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RATINGS: Solid Week For The Young and the Restless! Did Steve Burton's Arrival Make An Impact?

The ratings are out for the week of January 28th through February 1st, 2013 and it was The Young and the Restless who showed the most viewer gains!

This was also the debut week of fan favorite Steve Burton in his new role as Dylan McAvoy, the ex of Avery (Jessica Collins).  After all the uproar caused by Steve departing General Hospital for Nashville, and quickly turning around and returning to daytime after CBS and Y&R made him to good an offer for the Daytime Emmy winner to pass up, it looks like his arrival to Genoa City and stories that are now beginning to percolate and move forward have given the number one soap a boost.

Y&R added +125,000 viewers for the week bringing their weekly total to 4,698,000 total viewers.  In addition, Y&R was number one in the key 18-49 female demo and regained its number one slot in the 18-34 female demo category from General Hospital!

CBS Daytime soap, The Bold and the Beautiful also did well this ratings period.  B&B added +45,000 viewers bringing their total to 3,527,000.  And, B&B also had the most gains in the key 18-49 and 18-34 female demo for the ratings period.

ABC’s General Hospital came in with 2,847,000 viewers and was slightly down for this ratings week, while Days of our Lives took the biggest drop with -109,000 viewers bringing its totals to 2,624,000.  You can view the entire ratings picture via Soap Opera Network here!

So soapers, what did you think of the debut of Steve Burton on Y&R?  Do you think that is the reason it scored the best for the week, in general?  Are you digging the stories more now on Y&R, as you see how Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith our re-establishing the old and interweaving them with new characters on the canvas?

What is working for you on your favorite soaps and what isn’t? What suggestions would you make to improve their ratings or continue them on a solid path with solid numbers?  Weigh-in!

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Hopefully YES!!! Love Steve Burton!


I am sorry but I just do not get too shook up by these ratings not sure I trust them and if people watched because of SB they probably wanted to see if he was still a one note actor. Answer he is. I counted he was on 4 days this week and yet he tells us he got bored with watching himself so much on GH. The man’s ego knows no bounds after all this hoopla I was just like big whoop.

I do trust them with a damn, its just like stats,you can always make them show what you want. Fans probably was curious to see how he looks, acts and whatever.He didn’t make or break Y&R, they could have done without him.

Sunnee I read another one of his interviews in SOD and he said the decision was made in one day to put him on the show. Did he even audition for the part?

We need SHADAM! Sharon and Adam need to marry and have a heir son for Adam. this Chelsea is a joke. we need her out of here

YES! Congrats Y&R!

We love Sharon Case she is the only thing keeping the show above water, Now give us Adam and Sharon in a romance again. Sharon Case best actress in my book 🙂

Y&R and Days both need to improve their writing. Days is awful now, especially with EJami on our screens.

EJ and Sami are a nauseating pairing, and an insult to victims of sexual assault. The fact that Sony, NBC and even the portrayers are trying SO hard to get us to accept them is just ludicrous. They also send a very dangerous and irresponsible message to viewers. I refuse to watch the show until they get new writers who not only respect the history of the show (EJ raped Sami – there’s no sugarcoating nor dismissing it) but respect the viewers as well.

I agree

I don’t understand the hysteria over this guy. He’s nice to look at but can’t act his way out of a paper bag. I guess stuff like that doesn’t matter to soap viewers these days. They just want eye candy.

I agree there was so much hype around this guy coming on the show that I started to dislike him even before he started. Now that the character has arrived the only thing i like about him is his presence adds a sour note into Nick’s and Avery’s sickening sweet romance. I mean who is writing that romance a 13 year old girl? At least there is grown up obstacle now- so I welcome Dylan into the mix for that reason, not because he is being portrayed by Steve Burton.

never a big fan of “Jason” on GH, so I don’t really miss him. GH is so good right now with all the returns of the people who made GH great, Laura, Scotty, Lucy, Frisco, Felicia, and I hear there’s more coming! Used to watch DAYs as well, but I just don’t like any of the storylines – Dmitri, I’m with you, Ejami is gross. GH’s writer seems to be more “in touch” with what the fans want, and I’m sure their ratings will go up even more now that Jack Wagner and Genie Francis are back!

I agree. I am not watching Days anymore until the storylines get better. I read the recaps, but enver watch.

