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RATINGS: General Hospital Scores Good Week! Up In Total Viewers And Key 18-34 Demo!



The ratings are out for the week of January 21st-25th 2013 and it was General Hospital who posted the best numbers! GH was the only one of the four network soaps to gain viewers for the week adding +108,000 giving its total viewer numbers for the week to 2,908,000. The lone ABC soap also was in the lead in the key 18-34 female demographic besting number one sudser, The Young and the Restless!

So let’s take a look at what was going on that week in Port Charles:  Sabrina, Britt, Patrick and Emma were part of a major story where Bitchy Britt told little Emma she did not like her and Emma upset …  disappeared! (The pick-up of the cliffhanger was this Monday Jan 28, so that is not counted here) In addition, there was more ELQ drama of who would take over the company between AJ and Michael vs Tracy and Ned.  Meanwhile, Maxie was shocked to find out she was pregnant via Spinelli, and Luke told Anna he loved her and would compete against Duke for her heart!

On the other soaps, The Young and the Restless was strong at number one for the week (even though viewership was down) with 4,573,000.  The Bold and the Beautiful is firmly in second place with 3,492,000, and Days of our Lives which had a great week previously, lost some ground with 2,773,000, but  is doing much better than a year ago at this time!  You can view the entire ratings picture via Soap Opera Network here!

OK, soapers! Be our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair quarterback! Are you into the stories on GH?  How will the ratings be next week with the kick-off of the ‘vampire’ murder mystery?  What would you fix or revise on your favorite soaps to bring up their ratings numbers?  What characters do you want to see more or less of?  What storylines are working for you, and which are not?  Weigh-in!

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The ratings are so much better on GH now with the new direction the show has been in. I am loving the Easton and Monaco vibes and hope to see them blossom into a true super couple.

I love GH.. it has a ton a variety, something for everyone..
I like fast pace and suspense in stories..

I like the Caleb story, it is different and refreshing to have some real fantasy!!
In the 90’s GH and PC were somewhat crossovers, and now once again the two are mingling, very cool..

One thing about GH, it rolls on and on with excitement of old-timers returning, new characters, and stories that have pace and are not strung out for months..
GH is a model for a new generation of soap opera !!

agree with you!

Well said!!! Agree!!!

The Magic of Cartini!

I sure hope that you are able to keep John McBain, Steve Weber, Todd, Starr and Connie/Kate. The new Rafe is ok but he just needs to be a teen in the story and not a Vampire. John McBain don’t need to be a Vampire either. John and Sam need to finally hookup and be a half way normal family and hookup some of these people that need mates with unlikely people. I think we have brought enough people over from the other show right now and need to focus on keeping the story strong with what we have. If we need anymore people then you know where to get them. GH has enough really good action and storylines without using all the Vampire stuff. Leave Todd, Lucy and Heather in Ferncliff to play with each other and do nutty things even though they can’t get out anymore. I know that Carly really down deep would like for Todd to be ok and try it with him again and Starr has already said if he pleads crazy she has a card to pull out. So, more action in Port Charles….Can’t hardly wait everyday to see what is going to happen and pickup on what we were left hangin on when Friday ended. Just don’t push the Vampire stuff real heavy and I think that GH will stay NUMBER 1. Oh I forgot to mention, can’t wait to see Luke and Anna’s face when they bring Laura back…Oh boy, will that make her choose Duke? It could. Also, Nickolas and his brother Ethan should come back to livin up the story cause Nick will have the money to fund the Nurses Ball. There is just so many possibilities….Love it!

I agree they should have nikolas come back fund the nurses ball aj be with elizabeth they should recast jason

i agree i always loved gh because it is differant ,from others soaps like ,mob wars,backstabbing ,mysteries wonderful love stories but i am not so happy with the vam pire stuff now that jason is gone sonny needs a new friend and johnny should come back i would love to see john have a evil twin that will terrorize port charles like the murder mystery back in the day when emily died or maybe he could be crazy like franco but please drop the vampire story gh is the best soap on air and i wish i would have watched it years ago i feel like i missed so much!

Well I am die hard Y&R fan, but I must admit story wise there is still not much going on that is grabbing my attention. Newman vs Newman dull. Noah/ Adriana/ Kevin/ Chloe and the 250,000 dollars- dull. Dylan arriving- overblown hype. Leslie and her brother- already see the story line coming- their mother was murder, as a little boy Tyler witnessed it. Most likely will turn out the congressman really did it. Yawn. Fen’s anger makes no sense- no history for his character would act this way-even if was jealous Jamie. Luckily Summer hasn’t been on much lately- don’t like that character either. Now Chelsea has the hots for Cane- Cane who went from this dashing hero to this pathetic corporate wanna be. Now it looks like Nikki is going have some kind life threatening illness–perhaps they are planning to kill her off. Katherine’s memory loss- another dementia story line- are they planning to get rid of her too. What happen to Jill?

I don’t know — wanted to give the new regime a chance, but they are now about 90 shows since taking over and I’m not certain if the show is going in direction they hoped it would go to. The dialogue writing has improved, but the story line has not. I will watch, I just wish what I was watching was better than it is.

your last paragraph…. : is how i feel about DAYS.

