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Steve Burton Farewell Y&R Interview: His Last Scenes, His Tough Decision, His Co-Stars, His Emotional Storyline


Photo Credit: Ed McGowan / Plain Joe Studios

After a four-year-run on the number one rated daytime drama, Emmy winner Steve Burton’s final Y&R episode aired Friday.  Taking with him the character of Dylan McAvoy that had become integral to the canvas, whether it be via love stories, baby dramas, or familial ties.  As fans of the soap world know, Steve took to social media back in October of 2016 and made the announcement that he decided to end his time in Genoa City when his current contract was up.

In his home-stretch at Y&R, not only did Burton deliver “Emmy worthy” scenes as the beleaguered and duped husband who finds out that his wife, Sharon (Sharon Case), has kept a huge secret – that “their” child Sully is really the presumed dead baby Christian – but he also got to spring into action-mode as an undercover cop, taking on the persona of Derek Young to bring down an evil drug lord and syndicate.

With Steve’s family living full-time in Nashville; daughter Makena (13), son Jack (10) and the littlest Burton of them all, Brooklyn (2 ½), and his wife Sheree, Burton was certainly pulled in opposite directions with his on-screen life filming Y&R in Los Angeles, and his other life in Tennessee.  In this farewell interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Burton reveals the difficult decision he faced in making the choice to exit a role at a show that he loved, and with that the family he leaves behind at the CBS Television soundstages.  He also opens up about the emotional challenging last year and a half for him for him, personally, and how being at Y&R helped him channel those feelings into delivering those tearjerker performances over the last several months.

In addition, Burton candidly fills us in on:  what it was like to film his last scene, what he thought of getting to play “Dylan undercover”, and his thoughts on his soap-famous scene partners: Sharon Case (Sharon), Joshua Morrow (Nick),  Doug Davidson (Paul), and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki).  So now, with one last look back, and a look ahead, here’s what Steve shared.

I don’t know what the audience is going to do after today by not having you on our daytime TV screens!  I think, myself and others are going to do go through massive “Burton” withdrawal!  You have been such a huge part of our daily soap-viewing habits for a long time.


STEVE: (Laughs)  Hey, you never know what may happen in life.  You know that, especially in the soap world!

This final Y&R storyline where Dylan goes undercover, how did it all come about?

STEVE:  Mal Young (executive producer, Y&R) and Sally Sussman (head writer, Y&R) obviously planned the story.  Mal came up to me and told me, “We are going to give you a great story to finish up.”  I thought it was awesome!  As soon as I started playing the character of Derek everybody was like: “We should have done this four years ago!” (Laughs)  Because I was having fun with it, and I got to show a new side of me that the fans got to see.  At the beginning, when I walked on set half of the people didn’t recognize me, including half the crew.  (Laughs)  So, it was a lot of fun.  I have much respect for Mal and Sally to give me that to depart with.

When I first saw one of your social media postings with your goatee, prior to your on-screen debut as Dylan’s alter-ego of Derek Young, I thought, “What’s up with Steve’s new look?  What is going on here?” (Laughs)

STEVE:  When I was done at Y&R and playing Derek, I had shaved the goatee down to a moustache, and my wife was not having it.  She said, “No way!  Shave that thing off… or get the hell out of here!” (Laughs)


So in the storyline a surprising turn occurred when Dylan (AKA Derek) made the decision to have sex with Alex (Jessica Webb).  There was also a moment where he might have to try the goods the drug ring was selling and smuggling to not blow his cover.  How did Dylan arrive at the decision to hit the sheets with this woman?

STEVE:  Dylan did not plan on that happening.  Taking an undercover assignment such as this one, I think he knew that something might be involved like testing the drugs, etc.  You know, if you are going undercover you have to roll with it until you blow your cover, or you’re dead, or something else happens.  I don’t think Dylan was planning on it, but mentally and emotionally, obviously from the whole baby Sully/Christian reveal, Dylan was having a very hard time with things.  He went undercover.  His mission was to get Fisk (Scott Speiser).  At that point, he has to do what he has to do, or blow the cover.  It was definitely a struggle for Dylan.

You have received many accolades from soap pundits, and fans, for your gut-wrenching performances in the baby Sully storyline – who is revealed to be baby Christian- and the fall-out from it.  The scenes between you, Sharon Case, and Joshua Morrow were riveting. What was unique about this experience, and how you immersed yourself into the story?


