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Steve Burton Teases His GH Return: "There’s Going To Be Lots Of Surprises!"


Viewers of General Hospital and Steve Burton got some inside dish and teases from Burton himself following the announcement this week that Steve is headed back to his old stomping ground of 22 years! During a facebook live chat and answering questions from inquisitive fans, Burton expressed some key points.

As to if he will playing Jason Morgan, now that Billy Miller is in the role, the two-time Daytime Emmy winner related “You know I can’t say anything about the story. All I know is it’s going to be real soon and there’s going to be a lot of surprises. So stay tuned. We’re going to have a lot of fun!”

When the events transpired behind the scenes to bring Burton back to Port Charles, he would not be more eager: “I can’t wait. It’s been my home for so long. It’s like my family there. We’re just really looking forward to reuniting.”  He called the turn of events, “Amazing.”

Steve revealed that it was Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, GH) agent, who recently became his agent which precipitated talks with ABC and the show to bring him home to General Hospital. Burton had not had agent representation in years as he noted during the live chat.

When asked how long he will be in Port Charles, and if it’s a short visit or long term stay, Burton promised: “I’ll be there for a while.”

So, what surprises to you think are in store for viewers of GH with Burton’s imminent return? Are you betting on him playing the real Jason, a faux Jason, a whole new character?  Share your theories in the comment section below!

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“… He called the turn of events… “Amazing ” ”

oh joy luck club – who can bear this

” I’ll be their for a while ” no such luck on the Guest Star arc

“we’re going to have a lot of fun”

no comment

Steve’s return gets this response from me. ZzzZzzz. Too bad the agent didn’t tell Maurice and Steve to retire.

He has to be a twin. When Robin had Jason in the lab, it was supposed to be pre plastic surgery (SB) Jason. That is why Robin recognized him as Jason. That’s also why we only saw below and behind his head, and since SB was already on Y&R. So either he is a twin or a Casadine henchman who has pre-plastic surgery Jason face.

So Billy Miller is the real Jason.

Who cares anymore? The story’s so convoluted! (Double yawn)

If they are twins, Burton doesn’t have to be the twin and shouldn’t be, Miller should be.
Steve is Jason Morgan, if he’s not, there’s no point bringing him back. If lapsed GH fans would come back for Steve, it would be for Steve to be Jason, not another character.

Pffffft…..I’m over this guy. His monotone voice put me to sleep. No energy in the character he was responsible for. Put him back in the cryogenics lab.

I love his voice. It played in to the description of “Stone Cold”. So in truth I love both versions of Jason.. it took awhile for me to accept the obvious difference. But over time he adopted some of Jason’s traits.. Either way if BOTH are Jason and BM Is a replicant who is innocent and knows no other life Well Then it gets interesting because Sam loves Both, and will have to accept she has a CHILD with Both.
So regardless it will make an interesting story as all parties find their place in Point Charles.


Me too, gramS. Enough of the phony exit stories and bouncing around. Billy Miller can act rings around SB.

I feel terrible for Billy. Everyone saw how popular Billy is and how loved Billy and Kelly are. They do not need to take a 3 year long love story away from us. Give Steve another character.

I agree..Billy Miller is Jason Morgan,and he is well loved by his fans ..viewers at GH.Steve quit.I do hope that Steve is not being brought back to GH and role of Jason taken from Billy Miller..Would be so wrong,and many would stop watching GH

Agreed to a point….. IF Billy is not the O.G Jason, Sam could still choose to stay with Replicant if he is in truth a victim as well, and as the Mother of his child. Along with the fact that she’s loved him for the last 3 years.

I know who Steve is coming back as. His twin brother, that is the little boy in the picture with franco…Jasons Twin

Yeah, his return was the surprise, especially since he vowed that he wanted to grow his business, etc., rather than work on GH. Oh, well . . .whatever . . . (Yawn)

Me too, Nancy. Why can’t anyone be honest and say, “I’m bored and unless they pay me a boatload of more money, I’m going over to bore YOUNG AND RESTLESS viewers now”. One thing about Billy Miller…he never used a “business” excuse. Anyway, I adore BM and pray they don’t mess with him…or us!

The character he played on the Young and the Restless, Dylan, was incredibly boring!

Soaphound…EXACTLY!!!!! To me, Billy Miller is a WAY BETTER ACTOR than that Steve Burton dude. Oh…and I think that SB does nothing but CONTRADICT HIMSELF!!!!! BEYOND LAME!!!!!



