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General Hospital

RATINGS: General Hospital Hits 18-Week High in Key Demos! The Revolution Continues to Perform Poor, But Has Small Gain!



Genera Hospital is on the upswing with its audience! The sole remaining serialized daytime drama on ABC, climbed to 18-week high for the week of February 27 – March 2nd in the Nielsen Ratings!  GH showed gains in the key women 18-49  demo (657,000) and women 25-54 demo (871,000).  And, in the results in women 18-34 (172,000) they registered a three-month high, with total viewership (2.403 million) it’s best since the week of Jan. 9, 2012.

However, according to TV Media Insight, The Revolution was still way down from its prior timeslot occupant One Life to Live, but had a small increase in viewers for the ratings period, scoring its second highest total since its premiere.  The outlet posted, “Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings for the week of February 27, recently introduced talker The Revolution on ABC picked up steam, with its second most-watched week to-date in total viewers (1.62 million) and women 25-54 (871,000). But compared to year-ago occupant One Life to Live (using demographic ratings), this was still a loss of 23 percent in total viewers and as much as 40 percent in the three key female demos.”

However, The Chew, All My Children’s replacement is unfortunately doing very well for itself with 2.48 million total viewers for the week, and is gaining ground on AMC’s old numbers, which does not bode well for fans who were outraged by the networks decision to take the town of Pine Valley off the map!

So what do you think of General Hospital’s performance, The Revolution and The Chew?  Let us know how you would like to see the ABC Daytime landscape shake out knowing that Katie Couric talker is coming in the fall!  We have some suggestions that I am sure our soapers have thought of too!

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All I can say is YES!!!!! Let’s keep fighting for our shows and let’s get OLTL back!!!! Don’t mess with a scorn soap fan because we will keep fighting for what is right!

@ Cathy. ” Many are even more upset seeing OLTL Starr/Todd/Balir get airtime of Robins deathathy ”


I am one of them. LOVE my Todd, but lets do Robin right.

Why doesn’t ABC admit they made a big mistake & combine OLTL & GH into one big show with all the characters! That would be better than what we have now.

Gh will be airing this wk. Robins funeral.. Saw coming attraction for it……….Today watch GH !!!!!!! John McBain will be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, what about AMC children? Combining them and leaving out cast of AMC would be AS IF they never EXISTED. They certainly loaned more of their share to the ABC ratings, and was the number one soap back and forth between General Hospital for years!!!!!!!!! So that can’t be done without the AMC cast as well. AMC was the soap that had the largest celebrity following, of course because of the ” celebrity ” and beauty of ” Erica ” and Susan Lucci.
Nah, visits from both cast of OLTL an AMC but NO perminent residency. This is General Hospital, and I want the flavor, persona, and uniqueness of that show to remain.

@ lipstick: ” Me too! I’m sick of Roger! He leaves OLTL, goes to ATWT, it gets cancelled, comes back to OLTL, it gets cancelled, & now he gets offered GH! What luck! There are a lot BETTER actors on OLTL who stayed on all along & deserve a job! Why haven’t they gotten any offers? ”

*Lipstick, we agree. If U didn’t read my post on here before about this before, the man isn’t loyal…! He was on the most popular network, ABC and he left TWICE..! The last time he left, I was changing my channel and STOPPED cold turkey when I saw him on another soap JUST about 5 days later after leaving OLTL. He showed back up in Landview and got his OLD ROLE BACK during a recession and the cancellation of his old show. ( But St. John’s request to stay on the show til the ending wasn’t meet). Then Roger was offered a job by GH and most recently a contract. I personally thought it was euffed up to the OLTL cast that had been not ONLY to the show, BUT to the network, YET they are unemployed. As for OLTL not meeting Trevor St. John’s request to stay on til the end, that put a bad taste in my mouth for TPTB at OLTL. Trevor came in and made that role his own. He played Todd better than the original Howarth, and took the character places it had been before. And it wasn’t easy for St. John. The fans gave him a hard time, BUT he hung in there with us and we hung in their with him, and HE was phenomenal when ALL was said and done! I’m no fan of Roger’s, and he does a dis-service to the handsome men on General Hospital.

Love my General Hospital, through the good times and the bad. I am 1loveabcsoaps…!

Go GH for ever!!!!. Take down the other soaps! (btw I love Y & R ) lol. I hate DAYS though.

Avelina, what’s ‘ btw ‘ mean?

by the way

Ohhh Sorry btw = by the way. LOL sorry my comment probably doesnt make sense.

btw = by the way

So happy to see the upswing of GH !!!!! Totally agree with you 1loveabcsoaps, I never waivered, and loved GH through the good times and the bad!!!! In answer to your question above, btw means “by the way”.

by the way,or back to work,I say the first, by the way,I always google these letters .

Hopefully the Revolution goes bye bye and GH takes the 2 pm slot- Love my GH !

how long can abc/disney keep paying 30 dollars to get idiots to sit for 4 hours watching that crap?sooner or later paying for a audience is dumb.the best thing for abc/disney to do is get rid of this trash show,thats full of garbage.and the chew who ever is watching that stuff ,I dont get it, I will never be hard up for t v that I need to tune into that show either ,give me back all my children and one life to live and leave general hospital alone.

