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Renee Jones Quits Days of our Lives! Lexie to Exit in Heartbreaking Story in June!



One of the nicest and least-Hollywood type performers we know, Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) of Days of our Lives has decided after twenty years to quit the NBC soap!

Citing that her passion for acting is just not there anymore and that she would like to concentrate on other aspects of her life, including that she would love to do charity work, especially something along the lines of helping sick children, Renee gave the exclusive to TV Guide which also teases how the DAYS exec will deal with Renee’s departure and on paper this looks like we may need to prepare for some five-hankie episodes!  Here are a few excerpts!

Renee on Lexie finding out that she has an inoperable train tumor and how that figures into her exit storyline:  “When I broke it to [the Days execs] about my decision to leave it was very harmonious. I said, “Guys, it’s been amazing and I appreciate all that Days has done for me, but I am ready to go.” They were very understanding and really wanted to honor my character with a great exit story and asked if I would be opposed to having her die. I said, “Not at all. But I don’t want to be in a coffin.” And I had one other stipulation. I didn’t want a horrible cancer death. I was worried about my mother because my sister died of cancer a few years ago and my mom watches the show religiously and I didn’t want her to have to watch that. So they came up with the idea of a brain tumor. There will be lots of crying, lots of goodbyes but it will be very beautiful. The writers have done a fabulous job.”

Renee on if she thinks the writers and the producers will actually leave Lexie truly dead!: “That’s what I said [to the execs]! How will we know Lexie’s really gone? Practically everyone in Salem has come back from the dead! They said, “We will do something that guarantees it.” And they did. I can’t tell you what it is, but it is definitely the end for Lexie.”

What do you think about Renee’s decision to leave daytime?  And, the decision to kill Lexie? Let us know!

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She is one of my favorites & I don’t like this at all! I love Lexie (& Renee)-this will be horrible for Abe & Theo!!! Not to mention Stefano.

Wow. I am stunned. She hasn’t had much of a real storyline in a long time. She finally had a little to do with the whole Abe cheating story. Can’t say I blame her for leaving though. So that is why Celeste is headed back.

I’ll miss her and Lexie.

How upsetting! She is one of the most under rated actresses ever. She will be missed.

Good luck Renee in whatever you pursue. Thank you sharing your life with us for so many years.

Sad but understand her need for change. Best of luck Renee.

I have watched Days for many years. Lexie has always been one of my favorite characters. I will miss her but greatly respect her decision to do something different for “Renee” after so long. No coffin is right!! I’m guessing they will cremate her to keep her from coming back.
Much, much luck to Renee!!
PS: Days, please ditch Gina & Pawn.

Sad that she is leaving, she is one of the best actresses on the show. Lexie is so beautiful and so likeable and will be missed. Feel bad that Abe and Lexie won’t be together anymore, they are the rare couple on the show that keeps getting back together like John and Marlena and Bo and Hope. Hopefully Abe will find a new love interest soon and keep having stories.

I’m happy for the actress to do what she loves, but selfishly I hope she comes back in the near future. And hopefully the show would give her reason enough to come back ie good, long term storylines!!!

To permanently kill off another DiMera is preposterous.

I am happy she is leaving on her own accord. Other reports just said she was leaving and I was afraid she’d been fired. But it certainly sounds like she’s ready to take the leap. I for one am grateful for all the time she put into DAYS and wish her the best of luck as she transitions into her new chapter.

I like her ,I havent watched dool for very long but she is one of my favorites.Sad to see her go.

She will definitely be missed. She has been a huge part of DOOL for the past two decades, storyline or not.

I agree very missed. So now Stephano has lost TONY, CHRISTA, LEXIE and he found out EJ is not his son- SO he has no kids (oh yeah Chad-but I can take him or leave him)

There was another child of Stefano – Benjy?

Benjy died a few years ago I think.

yes Benji was murdered by Andre Dimera 5 years ago and placed in the coffin in which Stefano was in when he faked his death

I have been watching Days for years and I remember Stefano having a daughter that was in love with Bo. I think her name was Megan and she was killed by being electrocuted in a swimming pool. Does any one else remember this?

I believe Megan was electrocuted in a hot tub at a health club. She tried to kill Hope but she ended up dead. I remember because on a Friday they made it look like Hope was dead but then Monday they backed it way up and ended up with it being Megan.

Sandy, I have watched Days for many years as well, and yes, I remember Stephano’s daughter, Meagan. She was in love with Bo, beautiful, and as evil as Stephano!

She was always such a pretty woman always that glow she reminded me of Halle Berry! I to have not watched in years but if you are not passionate about what you do then you should find something you are happy with! Good Luck!

I just read the woman is 53 say it isn’t so!! Gorgeous and her face moves!!!

Thats true you dont see to many stars with faces that do move,the ones that move are the better looking ones and she is beautiful.Hate to see her go.