That’s what I said, Ivy—Helena did it, LOL.

Yes, most probably Helena did it, CeeCeeGirl! (Doesn’t she always? LOL.) But having said that, I really cannot understand the brouhaha over Burton’s return, as long as Billy Miller retains his place on the GH canvas, as well. I was generally pretty neutral on SB’s Jason whilst he was around and when he left, I was okay with that, too. It made for good drama, which probably never would have happened if he stayed for that regime change which saw most of the beloved legacy characters downgraded and/or discarded like yesterday’s trash in favor of numerous insipid newbies and “vet gets” from other soaps. We most likely also wouldn’t have gotten the all-too-brief treat of a resurrected AJ either, since his “return from the dead” was predicated upon Monica’s inconsolable grief over Jason’s demise…I also believe Sean Kanan’s last stint was largely—-if not totally—made possible in order to placate disappointed longtime Burton fans who fondly remembered the days when these two portrayed a virtually-identical pair of Q half-bros. Just a thought…At any rate, I’m hoping we will get an interesting and—at the least, somewhat plausible—explanation for this actor’s return to Port Charles with a character and storyline that shows both imagination and fealty to the background of Jason Quartermaine/Morgan as he was originally presented. If those two issues are approached with respect and forethought, then this “big event” may just help GH turn around its deplorable state of disarray and overdependence on too many uninspired nouveau characters that simply are not working!

I like who is playing Jason now! Steve Burton left GH to do other things. To be on another soap opera.
Why the turn around? Thought he wanted to be done with GH.. As I said I like the one who is playing Jason now!

My thoughts exactly! He left…following Jill Farren Phelps to YR and saying he wanted to live in Tennesee, I think it was. Now, he’s back…so Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton and Kathleen Gati are out of a job. I was just starting to root for Finn and Hayden, also the growing relationship between Hayden and Elizabeth as sisters. Also, what’s gonna happen to Billy Miller? I’ve accepted him as Jason.

I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but it looks like turnabout is fair play for Rebecca — in a way. A popular actor returning to a role has lead to her ouster. The same thing happened to the actress, who took over the part of All My Children’s Greenlee. Rebecca wanted to return and TPTB were so hyped about that, they unceremoniously dumped the new actress in the part, just as she was finding her see legs.

What was so egregious about that was ABC ran promos touting Rebeccs’s return, saying
” ‘the real” Greenlee is back” — while the new actress’ work was still airing. I know it’s “the business,” nonetheless ABC’s actions were sooooo tacky and disrespectful! I’m not saying any of this was Rebecca’s fault; it’s just ironic how things play out sometimes…

Oh, Michelle, how unfair is all of this? Who decided the show rises and falls on the presence of Steve Burton? All these first rate actors have to suffer (not to mention the audience) because some soaphopper decides he needs a regular paycheck. Well, if Billy goes, so do I. Hope it’s worth it to them.

I’ve just never been a fan of Rebecca Budig. I remember her as Greenlee, I wasn’t a fan then, either…as for Steve Burton’s return, I’ll hope for the best, and well, you know the rest..

Amen she’s gone. Her character was convoluted in the first place. No one will miss Hayden. As far as Steves return goes GH apparently to be worried about RC at Days and what’s up there. I think that’s why they have him back. I hope it can all be worked out. Hey maybe Liz can get rid of Franco now…lol

JASON MORGAN!!!!! YES I do like Billy….he’s a good guy… BUT THERE’S ONLY ONE JASON…. and Billy’s NOT HIM!!! Give Billy another Character…… and let JASON BE JASON!!! I’M SOOOOOO FRICKEN HAPPY HE’S FINALLY COMING HOME!!! I waited… never gave up believing and it paid off!!

I couldn’t agree more. I like Billy a lot just not as Jason. Steve Burton will always be Jason in my eyes. I am very curious to see this all play out especially since Sam just gave birth to Scout. I can’t imagine SB playing anyone but Jason Morgan.

Billy is a great actor but no one can play Jason like Steve. I’m glad he is coming home I have missed him.