I enjoy seeing Star, Blair , Todd & new addition to GH nt. wk. John McBain…I think they should cancel The Revolution on abc &n put GH at 2:00 pm in the fall….Then they can put that dopey Katie Couric on… If they must put on another reality/talk show.. I rather see stories anyday, then this reality crap…This reality crap they talk to you to death… PLEASE…Gh ratings are doing better , it would be pretty stupid to cancel GH now….When they are doing so much better now…How viewers could like a cooking show ie beyond me…I hope they are not soap fans…That wouldn’t make sense…I don’t watch the soaps on nbc or cbs.. I alway’s watched abc soaps… And will contiue watching GH.. I put on my other T. V. in the spare bedroom so maybe the more tv’s on will make the ratings do even better for GH.. Silly… But that’s what I do every day & watch GH in the liv. room..I really enjoy watching GH… They better not take a third soap away from us soap fans!!!!!!!!! SOAP FAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!! LOVE MY STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OLTL should have kept 2pm! It was the best show with the best ratings! GH only doing better because they lured OLTL fans over! ABC knew they made a big mistake cancelling OLTL so this is the best they can do to fix it. They didn’t do anything after AMC went off because they didn’t care about it.

So glad to see GH’s numbers are improving to reflect soap fans are watching and supporting the show. The mere fact that ABC mentioned it at all in their latest press release re: ABC Daytime is a good sign!

GH is rockin’ and I’ll keep watchin’ Looking forward to the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

I should add, I have given ABC, Disney and my local affilliate so much $#!+ about their destruction of ABC daytime, that I felt I had to send them kudos for the improvements to GH and my appreciation for keeping the show in the daytime lineup. my hope is that the positive feedback will encourage them to cancel The Revulsion and keep GH. It’s too late to save my beloved OLTL, but I am hoping my efforts will make a difference for the GH fans. Initially, for me, it was the principle of the thing to keep GH, but I’m happy to say I am truly enjoying it for the first time in many years.

I hope all GH fans will consider sending positive communication to TPTB and encourage them to keep GH in the daytime lineup where it belongs!

LOVE Kimberly and miss her already. GH will never be the same without Robin or Scrubs. FV/RC destroyed best father/daughter Robin/Robert recently on GH. GH already became OLTL. Hope to see Kimberly and JT doing something NON GH together.

GH will lose many viewers after Robins funeral only because the new regime didn’t care enough about Robin/Scrubs. Robin/Scrubs deserved Happy Ending as did viewers

You a greart person Kimberly and amazing talent, proud to be fan who grew up with you.

Did you miss the part where it was KIMBERLY’S choice to leave, NOT GH’s???
The “new regime” had nothing to do with her decision to leave….her desire for self growth did.

Let’s not forget, she left before, and as I recall, GH had to woo her back with a good storyline.

I applaud her for pursuing her dream of working on projects as a director.

Just felt the need to clear up the misconception that Gh dumped Kimberly, when it was really she who dumped them.

NO misconception! GH and FV did dump Kimberly 2 months sooner. It was in an interview recently the DAILY BEAST.

The new regime had everyting to do with Robins exit. Maybe you missed where RC/FV took Robin off 2 months sooner instead of giving her scenes with her daughter and husband which is a soap staple. They coiuld have used the 2 months to fix her story but instead killed her to give others story and write in OLTL Starr.

Whether she left before or not is not the discussion. The discussion was Robin/Kimberly was forced out sooner and OLTL people got put on immediately. Hello OLTL KA Starr

I also know that under JFP, Kimberly wanted a death for Robin but changed her mind with the new regime.

Hope that clarifys some thing for you.

SBu was the one who wanted Kimberly back for a triangle and instead GH gave Robin her OWN leading man. SBu said it when Kimberly interviewed him.

Why should should Kimberly leaving before and getting wooed back be a problem. It happens with many TALENTED actresses/actors even SBu.

I disagree completely, the interview with RC/FV included them reporting that the writing of KM’s exit was complete when they arrived. Yes, she is a beloved character and I loved her as well but I feel you have alot of misplaced anger towards the new regime. Luckily here in America we can do what we want and I will respect your thoughts but we will have to agree to disagree. I feel they left an open end for her return as no one viewed her body. Maybe KM will return for the 50th anniverssary.

Cathy….Cathy…Cathy…..Oh you sound a bit bitter. Yes Kimberly wanted to leave. So be it. Thank the heavens that FV and RC are aboard to TRY to save GH. Why waste VALUABLE time on giving a departing actor their WANTED exit when there is so much up in the air. The best of GH is ahead, thanx in part to the Brilliant actors, FV and RC. For one, I am so looking forward to “Jason”s” reactions when he knows. The storyline possibilties are endless. Wrapping up an actor’s story with a nice bow does not lead to continued drama. Absolutely loving GH……Been watching since day one, when the ambulance would drive up the circular driveway of the hospital, and I have not been this excited about my show since the heydays of LnL. Oh, by the Cathy, the body was “burnt beyond recogniton,” so Robin is not going to be dead anyway…….

If Kimberly wanted to stop acting on GH then she should have been let go if her contract was up as i want to watch people that really want to be on the show.

I follow her on twitter, her exit date was chosen by her. She even stated she would only air into EARLY 2012, well, end of February is EARLY in the year to me.

I never said her leaving was a problem, only that in order to get her back they had to woo her back with a good story line. When she left before, her storylines were kind of sucky as I recall.

She promised the exit storyline would be touching. She also did a series of videos with her co stars durnig the process of leaving, all of them I saw were funny and touching!

I don’t put much stock in things like the Daily Beast.
I tend to pay more attention to tweets from the actors and Michael Fairman, who I also follow on twitter. Kimberly has been tweeting about her exit for a long time. And well before the new writers came on board.

I have no idea WHAT the process was to bring the OLTL folks on board, but my guess was they needed to add something to detract from the exit of Robin. It’s a freakin soap, so there’s no hard and fast rule that says they have to run everything by the people watching them. In order for at least one last ABC soap to survive, perhaps the powers that be realized they needed to tap into an audience that had never watched GH, but who had faithfully watched OLTL, and were clamoring for a glimpse of at least a few of their characters, so GH may have thought hmmmmm…why not try bringing some of them on board.