I Love DAYS.
I watch GH.
I don’t have time for CBS…. I’m making time for AMC…

Ok Patrick since you are such a Days fan which I also use to watch long time ago do you remember the storylne when everyone thought Mickey Horton was dead and Maggie fell in love with Mickey’s best friend Don Craig?When Mickey finally came back here was Maggie in love with two men she finally chose to go back to Mickey. That is how I think they should have played the storyline with Patrick that he falls in love with Liz, Robins best friend she comes back and you have a great triangle. No bad guys invloved just cruel fate that is how I would have written for the character of patrick plus it puts Liz back front and center.

I hope GH keeps gaining viewers it truly is the best soap on the air right now.

Sure is…

All of the soaps are putting up good numbers

thank you…. ’nuff said.

side bar:

didn’t Kevin look handsome…. dashing….

surprised me….

what wasn’t a surprise… was how good Kevin and Lucy looked together…

Rumors going rapid that Kevin is actually his evil twin Ryan that might explain his telling everyone Lucy is crazy.

GH – 2,908,000
DAYS – 2,773,000

average daily difference? 135,000.

merely want to point out… DAYS – DrOOL is holding its OWN. Can’t Complain.

one less now.. I am over Days.. .GH all the way

Days became my favorite show last year when Greg Vaughn came as Eric. It has improved greatly lately with Kristen’s manipulations, imo. I’m loving the emotional connections the show is focusing on with Will & Marlena, John & Brady, among others.

FYI Patrick, Days was posting higher year over year numbers than GH in these ratings too. GH had +54,000 and Days had +60,000.

For all the fan love and support for GH, there are real problems with the ratings numbers which are being overlooked. Being #1 in the 18-34 demo with only 223,000 viewers isn’t anything to crow about when compared to the show’s past numbers in this demo is it? Especially since the numbers in this age bracket was 1million +, up until 2009. Isn’t there someone at the network asking themselves where all their younger viewers are?

I can’t stand Britt and glad the truth came out! And Patrick dumped Britt because she doesn’t like Emma at all! Britt is a liar & a B-t-ch! Never liked her with Patrick… Please let them find Robin once and for all!


Ditto – I was SO very happy to watch Britt stick her foot in her mouth in front of Patrick, and that Patrick dumped Britt like a hot potato! And, that he had so much respect for Sabrina that he asked her to stay and hear what he had to say! Now, it’s time to bring Robin home quickly; and, avoid giving Sabrina and Patrick enough time to fall in love. If they get any closer, it will happen – and we know Robin will return to Port Charles if she’s still alive. So let’s get that storyline taken care of STAT!

I agree! and Let kimberly mccullough have what she wants and get her to come back,I can’t take that B or that girl after Patrick anymoe

I loved those scenes! Glad Patrick finally saw Britt from the skank she is!! I actually like Sabrina & Patrick so unless Kimberley McCullogh can commit to staying on the show long-term, I’m happy if Robin stays away.

Me too…I think Patrick and Sabrina and Little Emma could be a happy little family together. Oh and let’s not forget that Patrick could get Sabrina pregnant if Robin is not coming back and give Emma a little sister or brother. Wow that would burn Britt which no one can stand. I agree she is like another Lisa Niles. I also look for AJ and Elizabeth to hookup now since all of his panic attack drama. I think Tracy is hoping some how that her and Luke can reconnect but he would have to get Anna out of his system. AND HE COULD…if Anna picks Duke. YEAH! There are so may twists right now that could take place if we all just keep giving the writers input. I feel like they listen now and even if it doesn’t turn out just like some of us say, it is a new twist. Thanks GH.

totally agree with you. I think bringing back Kimberly McCullough for a limited time wasn’t a smart choice, but maybe GH didn’t see the potential with Sabrina & Patrick yet and now, if Robin does come back, how will it play out? It’s stunting Patrick’s progress though not letting him move on.
I loved Tracy & Luke but yeah, we get Laura back 🙂 I never really believed Anna & Luke together so hopefully they can repair Duke & Anna after the Faison fiasco. (not that I didn’t enjoy that story)
I kinda like AJ & Elizabeth, but I also like AJ & Carly. Woohoo!!
Lots of potential, yep.

Just watch – it’ll be at the climax of the Nurses’ Ball.

My only poblem with GH right now is the Maxie storyline I mean really miscarry and then get pregnant again in the same night. I am hoping we will find out that she did not miscarry her dishonesty bothers me I had hoped the character had grown.Also I ff thru all scenes of Spinelli the character has worn out his welcome.

Yeah, it was a bit unbelievable– but like you I am hoping somehow it is still Lulu’s and Dante’s baby. I mean if you are going to be a surrogate wouldn’t they have given her some kind of treatment to suppress the surrogate’s cycle to avoid a situation like this? And when they do implant eggs don’t they usually implant more than one? So is it possible this is still Lulu’s and Dante’s baby- and it was the one of the other implanted eggs that miscarried? I guess this is what will make the drama for this story line in future. Finger’s cross that LuLu and Dante get their true happy ending.