She will be missed. She is doing a great thing.

Good Luck To Renee. This Is Very Upsetting For Us!

My fav is leaving, I guess I will tune in periodically just to check on EJ’s character. Bye Renee, XOXO!

Best wishes to Renee Jones as she exits Days of Our Lives. She will be missed. If she ever decides to come back, the writers could create a brand new character for her. That might even spark her desire to act again.

Deidre Hall never thought she would return to Days but she did. So never say never. But regardless, I wish nothing but the best for Renee and hopes she enjoys her retirement.

Hate to be the voice of discord, but I won’t miss her. I find her character has been dull for years, and her inabilitly to speak proper English drives me nuts. Terrible is NOT pronounced “turrubul.”



very mean spirited!

Some people are just cruel. Acting is just that, acting. We are all human beings and if any one pronounces anything wrong they have not committed a crime. Its okay to be human.

That’s a mean thing to say.

My granma, her boyfriend and I are sad at this departure. Why not just recast Lexie? At least everyone will mourn her and have something to do other than love triangles. Maybe this will bring Chad back to his DiMera family. Poor Abe, just after they reunited. How will Theo deal with this, being autistic and all? Marlena and John and EJ’s kids will be so sad…Good luck Renee

Recasting Lexie wouldn’t work well… Renee Jones has played the character far to well and for so many years that NOBODY else would be as well received in the role…. Recasting Lexie would be like recasting Hope or Marlena…..

Ya i am just so sad about the storyline tho. Can’t give up hope so easily…you have a good point

I will miss seeing Lexi in her white doctor’s jacket. Lexi is such a caring character. I believe that EJ will take it the hardest. Little Theo and Abe
it just won’t be the same without Theo’s mommy around. I already have
my hankie or two read. I have enjoyed watching Lexi all these years and
I will miss her beautiful smile.
All the best to Renee.

I can honestly say I will no longer watch Days now that Renee is leaving. I only came back when I thought they would give her better stories, ie, a new love interest…now that I see that is not happening…dueces! They have had plenty opportunity to give Lexie a better storyline and add more diversity to the show! They have failed!! And now one of the best and best looking…is gone! Boo!

I so much agree with you. Renee says she is leaving to have an active career in helping children, that sounds good but I’m just not buying it. I think she herself is disappointed in the roles they have chosen for her character over the years. She had a lot more ability and acting skills than what she did. Good luck Renee YOU deserve BETTER!!! Looking forward to seeing you show your true talent in another movie or show. I think that’s the route you should choose.

She has truly been a great actress and ive loved everything she has done from sleeping with ABE’s brother Jonah , to finding out she is a Dimera in Aremid to sleeping with Brandon, to hooking up w/ Tek and of course becoming her father’s daughter in trying to Isaac from Bope..Good luck Renee with ur nu endeavors♥

*keep Isaac (Zack) from Bope*

i am going to miss lexie

I am just heartbroken. I have watch this soap for 30 years and I don’t won’t her to go but I understand nothing is forever. I wish Lexie the best life has to offer. I love children as well and I hope Renee can go out there and make a difference. God bless you Renee and we will miss you very very very much…

I will miss Renee playing “Lexie.” I wish her luck with with her future endeavors. I think in time Renee will return to acting but not as a full-timer. Like all jobs, we get tired but then after a much needed break we get back into what we know best. She’s a great actress and shows passion when she’s acting. I’d like to see her do a show like “Missing.” Even though she looks too sweet to know how to fight, we’ve seen her playing a darker side before and it worked. She could be a action-packed star if she wanted too. Good Luck Renee!

I’m not really sure what an inoperable train tumor is, but it sounds very, very serious. No wonder Lexie doesn’t make it.

I believe it means when the tumor is in an area of the brain that the surgeon can’t get to or it’s just too far advanced to even try.

It will definitely be sad to see the character of Lexie go, especially in this manner. I have enjoyed Renee as an actress on Days ever since I was a child. If you read this Renee, God bless you in whatever you choose for your new life outside of Days. You will be greatly missed! xoxox

I am sorry to see Lexi (Renee) leave the show. I have been watching this show for many years and it is always hard to see one of the long time actresses/actors leave. She will certainly be missed!

I just hate the idea of the character of Lexie leaving the show..ESPECIALLY PERMANATELY !!!! As an African American, it’s been very refreshing to have such a constant and powerful black female lead character on such an iconic soap opera…. If she wants to leave, then let her leave but NOT in such a way that she can’t come back later on if she wants to…

I agree, maybe she and Abe should go to Europe to find a cure which may take a year but Renee, what if you miss this and want to come back- you should have that option, I cant see Abe in the show without you so I have a feeling his character will be gone in the future. I am a white woman, but agree with Don there needs to be more strong African American characters in this show. More of a variety of all backgrounds, this new Asian doctor seems to be a first for DOOL.

