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SET PICS: Erika Slezak & Roger Howarth Together Again As OLTL's Viki and Todd!

Photo Credit: David Russell/TOLN

Photo Credit: David Russell/TOLN

One Life to Live fans have been enthusiastic and excited when seeing the first images posted at TV Guide of Erika Slezak’s Viki Lord Banks, with her on-screen brother Todd Manning, played by Roger Howarth!

For many One Life fans, they probably thought they would never see the day that of one of the most dynamic brother/sister duos on soaps would be working together side by side again! According to TVG and their chat with One Life to Live co-head writer, Thom Racina, Viki will be facing some issues in the publishing game.  The scribe revealed,  “We’ll be looking at the fight that’s going on in the publishing world these days — how do newspapers survive in the age of the internet?” 

Photo Credit: David Russell/TOLN

In addition, looks  like Corbin Bleu’s new character of Jeffrey King just could help Viki through some hard times in the work place.  Racina related, “He’ll become her star reporter in a story that will also heavily involve Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser).

So soapers, are you looking forward to seeing Roger Howarth on-screen again with Erika Slezak? And the storyline about the troubles in the publishing game which usher in newbie character, Jeffrey King?  Let us know!


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So excited. It’s really happening….eeep.

Absolutely wonderful to see the photos of Erika and Roger together again. The return of OLTL is a true triumph! Oh happy days!!

I’m looking forward to all it..
The good, bad and the ugly!! I’m there..

I really think Roger should stay on OLTL now. To me he IS Todd Manning! I did enjoy him with Carly but now that OLTL is back he really does belong there with Vicki and Blair and Jack and Dani. If KA doesn’t want to move back to NYC then recast Starr.

well, enjoy the pic, and the brief appearance cause Roger is heading back to GH and Todd most likely being recast.

that’s ok, we’ll enjoy the pic and the history….you can have his new character.

He don’t belong on GHs. He is a traitor to OneLife and the abc network, two times over, and NOW he is a traitor to OneLife, bc he rather be on TV verses the internet. Myself and a whole lot of other people will never be fans’ of his again, bc he is a TRADER to the character we fought for, along with that show OneLife, to save. He has no problem letting anyone down as long as it BENEFITS his self centered self. First it was it was the abc network when he walked away from the role, TWICE for another soap. Now it’s OneLife and the it’s beloved fans of Todd.

I don’t feel that way about Todd. I don’t think he is a traitor at all…I liked him on GH and will like seeing him oin OLTL again!

Can’t wait to see ES’s Vicki and RH’s Todd together again. Especially since it will be the last time. Sigh.

In the soap business, nothing is ever ”the last time” .. 🙂


No we don’t. St. John was never Todd.. he was playing a character pretending to be Todd.. Roger Howarth is the one and ONLY Todd.

I said Victor. TSJ is the superior actor the only reason I want him to be Victor is because their are lots of remaining possibilities for the character of Victor that TSJ could do a WAY better job of exploring then RH. Todd doesn’t have much room to grow and since RH is a one trick pony actor (Great at that one trick but still knows only one trick) RH is better for Todd while TSJ is Victor and I’m speaking for the majority here.

Roger will never be able to take the character of Todd to the multi layer’s and dimension’s that TSJ did. Roger is one dimensional, loud and angry. TSJ was so convincing that he made Roger look like the imposter, which he came back to prove that St John was. That’s hilarious. The story of the two Todd’s will never play out, and that would of been a RATINGS bonanza!

Speak for yourself AJ, I know tons of ppl including me that want The REAL Todd to escape from Allison and return to claim his life that his “Fake Twin” RH AKA Vic Jr tried to steal!

But TSJ is still the better Todd I’d just prefer him as Victor because there is more story possibility there.

See I don’t think so, I think there is a lot for Todd ((TSJ)) because they are going by the last day of OLTL which means Tea is still pregnant and It would be great for Todd to be a dad again with everything he has learned from raising his other kids……Plus I would love to See Todd ((TSJ)) interact with the new actors and characters!

Well no matter who plays who between Vic-Todd TSJ-RH things are going to be incredibly entertaining. I pray to see a scene with Tina, Vicki, Todd, and Victor.

