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REPORT: Carrie Ann Inaba to be Replaced by a Male Co-Host on ‘The Talk’

Photo: JPI

The ever-changing face of CBS Daytime’s, The Talk continues.  Now comes a report from Page Six, that the series is looking for yet another male co-host, and this time to replace Carrie Ann Inaba, who has been on an extended leave of absence from the show.

If another male co-host becomes part of the cast, that would mean the once all-female dominated talker, will now have Jerry O’Connell, who was recently made a permanent co-host and whomever the next man up would be.

According to Page Six sources: “They haven’t announced it, but Carrie Ann is not returning, and they’ve been trying out comics and athletes to take her place.”

Back in April, Inaba, who also is one of the celebrity judges every season on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, took a leave from the show citing her health as the reason for her exit.  That came after Sharon Osbourne’s explosive and controversial on-air moment in March with Sheryl Underwood, and the fallout afterwards that developed, which insiders say did not sit well with Carrie Ann.

In June, when word got out that The Talk would live on post-Osbourne, Carrie Ann sent her congrats to the cast and the show and thanked everyone who worked there following the announcement that CBS picked-up the series for a 12th season.

So, who do you think would be a good male co-host to join The Talk? Do you hope Carrie Ann somehow returns, even though it looks  doubtful she would? Comment below.

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OK, this is what I have to say about all this

Whatever Carrie Anne’s reason is for leaving, bringing another man on is NOT the way to go!!
I thought Jerry O’Connell could be a good addition to the show, but…sorry, he is a disaster!!!
Jerry doesn’t know the first thing about interviewing a guest! I am embarrassed for him!!

The time has come to pull the plug an this “fest” Along with THE VIEW, this show is no longer relevant!
Pull. The. Plug!!

I beg to differ with u. I think Jerry is fantastic and I actually love watching the show now.

Agree, Jerry needs to go

He is a awful Host! Get rid of him soon. I will not watch The Talk until he is gone

View stays! The Talk isn’t what it used to be.

You’re right!!!

Why not have a talk show with all men,remove all the ladies

sounds good to me

Why you ask? Because that would be a step backwards. I would think most women would not want to go back to the 1950’s MadMen days when they took a back seat to men as there secretaries, girl Fridays or submissive housewife. It’s a slippery slope for women to let there guard down now when it comes to their rights that they have worked so hard to obtain. Just a few days ago a new law was signed in Texas that took away a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. I have read studies show that counties that allow women the same rights as men are less likely to start war’s and more likely to have stable or growing economy not to mention less crime.

I don’t know how you can say the View is not relevant. They demonstrate what a relevant show is. Every day includes current political issues. The Talk never did that.

I agree 150%

I quit watching when they booted Leah Remini! Kept Sarah Gilbert with as much personality as a cold wet sponge! Don’t like how it has turned into a political,racial,agenda grabbing show! No one can win so expect bootings galore! Nope I’m done!!!

The reason Sarah was on the show is because she created it & is some big important producer or director or whatever.

Who cares, glad Carrie Anne isn’t going back, haven’t watched since they got rid of Sharon, when they got rid of Sharon, Cheryl should be right behind her.

I agree

We need eye candy. How about Rob Lowe?

This so call the talk is a bunch of selfish women & men who only want to talk about themselves.And any monkey can host that show look at sherly she a complete sick individual always in heat when a man goes on the show,it makes them looks ridiculously.
Along with the topics that are
Not even interesting.So they might as well cancel this show.As they do not have a fan base as no body wants to watch ppl who are bullies.

This show is truly not what it used to be. I miss the panel with Julie, Aisha, Sharon and Sara. I also liked Marie Osmond and I’m disappointed that Carrie Ann is leaving. Elaine and Amanda are boring co-hosts, and I don’t like the fact that Sheryl is now the de-facto moderator. Whoever they bring in next better be a big name if the show has any hope of a ratings spike, which it desperately needs.

I agree with Jimmy. I have stopped watching this show. CBS has gone to far. Has no one there heard of freedom of speech. Just because you disagree with someones point of view doesn’t mean you should get rid of them. CBS has been doing this over and over again starting with Julie. As for Jerry O’Connell he acts like a big kid instead of an adult. Can’t stand that in a man.

Carrie is my favorite on the show

Get over it…You can’t please everybody. If you wanna watch it, then do so. If you don’t wanna watch it then don’t!!!!

I quit watching the show after all of the changing of the guard. The Talk has had too much controversy and it was a two-way street between Sheryl and Sharon. They both were wrong.