Jason has a twin , Billy Miller is Jason’s twin . Remember when they tryed to pass Franko has his twin . Just as long as Billy stays on show . Billy will be the Dr and him and Sam will stay together in the end . It is a good thing cant wait to see jason and sonny back together but it will be short jason will take over and sonny will leave the mob after he takes out a couple of people lol

I prefer Billy Miller in the role as Jason. I can live without Steve Burton on my TV screen. I agree with GramS about his voice. How he wins Emmys I don’t understand. I hope his story is better written than the two Todds story when Roger Howarth returned to OLTL.

Agree with your thinking. I am not familiar with Burton’s Jason ( wasn’t watching during his tenure), but many an actor/actress wins an award because of one scene, popularity or an existing bias for said performer.
For me, the beat example is Gina Tognoni. I can’t think of anything outstanding she did, as Phyllis, to merit an Emmy…….not when Nancy Grahna and/or Laura Wright were in the running.

You say you’re not familiar. You might want to catch up on you tube. He played the part for like ’22’ years.And has a very different personality and an ingrained loyalty to Sonny, Carly, and Michael. Billys version IS Different, not bad just different. He does not have these loyalties or even closeness.. And Sam always understood his loyalty. I love Billy M. And don’t want to lose him. So if SB IS the real Jason. I hope they can find a way to keep Jason2/Jake around.

Well, Celia, I agree. Laura Wright was especially awesome this year in that Nelle debacle. Gosh, I wish you had seen her first Emmy win years ago for the storyline where Michael got sent to prison. I will never forget her look of horror and disbelief when the judge gave him a 5-year sentence. It was both breathtaking and heartbreaking. As much as I like Gina Tognoni, she’s never affected me emotionally the way Laura Wright has.

Celia, I think that Nancy Lee Grahn deserved to win this year. Her portrayal as a woman coming undone, unraveling, feeling tortured, and numbing herself with alcohol was outstanding. She took that material and made it her own. She was incredible and deserved to win!

ahaa yah sure——
”Steve Burton Teases His GH Return: “There’s Going To Be Lots Of Surprises!”

That is bs promotion speak..
J&S couldn’t write an actual Suprise if they were forced to by threats of torture..

A big build-up that will ppppfttttt as all the other surprises.

Anyways.. the promotion may will be more exciting than the surprise..

Thing is;
GH is so totally boring that the slightest upbeat moment will seem like a WOW because the standard has dropped so terribly low that not much of anything above the low standard will be surprising .. LOL

Love Steve! I was super upset when he left and although I was disappointed when he joined YR, I was still happy for him. It was hard for me to accept Billy as Jason at first when he was with Liz but, when he got with Sam, all was well. The chemistry they share is amazing and I believe he’s done a fantastic job. As much as I always wanted Steve back, I feel that this will push Billy out and that upsets me. What the heck will they do? I can’t see the writers doing a good job with this. What, have Billy’s Jason be an imposter? So, Scout and all of what they shared is a lie? Have Steve play Jason’s twin? Stupid! So then that opens doors for the whole jiz/jasam crap again? I’m over that. I think they should’ve brought him back in Sam’s hallucinations. Kelly has great chemistry with either men but, Billy took that role when Steve left.

I will accept SB..he is the true Jason Morgan!

I agree 100%. there are much better story lines for SB. I f they push out Billy for Steve, and that stupid twin story line I’m done with GH. I’m 62 and have watched since I was a kid. tired of these stupid stories.GH has been sooo good latetly, why mess it up ,because SB wants back in / shame on GH !

I’m really not crazy about this idea. Steve wanted to leave, and now he wants to return? Sounds like he can’t make up his mind. And Billy Miller is doing a fantastic job as Jason, and he has incredible chemistry with Kelly Monaco, so I’m hoping there won’t be any changes made there. If Steve must return to General Hospital, I hope that he will only be around for a while. (I’m thinking that Sam will have some kind of dream or flashback and see Steve Burton’s face as Jason. But I am still not crazy about this idea. I just don’t see the point of bringing him back at all).

Actors leaving on their own accord and returning a few years later is commonplace. Among GH’s current cast, the following have all CHOSE to leave and return:

As long as Billy Miller stays on as Jason, it won’t matter to me. But if he is removed to bring back Steve Burton, who decided to go, then I won’t be too happy about that.

Helena had him and changed his face to look like jason. Valentine took over when she died and released him now that hes in prison!!!

I agree with you Donna. Either they’re desperate for a ratings boost (which I understand on a business level) or they really believe SB’s wishes/demands are the most important thing since the invention of the wheel. THAT I will never understand. But l’ll try and stay hopeful they will keep our beloved Billy…or they’ll be losing me. Not that they care…but I do.

