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Marcus Coloma OUT at General Hospital

Photo: ABC

UPDATED: General Hospital has now confirmed the exit of Marcus Coloma as Nikolas Cassadine.

According to a statement given to Soap Opera Digest from a show rep: “Marcus Coloma will no longer be playing the role of Nikolas Cassadine. His last airdate will be at the end of January.”

PREVIOUSLY on Monday morning: After much speculation and various rumors last week, a new report has surfaced that setside sources are confirming that Marcus Coloma has been let go as Nikolas Cassadine on ABC’s General Hospital.

Daytime Confidential is reporting the news and sharing that Coloma, who took over the role of Nikolas back in 2019, declined to film his final scenes once he received words he was being pink-slipped.

Coloma’s departure comes at a time when Nikolas is steep in story including: housing Esme (Avery Pohl) at Wyndemere who is supposedly pregnant with his child, concocting a lie with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) that they had an affair and she is carrying his child, all the while serving his wife, Ava (Maura West) with divorce papers, amid the mess he has gotten himself into.

So, what do you think of Marcus being let-go from GH? Do you think the show has already recast the part, or do you think they are writing out the dark prince for now? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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Very happy! TC needs to return! Even the last sub was better than MC lol

Not a fan of TC!

Me neither.

me neither. TC is my least favorite of all-time, even more than Helena!

has to be bad gh and nobody’s saying why he got fired

It’s kind of sad that you are happy someone lost their job. I love TC but I feel the same way I did when they let Greg Vaughn go for Jonathan Jackson. I love the OG actors but it sucks when someone is out of work, especially this time of year!

Seemed inevitable after he started deleting all things GH from his various “social media” profiles.

Bring back Tyler Christopher. Another recast would only make things worse for the character.

If that is the case, write him out. Tyler Christopher was annoying as Nicholas!

Not at all. He was the only Nikolas.

We will agree to disagree. I never liked Nikolas at all until MC started playing him.

I like MC

I agree

i agree with you, Phil. i dont want Tyler back.

I agree, especially since Marcus brought humor to the role, I cannot picture TC playing that character anymore without that eliment of humor, he’s just not that type of actor imo or it would seem unatural for him.

I am a Tyler fan both on GH and DOOL, but you are right Marcus did bring the humor that kept us from taking his role seriously.

No; the Cassadines are a legacy family; we need more of them, not less. Hopefully they’re not killing off Nikolas (although who knows with this current crop of writers who don’t respect GH history. They’ve been seeking to remake the show with many new characters &/or have changed history in a few stories). I’d love for them to resurrect Stefan and even Stavros if need be. The Cassadines were great. This watered down version is pitiful, though not quite as pitiful as all the new faces in the Quartermaines. They’re a joke. Those are not the Quartermaines….and throwing Carly into most of their scenes is painful to watch, and infuriating.

You could at least tell us why Michael, smh!

I’m sure that either Michael does not know, or is not in the position to share more at this time. Either way, it’s not his choice.

Um, did you read the story? He got it from another site which clearly means he doesn’t know. If he learns, I’m sure he’ll share. smh!

News of his dismissal has been floating around the internet for over a week. Daytime Confidential was the first legitimate source to confirm it.

Disney/ABC typically does not comment on contract issues.

First signs that something was up was MC stopped following GH cast members on social media.

Assuming he was told on around December 9 – he will likely air until sometime in January.

While it can be tough to be a recast of a long term legacy character, good actors are able to pull it off. Some examples on GH include John Ingle replacing David Lewis as Edward and Laura Wright as Carly #3B.

After the honeymoon of having the character back, partially due to the writing, but mainly the performance, Coloma’s Nikolas was a supporting role unlike Christopher’s leading man. In the end, Coloma was similar to Emme Ryland. The characters were needed on the canvas which pushed them both through after it became obvious that neither had the gravitas of their predecessor.

