew venom at Jennifer, Theresa and JJ. The funeral scenes yesterday were amazing.

What is NOT working: Too many scenes not being shown in a timely manner. Why has Bo’s only scenes been rolling around on the floor of a cell and looking like someone in “Silence of the Lambs?” Why was Kim and Shane not mentioned yesterday during the funeral? Why did the scenes with JJ telling Jennifer and Abby about Paige happen off camera? Why has Jennifer gone so long without a romance? Why do Adrienne and Justin’s other children not make an appearance in Salam? I would like to see Adrienne be a victim of the Neck Tie Killer. I want Justin with Kate. Why was Will and Sonny’s wedding (2013?) the last one that was truly about romance, instead of murder and revelations.

Also, what happened to Xander?

Xander is in jail

Excellent post, ITA, especially about Eve/Kassie DePaiva. She’s been outstanding. I hope Days sees the ratings and gives some of the credit to this beautiful performance.

I definitely agree with you about Kassie DePaiva. I can attest to her tremendous versatility from her years on One Life to Live. Every scene she has done since Paige’s murder has been gut wrenching. I’ve been brought to tears several times. I was a mess watching the funeral yesterday. There is so much potential for some kind of relationship between Eve and Justin and a connection between Eve and Kate. I’ve said all along that Eve needs a man. We need to move on beyond her hatred of Jennifer. The powers that be are making a big mistake letting Kassie go.

The biggest mistake of the year, is letting Kassie DePaiva go from the role of Eve. So much potential, SO MUCH!!! Well said.

Oh, no, please; not Justin. Lol. He’s here, there and everywhere. He is very fickle/volatile when it comes to women…..I do not like cheaters. However, Llanviewer, by your moniker, I know we both still share extreme love for OLTL. That soap and its cast will live on and on forevermore in my heart. I have seen women on shows cry and sob over losing a child. But, Kassie did something I have never before witnessed. She exuded unbearable and insurmountable grief. Perhaps, the only other time was with the movie TWO WOMEN with Sophia Scicolone ( Loren), which I borrowed from my husband’s grandmother.
Kassie touched my heart so deeply that, as yourself, I go through a box of tissues each time I see her in one of her so-natural-performances. She has touched me as no other performer. Perhaps it’s the fact that I truly know her anguish, sorrow and pain, personally. Her rendition of a mother, lost in her distress over losing her child, will forever be indelible.

I’ve seen enough Carly Sonny scenes to last me a life time.

And what exactly is our favorite gangster peddling? Drugs? Underage girls? He’s not a hero or the moral center of any show worth watching. Billy Clyde on AMC was an honest, unrepentant villain and criminal. But he was never ever a hero.

Flawed characters are fan favorites. But there’s a world of difference between flaws and simply ignoring how Sonny actually comes by his oh so virtuous fortune.

Wow, Torqumada! Couldn’t have summed it up better if I tried. My thoughts exactly!

right, moreover, GH is returning back to the being the Sonny show and not an ensemble show.
There has to be a happy medium between the former and the latter.

Right on, Torqumada. But, Su will give you every excuse/reason in the book to justify what caca Sonny steps on with relish. There’s an oxymoron for you, right, Su? Lol. All in goof fun.
Yes, there is a vast difference…duly noted. As I keep saying, crime and baddies are an integral part of a show, but in most cases the bad guy gets caught….short lived. But, Sonny, as I said is superhuman, brought to us to be worshipped…..he will never die. And, when he does? He will go to Corleone heaven…he will be talked about until the next millennium.

GH deserves these bad ratings, it is the worst it has been in quite a while

I agree gh does deserve it . I been watching dool I been enjoying it

DAYS is exciting right now, and that’s something I haven’t been able to say for a very, very long time. Not liking the violence, the killings, being shown so graphically. But the Ben reveal was done very, very well! With him opening the box containing all the evidence, then bagging it and throwing it into the harbor. And the music! From looking at the ratings, it seems like the return of fan favorites is what spikes the ratings. Monday was A. Martinez’ first day. The last day ratings got above 1.9 was the return of Stephen Nichols. Viewers tune in out of curiosity, but apparently aren’t interested enough to stay. My favorite day was the day Patch was reminiscing about him and Kayla, but according to ratings, others weren’t that interested. I love flashbacks and sentimentality, but others want action. They want the plot to move forward. I don’t know if all these murders are going to bring in viewers, but I’ll bet the return of Alison Sweeney will.

My favorite also, Maddie–and loved hearing Patch play that harmonica once again. I, too, love the flashback–and the sentimentality. I love remembering when I FIRST saw the love story of Patch and Kayla.

OMG, the harmonica! I was in soap heaven, I tell you! This is the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for DAYS to do, make us care! Give us all the “feels”! I simply have not cared in such a long time. Back in the day when Patch & Kayla were first falling in love, we got to see every moment of their relationship, every little conversation, all the push-pull, two steps forward, one step back, it was aggravating, but oh so worth it when they finally declared their love! DAYS (and all the soaps) needs to spend more time developing the relationships. The love stories are just too shallow compared to the great, fleshed-out, slow-burn stories of the ’80s and ’90s.