STEVE:  I spent a lot of time at the studio, and I had some things happen in the past year and a half in my life that weren’t great, emotionally.  As an actor, you hate to go to that place all of the time, and that is why some of these method actors often get burned out, or go crazy. The benefit of spending so much time at the studio was I did not have to rush off to my son’s baseball game, or letting life get in the way of your job, sort of speak, which it does. Everybody has a life, and it does get in the way, but in this case I had the luxury of focusing on the story and spending time with it, and spending time on the set, and probably doing what guys who do movies do, and really get to dive deep into a story.  As opposed to, “OK.  Let’s tell this story, and I have to be out of here at 6, because I have to be some place.”   With my family being in Nashville I could focus on the work.

I will say, over your entire career you have given some terrific performances, your work when Dylan finds out that Sully is not his bio-son, and the lies and deceit surrounding it, was some of  your best work, ever.  And for those in the viewing audience, whether you loved the character of Dylan, or didn’t love the character, because of your portrayal, you could not help feel for this guy and shed some tears.  What did you think of your work in it, when all was said and done?


STEVE:  I don’t know, because I don’t watch myself.  It is really hard as an actor to judge a scene when you are done with it, because you are going through such emotional stuff, anyway.  So for me, it’s always special when the crew guys come up and say something.  That means a lot to me, because, really they are there to do their job, and for them to come up to me and go, “Hey man, that was an amazing scene,” that is when you feel good about your work.

You and Sharon Case became known as the popular on-screen duo of Shylan.   You shared so many emotional scenes together.  What can you say about your time working with Sharon?

STEVE:  Sharon is always there, and we work great together, and had a great working relationship together.   She is always there in it.  The one thing I don’t think people know about Sharon, except those who may know her outside of work, is that she always comes to work super happy.  There is no drama, nothing.  She is always positive and it’s such a pleasure to be around.

So as viewers saw in must-see moments this week, Dylan came back to see Sharon after his cover his blown, and he survives being killed by Fisk and his henchmen.  He is a targeted man now. Why did he risk coming back to see her?


STEVE:  I think Dylan came to see her, because he knew in the back of his head, he is going to have to take off to protect everybody.

What was the final scene that you taped that ended your run on Y&R?

STEVE:  The final scenes were with Sharon, Paul (Doug Davidson), and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).  The last scene is Sharon watching me at the door, and I walk off into the snowy fog.

How was it saying goodbye to Doug Davidson on-screen as your dad, Paul? 

STEVE:  It was horrible, and it was painful.  I could barely get through it.  It was tough.  I could barely talk, and I have never had that happen in my life.

You and Doug became very close during the four years you were at Y&R. What was his reaction when you told him you were going to leave?


STEVE:  He was very sad, but he understands I want to be with my family.  Doug said, “Selfishly, this sucks!”  It’s not an easy decision to make.  Obviously, if you are choosing between your family and this job, you are obviously going to pick your family.  But I will say, working at Y&R for four years felt like family, so leaving was extremely difficult.

Upon reflection on your decision now, and being away from LA since you wrapped at Y&R, do you stand by your decision as this was the right choice for you at this point in your life?

STEVE:  You get into such a routine.  My routine was going to work, then flying home, then coaching football, and getting stuff done for the two days I was In Nashville, and then I had to fly back out to L.A.  So, while you enjoy your time at home, you never had a chance to sit down and take a deep breath and go “I don’t have to do anything.”  Being home has been amazing, and waking up with my little girl in our bed is awesome.  These are the reasons why I made the choice to leave Y&R.  Just doing stuff with my oldest daughter like taking her to piano lessons that is our routine, as well as things with my son.  It has been hectic since I got home, but this is the first week, after all the holidays and other businesses that I am involved in, that I have had a chance to breathe.

Photo: SBurtonInstagram

What happened when you told your on-screen mom, Melody Thomas Scott, that you had chosen to exit the series?

STEVE:  She wasn’t very happy.  It’s tough going to another show, and people were so accepting of me at Y&R.   I felt like I fit in pretty early on with the story, and working with Doug and Mel, and of course Joshua Morrow (Nick), who I have known for years. It’s definitely bittersweet … it really is.

You and Joshua Morrow are such good buds.  It was so fun watching your dynamics, and yet, the two of you were able to pull off this contentious relationship as half-brothers, and play those complex scenes.  I think Joshua is underestimated, at times as an actor, but the guy always steps up and delivers 100 percent.

STEVE:  I love Josh, obviously.  If you are not super over-the-top in daytime, sometimes you don’t get the accolades, but Josh is a very natural actor.  He is in the moment, and that’s what we are supposed to be.  I have seen that guy do tremendous work.  I have always loved working with him.  He is the number one clown in America, for sure.  We have had scenes where I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t do them.  He is the constant joker, which is great.  He is a great friend of mine, and will always be.

