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RATINGS: Y&R and B&B Show Solid Gains In Total Viewers!


Finally, some good news for the recent doldrums in the summer of 2017 daytime drama ratings for the week of July 3rd through the 7th.

CBS Daytime’s one-two combo of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful finally gained back a good chunk of weekly viewership adding +211,000 and + 157,000 total viewers, respectively.  While both shows are still off the pace of this same time last year, perhaps “The Summer of Sheila” soaps hottest current storyline on B&B will keep things sizzling upward for the sister soaps through the dog days of August into the fall.  Both Y&R and B&B also showed gains in the key womens 18-49 and 18-34 demo.


Over at General Hospital, the series did gain in total viewers also for the week at +21,000 , and made some small gains in the 18-34 demo.  GH, as the other soaps previously mentioned, are off the pace of last year at this time.

As for NBC’s Days of our Lives, looks like we only have a few weeks left in the ratings of shows not written by new head writer Ron Carlivati.  His episodes begin to air this week on July 19th.  DAYS came in -12,000 for the week in their total viewer tally, but stayed on pace to where they were last year at this time.  The soap did gain some viewers in the 18-34 demo.

View the entire ratings picture via SON here.

Total Viewers

1. The Young and the Restless 4,458,000 (+211,000/-208,000)

2. The Bold and the Beautiful 3,556,000 (+157,000/-200,000)

3. General Hospital 2,453,000 (+21,000/-134,000)

4. Days of our Lives 2,045,000 (-12,000/same)

So, time to be our Soap Opera Armchair Programming Quarterback: Which soap is working right now and is the must-see show of the summer for you?  Which soap isn’t?  What improvements or changes would you make to your favorite soap to being in more viewers on a consistent basis?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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For the life of me i dont understand how y n r is not only gaining viewers but how its not hemmoraging for dear life. yes , characters and stories are more authentic but geez …can we get some drama?.. nikki and her piano recital is supposed to be must-see?!!!
its so lame and dreadfully boring. y n r needs a serious villian like shelia over at sister soap b n b!.. now thats exciting!!
i personally have been loving days especially the tripp , kayla and steve story as well as eric and nicole coming back to eachother. i hope ron c continues to write for them.
in meantime y n r is stale and i hope sussman is brewing something big to happen or i may erase it from my pvr list.

I sadly must agree, Damien. I never imagined FF’ing thru half of Y&R as I have been lately. That Cane/Juliet debacle was unforgivable. Meanwhile, creepy Billy just sails along like Teflon. And don’t get me started on Charlie, Mattie, Reed, Ravi. And then letting Greg Rikaart go is beyond reasoning. I do like that Zack character Abby is seeing. He’s really hot, but you can tell he’s going to be a creep, so there goes that.

You hit ALL the points! But I think Zack is weak. He will turn out to be a Ryder type character! Take Tessa with him and kill them off!

You haven’t even seen Ron’s writing yet on days. It starts this week. Days has been pathetic at the very least through Josh and ending with Dena. Ron has much to do to bring this show out of the drain.

I liked the Nikki recital both for her piano playing and the new gal singing was great, too. Also the costumes and having the seats filled reminded me of the old days of soaps when they had bigger budgets, I guess. Nowdays, whenever there is a big trial, you never see a jury and the courtroom is never filled. It was odd, I thought, only the 2 songs performed, but I guess it is very expensive to perform songs on tv? I agree Y&R has been a tad boring and hope the pace/drama picks up soon. Bold and Beautiful has been rather exciting-loved Friday’s ending especially.

Oh my goodness the lead-up to the stupid piano recital was what, 18 weeks? And when the climax is….a piano recital, how can anybody care? Was there ever any doubt that Nikki would be fine?

And Shillary is bad enough, but those twins of Cane and whats her name have got to be the worst “actors” in the history of television.

Chuck Pratt would have had the stage explode!

I know, right, damien? The worst storylines ever!!!!!! I am still not sure Cane is the father, albeit I had predicted a pregnancy, as a joke, weeks ago. LOL. I despise Cane, but, I have a feeling that somehow, he will end up not being the father……I want he to be the father so much, I can taste it. Karma is in progress.
So, where is this story going? If Juliet was solely after money, then she should be gone already. Why linger….waiting for the other shoe to fall?
Everytime I see the twins, my heart sinks into my stomach; grrroan!!
Now, there’s another round of Nikki and Jack!!!! Yes, they have remained friends; but, for the love of the soap-gods, the suddenness of this “profound” in-my-face relationship is sickening.
I smelled where TPTB were going with this a mile away. Give me a break ….
Don’t even get me started on Billy/Victoria/Phyllis.
Find a guy for Victoria. The jealosy will eat at Billy. Then, we shall see how strong Billy’s “love” for Phyllis is.
Then the “I am living in Mars” story of “The Adventures of Chloe” is getting more ridiculous by the minute.

Overall, I am enjoying Y&R more than I have in nearly a decade but there are a few areas where the show could make some changes.

I also hope Cane is the baby daddy because he deserves his comeuppance for setting everything in motion that led to Juliet’s lawsuit but I think that the big reveal will be that Jordan and Juliet are running a scam together and Jordan is really the father. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Sato turned out to be Juliet’s daddy and the Tokyo deal is part of a bigger scheme.

The Billy/Phyllis pairing has no rooting value for me — if you want the viewers become invested in a recast you need to pair them with a vet, not another recast.

The SORAS-ed Charlie and Mattie aren’t inspiring much interest. The twins need to woven into the fabric of the show better to gain audience interest. Mattie could be a tutor for Faith or work at Crimson Lights to save for college. Since the show is going with a Reed/Mattie romance it would open up the dramatic possibilities if they attended the same school so that there could be interaction with other kids (i.e., rivals for their affections). ALL MY CHILDREN did a great job back in the day with the Greg and Jenny romance which incorporated other students, several of whom became next generation characters (Angie, Jesse, Liza, Amanda, Alfred).

I’m not minding Sally Sussman’s long game writing but I do think the show could benefit from a real “super couple” with a truckload of obstacles to keep them from getting together.

And WHEN is Lauren going to get a call from B&B’s Eric Forrester telling her that Shelia is back? That plot point takes me right out of the Sheila story every time I see Eric — it makes no sense whatsoever; he was willing to invest tons of money in Fenmore’s when it was failing but he won’t pick up a phone and let Lauren know that the woman who tried to kill her is on the loose again?

Wow, Alan…Jordan is the father? Love it !!!! Your posts;, your reasoning …. simply amazing!!!! Good show, Alan.
I did mention that I suspect Cane not to be the Daddy, as well. Too easy….too fast. And, my thought went to that Soto guy, too. We all know soaps have perfected the art of fudging lab results. LOL.
But, as yourself, I am glad Cane is getting his just desserts.
I said this before, and not because I am a Billy fan, because I am not; but, Cane lacks integrity. No matter how much one resents or despises another; there should be a line drawn between good and evil. What Cane dit to Billy, in LA, was evil….now he’s paying the price.
I am so glad I live a clean life, DOUBLE LOL.

Great post, Alan! I am really enjoying Y&R too. I don’t get the Tessa hate! The actress is pretty, she can act and boy can she sing! I think she adds a lot the canvas. I loved the shared moment which transpired between Mariah and Tessa today. Too often soaps force feed a gay and lesbian story to fit their agenda but that lingering and meaningful look those two shared felt real, natural and moreover, those two have chemistry. I think Tessa adds a lot the canvas. There’s a lot to love about Y&R which includes Jack’s friendship with Nikki. I am not crazy about Colin’s story and do wish he’d stop whispering his regrets to Lilly. But if it leads to his breaking up with Lilly, I am okay with it.
Maybe Mr Soto, the Japanese client, is the baby Daddy? Hmmm…don’t know but Y&R is firing on all cylinders!

Note the date—–

Nielsen adds Web viewers to its TV ratings
Updated 10:19 AM ET, Tue October 29, 2013 <—-

This is the latest attempt by Nielsen to catch up with current digital-media technology. Earlier this month, the company announced it was launching Twitter TV ratings, tracking the number of people tweeting about a show and how many people were reading those tweets.

In a sign of our increasingly connected age, the Nielsen Company will finally add streaming viewers to its influential ratings of who's watching what on TV. The new ratings will collect data on people who watch their sitcoms, dramas and crime procedurals on computer, tablet and smartphone screens.

0oooh where do we stand in the ratings—–
''there are approximately 100 million households with a TV in the United States.
That means even at the high estimate of 50,000 Nielsen households, the number represents .05% of the households. That would be less than 1/10 of 1%.''

If the ratings were actually by the people not the Nielsen Households hmmm wonder what the actual numbers would be..

The writers won’t please everyone. I have been enjoying Y&R ; even though I don’t like the Nick and Chelsea pairing , I don’t fast forward as in previous months.

I agree with you Boop.

I also agree, love the character driven stories which Y&R is delivering. I also think who ever is responsible for set design is a genius.