I love it Roger and Erika all over again. Talk about ironic I was just watching classic Todd and Vikki clips esp wen he and Erika imitate each others mannerisms wen Todd took Starr away from her mom. My fav line Todd : “I’m having such a bad day Vicki: To bad it just got worse ” oh my gosh the scenes afterwards were brillant to watch can’t wait 2 see more

My favorite Soap Couple….ok, Soap Duo, love their scenes together! No one can get as exasperated with Todd as Viki can, and yet she is always the first to forgive him his deepest darknesses. Two of the BEST actors on daytime who enjoy each others skill and craft. Translates into magic on camera. Can not wait. Will be Great! #PP #OLTL

Agree Tali – Todd & Vicki have to be the very best brother/sister duo on soap screens anywhere! Bring on OLTL!

OMG! Erika is lovely as ever. I am very excited about “SECOND LIFE TO LIVE”. Hopefully RH will come back now and then.

When Howarth signed his original GH contract, he had a PP clause in it where he can do both shows, the caveat is he can’t appear on GH and OLTL the same day.. which is why he’s able to get away and do OLTL, Easton and Alderson don’t have such a clause. I suspect when Howarth, who’s GH contract expires this month, re-signs, he’ll have a similar clause.. and hopefully OLTL can get him for a month every so often. Howarth still lives in NYC, probably be tempting to stay at home and work, altho network money is alot more than what PP can offer.

AJ how is he going to have a clause allowing him to go back and forth? He is going to be a New character On GH he will have no reason to go back! THANK GOD! He is not going back as Todd and I’m sure PP is going to use the Todd character, the Todd character was part of the reason PP bought the show…….Since Todd is staying on OLTL it is going to be revealed that RH is NOT Todd, so RH can leave and resume his New role on GH and OLTL can continue on with their resident bad boy Todd Manning ((TSJ))


It’s Howarth’s decision.. if he wants to play Todd, he’s got the option, if he doesn’t he doesn’t have to. My point is, Howarth has enough pull in the industry that he had a clause in his original GH contract to play Todd for PP, while Easton and Alderson weren’t given that option.

I believe it would fit perfectly for Howarth, as he still resides in NYC and with CFC being so close, he won’t get the same money a network pays, it’s still a nice part time job. RH only has to work 5 weeks, if he decides to work every taping cycle, I’m sure PP would work with RH’s schedule to get him. It’s just my opinion, Howarth might not like that arrangement, but the point remains.. it’s an opinion.

TSJ’s Todd was never really a bad boy, there are worse people in Llanview than he is, unlike when RH’s Todd.. who was the guy nobody wanted any parts of. Everyone likes Todd for different reasons, I like him because RH played him as a dark and tortured character.. TSJ doesn’t play him like that, IMO. TSJ plays him like a rich prick.. a guy with money who’s just a jerk because he can be.

The writer’s wrote TSJ Todd as almost wimpy.. especially with the Maragret storyline, RH’s Todd would have never let Maragret get the best of him. The best part of how the writers wrote for RH’s Todd is you never knew what he was going to do.. he had the chances of doing something very nice or very evil. I was happy as anyone when TSJ took over the Todd role, but you could see eventually it wasn’t the same character, which turned me off from the show for a while.

How do you get that it is up to him whether or not he wants to play Todd? He does not own Todd as much as that bothers you RH fans….He has enough Pull in the industry to do as he wants so to speak? Who do you think this dude is? David Canary? Maurice Bernard? Tony Geary? Peter Bergman? Michael E Knight? Etc…..Dude RH is nothing in this industry it is his fans that seem to think he is some “Acting God” and he is FAR FROM IT! Did you read his contract? NO? Didn’t think so, So you have no idea what is in his Contract! Dude you are completely delusional if you think that RH can just do as he wants when he wants……The way you are talking it is like he is the BOSS over PP and will work IF he chooses to do so which would mean that he would have control over all story lines that he would be in, Get over him dude he is NOT AN ACTING GOD that DOES as HE WANTS. You are going to be very pissed when you find out that he is playing a TOTALLY DIFFERENT character on GH. IF he is not under contract to ABC the MEDIA would not be able to say Howarth going back to GH AS NEW CHARACTER along with ME AND KA! Who the hecksays PP wants RH on a permanent basis from the start PP has said over and over they only wanted RH for the launch, you are the one that wants him permanently on OLTL and you are in the minority! See PP is not FV and his “thing” for RH, How do you know they don’t want TSJ to reprise his ROLE of Todd Manning???
You name 3 ppl in Llanview that are worse than Todd Manning and have done worse that he has? Oh and Mitch Lawrence does not live in Llanview! You saying that TSJ’s Todd was not a bad boy just shows how little you know about the character and Todd is STILL a guy that no one wants any part of, RH’s Todd was PREDICTABLE “oh Todd is not getting his way so he will kidnap someone, or rape some one or threaten to rape someone” YAWN BORING! RH’s Todd was Dimensionless, No layers, Angry egomaniac……Oh and BTW The REAL Todd would have not let Johnny get away with killing his grand daughter regardless if he meant to do it or not……BTW Todd was RICH when RH played him, remember he was the one that was playing Todd when he got his inheritance!
TSJ’s Todd was almost wimpy? You really did not just say that right? Todd did not let Margaret get the best of him he went there because she had Blair locked up in a trunk of a car that she had in the crusher at a Junkyard, and TODD would NOT let anyone hurt or Kill Blair….And Todd was RAPED by Margaret…….
You got the Todd’s mixed up, it was NOT RH’s Todd that was unpredictable it was TSJ’s Todd that had fans going “Uh Oh what is Todd doing now” With RH’s Todd it was ” OH Look he is kidnapping someone yet again” YAWN!
Of Course Todd was not the same character he was in College because of the life changing things he went thru! Are you the same exact person you were in College? I don’t think so….


