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RATINGS: Soaps Down in Key Demo! Are You Tuning Out During The Summer?

The ratings are out for the week of July 29th through August 2nd and it was not a good week for the four network daytime dramas.  Three of them, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives were all down in total viewers, while The Bold and the Beautiful was the only soap to show a small gain of + 2,000 total viewers.

In the big picture: Y&R remained in first place as usual with 4,692,000 total viewers, followed by B&B with 3,597,000, and then came DAYS with 2,456,000.  GH was back at the bottom in the fourth spot with a total of 2,441,000. But again, over recent weeks the #3 and #4 spot has changed back and forth between DAYS and GH.

The more interesting part of the rating picture is that all four soap were down in the key 18-49 female demo! The Young and the Restless lost the most females in that category, where many fans have voiced their displeasure over the storylines.  Days of our Lives also did not do well, but because of the Olympics in 2012 airing in August there is no comparison to the previous year for this week.   To review the entire ratings picture courtesy of SON, click here!

Now the question for you, our Soap Opera Programming Executive Armchair Quarterbacks!  Is it just that the summer season and the fact that people are out and about on summer vacation and enjoying their time off from school and work bringing the rating down, which would seem a natural assumption?  Or, do you think its the summer and that the storylines are not grabbing you and you are not tuning-in because of that?  If that is the case, what do you think need to be adjusted on your favorite soap for you to watch it?  Let us know your thoughts! Comment below.

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NO did not stop watching my soap for anything.. GH must watch TV.. Other soaps are dull right now..

Im not worried…its nearing the end of summer…people attending county fairs, off on vacations and preparing for back to school…also im used to the ratings…CBS always in same place…GH & DAYS going back and forth in 3rd and 4th place…GH will go up again as Maxis and Connies stories heat up…same…same…same…when in the daytime ratings game!

What I find interesting is that B&B is out front and that is one soap I don’t bother to watch. It’s repetitive, boring and silly!!!

I can’t even find the words for Y&R. The stories are just uninteresting. I’m loving DAYS right now, although last week started off with a whimper (ahem, Dannifer) it ended with a bang (Marlena/Kristen).

Will you do me a favor? Next time, type YawneR. It would make my DAYS!

I watch GH every day when I get home from work on TIVO, I watch AMC and OLTL on Hulu Plus, typically the day the new episodes air. How are these numbers determined? My TV is certainly “watching” GH every weekday, and has been for decades. Oh, but I am outside that key demo now, aren’t I? Still not sure why that is the key demo, when those of us older than 49 have money to spend. 🙂

Y&R has gotten better. Yes, Dylan and Chelsea storyline is boring but the writing is good and let’s not forget that Mrs. C’s death is coming so that should boost ratings. Very happy B&B is showing improvement in ratings!

The pacing is that of a snail. It is torture watching without falling asleep.
That’s why I call it…

I haven’t been able to watch Y&R because of the stand-off that Time Warner Cable is having with CBS in my area….so until that’s resolved, I can’t watch.

same here and its really pissing me off, but if you have TVGN its on at 7pm

Your DAYS will be better!

I have recently stopped watching Y&R after decades of viewership. The show is barely recognizable, and is simply The Young and the Restless in name only. Steve Burton has, unfortunately, become the central focus of the show at the expense of many other Y&R actors who play integral roles. The storylines are dumbed down, sloppy, and driven by non-essential characters and contrived plots.

However, I am really enjoying the other three network soaps. The storylines, for the most part, are fun, engaging, character driven, and intelligible.

It is a bit unfair to blame Steve Burton– the sad fact– the show is dull as dirt lately; I mean when they can make wonderful characters like Lauren and Michael, Neil, Adam and Nicholas boring as hell– that is a weakness in the writing– it wouldn’t matter who they had on right now– without a decent story– it would be pointless.

Why not say YawneR? You do not need permission. It’s not trademarked.

I wil NEVER understand how Y&R is number 1. The show has been ruined. Sharon is a mess, They have dragged the Chlseasa baby story out, This Rose thing is dumb. I adore Steve Burton, but Dylan is a drip, & making me dislike Chelsea. Don’t get me started on Carmine. I rarely tune in anymore. They have such great actors over there, to bad their talents are suffering.