Going against the tide here, I have been enjoying Y&R very much lately. I am not invested in any couple, but i’ve felt that the Lane storyline with Juliet, Victoria and Billy has been well written and well acted. I really have been watching for that storyline alone, and now I’m interested in what Juliet’s story is with the baby, because I’m sure that it isn’t Cane’s. I’m also interested in finding out what Hillary is going to do with the Newmans and with Juliet. Some stories move too slow, and I’m not very interested in some of the new actors on the show, who play new characters. But overall, I think that Y&R is head and shoulders above the other three soaps.

B&B does surprises very well, I have to give them credit for that. Overall, though, I do think the show is much to campy and not particularly well acted. As a result, I can’t say that I am a fan of the show, but I do think that adding Sheila, in theory, was a good move, especially if it results in the break up of Eric and Quinn’s marriage, and the end of the awful Ridge and Quinn affair. Now let’s see how Sheila fits into the canvas. It’s going to be difficult to make her just another regular character on the show after all that’s gone down in the past.

Yes, Beth, I agree about Juliet’s baby. How many times are people going to take other people’s word on paternity results? Cane may as well wear a T-shirt with “CHUMP” written on it! My trouble is that I like the actress playing Juliet (more than Lily, actually), but they’re boxing her into the Hillary corner and there’s not much wiggle room there. And how I wish Kevin/Greg were staying!

Well, Beth….if we think we know Hilary the way we do, you know she will air the heated ( and then some) exchange between the Newmans.
Hilary is very daring and acts before she thinks. Victor will chew her and her entourage up and spit them out.
But, even if she does nothing, there is the chance her assistant, the cameraman, will go behind her back and air it himself. I guess that’s a more ‘soapy’ way of doing it. LOL.

I am loving both Y&R and B&B…I really believe that things will be picking up on Y&R…

I am disappointed in YR after watching so many years and having to suffer through the Pratt wrtiing I find its just as disappointing for me ..My favs Lauren/Michael are slowly being desimated Fen is gone, now Kevin will be gone..and we rarely see Lauren and Michael alone or even at you know what I finally am throwing in the a show i at one time could nol wait to watch..Last day for me was Michaels goodbye to Kevin

Amen, Dee. Since when would Kevin not say goodbye to Lauren? Doesn’t even fit the character. And let’s bring back Fen, hopefully with Max Ehrich in the role. With Kevin gone and Scott being so unrelatable (and scuzzy), we’re in need of new eye candy. Zack is really hot, but seems like he’s a creep. Bring back the Baldwins and back-burner the Ashby clan, especially the talentless twins.

I agree. I wonder if Gloria is going to be next. Which I am hoping is not the case. I loved watching Gloria and Esther bond over their shared grandchild. I cried when Esther and Gloria said goodbye to Kevin. Since then I don’t consider the show must see TV anymore

Can’t go anywhere near B&B with Trump worshipper Kimberlin Brown/Sheila on. Yuck.

Your loss. The show has been great- the best, lately, and Ms. Brown is a delightful and talented addition. If it is not ok to judge others by their sexual orientation or gender identity or race or documented status-why ok if they are republican? I don’t agree with a lot of people’s politics, but I still enjoy their work. Boycotting republican actors because of their political beliefs and not allowing them a fair shot at jobs-what does that remind me of- McCarthy and the hunt to destroy communists- and whether they were or not their lives and livelihoods were destroyed. Not cool then, not cool now.

Anyone remember when Lucille Ball almost had her career ruined because she had registered as a communist to please her grandfather. Like they said at the hearing, even her hair wasn’t really red. Remember actors living in total fear of their sexual preference being revealed and having their career destroyed. There are conservative actors working now that stay in the closet or keep a very low profile when it comes to expressing their views for fear of having their careers come to an end. I am not promoting communism or conservative viewpoints-what I think is that it is seeming that the left is very accepting and stands up for all sorts of people and causes and everyone is ok-unless you disagree and then you have no rights at all. That seems rather hypocritical.

Here, here, Maureen!!! I’ve really been trying not to make political comments as of late, since this is, after all, a soap opera website, but then there are others of opposite views who simply won’t give it a break. At least April managed to voice her displeasure in a single sentence, so I’ll give her credit for that minor consideration to the rest of us. The more typical examples are long-winded anti-Trump screeds, along with corresponding doom-and-gloom echo chamber chatter that parrots the same complaints! Anyway, welcome back! I did reply to your post on the most recent Lee Baldwin thread, but alas, it didn’t make it online….However, I did enjoy your sentiments, so thank you for your remarks. Keep them coming!

I wish you could stand in front of America and say what you just said. Brilliant!

More power to you, Maureen. From where I stand, those who are so voraciously and vociferously anti-present-establishment , are those who have nothing to say….nothing constuctive, anyway. No message!!!!!! ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.
And, I have not forgotten how you championed me during many distasteful comments. I thank you again.

@Maureen…Hypocrisy is nothing new for these people…what is good for the goose is never good for the gander if you don’t happen to agree with their one particular viewpoint…Thank you for illustrating that fact so well. You are certainly back to this website with a mighty vengeance, and not a moment too soon!

I hear you, Mo! Sheila on Bold is great tv! This is a free country and as long as one is not hurting another-well live and let live. I don’t know what is going on- we all used to stick together as Americans-I thought- good grief! I have kept outta here and my mouth shut because it is not worth the hassle of even offering an opinion or to offer facts or anything, really if it is not what someone else is willing to even consider.

I got news for you, that guy who made your sandwich at Chipotle yesterday voted for Trump! Move on!

There are no sandwiches on the Chipotle menu. The tacos look good though!

They just closed one near DC for suspected norovirus. Never mind the tacos.

What a nasty comment. I , for one, watch a soap opera for the characters story, not the actors personal views.

I so agree with Maureen, Timmm and Joel…don’t get me started…Let people be who they are…if they aren’t hurting anyone or not breaking the law, etc…it doesn’t matter what color of skin someone has, their thoughts or beliefs on different issues and so on…Thank you again Maureen, Timmm and Joel for I appreciate all 3 of you for your comments…Have a great week.

Trump is the best person to get elected in a long time I would nt let that stop me from enjoy my soap

I don’t see how April’s comment can be considered nasty, Joel. It’s not like she said she’d like to grab a woman by the pussy!

Right, Joel?
To think that I am blasted just by saying the word ‘age’, and, here is someone who disparages Kimberlin for having aged. Was not aware aging was a mortal sin. All of us age. So, what is this poster’s point? Kim has aged, therefore, she’s slime. Ya!!
Sexist, misogynist, and ageist much?? Full of oneself much?

@CeeCee…And yet we have no comment on that particular remark from the one who carries the “anti-ageism” flag into nearly every possible personal battle they can…hmmmm, how selective!!! Seems it’s more “who” is saying what than “what” is being said by whom that fuels that incredible fury which has been squarely aimed at the two of us for an absolute age! How very illuminating…

LOL!!!! 4ever DAYS! Succinct and perfect!

There is a big divide in politics…the Trump administration has caused more havoc in this country than in any recent years. Polarized is an understatement. I don’t think it’s “McCarthyism” if a viewer is so turned off by a person’s politics that he/she won’t watch the person. I didn’t and won’t watch Mel Gibson for his anti-semitic views. To each his own…

There are a few soap actors who don’t share my views. Personally? I’m not going to boycott the show or stop watching. If it was a one woman/man show…then, yes, I would.

I’ve seen many boards where fans don’t watch certain scenes or days when a particular actor or actress is on because of his/her politics. There are very strong feelings about the issues at hand.

I think April is perfectly within her right to feel the way she does. She’s not asking for anyone’s approval; just expressing how she feels.

How magnanimous. Yet if anyone, anywhere dares to express their disdain or dislike for the fictional Alexis or her portrayer- you go ballistic with personal attacks on their intelligence, comprehension- ad nauseum. So it is ok to express an opinion when it is in line with your set of rules and beliefs and totally unacceptable when they are not. Ok then.

Hi Maureen! So glad to hear from you! hahaha…ahem.

Once again, I didn’t attack you. I was quite diplomatic. You chose to be nasty and direct an insult at me. And April. And bring up the McCarthy era. Speaks more about you. But, sorry; I’m not playing.

Have a great day!

How was Maureen nasty? She told the truth. You do attack anyone that does not kowtow to your favorite characters or whatever. I have been on the end of your rudeness and dishonesty-or alternative facts-or straight up cray-cray and mean.

Hi Gary!

As I told Maureen…not playing!

You have yourself a nice day! If that includes you and the few on “the four or five crew” bashing on me or anyone else…enjoy!

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.–Maya Angelou.

I regret apologizing to you awhile back. Not that you ever offered up a well-deserved apology for your hateful remarks. Several others also tried to make peace with you- Maureen apologized and Gary too. You never accepted nor returned any apology even though you instigated a big attack on multiple people on here. You enjoy stirring the pot and playing victim. Guess this is your reality, cause I don’t see your acting career taking off.

Have a nice day, Nicki!