It must just be me that finds Lulu to be a completely annoiying character. I hope Maxie keeps Spinelli’s baby.


It is annoying that Lulu micromanages everything Maxie does or says. She needs to back off and let it all happen. When she finds out that Maxie is now carrying Spinelli’s baby will Lulu think that Maxie still owes them a baby no matter whose it is and want Spinelli’s baby? I hope not. This could end a long friendship for Maxie and Lulu if it don’t turn out the way Lulu expects. Also adding that Ellie could be pregnant with Spinelli’s baby would really give this storyline a twist. Come on GH you know how to put TWISTERS in. lol Love my GH.

This surrogate story was supposed to redeem Maxie, like it did for Lucy when she was a surrogate for Dom and scott and carried Serena. Now, I hate Maxie more than ever, maybe she will get over her Daddy issues when Frisco arrives.

I liked to think maybe Maxi didnt miscarry, and that she still carries the surrugate baby. However if it really is Spinnelis, Lulu and Ellie will not believe it at first and both women will accuse Maxie of using Lulus baby to win back Spinneli. Then when dna prove the child is Spinnelis, Ellie will continue to claim she cant walk after she regains use of her legs just to hold on to him. When Spinneli learns Ellie lied to him about not being able to walk, Spinneli will walk out on her and as horrible this may sound, Ellie learns she herself is pregnant by Spinneli. Also i liked to think Brit was related to Lisa and came to town for revenge.

But the thing is Ellie can walk, she needs therapy that is all. Also since they only did it once, means Spinelli has super sperm!

i did miss part of gh and 4got that she could walk again after catching up but maybe she could suddenly loose her walking ability again by faking it. But none of this will mostly not happen the way i described. I just thought it be cool if Ellie got the preggers too. As 4 Ellie getting pregnant after being with her man only one time i feel is more possible than Maxie getting pregnant the same day she miscarried.

Love the pairing of the kooks Todd, Heather & Lucy they could actually end up getting away with everything. People with real logic could get confused. Robin, Roger & Lynn great actors. Shout out to Starr calling out her dad. Patrick storyline finally hearing truth Britt is a spoiled brat. Ah welcome back Sean Kanaan you are so talented. The actors all are a thrill to watch & they have creative interesting writing to back them up. The murder mystery pray that Michael Eastman stays. Along with Roger Howarth & Kristen Alderson. Thank you all.

GH is the best!!! I am loving it all with the exception of Brit, Christina, and Connie. Patrick does not need another evil crazy Lisa Niles type b*****. I don’t think Brit is as crazy just evil. When she starts messing with Emma that is it! That Emma is the cutest girl since little Robin and she is so sweet… she really doesn’t deserve a Brit type person coming at her so recently after loosing her mother. Let Brit mess with the adults… I am certain she has been messing with Maxie’s pregancy. Connie is just beyond all… she needs to go to Fernbrook or Pentonville… anywhere but Port Charles. Bring back Brenda or Dalia’s character for Sonny… anybody but Connie. I used to want Kate back… but I am so getting over Connie it has affected my tolerance for Kelly Sulivan. Please send her and the recasted Christina to Pentonville or Fernbrook. It is so painful to watch her… sorry Lindsay.

Otherwise I am loving it all! Laura Wright has been looking and acting so great… I want more! Anna/Finola is equally awesome! Can’t wait for Genie to return. Want Robert, Frisco, Robin, Lucky, Ethan, Nicholas, Scottie, Audree, and so many more back!!! Love Ned’s return… bring him on for more than 3 shows! The stories are great! Love Rafe and Molly!!! Want more SPIXIE!!! Lett’s keep the ratings up! Go GH!!!

Heidi – High Five!

1. Rafe and Molly were TOOOO CUUUTTTEEE…. Molly is a Gem…. I ADORE her. how cute is it to watch her “babysitting” her Nephew….

2. Sadly…. I’m at the point of agreeing with you…. it’s not longer hurry up and wait for Kate to return….. I think Kelly Sullivan has the acting chops and TALENT. but, it was too much too soon…. they should have given Kate some human interest stories…. she had the chance with Trey and Joe Scully, Jr… and even Olivia… Connie’s scenes with Tracy were proof of KS talent… it seems like a little too much too late…. accepting the writers stance on believing that Sonny could fall in love with Connie?

3. “…That Emma is the cutest girl since little Robin and she is so sweet…”. ’nuff said. I would be balling…. flooding… with emotion… at the loss of my marriage… ie: no more Robin…. and watching Patrick and Emma without…???? high calibur talent and what TRUE SERIAL is ALL ABOUT.

4. i read all posts…. soap fans have creative imaginations…. I bet Britt did in fact mess with the pregnancy results… I’m so in the moment and caught up in the here and now… who’d have thought… this makes the story more plausible… great idea Heidi… if anything… makes my post that this is a great human interest story… IMO… Spinelli could be with either/or… Maxie or Ellie… that’s how likeable Ellie is written…. AKA like Spinellis’ …. so it’s a cute honest twist…. especially Spinelli telling Ellie so soon that he slept with Maxie new years eve…

Ladies and Gentleman…. and the winner is…. “Finola Hughes”…. talk abut ubber talented… and a big part of GH’s resurgence….. (and robin mattson)…. Her genuine MOTHERLY LOVE AFFECTION AND BIG HEART FOR HER DAUGHTER ROBIN… has escalated this love story for the ages…. Forever…. I will wait for KM to come back full time to give Anna, Patrick, and Emma the ending we fans ache for.

