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So just when is the final airdate of One Life to Live?



The question still remains now that AMC has announced their final airdate, just when is One Life to Live going off the airwaves in January 2012? Well according to Soap Opera Network, it is not as originally thought, which was first week of January on the 6th.  Now comes word from ABC spokesperson, Jori Petersen confirming to SON that the 6th is indeed not the correct final airdate.

Since One Life to Live is still scheduled to air its last episode in January,  that leaves January 13, 20 or 27, 2012 as the final options.   Of course, fans are hoping against hope that all of these dates will be wrong and One Life will have another life to live on the alphabet network, or somewhere else, but those days seem dim at this point.

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I hope they keep OLTL even if they have to do what other shows do and have no new shows during the Summer Like a season finale and a season premier Id still watch it. I do hope some other station picks it up though even Soapnet is going off the air and that stinks because when the soaps get interrupted by News Break ins etc we could watch the show again on Soapnet and see what we missed and re watch the whole week again not everyone has a computer to watch them on ABC.


taking soaps off the air would be like taking sunday night football off,the guys would go nuts. who watches t.v during the day,we’re all working,who wants fat mario batillo,or nymore crap shows, why doesn’t hbo take over soaps we pay for it anyway.

I have been watching One Life to Live all my life. That is the only good thing I remember as a child watching with my mom. Why are you taking it off? Putting a cooking show on!!! Stupid

I agree, I watch soapnet when the 2pm time is interrupted. I hate to see
this soap go off the air. Its almost older than me !!!!

geez laidys im a guy i have watched gh with my grandmother .wow i have watched one life since i cant remember a kid im 47 love one life to live wow hate the end

OMG what can be done to save one life to live this is my favorite soap i would hate to see it leave daytime tv will never be the same

I am sad. Very sad. I have been watching this soap since I was very little and I am now 40

Totally agree! This is the BEST soap on! I’m sooo upset with this decision, (not the smartest one), especially to replace it with ANOTHER COOKING SHOW! Isn’t that what all the food networks are for?! I’m going to need a box of tissues the last day! ABC will now be banned from my house,(deleting it from my menu)!! Boy, they sure did screw this one up! I’m going to start a petition to take football off…lol, like that would EVER happen….DISGUSTED!!!!

How can you take of OLTL!! You put stupid reality shows on about living in the wild, and how much food one person can cram in their mouth, and People traveling the world eating bugs, and kids in beauty pagents!! Get a grip people the reason why it is Day Time TV is we the audience of Day Time TV love our soaps. You want to take our soaps we want your FOOTBALL !!!!

Everytime I think of One Life To Live going off the air, it makes me sick. But I do promise the last day it’s on will be the last day I will be watching ABC.
That is the only station we watch at night and weekends, so after there is no OLTL on ABC I’m deleting ABC from my TV menu.

Why don’t ABC take GH off, it got away from it’s title years ago, stated out around doctors and nurses at the hospital, nows it’s all about the mob.

i agree 100% with you

amen sista!!

I have watched this soap for over 40 years. i tape it everyday. i really am sorry ABC has felt that this great soap needed to be killed. yes Gh should go. I was a Gh fan way back in the good old days . but it is so all about the mob and killing and cheating. it is not worth watching. So sorry One life i love you and going to miss you all.

i hear you i am 50 years old . I WILL NOT watch abc with whatever they replace All my Children and One live to live with though. I suggest we all do the same BAN ABC during our soap times.
That way there ratings will go down and know we mean businness.


i am 20 years old and have been watching it since i was little and it also makes me sick and very upset.

Agree 100%! No more ABC in my house either, EVER!! GH stinks!!!


According to OLTL wikipedia page the FINAL EPISODE has been set for JAN 13 2012

As for when , where and how to watch OLTL and AMC in the future online ( all you have to do is put in TOLN network )
there you can put in your e-mail and prospect park ( TOLN network ) will get the first annocements of all there : plans, airdates, shows, news, etc.