Agree – no recovering after all the drama. Pull the plug. I don’t watch the show anymore either. Just can’t get into it.

Totally agree. I stopped watching.I used to like Jerry OConnell, but he is acting to silly.

Sheryl needed to go along with Sharon! Sheryl acted like she was tramatized. She is so fake! I don’t watch this show because of HER!!!

I agree!!!!!!!!

I agree get rid of Sheryl or toss the show

I agree I don’t watch the show anymore

I haven’t watched it since Sharon left. Didn’t like the way things went down at all

Justin Baldoni

I did not like particularly like Sharon Osbourne, but I have not enjoyed watching the show since her departure. I think Carrie Ann Inaba did a good job; she was articulate and demonstrated a good mix of humor and intelligence. Jerry O’Connell does nothing for me at all and I haven’t really been wowed by any of the other male co-hosts that they have been auditioning. I have gone back to watching GH at 2:00 despite having watched The Talk consistently prior to the fallout

I do not like Jerry O’Connell. He brings absolutely nothing too the show. Sheryl Underwood needs to go also. She does nothing for the show. Do not like her. I still watch the show. I like Amanda. She’s good. Elaine, I am still not too sure about her.

Glad Carrie Ann isn’t coming back,because what escalated during that episode was a disgrace! Those other three ladies need to go. There proformance and insight on topics are boring!

I have enjoyed The Talk sometimes over the years and sometimes not, depending on the topic. I have always had a neutral stance on the women that have been hosts on the show. After the ugliness of the situation earlier in the year, I agree with the decision to let Sharon go. I have enjoyed the show’s substitution with male hosts. I’m glad that they have made the decision to bring a male host to the show on a permanent basis. It brings a different view and opinion. I would have picked someone other than Jerry O’Connell though…

Take the Talk off the air. It isn’t what it used to be. Sorry but the combination of these people do not click. NOt good any longer.

I don’t watch the show any longer. I don’t like Jerry as a co-host. I think he is a mess. The show is not the same as it was in the beginning. Boring and too controversial. Everything comes down to race and politics. Following in the views footsteps

Bring back Leah Remini she has a big mouth and would probably cause controversy (ie ratings). Sharon Osbourne bugs me.

Carrie was by far the best of the remaining hosts. She was articulate and in control of her emotions. I didn’t realize the show was still on this summer so I don’t have a current opinion regarding Jerry, but I have seen him on previous shows and I can’t imagine he’s a good fit.
I had watched this show since day one. It was a huge loss when Sara left, but I grew to enjoy Eve. Aisha was fine. My least favorite has always been Sheryl. She’s not a bad person, but we don’t share many of the same opinions. I disliked Marie. She did not seem authentic and projected a self righteous attitude that I found hard to tolerate.
I wish the show the best, but I’m guessing it won’t survive much longer.

Just go. The show is a bore.

Jerry need to go the show is not interesting at all

Who are they, when you tune in and don’t recognize any of them, you just change the channel. Who knows why it was picked up for another season??? The new guy is the only face I recognize. Not enough to make me watch. Sorry!

Pull the plug! I stopped watching when Carrie Ann and Sharon left. I recorded it when I couldn’t be home to see it, but I do not waste my time on it now.

Pull the plug!!!!

I enjoy the new hosts, especially Elaine and Jerry.

The Talk is a joke. Pull the plug.I miss Sharon Osborne. I haven’t watched it since.

Bring Sara,Sharon,Julie and Alisha back or cancel show

I heard CBS executives are tired of dealing with “hysterical” women. They’ve already placed some kind of gag order on female cast members at Y&R and B&B.

I don’t watch The Talk anymore but I would if the new male host was Piers Morgan.

Ugh! No more men! Jerry O’Connell gives me hives, he’s so bad! I’m sorry Carrie Ann won’t be back. She was a breath of fresh air. There isn’t a single man they’ve tried out that has done really well. Either get a couple of women with brains and personality, or pull the plug!

Maybe adding another male would be a good thing. I think they should replace everyone. This is one show that I will never watch.

The show has been going downhill since Sara left. I was still watching it until the Sharon/Cheryl thing. the show stinks now.

Exactly my thoughts.

Antonio Sabato Jr would be Great

Time to pull the plug. Used to love watching this show but it has gone downhill. Can’t say anything good about any of the panelists left so please do not add another loser.

The TALK with men co hosts. is awful! Time to end this show if your bringing men on as co hosts!
Very disappointed…

I have not watched since they railroaded Sharon!! Both girls were wrong and should have worked this out between them without the network begging for higher ratings by airing this nation wide!