General Hospital is disappointing me, because I’m not a fan of the mob. I like the good guys, the cops, the doctors, nurses. And I see very little of them. I also like love stories, and GH really doesn’t have any right now. Everybody’s in a triangle. Nathan & Maxie are happy, but they have no story together! They just talk about everybody else’s problems. Anna’s my favorite, but I can’t even watch her right now. She’s forgotten all about her beloved daughter, Robin, just like Patrick has, and it makes me dislike both of them. If this show were written by someone who respected history, Anna would be moving heaven and earth to find her daughter! And this Jake/Jason reveal is boring because we know nothing’s gonna happen til November. And, although I love Jake & Liz together, it’s hard to stay invested, knowing it’s all going to end soon. Nobody gets to be happy. Not even for a little while. If they’re happy, they have no story (see Nathan & Maxie). Nobody gets to get married. There hasn’t been ONE big wedding under Carlivati’s regime. Weddings are big ratings grabbers! REAL weddings, that is. With couples we WANT to see. Why doesn’t GH get that?

Yes to everything you said!

hi maddiehayes..
Soap couples are doomed from their first kiss.( soap writing 101.
There are no happy ever afters. Soaps are tragedies not happiness.
Couples take you up and then slam ya down (heartaches by the numbers lol

There is zero budget for big weddings, there are gone forever, iwi …
geez they can’t even afford clergy to marry couples, now marriages are done by a friend or family via being internet ordained as a minister and a ceremony in whichever convenient location hopefully under a tree..
That ^ is budget approved LOL

There is no longer a Robin in GH to write a story about she is just a memory.
Nonetheless; Kim is very happy and doing very well as a director, she’s living her dream..
Smart woman- she got out and moved on.. good for her !

Hi Su, I don’t expect “happy ever after”, but there has to be SOME payoff for fans, otherwise it’s just gonna be “musical beds” ad nauseum. GH can’t afford a wedding?! Oh, but they can afford to hire every out-of-work soap actor Frank Valentini meets at a cocktail party. As for Kim M., from what I’ve heard, Valentini was not willing to work things out with her. So he just trashed a beloved character instead. And, in so doing, he trashed every other character who loved Robin. You may not care, but there are lots of other fans who do. (LOL at “internet-ordained minister” you got that right! How stupid was that? 🙂 )


Well, Su. I hope Sonny and Carly do get married under the tree you mentioned……..and then, the skies violently open up, with the tremendous roar/clap of thunder and lightening right above that tree.
Oh, yeah! What maddiehayes said. Later.

Well said, the show it’s not boring but now it’s turned into the sonny show, almost everyone is in that story if they are not part of it then we have hear them talking about it.. Anna my fave character like you said has forgotten poor Robin, and the JASON reveal will probably more about the public linching of Liz who will be turned into the towns pariah . Hopefully new writers stuff will turn things quickly around.

I am anxious to see what happens with WOMEN writers, hopefully there’ll be more romance and less “Sopranos-lite”

hi maddiehayes..
Kim/Robin want out of GH to pursue directing..
She left very peacefully into another career to live her dream to be a director, and she happy and doing very well..
Frank Valentini, helped her get directing interviews/job, he helped Kim, actually..

For me. It went like this. I actually shut GH off. and I started watching Days again. the Sonny show , all Sonny all the time makes me change the channel. Days on the other hand has made me smile. I like the serial killer story ,all the vets returning. Caroline ,and Victor. Kayla, I even like Aiden but I know he s now bad. I have actually been watching the show, and hoping I will stay interested. Soaps now bring everybody back from the dead, where’s Jack.? For me, Days is doing a fine job. If EJammie returns I don’t know if I will keep watching after the 50 th. That story turned my stomach. When I watched before Sammie wasn’t so dumb. with her rapist No thanks. JMO. you asked.

YR- Stop with Victor winning all the time. Stop making Jack &Adam the fall guys for Victor, STOP ruining Sharon, stop ruining Hevon
GH- Stop with the Sonny show, more romance less mob
BB- Not sure
DAYS- Keep doing doing what they’re doing, it works. Get Ejami back

Days is killing it (literally) and I’m so glad the ratings are reflecting that. I hope Days can keep bringing back favorites over time.

I’m glad to see GH and Y&R doing bad because they deserve it so hopefully more changes are coming there.

I only have one thing to say in why Y&R’s ratings are going down,Chuck Pratt. The soap has been at demo lows for a month. The show is deteriorating rapidly. Y&R is the lead in to B&B,so it may be starting to drag their ratings down. Not a fan of the mob and Sonny show on GH. Days is so so.

Days is up. that is good thing.
Goes to show that promoting, actual promoting helps, a lot.
Days was promoted. Promoting is needed for the soaps..
The promoting GH gets is the weekly sneak peek that is mostly GH fans that see the clips and Frank’s twitter. Yup, poor FV is promoting GH via twitter, ABC’s soap promoting is pathetic LOL

The ratings are nothing much in realm of how it works..
The network and sponsor go by September to September numbers.
All the posting of ratings is; a competition as to which soap is ahead or behind, reminds me of horse race.

Since day 1 of ratings– they go way up and way down, always have always will.

How come when GH spikes in the ratings, you attribute it to good writing but when the ratings tank, you attribute it to poor network promotion?
And yet, when Days enjoys a ratings boast you attribute it to good network promotion.