Here is a link to Michael Fairman breaking the news back in Nov. by the way –

I’ve been watching soaps a long time and am fairly well informed, and try to get my info directly from the source. That’s why I love twitter, better interaction with folks like Kimberly, as well as Michael, and others I follow there.

Someone DID view Robins body, her father. Now while she was burnt beyond recognition, it sure seemed from watching the scene, that he did recognize something in that body bag that made him go off the deep end.

I think, unless there is some SERIOUS rewriting of history, dead means dead in this case. Now, who’s to say Kimberly, as Robin, wont return as visions, which they’ve done before with the characters of Alan and also Stone, time will tell.

I’ve enjoyed watching Kimberly grow up on screen, she’s turned into a lovely woman who’s now grown to the point that she wants to be in control of her own destiny.

Cassandra, you sound like my kinda soap watcher!!! Roll with the storylines and enjoy watching them unfold, sometimes yell at the screen when stuff is SO FAR FETCHED, and cried or cheered as needed.

I’ve always just rolled with storylines, rather than question the writers. Have I always rolled happy, hell no, but I respect the work these folks put into their craft. Still not happy with Ingo’s exit, but it is what it is, and he’s having a great time creating a new life outside the GH system….his tweets, as well as those of his wife are HIGHLY entertaining by the way!!!

I’m REALLY looking forward to how Todd will fit into the various storylines as the next few months unfold. I can see him messing with the love lives of every single woman on GH. As far as I know, he’s the only one so far that has been signed to a long term contract of the 4 who came from OLTL.

I guess I choose to embrace change, rather than rail against it!

Scorpio looked at the body. He did look physically ill when he came out. They set it up so that if KM decides to return later, WELL, the body was there, I was so upset because the body was SUPPOSE to be my child. If it looks like at no time will she want to return, then they can play it that he noticed something. So is the life of the soaps. I have seen TOO many leave for “greener” pastures, and then return with their tail between their legs. So, this whole protest about KM exit is so uncalled for. Let’s get to Monday and see what FV and RC have for us. Love, Love , Love GH.

I dont why I got this Missbeth, it is to your from Christian…..!


“Someone DID view Robins body, her father.”

We know Robert viewed a charred, burned-beyond-recognition body, but are we SURE it was Robin’s? I don’t think so. It would be terribly unjust to do that to such a legacy character. She will be back … alive.

go to soaptown usa,then go to looselips at the top of the page read it ,robin is still taping.

I dont watch The Talk. I happen to be turning the channel and saw Rick Springfield on it and knew it had to be about GH, so I stopped and listened. If The Talk replaced a CBS soap opera, that doesn’t affect me bc I am not a CBS soap fan, so if I wanted to watch The Talk if wouldn’t matter bc their show wasn’t the cause of MY Soap Opera going off the air. JUST TO BE CLEAR if I wanted to watch it. With that said, the reason why I DONOT watch The Talk is bc, I support the Soap Opera Genre, and a soap was taken off and replaced by them or maybe it wasn’t. I dont know, bc I NEVER discovered The Talk until OLTL went of air at 2pm which had me changing channels. I refuse to get into another soap bc I can’t, bc of my work. This site here is addictive enough, I dont need another NBC soap. I’m finish other than with GH, and continueing my fight for OLTL.

@ Cathy: ” GH and FV did dump Kimberly 2 months sooner. It was in an interview recently the DAILY BEAST. ”
How long ago did you read this there? Was Kimberly in the interview?

@ Cathy ” Robin/Kimberly was forced out sooner and OLTL people got put on immediately. Hello OLTL KA Starr.

This makes me SICK to hear bc those of three of my least favorite people on OLTL. I don’t dislike them. Im just saying I wouldn’t of picked those 3 to transfer to GH. My picks: ((Tea, McBain, Roxy, and Victor/St. John). Looking at it from the direction of the writer’s, perhaps it’s easier to write for FAMILY (Starr, Blair, and Todd) bc their storylines & life intertwine/ rather other character’s might not be so easy; story would have to be SOLELY created for them.

@ Cathy ” I also know that under JFP, Kimberly wanted a death for Robin but changed her mind with the new regime. ”

How do you know this? Did you read this or did Kimberly say this in her video? I want to know! So under the new regime, Kimberly said, ” Hey, I dont want Robin to die at all? ” Why?

*Robins death was handled SLOPPY, it was the WORST death on abc soaps in my lifetime of viewership, maybe soap history. For her character to be a staple of GH, and Kimberly a vet of GH since childhood, she was disrespected to the 10th power. Everyone on here spoke of this, even people I dont usually see eye to eye with, had some choice words about it. Now RC/ FV are sending Robert off on a ‘goose chase ‘ for a son, when he was just HOOPING and HOLLOWING about NOT being there for Robin. Well what the Hell does he think he is doing NOT being there for his grand-daughter OR Robin’s funeral. DISGUSTING. I thought there would be a funeral with all of them there. Robert, Anna, Holly because Robin started on the show with them… Holly is now chasing off after Robert and Ethan. RC/FV better do their research when it comes to these character’s and their habits. Robert would NEVER NOT attend his daughter’s funeral.

Please advise on the above questions. Thank You!


“Someone DID view Robins body, her father.”

We know Robert viewed a charred, burned-beyond-recognition body, but are we SURE it was Robin’s? I don’t think so. It would be terribly unjust to do that to such a legacy character. She will be back … alive.

As for the ratings, I have to be honest. From a business standpoint, The Chew is cheaper and already moved past AMC.

The Revolution is not 3 months old and gaining. Actually needs time. You can’t compare it to OLTL because OLTL only gained when AMC & OLTL got cancelled and people watched thinking it will save OLTL and to see happy endings. OLTL also had a longer period to fix things. Knowing it was going off the air & OLTL got happy endings helped attract viewers. I know many who didn’t watch in years but watched to see it end. Which is typical.

