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Steve Burton Reveals His On-Screen Return Date to Days of our Lives

Photo: SBurtonIG

On the latest episode of the That’s Awesome podcast with Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH), the conversation turned to that with this being March, it will also mark Steve’s return to Days of our Lives as Harris Michaels.

Sharing that, ‘The time has come, so set your calendars,” Burton revealed that his first air date back to Days of our Lives, streaming on  Peacock, will be March 20th.

Before GH, Burton’s first soap opera role was actually that of Harris Michaels on DAYS back in 1988.  Last summer, he reprised the role in the Peacock limited-series, Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem 2.  In that story arc, Harris was romancing Hope, but secretly working for a very much alive Megan Hathaway.

Now, Megan (Miranda Wilson), Harris, and the iconic Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) will all be on the canvas in just a few weeks.

Looking forward to Steve’s return to DAYS? Comment below.

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Thanks for the heads-up! Now I know the date when my fast forward button will start getting a workout…

Sorry to sound snarky, but NOT a fan…

Ha ha! James, I wish you’d pick a lane. It’s really hard to gauge how you really feel.

Thanks for making me laugh, Harry!

James…A-M-E-N to that, Brother!!!!! I never understood that dude’s so-called appeal. Even my beautiful 5-year-old black cat Sheena has WAY MORE range, emotion and depth than that one-note muscle-head Burton!!!!! And my Sheena has never had an acting lesson in her life…lol.

Catch ya’ later, Brother.

Funny stuff, jaybird369! Thanks!

Steve Burton, Who Dat? (Not at all!)

I AM looking forward to the return of Bo & Hope!!!

Sorry, I can’t find the time or interest to keep track of this guy’s revolving door of employment. He gets as much ink here as Harry & Meghan get on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. I just don’t get it.

lol… but at least it is soap news and not wrestling news..


Nothing wrong with wrestling news; it’s Michael’s website, and it isn’t solely focused on soaps anymore. Don’t like it? Don’t visit that post.

Hi Scott, We know it’s Michael’s site and (I) respect that. But, everyone has their likes and dislikes and they are expressed here pretty frequently. But, you’re right, if (I) don’t want to read news about wrestling, I can skip it, which I do.

I’ll bet that he’ll bring the same stunning range of emotion to this role that he brings to all of his work. From sullen to withdrawn. From Stone Cold to Stone Dull. Yawn.

Bill W,
You said it! I don’t know what all this actor/hero worship is about. I don’t see him any better or worse than any other man! He’s not a god.


I still say that his story on Days is going to be a short one. Can’t imagine Harris Michaels as a long term character, but obviously the Bo & Hope thing from “Beyond Salem” ended on a cliffhanger. Megan’s already back, and Bo & Hope are scheduled to show up in a few weeks, so it makes perfect sense that Harris will show up somewhere in between.

Since Days tapes 6 months in advance, there’s nothing keeping Jason Morgan from showing up in Port Charles right around May sweeps or so. Or maybe earlier, if they want to make the 60th anniversary better.

The minute Steve Burton checks back in to GH is the minute I check out. Don’t wish him ill will but have no desire to watch the wooden stunted character of Jason ever again.

So you prefer the wooden stunted character of Cody or Dex? Or the soul sucking parasite Nina?

I love Cody and Dex. If I remember correctly, you used to watch OLTL, yes? Do you remember Josh Kelly played Amanda Setton’s brother on that? Cutter Wentworth? GH is just dragging Cody’s story out like they’ve done with Austin which after what…two years (seems like) they’re only finally featuring him,and we still don’t know his real backstory. I’m hoping Cody is really Mac’s son which they seemed to indicate, and that the truth finally comes out. I’d hate to see the character cut before he’s actually given a chance; the backlash was too great, too soon.

As for Dex? I think he’s a keeper. What you consider “wooden stunted” I see as extremely mellow, subtle, yet effective. There’s just something about his demeanor that’s really grown on me. I find him adorable, charming, sexy…and great in the romance scenes with Joss who I abhor, by the way. I have to admit though that they have chemistry. It’s a catch 22 because I adore him; can’t stand her.

Oh, and leave Nina alone, lol! How anyone could not like her and feel for her is beyond me….Seeing yet another child of one of Carly’s enemies cozy up to her may be predictable, but never stops causing a violent wave of nausea!

I never watched OLTL at all. That’s the main reason I’ve opposed everything Frank Valentini & his former sidekick ReRon have done to integrate their old show into GH. They were doing it very blatantly until Prospect Park sued them, thinking it would undermine the streaming version of OLTL… which was pretty much dead before it started. Ironically might have done much better with that if they had launched it now. Days seems to be doing well on Peacock.

I don’t see a point to the Cody character at all. And I definitely don’t see him as anybody who could have Scorpio DNA… he’s way too dumb for that. And the only way “Dex” really works as a character is if he’s really a brainwashed & facially reconstructed Morgan Corinthos who has been planted by Lorenzo Alcazar to infiltrate the Corinthos organization & family from the inside and cause complete & total chaos. Why Alcazar? Because he was the last guy who tried to smuggle weapons through Sonny’s territory, so of course he’s the guy pulling the strings of this “Pikeman” mercenary thug group.

As for Nina, the only time she was really tolerable was when she was with Val the Bastard. They seemed to “humanize” each other, oddly enough. She wasn’t so bad with Jax either, I guess. But ever since the Tricky Dick Nixon Falls thing, she’s gone completely mental.