I remember you appeared on The Talk, officially announcing you were coming to Y&R.  Confetti rained down!  It was so cool that for a soap star CBS rolled out the carpet like that for you.  They knew what they had in bringing you to the day-part after an over 20-year-run on GH, and the name value you bring with you.  When you look back at your four-year journey at CBS Daytime and Y&R, what is your takeaway? 


STEVE:  I remember when all that happened.  It was very exciting as an actor to do something new.  That is why we get into the business … to do different things as an actor.  I was excited to tackle this new character of Dylan McAvoy.  I had known half the cast at Y&R before I went over there, and Y&R was always the show that we would watch and look up to when I was on General Hospital.  It was always the one show we were going up against, and it was, and has been, obviously, number one for a long time.   I was very humbled by what The Talk did.  Now for me, that’s a bit over-the-top. (Laughs) I always get a little embarrassed about that stuff.  I got there and all I wanted to do, and I said this to myself: “I’m starting here, and this is a new job. I’m going to work as hard as I can, and do what I do, and try to earn people’s respect around here, instead of: ‘Hey, I was somebody else on another show.’”   I think that resonated with people.  Peter Bergman (Jack) said when I finished at Y&R, “I have never seen someone come in so professionally and do their job.  It was an honor to watch that.”   It was nice to hear.  Then you start working and meeting people, and you make friends and have those relationships.  It was just an amazing, amazing, four years.  Some of the best times I have ever had.  There are different seasons in life.  People move on and do something else.  Being on Y&R was a four year season in my life that I didn’t necessarily want to end, because it was so awesome.  When I made the decision to move to Tennessee, I also knew in the back of my mind: “someone might not hire you ever again, because you live 2,000 miles away and you make yourself geographically unemployable to a degree.”  There was talk about moving back, but I don’t want to raise my kids in California.  I definitely don’t regret the decision to move here.  I think it’s the best thing for my family.  So for now, this is what we are doing.  But I did have a great run at Y&R.

The final moment that aired today with Dylan walking off into the snowy fog, certainly left the door open that he can come back!  Are you glad it was written this way?


STEVE:  Yes, it was so cool that they chose to do something like that.  Mal Young was very into this last story beat.  He said “Do something different.”  So, I cut my hair different, and had the goatee.  Then the wardrobe department gave me all of these great clothing options.  It was so cool, and I got right into the role of Derek.

You are always busy with your outside projects, being the entrepreneur that you are.  You launched Hollywood Schooled for young actors wanting to start their careers in Tinseltown, and more.

STEVE:   Yes.  I have Hollywood Schooled, and I have my restaurant here in Nashville, Jack and Jameson’s, and in February it will be a year old, already!

You run it with that guy … let me think … his name is … Jonathan Jackson (Avery, Nashville, Ex-Lucky, GH)? (Laughs)

STEVE:  Yeah!  With that guy! (Laughs)  I also have beer bars in Chicago and Pittsburgh, and we are starting to franchise those.  I was just up in Cleveland meeting with some people to potentially open 2 or 3 more locations.  So, I have a lot going on. Then I am going to focus on health and fitness, which has always been a passion of mine, and that is good, because I have never really had the chance to do that.  I am going to shortly be launching some nutrition supplements in the next few weeks.  So … I have had a lot going on, man!

Will you consider doing primetime episodic work, or motion pictures, where it’s not as demanding on your schedule as a leading role on a soap opera?

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STEVE:  Being here, and auditioning is definitely a challenge.  So if something does come up, I always love to act and that would be amazing.  We are just taking it day by day.  I got a manager again, and I will probably get an agent and go out there, and see what happens.

Watching your final scenes air today on Y&R, I was wondering what it must have been like for you when you walked off the set for the last time.  How were you holding up?

STEVE:  It was very emotional, and a very emotional day.  Then I had a going away party, which was cool, and then I was looking forward to coming home to start the next chapter, but it was tough, man, after the last scene. It is tough leaving a place you love.

Has your wife Sheree watched you as your undercover alter-ego Derek Young?

STEVE:  She saw a picture of Derek, and she really didn’t mind the Derek picture at all.  (Laughs)  I was just telling her I was sitting down to do the interview with you, Michael. She said, “Oh, I want to watch the last couple of shows!” So, we will probably do that together.

Overall, did you have a favorite storyline from your run on Y&R, or something that you found the most challenging?