Nobody bashed anybody-just pointed out you only support free speech when you decide it is ok. Way groovy how you gaslight, twist, deflect and cheer on comments you know are meant to dig at people on here you dislike.

Well, I’ve attacked Alexis and joked about someone alerting Geraldo Rivera that Jimmy Hoffa could be found in the great abyss Alexis calls a cleavage. Rebecca took umbrage with my saying so and did so in a respectful, albeit humorous manner. She thought I was being an ageist and I can see why she thought such a thing. Honestly, I think I really was coming off being kind of an ageist so I can understand why she thought so. I’ve never really seen her attack anyone here but I have seen her on the other end of it time and time again.
Rebecca and I disagree on almost every subject pertaining to GH and yet, she never went after me personally(well, not seriously anyway).
That said, Maureen, comparing Kimberly Brown to the McCarthy era is absurd at best. People with thriving careers were blacklisted in such a heinous way that they could never find work in Hollywood again unless they used an alias. The McCarthy era RUINED lives and I don’t see any Trump supporting actors’ lives being ruined. Kimberly Brown, as well as Anthony Sabato Junior and Scott Baio had not been working in Hollywood for well over a decade. Therefore, it wasn’t brave of them to come out of the closet and show their true Trumpism colors. They had nothing to lose. The fact that Kimberly Brown was hired to return as Shelia shortly thereafter certainly negates your premise that actors who support Trump will not be hired in this town. I ask you to please not diminish that dark period in American History by making reckless and frivolous comparisons.
I am not going to comment on Trump as I think the reality of his presidency speaks for itself. His supporters know it but must hold on because it hurts too much to realize they were duped by a con artist. It’s hard to admit when you are wrong. Trust me, I am an expert on that subject. Trump supporters don’t need me to tell them that. Time is the ultimate victor and time will tell.

Great that we can express our feelings and you support that. But how come when I was discussing a fictional character that was not ok? I hope you are serious in what you are now saying and will stop insulting others on here like you did to me and when I questioned that you were extremely nasty. I apologized to you a few months ago as well in an effort to move forward. I am not letting you run me off here and respectfully request that you leave me alone. Thank you.

I completely agree, April! He is so slimy and dirty – so is his whole family. Gross – yuck – ewwwwww! Also – KB has really aged!

Think before you speak, Abruzzo. When you have met these people you call slime, personally, then let’s talk.
I must me slime, as well. You know me not !!!!!! We should all be mindful of what we say. For shame. This family is the most generous, the most altruistic people one could ever know.
A law was just passed in Canada which prevents people from using certain verbiage against the establishment. I hope we can adopt the same law.
I cannot believe these posts get through. I cannot be subjected to this, any longer. Not right.
Until then, please be kind and listen to Tucker, here. Not vey nice. I am surprised at your angst. Good grief!!

You are classless! Not only do you ridicule her choice she made on November 8th, you have to attack her looks! LOOK in the mirror!

Hi Abruzzfan!

I hear ya! And I’m right there with ya! (Although I must admit Kimberly has added a nice dimension to the story. I just block out the political stuff. And…I’m not so sure she even knows what she voted for; seemed like all she was interested in was small business because she has one and thought he’d do better by her.) It’s okay. Thirty-five percent support and dropping…. 😉

I agree, Cee.
The ugly posts are allowed, even after people have been
asked to stop, repeatedly and for a long time now.
Used to be fun to pop in here after a stressy day, and
“talk” soap stuff. Not anymore. We can be going along
reading and suddenly so many anti-president, etc. type posts
appear, and ruin it all. And yeah, it apparently won’t stop,
so I am moving on, too.

Hey Abruzzfan…

As for Kimberly’s looks…let’s not get carried away. Really; she’s quite attractive. We all age… 😉

Wow! Who hasn’t aged? Just look at the kids on the soaps- one minute in preschool-and the very next week in high school or college. It happens to the best of us.

That Maya Angelo quote has been used time and time again to describe the current president. Donald Trump showed us who he was when he mocked and imitated a disabled man, called John McCain a loser, insulted a grieving Gold Star family and said on tape that he liked to grab women by their private parts and he can get away with it because he’s a celebrity (a reality star).
He showed us who he was and seventy-four percent of Americans believed him.

HI y’all! Nice to hear from everyone!

I thought April and I were having a private conversation! Haha! I thought that I had directly replied “to” April’s comment in agreeing with her text?

If I meant to get feedback from the peanut gallery, I would have done so in an independent text. LOL Oh well , even though I don’t always agree with everyone, it is nice to hear from you all…. 

Since you have all taken the time and provided your feedback, I will try to respond to most of the Nastie, I mean NICE comments.

I wanted to add that when I see comments that I don’t agree with, I ignore them. I don’t get my knickers in a bunch!

I provided my opinion about a politician and his family directly to April. Most politicians have thick skin except for Arancio. This is part of a politician’s life. The Pres said that HeidiCruz& CarlyFiorientina are ugly; Cruz’s dad was part of a group that killed JFK, POWs are NOT war heroes cause they were captured even though he was a draft dodger, mocked a handicapped reporter, lied so many times, bragged that women let him grab them by the puzzy because he is a celebrity, etc. He has cheated on all 3 wives (google Karen McDougal), so I could call him much worse!). ….

@Celia – You talk of your beloved family often, but in my beloved family if you are on your 3rd wife (and they are all still ALIVE) – we have a lot worse names for you than that!

Do you think Mel still sleeps with him?

Awww … the pooooor baby, I called him slimy. I have heard you say more mean things to others on this site.

I don’t need to meet them in person since they have all been caught red handed in all kinds of secret meetings and back channels with the Russians.

@Timmm – since you asked. KB has always been a villain and never considered “beautiful”. However, Ashley is beautiful. I didn’t say KB was ugly – but that she “aged”. Not to be mean to KB, but I know that I am better looking than her!

I read most of your comments (then ignore), and “classy” is not one of the descriptions that comes to mind for “you”.

You can disagree with what I say, but name calling – really?

DT was a Democrat until a few years ago and he is 70 – the joke is on you!

@Gary – exactly – KB hasn’t been on in years, so if she hasn’t aged, then she is in a coffin or Urn.

@Shay – I am pretty sure that I disagree with you most of the time, but I can’t read your long rants with no paragraph breaks for changing ideas. I have tried multiple times – so sorry! I am sure your husband is OK with it, so don’t worry about me! I went to a Parochial College Prep school, so that is the way I learned to write which is ingrained in my brain. I did read the shorter one about the long rants – but that is your typical MO?

@Kevin C/Tucker – do I get to voice my opinion? Do I get my first amendment rights – Freedom of Speech or is that only for folks that agree with you?

@Nicki – Marijuana is not my thing, but if you support its legalization, KB is against it. BTW – Bradly Bell – producer/owner of B&B had a massive fund raiser for Obama at his Beverlty Hills mansion a few years ago. It was all over the news, and I heard it brought in many, many millions.

Did I miss anyone?

Back to Y&R –How can they be so stupid to get rid of Kevin, one of the top (3) most interesting characters on the show? I love GinaT and JasonT, but Not my Phyllis and Not my Billy. Please don’t bring KB to Y&R to bother Lauren – wasn’t that played out multiple times before?? I don’t like Nick with Chelsea (too soon after Adam’s death) or Sharon (that ship has sailed multiple times too).

Let me end it with the following:
1) How come certain people’s comments are always the ones that don’t seem to make it online to the blog and get blocked? We need to ask #MichaelFairman why that would happen??? I am sure they were very NICE comments with “no shade” at all?
2) BTW, I come from a large Italian family, so I am very thick skinned – like a politician! Ha! Your comments didn’t offend me at all as I said,… so I hope to chat in the future.
3) Prayers for John McCain, a true war hero and genuine good guy.

Ciao & Peace Out!

I read your response(s) to multiple issues and enjoyed it very much- and also learned a little about you, which is also interesting- it is nice to learn a little about the people on here- even if in reality it is all fiction- which is not at all what I am saying to you. You made excellent points and did not hurt anyone that I can discern- classy yes and I like it. I was taken aback by your initial comment as well- but you have explained your thoughts and feelings and points extremely well and I enjoyed your post. I do not know about the posts- many of mine bite the dust as do all of ours- perhaps a lottery-I don’t know -but I am glad this one of yours did and hope my reply to you does as well-thank you!

Really enjoyed reading your other post that went on in detail- very nicely written and good points and thanks, appreciate you!

I loved your post and have seen you on here in tiny blips and -well great to hear your views on things and thanks for taking the time to do that, very much!

What a stupid reason – oh, well – haters gotta hate!!!

Agreed!!!!! It is pathetic, Tucker, when people feel the need; more of a frustrated compulsion, really, to call the president, his family, or anyone, names. Say what you will, demonstrate your objections, and make a point, in a civilized manner, without resorting to offensive appellations.
We cannot argue with ignorance. It is the same old, same old. Trump won for a reason.
To call him slime, touches, at least, half of America.
Who the heck do these supporters of the “Truth” think are? The fact that they support all things Clinton speaks volumes…..we are on the toad to discovery. It could go both ways. The irony is sooo pungent.