Just as the soap DALLAS is to start new episodes on TNT this summer after it has been off the air for 21 year’s , I hope that OLTL, AMC, GL, PORT CHARLES, RYANS HOPE, TEXAS, CAPITOL will one day return to tv and maybe some new ones , maybe when the economy gets better , or maybe prospect park will put there network on tv one day and have all these. I have not lost all hope this can happen down the road. I can not wait for DALLAS to return this summer.

Let’s just hope they leave DAYS, GH, Y&R, B&B right were they are at
ecept turn B&B into a hour.

Do not take oltl off the air it is my favorute show in the world, what’s going on, why is it going to be taken off anyway?

Save one live to live!!! The chew needs to go i spit that up

Please dont take OLTL off the air, it will be like taking the life out of soo many people. This is actually most families lively hood, I have paid for Soap Net due to working during the day for years just to keep up with my Soaps. I dont even watch the shows that are on TV at night or during the day not hardly even the news, because I cant wait to see the soaps….. this would just leave us with nothing to do at home at all anymore.. this show helps people in everyday life and in many ways that you guys will never know…. How do we potition?

i agree with general hospital i quite watching years ago , I thought about going back till they had that looked like some kind of a vamp on it . idk but it is almost completely off tittle and all about gangsters now omg I miss all my children and will miss otl as well I watch them while i fold my laundry now what am i going to do to keep me company whlile, any way good luck to all the wonderfull acters and actresses , wish yall the best and a happy new yr. thanks for all the great yrs. but there are plenty of good shows at night I really like the crime shows that are on nbc and cbs ..ncis, and its counter part , but i dont see how soaps help us in everyday life the crap they pull off would NEVER happen but is fun at times but i have enogh reall life drama waht i like about my shows it , it takes my mind off my own for a time.

As a life long viewer I am just sad. Sad that I have lost my two favorite shows and sad that daytime tv thinks that all we want to watch during the day is cooking, cleaning and decorating shows. If i don’t want to watch at night why would I want to watch during the day. I am confined to my bed many days, now the escape they want me to watch is how to better do things I have little ability to do on a good day. Where do i escape to now?!!!!!

Pleas get rid of steffy on bold and the beautiful she is cant act period , says all family and friends we stop seeing the soap to boring

I wish to hear that one life to live will not go off the air and Trevor St. John returns and faceoff with Todd… It just won’t be the same without One Life to Live, I have been watching for 25 yrs and I am 32 years old…

I agree. If they must cut some of OLTL then cut it so that it has time off like other shows do with a season finale and a season premier. I would still watch it. OLTL is the only soap I watch and I love it. I think it will be a huge mistake to cancel the show. ABC will be facing a lot of upset and disgruntled fans by cancelling OLTL and AMC though I don’t care for AMC personally. Please save OLTL please.

It’s just awful that oltl is going off the air. It is my fav soap. Nothing will ever replace it in my eyes. I have been watching oltl since is was young a & I am now 39. Very sad for my mother,sister and myself. Thanks to all the actors over the years who gave us so much!!!! Your characters will all be missed………..

One Life to Live would be a could compaion to Days on NBC. I One Life is infact going off Sony needs to snatch up Ron and Frank to Revive Days Please!!!!!

Hope against hope it will be picked up by another network but barring that..
right down to Jan 27th would suite me just fine (not really) but what can ya do.

Just as long as it doesn’t happen on my birthday week I will be ok. January 18th is my birthday. My luck they will have the last episode on January Friday the 13th! Frons can rot in hell for killing our soaps. ABC is for sure off my list of channels to watch. I will watch my soaps until they are gone and then I am outta there. buh bye ABC

I’m still holding on to some hope that TPTB will see the error of their ways. OLTL is just so good right now.

I just saw on SON’s website that OLTL’s official airdate for its last episode is January 20, 2012!