I suffer when I watch…

I think it’s the summer. I am still watching but must say GH was getting stagnant but is starting to pick up again!!

only reason i can’t see it is because time warner and XCBS are acting like kids and aruging over a little money grow up and get us back on the air so we can watch it

I watch GH every day that it is on… but live in Canada.. so my view isn’t counted any where… i wish it was counted… ABC needs some REAL viewer numbers.

It counts in Canada– trust me CityTV/Rogers which runs GH here, is keeping tabs. If they were not getting numbers here they might not carry it on their station. Not everyone has cable or a satellite dish, so it is important to have good ratings here too, so a Canadian station carries it for those who still rely on bunny ears. But I do get what you mean, if the American numbers are in the toilet and it is cancelled there, no matter what our numbers are up here– it is cancelled for us too.

I pvr it everyday on CityTv in Winnipeg, i hope pvr’s count.

Y&R needs to end the Chelsea and Dylan show it is the worst baby lie on all of soaps. SBU and MCE have no chemistry whatsoever. They are also being shoved down our throats.

Instead of shoving people down our throats, the need to have people
open our tired eyes.

I still tune into GH occasionally if I know the vets are going to be on; however, the show is being written far more for the newbies, teens and OLTLivers. It’s a real sore spot when they pimp the vets to get a ratings boost during the 50th anniversary and push Laura to the backburner in lieu of these others who are so incredibly boring. Of course, they don’t care what I think because I don’t fit into one of their target demographic groups.

The “kids” storyline on GH has been tedious & boring. Let’s put Anna, Tracy, Luke & Laura on the front burner. Let’s find Robin. And killing Kelly Sullivan off is a big mistake

General hospital was intolerable with the franco mess. Im back the story lines have really picked up with the veteran cast members. Amc and oltl are the best they have ever been.

Every Monday morning I watch OLTL on Hulu, can’t wait for the finale and season 2 to begin. The other soaps – don’t watch, altho’ will be watching Y & R when Katherine gets killed off. I boycott ABC in the daytime and will unless OLTL is put back on there and even then I love watching on Hulu so never again ABC.

It is indeed summer, and during vacation time people don’t watch within 48 hours after air time (which is what I hear gets compiled). I myself was gone all of last week, and ended up catching up on youtube during work as I didn’t have time to watch them all at night as I usually do. Too many to catch up! Ratings will go up in september for sure, it’s just normal to see ratings dip during summer time.

I’ve stopped watching Y&R and GH completely because both shows stink bigtime these days.
I’ll check back in to Y&R to see Katherine’s funeral but after that I think I’m done.
As for GH, the show has become unwatchable to me. Even the characters I enjoy, such as Tracy have become unwatchable. I don’t see myself watching either soap again long term unless there are some SEVERE changes.

And B&B and always been an unfunny joke of a show.

Thank GOD for the OLTL and AMC reboots!

Well I am still watching GH and enjoying it. And supporting GH .. Tracy is alway’s a blast in my opinion. I alway’s enjoy watching her whenever she is on.. I watch GH
Mon.-Fri. and will continue to do so.. All soaps hit a snag once in a while & doesn’t mean we should stop watching them.. I will continue to support ,watch ,& and enjoy GH.

Not worried! Ratings ebb and flow all of the time; they’ll be up again and will most definitely be down again, but I’ll still be here….. right in front of my DVR nightly to watch the best show out there; the Young and the Restless! 🙂

Does anyone know the name of the deliciously evil lady playing Britch’s mother. I love how they have her sing.

Dr. O…Britts mommy…is played by Kathleen Gati…i enjoyed her today as well…especially the singing part. P.S. whenever you need a name you can google it…

She is a real evil witch.. She wants revenge (with Anna).. But Duke drank the champagne…Anf Lucy recognized her at the floating rib….

No wonder that b&b went up! It is the best show ever!

Is that a joke? The reason I ask is B&B is one big joke!!!

I watch GH daily — it’s must-see for me. Y&R is extremely boring. Same recycled s/l’s every day with only talking and no action scenes. I watch OLTL on Hulu without fail.

I watch GH daily also…. And OLTL & AMC on hulu!

I have tuned out go Gh since their 50th. I had high hopes that the vets would not be all hype and disappointed in how sparingly they are used. Plus the pace of writing and s/l doesn’t seem to mesh well. I did tune int today to see about Mac and Felicia’s wedding surprise but its clear Gh is on low budget. Please gh wardrobe , buy Mac a new shirt besides that blue tee which appears to be his uniform. The memento for s/l is too sart and stop, see the characters one day and dad later it may pick up. It’s obvious too that its not ensemble cast which is why I loved Gh for decades, their are clear favorites, so not too interesting for me to watch. Go to YouTube for Gh classics.

