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RATINGS: Oh the irony! OLTL up to # 3 as show is canceled!

Photo Credt: JPI Studios

Photo Credt: JPI Studios

Well this bit of news while making us smirk with vindication, that finally more viewers are tuning in to One Life to Live during  it’s recent fantastic episodes and storylines, comes with such bitter irony!For the week of April 4th- 8th, One Life moved into the number three spot among all the soaps.  A position it has not held for quite some time!  And yet, ABC while garnering some additional viewers and picking up steam still axed it from the line-up this past Thursday.

One Life added +56,000 viewers, while General Hospital fell below OLTL losing -115,000.  Now All My Children on the other hand was at the bottom at number six as the lowest rated for the week losing another – 80,000 viewers.

So again, we ask, did Brian Frons and ABC have to cancel both soaps at one time?   View the full ratings from Soap Opera Network after the jump!

Ratings Report for the Week of April 4-8, 2011

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,563,000 (-179,000/-770,000)
2. B&B 2,827,000 (-82,000/-426,000)
3. OLTL 2,630,000 (+56,000/+150,000)
4. GH 2,605,000 (-115,000/-163,000)
5. DAYS 2,363,000 (+135,000/-354,000)
6. AMC 2,303,000 (-80,000/-123,000)

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It is just too sad and frustrating all rolled up in one. Maybe they can move the soaps to ABC Family after hours or sell them?

That’s because ratings don’t matter. It’s cheaper to produce “lifestyle” shows and, therefore, the remaining surplus of money can go directly into the paychecks of the greedy Brian Frons and Anne Sweeney.

I agree that the ratings don’t matter and that they just want to produce cheaper shows so they can have more money in their bank accounts. It will backfire! They’re driving people away more than they know. OLTL’s ratings were at number 3 for at least a week during the last sweeps period. More proof that ratings don’t matter.

yep..pointed it out yesterday when I read Frons reply on “LA Times”…bullshit on the GH is as high as YR!

You mean to tell me that with all the viewers combined that ABC/Disney is not making any money on sponsorships, give me a break!! Please sign two petitions or thank you!

ABC needs to stop this right now. We will not give up. I will never forgive the station for this. Keep AMC and OLTL on the air

One Life to Live deserves it’s raise in the ratings. The show has been incredible this year! It is the only show that consistantly surprises it’s viewers with crazy twists and storylines with conclusions that actually stay hidden until they are ready to reveal it to us. It has been a great year! Do not cancel OLTL!!! This show is amazing!!!!

Agreed! I couldn’t say it any better, Jill!

I understand that AMC has had a lot of issues with cost control as well as ratings, but I just can’t understand OLTL being canceled as well. Why not cancel just AMC and see what happens? Give OLTL a year and see what happens with the ratings. The show has improved so much over the last few months. Promote it everywhere and see if it picks up steam. Obviously the fans are more than willing to help promote it. I would much rather work to help promote OLTL, than battle ABC to keep it on the air. They could come back on Monday and have fans partners in its success rather than enemies.

I, sadly agree with Lisa. For TPTB in charge, it’s not going to change a thing that OLTL had more viewers over AMC and GH. ABCD wants OUT of producing their daytime serials. GH has gotten a last minute save, but I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that they will probably be canceled in 2012.

ABCD wants out of producing daytime drama. That speaks volumns to me, more than the BS about “trying to find a new home” for AMC or OLTL.

OLTL has been doing really well since the first of the yr and it took peeps a while to catch on but they did their s/l have been great much better than the keeper GH. Can anyone say agenda driven.

ABC was my favorite t.v. network to watch, until they canceled the only 2 soap operas I watch: All My Children and One Life to Live. I watch All My Children and One Life to Live every single day and ever since I was 18 years old. I will not watch their replacement shows! Uninterested! I am incredibly disappointed in ABC’s decision to cancel these one-of-a-kind IRREPLACEABLE iconic shows! I LOVE AMC and OLTL! I look forward to these shows every single day! Their replacement shows will not last; they WILL be canceled, I guarantee it! I am begging ABC and Brian Frons and all the powers-that-be to PLEASE don’t cancel All My Children and One Life to Live! You would be sorry and regret it!

You didn’t mention how well OLTL is doing among girls 12-17 years old:
1. DAYS 28,000 (+8,000/+4,000)
2. OLTL 26,000 (+12,000/-7,000)
3. B&B 19,000 (+4,000/-12,000)
3. Y&R 19,000 (-3,000/-33,000)
5. GH 9,000 (-3,000/-51,000)
6. AMC 8,000 (-2,000/-16,000)

In terms of total viewers Y&R and B&B may be ahead of OLTL now, but the strength of OLTL among younger girls suggests it has an increasing fan base to grow into the future, which makes its cancellation all the more ill-conceived.

AMC is pretty much at the bottom or next to the bottom in all categories that its cancellation is more sensible. Perhaps if viewers boycott The Chew and its advertisers in September so the show fails–while keeping OLTL ratings strong–Disney/ABC might reconsider its decision about discontinuing OLTL in January. If The Chew fails, let them replace it with The Revolution and save OLTL!

Well, we all know that Guza and Frons are Best Buds – which would be the reason why/how GH got their stay of execution.

I also wanted to point out that no matter how many Soaps are left on-air, someone will always have to be at the bottom. Can you imagine the ratings race that would ensue if there were only four Soaps left?!? Networks will just keep canceling the lowest rated Soap, until there are none left.

Just saying.

You are right. It doesn’t matter what soap is at the bottom of the ratings, if it is adequately competing against other programming in its time slot. And even if it isn’t, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be moved to a different time slot where it might be more competitive.