Now, as for where we go with Nikolas, we’ll probably get a few weeks of Adam Huss until the character can be written temporarily out. Hopefully the show doesn’t repeat the mistake of AJ and kill off Nik for good.

With Nik off the canvas, we’re likely to have a new Lulu waking up from her coma in the first few months of the year.

I actually preferred Emme as Lulu as well!

She was terrible. Julie Marie Berman was the only real LuLu.

Wrong again. I would rather have Emme back too. Why do you insist that your opinion the only one that counts here?

Everyone’s opinion counts. That’s what the comments section is for. I thoroughly welcome those to reply who may disagree with what I have to say.

Been watching this show off and (mostly) on for 45 years. Just sharing my insights. All are welcome to comment.

Steve, I’ve really enjoyed reading your insights. Nowhere did I see you insisting that only your opinion matters.

Ur the one insisting about your opinion.

I agree. She was boooorrrring.

Phil, did you read OG Steve’s comment? Nowhere did he say he preferred Emme as Lulu. In fact, he says quite the opposite.

For me, MC was never Nikolas Cassadine. Tyler’s Nikolas was a brooding, educated, formally mannered young man. The Cassadines, while they harbored dark shades of villainy, are high brow. Marcus came off as a low brow, unintelligent mouth breather. Tyler’s Nikolas is a perfect blend of light ( his mother) and dark ( his Cassadine legacy) bringing forth the idea of the conflicted, dualistic self. Moreover, Marcus was out of his league when in scenes with Maura and later, with Nicholas. It was their brilliance which revealed his mediocrity.

Perfectly said and totally agree

I do agree…there was just something about TC that made NC. The flare of being a Cassidine seemed to ooze out. I just hope they never get rid of Nicholas. Too many story lines come from the Cassadine Island. Been watching since first day it aired. Love the show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and comments. Love to read them all.

Don’t agree at all. I thought Marcus was great, and I think he was perfect with Maura. Their chemistry sizzled through the screen…


I LOVED Marcus in the role and I’ve been watching GH for decades. I remember Tyler when Nikolas, Stefan, and Alexis first arrived. I loved that whole era. But Marcus came in and I just thought he was fantastic from the start; he and Maura had great chemistry before the writers, par for the course, destroyed them. I’m really sad to see Marcus go. Pissed.

As for Emme as Lulu? I really liked her. Though Julie Berman was great, I found her a bit too abrasive.

Don’t give up on him this story line is way to good with him and he does the parts real well

I like him as Nicholas

Declining to film his final scenes is totally unprofessional. Casting Directors and producers remember those things when they look to hire someone.

It’s interesting but what leapt to my mind was maybe his final scene was Nikolas being killed by the hook killer? IDK. It does seem odd to decline to film a last scene…

I’m not surprised by his actions, he always seemed like a primma donna to me anyway.

Or maybe he was just devastated, hurt, blindsided and he got belligerent; resentful, and just felt he couldn’t continue. I totally understand why he would feel that way and why he refused, but it was a complete career misstep. Hopefully this won’t be held against him in his search for future work. I say “hopefully” because I like him from what I’ve seen on his Instagram profile. If I change my mind and get a bad vibe or read anything that makes me not like him as a person…then my empathy for his job search would probably change to a shrug.

Would LOVE to see Tyler Christoper return.

I second that

I’m so done with GH now, NAva had me tuning in but barely as the eik writing gross story, tuned back in for the NAva scenes at esme’s drop, good few weeks then again esme crap. Loved his take on Nikolas as a charming rogue but bad writing wouldn’t let up. Big fan, loved NAva, I’m just glad to watch the NAva love story when it was good. Best luck Marcus, terrific work with Maura and the rest

I think Marcus was terrific in the role of Nikolas! I think this another mistake that TPTB at GH have made in the last two weeks. TC is well liked but he always ends up screwing himself and the fans over. I don’t want him back if he’s only going to hold it together for three months and then be fired again. How many chances does a person get?