I agree with Darlin.The show have gone down hill pretty soon it will be off of tv.It is just not even worth looking at any more.I would rather watch the reruns on ion channel now.

Akbar needs to join as a permanent host. He’s smart with great interviewing skills.

Agree ! I stopped watching when Sharon was treated so poorly. The show has no redemptive value. It is boring !

I would love for Carrie Ann Inaba to come back to the Talk very much she is and asset to the show.

Stopped watching when they got rid of Marie. They should have Marie, Carrie Ann, Julie and Aisha. That would be a good group with some class.

Haven’t cared for this program since Sharon O was treated so dirty by Shelia. Mrs O made this Talk worth listening to

I’m sorry but Underwood should have been the one to go. Yes both Osbourn and Underwood were unprofessional on live TV. Both should have been fired. I feel they kept Underwood because of “Black Lives Matter”. All lives matter!!!’ I have not watched this show it has become very BORING!!!

How about Jennifer Aniston?

I used to like the Talk but ever since Sharon Osborne left it’s went downhill. Plus Jerry O’Connell can go!!! Bring back Sharon!!!

The Talk was something I really liked watching. I liked the idea that there were different generations of ladies. I really miss Sharon Osborn and think she got a raw deal. Sheryl got her way. I don’t like the idea of a male on the panel. This show is watched mainly by women and their point of view. There is only one woman on there now that I like and I can’t remember her name. It is not Sheryl or the blond lady and certainly not Jerry. All the ladies from the earlier shows did a great job. I will not longer watch this show. I thought it was so refreshing to watch compared to the View that has mean spirited ladies on it. Now with the present panel, I will no longer watch it.

The show is very boring. I really don’t like Jerry. Let it Rest In Peace. Give me the view any day. Love that show.

Pull the plug!

It is about time it happened! We need fresh judges in there!

The show sucks now. It used to be funny. Now it’s all drama. Can’t stand it.

Not the same without Carrie Ann and Sharon. Amanda is too loud. Elaine is good. Don’t watch anymore. Not at all interesting.

Good. She’s weird and messy.

I used to watch the show every day. I couldn’t stand Sheryl After Sharon left I would watch maybe once a month. But when Carrie Ann left I was done. I don’t see how this show is still on the air

I don’t care who will be next host… I quit watching after Sharon Osbourne was forced to leave show.. it was great when it started but after the initial hosts left or forced to leave I did not like the direction that it took.. just my opinion…

The show direction is awful, I boycotted it several months ago, It’s dying, Sheryl was the worse of all the original host. I remember commenting how demoralizing she was to male guest by making sexual innuendos, especially when there was big backlashes happening regarding producers, and female entertainers/actresses etc…Yet the network continued to allow Sheryl to act this way, so when someone than acts or says something offensive, she cries she was traumatized…Sheryl you traumatized me with your demeaning acts against male guess…but thats ok…The show is baseless, and viewers lost trust in getting un bias information get rid of the self righteous, judgmental hypocrite Sheryl and the show maybe able to survive, even with men as host….but the truth is the show started going down hill when the network started removing most of the original host

If a man is to be host I think Jerry is a good fit.

Bring on Mario Cantone. The View missed their opportunity with him and that show is way passed it’s prime. The Talk can still survive the controversy if The View can survive the Rosie/Elisabeth feud. I still have high hopes for this show. Give them a chance.

I actually stopped watching after Julie Chen left. The show has been drowning for some time now.

Can not stand that silly acting Jerry O’Connell. I was so hoping he was not the one to go full time. I’ve stopped watching. I don’t know who you are trying to target but it is not worth watching anymore! All the new people add nothing to the show! Once a award winning show to not worth watching!

I haven’t watched it since Marie Osmond left – it was pretty “decent” back then, certainly isn’t now 🙁

Who cares??? I stopped watching in March.

Dislike this show & couldn’t care less about it. Time for it to be cancelled!

I rarely watch since Carrie Ann and Sharon left. Dull and meaningless. So sad. I miss the good ones.

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough Reveals Wife Hayley Erbert Undergoing Skull Surgery

Dancing with the Stars judge Derek Hough has revealed that today on December 20th, his wife Hayley Erbert will be undergoing skull surgery.

Previously this month, Erbert had to have an emergency craniectomy after being diagnosed with a cranial hematoma. The surgery on Wednesday is to replace “a large portion of her skull”, Hough shared, that was removed during the first procedure.