Thanks Patrick!

You are right about the Connie and Tracy scenes… while very good… a little to much and too late is the perfect way to say it! I am just so worn out with all of the ups and downs and out in left field that Connie goes that I didn’t completely appreciate those scenes. It must be said that who can’t be greater by playing up against Jane Elliot in any kind of scene… dramatic or comedic and now even uber crazy emotional… and all over the map. Jane Elliot is also truly phenominal al the time!!! Would like to see more of her with Anna again.

I agree Heidi, Jane Elliot is awesome and they missed the boat with Finola & Tony/Jane getting more airtime together. Thought the three of them bounced well off each other.

I like Britt..! a soap is not worth a nickle without a bitch, and Britt is thee bitch, love Britt!!!

I don’t even want to know the answer……

have they left it in the eyes of the beholder…. that Patrick and Britt may or may not have gone all the way???? The shower scenes? thru Sabrina’s eyes….

My story…. I choose not to believe….


for soaps to move on…. Its definately a cut both ways…. stomp on my heart for Patrick and Robin….

Patrick: one of the things Britt brought up to Patrick in the hospital confrontation scenes was that “we had sex”…. sorry to burst your bubble 😉

So true- a soap without the troublemaker/bitch is like a day without sunset. Here’s to all soaps glorious bad girls- Long may they reign- just as long as they keep their paws off the heroine’s man right lol

So glad to see GH’s numbers rising. I am enjoying it very much, and I certainly hope they find a way to get Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson to stay, and hopefully as John McBain, Todd and Starr. Being a long time ABC fan, while geographically hard, if possible, I would actually like to see them doing crossovers, if that can help resolve this soap opera within a soap opera (if they keep this tug of war up, no one wins). I am not a Y&R fan, but did tune in to watch Steve Burton this week, and while I miss his Jason on GH, I like his portrayal of Dylan, and must say that I will stay tuned. I will be curious to see Y&R’s ratings for next week, which will encompass Steve Burton’s (Dylan’s) arrival. I have no doubt GH’s numbers will continue to rise, and I am sure the Nurse’s Ball will bring in huge numbers as well. Michael F. – thank you so very much for keeping us up to date on a daily basis with what is going on in our beloved genre. You always have the latest news on every soap, and I enjoy hearing your dynamic perspective on different events that occur, as well as watching all of your interviews. Your site is the one and only I go to several times a day, as I know you will cover everything. You are the best, and most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Nice Read Elhu.

Per your words….

Michael F. – thank you so very much for keeping us up to date on a daily basis with what is going on in our beloved genre. You always have the latest news on every soap, and I enjoy hearing your dynamic perspective on different events that occur, as well as watching all of your interviews. Your site is the one and only I go to several times a day, as I know you will cover everything. You are the best, and most definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Thank You Michael Fairman.

Well said Elhu!!!

Michael’s site is the best!!! He really loves the genre and it shows!

Thank you so much Michael!!! Keep up the good work! We love you!!!

As for the current storylines, on GH, I am glad to see resolution to the Britt/Patrick storyline, could not take another minute of Britt’s abusing others, not to mention her snowing Patrick any longer. I am sure we will see a Cinderella-like storyline with Sabrina and Patrick at the Nurse’s Ball. I remember the Caleb vampire days on Port Charles, and while Michael Easton was superb in that role, I am not thrilled with the vampire storyline (stakes to the heart, etc.), I much prefer his being detective John McBain (with Sam), although I do understand the need for this in hopes of attempting to keep Michael Easton on GH. Here is hoping he is back shortly after the February 8 deadline. I like the dynamic between Tracy and Connie, their scene together this week was heartwarming. As was mentioned above, I love the Todd, Lucy, Heather combo, that should bring us many laughs. I look forward to what FV and RC have in store for us this week . . .

If we can keep Michael Easton, then I’ll accept him as a vampire 😛

I watch with my 5 year old grandson, he is in love with Emma! GH really does have something for everyone!

That’s so cute!!! He has good taste!

We are going to send her a valentine with a picture of Joey watching GH on my laptop, isn’t that a riot?

Nancy that is just too cute!!!

I noticed; when people talk about their soaps it on only GH that is about with excitement and wonderment as to ”what next” .. there is so much variety and suspense and humor.
the best actors and the best stories.
GH truly is the star of the soaps..

GH is the excitement in soap land, with no doubts ..

sorry my device doesn’t handle well to type and send ..

These are Giddy Times….

Hip Hip Hooray… soap dom….. we’ve remained steadfast…. “all our lives”…

All four Serials…. (NOW 6) are prospering.