Trump said, “We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College.”
Trump’s percentage doesn’t rank near the top. In fact, it ranks near the bottom, belonging somewhere between the lowest one-fourth and the Lowest one-fifth of all Electoral College victories in history.
Half of Republicans think Trump won the popular vote.
Donald Trump has Lost the Popular Vote By a Greater Margin Than Any US President in our history.
He was near 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton – five times more than the second biggest deficit in history.

fact is; Trump was not voted in by the people for the people, but by electoral judges.
and that is why people are angry.

Who cares, su? Trump won…..people should get over it.
More importantly, we come to these sites, which MF affords us, to exchange opinions and discuss our beloved soaps.
I am sick and tired of a year of bashing Trump, I do not need to come here and listen to more.
You should all get your own web site and bash him to your hearts’ content.
Just leave politics out of my soaps.
Sorry to step on your toes, su, you know I have a high regard for you. Always came to your defense when many of these posters who are now your fuzzy-wuzzy ‘friends’ attacked you… soon we forget…..but, there is a limit to everything.
I am not allowed to say anything negative about certain fictional character ( all hell breaks loose), but here they are spilling hate on the president and his family and his supporters.
Yes, his supporters. When one blasts the president, it directly affects us, his supporters.
If this distinction cannot be made, then there is no respect for humanity.
Enough alreaddy. As proven, Numbers mean nothing!!!!!!!
Good Lord; let’s have some respite from all this hate. It is like a cancer…..getting worse and worse. Stop it, y’all. Enjoy life without all these recriminations. It is healthier and so much more fruitful to get off your collective high horses.

Amen, Tucker! (Like Carlson???? Love him!) That seems to be all the opposition knows these days…unabated hatred!!!! Not only is it tedious, but it’s totally counterproductive, because the more whining, moaning and unhinged behavior that goes on by the left, the greater the resolve of those of us who actually support(ed) our president increases. It’s patently absurd to blame the huge divide our nation is experiencing on Donald J. Trump….it was already well-entrenched when he rode this overwhelming wave of extreme discontent to victory enabled by people who had simply enough and weren’t going to take anymore of the unacceptable conditions largely created by the failed policies of the previous administration which saw much of the US hit by massive crime, increased hard drug-use and general lawlessness, economic malaise/rapid rise in unemployment in all but a few major liberal mecca-markets, a destroyed healthcare system, rampant, unfettered illegal crossings across our borders+lax immigration rules which allowed unvetted parties entry into the country, out-of-control taxation/regulations and a hollowed-out military, just to name a few of the overriding issues that helped put this man into the White House. If those considerations weren’t a recipe for true, justified anger, then nothing is…despite the claims from those who cannot appreciate the concept of the Electoral College, which was so wisely and presciently created by our Founding Fathers so that just a handful of geographical areas of the country could not disproportionately influence the outcome of elections, and thus, dictate the very lives and wishes of the entire citizenry as a whole. (Oh, and by the way, except for an occasional few rogue “judges,” most of those impaneled in the electoral process traditionally vote according to the results of their district tallies, aka, “the will of people!” Hence President Trump was OUR choice, not theirs!) As for that so-called popular vote meme so preciously bandied about by the losing side, that still remains to be seen….the veracity of those figures needs to be closely examined by a bipartisan commission that is already in place to see how many unqualified individuals participated and/or illicit practices (like double-voting, for example…) were involved in the election before a final assessment/tally can be realistically stated…the very notion that this committee’s work is being so voraciously impeded by some would most certainly indicate that there is much to be discovered forensically-speaking.

@Celia, Shay, & Tucker I read this website on occasion and the comments sometimes too, but don’t comment usually. I find it ironic that you all are complaining about politics and nasty comments coming from democrats using this website . Yet, some of you all are writing long, boring, inaccurate paragraphs about politics yourself and name calling. Perhaps you should police your own comments before you do others. You are not required to read or post a reply. If you don’t like what someone writes maybe it’s best to ignore the post and move on. Don’t bother sending me a reply I will never see it and frankly I don’t care what you or anybody else on the internet thinks about me. Advance warning don’t come for me unless I send for you.

April, you have the right to watch or not watch for whatever reason. Pay no attention to others that are intolerant of other people’s views.

Wow! Hi Mark!

Never saw you before but I love your comments! (Hope you get this!)

I wrote one sentence which had absolutely no political diatribe – please don’t include me in your rant.

Three cheers for Mark!!! You said it right, buddy!

Suoo, so is Tr…, um, I mean, Shelia, as bad as you expected or worse?

It is not about Trump winning but how Trump won it is about voices/votes that didn’t get notice..
The state of Nevada..
Every baby, teen, man, woman, child, every breathing person, every single resident is;
Nevada 2,839,099

That ^^ many more people voted for Hillary. (less actually) and that is what some are angry over, their vote was trashed by Electoral Judges. A system that has long lost it usefulness.
fact is; Trump was not voted in by the people for the people, but by electoral judges.
He was near 3 million votes behind Hillary Clinton – five times more than the second biggest deficit in history.

You seem rather intolerant yourself- and the advance warning-what is that a threat to anyone who dares to disagree? I don’t care for your rather obnoxious tone and I am letting you know.

Knock knock! I’m here for you. Now what. hmm?

Hi Rhonda! Always glad to read your pleasant comments. (And so refreshing to hear a rational voice.) Catch you on a nicer post!

Nobody tried to tell anyone what they can or can not watch. But you have gained a real fan of your writing. At least, until you write something she doesn’t like. Then see who comes knocking down your door.

I said nary a word about April. She had every right to say what she said. Her opinion. I, actually, appreciated her control in not calling anyone any names.
I like April, and always enjoy her posts.
So, please reread my post. No one has the right to abase people by calling them names. We are real people, not soap characters.

Hi Suoo! It’s honestly good to see you. Remember the good old days when you used to make me gnash my teeth and tear my hair out?
Seems like innocent times now!

hi Harry..
I always got you, liked you..
You don’t crumble 🙂
Never miss your posts..

Harry…how can one love someone they’ve never met…:) luv ya! Glad you’re back.

Your comment to Su0000 was hilarious. Nice comeback from Su, as well!

Never liked Sheila and my dislike of her goes way before the two words President Trump was even a glint in our country’s eyes. Shelia is too over-the-top cartoon villain, like a female Freddy Kruger who keeps coming back
I just pray that she doesn’t come to Genoa City as they have enough female loony tunes to populate a small village.
Nope, never liked Sheila and it has nothing to do with politics.

This is all April wrote to provoke all the snowflakes to fall? Gosh, some people are kind of thin skinned on this subject. That really wasn’t bad.
On the subject of Sheila, I really liked her on Y&R years ago but they made her storyline and character ridiculous. It sounds like she’s working well on B&B and I am all for anything which increases ratings regardless of their political affiliation.

Rose and others…I am also the other Rose who comments. To keep it simple I am usually aligned with Rebecca, Harry, Abruzzfan, Mark, Patrick, in this case su, and others who were/are part of those who are very, very disturbed by this election, actions, words and the direction, if you want to call it that, it has taken the country.

I don’t feel like outlining why…I have before, and others have also presented rational, can’t-you (pro-Trump)-believe-what-you-are-hearing-and-seeing-coming-from-T/family/Bannon-beginning-with-the-campaign? And it carries on in the White House. Some are harder on fictional, character/actors than Trump. Also want to add that from where I sit, it is some others who seem to always on the attack. Or consider when others disagree with them an attack. Jeezzz!

But I agree with another commenter…sometimes it’s not as fun to come to MF anymore and trade thoughts with certain people since the election. For me, sorta like Thanksgiving dinner table.

Rose…shhhh…I think we’re the “snowflakes.” 🙂

Ummmmm…there are two Roses? Better add an A and B to the name! Confused…

So…Rose of the longer paragraph. I’m assuming that’s “you.” LOL. You better not leave…okay, you can get up from your Thanksgiving table if you must but DO NOT leave this site! Ya hear me? Kinder hearts will prevail… 🙂

are you not watching, Rose? It has been really good, I think. I love the crazies, and Sheila and Quinn- I hope they spring Deacon but his pic is not in opening credits anymore so am guessing they dumped him? He came over from GH but whole time at Bold never really was on much or anything good to do. I like the new Spectras, too. What have you been watching? I want to see the new Dynasty in the fall but doubting as good as the original.

I was not familiar with the actress or the character, whom I understand has quite a history I guess on Bold and Y&R. First, I adore Deacon and assume he is no longer on the show at all since his picture is absent from the credits. He seemed to be on contract for quite some time since he left GH and guess he had been unhappy with his storyline on GH but his storyline on Bold did not seem good to me at all and then he was just gone and then back to shoot Quinn- I did love when Quinn pushed him off a cliff and he came back with seaweed wrap. Then this Sheila shows up. I do like the drama of it and Sheila seems so so strange. I’m going to say like Aspergers or something with this intense, explosive rage so near her surface and flares in a second- but then sort of waif or childlike yet womanly and wanting. Wow. She was a nurse and fresh out of prison but for what I do not know. I enjoy the show and the locations and Monaco on Monday I believe. Lots of glamour and glitz and moves right along.