I wish Marcus well in his future endeavors. He will be missed.

I agree, Rodd. All they seem to want to bring in are cardboard characters and/or actors like nuDrew and that awful Cody. Maybe Marcus was too handsome. Granted I don’t like ANY of Nikolas’ actions at all anymore and maybe that’s why Marcus didn’t click with some viewers. I’ll miss him, too.

The new Drew is awful! He’s so wooden and generic.

Why pick on Cody ? When did he become part of this article? He will be great as Max’s son, in my opinion. Josh Kelly brings good humor to the show.

Totally agree! Love Josh and “Cody.” I don’t find that he brings “humor.” I think he brings poignancy; a guy who’s been hurt. He’s so lost…and insecure. His feelings of being unworthy. Something happened his past to shatter him; hurt him emotionally. I think he’s lost a love. And then there’s that Faison connection which is still unknown.

I LOVE Cody! Actor Josh Kelly was on OLTL for a bit; always liked him since then. And as for Cody, I’ve liked him from the start, too. I can’t wait for Mac to find out he’s his son; their scenes together are golden.

How Christian of you. Give the man a break.

Still hoping Michael Muhney needs a job.

Muhney is one of the few ex-soap performers less likely than Christopher to work in daytime again. Too much baggage.

Was the guy ever convicted of any crime?

Do we give anyone second chances anymore?

Remember, Eric Braeden didn’t like the actor and its his show!

Too many young female actresses at GH. Would be too much of a temptation for Muhney.

What a dream that would be!


I agree with you. I hope they don’t bring back TC. Best of luck to Marcus

He was not a great Nicholas, could not hold his own opposite Maura or Nicholas Chavez but I don’t want TC back either

Austin Peck would make an interesting Nicholas

Mike, I was thinking of Michael Muhney. He was such a deliciously duplicitous Adam on Y&R. Not sure how welcome he is but he’d be a great Nikolas.

In theory, Peck could be good. Would want to see how he looks now at 50+.

GH has a strange situation where some of the mothers of adult children appear to be aging at much slower rates than their kids. Genie Francis just turned 60 (she started on GH when she was 15!). One plus about the Coloma recast was that he appeared younger than Christoper. Whoever the new Nik is should be somewhat believable as Laura’s son. Nancy Lee Grahn, Kristina Wagner and Lynn Herring look much younger than their actual age. At this point Lisa LoCicero looks the same age as Dominic Zamprogna. We should all be so fortunate!

He didn’t even make an interesting Austin, for Hell’s sake! He’s the one who bored Carrie Brady to death and sent her running to Mike Horton.

Austin Peck has been fired multiple times for bad behavior. One time it was because he tried to indoctrinate his co-workers and they got mad. He’s basically done in daytime. Also, he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. He’s terrible.

Bring back Tyler Christopher

YEA, thanks for small favors!

Bring back Tyler Christopher. No one can play Nicholas like he can. Betcha you can talk him into coming back.

You don’t have to convince Tyler, it’s Disney corporate legal and the insurers you need to sway.

Bring back Tyler. Bring back Tyler

Bring Tyler back. He’s the only Nikolas.

Says who?

Hate this. I think he did a great job!


I think he did a great job. Big loss.

Nicolas is a great actor, he has A STRONG character to play Cassadine than TC.


Ridiculous, he is a great Nicholas.
Shame on GH for once again getting rid of the most talented actors..
Jason and Jax also got the ax. GH just keeps ticking off their viewers!

Can understand the Jason situation, but seriously, what was Jax really doing when IR was dismissed? It was a logical time to take a break from the character.

This viewer was THRILLED when they wrote Jason off. Jax, who even cares? But yes, MC was fabulous as Nikolas. To be fair, I never liked TC.