If they could just “kill” off Tia Delgato, or at least give her the mental diagnosis of Bi-Polar, many of us would be happy she’s OFF, B4 the final date. Her highs and lows are getting really boring. If I see this chick scream and cry BS tears one more time, I’ll be cheering the end vs. wishing her one life/part on the show ENDS! I’m sure I speak for many others.

@bea….really? So how long have u been a fanof oltl? Clearly either not long at all or u just dont know good acting when u see it. Been watching this show since I was 3. Many, many yrs an the worst actor ive seen is jack….no no good no matter how long hes been on. Im sure u really dont speak for many others.

you dont

I agree though I love to hate Tea lol as many do because of the old Blair/ Tea conflict with Todd Tea helps make the show. She has a major role in it and her tears and screams are not bs they are part of her story line. I agree that I don’t like the rold they have Jack playing and the kid playing him though not a horrible actor is the worst on the show though. Oh and I don’t like the new Cole either.

Of course, I am very upset about OLTL going off and supposedly on 9/26/11 and is
being replaced with yet another food show — who need anohter one of those??
I have watched General Hospital for years and must say I would have preferred it
going off instead of One Life To Live. Since the show has supposedly been picked
up by the internet — it would be appreciated if the fans could find out how and when
we will be able to catch up on this great show.

I don’t think The Chew will make it. It wii be canceled in the first season. There are to many cooking shows. Other than the soaps i don’t watch ABC.

The Chew has been on for a little while now and is an okay show. I just think it’s being picked up by the wrong channel. I think it would do well on The Food Network instead.

If the want to take a soap off the air. Take Obama off and leave the others alone, He always butts in during them and you miss your good shows.

@ Flying Dutchman, LOL I agree totally.

I just hope they dont take GH! Must admit i will miss one life to live and yea tea is getting on my damn nerves ugh.

I know that they just couldn’t leave All My Children like they left it. I know someone else has to pick it up. It was in a Rumor, that Oprah was going to pick it up on her station (OWN). It would pick her up some more good ratings. Don’t stop writing Agnes. You’re simply the best. Don’t let One Life To Live leave either. It would be the biggest let down in so many homes. Your faithful viewers are a part of the show now. This is their livelyhood. So many of “us” don’t have anything else to watch. We don’t want to watch all of the other shows that don’t have know meaning to them. These shows calm us down. We relax and relate to the shows. You should hear how all of the elderly women in nursing home reacts to the news. They feel like they don’t have anything left. The one thing they do, is still watch the soaps. Please don’t take away the 2 top show on the screen. Even I’m begging.

Listen, after every food critic/medical doctor/fitness guru tells you what to eat, how much to eat, that we eat TOO much …what is the purpose for another food show? I was getting tired of Erica’s stuff although, I wanted to see Babe be revived. Making JR the only loser how sad, the sister ending up with his son? Babe could have taken her own son and let the women do whatever? Stuart was nice addition, so was Brooke and Adam moving back. By the way was the implication of the show that JR shot Erica? Bad Cliche she was the Star. Also liked the pictures and scenes from yesteryears.

I will never watch ABC again after One Life to live leaves the air ways this inclues daytime & Prime time

ABC you cut your on thoasts

I agree with many posters to this board. There are way too many food/talk/medical shows. I really wish that someone would pick OLTL up and revamp it. Some of the old storylines need to die and not be rerezed. This show needs to go prime time. I hope Lifetime or USA would pick it up.

I agree totally and the one story line I would like to see gone for good is Mitch Lawrence as well as all of this visiting the past business. Other than those two things I love OLTL and will not watch ABC if they do indeed cut the show.

Please don’t take One Life To Live off , as a senior citizen many of us enjoy watching this wonderful show. So much is taken from us, please don’t take this pleasure from us. I have watched this show for over 30 some years and really enjoy it. How many cooking shows can people watch? Yuck!!! If this show leaves, I will not watch ABC at all nor will I take my grandchidrn to Disney Land or world Nor would I take a Disney Cruise. I hope Disney goes down the tubes.