My only issue with Y&R nowadays is the pacing is very uneven— for example we go months it seem with Cane trying to keep his hook up with Juliet a secret and then the reveal happened so fast, and the reactions so blah– it wasn’t even worth all the build up. The same thing as someone mentioned about this concert– we really didn’t need so much build up– but I do like the fact this writing team at least remembered Nikki has MS — kudos for that one

Over on B&B—perhaps the show is doing better because they finally gave the character Liam a rest– for years it seem the whole show was nothing more than trying to decide who Liam should be with—it was unbearable to watch– now there is a bit more variety, at least by B&B standards-

Days, fingers crossed the new writing will breath some life into this show

GH not great, not terrible–can take it or leave it, not sure that is what a soap should be aiming for- but status quo is better than getting worse

As it should be, these numbers are what we though they would be. Always good to see higher numbers but when you look at the “Final Four”, the only shot at improving is trying to take the #2 spot. It wont happen with GH unless they clean house. DAYS could easily pass GH with their new writer by the end of the year. So what gives if you love GH?

#1 The head of GH is a cancer. He is in bed with someone and Frank does what he wants!

#2 The writers kind of suck. They write this “Man Landers” crap which could be the worse story this year besides Cassadine Island and the Nelle story but then give us an amazing scene with Spencer and Ava.

#3 ABC just doesnt care. They dont spend any money which could be why the show is lazy. Case in point, on Y&R they have had the story brewing about Nikki playing a concert and they didnt short change us viewers when Nikki finally performed. They had a nice stage and sound and they had a full audience that actually looked like a benefit event. At GH they had the Nurses Ball in a crappy studio with ten people in attendance and nine of they were characters! It was so lame! BUT then Valentin performed a Billy Joel song and it was a cool moment. So you see, ABC can step in and GH could “Rise” but do they even care? I smell a new cooking show around the corner!

GH has lost its soul because it has no long term person to shepherd it like the other DT dramas do and even Mal Young who hasn’t been around long seems more interested in his show thriving than FV ever did.

I think you are right. GH does seem to have lost its way and is taking me on a path I no longer care about or chose to follow and I am decades into it. Y&R today with Mariah and Tessa- blew my mind-in a great way.

@JMER….I feel as though the GH of today is nothing more than a stubborn social experiment designed to make the current program as unrecognizable as possible from the traditional version. For too long, the emphasis has been on constant change simply for the sake of it, with unpalatable newbies and vet gets from other soaps who have come at the hefty expense of losing beloved legacy characters along with much of the show’s extensive historical perspective because there is nobody remaining in charge who has a true affection and appreciation for the soap it once was….I’m not asserting that those behind the scenes aren’t hardworking and putting time and effort into what material does makes it onscreen, but they do seem more interested in producing a far different soap than what we’ve previously come to expect from GH….perhaps this is because they have no emotional connection to its best former days???The other three daytime dramas do seem to have at least some people around who remember the past and care about paying fealty to those and that which came before them.

hi Timmm
the one and only problem with soaps are the writers.
and, until NEW YOUNGER writers are brought in to take the soaps out of the 80’s and bring them into the 21st century media they will not and can not improve.

It will be the same old stories used over and over and over again..

the reason we know what is going to happen is– we have been there done that 100000 times!

Take one of these soaps to HBO or Showtime, hire young writers and lets have some fun!

Hey, T,
Offtrack here, but I know you like Abby/Melissa O.
Did you notice her little “bump”? A baby!! I think it is made more obvious for the fact that she is so slender. How will “they” fit her pregnancy into her story? Maybe she and Scott will succumb to the sexual tension I have sensed between them from the get-go. Too soapy to let it slide, writers. Do it !! LOL.
And, she looked so beautiful today with that do….windblown and all.
Love the hairstyle…fits her well.

Love her!

She had her first baby and I believe it was during colder weather so it wasnt much of an issue. This time, maybe a little but she is so thin it probably wont be an issue!

Dear God, Stitch and now Scott, what has my princess done do deserve this?

She has the Jessica Alba vibe going for her. YUM!

I love Y&R now and I applaud the writing team for taking time to resolve the stories they inherited and giving nods to history of characters. Love (!!!) the recalibrated Sharon and the new direction for Phyllis. I will say characters’ ages seem to be forgotten. I like Hilary as the resident bad girl who occasionally redeems herself, as good bad girls must do. I do not like losing Kevin and Chole but that whole story was a mess when they got it and sadly, the characters became expendable. There is more to Tessa and company than we know and I appreciate time to integrate her before moving into things full on. I am not sure I like the Ashby twins SORAS but I understand it. I am curious about Juliet’s end game. There needs to be a villainous presence but that will come. I am glad to have a more human story, the MS concert, for once.

Well said Iakovos…I am happy with Y&R and watching full time again since Sally and Kay have returned…Ok, here I go again…Ok, I won’t say it… know the background music, lol….Y&R and B&B are the two shows I watch…

Yes, Iakovos. Most of the stories are slowly but surely coming to some resolve.
But, these new, out-of-this-worl stories don’t offer any entertainment or interest.
As you point out, the age of these characters; namely, Gina, Lily and the twins do not mesh.
It was bad enough to have Gina as Phyllis be Daniel’s mother; then TPTB had to age the twins when Lily looks like their sister, not mother.

I know, Nanci. It is very stressful, my friend. But, I will not allow some anarchist talk dissuade me until I am ready.
I do believe that intelligence is cracking down on this sort of talk and behavior. It really needs to stop, for our own health. My grandmother does not post. But, she does read. She’s a font of information. Some of my comments are suggested by her. However, she has stopped coming on ‘board’, thanks to these people.
I just do not read certain comments. Best way. However, some still persist with the in-your-face attitude……going as far as infecting my inbox.
Keep cool, Nanci. LOL?

How true, Shaybelle. There you have it….the crux of the matter. It’s all about a self-serving convenience.
By the by; lo and behold, I started receiving mail again. Some, not very digestible. There needs to be a law against these slanderous, deprecating comments. they are all “saved”.
Yes, hop on the Days boards. It’s sort of limping right now….but, we all put our faith in Ron to put a cast on that limp….pardon the pun. LOL.

I really do shudder when I hear folks complaining about fellow Americans utilizing their first amendment rights. You can disagree with what they say but suggesting that they not say it is just all kinds of wrong and goes against Democracy.
Also, the ones complaining about the hate speech, saying it’s too mean are some of the worst offenders. But I would never ever suggest they not express their opinions. Too much talk about shutting down the journalists and the fake news mantra and it’s making me nervous. Screaming fake news over and over until it becomes a fact does have a chilling effect on first amendment rights.
This country is in a crisis and folks should be able to express their opinion about it without someone getting their knickers in an uproar.

Days is my favorite show is always so good y r is good but not as good as days still miss another world

Same here, Judy. I loved AW… grandmother’s favorite. She still bemoans the demise of that beloved soap.

Hey CeeCee girl- how are you doing? I am having a miserable summer and crawled back in here to see what is going on. I am to the point of not watching GH anymore and so tempted to tune into Days to see what will happen but do not know any or the story or characters. I have become rather smitten with old reruns of Father Knows Best- against my will, really, but there is such a sweetness and often tear up watching. They show 2 episodes every morning and I have seen none of them before. So many life lessons told in a great way without being preachy or weird. A kinder, gentler time, perhaps? I don’t know. I am pretty sure I am about to be dragged under the bus on here soon. Oh well, bring it on. How is your summer so far?

For a minute there, I thought you were Shay. LOL.
Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time of it……
I cannot complain, Maureen. Fortunately, I have it better than most. My “lamentations” are minimal compared to oh, so many less fortunate. But, I DO give back….and, not only, in a pecuniary way….but, with personal involvement.
I am pretty busy….two very young children, albeit I have help. I am a “hands-on” Mom.
We do not travel abroad ….at least, not until the world calms down. But, we take off, here and there, as my husband’s schedule dictates.

Please, Maureen… not allow yourself to sink into oblivion by not participating . I never knew these sites and MF existed until three years ago. For me, it was like entering through the portals of heaven……or a haven, LOL.
A place where I could exchange discourse about my soaps….such a fundamental part of my life.
Yeah, I guess it sounds silly….but, I grew up watching soaps on a daily basis, since I was three or four. I did not understand much, but I was attracted to faces, gestures, voices…… never did I expect on encountering the expectoration of so much hate, angst and, disdain and lack of compassion, by a some bitter propagand-“eurs”.
Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, without name-calling. That’s what is so disturbing.
So, do not let a few naysayers deter you….many of us think as you…..we are here.
Enjoy your day.