STEVE:  I think the last year has been most challenging for me.  Not a lot of people know, but my dad passed away a year and a half ago.  The last year was tough in my personal life, and the saving grace as an actor is you go through life and things like that, and you get to put that emotion into story. Most people don’t get to do that unless they are in some deep therapy.  It’s an amazing gift to release that emotion in a story like that. I would also say when I first got on the show, it was a great story.  They really gave me a great entrance.  It was wonderful working with Jessica Collins (Ex-Avery), and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), and Joshua Morrow in the beginning there.  I really can’t complain about any of the stories I have had the opportunity to tell at Y&R

This week you received a pre-nom for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for your work, and are in the running into the blue ribbon round for a Daytime Emmy.  Will you show up at the ceremonies on April 30th if you are nominated?  It would be a wonderful opportunity for all of us in the community to see you again.

STEVE:  If I am nominated, of course, I will show up at the Daytime Emmys.


We have to end this with some final thought to the fans.  You are great with them, you answer them via social media, you touch base with them, and you give them glimpses into your world.  What would you like to say to them for their continued support?

STEVE:  I am the biggest proponent of the fans.  If we didn’t have them, the fans, we couldn’t do what we do.  I am always so grateful and appreciative. So THANK YOU! And, we will see what’s comin!

So, what did you think of the way the character of Dylan was written off the canvas? Steve’s final storyline?  Will you miss Steve as Dylan?  What did you think of the sentiments he shared about his co-stars, his time on Y&R, and his emotional performances?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below, but fitst watch Steve’s final on-screen moments as Dylan says goodbye to Sharon.

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Sorry to see SB go I think he was terribly written on Y&R his character was all over the place, they should’ve never made him Paul & Nikki’s son it was just a desperate rewrite to connect him to the Newmans. I wish him well in his future endeavors.

I was so saddened when I realized SB was leaving. Of course I immediately came here to get the scoop, and Michael did not let me down!!!!!
Miss getting emailed this link. Love ya, Michael 🙂

I will miss Dylan a lot and the obvious professionalism and emotion he brought to Y&R. I admire him for knowing his first responsibility is to his family — and not being selfish about his career success. I sincerely wish Steve and his lovely family much joy and happiness. God speed.

FANtastic interview, Michael. This, along with Young and the Restless’ send-off today of Steve and his character Dylan, I will say LOTS of kleenex was involved. My best of wishes to Steve Burton and his family.

Steve Burton is an absolute class act! Tremendous actor who definitely deserves the Emmy this year! My all-time favorite who I will miss greatly.

I have always like Steve Burton on GH and Y&R and I hate to see him leave but in the meantime I am very happy for him and his new adventures in life. Steve, you have a beautiful family and I have so much respect for you for you put their family first…GOD bless you and your family with many blessings.

So well said, Kevin. I, too, am a “fan” of SB’s work on both shows. I REALLY liked his work at the end of his Y and R run. Writing much better for Dylan. But, I liked him throughout the 4 year run. I have absolutely no problem with writing Dylan as Nikki and Paul’s son. I liked that aspect (especially since I love MTS and DD!) It gave us more opportunities to see three stellar actors. All the best to SB. Sounds like he’ll we a busy guy.

Thank you Mollie and I also agree with you regarding MTS and DD…

A the least Steve/Dylan finally got some great scenes, at the end. And- he got himself some strange lol ..
((he should have gotten many stories as his end from day one))

Sad for Steve, seems he was between a rock and hard spot. He chose wisely, family.
I’m sue he will be doing projects suitable for himself and family..

One good thing is Sharon is gonna suffer heh .. She might go bonkers and lose her hair from grief and stress lol I can only hope she does her crying off screen and is put on backburner now that Dylan is gone..

I’m sure Dylan will be recast by coming fall. That will be really good or really bad, looking forward to whom it will be..
Until then Y&R will have months of ‘where is Dylan and crying..

And for godsake- keep Nick away from Sharon. I can’t think of anything more awful than recycling that couple once again- {{{cringe ..
(besides. Sharon would be a great old maid ..

Anyways– Y&R needs more adventurous stories like Dylan’s last hurrah ..
There would be need to bring in he-man characters (Arnold Schwarzenegger type lol) because the men of Y&R are not the he-man adventurous types ..

Steve is very talented and will do well..
looking forward to seeing him in his next career. We will see him again.

I get that sneaking suspicion, su, that you envy Sharon’s hair. HaHa. Sharon Case has beautiful, healthy, lustrous hair.
And, an Old Maid implies never having been married. So…..
Ahhh, shucks, su….poor Sharon. She has been through the ringer and is still standing. Admirable, don’t you think?
Yes, I do agree that Dylan should be recast, as I have said many times. I just hope nuDylan and Sharon will complement each other. The best gift for Dylan would be coming back to GC ( out of hiding with a new face) to find Sharon having given birth to his child. Surprise!!!!! Poor guy; he deserves a baby after the loss of how many?….four? Or three?