Your sense of cause and effect is rather inconsistent, Su00.

ohh Harry ..
ever soap should be and need to be promoted.
the Days promoters did very well.. promoting works.
ABC/GH has no promoters for GH, and that is sad, indeed..
GH is the only soap with no promoter, it is FV that prompted via twitter..
but- during daytime to soap/daytime viewers GH once in awhile gets out a clip of coming week..
and it is usual done by FV on his twitter LOL

On the John Oliver show ep #52 he gave Days a great boost that was about ‘5’ mins of airtime, it was really good.
He dubbed Days scenes much like a SNL skit with the actual actors/characters of Days scenes…
And millions seen it, great for Days 🙂

I was going to say a facsimile of what you said, Harry, until I saw your post. Again, you beat me to it. Lol.

Days is strong right now because of their 50th. GH did good with their 50th. Once Days fans see all their favorites from the past and are whisked away, they will be back to #4.

Several returns are longterm, Timmm.

Rather than saying what it is I say what it is not. Days’ minus the gay storyline equals an increase in ratings. We will see how the ratings continue to progress as time moves on.


That is so wrong, on so many levels. And, not fair, Gmbenet, with all due respect. Gays are human beings with feelings and part of our society. Why shouldn’t they have love and romance and ups and downs as any other couples on shows? If we have to suffer through Sonny’s twenty year old tenure on crime and violence, why not gay storylines?

So tell me about these “Ups and Downs!” Ha ha ha!

Oh, you know, Timmm; who’s going to change the burned light bulb…that’s an up; or who will go down to the wine cellar to get a vintage port…that’s a down. But, that’s not what you meant, huh?

Seriously, Timmm. I am as straight as can be, but I am so disappointed in some people to be so intolerant of gays. What do they fear? Who do they fear? Do these insensitive people expect for doomsday to happen if they even talk to a gay person? Or do they fear that homosexuality is somehow contagious? But to say that ratings ‘pick up’ when there are no gay storyline is very cynical, astronomically offensive and hurtful…..with all due respect. Just my opinion.

Somehow, this comment about gay stories ties back to the Pope

Really? How’s that? Haaarryyy, are you being facetious, again? The poor Pope gets bandied around waaay too much. Lol.

The ratings numbers do not lie. I watched the ratings numbers during the time that the gay storyline on Days was front and center. The ratings went down. Regardless of how much you support having a gay storyline on Days or how much I am opposed to it the ratings numbers told the true story of how viewers regarded that storyline. The didn’t watch it as reflected by the ratings.

If you want to use me as your whipping person because I dared to tell the truth go right ahead. I don’t care. When you finish venting on me the ratings will still say the same thing.

You can check the numbers for yourself, comparing the ratings during the weeks that the gay storyline was prevalent. I have even read reports on soap opera news blogs about how the ratings went down during the time of the gay storyline. I was shocked that those blogs would even admit it. But admit it they did!

You are entitled to your view about gay stories on soaps. But to criticize me for telling the truth about the ratings is a little bit of a head in the sand reaction.

Everyone seems to be counting GH out before the new writers take over. Let’s wait and see. I really enjoyed Donna Mills on the show. She is a typical wanna be mother who has no clue of how to be one. Unfortunately, that is typical in today’s world. The best actors and actresses are on GH and the Emmy wins prove it – they just need better storylines!

Talking about Days/CBS promoting..
tonight prime time-
during a Saturday Night Live special / 40 years documentary of SNL.
There was a promo ad for Days, the clip of the necktie killer ..
great time slot to promote Days, to have million see it..

oops, sorry..
On ”’ NBC ”’

Well that’s what weeks of All Sonny TV will get you. As for “blaming” the Pope, are we saying NBC didn’t show the Pope? Spare the excuses worshipping Sonny is what almost got the show canceled the last time.

On the other hand Friday’s show was really good–so I have a sliver of hope. Except for the moronic dialog from Dante about how he should be the one to take over the Mob (feeling proud Olivia?) the show focused on real people with real emotions. Though I don’t really care about Valerie–these scenes with Patrick & Sam were great. And KeMo actually showed a personality. Amazeballs!

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. If we return to Sonny worship & if the Jason reveal attaches him to Sonny’s side, then I predict the ratings will plunge even further.

Lucy D., I think the Pope did hurt the ratings, especially for DAYS! DAYS gained, but they would’ve gained way more than they did. It was a week that had many viewers on the edge of their seats…and it’s not letting up!!!!!

To any and all…Dive into DAYS!!!!!

Right, Lucy? Gee, ummm, isn’t Dante a cop? It just goes against the grain, that. How noble of him taking over for good ole Dad. What a legacy.
Yes, I must say I finally enjoyed a scene between Sam and Patrick. Very natural and believable and, wait for it….sweet. Coming from me, Lucy, that’s a lot. I actually thought Sam was girlishly cute how uncomfortable she seemed in her pretty little dress. She looked great. She should wear a dress more often. Weird how she changed in her ‘regular’ attire so rapidly.
It would be disheartening if they broke up because of Jake “coming to”.