Days could be great like GH if they only learn how to bring back vets for brief story arcs instead of shoving them in the background like some prop. Day players are used better than some vets like Kayla for example. Heres how id do it. Kayla has a crush on Abe but cant tell him after overhearing Abe tell Caroline he likes Kayla like a sister. Maxine has a crush on Abe too, and calls him Abe The Babe. But neither lady gets a chance with him after Valerie Grant(a long absent char.) returns to Salem and Abe falls in love with her. They run into each other at the cemetary where Abe visits Lexi’s grave and Valerie is visiting the grave of her parents Paul and Helen Grant. Valerie would turn out to be Maxines cousin, and later it would be revealed Valerie was Camerons mother. She gave him up for adoption. To stay connected to the shows history Valerie would claim David Banning, Julies son,(forgotten in story over the years) is Camerons father. Val and David were once engaged in the 1970s but never married. Val remet David years later and got pregnant by him with Cam but put the baby up for adoption after a misunderstanding with David and the two broke up. Julie warmly welcomes Cam as her grandson but shes angry at Valerie for putting Cam up for adoption and Valerie points out Julie did the same with Cams father David. But is David Cams real father and did Valerie say that because she never stopped loving him.? In the 1970s Valerie also dated a man named Jerry Davis. Maybe she remet him too and he’s the boys real father. The Davis family who adopted Cameron couldve been related to Jerry Davis. Valerie dosent want anyone to know about Jerry because he now works for the evil Stephano Dimera. That folks is how you stay with the shows history, and connect it to the present characters.

Wow. Impressive!

I wish Ken Corday read these message boards or at least remember how so great the show used to be it ended up on the cover of Time magazine. I soarly miss the Good Old Days when their was less focus on just triangles and more story. It use to be romantic too when Doug sang ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ to his beloved Julie. Now its mostly about switching bed partners. Bring back the stories and romance and Days could be hot again.

Great post Jim! The vets should be brought back and Days should take pointers from GH or Y and R. Y & R has become so interesting lately.

We r 100% in agreement! I see some slow improvement in Days but as a fan since the 1960s, i know it could be 10 times better.

Good post! I agree with everything you said. People are tired of seeing Sami’s love life and Dannifer on everyday. I really miss Bo, and Bope!

Thanks. I agree with what you said too. There are stories they could do for Bo and Hope. I just feel that 4 some dumb reason they dont think they can write for them or just dont want to. They need to take lessons from GH and YAR who know what their fans want and thats why their ratings are good. You think by now Corday would wake up snd realize its his show they could all be raving raving about and not just the other ones. There is room for four great shows.

The weekly ratings are not much more than bait fodder to excite people one way or another..
If the ratings came out monthly or every 3 months it might be better..
Behind the curtain they look at much more than then we see .

Y&R is just not all that good to remain #1 for mega years and is absolutely not that much better than GH .. 🙂

Y&R has vastly improved, I do hope JFP does not give Mrs Chancellor Alzheimer’s disease and write her off the show. That would be the demise off JFP and her reign at Y&R as far as I am concerned. Then show with JG writing and now the departure of Hogan Scheffer has rally gotten much btter and I want to see more Abbotts, where is Traci?

The actress who plays Traci/Beth Maitland is not a size 2 therefore we will probably never see her again as long as JFP is calling the shots. Never mind the actress won one of the first acting awards ever on Y&R.

Y&R is just a mess right now: new characters and recast characters discussing other new characters; another dull battle for Newman Enterprises; Sharon’s ridiculous bi-polar redemption; characters recapping events that happened off-camera instead of on screen; and Steve Burton doing sit-ups and discussing a rock with Avery. I cringe at the thought of Nikki being diagnosed with a real disease considering how the show has ignored the long-term ramifications of Victor’s epilepsy, Lily’s cancer, and now Sharin’s mental illness. Considering that the writers haven’t even bothered to address the whereabouts of poor Segundo after the ranch fire, I have little faith they will do the proper follow-through such a storyline would require.

GH offers the best all around soap experience right now: a good blend of veterans and new characters involved in a variety of storylines — romance, mystery, business intrigue — all rooted in the show’s history. Valentini and Carlivati have taken a show that was virtually unwatchable a year ago and turned it around.