I watch all year around and with the soaps available to see in other formats off hours (SOAPnet, TVGN, online) I can follow when I want. That said, I am disappiointed in some shows’ plot lines. That will happen. I remain an old-school guy, fond of the tight families (a la AS THE WORLD TURNS) and rich histories. Y&R seems to be re-inventing itself while reviving its storied past. DAYS is new to me (since all the cancellations) but it is closest to my beloved model. GH has so many characters and plots, it seems to be a little messy. B&B seems so intent on playing the same song that it is dull to me. I still try to follow all, even AMXCand OLTL but honestly, it;s difficult for me to engage on line to date, but I like what I have seen. Ratings do ebb and flow. I would not worry.

Gosh, I could have written your comment! I know soaps “ebb & flow”-different characters are put on the back burner for a while-sometimes we don’t love a storyline but we just wait it out. It always comes back around, right? I too love the richness of the families on soaps & I agree right now, Days is really doing that. I love how Jennifer lives in the Horton house & made the donuts (ha) & they have the book club & you see Jennifer, Hope, Julie, Kayla, Adrienne & Nicole-these characters played by THE SAME actresses have been on for so long! I really miss ATWT & GL. I agree about GH being “messy” I am engrossed every day but couldn’t put my finger on my problem with it & you summed it up-Messy. They definitely need to clean it up. Wouldn’t be that hard! And yes, B&B is so repetitious & I just hate when they waste precious time of an 18 minute show playing flashbacks. That is just plain lazy-needless. Y&R is putting me to sleep every day but I faithfully persevere-it will get better. I loved AMC & OLTL back in the day but the online thing does not do it for me. I miss them in their regular timeslots on ABC. Enjoyed your comment!

I think its probably summer because I’m loving GH but honestly I have not watched one show all summer live and its rare for me to watch even on same day. I usually wake up before anyone else in my household and when I do, I put on my earphones, go to WATCH ABC on my ipad, and watch the show. Its easy, convenient, and because its usually around 5:00 in the morning the chances of being interrupted are slim. I do ALWAYS make sure that I watch on the site rather than HULU or anywhere else because I’ve read that abc is keeping up with online viewership and so they know they are watching but when the kids are home from school this is the best way for me to watch and since I’m not all that tech savvy I suspect I’m not the only one who is watching this way. That may account for some of the ratings downfall as well

……………. The soaps are failing because they are on daytime TV……………..

The soaps are no longer daytime viewing and they would do very much better if aired in evening when women, men, 18-49 people are home.

People do not watch daytime tv as they once did,,
And there are the younger who have moved onto internet viewing..

Many people are dropping cable and using their internet TV’s and/or Roku and in kind to watch their tv shows..

What is killing the daytime soaps, is being shown in the daytime.

People’s ways of watching media has changed drastically in past years and will continue to change..
Many in their 20/30’s do not watch conventional TV, perhaps a special show usually on cable and during the evening..
People watch via iPads, phones, PC’s and internet TV and internet devices..
Daytime TV/soaps are killing themselves off by remaining on daytime TV..

Collage students do not lug a tv to collage with them as was once done, they use their PC..

……. Daytime TV is killing the soaps……

People are no longer home during the daytime to watch daytime soaps and a great many are watching TV via their iPads, phones, internet TV’s, Roku and internet devices.

The 18-49 have moved onto internet viewing to watch their fav shows..
Collage students no longer lug TV’s with them to collage, they watch by PC or even their phones..
It is mainly the Boomers keeping daytime TV alive.
Cable is mostly what 18-49 watch, with exception of a network tv prime-time favorite, during the evening..

The soaps would do well shown during the evening to recruit new viewers, people are not home watching daytime tv for the soaps to get new viewers whom are desperately needed..
The viewer numbers do not change as in bringing in 1000’s of new viewers..
It is the old-timers fans still watching the soaps on daytime tv ..
And the few new simply take the spot of the ones who faded away..

If the soaps were on cable or network evening, they would get new life..

Daytime soaps are being killed off by daytime TV–

kill one of the posts..
pc froze, wrote second post somehow both posted ..sorry … glitch

Your posts reminded me of Botchy&Bothersome.