Agree su0000!!! It has it all… but it truly has the best cast!!! The stories are geting sooooooo good and the entire crew just do a fabulous job!!! Love GH!!!

like many a fan….

it would be a blast…… for the past…. if the ratings truly reflected how, IMO, the fans really believe….

1. GH

just for the heck of IT!

Called into Soap Central hoping to talk to you about GH..But ended up on after you finished up..
Wondering what you kind of Olive branch ABC could offer Prospect Park to keep John Todd and Starr. Wondered if they have thought about product placement on the show..Molly, TJ , Starr, Christina could talk about watching the shows on their i pads that they now carry around with them..ABC could maybe offer links to Prospect Parks website on the ABC site. Seems with all the money that their marketing department must get paid that they could be creative and come up with a win..

I dont get it. GH ‘s stories are lame and predictable. Who didnt know Maxie would be preggers with Spin’ s kid? The britt Pat & ugly betty triangle is a waste of jason thompson.
The fight for ELQ is good but now they drag lame connie into it. And icing on the cake is the uber stupid lucy the vampire slayer nonsense.
These are some of rhe worst stories in gh’s history. The nielson families must be desperate. As for me ill watch classic GH on youtube and ff thru Cartini’s garbage just to see a few vets for old times sake. But thier cartoon is not the GH ive known & loved since 1969.

I watch all four soaps and the biggest difference I am finding is GH fans seem to be really vocal about their love for the show. Am I sure there are those kind of fans for all the soaps, but it does seem on this website GH and former ABC soaps have the biggest and vocal presence. It was rather refreshing hearing from someone who had something negative to say about it.

It’s disheartening… some times….. i could be bare ass naked on my DAYS soap box… and not one iota of pom poms….. if you will….. LOL.

Oye… to grow up watching the ONE soap YOU are Dedicated too…

My heart is in Salem…. and Port Charles rounds out my Soap world…. now, I must make time for Pine Valley.

i remember thinking the one thing when i first happened on to this site….

Dag! OLTL FANS don’t let up….!!!!

GH is exciting on a daily basis, that’s the difference between this soap and the other three.
Days —– um, aside from Will & Sonny, Sami, EJ & Rafe, Kristen, I really can’t stomach this show anymore. Suffering through this HORRIBLE storyline between that drip Daniel and even drippier Jennifer (When did Missy Reeves become SO drab to watch?) and Nadia Bjorlin who ads nothing to the threesome is pure torture! Make it go away (the storyline that is) and bring back Jack!!!

I appreciate your support for GH, but in reality, all soaps have their good points and their not so good points. Right now I find B&B difficult to watch yet someone posted they thought it should win best soap at the emmys (still scratching my head over that one) So perception and what kind of stories and characters one likes determines which soap seems better than the others.
I am fortunate that right now I can watch all four shows, enjoy the elements of each show that makes them good and shake my head at the rest.

But as for GH, I don’t know if exciting is the word I would use, but I do find the pace of the show is quicker- it doesn’t take two weeks to get through one soap day- like on the CBS shows- so I do enjoy that.

Jennifer Horton –

She’s aged and it shows…. she doesn’t have that sparkle and energy Jenn once possessed in spades….

The dilemma about what to do with Jenn and Hope is troublesome…. and IMO neverending…. that supercouple mode entrapped their characters.

Mr. Days HImself Daniel….. its’ all about HIM? this is a prime example of ignoring the older cast… and letting Daniel ruin the show…. his reactions to all this attention is wearing thin… Nicole, Chloe, and now Jenn… all vying for his attention…. Daniel… make up your mind and act.

this may be a bad move on the writers with Chloe… she should be involved with Eric or Brady… heck GO BACK TO LUCAS.

I absolutely agree with you Patrick on all counts.

Jennifer used to go after Jack like crazy and now she’s acting like a scared school girl, not to mention they dress her like one. Of course Matt Ashford brought out the best Missy.

Chloe hasn’t even had a scene with Lucas yet so that’s silly considering their history.

What Days is doing to Kristian Alfonso is just horrible. You’re so right, once the supercouple is destroyed where does that leave the other half?! Ghost Bo has to be explained.

I think Maxie will still be pregnant with the Dante and LuLu’s baby. I was pregnant with twins but didn’t know it. I lost the baby but about 2 months later after still not feeling well and having lower back pain the doctor ordered an ultrasound and that is when I found out I was still pregnant and it was so early in my pregnancy when the miscarriage happened I had no idea I was carrying twins. Thankfully, I now have an awesome 17 year old son.
Not loving the Vampire storyline, I hope they can change my feeling about that.
Totally loving the Patrick, Emma, Britt and Sabrina S/L.
Ahhh then there is Anna, Luke and Duke. I think she will choose Luke but before she tells him Laura will return to shake things up.
I would LOVE for Connie to hook up with AJ and with Scott Reves leaving I can see Olivia and Sonny hooking up.

BTW, HUGE shout out to you, Michael Fairman, for all your support and keeping us all up to date on what’s going on in the Soap World. ♥

Thanks for sharing such a personal story- but at least knowing it is possible that Maxine still could be carrying LuLu’s and Dante’s biological child makes that whole storyline far more compelling. The writers can have different outcomes- we might not know for years whose child it really is, which is what makes soaps fun- the suspense of not knowing.