Kimberlin Brown knew full well she might never work again on tv, yet she spoke at the republican convention because as a businesswoman, she felt Trump might be more supportive of businesses-like her avocado farm. She received death threats, was called every name in the book- and continues to be insulted and harassed because she had the courage to stand for her beliefs. If you don’t care for her, that is your choice. But why the insults and name-calling? Why does her opinion mean she should not be able to be an actress? But come into the country illegally, and roll out the welcome mat!

Yes. Now the police are the bad guys and you are racist if you are against illegal immigration. Well, I am. We either have laws or we don’t.

Right, Gary. They would be singing a different tune if one of their loved ones were murdered by an illegal immigrant.
And, I wonder how they would feel if they had no police protection. Big talkers with no substance or cause.

Gary…I found a place to reply to you. Oh yes I am watching soaps. For the most part am liking GH. As I’ve commented before, I even like some of the filler stories for a bit of a breather like Amy/Nathan/Manlanders. And the Spector story on B&B. But I really get tired of the rotating triangles B&B continually set up with several of the characters…sort of incestuous. Really like Quinn. Liked Rena since GH days. And think Eric actor is doing a great job.

One thing though…Four strong perfomances by the ladies of GH on Friday. But where are the lead, “strong” guys? And I don’t mean Sonny. GH doesn’t have them any more like Y&R and B&B. And those that had possibilities they either killed off, didn’t resign, let Y&R sign them, or sent off elsewhere like Australia.

I will check into Dynasty reboot, but it’s going to be hard to replace the diva of Joan Collins, the elegance of John Forsythe or Krystle. They don’t make there kind much anymore.

Then I have my other shows I like, or at least have possibilities. Sometimes eclectic and all over the genre/demo place. Won’t list them her except to say looking forward to the new season of “Outlanders,” and the reboot of “Twin Peaks.”
Thanks for you interest. How about you? 🙂

I never saw KB before on Y&R or Bold and I heard her name mentioned as one of the speakers at the Republican convention and then read some pretty nasty comments on her and the other actors who dared to speak. I am not with either party nor a socialist so I guess independent. Did not care for Bernie-did not care for Trump but could clearly see he was on to something that held great appeal to many that seemed to be utterly missed by Clinton-who seemed to say anything she thought would help her. I am all for enforcing our borders and taking care of vets and putting our own country and citizens first. I know there have been a lot of incidents with police-but I support them and know their jobs are extremely stressful and dangerous. Anyway, I love KB on Bold and glad she is there to stir things up. Now Legalize and tax marijuana and have a national lotto and use these funds to help pay for healthcare.

Beautifully said. By the way, Nicki, I am also an independent who was ready to vote for Hillary until all the negative, very disturbing leaks started to surface.

Hell yes!! Pass the pipe!

Ive been watching ynr and bnb on my own since 1993. Both shows were incredible back then and through the 2000’s. Bnb need Taylor back in the mix but this time back with a Stephanie Forrestsr type of presence. Lately, ynr has been very boring. I would love to see some 90’s stories revisited. Let us see Lauren and Sheila face off again if not Lauren and Sheila then maybe another strong feud. I do not watch Dsys or GH but with only four soaps left it’s no longer a competition but rather surviving.

@4ever DAYS.
Hello, 4ever,
I’d like to think you and I have a pretty good ‘internet’ relationship, LOL….. especially on the Days boards.
Agreed. Offensive, ugly , dirty mouth. Spoken in private. If there’s anyone out there ( men and women) who has never uttered THE word, is a fraud, in my opinion. I do believe you are too intelligent not to think we are all guilty of stupidity, at times. No excuse. But the gaslighting runs rampant.
But, it is a word, nonetheless. Actions speak louder than words. A true testament to that fact is that fateful dress. The proof is in the pudding…ahem, the dress.
It should have been framed and hung in the Oval office as homage to the purity of politicians, en masse.

Love your posts, Celia.

Thank you, Nicki. As I stated, we are all entitled to speak our minds. It is the name-calling which is appalling….
As it is, first time I’ve ever been called a hypocrite.
We all have a voice, Nicki, but this is not the right forum. Perhaps, it shoud not be introduced in the first place, if the stone-throwers don’t expect to get negative replies.

Celia, you are a bit of a hypocrite on this issue. You post here more than anyone and I have been reading your posts without comment for a long time so I know. You’re very good at preaching good manners but very bad at following your own advice. Frankly, a lot of us find it to be really annoying.

Sorry you feel thst way. joy. My apologies.

No name-calling, please. I do not have bad manners, and, if you think I post too much…….you obviously do not read posts. I simply get incenced at the unfairness.
Say what you will, you have that right. But, do it without bashing. Oh, sorry, I guess I posted again.
If someone insults me, directly or inderectly, by calling the president, his family ( including an 11-year old boy?), and his supporters slime, I have the right to defend myself. I take it personally, Joy.
Again, my opologies if my posts offend you. However, dear lady, you have no right to curtail my rights. Who is the hypocrite now?

How many are there of you, Joy? I mean, come on- a lot of us- were you elected in secret ballot to speak for us? Because I disagree and I didn’t vote for you to speak for me.

Oh, Joy…it’s sooooo refreshing for someone to finally speak up besides me! LOL…you’ve made my day.

Kind of hostile and assuming facts not in evidence. Who are “us”?

Who is “US?” Let others speak for themselves!

Hi, Celia!

My point was not the word, but the context it was used in, but also the mere fact that it’s understandable that some can be turned off by those types of comments and KB by helping the person making the comments.

I also understand some can separate actors and characters, but it shouldn’t be held against posters for stating their opinions about an actress who championed someone in a highly visible platform. KB had her say, the least we can do is allow others to have their say.

I’m not much for politics, Celia, as I’ve already said in the past. I think most politicians are crooked…but back to the soaps and my view:

I have never watched B&B and never planned to watch, but there’s no way in hell I would ever watch B&B once they knowingly hired KB (a soap actress) who aligned herself with someone who has caused much humiliation for another soap actress who happens to be on my soap.

I’m asking all DAYS fans who watch B&B to turn their backs on B&B and KB because that’s what B&B and KB have done to DAYS and AZ.

You make some good points- again I find it great on here when one explains a little regarding their posts- maybe I am just slow. I never thought about Days fans being angry because of the events that transpired. I agree on others having their say- that is what is great about this site and the postings here- on others you have to register and be approved and point systems and if you dare repeat a topic or go off topic points deducted and suspensions and so forth- no thanks.
In the years of coming to this site and posting- which I have personally found it best to stay out of here. But everyone seemed to find their own niche and people to chat with and one person inserted themselves-as we all do-into the conversation and made very unpleasant comments that were highly insulting and relentless and hurtful to many. Same poster is now champion of free speech-which is disingenuous and more slings and arrows. Let’s move forward. I don’t know KB but read the interview and my take is she is Republican and wants changes repubs support and so supported the nominee and spoke at convention-then later ran into Bill Bell and they had a long convo and he offered her the job. The comments made regarding AZ are despicable. So watch or not watch according to your feelings and great to discuss with others without insulting them or their beliefs.

Barb…you’re talking about me. Again. You just can’t let up! Unless there’s another “Rebecca” I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have never had words with you…I never make highly “insulting, relentless, hurtful” comments! Anyone who reads my posts knows that I’m usually defending characters and actors…and have had one consistent argument with CeeCee and Shay about their ongoing ageist comments regarding Nancy Grahan. NOT because I can’t separate character from actor, etc…I do not like insulting an actor’s looks, age, etc. One could go back and see the history and antagonism between the three of us. YOU, whom I don’t ever remember posting to directly, have attacked me repeatedly…most recently here because I defended April. You’ve done it again on subsequent pages. I’ve directed nothing to you…and yet you keep coming at me. Stop. Not enjoyable. If you’re okay with ageist comments and you want to defend the rights of those who say them. Great. I’m not comforatable with it. The same as you being insulted for someone not liking Trump, or an actress who supports him? And you reacted? (In an insulting, accusatory way to both April and then me for defending her) so I am exasperated by judgmental comments aimed at an actress (as well as others for thier looks, age, etc.) I am the furthest from insulting. I defend others…even actors. But I will respond when provoked. As do most.

Sending prayers to Senator McCain and his family. A family member of mine had same gioblastoma and it was completely devastating on every level. As I read the news reports coming in right along with them so many just utterly vile hateful comments towards a man who has served his country, suffered as a POW for years-my goodness he is a human being and a man of honor regardless of politics. Godspeed, John McCain.

The vile and hateful comments like the ones coming from Republicans and Trump himself. Yes, I consider McCain to be a class act and a hero with a ton of integrity. I have always respected him.
He stood up to Trump, unlike many other Republicans. Years ago, when politics was not so polarized, he was able to reach across the isle and negotiate with Democrats like Tip O’Neil and Edward Kennedy. This is what we need right now.
Trump said some really ugly things about McCain, called him a loser for being a POW and said he liked the ones who didn’t get caught. Yep, that is our president.
Now this is the cruelty some of your Trumpsters should be protesting, not wasting your time defending this heinous, sociopathic, pathological lying narcissist who is an embarrassment to our country.