OLTL is the ONLY show with MORE viewers compared to last year (+150,000) and it was canceled?! OLTL is growing compared to all of the other shows!

I hope everyone will contact other television stations and ask them to consider picking up AMC and OLTL. I, along with many others have left our comments on Oprah’s network webside OWN, since she loves AMC maybe she will reconsider picking up these shows if enough of us respond. Here is the link to her site:


this really sucks i work late afternoons i only watch my soaps i refuse to watch these other show

I still can’t believe OLTL is being cancelled… have watched it on and off again since it started. Great writing most of the time and great acting all of the time! Again I will not be watching anything but GH after OLTL is cancelled on ABC. I only hope someone buys OLTL and does it justice since we know ABC is incapable of doing so. I am so tired of reality shows Mr Frons!

As much as I hate to see these iconic shows as well as this genre leave us, ratings dont matter– profitability matters. The numbers dictate that the network can increase profitability by replacing these shows. Its that simple. We all should just accept it since ABC isnt necessarily worried if you boycott their network since a whole new crop of viewers is waiting to replace you ( and me). If somebody is smart, we will find these shows on DVD or streaming somewhere, and have a lifetime of repeats to keep us connected…

Being number 3 in a list of 6 – when five of those six shows have poor ratings – is not impressive.

Not a vindication, sorry.


Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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Brian Gaskill Previews Seth’s Next Move on The Young and the Restless: “It’s the Beginning of Everything”

Coming up on the Friday, March 1st episode of The Young and the Restless be on the lookout for what could send Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) into yet another spiral with her alcohol addiction.

As viewers have recently witnessed, Jordan (Colleen Zenk), in disguise with red wig, has become ‘fast’ friends with Seth as a drinking buddy at a local dive bar. She has been egging him on to become ‘friends’ with Nikki, but also cited to him, how Nikki disappeared on her when she needed help in her attempt to get sober (all fabricated, of course).

Seth was able to get Nikki to agree to meet him one day for coffee or for an outing, even though she knows that he is also struggling to get sober and was not going to be a good AA sponsor for her.  Now, the trap is set.

Photo: JPI

Taking to his account on X, Gaskill shared on Wednesday, “Look for me Friday I think on Young and the Restless (tomorrow in Canada) pay attention. It’s the beginning of everything…”

Gaskill returned to daytime television in early January in his new recurring role on Y&R. Soap fans previously knew of his work as Bobby Warner on All My Children, Rafe Kovich on Port Charles, Ozzy Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful and Dylan Lewis on Guiding Light.

So, what are you theories of what’s about to go down? Will Seth lure Nikki into a trap knowing or unknowingly? Will he become obsessed with her? Will Jordan sneak into the Newman Ranch, and terrorize Nikki? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

In the meantime for some clues of what’s next in Nikki’s battle with the bottle, check out the Michael Fairman Channel’s recent interview with Melody Thomas Scott below.

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Vivica A. Fox, Jonelle Allen and Sally Sussman Revisit ‘Generations’ Classic Catfight and If They Would Be Down for a Revival

As it is Black history month, you can’t help but a shed a light on the groundbreaking soap opera, Generations. It was almost 35-years ago that NBC took a gamble on a new soap opera with an African-American family at its epicenter.

Generations was created by renowned soap opera writer, Sally Sussman and premiered back on Monday, March 27, 1989. Ironically, the show was up against the top-rated daytime drama The Young and the Restless and for 13 months it landed in the bottom of the ratings, until NBC canceled it in January 1991.

One of the most memorable moments in the series short history was a knock-down drag-out catfight between the characters of Maya (Vivica A. Fox) and Doreen (Jonelle Allen), with the late Kristoff St. John (Adam Marshall) in the middle of it all.

Photo: NBC

Speaking with, Fox recalled, “We just didn’t want it to look fake, because there’s nothing worse when you can see the stunt double. As you can see, I kind of dig doing fight scenes.”

Allen offered up: “The lines were scripted. What we were doing while we were saying them – the earrings and all of that stuff — was not. I added the kicking off the shoes and the pulling up the train. The actors didn’t get hurt, but the cameraman could have, because when I kicked off my shoes, I kicked my shoe so far it almost hit the camera!”

Photo: NBC

Jonelle also remembered Kristoff almost getting injured in the scenes, recalling: “He almost got beaten up. We were so in it, and he’s trying to break us apart, but we were pumped. The fight itself was choreographed. Him walking in and breaking it up was not, so he could have gotten hurt. He just thought he’d come in and separate us, but we were still going at it.”

Sussman shared the scenes cultural impact: “It put the show in a different stratosphere. And I remember less than a year later, Y&R copied it. A lot of people copied it. All the subsequent (catfights) that have been forced upon people were not motivated. This one was so motivated, that even though Maya was the aggressor, you agreed with her. Doreen had it coming, but you can’t overstate how long (the tension) was built up between them.”

Photo: NBC

So, is it time for a Generations 2.0 ? Sussman believes it just might be, “Over the last number of years, several young writers – I’m talking very young, younger than 30 — who love soaps of all different stripes, have been reaching out to me about how much they love the show, because there are so many episodes on YouTube. They say how much they love the show, and that I must try and do a revival.”

Jonelle Allen says she would be down too, expressing: “Revisiting these people later, and then seeing all the babies that were born who would be adults now and seeing what’s up with their stories, would be exciting. And Sally’s a great storyteller.”

Vivica A. Fox summed it up best, “I would be totally game for a revival …. I’d love to see soap operas make a comeback.”

So, did you watch ‘Generations’ when it aired on NBC? Do you recall your reaction to the Maya and Doreen catfight? And with Peacock streaming Days of our Lives, would they consider a series order for a reboot of a series such as ‘Generations’ too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. But first, check out that classic catfight!

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