September is a slump month for soaps in general– summer story lines have finished and stories for November sweeps are just starting. I’d be more concerned if these numbers continue into October as sweeps story heat up — for me all soaps were in holding patterns until October, and we are already seeing things move at bit– Adam’s reveal on Y&R,, Ben’s outed as the killer on Days, Caroline coming clean about Thomas’ sexually assaulting her on B&B– Genie’s return on GH— yep, things should pick up soon for all four soaps.

I dont see Genie’s return moving GH’s numbers. Why? All she does is cry and live in the past!

Her return signifies movement in the Jake Jason story, there is no way Laura is going to let Jason and Sam marry other people– it is that plot point that will bring up the numbers, not so much Genie herself, but what her return represents story wise.
When stories pick up, ratings usually go up–now I can’t predict if ratings increase for GH will be significant or long term, but in general ratings go up for all soaps in Oct to Nov– as for your other comment, I have been only watching for four years and Laura (Genie) hasn’t been on canvas that much in that time, so don’t know if she cries and lives in the past all the time, but I will take your word on it.

Here’s hoping, Timm, that the new writers will give “Genie” back her mojo!

Wait, Timm, you usually righteous,DUDE, you! How is Laura living in the past Maybe you’re projecting what you feel about Laura fans onto her?
What bothers me about Laura right now is that even with Luke gone her story is predicated upon others.
She deserves a story of her own. And I have not seen her cry in ages.
So, you owe Laura an apology and with the spirit of the Pope upon you, cross yourself and say 10 Hail Laura s and you shall be forgiven.

That was then this is now……..Y&R will go through the roof for the first week of October. You heard it here lol.

Y&R may get a small bump for the Adam reveal,but their numbers are so low now,it probably won’t make up for what they have lost. Y&R is really bad. I don’t understand these stories in rotation. I don’t recognize the characters anymore. Their is no character development. If Pratt is allowed to continue writing Y&R,he will drive it straight into the ground.

IA Robert I see Y&R getting a Slight “Bump” from this Reveal but it won’t Help much in the way of bringing back those Viewers the show has already lost the past few weeks. The show needs help/

For sure. They finally revealed Adam to GC and he and Victor’s scenes will be off the charts! You see people, ANOTHER reason to keep the MUSTACHE! So what if he always wins.

Yeah, but Victor’s eyes, Timmm, like Fluke’s, scare me….they are lashless and rheumy. However, I do prefer him to Sonny.
Do you think Victor will have a heart attack? Afterall, he has had a heart transplant. Considering all his stress lately, he is on the threshold of having a heart attack, stroke or both. ‘Gotta’ be careful there with organ transplants….lifetime of medication and needles. Funny how he never visits the doctor…must be a very robust guy. LOL.

Cee Cee, Timm and I are greatly amused by Victor’s temper.
I have been so enjoying his roaring at everyone with outrage.
“HOW DARE YOU BARGE INTO MY OFFICE!”? he screamed at both Phyllis and Ashely at different times.
Victor needs to be in state of perpetual outrage 24/7–he is absolutely hilarious.

I will grant you the fact that Eric/Victor is impressive. He commands every scene. But, does he have to be so nasty and angry all the time? I guess what I hear is true… of a certain age become very grumpy from the lack of sex. OOOOLALA. LOL.

Days is giving its audience a good multi-generational blend of the vets and newbies in a more character driven storyline. It has been wonderful to see Patch and Kayla interacting again – the flashbacks are terrific! The anticipation of seeing Bo and Hope together once again is ratcheting up as well. But I am also enjoying the new relationships that are developing between Chad and Abby and Theresa and Brady. Even though I hadn’t watched in years, Salem has maintained its distinctive sense of place and atmosphere. As well, the serial killer storyline, even though a reveal has taken place, still leaves you with a sense that there is more going on here than we know…

As for GH, I haven’t watched in some time. I am not interested in the mobcentric storyline, I felt let down by the Luke exit/Laura re-entry, I was disappointed that Duke was killed off and frankly it just does not feel like the same show I used to enjoy. There isn’t anyone or any couples to root for.

i’m with Charday…. I haven’t made time to watch GH
it’s been well over a month… I posted… Maura West’ Ava…. is blond again… ???

I am waiting for the new head writing team(s)

just as Days has risen
so will GH

i don’t know… to even think of prioritizing… when serial lead me… to put on the backburner

Days is steaming ahead

Days is hot hot hot! It’s on fire.

I too, have basically given up on GH.

Since August, I’ve made DAYS my # 1 viewing priority.

I get excited by this… headline

Days and Salem added

fans crested and lined up

LOL… I look at the screen and see the line up… the leading men and women

and stagger back

take a second look

this is sterling stuff

this gets my goat

I LOVE this

“I watch my reel”

this is good stuff

this is the best

this is real

of the 4 remain

I get this

Salem’ites ! YES! ( lol ) let’s happy dance, whet, and desire, a let

i’m in Salem

“I, don’t know… what happened to Xander’

I hope… it’s one of those surprises… that the current day… nuHeadwriting teams.. have, left

bringing back… mistake


I’d add EJ and Sami..not necessarily to see those parts… but.. it reigned ratings for DAYS

add in T

quality is featured forefront.. i’m in

just don’t denigrate the audience factor… and lessen our pull

I love these people… mystique justified

I don’t care

please pull them back… get them

“I love Days”

I’m laughing, crying, excited

it’s ours on and it

I still think NEWbies are leading


??? what’s up with that? powerhouse

hire Kassie DePaiva back


to echelon and preview high stakes and leave off a stalwart gem… prospect and dream lead…

Ms. DePaiva

honestly? seriously?

no one gets an excuse… I never watched her on ABC OLTL… except for the last month… and watched some… on the nuOLTL

I fell in love

w/Kassie DePaiva

you lead

yes, DAYS MUST HIRE back, bring back Eve, Kassie must return in the spring. We should BEGIN the PETITION to bring KASSIE BACK.