I’d like to believe that it’s the recent addition of Steve Burton/Dylan McAvoy to the Y&R canvas that resulted in the increase in ratings! I know I’m now a Y&R “convert,” solely because of Steve Burton being on the show! I’m a Steve Burton fan first, foremost & always. I’m so happy to have him on my TV screen again that it truly doesn’t matter to me what show he’s on/what character he’s playing! That being said, I am already invested in the character of Dylan McAvoy & look forward to watching Y&R daily to see what’s going on between Dylan, Avery & Nick! I’m also a huge fan & supporter of Jill Farren Phelps. She is “fan friendly,” which I really admire & appreciate!

nothing about Y&R intrigue me, not even Steve Burton being on the show, GH is better without him, and for sure better without JFP, so whatever to Y&R and hooray to GH because it is totally rocking, love how characters interact and todays episode with Tracy and Connie is a perfect example of that interaction. People on GH look real and great and people on Y&R look plastic like barbie and Ken, they all look stiff.

I figured Y&R’s ratings would go up this week, as many soap fans more than likely tuned in to see Steve’s arrival (like him or not, it was something followed by many). I personally loved Steve Burton/Jason on GH, and he is still missed, but I must say, I do enjoy his new character (Dylan) on Y&R. I have never been a Y&R fan, for no other reason than I have always watched the ABC soaps, but I do tivo it now, to watch Steve, and I enjoy some of the storylines, including the direction Steve’s character seems to be going in. GH is still by far my favorite, although, I am not loving the whole vampire Caleb/John McBain storyline, but totally get the need for it, in light of the whole OLTL/GH character struggle right now. I am so grateful to FV/RC and all those working so hard in front of the camera and behind the scenes at GH to make it the contender it is becoming once again, and I pray that this vampire storyline does not set it back. Although, I would rather see that vampire storyline play out, than lose Michael Easton from the GH canvas. Love all the GH returns from the past, and I am looking forward to the Nurses Ball take place this month as well.

Love Y&R, it is really getting good with storylines really beginning to take shape.

I don’t get Y&R’s ratings. They have yet to reach, past its 2012 ratings; how is this good when the other 3 soaps have?? They were at 4.9m 2 weeks in a row at this time last year and had even reached 5m during Jan. 2012; at 5.2m same time in 2011. How are these ratings good? I guess from a week to week prospective their OK, but the show isn’t growing, is it? Not trying to be negative (love the show), just looking at the big picture.

It’s just amazing to me. A few weeks ago, the majority was singing DAYS praises. Now, that the numbers are sliding, it’s back to the old “DAYS is awful” rant. Just plain ridiculous.

Ridiculous how? They had plenty of new viewers for the WilSon pairing, as well as the Gack (Gabi/Nick – blecch!!) wedding reveal…now that the chips have fallen, the new viewers are leaving because the show is going slower than an uphill-bound snail and veteran viewers are leaving because they know the history of the EJ/Sami disgusting pairing. What’s to like about Days right now? Not a whole helluva lot!! I watch when John and/or Marlena are on – other than that, I refuse to watch at all!!

Shawn –

I can’t take it personal any more… what the ratings dive’ DAYS would seem to be neverending…. it’s on par… with the other three…. it’s 4th, but cetainly not last in my book.

do you read the two scoops column on soapcentralcom? it’s so entertaining… and is on par with how i feel about days….

————–geez… i can’t compare DAYS & GH…. the two soaps i watch… i merely say… they’re both good… and i knw this cause… i have to dvr both shows… and when theirs none… both shows… waiting to be watched…. ta-da!!!! both are excellent.






bear in mind….. in so many markets and time zones….. BOTH days/gh are on at the same time….

Days WAS getting good! The reveal at the wedding was fantastic! I just wish Chad also revealed what Gabi did to Melanie. In addition, Sami was finally settling down with a great guy-Rafe! Now the show revolves around Sami again and her disgusting relationship with her rapist, EJ. Not only that, but Chloe’s interference in the boring Dannifer storyline is unecessary. Kristen’s return has gotten old very quickly, and Gabi’s storyline is also not entertaining to watch. Jarlena ave been treated horribly. Rafe and Kate having sex this week-DISGUSTING! I will NOT be watching, not when I can just keep up by reading online recaps! I refuse to reward this shitfest with my ratings!