If PP thought anything of TSJ’s acting, he’d be employed right now. RH is currently shooting scenes on OLTL AS TODD MANNING, TSJ is eating fritos for breakfast looking thru the want ads. I see your emotional about it, so I’ll leave it there, but facts are facts no matter how hard you try to wish them away.

How do you know he is not??? We were lead to believe that he would NOT be back for the finale and WHAMO there he was, When he was asked he declined to comment, why not just come out and say NO? And Kassie said well it needs to be addressed and that is all I am going to say about that! And if you RECALL The Real Todd is being held Hostage by Allison and since they are going by the last day of the show, Todd would still have to escape from Allison and make it back home to reclaim his life! The first show more than likely will not be Todd/Vic Jr show down with no telling about how he escaped etc…..Your right facts are facts and as the facts sit NOW HE is going back to GH IN A NEW ROLE = NEW CHARACTER try to wish that away!

****** Kassie was asked about Trevor and she said Well that is the last scene and we all seen he was alive so it needs to be addressed and that is all I am going to say ((or can say)) about that*******

It will be good to see OLTL period! Bur Im looking forward more to seeing Todd go back to GH!

Roger Howarth MIGHT go back to GH, but Todd is not. Howarth is a brilliant actor, but if you can’t get the characters to go with the actors, the actors lose alot of their value.

Hey now andrea his sister Tina was awesome with RH as todd.

To bad PP & ABC are destroying Todd & Starr

I agree…Roger and Kristen are so identified as Todd and Starr.

O hell yeah Viki/ todd and Dorian . now is viki Banks still or is Viki Buchanan?

enjoy the picture of ‘origianal Todd” cause it wont be played by Roger Howarth in oltl near future.

Sooooo, we have our soap back and all the history!!

Leave troll.. keep being smug. Exactly how long do you think GH is going to last on ABC, genius? Carlivati and Valenti were brought in to END THE SHOW with dignity, that’s what ABC said when they were hired. GH was kept over the HIGHER RATED OLTL, because GH was close to their 50th.. but now that their 50th has passed, all bets are off. The fact that GH is on a yearly renewal basis should tell you everything about ABC’s committment to a genre they are determined to discredit and destroy. IF PP decides to pick-up GH after ABC cancels it.. Roger Howarth as Todd.. will be right back where he belongs.. in LLANVIEW!

How often Howarth plays Todd is his decision! Howarth has clauses in his GH contract that allow him to play Todd on OLTL, they just have to schedule it. The fact that Howarth still lives in NYC, not LA.. probably bodes well for him splitting time between GH and OLTL, plus I’m sure he probably prefers working close to home. Howarth’s 1 year contract is set to expire soon.. I’m willing to bet if PP comes close to what GH is paying him, I think we all know which show he’d prefer working on!

With Howarth playing somebody other than the character he made ICONIC.. I wonder if he want to even renew with GH. Howarth played somebody different on BB, and it didn’t work.. he didn’t like it then, what makes you think he’s going to like it now? Howarth will get tired of not playing who’s he met to be, Todd Manning, and he’ll join PP soon enuff.

Crow while you can troll, it won’t last.