THE BOLD AND BEAUIFUL- At first I wasn’t the biggest fan, of this soap because of how Brooke has slithered her way. Again into Eric’s life, and how she did it. And it’s always has been that way. Then it took a180 turn. In a couple months. Because for once we, finally saw more of the Spencer family and, the Logan family. And how they operate in action. And now it’s one of the best. DAYS OF OUR LIVES- Is on FIRE , with all of stories. And their POWERHOUSE COUPLE, IF ALL COUPLES THEY HAVE- EJ and SAMI. 100% PERFECTION. GENERAL HOSPITAL- I have been a long time fan, of GH since late 2003- early 2004. And it’s one of those love to Hate. Situation. I LOVE the returning of the vets. And the new couples, NIKOLAS AND BRITT, PATRICK AND SABRINA, SILAS AND AVA, SILAS AND SAM, SONNY AND OLIVIA. The vets of SEAN DONOLLY, ANNA, DUKE, AND THE JEROME family. Ava and Julian Jerome. Juliun is giving the show more aticpation. To the show. And more of the family’s history. ALL MY CHILDREN/ ONE LIFE TO LIVE- Just the fact they came back on, the Internet is the main reason. Why I’m loving it.

The rating system is a joke – how is YR # 1 when NYC Time Warner dropped CBS ???GH is must see TV !!!

I hope GH does not flatline. I’m not a big fan, but it deserves more
attention than YawneR. I think the ratings are wrong. DOOL and GH
should have the most viewers.

Not suprised at all at gh ratings. I believe the fan club was that week and people left town to attend that.

So sick of GH wasting the talents of the gifted Genie Francis! Bring back SN as Stefan,they had romance & chemistry! Having her continue to whine & chase after Luke (who looks more like Laura’s grandfather) and who gets all the great storylines is so over done & boring as hell! Laura doesn’t need Luke to survive & be a strong woman and it’s continually insulting to both the character,actress & her fans to see her portrayed as such. The writers and producer who continue to treat her this way should be ashamed of themselves!

I DVR Y&R & B&B because so much is going on in my life and my family’s. I however do want to say that I do not like the direction Y&R has been going in for months. They are letting the veterans go for people who have no ties to GC and it is sickening. The lying and the manipulations are getting old FAST!!! I’m sorry, but this is how I feel. One more thing that has bugged me is that since the death of Ms. Jeanne Cooper and they are just now going to air the episode to say it’s final farewell to one of the 3 backbones of this show is very sad. Jeanne deserved better from Y&R! I’m sorry!

To be fair, most soaps are written way in advance, so Jeanne’s death changed whatever they had planned. They had to go back, rewrite and come up with whole new storyline, get that into production and then aired— That stuff doesn’t happened overnight. If they had rushed it would have been a lame exit, like the one they came up with Phyllis at the last moment.
They addressed Jeanne’s passing at the time with a lovely personal memorial show, which a lot of soaps do not give their legacy actors– so that was special.
In my opinion if there was any delay it was not to insult Jeanne, but to make sure they honored her by giving her character a decent and dramatic farewell– which should impact the characters for years to come.

I dvr GH and watch oltl online regularly. ;It’s really too bad you don’t include over 50 fans.for they are the ones most likely to be home during the day , & arelikely to have
more monr-

I still watch Y&R everyday on my lunch break. I catch Days and GH at night on Soap net..
I can understand that ratings might go down in the summer time because the kids are out of school and families are on vacation and spending time together.
The OTHER REASONS might be because every one of these show’s have some pretty bad storylines going on, the female characters are weak, the details aren’t consistent. Day’s Jennifer and Dr. Dan have been doing the same 3 party interfering SL forever with the 3rd party changing ever so often. Rafe the bore has been in the hospital bed for months. (Kristen is the only exiting thing about Day’s). Y&R’s Summer’s paternity s/l is a big disappointment. The “Rose”/Neil storyline ..who cares? The same with silly Lily/Cane being jealous..who cares? These shows really need to tune into the new Dallas, or catch a rerun of Desperate Housewives, or tune into OWN”s THE HAVES and HAVE NOTS and get some fresh ideas, and learn how to write for today’s audience.