They chose to leave by not playing by the rules. At the height of Covid, they refused to get vaccinated, putting cast/crew at risk. Disney/ABC had a policy to ensure production stayed up and running. Without it, they would have had to shut down with everyone out of work for who knows how long. It was selfish and they lost their jobs.

They were axed because they refused to get vaccinated.

Tyler Christopher IS Nikolas Cassadine. Nothing wrong with Marcus except the way the writers wrote for him. He turned into this meek being.

Agree. Bad storylines. I like marcus as Nik. Leave him on GH higher ups. Put your egos aside and do what is right. He is a good actor. Work with your actors.

GH Fan,
As another GH fan, I do favor TC and Marcus turned into an ass whether it was by the writers or himself.

Given all the issues TC has had over the years, I’m not a fan of bringing him back. But then again, how many recasts can you have before it gets ridiculous? The only time I genuinely liked Nikolas was when he was with Emily. Ever since it’s been downhill for me. But he’s also a legacy character so that’s tough to permanantly remove from the canvas. But it would give gravitas to The Hook even more, who is clearly not Esme. Maybe the best way to do it would make Nik the Hook? Not sure it would make much sense, unless he’s some evil lookalike and not actually Nik, which it’s daytime, ya never know.

Well, there WAS an evil Nik lookalike named Connor Bishop, but he died years ago. Guess I should look around and make sure he’s still down here!

Tyler Christopher is in recovery. He’s received a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction. He’s been through the dark trenches and working hard to pull himself out of them. I wish folks would recognize that both mental illness and addiction is recognized by the AMA as real diseases. The aforementioned diagnosis is not a choice and Tyler is in recovery. Please stop

Well said

I agree with you 100 percent

He isn’t a bad actor. You can’t fault the guy, when he’s trying to portay what they are giving him. Let’s face it, they have made Nicholas an idiot! This last setup with Elizabeth is a prime example. I agree the cardboard performance of Drew is pretty bad. But, once again, he could be a good actor, but he’s conveying what the director, the writers and the EP wants.

Lew S,
Maybe Marcus realizes what a joke and mockery they have made of him in this rendition of Nick and in that case I don’t blame him for not wanting to play those scenes.
Drew, I kind of liked him on AMC but I’ve come to realize it’s Carly that’s making him look bad, trampling all over him with her giant shoes. She’s used to a stronger partner like Sonny and she overwhelms Drew, sometimes making him look small, ineffectual and stupid. Also the writers allowing her to manipulate and control Willow’s life is terrible. How long are they going to let this poor young woman waste away before pulling her back from the brink? If Carly had a brain she’d question why she looks so terrible,not a normal pregnancy look. Why hasn’t dumb Drew told Carly why she looks so bad, he tells her everything else.

Bad decision. I don’t want another recast unless it’s the original person who had the role. GH already has a problem with casting couples that have no on screen chemistry!!!!

That’s the truth. It’s awful how many couples on GH have zero chemistry. Sonny/Nina, Liz/Finn, Micheal/Willow, Carly/Drew, Anna/Valentin. The one that did, they separated (Chase/BLQ). Scott/Liesl is always fun. Ryan/Heather is getting interesting. dex/Joss is good. Ava needs someone good (been alone too long, was good with Griffin Monro.

I agree with Chase/BLQ. They look together on screen and they are believable. Their chemistry is great

Hopefully Tyler Christopher returns but has GH changed their writers?? Storylines, as of late, aren’t typical. I don’t like them, honestly and hope it’s just a moment in soaps where stories aren’t enticing and a break is needed.

I actually like MC very much as Nichols Cassadine. He is great in his role. What’s going on With GH casting? So many good actors are getting fired in the middle of really good storyline. This is not fair for the audience who are diehard GH fans. Think so disappointing! TC is too old to play the character. Please keep Marcus Coloma. Thank you GH!