I think the new regime is wrong in the killing of Robin and so much sooner and the destruction of Robert Scorpio while ignoring fans who are upset. The numbers for GH won’t last. Many are even more upset seeing OLTL Starr/Todd/Balir get airtime of Robins death. I can only imagine OLTL doing a benefit for singers on OLTL and say it is to honor Robin. Just another stunt.After a while people get wise to stunts. Just my HONEST opinion.

@ Cathy. ” Many are even more upset seeing OLTL Starr/Todd/Balir get airtime of Robins deathathy ”


I know thaT @1loaveabcsoaps. Even Robin/Robert got destroyed unlike Starr/Todd getting airtime and story.

Cathy said: ” I know thaT @1loaveabcsoaps. ”

Cathy, dont know how I my signature name became ‘ 1loaveabcsoap ‘. It should be 1loveabcsoaps…. LOL

1love…. *Chow

Starr & Blair aren’t getting that much more airtime. The week of Robin’s death, they kept moving from one scene to another, nothing having to do with Robin’s death. Which is why Robin’s death story was done so poorly.
Starr & Blair weren’t even around then.

oh my god you watch the talk,are you kidding me?lol.

what the hell are you guys talking about?

I agree with your comments. It wont last. Robert Scorpio is great and I think that having him on ong term will be sooooo beneficial to the show but I guess Blair/Starr/Todd are more important.

Well I don’t share your opinion. Not. At. All.

The only reason the Revulsion got any increase is because they are cheating by extending their time over to where GH once began, and now GH doesn’t begin til the top of the hour exactly. The show is crap. And no doubt the increase will decrease in no time at all.

GH’s ratings would be even better if ABC wasn’t deliberately screwing up the DVR and TiVo programming so that it is not recording 3 out of 5 days.

Most GH fans are very welcoming of the OLTL characters. Everything is better about GH. Everyone needs to tune in to watch it.

GH had been almost unwatchable for months and months now and is finally coming in to it’s own by returning old favorites and quick storyline. I like the introduction of a few OLTL characters and all the things going on. It’s like politics, no way RV/FV are going to make everyone of us satisfied all of the time. I say keep up the good work GH and replace the “REVOLUTION” in the 2 pm timeslot.

you are right betsy.every sight I go to and read the posts most fans are happy about the one life to live cross overs,this fan is very happy,they are another new family ,soaps introduce new characters in soaps all the time ,why all the fuss because they came from one life to live?I love all the abc soaps so IM not a new comer to port charles Ive been watching since the dr hardy ,jessie brewer,lucy audreys sister,dr phil,( not that ass who thinks he is a head shrinker)almost 50 IM not out to see general hospital loose its place in the ,now,the longest soap on television.

Hey, Betsy, what is going on with Tivo?

I noticed it too. The week that Helena was on and all the stuff went down between her and Luke, Ethan, Cassandra, was entitled something like HELENA CUASES TROUBLE. Then it said the SAME thing for Friday so my Tivo didn’t want to tape it because I had it set up for only first-run only. I had to watch online. I changed it to record repeats and first-run now.

I’m wondering if this is deliberate by ABC. I bet it is. It was deliberate to be vague in the description for the final weeks of OLTL so I bet this is too. Terrible. I agree.

The only way The Revolution is increasing in viewers is 1.) Nielsen viewers, DVR watchers and/or online viewers are being held at gunpoint and being forced to watch or, 2.) ABC is messing with the run time so The Revolution is getting some of GH’s viewers.

The REvolution ie GARBAGE!!!!!!!! The Revolution: What it is about….1. extending the life of your refrigerator, 2. alcoholic beverages for skin, 3. hero update, 4. making wallpaper from children’s art… Let me run to the toilet now to throw-up……. This crap is on daytime instead of our soaps….Figure that one out..Do they think viewers actually will watch this moron show!!!!!!!! Cancel The Revolution & put GH on at 2:00 pm slot this fall……..

You DO know it was Kimberly McCulllough’s choice to leave GH AND that she requested that her character die, right? She wanted closure.

You do all know that Kimberly is still at the set taping??

your right ,doesnt make sense that everyone is mad at the writers about robin ,I could scream every time I have to write this but go to soaptown usa then at the top it says looselips ,go there and read about general hospital,robin is still taping so her story is not over yet ,todd blair and starr are only another story going on in port charles they are not taking over .everything you said about kimberly mcCullough’s is right,she wanted to die ,but from everything I am hearing ,she is not dead and still is alive and kicking (taping)at general hospital.

still boycotting the Chew and the Revolution, I will not neither of them, will always watch GH.

I am wondering.. is the competition between GH, the Chew and The Revolution..? Is there only one time slot available..? If so,while this is good news, I’m still worried with the Chew doing so well… if they keep the Chew, could they still keep GH..?

I understood GH could be replaced this autumn with Katie Couric as another talk show host. Hope not, I want GH to see April 2013..50th birthday/anniversary!

No matter what the future brings, I honestly believe GH will see its 50th birthday!

The Chew & Revolution have nothing to do with GH. Some blame them but they are not the deciding factor with GH.

no they dont,but they did replace 2 beloved soaps that us,all my children and one life to live fans will not forget any time soon.I hope that general hospital doesnt get the boot because of another dumb talk show that we dont need,there are enough food,talk,self help garbage all over the place ,these shows did not have to replace the soaps .they only reason that was done was because of abc/disneys greed for money in there pockets ,and the share holders are pissed about the salaries of the big wigs that are running the shows daytime and prime time,I believe and a few people, the share holders at abc/disney believe the soaps should have been left alone. you dont fix something that isnt broken,but its broken now ,and I will continue to boycott everything abc/disney except for general hospital,and hopefully that will be taken off the chopping block real soon.heres to the share holders ,I hope they get rid of several of the idiots they have running the mouse house at this time.