Again, in defense of daytime dramas– they cannot be written like night time soaps because they are TWO DIFFERENT GENRES. Night time soaps are limited run, maybe ten to fifteen shows a year– daytime drama are five days a week, almost the whole 365 days of a year. The pace has to be slower — no daytime drama could keep the pace of night time show financially or story line wise. I know in this fast paced world the slow story telling of daytime drama seems maddening, but this why these shows have lasted for 20 or more years. If you like the pace of night shows or soaps on the web– enjoy those– and stop expecting daytime drama to be like them- especially when no network is investing the kind of money it takes to produce daytime drama on par with night time drama

GH kind of stinks right now. I DVR Y&R, GH, and B&B and I find myself fast forwarding through a lot of GH, especially the scenes with the new people they’ve brought on board. The role of Kiki is so miscast it’s laughable, and the whole Jerome family/Franco thing is a yawn fest. There are simply too many things going on. It’s no fun to watch anymore.

With the network cancellation of Soapnet on the tube may contribute to the ratings slumping and the summer teen storylines,and withY&R the death of J. Cooper and the limbo of Mrs C. I am very anxious and nervous about how they are going to treat her beloved ending,worried it won’t be fitting enough. I watch it 3 days per week Monday,Wednesday and Friday till September. Days is boring,storyline,same teen drama, and Gen.Hospital is in transition don’t trust the writers,with so many people coming back from the dead,its too characters are not set with their current idennties, look at what they have done to Franco/????? Todd from OLTL he is a complete mess of a character????Don’t get me started with Ava……..and Kikki?????They don’t know what to do with them……. Need I say more……

I haven’t tuned out completely but not racing to my DVR, to watch live & I haven’t been on CBS’s website to view in months now. It’s not must see TV, JG isn’t the right HW for YR, neither is JFP and her agenda. They both are not a good fit for YR, as the last 7 years worth of disgusting EPs & HWs…when something isn’t broke why tamper? This is exactly what Sony & LML did in beginning of her reign by firing EVERYONE associated with Bill’s longtime staff of writers, producers etc.. Sony thought it was there chance to “reinvent” YR and look it’s an epic fail. This isn’t YR but all of the last regimes from LML to current destroyers of YR but USING YR’s coat tails on Bill Bell’s name to push agendas. Way to many characters. Sony & CBS needs WAKE and put some of Bill’s longtime writers & producing staff in charge and watch how the look & feel of the real YR would emerge….I know this regime will totally louse up the Katherine death story and I will not watch the this madness a ruin to a 40 year vet as Jeanne, to have Cane somehow in charge or better JFP will figure out how to make Dylan a lost “Chancellor” heir and inherit everything (being sarcastic)! YUCK!

BB is kicking butt right now and is the best soap on TV…with Kay, Jack, Rex & Ed Scott on Brad’s team…hmmmm old of guard of YR rocking the stories. It’s definitely a Bell soap and feels more like YR (than YR now) because of this team!

Y&R is pathetic! The story lines are pitiful, boring- unreal! Example birth of Chelsea’s baby! You do not care if you miss an episode or 3 or 4. CBS or Sony PLEASE AX JFP and Josh Griffith and revive our show! It has went down the toilet!

Ratings of gh should definitely drop during the summer. Burning baby doll made gh the only day soap to make it onto the soup’s worst list. Directing and acting and dialogue of that scene truly epitomized the worst from day soaps.

I have more time to watch but good writing is gone and my favorites are gone.
New characters are boring. They have no history and are forced on the viewers. SL’s have deteriorated to trash, flavors of incest. Not my cup of tea and make me feel dirty, watching.
But, there’s no loss, just a gain of more time for enjoying life!


Morgan Fairchild, Nicollette Sheridan & Donna Mills Visit ‘Tamron Hall’ to Talk ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’

Monday November 27th, soap opera favorites, Morgan Fairchild (GH, ex-DAYS, DFT, The City, Dallas, Falcon Crest et al), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing) and Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing) visit with Tamron Hall on her syndicated talk show. (find times in your area here).

The trio is set to give some inside intel to Tamron on their highly-anticipating holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas, set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 2nd (8pm ET/7Pm CT) and streams next day.

As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

Photo: Lifetime

Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ starring Donna, Nicollette, Linda, Morgan and Loni below, followed by the Tamron Hall Show preview for Monday’s episode.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to watching Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Arianne Zucker On Baby Switch Storyline: “It’s Heartbreaking to Watch What Nicole Has Been Going Through”

On Days of our Lives, a soap opera which has had more than its fair share of baby switch storylines over the years, viewers have watched in anguished now that Nicole Walker DiMera (Arianne Zucker) is the next victim of this heinous plot twist.