There’s obviously more to the story re the pink slip. But Marcus hasn’t seemed to be his old Nikolas self since he returned from his covid bout. On the other hand I have never felt he was strong enough for Ava, and he seems too young for her. Plus he’s missing that particular Cassadine personality you need and used to have. Nor was I a fan of Tyler. So a great role waiting for the right actor. But the writing/storyline for Nikolas has to improve. it’s awful right now. Hard for any actor to work with. I’m also not a fan of Spencer or Liz, and bored with Esme through no fault of her own. Again storyline. It’s as if the writers don’t know where to take the story.

I think he’s either going to run away with Esma so she doesn’t have to go to jail or Victor is going to send him away like the other ones that he has hidden I hope he gets a better job. He is really an excellent actor and I fell in love with him. I just started watching the show and he was my favorite move over Brad Pitt there’s a new guy in town I wish he didn’t have to go. Hope to see him elsewhere

That’s a shock.. I’d recently read how Tyler Christopher wanted to reprise his role but didn’t think much of it because Marcus is doing such a splendid job and because Tyler had become unreliable (not showing up or showing up drunk) so I thought o way would they let him come back but with this news, who knows ‍♀️

Whole big thing about Marcus not getting vaccinated (he’s a Scientologist) then came down with Covid missing work and battling with TPTB at GH.

He would have had to get vaccinated, it’s mandated on ABC right now and Disney. He may not have wanted to but if he hadn’t he would have been fired last year with Ingo and Steve!

You can still contract COVID after being vaccinated, it’s just harder.

He didn’t really have Covid. It was his Thetans that got sick.


Interesting, all the different opinions on the recent news of Nicholas’s role being vacant. I didn’t care for Marcus at all. I always say tough, when a character is let go, it is nothing to cheer, someone is unemployed BUT he will move on and so will the show. Tyler would be a welcomed return but he would have to have had a good run of healthiness for Disney to consider bringing him back. Right now since Marcus walked out and didn’t tape his final scenes, they will probably put in motion Ava’s plan for revenge and she will make Nicholas disappear until a new actor is hired. My two cents and I give Soaphound credit for the idea, bring in Michael Muhney. He is a terrific actor who would fit right in with the talent that GH has. He will work with Genie, Charles and Maura all top talent. Michael could definitely hang with those three. Plus him and the woman who plays Esme would be awesome together! I know, people bring up his past, unproven accusations while on Y&R. They were unfounded and he was unfairly labeled because of it. One thing that was true, Eric Braeden didnt like Michael and wanted him off the show and Eric is the Papa Bear on Y&R. Bring in Michael and lets all enjoy his marvelous work and move on.

I loved MC’s Nikolas and will miss him a great deal. I do NOT want to see Tyler Christopher back yet again, but that’s probably exactly why they fired MC. I may need to take a long break from GH…

I like him as Nik and he had an uphill battle when he started…having been compared to Tyler. Something clearly is going on behind the scenes. Perhaps he is opinionated when it comes to the ridiculous story lines they have given him. Maybe an egotistical writer or higher up could not take someone disagreeing with them…so they booted him. He does a great job as Nik. Show won’t be as good. I notice a lot of fan favs get killed off or written off. I think the writers or higher ups have to stop letting people go just because the actors speak out or have a difference of opinion. They will replace him with a dud like all of the ones who have stood in since Tyler left. All duds and not Prince like. Marcus was perfect. BAD decision. Only way GH can recover is to rehire TYLER.

What the heck’s going on a GH they keep getting rid of the good people.
And isn’t Nicholas in the middle of a big storyline?

I hate to see him go he is such a GREAT actor they’re letting all of their good people go the show won’t be the same.

He did a great job! Why was he let go!?

Agree. It’s odd

I am so tired of them replacing all these characters,the new ones is not so talented.They need to keep Nikolas as Nikolas. Marcus Coloma should stay.

I am so disappointed. I do not understand.