Short answer NO!!

the hype machine was turned all the way on!!

access Hollywood
and this board

funny thing he didn’t this much publicity when he dated SAM or
the time he was over at gh..interesting..
he took the easy way out!

not interested in y&r

though I seen his face? he had some work

Y&R ratings go up because we are finally getting some SHADAM!!

I love Steve on Y&R. Can’t wait to see more of his story. I think Y&R is much better now with the new writers too.

Sorry guys. Burton to me is mediocrity inacarnate. He is over hyped and one note. The actors who were discarded for the friends of Jill were superb and this is not.

Burton and JFP made me drop Y&R competely.

Having him rather than the Chancellor family build up and more made me ill. Im sick of the soap press that panders to anything the producers want and turn a deaf ear to those who speak differently.

Shame on all. Burton no way

I love love Steve Burton and his character Dylan. I cant wait to see what happens with Dylan and Chelsea when I get home. Y & R is the only soap I watch and I have been watching it for many years and I think Dylan is a great addition. He is dreamy eye candy and I think his acting is just fine. I don’t know what kind of acting is expected on a soap. He will develop new fans from Y & R. I don’t understand all the haters when it comes to Steve Burton. Things cant stay the same forever. Change is a part of life . People and their lives change and we should respect that. I welcome Dylan (Steve Burton) with a big smile.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Lamon Archey Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Lamon Archey (Eli, Days of our Lives) and his wife Krissy Terry.  The couple have welcomed a baby girl into this world named Kennedy.

In a beautiful photo of Kennedy with her mom and dad via Instagram, Lamon shared: “Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings. #Blessed  @monicamartinphotography”

Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

This is Archey’s fourth child. His three other children are: Machiah, 21; Caden, 14; and Gaia, 11

Several of Lamon’s Days of our Lives co-stars shared their well-wishes on his IG post including: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Sal Stowers (Lani).

Lamon and Krissy were married back on March 25th of this year.

Send your well-wishes for Lamon, Krissy and new little bundle of joy, Kennedy via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley Signs Off at Days of our Lives: “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan Off and On for the last 10 Years Has Taught Me So Much About Empathy and Grace”

This week on Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley will wrap her short-term run as Theresa Donovan. Lilley came back to reprise her role to a be a part of the on-screen memorial for Victor Kiriakis, and to honor one of her her all-time favorite scene partners, the late John Aniston.

While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

Meanwhile, through the years, Lilley came under fire over her run on DAYS being a devout Christian, and taking on the role of the troublemaking Theresa.  She fired back in one interview, “Why should I play a role like this,’ you know? That’s been something I’ve been asked over and over again, by Christians, like,‘How can you be a Christian and play this role?’ And the truth of the matter is that from a human perspective, Theresa’s kind of a horrible person, but from a God perspective, she’s exactly who Christ came and died for.”

Photo: JPI

With her final episode streaming on Peacock on Friday, September 22nd, Lilley took to her Instagram to share her sentiments on her Salem journey over the years.

Jen shared: “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen. Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness. To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade long journey. #Days #RIPJohnAniston #ripvictorkiriakis #DOOL”

No word yet if in the future, and with Lilley’s busy filming schedule (once the SAG-AFTRA and writers strikes are resolved) for Great American Family movies and other projects, if she would be available to return to DAYS should the show decide to write for the character.

So, are you sad to see Jen exit the canvas as Theresa? Curious just who and how will take over her role? There have been plenty of online rumors that a certain actress currently on the show is taking over the part. Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Celebrates One-Year on Peacock (Photos)

When Days of our Lives moved from NBC to the streaming service Peacock after 57 years on the air, it rocked many longtime fans of the beloved soap opera. However, NBC/Universal decided to make it a high priority on its companion streamer as one of its flagship shows. This was due, in part, to its dedicated fan base and viewership.

DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Check out some of the snaps from the ice cream truck fun below!

Photo: JPI

Mary Beth Evans, who shared on social media she used to serve up ice cream at one time in her life, took a pic inside the ice cream truck with Stephen Nichols. Seems “Stayla” likes ice cream too!

Photo: JPI

Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

Photo: JPI

Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

Photo: JPI

Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

Photo: JPI

Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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