Like you, not crazy about the vampire thing- giving it a chance to see how long it will play out, hoping it is just a means to an end- keeping ME on the payroll.

And lastly I agree wholeheartedly that Mr. Fairman runs a wonderful site- so glad I stumbled onto it- now it is one of my favs.

Bring Robin back it’s been to long it’s dragging on.

I usually record a week’s worth of GH, and then watch the shows on the weekend. It used to be a real chore to get through 5 episodes, to the point where I even skipped over a couple episodes here and there, because it was just getting too monotonous and boring. This was at the end of the Phelps/Guza regime.

But it’s not a chore to watch anymore. Now I breeze through 5 episodes, and they keep me hooked to where I want to get right into the next episode to find out what happens next. The show moves at such a quicker pace now, and I love the variety of storylines they have going on. It’s not The Sopranos 2.0 anymore.

Who didn’t love Todd and Lucy playing off each other in Ferncliff this past week? That was a riot. It was great seeing Jon Lindstrom back as Kevin. Jack Wagner is back this coming week, Genie Francis and Kin Shriner are right around the corner. How can you not love GH right now? So many exciting things to look forward to!!

OK, love the Britt / Sabrina story line. Waiting for you to take her glasses off! I like watching Britt. Need more of Sonny and Connie. Love michael and star. Really mad you got rid of Trey. Knew it would be spanellis baby, of course, but it will still be a good story line. I want robin back. but need to play out the 3 some don’t like the vampire thing, but that is ok. carly and todd, yes. Lucy crazy is all right, trouble maker is better. we need more bitchy in the soap.

Not real big into this Vampire story they are working in. I like a nice interesting story that keeps my attention. But honestly, if this Vampire story stays with GH too long I will probably move on after 40 yrs. You can get all this fantasy and Vampire stuff on just about any channel and all the animates. So, for me just interesting story lines and interesting people doing interesting and sneaky things. Then Maxie line was great, I could see that coming with her and Spinelli. Surprised it has taken so long for Lulu and Dante to find out. She won’t give up that baby no matter what anyone says, she loves Spinelli and he deep down loves her. They will keep it and become a couple again. Will Sabrina end up with Patrick? She may and then guess what? Robin will come be found and come back and then break Sabrina’s heart. But then she will be the best friend of Robin because of Emma and if Robin disappears again, Sabrina is in….LOL Glad it is just all a Soap Opera?? Is it….lol

I have to say that this little girl Ema is so talented and is the cutest thing on GH! The chemistry with her and Patrick is amazing. They really do seem to be father and daughter. The whole story line between Patrick, Brit, and Sabrina was perfect. I have to say that the storyline wouldn’t have been so great if it wasn’t for Ema acting the way she did. She made it so natural. Keep up the good work GH. Love the story lines and the just Love that you are being in the old actors and actress. Now its a soap that I can’t wait to watch !!!!

I think the little girl playing Emma is the perfect illustration to other soaps why SORASing children is so unnecessary. There are many talented children who can act and who can be incorporated into the lives of the parents and not just trotted in to make an appearance then whisk off to the kitchen for cookies. I know working with children is slower and requires some regulations, but look at the pay off when it works. I hope this girl has a big future in the performing acts if she chooses to continue with it as she ages.

Agree wholeheartedly!!! I hope they keep her on like they did with KM and let her age gracefully. She is that talented and that perfect looking to be their child and the chemistry and rapport is perfect!

I totally agree with you both. There is just something about this little Emma that makes her stand out.

oh, i do agree with u,too.. this Emma Drake played by Brooklyn Rae Silzer who is very smart little girl know her doing from her line before she act on the stage. believe me, this Brooklyn is very excellent job just like Robin Scorpio was like 6 years old. I just hope she got big bright future ahead. Jason Thompson is very great performance on the stage as being great father to little Emma without Robin. Father and Daughter are very strong bond and great relationship together. take my words for it. I almost cried. 🙂

For the most part I am loving all the storylines….Sonny and Connie are getting a bit boring (they need to bring Kate back already or something) and I wish Robin would come back. Other than that I can’t get enough of GH!!!!!!!!

I am loving GH right now, the vbehind the scenes drama with PP & ABCD is killing me!!

I used to watch all four but stopped B&B. Couldn’t take it any more. Something that doesn’t get mentioned enough is the clothing/costumes… GH does it the best consistently. Then Y&R next. B&B for being about fashion does not do a great job and sorry Patrick…DOOL does it the worst! GH is just the best!!!! Happy 50th GH!!!

I am not sure i like vampire story line thouht Idid love seeng allison, and wish she had not been killed off i think the plot will do fine as soo as we uderstand where the plot is going

Congrats to GH!

I watch all 4 daytime soaps (BB only rarely) and enjoy them all, but, IMO…GH is better than it has been in years. The other soaps, if I miss a day or so I don’t feel I’ve missed too much. GH is MUST SEE TV! (I will say DOOL is a close second right now and Y&R is improving). GO SOAPS!