I have never liked Marcos Colomma as Nikolas. He really can’t act his way out of a paper bag. I can honestly say that I don’t even like the character of Nikolas. I wouldn’t be upset if he was killed off, along with Victor.

I think it’s obvious that Tyler is on his way back….Otherwise they wouldn’t be so aloof as to him being let go and not saying the character was being written out……I’m torn I like Marcus in the part but Tyler was so much bigger than life in the role…..time will tell…..or maybe the hook gets him?

I like Marcus in the role but am a Tyler fan. There has to be something going on behind scenes at GH. Maybe higher ups don’t work with their staff as in my way or the hiway. Too many good actors let go in middle of great story lines. Hope Tyler comes back but didn’t they have an issue with him too.

I hope Tyler comes back.

I just know that the Big Shots are letting go of a lot of my family (GH) and I am taking more anxiety meds over here!!! LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE PLEASE!!! GH fan since Rick, Jeff, Monica, and Leslie triangle and my mommy and friends watching who started me to watching

I wasn’t a fan of MC but he gradually grew the role into his own . I did like TC as the Prince but now hoping that someone else new will be cast in a trial run. Wondering if it is a case of he got C-19 and TPTB found out he may have decided to say he took the shot but really didn’t. If that’s the case Stay the course MC!

Sad to see him go, but would LOVE to see Tyler back…. and then Nik and Liz would be great

Oh please, Nick’s character has enough problems, Liz is the last person he needs screwing up his life.

GH needs to stop getting rid of good actors. I have watched GH since the first episode. I, too loved TC as Nicholss. I thought no one could replace him and then came MC He made the role his own. I totally agree we need to get better writers for GH. Long time fans do not appreciate all of their left field moves. Stories are getting so weak or totally out in left field, I am about to quit watching. It’s so disappointing. MC, I wish you the very best as you go forward. I will be watching for you. And GH, bring back Hayden and Jason and DO NOT put Jason with Carly.

not a fan of tyler christopher…too brooding.
i liked this nicholas and sorry he is fired. I wonder why?

Maybe Tyler Christopher could be coming back!!!

I don’t understand why they let him go he was doing a great job I liked him very much

I love MC, so disappointed

I am disappointed in his departure will be replace with a new guy.

So happy to see him leave. He never played the role correctly. NC has always been the stable, prince worthy Cassidine and Marcus Coloma has made him into all the other toxic C family. He’s not even close to Alexis. There is nobody that can play NC correctly more than TC!

I always felt he was too young looking for the part.

Why was Marcus let go?

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Katherine Kelly Lang, The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful

Michelle Stafford,  The Young and the Restless

Cynthia Watros, General Hospital

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Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

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Jennifer Gareis, The Bold and the Beautiful

Linsey Godfrey, Days of our Lives

Courtney Hope, The Young and the Restless

Allison Lanier, The Young and the Restless

Emily O’Brien, Days of our Lives

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Ashley Jones, The Bold and the Beautiful

Alley Mills, General Hospital

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Dick Van Dyke, Days of our Lives


The Bay

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Photo: ABC


Access Hollywood

Entertainment Tonight



Be My Guest with Ina Garten

Family Dinner

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

Valerie’s Home Cooking

What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel


Hot Bench

Judy Justice

Justice For The People with Judge Milian

The People’s Court

We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

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Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, The View

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Live with Kelly and Mark

Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall


Lidia Bastianich, 25 Years with Lidia: A Culinary Jubilee

Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Eduardo Garcia, Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia

Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Cooks

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Buddy Valastro, Legends of the Fork


Frank Caprio, Caught in Providence

Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner , Matt Cohen, Cassie DiLaura, Denny Directo, Will Marfuggi, Rachel Smith, Entertainment Tonight

Deborah Norville, Steven Fabian, Lisa Guerrero, Ann Mercogliano, Jim Moret, Les Trent. Inside Edition

Robert Hernandez, Star Jones, Divorce Court

Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco, Sarah Rose, Judy Justice

What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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