Yes Harry, vile comments coming from all sorts and sides and left and right. Senator McCain is a hero, a POW for over 5 years in unimaginable circumstances. No scandals have ever surrounded him and he has served our country honorably. Glioblastoma is a nightmare. I wish him and his family the very best and include them in my prayers.

If anyone’s comments are absurd, I would lean towards yours. You forgot your usual battle cry, “Leave Rebecca Alone!!” I don’t have the time to go through all the pages on here where she has inserted herself into conversations that she deemed unacceptable and hurled insults and when those offended questioned, they were treated to more obnoxious diatribe. And you always run in, take aim at anyone who has been insulted and dared to speak back or address said insults-and hurl off insults in their direction and denigrate what they have to say. Maureen pointed out nothing but the truth regarding being able to say or state how they felt without being insulted- that goes exactly opposite of your heroine’s behaviors- over and over. I along with many others on here apologized in an effort to let the past go and move beyond this and in return nothing -nothing but more little digs at people she dislikes and now you-again, follow up with your nasty treats.

Stop picking on Maureen. You run to rescue your innocent pet every time and certainly your right to do so, but would be great if it was reality based, not pure fiction. Your damsel in distress that so many are mean to is a fantasy. You were on those same pages where she repeatedly took shots at others who dared to discuss a fictional character or to respond to her bombs she hurled-unprovoked, unwarranted. This is not a soap opera-and hurting and insulting people is not right.

Cut the shite! Celia, Shay, Timmm, Barb, Gary, Nicki, Maureen, Kevin C…did I leave anyone out of this crap fest!!!!???

I don’t like you. Any of you. Got it? I’m sick of your barrage of crap…and your infantile, incessant, bashing. To be honest? I’m not even sure if you’re separate posters or Shay, Celia and Timmm inventing new names. Don’t care. Here’s the deal and I’m not repeating it again.

I don’t like agism. I don’t like when REAL people are insulted., I do not like the disgusting comments Celia and Shay repeatedly make about Nancy Grahan. It is NOT about character…it is about the actress. You people fight over petty crap. You band together here like you’re in kindergarten. The ONLY cause I’ve taken up here…and I’d do it again…is constantly confusing character and actress…thinking it’s okay to insult “Alex’s body because she’s a “fictional” character…when in fact Alexis is played by a real woman…and it is HER body you’re insultng! ” Too old, too wrinkled, too past the want sex. The woman shouldn’t wear a blouse showing her cleavage as her breasts are “too wrinkly,” etc. And, Celia…don’t give me that garbage that I’m twisting your words and you didn’t say any of those things…you said all and more. Shay? She’s too vile for words.

Once, ONCE, I said there seems to be a lack of comprehension on a particular page because of comments that were being made. Whoa!!!! And so it began with posters I never heard of. Didn’t apologize? Ya. I didn’t have to. But I did. As Abruzzfan said so well on the other page…I don’t care what the “peanut gallery” thinks. But I apologized anyway…explained my history with CeeCee (Celia) and Shay and why it provoked that reacton..but that wasn’t good enough. The barrage went on and on..for what? Three days. And Shay? CeeCee? Had a blast! Now, which is worse…me for..gasp…saying something which was explained and aplogized for..or you few who felt perfectly comfortable attacking over and over and over…and continue to do so each time I post. LIke kids ganging up on one in a classroom.If I gave a shite, I would have changed my name here and continue to post under a different name. But I don’t. But I DO find you handful annoying and obnoxious. I don’t even know (if you’re real) who Gary, Barb, Kevin C, Maureen…are! other than when you attack. Go show me, go dig up where “we’ve” had altercations, personally. Go find it and post them.

I have one topic that has gone round and round with Shay (by the way…THE most negative, haughty person I’ve EVER encountered in real life or online)…do you EVER say anything positive, Shay? You never go into character “analysis”…your “critiques are strictly superficial. This one’s not blond enough, this one doesn’t dress properly, this one isn’t refined enough, another has buck teeth, one’s too old, too promiscious, not white enough, the kid’s a brat, doesn’t dress like the divine (Helena)…on and on and on with your superficial holier–than-thou comments. Nauseating is putting it mildly. You don’t even like Prince William’s wife…Princess Kate. She’s “not good enough, not royal enough. William and his brother are with “riff-raff.” How do you see from up so high? Your entire thought process is judging how others look and carry themselves…if they’re “suitable” enough for your approval. I have NEVER seen you express any warmth for a character, any joy…only as it pertains to whether the character was “proper” “elegant” how they conducted themselves. You even managed to get in a dig at John McCain in your comment below as you expressed your “well wishes.” Ha! Even then, you couldn’t resist putting in your negative two cents.

There. I’ve insulted you. Now, you can at least continue in truth.

Don’t come after Harry, Rose or any other poster that speaks in my defense. I find it amusing that you think it’s okay to jump in and speak for each other and defend each other but if someone speaks for me you attack him/her! I’m shocked that Michael Fairman sees what’s going on allows your comments to get through. Which, is another hilarious point. You attack and attack…what was it…over 100 comments of attack and yet you complained that you were “censored” and your posts weren’t getting through? And you have the audacity to say you “apologized” and I didn’t return it. Why would I? LOL!!!! You’ve attacked three times now! Once…where I explained the history of myself, Shay and CeeCee. But ya kept comin’. Then, I expressed my view on Jane Elliot’s interview…a solo post…and that prompted over 100 comment attack…and now I defended April…and another attack. And now, here, where I’m not even involved and you’re attacking Harry for defending me. I truly think it’s a few same with different names; too strange to think not. But, regardless…back off and down. Analyze the soaps and grow up. Howz that for a suggestion. And I’ll tell you what I told Celia. If you want to make disparaging comments regarding race, age, religion, an actor’s physical looks, someone’s sexuality…prepare for a rebuttal. Don’t think there should be one? Then why did you direct your nasty comments to April to begin with? All she did was voice her opinion about your “candidate” and his supporter. You took offense, right? Well I take offense at ageist, judgemental comments.

Now back off…from me, Harry. Rose, etc. Stay within your own bitter, superficial microcosm.

You make plenty of inflammatory comments yourself and always rush to defend and paint a picture that is anything but reality.

You go, Harry! I’m with you (of course!). Big 🙂

I don’t always agree with McCain, but I have always respected him, his integrity, bravery, and ability to reach across the table. So I am wishing the best for him as he works toward wellness.

Well said, Rose. Not in agreement with him or his daughter but integrity, bravery- he is an American Hero in my opinion and I know how grim this diagnosis is and started crying when I heard about it. He is very strong, but this glioblastoma -and the chemo and so forth- I just heard how they are using polio virus to attack it- I would not wish this on anyone and wish him and his family the best, too.

Thank you Nancy.
Bec, you don’t need to defend me. Folks can attack me all they want, it doesn’t matter to me because they don’t know me. I am rather impervious to the insults hurled about in a soap opera public forum.
But thank you all the same.

I might suggest that some of you just try and skim over the posters who annoy and irritate you. That would mean maybe 3 people would read my comments but that is fine. I really hope Michael Fairman can get a blocking feature with his new site. It seems that would be the antidote to all this squabbling.
But in the meantime, we should all exercise a little impulse control. Yes, I am talking to myself which seems to be a pattern I am establishing.

@Maureen…As a decorated veteran who served our country, John McCain definitely deserves the gratitude and good thoughts for recovery from all loyal Americans, and I am no exception in sincerely sending those to him. However, it does not go amiss–and is certainly not hateful—to note the reason so much praise has come from “across the aisle” for this man is due to the fact that he has frequently failed to serve the best interests and desires of the very Republican base who has repeatedly put him in office by too often championing causes that we do not support, and actually, vehemently oppose. This practice for challenging the GOP—-and the majority of its presidents—-with a stubborn vengeance has become his all-too-predictable trademark and has made him a darling of the left, which was my own personal rationale for sitting out the 2008 general election and refusing to vote for his ticket. (Given no matter who prevailed, we knew it was going to be a no-win situation from the perspective of most conservatives….and we were sadly far-too-presciently correct upon that count!) At any rate, I still offer my best wishes to this senior senator and his family….along with hopes for a happy, healthy and lengthy, well-earned retirement—-because it is long overdue!

I wish Senator McCain and his family the best and my prayers during a terrible time for all concerned. Period.

I have learned a lot from some of these comments and I apologize for some of mine. Watching a show is a personal choice- or not watching- and I certainly have no right to criticize anyone regarding their viewing habits or favorite or hated actors. I certainly would not accept anyone trying that with me. Same with choice of president or political party or anything, really. Some great points have been expressed that until I read them did not occur to me and I appreciate that very much. Can we continue? Can we agree to disagree and certainly express why and how- but without condemning and insulting or dismissing each other? Because maybe if we can turn this around here-this is the behavior I, personally would like to see in DC- work together and listen and compromise and respect despite differences. I don’t like to be called names or be insulted or told how stupid I am and I need to treat others as I want to be treated. Anyone with me?