You hit the nail on the head. I was going to post the same thing. Bring on the Nurses’ Ball!!!

I’m really loving (love to hate!) the character of Britt. Man she is a classic soap b%^&h! Great job!

Hello The vampire story is boring!! Can we have another scene. Lucy is too much!! I can t we find another way? What happened to Jason? Britt is cute but not my type. Todd is ok but strange acting as for connie yuh!

I m getting bored with vampires. I love GH but not some of the scenes.

Please do not do the vampire thing on GH. When that story line was on Loving (knock off of GH) I stopped watching. It is a stupid story line. Please bring Robin and Jason back. Jason needs to know that Danny is his and Patrick and Robin were the perfect couple. Bring back some of the old stories. Like Neds wife, where is Dillon? Please Please bring Robin and Jason back

Love the story line with Patrick,Emma,And Britt.Glad she finally got what she deserves.If they don’t bring Robin back I hope something happens with Sabrina and Patrick .Please stay away from the Todd eccentricities
it gets annoying after awhile ,it’s time he gets what he deserves and pays for some of his bad deeds.Not sure about the Vampire /Mcbain thing .More excited about bringing Laura back.Hope Maxie also does the right thing with Lulu’s baby!


This is good news. Hopefully General will be around for alot longer time!! Although, they do have to end this vampire crap….It’s not cutting it!! Stick to the basics!!

Lets try and remember that the very SHORT lived Port Charles was cancelled for a reason…… So happy to have Lucy back just reppin it for all us crazy classy girls. I do not like Micheal Easton every time i watched OLTL i couldnt see him as anything other than The Prince of Darkness. I feel like he just shows up and plays himself. Hes so see through very into himself and lame lame lame he couldnt forgive Natalie for all the drama with Brody so he moves his GIANT nostrils to Port Charles and destroys all the respect I had for Sam. Oh whats that OLTL was cancelled just like PC maybe John McVain should take a hint… Todd and Carly are like the younger better looking when naked version of Tracey and Luke both completely skitso and exciting you can see the fun they have when u watch their scenes. Glad Britt and Patrick are done she has disgusting a mouth she looks like Megan Foxs ugly half mutant sister from under the stairs!!! Anna aka Slim def not cool enough for Luke and being as that Tony Geary looks like raw chicken breast wout his clothes on the writters need to keep him with Tracey. Anna can still pull off a topless scene here and there lets leave the geriatric love making scenes for the new Dallas on tbs where its a prerequsite in order to work for them u have to do nudie scenes. At any rate Duke could use a lil juviderm in his Uncle Fester neck eeeeww and Lucy needs a sandwich. Sabrina needs to get laid Nikolas should come back and sweep that nerd off her feet and fund the nurses ball. AJ needs to take a flying leap and should hook up with Elizabeth who was never cool or hot enough for Jason who I heard left GH to concentrate on his bar but in actuality is on YR UH HELLO WTF. GH is so Cozi Cozi I am madly in a love hate with the whole thing!!!! Missing my boys Nikolas and Ethan. Anyone else tired of the just for men comb in that they hit Sonny with every three shows? We like the Island hair ditch the greasers 1950s slick back rat pack do. Sonny also needs to get some new poom poom he is so hung up on this connie kate crap. He is supposed to be this Latin Lover where are his cohoynes? Leave that crazy ho!!! Stop falling inlove lokk at what happened with Brenda botox…….

I am now 49 and have been watching “GH” literally for every single one of those years… I am thrilled that the Jill Phelps/Bob Guza/Brian Frons reign ended, without MY all-time favorite show cancelled!!! Since Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have taken over, it has back to cannot MISS TV again… The multiple storylines everyday, surprises again rather than predicable, full use of the BEST Cast on any show, and the Cliffhangers back too, use of the Vets and their truly very rich histories, I could go on and on, but won’t… Just suffice it to say that I am so happy to have MY show back, and it just keeps getting better and better!!! LOVE all the returning characters, MOST of ALL being OUR Laura, I cannot wait to see Her back in Port Chuckles, where She belongs!!! Also, Bobbie now returning, Scotty too!!! Plus the way they are rebuilding the CORE families, I just could not be any happier… There is once again something for everybody, and for Me I am enjoying every single show, and ALL the storylines… Also having Heather back has been totally awesome, and I do love the humor that She and Todd bring to each and every one of their scenes together, I have NO complaints whatsoever!!!

I do not believe for a minute that GH ratings are up and its in the 18-24,Bullshit. I know there are so many complaints about GH. The vamps,the old people, but mostly it FV/RC everyone wants gone.

General Hospital

GH’s Adam J. Harrington on Being a Recast John “Jagger” Cates: “There is No Way I Can Even Touch What Antonio Sabato Jr. Did With the Role in the Past … If They Are Going My Way They Were Going to Take This in a Different Direction”

General Hospital fans were recently in for a shock when a new man arrived in Port Charles who went by the name of John Cates. As it turns out John Cates used to go by the nickname of “Jagger” and had lived in the town many years ago.