I have been watching One Life to live For years . It is so much better than Days Of Our Lives . There is so many people i have talked to said they will not watch ABC again . One Life To Life is the best . I have watched All My Children for years also . but One Life To Life beat them . I just wish they could find some way to keep this on air

I thought i put One Life To Live not One Life to life sorry



Save the soaps please

No more talk shows please save the soap we angry the big people are not listings to us save one life to live for a long time and bring back all my children

Please please don’t take away OLTL have been a fan since the 70’s when I firsrt got married. These soaps on abc were my salvation when I was raising kids needed them for some relief. Have not watched the chew and never will how boring are these shows you can watch on any other channel. Every fan of these soaps need to send a message to these big stupid wigs that are doing this to us. We must stick togethter.

I cant believe that they are really going through with this I have been watching this show off and on since the begining. Now that im retired i watch itall the time and really hopethat they dont take it off and if they do i hope someone else picks it up. I would even watch it if oprah had it on her station.

come on ABC, don’t let the other networks beat you out. The Chew just doesn’t cut it, I’nm on another network at that time and if OLTL is taken off air, I’ll skip that time frame too. I have been a big fan of AMC, OLTL and GH but I lost interest in AMC and GH but never in OLTL. Please consider keeping it going. So much that can be done. PLEASE don’t take OLTL off the air,

I have been watching One Life to Live every day since I came to the USA, while working I have taped/dvr’ed OLTL. The soaps are a part of American culture, kinda like hot dogs and apple pie,baseball and popcorn…way to represent America ABC, another talk show..Lord Have Mercy! More judges, more cooks, more home decor shows…really? isn’t there enough of that already? Oh well, the great thing about America is that there is so much to choose from. So I can watch another channel – and delete this one as soon as OLTL goes off the air…Farewell ABC.

i agree strongly with you!!!!!

I agree with you. Why does every other interest group have a channel but they want to kill the soaps? You have the hunting/fishing, history, science, NatGeo, Food, HGTV, Hallmark, Lifetime Movies, OWN, BET, MTV, Military, not to mention all the sports channels. Why can’t we have our Soapnet? Are all these other shows free to produce? They must cost something! Can you imagine the uproar if suddenly there was no more football on tv? Yes, soaps are part of our culture & they are being destroyed. ABC is making a huge mistake.

one life to live is the best show ever!!!!i live for one life to live….its been on for years still a millon people watch it and your not satisfied how dare you be do damn greedy were in recesssion what did u expect pluse you keep takeing off the best people…i will never watch abc again..who wants to watch food channel over one life to live..get over it and keeep it on

Agree 100%. OLTL is the best & gets better every day. I cannot stand the thought of the last episode. I think I will record the last bunch of shows & just let them play every day at 1:00 just to keep Llanview with me. I’ve already told my husband ABC is off the DVR the day we lose OLTL, period.

I agree….goodbye ABC!

I completely AGREE I have NEVER and NEVER WATCH the chew and same thing goes with the revolution. I love GH and that will be the ONLY TIME ABC WILL BE ON ANY TV IN MY HOUSE NOW!!!!

I agree. I will no longer watch ABC. I don’t get to watch TV much
but I always make time for OLTL and AMC. I don’t think ABC really cares.
Bye ABC I have no use for you no more.

Please do not take off one life to live. I have been watching this show for 37 years. It is better than Days of our lives which had stories like Marlena being possessed by the devil. One life to live is more like real life.

You are so right! But we may only have DAYS, GH, and Y&R. Very very sad!!!