You are a class act and I love reading your posts and your willingness to look at the other person’s side of things and apologize and thanks for that and don’t let others nasty remarks get you down. Have a great weekend, too.

With you, Mo.

I appreciate you speaking your mind even when I disagree-also appreciate you stepping back, evaluating, and apologizing. Thank you, Maureen.

People, this is a blog about soap operas! An article about ratings. There are plenty of other venues for political discussion.

Respectfully, while best wishes and kind thoughts for John McCain are nice, he’s not going to see them on this site. All who suffer from cancer deserve our prayers and hope.

Let’s keep our comments and criticism to the shows and not each other.

One of the things I have always enjoyed about this site was you could discuss off-topic and folks shared bits of their own lives. I liked reading the different things. I did jump in and finally post about a show and character and was then called all sorts of names. I don’t know why people can’t let others have their say -and great to disagree but save the hatred and name-calling for your own home if you must hate and name call.

Agree let’s treat each other with some respect but love talking about other things too.

@Steve…As I’ve stated to you before, I’m cool with putting a kibosh on the politi-chat in favor of an all-soaps-all-the-time format…but it must go BOTH ways! Especially when we are speaking of threads that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject of our president in the first place! (Like most of the ones falling under the heading of “GH” where certain people cannot seem to stop inserting their social/political opinions at every inconceivable opportunity, which is exactly to what I’ve been referring on numerous occasions when I ask why this practice is allowed to continue…and continue!….Oh, and, by the way, the “Julian”-entitled one is the latest example of this nonsense happening again…) It’s quite one thing to open the Pandora’s Box to such discussions when a topic naturally leads there….as in what I’ll contend we have with KB’s Sheila…it is vaguely related because of the actress portraying her character….Plus, April kept her initial comment brief…she said her piece and left it at that. Fair enough, even though it inevitably provoked a plethora of replies, which is what never fails to ensue whenever we are subjected to criticisms—especially those of lengthy diatribe proportions—regarding the current administration. There is absolutely no question that, yes, those of us who support it do feel the necessity to provide a balanced—and sometimes detailed—response…that will not stop. Period. However, having said that, I also must add that despite my own profound disgust with the former guy and his policies, I never took the leap to excoriating him here whenever his far-too-many pressers or speeches pre-empted soaps and thus, created the topical chance to pop-off about his many failings, since I knew that it was not the appropriate venue to broach such issues—at least not until the subject of the general election finally presented itself. If only those who are now in my former shoes could extend that same courtesy to the rest of us, then we wouldn’t have to keep having these same debates over what is suitable subject matter for posting on this website.

Read your comment and can’t agree or disagree except with the criticisms of each other. I am not at my ideal dance weight and really wish not to be critiqued-especially by people that don’t even know me. I do enjoy reading off-topic posts on myriad subjects, issues, personal things. I have seen things go to the negative even specifically on soap-only topics. For years. Not just here. It is the internet and the ability to lash out in relative anonymity at anyone, anywhere. I don’t see it getting any better, now that I think about it- so I have wasted my time imploring peace and goodwill on air on soaps. That’s why I find it best to stay well away from the fray.

Are there 2 Roses now? I am confused. Or is Rose now having a dual-identity disorder or something of the sort- it would certainly be more refreshing than some of the stale dramatics herein. I am all for dramatics. But hurtful words and names and attacks are best left at home. I come here to get away from that.

I just have to say about Wednesday’s Y&R how disgusting that was to have Dina recite the Kardashian/Jenner clan! Really Sony/CBS?! You have sunk to a new low?

Breaking News

Steve Kent Reportedly OUT as Sony Pictures Television VP in Charge of DAYS and Y&R

On Friday, reports surfaced that Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at Sony Pictures Television, is no longer with the company and overseeing the Sony soap operas, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a set side source reported that Kent’s last day was last Friday, April 12th, which was one day after what would have been his final appearance in his Sony VP role at the Days of our Lives 15,000th episode on set celebration.

During that ceremony, Kent gave a brief speech giving kudos to DAYS for its incredible milestone. Days is a co-production of Sony Pictures Television and Corday Productions, while Y&R is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Photo: JPI

Kent started his soap opera career as a producer for CBS’ defunct Capitol and then as the supervising producer of NBC’s Santa Barbara from1984 to 1993.

Photo: JPI

At Sony, before his role overseeing the soaps, Kent was Senior Executive Vice President of International Productions for Sony Pictures Television International department.

If reports are true, the question becomes who has taken over his position, and would oversee DAYS and Y&R from the Sony side? Share your thoughts on this developing story via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

(WATCH) 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations Special Live!

After exciting morning for your favorite daytime stars when they were revealed to be nominees for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards comes tonight 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special.

Beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, several of the nominees will talk with Michael Fairman on their reactions to the news they have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, share what scenes they submitted that landed in the top five or six in their respective performer acting categories and much more.

Scheduled to appear are: Days of our Lives nominees, Tamara Braun (Ava), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), The Young and the Restless nominees: Allison Lanier (Summer), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Courtney Hope (Sally), Bryton James (Devon), The Bold and the Beautiful’s John McCook (Eric), General Hospital nominees, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Alley Mills (Heather), and The Bay’s Mike Manning (Caleb).

Photo: JPI

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th and emanating, once again this year from the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

For a full list of this year’s nominations click here.

Now, watch below as the stars chat it up as we celebrate their Daytime Emmy Nominations. If you have a potential question you might want posed to any of our guests, drop it in the comment section below and we just might ask it on air.

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Breaking News

51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations: CBS Soaps Score Most, Eric Braeden, Dick Van Dyke, Guy Pearce Receive Nods

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) have officially announced on Friday, the full list of nominees for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

While Thursday brought with it four reveals of the nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama, Talk Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress categories (as presented by various entertainment news programs), today’s nominations include all the other categories not previously announced.

The Daytime Emmy Awards telecast is set to be presented live on Friday night, June 7, at 8 PM EDT /delayed PT, on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+. This will mark the 18th time that CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmys.

Photo: JPI

In addition, The Daytime Creative Arts & Lifestyle Emmy Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 8 at t9 PM ET/6 PM PT and streamed on The Emmys apps and at The ceremonies will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Los Angeles.

Television icon, Dick Van Dyke has received his first-ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Guest Performer category for his touching portrayal of Timothy Robicheaux on Peacock’s Days of our Lives. The nomination makes Van Dyke the oldest Daytime Emmy nominee in history at 98-years-old.  In addition, motion picture and TV star, Guy Pearce, is also nominated as Guest Performer for his longtime role as Mike Young in the reboot of Neighbours.

Speaking of Neighbours, the Australian soap opera also received its first ever Daytime Emmy nomination for Daytime Drama Series now that its a revival can be streamed on Amazon Freevee. In addition, The Young and the Restless iconic, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) received his first Daytime Emmy nomination in more than 20 years in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

In the Daytime Drama series categories, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless each scored 12 nominations more than any other show. Leading the acting nominations was B&B, who landed 7 performers in the various categories, a first in its 37-year history.

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President & CEO, NATAS expressed, “We are happy to once again honor the creative talent both in front of and behind the camera of America’s favorite Daytime programs. We look forward to celebrating the icons who enliven the days of audiences across the country.”

Photo: JPI

Brent Stanton, Head of Daytime, NATAS added, “Producing the Daytime Emmys is a labor of love for all of us at NATAS. The huge popularity of these shows continues to be must-see viewing for their fans.” NATAS also revealed that Lifetime Achievement Honorees, Hosts, Presenters, and Silver and Gold Circle honorees will be revealed at a later date.

The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in television programming honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be produced once again by NATAS and Associated Television International (ATI). Adam Sharp and Lisa Armstrong are executive producers from NATAS, while David McKenzie executive produces from ATI.

Congratulations to all the men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes for their recognition as we take a look at who will be going for gold come June. Here are the nominees below starting with the Daytime Drama Categories.

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital


The Young and the Restless


Tamara Braun, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

Photo: JPI


Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo: JPI


Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Photo: JPI


Robert Gossett, General Hospital

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Wally Kurth, Days of our Lives

A Martinez, The Bay

Mike Manning, The Bay

Photo: JPI


Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless

Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

Guy Pearce, Neighbours

Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Photo: JPI


The Bay

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


General Hospital

The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

Photo: ABC


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade

The Kelly Clarkson Show


African Queens: Njinga

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

Start Up

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show

General Hospital

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The View

The Young and the Restless


African Queens: Njinga

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Jennifer Hudson Show


Photo: WarnerBros


African Queens: Njinga

The Drew Barrymore Show


The View

The Young and the Restless


“Shine” General Hospital

“Unexpected Truth”Unexpected

“We’re Home” Reconnecting Roots


The Jennifer Hudson Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tamron Hall

Turning The Tables with Robin Roberts

The View

Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

Photo: Disney/ABC


Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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