There’s a good chance for her to come back, Jeremy.

DAYS has brought back many performers and characters through the years!

@ 4ever DAYS

I sure hope so. I HOPE they give Eve a short reprieve, and if Shane and Kim can’t return to Salem, there’s always Theresa to keep Eve in Salem. I hope DAYS has the sense to have Eve return later in 2016, with Kassie. That’s who we want in the role.

To be fair, GH lost me for life by what they did with frisco. But it seems to me, they continued that trend with Robin, Lucky, and now Paul is not the guy he was when he left canvas. Not to mention they appear from what I have read to also alter characters of Anna, liz, and Nicholas. So the “veteran’ cast members are alterned or not on (Lucy, Felicia, Scott).. or even just missing with no one giving a do dah. Ths storylines are pretty one dimensional unlike the old days where WSB or crime fit into other such as hospital and family./frineds.
I think GH is just another show from what it was up to even Guza although imho he began the morph into ‘something new”. If enough people like this new other show then I guess it will survive, if not it won’t.
I may be too old for GH or too consevative or something, but I don’t like the heroes being bad , even criminal without conscience or consequences. Juxtapose these “heroes” of the show and those that are good people, Frisco, Lucky, Anna, Liz all being the “bad guys’ paying all the time for their mistakes….really bothers me. I do not see that kind of thing on BB or YR..flawed yes, but not like GH.. How could a Franco a Sonny, really be allowed to remain in that town?
For me this is why I think GH doesn’t work but like I said if enough other people think that’s okay or doesn’t care..GH will probably rise again. They do have good actors, for that I give them credit.


GH and its’ cornerstone the mob business has been GH since late 70’s.
GH has been the mob since Frank Smith and a bit before that.

If some haven’t liked GH the mob since 1980 ..
1980 when Frank entered Port Charles;
””Frank is a notorious mobster who employed Luke Spencer at his money laundering operation, the Campus Disco. Frank ordered Luke to execute a “hit” on senate candidate Mitch Williams. ”’

Frank committed numerous crimes while partaking in mob activities well before Sonny came to be.
bottom line; GH has always had the mob and their foes and families.
Most of GH fans like and want the mob 🙂

GH and its’ mob since late 70’s, 1980, then GH is not the soap for some but yet they have watched GH and its’ mob for decades..

GH is far from the Sonny show..
Sonny has been in a hospital bed saying and doing nothing. lol
It is about Michael, Morgan and Carly, actually. It is not about Sonny he is incapacitated.

Love Paul he has Anna by the hair for sure. A good story about her plight and saving herself, if written right.
Nik and Hayden rock, when it’s there turn again it will be good(an intriguing couple
Love Franco and Nina! (a unique couple
Dante and Lulu and Val is boring. but a love couple.
Maxie and Nathan are boring, but a love couple
Patrick and Sam are boring, but a love couple
Liz and Jake are boring, but a love couple
Julian and Alexis are smi-boring, but a hot couple

Thank the powers that be for Sonny, Paul, Ava a Jake/Jason and the excitement of mob business and I wish to heck that GH was the Sonny show but it very far from being Sonny anything.

It is about Michael, Morgan, Ava&Avery, Carley not actually about Sonny. Sonny is in a hospital bed doing nothing and will remain there for awhile then what will become of Sonny and his business as he recuperates might be in Michael’s hands his story not Sonny’s..

Laura is back, Anna is back, Spin is on his way they may bring excitement with them,
GH thrives on its’ cornerstone the mob business.

I miss all the Cassisines!
I miss Jerry Jacks & friends
The Alcazar’s and the Zacchara’s/ Anthony/Johnny Zacchara.

Hi, susu.
Sonny has been doing nothing? For two seconds, yeah, true. But as soon as he wakes up, the first thing he does is to threaten Ava.
Also if the writers think that by having Carly and Sonny married will gain a foothold in Avery’s custody case, they are fooling themselves. Then again, TPTB make up their own laws anyway…so who knows…sooooooo wrong. Please Su, I beg you, do not try to convince us that Sonny is a better parent than Ava, or Carly, for that matter. What makes these people think that a judge would award one or the other custody. They should all tuck their tails between their legs because after hashing everything out in court, the judge may just decided to take the baby away from both Ava and Sonny and put her into foster care. The better twist would be to give the baby to Nina…OOOOOOO!!!! Wouldn’t that be rich….???? Well, Avery would be given to her sister Kiki, who will be living with Nina and Franco. And, this is when Kiki and Nina finally realize they are mother and daughter…Big happy family. Yeah!!

Eve, is getting killed off !!!!! Boring Days i gave up…

Eve is not getting killed off, jeremy.

DAYS is exciting to me! Plus, they’re sowing seeds for future exciting storylines. The growth will be phenomenal!!!!!