Just sitting here watching today’s OLTL & loving every second of it. I cannot help but notice the commercials for The View, The Chew & The Revolution. Besides the stupid names-Is ABC totally crazy? There shows are awful & just alike in format-too many hosts talking over each other, loud, annoying-studio audiences screaming & yelling-who wants to see this all day? Most of these hosts already have other shows anyway & don’t need new ones & Lord knows I know why I gain weight & how the hell to lose it already. I am invested in my soaps, I watch every minute, every single day-sometimes watch again at night on Soapnet just because I love them that much. Soaps are comforting because they are always there no matter what else is going on in this crazy world. Every other interest group has “their” own channel but soap fans are treated like second class citizens. Losing our network soaps & Soapnet. Why, why, why? I woke up this morning excited thinking “yea, a new week full of my shows!” That gets me up in the morning. Nobody could feel that way over the stupid Chew, that’s for sure. GH will be cancelled any day now to make room for darling Katie Couric who has been on every other network-now moving in on ABC. How much salary are they paying her? I am so beyond disgusted by this-just absolutely sick & frustrated.

You are so right! The stupidity of the executives at ABC is deplorable. I completely agree with your comment on the nonsense CHEW. I find it totally stupid and very ignorant. I only watched it once and the things they say and do are just plain DUMB. Half the time they are so incorrect it isn’t even funny! Who would listen to that group of buffoons if they seriously wanted to cook? Besides, as I commented, the people that really need to learn how to cook are too busy running their kids around to actually sit in front of a cooking show! PLEASE!!
Hopefully they will wake up and realize what a mistake it is before it’s too late.


Is there something we can do to make ABC understand how important these shows are to a large segment of the population?
Are there commercial products we can stop buying. Get them in their pocket book. After all money is their bottomline!
Anyone have any ideas??

if there is we can do to make abc soaps one life to live and all my children save and is always being on abc we got to make it stop buying and focus on saving our abc soaps and coutiue to keep one life to live and all my children will be saved before 2012

My brother was laid with his leg and he started watching OLTL & GH and he got my mother and I hooked on them…been watching them sence Star was alittle one.Watched her grow up as if she was my own..going to hurt not seeing her and the rest anymore.It’s like the saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it..ABC is going to lose alot of watchers I for one!!

I have been watching soaps for almost 50 yrs! High School, college, new marriage, new babies, later years when returned to work, now in retirement! They have always been MY interest, just as my husband has his sports! From the complaints I have read and currently see, MANY people are very upset that they are being cancelled.The stories have always revolved around current issues and events. They are not only love stories! To replace them with ridiculous cooking shows, etc. is, to put it plainly, stupid. THE CHEW is a joke and I wouldn’t watch it again for anything. How many cooking shows do there have to be? I love to cook, but to watch a show is stupid. Besides, those who need to learn to cook are too busy running around with their kids or working to tune in. The decision to cancel this soap and the other was very very foolish!

I do have to say I was extremely pissed on how AMC ended for a week me and my mom sat here and tried to tie GIGI(Stacy) to David Hayward’s bag of tricks since everyone knew Babe wasn’t coming back. I am very upset that OLTL is going off this is really an outrage!!! I have been running daycare with my mother for 8 years now and OLTL is our only escape now and we have scheduled nap time accordingly! I really hope that everyone stops watching ABC or atleast the chew and the revolution because maybe they will realise how many viewers they lost. Hoping and Praying **** Crossing Fingers***

I only watch OLTO on ABC now that they took off AMC, When OLTL goes off I am done !!!! .

AMC was getting boring, but that stupid Chew is worse……I like OLTL…..

When I heard OLTL was going off the air I thought it was a mistake. I still cannot believe it is true. What is wrong with ABC ?? I know there are a lot of followers for this show. Is there anything that can be done? How many viewers do they need to keep it on the air. Since they say there are not enough viewers how about all the fans of OLTL never watch anything on ABC again. Lets see if that will put a dent in their ratings. When I have a bad day OLTL makes it all better because for that hour I am not thinking about my problems. Me and my Mother-In-Law says it is our “fix” Lets continue to let ABC know we are done with them.
Nothing can take One Life To Live’s place ! Nothing !