That’s because actor Adam Harrington was recast in the role of FBI Cates. The part was originally made soap-famous in the 90’s by Antonio Sabato Jr. “Jagger” appeared on the ABC daytime drama series from 1992-1994 and then in its spinoff GH: Night Shift in 2008 before the character left Port Charles with his young autistic son. “Jagger” was also the older brother to the late Stone Cates (Michael Sutton).

Now in 2024, GH has brought the character back and Adam J. Harrington is on contract with the series. The actor spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the obvious difference in look and take on the role than “Jagger’s” original portrayer, Antonio Sabato Jr.

Photo: ABC

Adam expressed: “My take on it was that it’s been 30 years; they obviously wanted to take this in a new direction and see what they could do with this storyline. And I also thought, ‘There is no way I can even touch what Antonio Sabato, Jr. did with the role in the past.’ Although I know it would be jarring for fans, in some ways, I was very happy that I didn’t look like I was going to try to mimic or echo at all what they had done with that storyline.”

Chiming in on replacing an actor in a role made soap-famous by someone else, Harrington added, “Obviously, if they’re going my way, they were going to take this in a different direction with so much time having passed. TV is immortal and still very much fresh in people’s minds, but like I said, I took the recasting and looking so obviously different as them saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to take this in a different direction and we are not trying to replace or touch what was originally a beautiful story.”’

Previously, Sabato Jr. had a few things to say about not being asked back to reprise his signature role for more than 30 years by the ABC soap opera.

Photo: ABC

As to just who this new version of John Cates will be romantically linked with, fans are seeing a spark between he and Jordan (Tanisha Harper), or could he wind up with Anna (Finola Hughes), or another lady on the canvas? “I think there is an element here of him coming to town, throwing a new guy into the mix,” Harrington shares.”We’ll see who he quote-unquote bonds with and who he doesn’t.”

Photo: ABC

So what do you think of the recast John “Jagger” Cates? Do you like where the show is taking the character? Do you appreciate Adam’s candor on acknowledging what Antonio Sabato Jr. did with this role in the past? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Sheree Gustin Gives Birth to Her Fifth Child, Weeks After Their Divorce Was Finalized

Sheree Gustin, the ex-wife of General Hospital star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) welcomed her newborn daughter into the world on February 16th. The little one who’s name is Addy Jay weighed in at 5 lbs., 5 oz at the time of her birth. This is Gustin’s fifth child.

Gustin’s partner, who was in an Instagram story with her and their baby, remains unidentified. This is the second child of Gustin’s within a year or so of each other, that is not the biological child of Burton’s. She previously had daughter Isabella back in February of 2023.

The news of the arrival of Addy Jay comes on the heels of Burton finalizing his divorce from his former wife of 23 years back in December of 2023.  In the divorce settlement, Steve and Sheree have joint legal and physical custody of their minor children. Brooklyn, 8, and Jack, 17. The two also share a daughter McKenna who is 20.

Photo: ShereeLynnIG

Burton originally filed for divorce in July 0f 2022. In court documents, the two separated in March of that year as Burton cited “irreconcilable differences.” When Sheree announced the impending birth of her fourth child, Burton took to his Instagram and clarified, “She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

Photo: SBurtonIG

Gustin, who is a fitness guru, now goes by Sherrie Lynn on her official Instagram account. Since her divorce from Burton, and the births of her most recent children, Sherrie has not addressed the situation publicly.

Meanwhile, General Hospital fans are anxiously awaiting Burton’s return as Jason Morgan on the ABC soap opera with his first episode back slated for March 4th. Just how Jason will be revealed to be alive after a cave collapsed on him, and he was believed to have died, is one of great mystery for soap fans.

So, share your thoughts on the news of the birth of Sheree’s fifth child Addy Jay via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH Alum Vinessa Antoine Returns For Season 2 of CBS Dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’

Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford, General Hospital) has added quite an impressive lists of acting credits since announcing she was exiting the ABC soap opera back in July 0f 2018.

Since then Antoine has appeared in TV series north of the border in Canada and here in the U.S including her leading role in CBC’s Diggstown. Now comes word, that Vinessa is back for a second season in her role on the CBS comedy-drama, So Help Me Todd.

In the series, Vinessa plays the role of Alex Parker. Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared, “Alex Parker’s shenanigans from season 1 continue this season in episode 3 onward. Do check it out. Enjoy!!”

Photo: CBS

So Help Me Todd stars Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret and Skylar Astin as Todd. Margaret is a successful defense attorney, while Todd is a private investigator but known as the black sheep of the family. In the premise of the series, Todd has criminal charges dropped against him, in exchange for working at mom’s law firm as they crack cases and defend clients.

Photo: JPI

Antoine plays Alex, a forensic accountant who gets in the good graces of the character of Lyle (Tristen M. Winger), who is an investigator at the law firm. However, in a twist, it’s revealed that Alex is actually investigating him. The story picks up in season 2 from here.

Vinessa’s first episode of season 2 will air on Thursday February 29th  9 p.m. ET on CBS and it streams the next day on Paramount+

So, looking forward to catching Vinessa on So Help Me Todd? Comment below.

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