Is she really, jeremy? I bet she’s on to Ben. Maybe she figured it out and he kills her. Too bad. So sad.

Days writing is good and like others have said it’s not addressing certain character’s…The thing i do no like is the lighting…to me the show is to dark in certain scenes and the background music is nothing like the Marty Davich days.

Y&R will never be the same like the good old days. I tune in every now in then but I don’t stay with it.

B&B…it’s my favorite for it’s has not changed over the years…Only complaint, I wish it was an hour and had more characters to write for. The sets and background music are the best and the show has the best look of any other them.

GH…waiting for new writers to see what they can do. Lost interest in this show too…For a while it was all over the place and it felt like a circus.

I to am waiting to see what the new writers do. One thing to ask, do these writers get to chose who stays and who goes? Because, the writing has been bad but there are too many characters on GH that get too much time and too many who get to little time. Like someone else said earlier, you bring Kristina back and she has been on two shows. Where is she? BUT, you’ll shove Valerie down our throats!

I stopped watching GH last March and I haven’t looked back since. I think that show has lost its way and I’m not sure that anything the new HWs can come up with can save it. I’m back to watching DOOL on a daily basis because I’ve been longing to see more John/Marlena, Justin/Adrienne, Bo/Hope (for however long it lasts) and the return of Steve and Kayla. I’ve come to like Chad and Abby alot.

Based on past experience watching Chuck Pratt, he starts off strong and then the ratings fade, and it looks like he’s back to his old tricks. As for B&B, they tell one story at a time and IMO, the one story they tell is not told very well. Now they’re telling Caroline and her need to be a mom all.the.time. There’s a who’s the daddy story, Ridge’s vasectomy secret which is finally out, and the father versus son story, but it’s Linsey Godfrey crying and crying and crying every day. I don’t think it’s fascinating and I’m not sure B&B’s viewers do either.

I think GH can blame their ratings loss on their “All Corinthos All The Time” approach since the week of Labor Day.

I’m very impressed with what Days Of Our Lives is accomplishing. General Hospital is my main soap and I, like many others, continue to be disillusioned with what I’m seeing. However, the disillusionment doesn’t have to do with the over emphasis on certain characters or themes. It comes from a sense that we, the audience, are not in the hands of a team that has an overall vision for the show or story arcs that are carefully planned and executed. Things change willy-nilly, sometimes seemingly at random, as characters are engaged in behaviors that have no root in motivation or reality. The editing is horrible, with quick cuts and seconds long “scenes”. This style does not engage viewers. It sends a subliminal message that the scenes are not worth engaging with and therefore does not draw the viewer in. Some of the stories that GH chooses to showcase are so frivolous and rooted in non-reality that they are an embarassment, such as the current “Dillon makes a movie in Port Charles and Maxie is his leading lady” nonsense. Finally, the dialogue is often poorly written, especially for a medium which is of necessity more talk then action. This is one thing that Days is currently getting right. When people talk about a soap honoring its history I think that they want to see characters who behave fairly consistently over time or evolve as the result of their experiences. Those characters should reference their past history in dialogue which is rooted in reality, the way real people do when they interact. In a way the show should almost become smaller so that it can illuminate the inner lives of the characters we love. Finally, the directors need to take a firmer hand with some of the performers and tone down their performances so that they do not verge on caricature or become too broad for this medium. GH has the most talented cast in daytime but they are not being well served by the current writing and production. Long live GH!

GH was so bad last week. It took me 15 minutes to watch Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays episodes. I know people want romance and less violence but how the hell could anybody watch three days of Nathan, Maxie, Valerie, Dante, Lulu and Dillon. Oh god, it was pointless! You might as well put Sam and Patrick on that list because you know that wedding is never going to happen! Oh and Friday’s episode ends with dark haired Laura. OOOOOOOOOH! I hope these new writers have a plan or we will be down to three folks!

ahaa! yes! Timmm..
This romance stuff is boring and having everyone kissing, I had to laugh it was so lamely bad..
Sam her candles was way over kill.. she must have a UHaul bring all those ridiculous candles, and she didn’t even turn the lights down to have it seem romantic hahaa FAIL

If I have to watch these couple acting romanticly stupid lame I’m gonna barf..

I said much the same above..
Nik and Hayden rock, an intriguing couple
Love Franco and Nina! (a unique couple
then we have;
Dante and Lulu and Val are boring.
Maxie and Nathan are painfully boring.
Patrick and Sam are boring, and lame
Liz and Jake are boring.
Michael and Sabrina are boring and dead in the water,
Julian and Alexis are smi-boring, but a hot couple

Thank the powers that be for Sonny, Paul, Ava, Scott and Anna, Nikolas and Jake/Jason and anything other than Nathan and Maxie and thanky for the excitement of mob business or GH would be a total snooze ..

wish list time : MID-October : nuHeadwriting team

Mac and Felicia
Kevin w/ Laura ? ! ? !
Scotty w/ Bobbi

Anna and ???? the original Sloane was a worthy suitor !!!!???? argh! dumb move

is a tryst in the works: Tracy / Paul / Anna ?