Well, you’re not alone my dear. I also like Cody and always felt he was a good person who made bad choices when he came to PC, especially with Brett.I don’t think there is any doubt that Mac is his dad, Cody held the DNA paper away after seeing the results and let the group think the test was negative for paternity. Poor Mac is just yearning to be a dad and will certainly be hurt and mad when he finds out that Cody lied to him. Surprise! I like Dex too and still hold to my theory and belief that he is Sonny’s son, despite Satan’s being adamant about him being a Morgan re-do. I can’t stand Joss either and just hope he doesn’t get her pregnant and he becomes tied to her. I used to like Nina with Valentin, but when she became obsessed with Nelle and than Willow and with her nosy, intrusive ways,she now just bugs the hell out of me.

Funny thing – you never know which characters catch on for the long term. If you told me the dastardly doctor who kept beloved Robin Scorpio captive in 2012 and put her father in a year’s long coma would grow into one of my favorite GH characters – I’d be surprised. I never thought Nina had long term potential either, but look where we are. Now, Harris might not be as dynamic as Liesl, but it all depends on who they pair the character with and the writing.

I’ll believe Jason is headed back to PC when some anvils drop a few months ahead or he casually comes up in conversation.

Not surprised. Ken Corday’s POV on the COVID situation has been real shady and questionable, so I’m not surprised he hired Steve Burton. Surprised he didn’t try reaching out to someone else, too. I would not feel safe on that set.

You do get that COVID was not serious, please get out from the rock you are under… COVID was a political tool, not a serious disease.

Stop virtual signaling… the vaccine is more harmful than COVID will ever bee

General hospital tv star actor, Steve Burton I I want you back on General Hospital not on days our Lives

Not going to happen.

I hope not, only because I’m sick of all these people drooling over him.

It could happen; Steve left on good terms unlike Ingiot, between his trans retweet, his comparing covid cards to nazi germany and his lawsuit.

Days Of Our Lives

Jonah Robinson Joins the Cast of Days of our Lives as Dr. Mark Greene

If you caught last Wednesday’s June 12th episode of Days of our Lives, a new doctor came running into Horton Town Square shirtless; much to the delight and then eventual chagrin of Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

Enter actor Jonah Robinson who is now on the Peacock streaming soap opera in the recurring role of Dr. Mark Greene. We meet Mark when Leo tries to hit on him, only to have Mark clarify to Leo he is straight, shocking Leo that his gaydar could have been so off.

Later, Mark is at University Hospital and stepping in for Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) doctor who was called away for the day and he assures Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) that their unborn baby has a strong heartbeat, and at the moment is doing fine.

Photo: JPI

During the conversation, Mark reveals he is the big brother to his little sister, Felicity (Kennedy Garcia), with whom Chanel loves when she comes to the bake shop.  There was also a little ‘wink-wink’ moment, when Johnny recalls that the doctor on the hit NBC medical drama, ER, was named Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards), to which Salem’s Mark Greene, says he was named after.

Taking to his Instagram, Robinson shared, “Meet Dr. Mark Greene. So excited to be joining @dayspeacock. It’s an honor to be @kennedyjean04 @louis_tomeo ‘s big brother.”

Photo: JRobinsonIG

So, it looks like there are 3 Greene siblings.  Will we eventually meet the parents?

Before Days of our Lives, Jonah was seen on Peacock’s Daisy Jones and the Six, and has appeared in independent movies and musical theatre productions throughout his career.

Do you hope DAYS expands Jonah’s role as the Greene family becomes more entrenched in story? What are you first impressions? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jonah Robinson (@jonahrrobinson)

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Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Interviews

A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

Photo: JPI

Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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Days Of Our Lives

AnnaLynne McCord Previews Her Days of our Lives Debut; But is She Playing Abigail?

Next week, circle Wednesday June 19th for the on-screen debut of AnnaLynne McCord said to be a “mystery woman” on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, as Chad (Billy Flynn) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) are on the case to try to see if they can find any leads to find an alive Abigail,

McCord, who has her own soapy history having appeared in roles on TNT’s Dallas reboot and the 90210 reboot, comes to Salem with plenty of television experience in primetime.

Now that Chad was told by Clyde Weston (James Read) that Abigail is actually alive? Could McCord be playing a recast Abigail? Since it appears Marci Miller did not come back to the show to reprise her role? Or, is McCord playing a completely different character.

Photo: JPI

To prepare viewers for emergence on the DAYS canvas, AnnaLynne spoke to where she explained the genesis of who she is or might be playing.

Following the end to the SAG-AFTRA strike in November of 2023, the idea of McCord coming to DAYS began to percolate, and she actually started taping at DAYS in January of this year.

Photo: JPI

Citing a lot of upheaval at the time, McCord was not clear on what part she was going to be playing, “To be frank, it was very ambiguous in the beginning. Obviously, there was a writer transition and everything that was going on within the industry politically so to speak. So when I initially came on, no one really knew who I was gonna be. We were figuring it out as we went.”

Photo: JPI

However, McCord did tease, “What fans who are clearly very clever will come to figure out very early on is that a certain gentleman who is not quite so gentle by the name of Clyde Weston has his fingers in the storyline of my character. So I enter day one as ‘Mystery Woman.’”

So, do you think AnnaLynne McCord will be the new and alive Abigail Deveraux DiMera, or do you think she is playing someone brainwashed to believed to be Abigail, or she is playing a totally different character? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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