Making it all the more ironic is years ago, Nicole illegally took Sami’s daughter, Sydney after she suffered a miscarriage and tried to pass it off as her own, only for it to backfire in now classic scenes between Zucker and Alison Sweeney.

Now in 2023, it’s Nicole’s turn to have a ‘switch’ perpetrated on her, this time by Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and the shifty Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) as the ringmasters.

Photo: JPI

The baby named “Jude” is actually Eric’s (Nicole’s all-time love) biological son, but Nicole has thought this whole time her baby daddy was EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), her current husband – thanks to more skullduggery from Sloan switching the DNA paternity results.

According to an interview in the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, posted as an Instagram story on the Days of our Lives official show account,Nicole will get more of a clue as to what what happened behind her back, and to the unthinkable for a mother and her newborn baby, after she holds Eric’s “adopted” son Jude. It is then, she feels a strong bond with the little bundle of joy.  Remember, Nicole gave birth at the side of a road after getting into a car accident when Dimitri (Peter Porte) and Leo (Greg Rikaart) were driving the other care while they were on the run and trying to get to Dr. Rolf’s submarine.  Not the best of circumstances for a new mom, but was later told her baby had died.

Zucker expressed: “She (Nicole) feels there’s a possibility this baby is hers. Nicole knows that Sloan is sly. Nicole has an issue with postpartum depression as we saw with the last baby-switch storyline. She’s going to put all of those things together and think this has to be her baby.”

Photo: JPI

In the end, the longtime fan favorite, shared, “It’s heartbreaking to watch what Nicole had been going through.” It certainly has! With many Days of our Lives fans screaming “Emmy” for Zucker and Dan Feuerriegel as the “grieving parents.”

So, what do you think about the Nicole/Sloan baby switch storyline? Are you over it and want it to end sooner than later? What do you think about the performance of Arianne Zucker within it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Greg Vaughan Honors His ‘General Hospital’ Brother, Tyler Christopher

While Days of our Lives viewers know Greg Vaughan best for his role as Eric Brady, before he came to Salem, he played Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. 

Vaughan took over the role of Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura’s (Genie Francis) son from Jacob Young, who replaced Jonathan Jackson in the role. Greg played Lucky from 2003-2009. Eventually, Vaughan came to Days of our Lives as a recast Eric in 2012.

During, Vaughan’s time on the ABC soap opera, he shared many a scene with the late Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who played his half-brother on the show and since that time the two were extremely close.

Photo: GVaughanIG

Tyler passed away a few weeks ago on October 31st at the age of 50. On Friday, November 17th, Vaughan took to X and expressed: “During this difficult time, these last 2wks I’ve been lovingly embraced by so many of my costars & reunited w/ old friends to share memories & also those who still need more time since the news of Tylers passing. This one HURTS. Couldn’t & still find it difficult too write my thoughts or even choose the appropriate words to give a glimpse of what T.C., meant in my life, & what we shared over 25yrs! Which is simply impossible! I lost more than a co-star, and a friend, I lost a brother! ”

On Saturday, November 18th Vaughan took to his Instagram and shared touching photos with Tyler’s two children, son Greysun, 14, and daughter, Boheme, 8.  The images were accompanied by Vaughan’s words: “Remembering the love your daddy Tyler Christopher has created to surround you with forever! Family & Uncle G! Miss my brotha.”

Photo: JPI

Tyler was originally from Ohio, and the photos with his childr showed Greg dressed in black while in Columbus, as close friends and family celebrated Tyler’s life, after he was presumably laid to rest, according to an Instagram story on Christopher’s account. Drew and Derk Cheetwood (ex-Milo and Max, GH), who are cousins to Christopher, were also in attendance.

The second photo Greg shared was of him with Boheme, and a small teddy bear, while the third photo showed what was on the back of the teddy bear’s shirt which read: “Forever in my heart. When you’re missing me feeling blue, hug this bear and know I’m there for you. In memory of Dad.”

In addition, Greg posted a photo from an airplane, “While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light. John 12:36 #youarehome #RIP #tylerchristopher”

Send your condolences to Tyler’s beloved children Greysun and Boheme, and Greg Vaughan, for being there and honoring his dear friend, via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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