Warning…once you say R.H. is Todd a certain someone will find you and say TSJ is the real Todd, and it wont be me!!! lol P.S. when was RH on BB? I only remember him as Paul on ATWT b4 returning as Todd? Even if GH is cancelled so what…the same could happen at OLTL. PP is new and hasnt proven a success yet…they could always fail too. I want all soaps to succeed no matter what fans like or dislike. We should show a more positive attitude for all soaps, and show a little more respect to each other when disagreeing instead of silly immature name calling(its like being a bully)! and it gets us nowhere.

HI JIM!! I saw what you said so now I have to say my peace LMAO! I’m sorry AJ I do agree with most of what you say except for the RH being Todd stuff. Sorry but RH out of his 8 years on GH actually only played Todd for a couple of years because he bounced 3 times, he has never been loyal to the character or show as a matter of fact when he went to ATWT he said and I quote ” I am over joyed that I never have to play Todd Manning again” But when he loses his job then he wants to come back and claim a character he had no right too and because of that this completely idiotic 2 Todd story line was created to throw TSJ under the bus for someone who publicly berated the character more than once. RH’s version of Todd was dimensionless stale and predictable BORING and childish! OLTL wanted to grow up Todd and take him down an adult path….Enter Trevor! Trevor made Todd his own, they were finally able to write more complex stories for Todd because they had an actor that could pull it off, The Rape by Margaret, the Execution scene ((One of the best scenes in daytime history)) the prison escape and plane crash with John Etc, Sorry but this cartoon character RH plays is NOT Todd….
TTYL Jim!!

Well, this may sound like a shock but there ARE OTHER actors ~ I don’t know what all the fuss is about, honestly. Soap characters are roles played by ACTORS. If one actor isn’t available due to a contractual committment elsewhere, re-cast the role – it’s done constantly on Broadway and in Film as well. How many actors have played BATMAN in the movies and on television? It doesn’t mean the current actor/actress isn’t excellent in the role, it just means anyone can be replaced (in all aspects of life) from a floor Nurse to a Secretary to a soap character to the President of the United States. If the producers feel that the character of Todd is important to the storyline, recast Todd….the World will not come to an end.

Jeffrys reporting on Dorian should irk her in some way, and then she learns Jeffrys the long lost son of hubby David…news she’ll keep from him which later causes trouble in their marriage. Meanwhile its great to see THE REAL TODD with Viki. I know i should get some replies for that…its why i said it! LOL

That is funny Jim my friends and I were just saying the same thing about Jeffrey being David’s son LMAO!
TSJ = REAL TODD MANNING! There ya go Jim! TTYL!!

LMAO!!! I always read your reply to those who comment on R.H. is Todd with you saying TSJ is Todd, and being someone who likes to tease, even at my age, i decided to add R.H. is the real Todd just to hear you say TSJ is Todd. And with R.H. returning to GH as another character, he could still be the REAL TODD but in disguise. LOL! just kidding. By the way i liked how you figured it was Walker who was murdered and not the REAL VICTOR played by TSJ. lmaosm! I had to say that…oh i did!!!

Thank you so much Jim! I enjoy seeing your posts too and I hope they actually go with the Walker theory as it is very plausible! TTYL Jim!

Would love to eventually see Tina and Cord.

Totally agree – loved them!


A scene with Tina, Todd, Victor, and Vicki would be AMAZING!!! <33333

Why should I be excited? When he’s done, he’s getting on a plane and going back to GH and not coming back. He should have never even done any scenes at all on OLTL.

OLTL currently shoots on 7 week cycles, where they shoot for 7 weeks and then AMC shoots for 7 weeks. Conceivably, Howarth could do 7 weeks in NYC, where he lives.. and then do 7 weeks on GH, if he decides to return(his contract is expiring). I believe GH will be cancelled soon enuff by Soap Opera Hating ABC, until then I can live with getting Howarth part-time, til he’s back full-time.


Aria: I’m surprised at you! I have read your responses over the past year and a half and you are nover one to get so personal into conflict. Now you know Roger belongs on OneLife supporting that show and the fans who FOUGHT so hard to bring that show back to life. We fought for the show, BUT we especially fought for our FAVORITE CORE CHARACTER’S…….

ooooh, wash that mouth of yours! I don’t believe ABC is going to cancel GH. Not now. That backlash they got from cancelling AMC and OLTL and all the hassles since…. GH is a very wanted commodity. I highly doublt ABC would give it up to someone else.

ABC doesn’t care, they are set on producing cheaper shows in the afternoon. ABC didn’t flinch after they cancelled AMC and OLTL, despite our protests according to soap writer Sarah Bibel. ABC will do what they are doing with their other soaps, lease them out. When GH is cancelled, they won’t necessarily go to PP, before PP got their stuff together ABC was trying to reclaim the leasing rights, because other parties were interested, I have a feeling those other parties are going to get GH.