ABC will convert GH’s 3:00pm timeslot into a local timeslot starting in September.

However ABC said that this wasn’t necessarily the end of General Hospital and that they will program their new schedule with their two strongest shows. The Chew is not going anywhere because it has good ratings. So The Revolution and GH are competing for the other timeslot (OLTL’s former timeslot).

So yes, GH can still continue to air even if ABC keep The Chew. The Chew can air at 1:00pm (as it currently does) and GH at 2:00pm. The 3:00pm timeslot will still be transformed into a local timeslot as planned.

Heather is that a picture of you coing from a pool? Looks like U have a child or someone in picture with you.

It’s indeed a pool picture, but of my sister.

I was testing to see if I should post with pictures on this site. I don’t really like it. The spaces for the pictures are way too small. It’s just not worth it.

I just wrote you this LONG response to one of your post. I’m agreeing with you about somethings. I lost it; the page clicked away, and onto the new buzz about the actor firing back to Lisa Rinna. I guess I will re-post it over the weeknd. I have to find that page I was on/ with your post. Geee.! : ( I can’t redo it now bc I spent allot of time on it while doing other stuff in between. Plus you know how precise I try to be about things when I’m writing, but I will get back to it over the weekend sometime. Have a small TV in my office, Rich Springfield was just on The Talk…., talking about his return to GH.

You actually watch The Talk?

Shame on you 1loveabcsoaps, LOL

I’ve heard they only have three hours available.. that they’re giving up an hour to affiliates like you said and will only have three hours.. so I’ve just been wondering, if one hour goes to Katie and one hour goes to the View.. that leaves one hour.. so I’ve been wondering with the Chew doing so well.. it just seems like they would give that last hour to the Chew. I’m hoping I’m misunderstanding something… but it seems like unless GH basically triples it’s ratings, or the Chew tanks… we’re in trouble.. 🙁 Am I misunderstanding something..? (Hope so…)

Hi Christie

ABC will have three hours of networks programming starting in September. Fours shows are fighting for these three hours. There are The View, The Chew, The Revolution and General Hospital .

The View and The Chew are guaranteed to stay. That leaves one hour for either The Revolution OR General Hospital OR a brand new show (if ABC decide to cancel both The Revolution and General Hospital).

Katie is NOT included in the three hours you’re referring to. Katie will be shown through local programming. Katie is indeed a show produced by ABC, but it will be a syndicated show. Depending on what market you live, Katie may air either on a ABC or a non-ABC station. Katie will be shown on that hour that ABC is giving back to the affilliates. Katie has absolutely nothing to do with with the three remaining hours that will be left on ABC Daytime.

Hope this helps

I just cannot understand WHY the soaps had to be taken off the air for such awful replacements… I have no interest in The Chew or The Revolution and can tell you right now I don’t care for Katie, either. I want AMC and OLTL back for my friends and I want GH to continue to air, because this diehard fan of General Hospital, been watching for over 30 years, all for MAURICE BENARD & ANTHONY GEARY!!!!!

i agree alicia have no interest in the chew or the revolution and never will

and no way will i watch katie couric period. GH is the best AND I AGREE WITH


Thank You, Sarah.

I LOVE Maurice and Anthony Geary too!!! They’re amazing. I hope they will stay on GH for a long time.. if they don’t I hope they will make some movies or go into primetime, I just love watching them perform, it’s like art!! I am with you.. I will never watch the Chew or the Revolution and I don’t know what the big deal is about Katie. Won’t watch her.

It’s a shame how Katie Courie jump networks. She should sit out of work for a while or go back to any morning line-up. She doesn’t have to have a job doing Talk a Show. What if it fails? Then what? She should do special features for awhile. The way I see it, it justs the RICH getting richer…. bc she has PLENTY of money. We are at the edge of losing the last of our enjoyment (soaps) for her to get RICHER….., thats the bottom line.

dont get me started on katie couric,she is one lady that bores me to tears ,she trashed the cbs news ,when she started there the ratings took a nose dive ,this woman should not have a talk show no matter what network she goes to,she thinks she is cute and she isnt,1loveabcsoaps you are right ,she doesnt need the money,and we may loose our soap over this ditsy woman that I wouldnt watch if she was the last bitch on television,and even if general hospital is canceled I will never watch her creepy talk show even if she has john mcbain ,todd manning ,anyone I care about that was on my soaps ,I wont make her any richer then she already is .HOW MANY TALK SHOWS DO WE NEED WASTING THE DAYTIME HOURS?we cant even get one soap channel,makes no sense,soaps are not dead,there are millions of us that watch them,someone has to hear us,and I will continue to boycott abc/disney till I take my last breath.

You stupid!!!!! L M A Off……! @ Barbara ” and even if general hospital is canceled I will never watch her creepy talk show even if she has john mcbain ,todd manning….”

Donot make me laugh like that…!

i can go anywhere on the net and now I am having a hell of a time getting here ,looks like katie c isnt as dumb as a box of rocks as I thought she was.I keep telling everyone she wanted general hospital as her lead in,Ive known this for weeks.but that is besides the point ,I still dont like her and wont watch her show,daytime is for soap opera drama not stupid talk shows ,food shows ,how to dress,I dont need any education on all that stuff .what I want is to watch my soaps ,and now we have to do all there is to save general hospital.katie c also does not want to make the soap fans her enemy if her show kills gh ,she will never hear the end of our bitching ,so what ever it takes to keep our friends from port charles kicking, let it be .I hope this gets through.

looks like the 2 phone calls that blair made were to tomas and my cop john mcbain,she turned todd in,roger wont be back till may so that gives ron time to do the story of 2 todds and he can get all the characters together in port charles .where are you ?you and debi have to stop posting to each other about brenda,you two do not agree about her,I dont get involved with that subject because I am in the middle ,as far as brenda is concerned,I like her but I can understand if she doesnt come back.