I don’t know what to think / expect

will we see writings, for; Nina, Franco, “Jason”

LOL… of all your couples, listed, above… and yeah… they are near 100% boring

dang it ! to hold out hope…. yet

these three have it in them to powercouple.. slay, reign, and ignite

Nina and Franco
Nicholas and Hayden
Liz and Jason; as a Quartermaine !

GH large extended cast has left so many in limbo

1. my biggest disgruntle ! what plans they have in store for Billy Miller… if his character is going to go all out mob… and just completely diss his Quartermaine family…. then I’M NOT interested in this any… more

2. I can’t apologize… Liz smolders with … Billy Miller -vs- Sam and “Jason”. the end.

3. Nicholas and Hayden…. stop the mind games…. the lust has overtaken… and team up and whet that and turn the page…. join forces and TAKE… Hayden! …. help your man! KEEP ELQ w/Nicholas

milo hot
brad brad
lucas hot

heck… I like Michael with Sabrina

missing Carlos… if he’s still alive some where
missing Britta
missing Connie
missing AJ
missing Sloane
missing the REAL Robin

meh? mid – october ??? 10 days

hey Patrick..

My –Comeback- Wish List-
(not that any would want to come back, but my favorits)


Michael Easton/Stephen

Brandon Barash/Johnny Zacchara,

Anders Hove/Cesar Faison,

Ted King/Luis Alcazar/Lorenzo Alcazar,

Wally Kurth/Ned Ashton,

Florencia Lozano/Téa Delgado,

John Martinuzzi/Stavros Cassadine,

Richard Steinmetz/Joe Scully, Jr.

Stephen Nichols/Stefan Cassadine,

Thaao Penghlis/Victor Cassadine,

Ingo Rademacher/Jasper Jacks,

Tristan Rogers/Robert Scorpio,

Sebastian Roché/Jerry Jacks,

Ignacio Serricchio/Diego Alcazar,

Amber Tamblyn/Emily Quartermaine,

Kelly Thiebaud/Britt Westbourne,

Greg Vaughan/Lucky Spencer/Jacob Young/Lucky Spencer (good nuff,

Bruce Weitz/Anthony Zacchara (oldie but goodie

Days writing has picked up in pace only but the stories are all yawns. The only good story is the Necktie Killer. Robert Scott Wilson is carrying it right now. Amazing work. Kassie DePaiva is so good it hurts to know she won’t be on much longer. I hate all these old characters coming back. Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope and John and Marlena. Who the hell cares? It’s all a stunt to gain viewers during the Anniversary of Days…All those old super couples pretending to be so in love and then after the celebration they all go back to doing the same boring crap they did. Bo will be restless to be back in action. Patch will want to go back into the ISA and John will long to know “who” he is. He should be focusing on the fact that his life is almost over and that he better enjoy the life he has in front of him. My prayer? I pray Marlena goes all Satanic again and kills Patch, Bo, and John in a big ole ritual. I hope Kayla and Caroline become prostitutes chasing after Victor and John. That will spice it up a little. And now I get to watch children suddenly become older teenagers over night. Those kids will run through puberty faster than the speed of light. And we’ll have to endure them all sleeping around with each other. Cause gay life is so bad. Instead let’s show the super couples of the 80’s try out Viagra and pretend they are 20 again. I love Theresa and her story. She is a great character. Anne Milbauer needs to have a story other than wearing the same dress to go drink. She is a great actress with a great sense of humor. What they are doing to Caroline is so pathetically stupid with pretending the Alzheimers story was all in our minds. They have an Emmy nominated actress talking to a mirror with a dead man in it. How about some reality with the exploration of Alzheimers. They have such potential to tell a great story and educate viewers but instead they are going for a senior citizen love triangle with Caroline, Victor and Maggie. I hate to break it to all of you but if Victor messes around with those two ladies he will have a heart attack and die. He , ahem, isn’t exactly 45 any more. LoL. I know all you loyal DAYS followers will say that you love all these old characters but their stories have been told. Let’s move on. Oh well at least I have a few more weeks of the Necktie killer to enjoy. Maybe Theresa and Nicole and Kate will liven things up. I can only hope.

All Days fan’s ..
EJ is alive and on John Oliver with Sami..
Yes, on HBO John Oliver/Last Week Tonight show, he brought in James Scott & Alison Sweeny to do a skit.
If you care to see it;

Youtube.. put in/search-
John Oliver Last week Tonight.
and click on/watch the one;– Immigrants and Refugees.

Scroll to 13 minutes– and the show will be about Days to the end of the show.
EJ appears towards end..

We know. Michael posted the info last week.

Hi Mo..
I am not in your ”we” as I’m sure others are not in your ”we” who also missed the post.
Michael is always on top of all, he is the best of the best.
Anyways, it’s a second chance for the we’s that didn’t see it to see it 🙂

Yes, Michael Fairman posted two blog articles on the subject which included the clip.
Beautifully done and it restored my faith in humanity, in the power of soaps and in the power of Mr. John Oliver who has dimples as deep as the Thames.
I did not even watch Days when Sami and EJ were the “it” couple of the year, however, I am now rooting for these two to come back and and I join Mr . Oliver with his plaintive and shrill rhetorical query, “WHY EJ? WHY?”
Why indeed? Come back and make things right.