Hi CC !!
Yes- It is all set for a new face Dylan#2 ..
Being in the witness program he will get a new face (gorsh didn’t see that coming lol
It would be great if Dylan came back with a wife like the hot woman he got to play sex with before he left, they sizzled!

I wish Sharon would have went him and was recast with a new face too .
00ooh her shocky googly eye thing she does that makes her look like she stuck her finger in a light socket ! when she does that it’s always good for laugh, I’d miss that ahaaa!

Poor Dylan, he should just give up on the daddy thing. Another baby for him would, without a doubt, be baby drama again. That’s what babies are for- baby drama.
I’ll miss seeing Steve. He has been in soap land for 3 decades.

The Sharon character’s hair is a rip-off of Marsha Brady as is her mini skirt ( now I hear the Brady Bunch theme lol) even 2017 Marsha Brady wouldn’t wear that teen du or wear mini skirts because that is so not right LOL

Oh, SuzieQ, “my gorsh” is right!!!! You just crack me up. You make it impossible for me not to love you, and your remarks.
I must admit Derek and Alex did steam up the window panes…..
How about a baby from her? Alex will search hither and yon looking for her baby’s father, Derek. Her search will bring her face to face with Sharon (Marcia Brady, lol) who also has a baby, Dylan’s….. Lo and behold, the babies are identical. HaHaHa!!!!!

I love minis—depends who’s wearing them!!
Keep writing, su. You forever entertain me.

I have to say Steve Burton really impressed me with his final few weeks. I have always had an issue understanding why everyone else thought he was so terrific as an actor. I have always found him a little dry and devoid of emotion BUT these last two to three weeks he has really shown his skill at his craft. I am sorry he had to go but I respect his desire to be close to his family. I wish him much success in his future work endeavors and if he is nominated for the daytime Emmy he will be deserving, especially with the excellent work he has completed on Y&R.

I agree.

The character of Dylan (and the writing) was as confused as the GH Franco mess. He was a mensch for hanging in there but the writers and JFP didn’t do him any favors.

I agree that his character (and the actor) seemed more engaging these last few months . After four years of let’s-try-this it all seemed to gel. Pity.

Dylan was a disaster from the get-go thanks to the writing: that “special rock” he left on The Undergound bar to let Avery Bailey Clark know he was alive; his 20 minute bout with PTSD — a topical and serious storyline that should have been explored deeper and revisited over the course of his time on the show; being tricked twice — TWICE! — into thinking he was a father; his romance with Avery Bailey Clark whose on-line cooking show stalker led to the reveal that he was Paul and Nikki’s ret-conned secret, sainted cult baby; no matter what the situation he ALWAYS had some experience that could be applied to save the day; his belief that he and Sharon should have a place in Christian’s life just because they raised a kid that wasn’t theirs for a year. And as if those plots weren’t bad enough, the writers never allowed Dylan to have any flaws which made the character insufferable.

Good luck to the actor but let’s leave the character off-camera for good.

Alan…you said it PERFECTLY!!!!! Dylan’s time IS UP!!!!! SAYONARA!!!!!

I completely agree – the character of Dylan was not written very well although the possibilities for great storylines were abundant… His returning Vet story could have been great, his PTSD story could have been great but these stories where just hung out to dry without completion! It seemed that JFP was more interested in parachuting her FOJ into a legacy family rather that giving him a great story that could have eventually involved Avery, his one true love, although it did identify him as someone who could willingly take another mans wife so not “true blue” (very soapy story possibility). The Dylan character did come to life in his last week – too little too late! Best of luck in Nashville and the restaurant and bars!

What a great interview! I truly enjoyed reading it, and I only read it tonight after having watched Dylan’s swan song on Y&R. What Burton says here in this interview only validates what I felt about his performance as the angst ridden, sensitive, loyal and loving character he played. What I have always felt about Burton is he can act with those gorgeous steel-blue eyes of his. He can emote without saying a word.
His expressions are powerful as all hell. And Sharon Case certainly rose to the bar he set.
Dylan left GC with grace and beauty. It was well handled by the EP and writers and beautifully delivered by the actors.

I agree…what an awesome interview. I just watched Steve’s last episode on Y&R, and I cried like a baby. I absolutely adore him; what a great actor. Loved him on General Hospital as well. I will miss you on the show, but I wish you the best of luck and beautiful blessings in your personal life. God has great things planned for you.