In the early hours on Wednesday, Hough took to his Instagram story and expressed: “I strongly believe all the prayers that have been sent with the intention and love of Hayley’s recovery has helped so much. I can’t thank you all enough.”

Photo: JPI

Derek also added to, “Please keep her in your prayers as I believe the collective energy helped her through these past few weeks. We love you we thank you.”

Last week on Friday, Hough revealed that Erbert, 29, would need a skull implant in the coming weeks.  He offered up that, “the recovery process has been nothing short of a miracle,” and added that although, “Hayley is doing well,” she “still has a ways to go.”

As the holiday season is upon, Derek offered, “While this isn’t the holiday season either of us envisioned, it’s one that we’re incredibly grateful to have. We look forward to cherishing these moments with a deeper appreciation for life and the people in it.”

Send your well-wishes and prayers to Hayley and Derek as they go through this trying time via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough)

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough Gives Update Following Wife Hayley Erbert’s Emergency Craniotomy

Over the last 48 hours, Dancing with the Stars judge and performer, Derek Hough shared on social media what happened to his wife, dancer Hayley Erbert when she underwent an emergency craniotomy after experiencing symptoms while on a dance tour with her husband.

In his first post on Thursday, Hough revealed that his wife of only three months “became disoriented and was taken to the hospital” while on their Symphony of Dance tour in Washington, D.C.  Ebert was later diagnosed with a “cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel and required an emergency craniotomy.”

In an update on the situation on Friday, Derek revealed: “Hayley has always inspired me with her will, her strength, and her resilience and no more so than in the last 48 hrs.  She is now on the long road to recovery Words cannot express how grateful and thankful we are for the support and love that you have given us.  The kindness that we’ve been shown in this incredibly unfathomable and life-changing time is immeasurable. The offers of assistance that have poured in have been so humbling and appreciated. Our hope is that as a family, we can somehow and someway pay it forward.”

Photo: JPI

Hough and Erbert first met during the So You Think You Can Dance tour in 2013. They then began began dating in 2015 while both were appearing on Dancing with the Stars and were married in August 2023.

On Hough’s most recent Instagram post, celebrities from the world of soaps, motion picture and films and fellow cast members from DWTS all commented on Derek’s update sending love and prayers Hayley’s way including: GH’s Finola Hughes, Selling Sunset and former soap star, Chrishell Stause, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Morrison, Nina Dobrev, Emma Slater, Mira Sorvino, and Alfonso Ribiero.

Send you prayers, and well-wishes to Hayley and Derek while they go through this most challenging and difficult of times via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough)

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DANCING WITH THE STARS: Crowns Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy Winners of Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy

On the three-hour season 32 finale of Dancing with the Stars, it all came down to who would take home the Len Goodman Mirrorball trophy. This would mark the first time the winners would receive the coveted award named after the beloved head judge who passed away in 2022.

With a perfect score for each of their four last dances (from last week’s competitions and the finale), it was clear that the team to beat was Xochitl Gomez and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. But would America feel the same?

After a stunning night of freestyle routines to close out the final round of competition, and a redemption dance performed earlier in the night, as deemed by one of the judges for the couples to improve upon from a previous performance, the five remaining couples put their best foot forward.

Photo: ABC

Here’s how it shook out when hosts Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough revealed the results:

In fifth place: Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber.  Next, in fourth place were former ‘Bachelorette’ star Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev. Third place belonged to Vanderpump Rules star, Ariana Madix and her pro partner, Pasha Pashkov.

Then it all came down to two, Xochitl and Val, or Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz and pro partner Daniella Karagach. Mraz had actually performed his latest single, “I Feel Like Dancing” shortly before the results portion of the show.

Photo: ABC

The Season 31-winning celebrity contestant, Charli D’Amelio, returned to the ballroom floor to present the Mirrorball trophy to the winners. D’Amelio had performed earlier in the finale with her former pro partner, Mark Ballas, for a special routine.

Photo: ABC

Jason and Daniella were announced in first place, as Xochitl and Val were announced the Len Goodman Mirror Ball Trophy winners. For Val, this marks his third victory in his Dancing with the Stars career. He previously won the Mirrorball trophy with Rumor Willis in 2015 and Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez in 2016.

Photo: ABC

In the finale, Gomez and Chmerkovskiy performed a redemption foxtrot to Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally”, and finished with a freestyle dance to ‘Que Calor” by District 78.

Happy that Xochitl and Val won the season 32 Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy? Who did you think of the final results? Comment below.

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