Lexi is one of the only really grounded characters on DOOL. She has brought a nurturing type of stability to the show, somewhat like Alice Horton in the fact that she truely cared for and found the best in everyone all of the time. I DVR the show everyday and watch it when I get home from work, and after just seeing a teaser about how serious her brain tumor is, I ran to the computer to get the scoop, and now I feel totally at a loss in reading that she is leaving. I don’t like this a bit, but wish her the best, but hope that she will return someday. Days will not be the same without her, I hope they bring in a new character with that nurturing touch, especially since Maggie Horton’s not as active as she once was. They will need a NON-DRAMA female to fill the awful void she will leave. Good Luck Renee!!!

I just wanted to wish her well. I have enjoyed her on days since she joined the cast, and admire her reasons for leaving. You are an inspiration to everyone. Good luck on your new journey. I don’t think that Days will be the same.
Thank you for your time on days.

Im sad to see Lexi go but Im so happy that they are making a permanent departure because when you have watched days for 19yrs its hard to see them replace them with a new actress so good choice.

I will be sad to see Lexie character leave the show. I named my daughter Lexi because I loved the name so much which is almost 19 yrs ago. I wish Renee nothing but the best but know that she will be sadly missed!!

I love Lexi! She is so sweet, sincere and such a good actress. I will miss her but understand her decision to move on to other things that are important to her. Best wishes!

Sad to see this happening. But I completely understand hoe people need change.
A huge loss for the Days family

I am very sad to see her go , she has been such a stable-sweet-kind character and always has a beautiful smile. There are many others I would not mind if they left the show. It looks like EJ an Nichole may be leaving as well? What happenened to the Original Celeste?

The original Celeste was so much better. I hate to say it but I never liked Abe – too dramatic in his expressions in a way. Let’s see Theo as a teenager or something. Days needs a few humorous characters back — remember Euge/Calliope or Anna DiMera… I’m sure there were others I just can’t remember right now. Anyone?

Hey – you got to go sometime! Have a great life Renee!

This is very sad i do like Lexi a lot and it will be so sad for so many but i am glad that no one going in her place it just wouldn’t be the same if some one else played her (Renee ) as done a great job all these years playing her and she will be missed buy so many good luck in what she dose next and best wishes to her .

I really hate to see Renee leave Days Of Our Lives. I thought for sure that she would be cureed of the cancer. I wish her luck in whatever she does in the future.

Lexi’s character has been an amazing example for all to follow! Blessings to you and yours…you will be missed….the only good thing Stefano EVER did!!

I am very sorry to hear she is leaving the show. Days does not have very much diversity on the show and Lexie and Abe representated a very real and positive family base.
Even though she did have a few “infidilities”. She is one of the better actresses on the show which really helps to balance out all of the other actresses who most of the time are just really “witches” and only care about themselves. I wish they would not kill her off but instead keep the character alive just in case she decides to come back in a few years.

Oh my God Lexi leaving the soap. I think that would be a big lose to the show. Please Lexi don’t go

I was so upset to read this …. I’ll miss Lexi:(

I don’t like this at all!! Lexi is one of the few and I mean few descent people on the show! But I understand her wanting to pursue a different career, however they could have written her off some way not as sad!!

This was NOT something I would have ever expected for Lexi! I was very upset when I tuned into Days after being away for two months………
I was away with my 8 year old daughter who was JUST RECENTLY diagnosed with Glioma! (cancer of the brain stem) which is also inoperable!
I am truely blown away by the relation, as I have watched this show since I was my daughters age with my Grandmother whom also passed from cancer!
Needless to say the show is not worth me watching at the present time as I really don’t need to see Lexi pass from this!
I hope that I can tune in again once this is over as I am an absolute fan!

only two black characters in the last 3 decades and now down to one, well i think it sucks that the show only could portray those images to America and the world

I am dissapointed shes leaving but hope stefanfo is the cause of her sickness and gets nailed going to be a good story

hope abe gets remarried

NO WAY Abe would remarry! He can have a “companion” after some time-but even that would be hard for him! He WORSHIPS Lexie. I can’t see him ever remarrying (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not Abe) I am so sad over this storyline. I LOVE LEXIE. Poor Theo.

Please don’t go, I love you! You are Beautiful and part of my life! What and where are you going? Please don’t leave Renee.

I had a feeling! I was hoping NOT THOUGH! She’s my very favorite! O NOOOO! I love love love her! Not gonna be the same without LEXI! OMG NO NO NO!!! I told my hubby I have a feeling the actress is leaving. And I was right. But good for her. I support her decision and I’ll truly miss her acting and beauty. No wonder everyone has really been crying on there. John Wells John Mardsan HER Everyone! Good luck Renee. You are a class act!

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