KUDOS to Mal Young, Sally Sussman, for giving Dylan (an actor SB) a heart wrenching but riveting exit storyline. And to leave it open to the possibility of Dylan’s return. I was an instant fan of the new character, Dylan, the moment he showed up in Genoa City and bumped into Sharon at Crimson Lights and she spilled coffee on his coat. How he connected with all the Genoa citizens or characters over the years or four years always made an impression on me. I, especially loved his relationship with mother and daughter, Sharon and Faith, how they all bonded when Dylan was hired to fix Sharon’s kitchen roof and Dylan started doting on little Faith and Faith was smitten and started following Dylan around while he worked fixing Sharon’s roof. Sharon welcomed Dylan into her life and Faith’s and they all became friends after. Dylan always remembered the first home he was welcomed into, that is Sharon’s. He was Sharon’s friend always and he was a friend who stood by her when no one else would when Sharon lost custody of Faith and again when Sharon was being framed for the cabin murder mystery. Dylan defended Sharon against people who were really eager to call her a murderer without proof, especially her ex-husband, Nick. I followed Dylan’s stories the whole four years on Y&R and Dylan was truly the good guy and he deserved some happiness and I feel that Sharon, Faith, and Mariah truly became his family, too. I became a Huge Shylan fan, too. I will definitely miss the actor, Steve Burton, and his character, Dylan, and his warmth, protectiveness, of people he loves and especially his love for Sharon. Shylan surpassed any other coupling for the character, Sharon, in my eyes. And, it is all due to both great actors, SC and SB. I hope Sharon survives losing Dylan. I am glad Sharon has her adult children, Mariah and Noah, to help her grieve for Dylan.

Well I am grateful they didn’t do the standard is Dylan dead or not story line– where everyone thinks he is dead but there is no body– so this was a nice change of pace, although it was bit unbelievable to think that the “feds” could not take down Frisk without the help of a rookie undercover cop from GC—- really the feds don’t have any agents trained in deep undercover work who could have done the same thing? But other than that one false note, the story worked—

The character Dylan was so ill conceived because it wasn’t a character organic to the story at the time, but one created just for him–if Nikki and Paul had a child that had been part of the history of show, it would have worked, but reinventing history like that – never goes well. Another example of this is Katherine having this child Tucker and then making Devon his grandchild–epic fail— stick with the real history, there is enough real history to mine that writers don’t need to go back and make up new things.

as for SB–I wish him well– life goes by quickly and as the saying goes, no one on their death bed wishes they had spend more time at work—I think he made the right choice

* that should read “her grandchild”

I will miss Steve as Dylan very much. He was a very important role on Y&R. I hope after some time passes, the show as well as Steve, has a change of heart and Dylan returns home to Y&R to pick up his life with Sharon, Paul and Nikki. I hope this does not take too long.!

I enjoyed Dylan under Sally Sussman’s writing, until then I really had no emotion toward the character in any way. He showed his true talents in the last 2 week on Y&R. Great interview and I wish him well. Still hoping Jeff Branson returns as “Ronan”.

Would just love to see Jeff Branson back as Ronan. Maybe he would be as good with the new Phyllis as he was with the previous one, that is if they can stay off the dumpsters. No explanation needed, if you watch Y&R.

I’m not by any means a Y&R viewer so I can’t speak for his run on the show (though I loved him on GH). I did, however, catch the last scene where he says goodbye and I must admit I got misty! LOL. It really was exceptionally moving and great acting by Burton. Kudos…what a great way/powerful performance to exit a show.

Expect to see you on Nashville with your bud JJ soon… 🙂

ditto to being on Nashville, funny I tweeted that his afternoon, with hiring an agent now to seek out work and the fact that the show is filmed close to home and with JJ and Scott reeves appearing on the show fingers crossed. Also he is seeing all his Port CHuck buddies doing well outside daytime so let’s how he breaks into it too

I would just love seeing him on NASHVILLE, one of my favorite shows. Maybe he could run the BLUEBIRD and also sing or own a recording co., oh, the possibilities are endless! Will miss him on Y&R, as I still do on GH. I still miss JJ as Lucky too. I wish him the best of everything , oh wait a minute, he already has that!

LOL…let’s hope we don’t get angry Nashville viewers complaining that the writers are turning it into GH!


Wonderful actor!! Classy guy!! Excited to see what is in store for you as an actor in the future

Great interview ! Steve Burton you are a classy guy !
I’m glad the character was written out with the possibility to return.
Best of luck !

If I live to be 100, I will never understand the appeal of this guy. He was obviously hired at GH for his looks, as so many soap stars are. In my opinion he is so limited. There is no range, no look in his eyes, no inflection in his voice – he plays every scene, both at GH and Y&R, exactly the same. There’s a reason he’s been on soaps for so long.