What do U mean, where am I..? I have been posting all week and the weekend. As for as me and Debi about Brenda, the discussion did’n’t start with me and Debi. We discussed Brenda about 2 weeks ago, and I agreeed with her about many factor’s that I felt was relevant. However, the discussion came up again with Debi with other’s very heavenly on Monday. As I am always able to see both sides, I defended both sides, and at the same time added my own opinion about Ms. Marcil, still being beautiful dispite whatever work…., that’s my opionion. But I also stated that outside of Luke and Laura Sonny and Brenda are the most famous couple in daytime. Debi and I never ‘got into it ‘ about Sonny and Brenda; she was beefing with other’s on the site. In fact, it ended for us and everybody on Tuesday morning and had U not brought it up today, there wouldn’t be any discussion about it, or a post for anyone to read, which in fact, keeps it going.

Furthermore, Debi wrote me a very moving post about Brenda in the end. The Brenda she once felt about, and no longer does, that’s her prerogative, and somewhat justifiable. As I posted (twice) when speaking about actor’s with the fan base of a Susan Lucci and Venesa Marcil, (U can still state your case) but one has to tread their words very carefully……

This was the week that Tristan Rogers came back as Robert Scorpio!! He always bring back viewers every time he come back and what do he get in return? His iconic character almost destroyed and no contract..Evidently only the OLTL cast get the contracts while the GH vets get 6 or 7 days if we’re lucky and the Tristan’s return did bring back some viewers.

Great news for GH, let’s keep it going!!!

To the people complaining about the OLTL characters coming on the show. The way I look at it, whatever it takes to get the ratings up. The fact is the show has been much better since FV and RC took over, and whether it’s because of Robin’s death, Anna and Robert being back, the OLTL people crossing over, word of mouth, or whatever, the show has been doing much better, and that’s what we want. Whatever it takes to make sure that GH sticks around for years to come!!

And personally, I’ve enjoyed Starr, Todd, and Blair being introduced to the GH canvas. They’re all excellent actors, and they will only help make the show better. I know several OLTL fans that weren’t watching GH before that have tuned in specifically because their beloved characters are on GH, and they plan on sticking around and continuing to watch. That’s the idea!

People are talking crap about gh we need to start watching for a renewal and about the ratings will go down I don’t think so I love having a piece of oltl I loved both shows but what’s so ironic is the time gh ratings go up the revolutions did that’s a bunch of bull it’s ratings been weak and as for gh Tristan Rogers Robert it’s his decision to leave he don’t want to be on contract don’t get mad at the show we still have Anna and Felicia is on her way back with sceming heather it’s going to service pray that helps stop being so negative we are talking about these actors jobs the economy is already bad they need their jobs just like we do gh is going to get better in my preference it’s better than bold and the beautiful maybe if it comes on at 2pm it will be real good for now please stop being negative.

Glad to hear that the Revulsion is still doing badly…Woo Hoo!!! Love to hear GH is doing well… Woo Hoo!!! Hope GH replaces the Revulsion and let whatever happen to Katie… never going to watch her!

Sad to see how they handled Robert this week!!! Very disappointing!

Hooray!!!!! Couldn’t be happier to see the gain in viewership of our beloved GH!!!!! I have a good feeling that this will continue. While the demise of AMC and OLTL was decided by ABC Daytime/Disney, and not the folks at The Chew or The Revolution, my heart just cannot get me to watch either show, and know I never will. I just don’t see a show with the premise of The Revolution making it on a major network in an afternoon timeslot, I truly don’t – maybe in the evening (but you have that on other networks), so I can see that show being cancelled and GH moving into the 2pm timeslot when Katie Couric’s show premieres – at least that is my hope. Lonnnnnnng live GH !!!!!!!

I am totally getting sick of people brow-beating the new regime. It was Robin’s choice to leave and she even gave them extra time in order to wrap things up and bring closure. GH is on life support right now and the new regime is trying their best to help bring it back to it’s former glory. That takes time but all this bashing isn’t helping. The ABC PTB read all this stuff too, you know. Please give them time and stop beating them up. I personally have watched GH since before Laura and Scotty started dating and love the show with all my heart. I think the new writing is very good and the fact that some of my OLTL characters have crossed over will add new dimension to GH once they get fully integrated with the other characters. STOP THE HATE; SAVE GH!

GH has to do twice as well as The Revolution to survive. ABC wants the show dead. This is a steep uphill hike and ABC has placed rocks in the GH backpack.

Kimberly wanted her character to die. True it did happen 2 months sooner than originally thought. But I would have much rather have seen “Robin” die the way she did as opposed to having her die from aids (which was how it looked for little while). GH handled Robin HIV story for years with accuracy and compassion. To think that the previous writers came up with a story that Lisa switched her meds with placebos was a horror! (to me anyway) So yes, I would much rather have seen her perish the way she did. (We’re really not sure that is Robin’s body-this is a soap people!!). She wanted to dictate her exit and she couldn’t so she’s not happy. She does admit that Frank Valentini has “lit a fire under everyones asses” as we knew he would. Thank godness the ratings are going up. As far as a few OLTL characters joining the cast I say if it keeps GH on the air I am all for it. Whatever it takes. And you all should feel the same way-it you’re a true soap fan you will stick with your show no matter what!

I have watched all three ABC for many, many years and loved all three. Sadly, we are now just down to one – BUT (looking at that glass half full) that one is the wonderful General Hospital, so while some of us are saddened by the loss of AMC and OLTL (and I am), imo, we should be so very happy to still have GH! Therefore, I totally agree with you Angela, if having some OLTL characters joining the GH cast (as well as bringing some oldies, but goodies back, and strengthing the storylines), helps to keep it on the air, I too, am all for it. As a long time fan, I feel whatever it takes to keep GH on the air is fine with me. It certainly beats the alternative!