I do have to say that DAYS is on fire right now—I haven’t seen this much energy coming through my tv screen from this show in a long time. The other soaps are good as far as the stories go too. I guess it’s all in what the majority of the fans want to see or don’t care for as far as to what’s being told and who is being shown on air. What I find funny is how some of these comments claim they haven’t watched a certain soap or any of the stories but yet they still take the time to log onto this site and make a comment—doesn’t make sense to me.

Have not been impressed with Sal or Lani. What is Lani’s job? If she is a patrol officer, she should be out on the streets, not looking at the murder board. If she has a desk job, I could see Rafe maybe inviting her to look at the board. But any rate, she’s a transfer and would still have to go to the academy/orientation.

They tried this before bringing on beat cops and it never worked out.

Ratings are like the stock market constantly up and down. These are my reasons for not watching on a regular basis anymore besides going back to college with my daughter. Y&R I really don’t care to watch a grown man 74 years old scream and get into fist fights yes I am talking about EB/Victor really get over yourself on and off camera. B&B do not know or care about any of the characters anymore. GH no one running the show over there they have let actors bully and feel self importance long enough. Days have not watched in a decade no reason to start again at this point though I do wish them well probably help if they stopped taping 6 months in advance. That’s it!!

Days of Our Lives is a good show, without question, and a very traditional soap which is nice – but for a while there, they were being extremely innovative with storylines involving gay characters like Sonny, Will, Paul and Derrick.
Then, suddenly, Sonny was gone – Okay, we get that the actor chose to vacate the role, but they could have done a recast. Will now is pretty much a supporting player, and I don’t know what Paul is supposed to do – and Derrick either moved out of town, or got a job as a Hotel clerk at Days Inn, no one knows. He wanted a chance with Paul but Will interfered and, well, so much for that. Things were just sort of left up in the air without any healthy resolve.
Does anyone else feel that it wasn’t right that there wasn’t any “wrap up” for Sonny, Will, Paul or Derrick? Or, as if reflective of real life, do most people just dismiss these characters because they are gay?

Hi Aria…Liz SHOULD be turned into the town pariah! Each time she opens her mouth and feigns concern for Sam, encourages her to move on, discusses Sam with Jake…she seems more unstable. She just perpetuates her lie over and over again…when Sonny and the blind woman instinctively sense Jake’s Jason…and we have to listen to her whacked out attempts to wipe out any plausibility of that possibility to Jason…I find her maddening! I used to love her character. Oh. And what was the point of bringing back little Jake? You would think she wouldn’t let him out of her sight. But, no, it’s just another day…

Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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Days Of Our Lives

Deidre Hall Featured in COZI TV’s ‘Day of Our Deidre’ Spotlighting Her Early Memorable Roles

While Deidre Hall has become synonymous with Days of our Lives as the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans Black, she also has had quite the television career in other roles.

Hall starred on the NBC drama, Our House from 1986-1988 and also appeared in several series in guest star roles including Emergency! in the role of Nurse Sally Lewis.

In addition, Deidre appeared on Columbo, Kung Fu, S.W.A.T. and of course, later as Electra Woman in Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, to name just a few.

Photo: JPI

Now, COZI TV is set to air a day of some of Dee’s early roles, this Saturday, May 18.  It all begins at 8am ET with an episode of Emergency! entitled “Show Biz,” followed at 9am ET, another episode of Emergency! called “Saddled.”  That will be followed at 10am ET by Columbo in an episode featuring Hall entitled, “Columbo Cries Wolf.”

Photo: JPI

COZI TV is a haven for beloved sitcoms, dramas and classics from the 1960s to the 2000s. Whether you’re a seasoned fan reliving favorites or a new generation uncovering timeless treasures, COZI offers a warm embrace of comfort and familiarity. Find out where to find COZI TV in your area here.

Check out the COZI TV teaser for ‘Day of our Deidre” below.  Now, let us know, other than Days of our Lives, what has been your favorite role of Deidre Hall throughout her career?


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A post shared by COZI TV (@cozitv)

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Judi Evans Shares Touching Remembrance of Son Austin on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be an emotional rollercoaster for many of us, who have either lost a mom, or for mother’s who have lost a child.

Days of our Lives star, Judi Evans (Bonnie) wrote an extremely heartfelt post on her Instagram account. It was accompanied by a video of her late son, Austin, in the role of her on-screen little boy, Dante, when she played Another World’s Paulina.

Evans’ only child, Austin Luciano, died suddenly back in December of 2019 at the age of 23.

Photo: JPI

Evans expressed, “May is a difficult month for me. Mother’s Day and Austin’s birthday are usually about 2 weeks apart. This year, it was also the 60th anniversary of Another World – a show that would provide me with more than I could have ever imagined.”

“Not only was AW a job filled with people I loved and adored, but it led me to my husband, my child, and our family, Judi shared. “One of my greatest joys was having my Austin play my son, Dante Carlino; a treasured memory l have frozen in time forever, one that I wanted to share a piece of with all of you today,” stated Evans.

The Daytime Emmy-winning star concluded with,”There are no parameters on being a mother… of providing love, comfort, safety, and joy to those around you. Here’s to all the forever mothers ♥️”

Sending love to Judi and to all mothers who have lost a child on this day.

Share your thoughts for Judi via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Judi Evans (@judievansofficial)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

Airdate: 4-12-2024