Please dont take them off the life to live I grew up on im 48 yrs old now.thats all I watch on soap net channel when come from work. Ya should of kept it on thst channel instead if taking them off. Those cooking shows no one wants to watch them.if they dont nonno how to cook then have them buy some cook books.

I’m 46 and I remember when Victoria Lord was married to Kevin and Joey’s father Joe Riley and Clint was working at the Banner for Joe Riley. If OLTL and AMC can go off what is sustaining Y&R ans B&B

I have been watching OLTL for as long as i can remember. I just love it, the story, the characters. Why can’t NBC put it on at 2:00pm instead of we the people, that is so silly. The show is taped in New York and i am sure another network could take it over since ABC does not have a strong signal and i have to watch it on the computer. PLEASE reconsider taking OLTL off the air. We Love it.


One life to live is the best show ever i have been watching it for a long time. I am really upset that it will be going off the air im almost tempted to never watch channel 30 again.

I agree , the chew is a waste of airtime!! Oh all we need are more reality shows! Give me a break, I can’t believe their taking these soaps off the air. I know their kind of corny, but do we need another how to show? The chew and right after that their going to give us health tips? Ohh that’s great! I hope ABC crashes, can’t wait to see the afternoon viewing tank! Can you give me one show that has been on for 35 years? I see ABC kicking themselves in the ass!

Yes, so sick of these “reality” shows which are anything but real and who cares what these people have to say anyway. ABC is going to the dogs. They deserve to lose their viewers.

SOS please. I have been watching since I was a little girl.I will miss this show dearly.It puts me in a better mood when I watch.So sad.

Wish One Life To Live wasn’t being taken off the air. Look what they replaced All My Children with: another cooking show, that is so boring/ no comparison to the already cooking shows that air in abundance. Andersoon Cooper is a good show, but it’s showing reruns much to quickly.
It’s seems every time there is something on television that the publis enjoys, and I might add, watching for years, the networks pull it.
It makes one question the movtives of the networks. My conclusion: greed.
I have access to both regular t.v. and cable. and I’m so disappointed with the shows that are made for us to watch.
Wonder what would happen if the the networkds and cable executives actually listened to public.


I think One Life to LIve is the best soap made. I will miss it and I refuse to watch the revolution. ABC won’t be watched in this house after the last day. Its sad. I grew up with Vicky and Dorian. Watched them when I was sick from school. They became my friends when I was in the hospital through the holiday months. Think again ABC. You need us, and we are about to abandon you if you abandon us.

I hope someone takes everything away from all the people that have made the decision to take AMC and OLTL of the air. That way they will know how we feel. I have recorded all my shows for years and come 9:00 everynight I can be found in my room watching them. This is part of my life. I can relate to some of the story lines and would like to relate to most of them. My friends and I talk about whats going on, on the shows during lunch everyday. When they are gone what are we supposed to do every day? Its just not fair.

Taking off the soaps for CHEW???? Get real!!!! I have been watching OLTL since it aired and I was a junior in high school. I am now 58!!!! I love getting to know the characters and really enjoy the plots…even the far fetched ones….Eterna!!!! The airing of the last show will be a sad day!!! I guess I will try out General Hospital again. Such a young cast though.


I can’t stand the ” The Chew” we want our OLTL to stay on the air!

Please keep OLTL on the air, it’s better than any other soap!

What a shame to take off the soaps on ABC. The Chew is horrible and doesn’t leave you wanting to return and see it again. There are so many issues that the soaps address. Now One Life to Live is also leaving ABC. Shame on the network for trying to copy other networks. Since All My Children I have been watching other soaps on different networks. I just hope that the internet picks up the two from ABC.

They are and have been watched for decades and even college students and new viewers and husbands get hooked.

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Share your well-wishes and speedy recovery for Joe in the comment section below, and let us know if you would like to see him back on The Bold and the Beautiful or another soap in the near future.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023