I totally agree too!!! This situation is totally unprecedented and a uneviable position of FV and RC. It’s a very unique situation and was created by ABC when they put the soaps on the chopping block. It’s still early, they’re trying to satisfy both fans of OLTL and GH, while trying to keep GH on the air, etc… I can only imagine all the behind the scenes drama. I’ve read some interviews and quotes of actors from OLTL and GH, how they’ve been welcoming & have banded tog to save GH. So I want to get behind that, sit back and see the stories unfold. I’m not going to like everything, but that’s always been the case. I’m still tuning in and hoping for the best.

Where can I read the stats?

all over the place ,I will name a few, tv.line, t v mediainsights,daytime confidential ,tv by the numbers,the good thing about it abc/disney are talking about it.could that mean good news for our general hospital?

Your a doll Barbara T but no numbers are listed for this week yet.
DC I can’t log into.

I forgot one, tv series final .

debi,I hope you are right about general hospital seeing its 50th anniversary.

Me too!

Wow.I just cannot understand all this hating on GH. I am willing to accept ANYTHING that may help keep it on air. Yes, I was also a OLTL fan, still upset it is off. But FV bringing on a few of the OLTL greats, WELCOME. Now that Roger H. has signed a contract, AMEN, gosh I hope he is paired with Carly. Loved, Loved their scenes so far. I thought their chemistry was outstanding. WHO on GH, that is gone now, is truly a BIG loss? Robin, dearly love, hated seeing her go, But once again, IT WAS HER CHOICE. Just like “Robin,” Kristen A. is the ONLY Starr, as she started I believe at 6. Dearly loved the Scorpio/Robin video that was shone this week when they first met. But, Robin is gone. good bye and Good Luck. Let the new EP and HW, take is for a ride and see how it goes. Sure cannot be ANY worse than what we have been watching the past few years. I, myself, am thankful that I have seen more of one of the BEST actors on TV. Nancy Lee Grahn, since changing of the guard; so I am extremely happy. Welcome FV, RC, and the FEW OLTL vets that we are lucky enough to have aboard.

well said cassandra,Im a abc soap fan and I want our last remaining soap to survive ,no matter what it takes.lets get on with our new general hospital ,these past few weeks have been great and very well written.and the stories that are starting to develop ,interesting and good drama .and every one saying the one life to live is taking over are wrong,there just a new piece of the stories that hopefully will continue for a very long time,lets save general hospital not argue over one life to live, it is not taking over if it was I would most definitely see it,todd starr and blair are just another story going on in port charles.


Great to see GH making gains in the Nielsens. It’s also encouraging that Katie Couric has made it known to ABC that she’d like to have GH, rather than the Revulsion, as the lead-in to her new show. Let’s hope that TPTB heed her wishes.

not surprising for either show… one is getting better, the other is still horrid! ha!

I just read that Nielsen ratings aren’t capturing all the people that receive Free over the air television. They don’t have a cable box to report back…
oh good! I kept hoping leaving my digital tuner on to ABC all day long just soo my dvd recorder could get General Hospital, wasn’t contributing to the Chew and the Revolting show’s ratings… yeah!

Ok! I watched a week’s worth of GH on DVR I am sad! The end of an era and no one see’s it! Goodbye sweet friend the acting etc made me feel sad . Their is a song by I can not remember his name but it goes like this I don’t know how the feeling’s gone but I just can’t get it back! I hope it turns out where the rest of you are happy but for this fan I just turned off the lights!!!!

Yes, I agree…it is the end of an era. A EMBARRASSING era, that has been wiped away very qickly. ‘Nuff said!!!!

gorden lightfoot,if you could read my mind. this is not the end of general hospital,its a new beginning.

GH has been more watchable over the past few weeks than it’s been in eons. Cartini has brought a new energy and emotional drive to the show that was sorely lacking with the previous regime. BTW, GH’s ratings would have been even higher the week of 2/27 if a DVR glitch hadn’t occurred on 3/2 (apparently, many on-screen guides had the episode listed as a repeat and didn’t record it).

You want to know what has been the best scene in the last weeks, the scene with Patrick & Ephinany! Why because the actress was not worried if she was a size two or if her forehead looked like a skating rink or if she had fish lips Yes it was called acting and kudos to the actress you want to give a emmy or power performance there it was! Brillant at Best!

I am 56 years old, and I have watched soaps all my life. GH has always been my favorite, except maybe for Dark Shadows! I was heart sick over the cancellations of AMC and OLTL, as well as As the World Turns on CBS. I will never watch the replacement shows, because they are loud and obnoxious and repetitive. How many times do you think people fall over themselves to discuss The Chew or The Revolution? I say probably never! But people always find common ground with each other over a good old soap opera! Please don’t cancel GH!

I Honestly don’t give a Damn about what show goes before or after as long as General Hospital Stays on the air. They have already taken enough soaps off the air.