If not trying to be a downer, but Carlivati and company were hired to end GH with ‘dignity’, they said, GH was kept over a higher rated soap so they could celebrate their 50th anniversary, now that they have, I believe we are gonna see GH end this summer.

It’s 5 week cycles you don’t know everything.

I stand corrected, but I never claimed to know everything.. except Roger Howarth is the ONE and ONLY Todd Manning.


Does anyone know if Clint and Viki are together in the reboot?

I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out!!

I work at a newspaper, so that always gave me an extra reason to think OLTL was special… would always laugh when they showed things wrong for the business, and was glad when Todd went to Port Charles to see Star reading the Sun on an iPad.

It’s a little late to be having troubles at the papers (on soaps). We were hit hard when RE market and auto business nearly stopped – like 2008/2009 for a few years. But newspapers have evolved, not fallen off the face of the earth. We have online and print editions, and special marketing plans, offering a lot more content that is reader driven.

I’m sure the Banner and the Sun will survive, just as our business has…. my paper has had many evolutions, but has been in business for over 120 years.

After the first paragraph, Huh?

What does the other two paragraphs have to do with the content of what we are talking about?

Are you the REAL 1 love ABC soap? HI how are you it has been a while, Well what do you think about our fight to bring our soap back, I told you I would never give up and here we are counting the days till our soap is back, I for one am so happy, Good to chat with you again it has been a while. Hope to hear from you again So we can talk soaps.

my comments are regarding the story above that started all the comments… “Viki will be facing some issues in the publishing game…. “We’ll be looking at the fight that’s going on in the publishing world these days — how do newspapers survive in the age of the internet?

…new character of Jeffrey King just could help Viki through some hard times in the work place. Racina related, “He’ll become her star reporter… the storyline about the troubles in the publishing game…”

I’m just saying, they are like 4-5 years behind the troubles that newspaper business was having.

AND that the fact that Todd & Vicki were in the newspaper business has always made me be more interested in OLTL all these decades.

AND was glad they showed someone reading The Sun on an iPad… which is up to date with newspaper business having online counterparts.


I’m not going to say anything until the tell the story….

Good God!! Just reading everyone’s comments & storyline ideas has my heart Racing!!! OMG. It’s coming back! I JUST LOVE IT!!! I will add to a comment about PP could fail too. BRING ON DORIAN & VIKI , ADD THE BUCHANANS & ROXY& REX!! Oh yeah!! THE SHOW WON’T FAIL!! I can’t see how it could!!

Don’t forget the Vegas either!!

However u start the show out will work!!! Everyone! Is feeling the problems of change with the new Media versus newspaper. Paying your bills online instead of the sad situation about the postal service!! Lol. Listening to my mothers a hubby , who is pushing 80 ! Was telling me how the mail used to run TWICE A DAY!! Now they won’t deliver on weekends & from what I hear many post offices are closing! I love listening to their stories of how it used to be as I did the same with my grandparents as a small child. I texting away and guess what.. I DON’T LIKE DOUNG THIS!! I’d much rather call you up on the phone & tell you. Or READ the newspaper !! You can fold it & NOT LOSE YOUR PLACE & come back to it later much easier than remembering dozens of STRONG PASSWORDS!! Lol lol OLTL WILL BE FINE WITH WHATEVER RELEVANT STORY YOU START IT OUT WITH!! LETS GET OT ALL GOING!!

Glad to see these photos and….people seem so over confident that Roger won’t continue his epic character online….I wouldn’t be TOO sure about that until it’s clearly stated.

Hi Kim,
It has been reported that Him ME and KA are going back to GH In New Roles…..

If you reread everything carefully, it said that ABC is “trying” to do the same thing with Howarth and he “was wooed” by them. Additionally, it’s been reported that his own management and Roger as well are under the impression that he will return to GH as Todd, which does not seem to be possible under legal issues with PP. I think there’s more to this story, and one article that is regurgitated by the rest of the press was helpful but not the end of this saga.

First it was ALL 3 of them were put under contract BY ABC for 3 years….So why would ABC have to Woo someone they already have under contract? Those reports I believe came out before it was announced that the 3 of them are going back to GH in New roles, New roles mean New characters. Common sense says that since PP owns the characters and the 3 EX OLTL actors going to play New characters on GH that Todd Manning, John McBain and Starr Manning are staying on OLTL obviously with Recasts but that is fine with me……I think the only story left is exactly how much ABC lied to fans, the actors…..