Hey, me,
Except for the last couple of months, since Dylan lost Sully, I agree with you. I hear myself in your words. I do not see the appeal, and I was never into his looks. I don’t find him good-looking, at all. Not sexy, either. Sometimes personality and that IT factor, do make up for the lack of good looks. But, Burton is a very boring actor for me.
As I said, he only played the hurt, anguished father well. I suppose that’s his forte…that is, feeling pain?LOL.
One dimensional. He started at GH? So, that means he’s been around for a long while, ‘amassing’ many fans along the way.
Regardless. Godspeed to his new venture, whatever that may be.

Gosh I hate seeing you leave. My husband always records the Young and the restless for me. I came from work at 2:30am. Got my usual beer. Sat down turned on the tv. So I can say I was literally crying in my beer. From Georgia .

I have respect for Steve Burton for choosing his family over the exhausting travel demands of staying on the show. His character was a complete history retcon and the writing for Dylan was forced and contrived for the first few years. He started resonating with me when paired with Sharon. Unlike his other pairings with Avery and Chelsea, he shined with Sharon. His work with her in the Sully/Christian storyline right up to his exit was his best work on the show! Sharon Case always brings out the best with her screen partners and she hasn’t gotten the recognition she deserves for giving 100% to the repetitive storylines she’s had. Shylan was a great couple and Dylan and Sharon were beautifully matched: two kind souls. I loved how Dylan loved Sharon and forgave her faults. I never saw Steve on GH and only have Y&R to go by and felt he really came into his own this past year and I’ll miss seeing him wirh Sharon, Faith and Mariah. All the best to him and his family and much success in his future endeavours!

Wonderful and detailed interview. Thank you! I don’t want to see Steve give up acting. It would be a terrible waste of talent. Thanks again.

Will miss Steve on daytime TV. Best of the best! Best wishes to Steve and his family. Fan4life.

Never really had a great storyline during his tenure at Y&R. Poor writing and character development plagued his performances. It’s best to call it a day and move on.

That’s only your opinion. Personally, I think he did a great job with what he had to work with. The SL were certainly not great and I felt his best interaction was with Paul and the children. So sincere, probably because of his feelings for his own family.
On GH , his scenes with Sonny’s son Michael or any loving relationship always made him shine. It really is your loss, that you didn’t see this. That goes for Alan, Me and anyone else who critisized him.

Too “stylized” and robotic for me to really get involved in his “changed” character on GH.

It’s not a loss if Sylvia and others do not see in Burton what you see, is it, now? That’s your opinion.
Some thespians appeal to a select group of viewers while others do not.

Steve is one of my Favorite Ones it was sad to see him leave.But If I had to make a choice my family would come first. Steve will Definitely be missed.

Steve Burton what an amazing man who is greatly blessed with wonderful talent. I love watching you in whatever role you are playing. I pray that we will see you in the future. You are very blessed to be able to spend this time with your family, your kids grow up so fast enjoy them. I hope you come to Seattle on tour with your band would live to see you. Take care of yourself may God guide you and bless you and your family. Much Love

I think Steve Burton is a terrific actor and his ending scenes on Y&R are very deserving of an emmy. I hope he gets that. I hope now he will be enjoying his time with his family and down the road I hope the right part will come his way and we will be seeing him again. God Bless

Good riddance, he caused an egregious retcon (Nikki having another child) and he’s a wooden actor.

I don’t see this as an end to Dylan’s character just yet,let him take a break for a minute and when he returns his new story line will include Alex’s unexpected pregnancy which he will be torn about because although he loves Sharon he also always wanted to be a father especially after losing Connor then sully…This will give him and Sharon some excitement to their characters,some drama intrigue and confusion. We get to see Sharon sweat even more as well as Dylan once his betrayal comes out which technically was due to Sharon’s decision to call him.

Hi, Tonjee,
I said just about the same thing in my post, above. A pregnant Alex with a Sharon twist.
I think it’s only fair to the viewer for Dylan to be recast….his and Sharon’s story is not over. It was left in limbo.
Unless TPTB want Nick and Sharon back so she and Christian could be reunited.
The only glitch is Phyllis. What is going on there? I am still battling within myself over Gina as Phyllis.
The character, as I knew her, is completely gone. Therefore, my heart’s not into anything this Phyllis does.
At this juncture, I find Phyllis as a major seat warmer. So, I do not look forward o a Nick/Phyllis re-pairing (pardon the pun)…..if TPTB are going in that direction.

Prediction: Steve cannot sit still for too long which means IMO he will be back on a soap within a year. Let him have his time with family, Port Chuck, new projects, but in the end you have to feed your family with a steady gig and he will be back in Daytime. I see no problem with him getting the same deal he had with Y&R.