Everyone thinks they know the behind the scenes story. Truth be told, none of us are there. We have no clue. So lets hope for the best, and let Frank, and Ron work their magic in Port Charles like they did in Llanview. OLTL was the highest rated Soap on ABC, and now GH will take it with RC, and FV in charge. Trust them, they are already making magic, as the numbers in ratings don’t lie, and it is in an upswing pattern now. The actors crossing over are strong, and will add to the GH canvas. Sit tight as the dynamic duo save GH!

ditto 🙂

Sonny, looked at those fools (in the court room) today, like: ” Get out out of Port Charles”, when Starr introduced herself. lmao!

what she should have said is ,IM the mother of that baby you killed and my boyfriend was in that car also,and I will spend every day of my life making your life a living hell ,till you pay for what you have done to my family .and sonnys look in the court room proves my point ,the mob does not pay for there crimes in port charles,BUT,I dont believe for a second sonny blew out those tires,AND I am loving the scenes with sonny and todd and sonny with my john mcbain,could sonny finally become interesting again to me?I hope favorite landview cop has arrived in port charles,this one life to live fan is so happy enjoying general hospital again,I love it .

michael has to put reply on all the posts because i have to go on a wild goose chase to find the person ,yesterday I got 2 and I cant find them then I forget where Im going,I will go back maybe later .yesterday I couldnt find to many of your recent posts so I wrote where are you.I read about you and debi at least that is solved .did you like john mcbains entrance?I loved it.I liked his scenes with sonny and todd.edward quartermaine was so sad to watch,he had to be thinking of his wife it was heartbreaking because I thought of his feelings ,the writing for yesterdays show was brilliant a tearjerker ,patricks and robins scenes were powerful ,kept the tissue box close.this will be a about everything post.Im still scratching my head over susan lucci staying with abc unless she did as I said on another post abc/disney owns her,but all the fans that are fighting tooth and nail with so much heart because abc cancelled the soaps and when I hear that the soap stars will be in another soap on the enemies network I feel bad ,They need to work i get it but susan lucci isnt lacking in the job department.well I hope to bump into you later,hopefully it will be a good soap day for news cant wait to watch general hospital later .

I have a confession. I was forced to watch The Chew today. I know, I know how could I. Well, I was at the nail salon and I couldn’t get them to change the channel to DOOL. Only saw it for a 1/2 hour but my g-d was it horrible. They have absolutely no repore with each other. They’re clearly incapable of a witty comeback on the fly and desparately need an editing team. How can anyone watch this and say yes I’m going to spend money to advertise on this show. It was painfully to watch and hear.

Dont feel bad–i watched 5 seconds of THe Revolution while i was recording GH (so i can pickup my kids). They were talking about pjs and how they should be stylish yet comfortable. Saying they should be comfortable rgt? I was like YEAH, DUH!!!!! THen turned the tv off. In a word–Those kinda shows SUCK!!!!

As for my beloved GH the whole gang from OLTL arrived today and John McBain and Sonny Corinthos Jr. have a past connecting the two shows. The way John looked when he said Yeah, I know Sonny Corinthos said everything anyone needed to know about this upcoming battle. It felt so good to see the OLTL characters, it made me giddy.

I read that Sonny is John McBain’s past negative connection and there’s a positive connection in his past too. A pos past connection related to his FBI days. My bets are on Anna.

I dont know what there connections to each other are, but Im very interested .First time in a long time I care about sonny again.

would be a nice birthday present ,I lost all my children on mine ,but I love how general hospital feels alive again ,unless there is a commercial My eyes are glued to the set waiting for rons next move , writing for the characters old and new(one life to live).there is a big change to general hospital and every day it gets better.

me to,I loved every minute ,Its been so long since I have enjoyed general hospital,I am also interested in sonny again, looking forward to his relationship with john mcbain and todd manning,and I loved blair and carly having a drink together, favorite cop is in port charles and I am loving it.

I know watching Gh excitedly again too:) Can’t wait til John and Jason meet. Who will “speak” 1st? Prob quite a stare down 1st.

Really hope GH stays. My b-day is April 2nd and GH’s b-day is in April too. Would be a great gift!

I would tell ABC to cancel the Revolution and put AMC and OLTL on for a half hour each in it’s time slot. I’m quite sure it would get enormous ratings!!

I personally find the addition of the OLTL cast to GH a fatal blow. I never missed a show before, but now I find no reason to follow these insipid new storylines. Please send them back to Llanview where they belong. Focus on our Beloved GH characters instead.

How many talk shows does abc need? They are all starting to look and sound the same. I personally find The Chew unwatchable. I am a fan of General Hospital for many years and hope it will continue to stay on abc and provide the drama and entertainment it has and continues to provide for its viewers.

General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK on General Hospital: Anna Tries to Get Evidence on Valentin; But Will Her Love for Him Get in the Way?

In previews for the action this week on General Hospital, it looks like things may be reaching a critical point for Jason (Steve Burton), Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), among others.

Valentin has been running Pikeman, Anna suspects it and wants to find die-hard evidence against him, but she is conflicted because she still loves the guy. Will she be able to stay the course and figure out all that Valentin had perpetrated including switching out Sonny’s meds?

In the latest promo for the ABC soap opera,  Jason shares, “I’m running out of time.” He wants to go to Cates (Adam J. Harrington), but Anna wants him to hold up a minute, when she says, “I’m having dinner with Valentin,” adding “I will get the evidence we need.” But can she? Will she?

Photo: ABC

At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards Michael Fairman TV caught up with Finola Hughes to ask her at this present time, just how does Anna feel about her ex, Valentin Cassadine? To which she replied, “There’s a lot of conflict. C’mon, what does she do? She loves him, but he’s been lying .. again.  We’ll see.  It’s been really nicely written, so I think you (the fans) will enjoy it.”

Also this week in official teasers from GH:


Mac Scorpio returns! Cody confides in Tracy. Stella encourages Chase. Alexis gets big news. Natalia and Sonny bond. Brook Lynn ponders her options

THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024  

Carly warns Jason. Sam is livid. Finn lashes out. Nina confides in Maxie. Gio learns more about Trina.

FRIDAY , JUNE 21, 2024

Jason faces a big decision. Carly makes a shocking realization. Maxie and Spinelli are concerned. Sam is on the warpath. Tracy fields an emergency.

Now below check out this week’s promo for GH, followed by our chat with Finola. Do you want to see Anna and Valentin to get back together? Do you hope Valentin pays for his crimes? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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