Why is it that every thread regarding OL ends up being a negative, hate filled rant against GH? I want to enjoy my show coming back. Enough with the negativity please. Let GH fans have GH. I happen to believe that negativity breeds negativity. If we keep mentioning (or even hoping) that GH is cancelled, it will come back to bite us OL fans. Like I said l, let’s let GHers have their show and we have ours. Hopefully both will be entertaining fans for years to come. Enough with the hate. BTW – I wish Roger well. He isn’t a traitor, he is an actor. He wants to act. Different roles might appeal to him. Best of luck, Roger!

Roger Howarth was good when he stuck to his morals by not portraying Todd as a “good guy” when he was a rapist. Now he just goes with the flow on General Hospital. I realize he needs work, but I respected him alot when he stuck to his guns.

I have been a long time fan of both GH and OLTL. I have watched Roger on both shows and enjoyed him so much more on GH. I also watched him on ATWT’s and loved him. It doesn’t matter to me which show he ends up on I am a fan of his and I will watch it. With that said if none of the 3 in question end up on OLTL I will still watch it. I liked the show when it was on and it wasn’t about Roger, Michael or Kisten it was OLTL. Actually now it should be called two lives to live. I also like Michael Easton better on GH because I thought him and Kelly together were smoking hot but Michael was basically the same person on both shows so one way or another I will still be seeing him.
I read before Roger came to GH he signed a long term contract with GH in a soap mag at the grocery store. I don’t know how long a long term contract is on a soap but I was thrilled to read it. I don’t know if that contract would hold up now or not. I dont’ understand any of it. I know I read on two soap sites as of March 25th the fight between the two for the 3 actors was officially over and all 3 would be returnning to General Hospital. Again who knows if it is true just because a web site printed it. Whatever wherever I will be watching.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michael Easton (@iammichaeleaston)

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General Hospital

Lane Davies on Possibility of Extending His General Hospital Run: “I Would Be Totally Open”

This week, viewers are catching the re-teaming of Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn for the second time on General Hospital and the third time in their careers given their storied history as Santa Barbara’s Mason Capwell and Julia Wainright.

Previously, Nancy and Lane played opposite each other and shares scenes as Dr. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis back in 2002 on the ABC daytime drama series. Now in 2024, Davies takes on the role of Fergus Byrne, the brother of the late Neil Byrne, as Alexis tries to get her law license reinstated.

Speaking with TV Insider on his recent return to GH, Davies shared, “I know Nancy was wanting to work with me again. I ran into (former GH head writer) Patrick Mulcahey at (Santa Barbara co-creator) Bridget Dobson’s funeral and we had a lovely lunch together and a lovely visit and I think it was just the synergy of all those things coming together that did it. Patrick saw me and realized that I hadn’t completely deteriorated over the years and thought, ‘Well, this would be fun.”’

Photo: NBC

Lane also shared he isn’t closing the door for more episodes of General Hospital down the line were the powers-that-be to keep Fergus on the canvas.

The popular actor expressed,,”I would be totally open, but that’s all up to the writers and fans and producers and network people and I’m kind of out of that loop. But if it happens, grand.”

So, would you like to see Lane stick around Port Charles? Comment below.
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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Wraps His Run on General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, who has played Gregory Chase on General Hospital, has left the series.  As viewers saw, on the May 20th episode Gregory remembers his life, then seemingly went to asleep.

However, on today’s May 21st episode, is it revealed Gregory, who suffered from ALS, passed away in his sleep. Harrison brought with him extensive television and movie credits from Trapper John M.D., Falcon Crest and more before coming to GH.

Harrison joined the ABC daytime drama series in a recurring capacity back in November 2020 and signed a contract back in June of 2022.  A rep for the show confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Gregory’s exit was storyline-dictated.


Photo: ABC

In story, Gregory Chase was the estranged father to Finn (Michael Easton), as they had a complicated past. He also had a younger  son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory was also the grandfather to Violet (Jophielle Love). One of his last wishes was to see Chase and Brook Lynn (Amanda Set tie the knot.

Over the past few months before the character’s demise, he became close with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Tracy (Jane Elliot).

The death of Gregory Chase will certainly rock Finn and Chase’s world.

So, sad to know Gregory Harrison has departed General Hospital? Comment below.

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