For New Years Resolution I gave up watching Y&R 5 days week. I thought 2 was enough and so far
I’ve stuck to it!! I didn’t get to see SB last performance but I thought him to b a super actor. He played the part of Dylan the way it was written. Sorry people to some who say he wasn’t good looking you should take another look he’s some handsome dude. I wish him the best life offers him. God Bless!

Regardless of what story lines he was given, he acted and played them well. Awesome daytime actor, it takes a lot of hard work more than people know, and then having to travel out to be with his family and still make it work and give it 100% says a lot.

Wishing him luck with his business adventures and more important glad he will be with his family that means so much more than anything and we all know that, family always comes first.


I loved the last scene. It was perfect. Dylan “going”. Into the light. The raw emotions played out by Steve. Sharon, Melody & Doug were some of the best of the best. . I could feel their pain. The writers did an awesome job in making Steve’s last scene one to be remembered…..right up there with Luje & Lauras wedding from GH. Thank you for giving us wonderful memories. Good luck to you & your family. You will be missed but NOT forgotten. ; )

Did they “borrow” that scene from GH of long ago where Laura (Genie Francis) walked off into the fog?

I have watched Y&R since its very first episode and so sick of the changes PERIOD!!! Now this………SO DISAPPOINTED!!! GETTING OLD, AND STUPID…… LIKE NON-STOP UNREALISTIC OUTCOMES WITH CERTAIN SCENES AND NOW DYLAN LEAVING!!! Hating it.

I love Steve Burton and was so happy he signed on at Y&R. Some of us, or most of us often referred to him as Dullyn. The character was shoved down our throats because the writing sucked and CBS wanted to show off their latest prized possession! Poor Steve, he was in a rock and hard place, huh? BUT, he is a class act and he motored on and his Sully story and Derek story, the Swan song was great! All the undercover story with Paul and Christine were horrible. NONE of their decisions made sense BUT Steve got to shine and our payoff was his goodbye scenes with Sharon, Paul and Nikki were top notch. My ONLY complaint is NOW we finally get Dylan rolling and make him interesting, he walks into the fog! WE WANT MORE! Thanks Steve, you are a real man, God bless.

Please come back to General Hospital. Not the same with new Jason

Come back to GEneral hospital!!

Billy is good actor but I love you and Sam together.

General Hospital

Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Reveals When Days of our Lives Episodes From His Head Writing Regime Resume Streaming

Days of our Lives viewers have not been watching material from head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing team for many months. Well, things are about to change.

Circle this Friday, May 31st when the first new script from Carlivati and company will stream on the Peacock soap opera. If you recall, Carlivati had to step away from the writing gig at DAYS due to the writer’s strike, but because the soap tapes at least seven months ahead of air, it is only now that fans will see how the stories shift or finish out that were started by Carlivati.

According to Ron’s conversation with TV Insider, when Carlivati and his team resumed writing the show in late October of 2023, the stories were already written well into 2024. Carlivati explained, “For me, as of us talking right now, the (replacement writers’ material) is still airing, so that has been very tough. I’m just very anxious and eager for our stuff to start airing again.”

Photo: JPI

Ron explained before the writer’s strike, he and his scribes had written up through the 2023 Thanksgiving episodes. Speaking on how the replacement writers tried to handle stepping in for the regular team, Ron expressed, “I think what they tried to do was move things slowly in the hopes that the strike would end and respect where my storylines were so that I could play them off when we came back. Unfortunately, the strike dragged on, so I understand that the show needed to make story decisions.”

The award-winning writer made clear that, “from January to May (2024), those were not my stories. I had nothing to do with those.”

Having lived through a writer’s strike before (when he was at One Life to Live in 2008), Carlivati explained how he dealt with coming back and adjusting the stories including that the plan was to, “blow things up, jettison anything that I did not like, and get back to a show that I understand and can enjoy and tell. ”

Photo: JPI

Look for a Carlivati-style ‘wink-wink’ on Friday’s episode. As he puts it, “I did want to make it clear that this was the line of demarcation, that the writers were back and there was a change happening. We have a little nod or two to what was going on in the first day and I think it will be very obvious and clear to the savvy viewer. Luckily, story-wise, certain things were coming to a head already.”

Photo: JPI

Stay tuned for how Ron resolves a Sloan and Nicole showdown, how Eric will find out he is Jude’s true baby daddy, what happens when the new Gabi returns from Salem from out of the slammer, the Maggie/Konstantin wedding, payback time for Theresa and more.

In addition, and as previously reported, when Carlivati returned, he crafted the series 15,000th episode which is set to air in early December, and will also pay tribute to the late Bill Hayes with the passing of his on-screen beloved character, Doug Williams.

So, glad to know Ron and his team’s material will start to reveal itself this Friday and moving forward on DAYS? Comment below.

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General Hospital

LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

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