Thank you Soaphound. Yes, I will be very upset if they remove Billy Miller over this. I really hope that Miller stays on GH and as Jason no matter what they do.

This is going to be terrible! No matter who/how/why SB comes back as, it’s going to be a convoluted mess and these writers CAN NOT BE TRUSTED to write a decent storyline.
I predict SB will be bored in less that a year and be gone, leaving a mess in his wake.
I can’t believe GH and ABC are this stupid!

Cannot wait!! I am so excited and thrilled! I love Steve! He has fabulous chemistry with everyone he works with! Even the bad guys lol Welcome Home Steve!

The only way I’ll be happy with his return is if Billy Miller turns out to b AJ. I am sure it won’t happen. I haven’t even worked out in my head if the timeframe makes sense, but just looking for a way for them to rebuild the Q’s.

I m still trying to put grasp it all. Billy Miller–has delivered amazing performances in the character.I hope he continues in the role. 1 of 2 things.. Hopefully with Steve Burtons return,it could mean that Heather knew all along of twins or….Helena and the Chimera are behind it. But I can bare to watch right now watching Sam crumble. Going to be interesting. If they are twins, that neans more Quartermaine aires. Or….they need Doctors at GH..all sooo very interesting.

I’m not going to say who I prefer in the role, because who cares. I don’t know how to feel about this news. I suppose if the writers handle it well, it could be good. If they decide to make BM Jason’s twin, then I think what is happening to Sam now could really play into that story. You know, maybe not wanting a husband who is in the mob ISN’T a sign of mental illness, wouldn’t that be radical? What do you think writers? I know, b itches be crazy and all, but it’s something to think about it.

If they decide to keep BM as Jason, maybe SB could be either be the twin, or someone who had plastic surgery to make himself look like Jason, to mess with Sam. Either way, good writing is a MUST.

As long as Miller has agency and isn’t Greg Vaughan’ed, bygones. If not…

If he comes back as the person to take over sonny ‘s business than it opens up a lot of storylines to explore with a lot of the characters

Finally the REAL Jason is returning. I quit watching GH for awhile after he left and started watching Y&R just to see him. Billy Miller was a total bore as Jason Morgan. Can’t wait for StoneCold to return. Missed you Steve.

I am so happy I can’t stand it I always hoped Steve would come back. I reallyyyyy love Billy as
Jason he has done a fantastic job. Stepping into such big shoes to fill with people not giving him a
Chance to show his talents was wrong and I felt bad. Billy has done such a great job beyond my
Wildest dreams I have grown to love him as Jason. He is so sweet and caring but I hate to say I love love
Steve as Jason I grew up watching steve as Jason. I feel so happy he is coming back but also sad
And conflicted about Billy. Should be great to see what happens I am sure GH can pull it off. Excited.

I want AJ Quartermaine to return to GH (whether played by Burton or another actor). I’m still waiting on Monica to confront Sonny for murdering her son. But since this scene never happened (on camera), makes me think AJ is still alive. Also, while you’re at it GH, bring back Nikolas Cassadine and Britt Westbourne.

Question to the Jasam fans.

Even if Billy stays on as Jason, do you seriously think that Jasam are never going to be split up and put with other people? Because if you do, you don’t know soap operas. Couples are split up and the characters are given other love stories all the time. Hell Luke and Laura, the most iconic supercouole of all time, didn’t end up together. Luke and Tracy pretty much got their happy ending with both of them off the show, and Laura is with Kevin now. Jasam is not immune to it whether it’s Billy or Steve in the role.

I truly hope he will be a doctor and be a Q again. WELCOME BACK STEVE!! you have been missed from a old time viewer!

I posted something similar below. I miss the Quartermaine Family. I always hoped that Jason would remember his family roots and remember that he went to medical school.

Please take Burton back to GH and give us Billie Miller at Y&R! We miss our Billie.

We have a wonderful Billy at Y & R. TPTB have said Jason is going nowhere. Billy Miller dumped us at Y&R for greener pastures so he can stay at GH.

Billy Miller was nerver Jason in my eyes… he just doesn’t have it. Like Steve, Billy Miller will always be “Billy” from Y&R to me. And Billy Miller is off to do a prime time show… so bring it on I have so missed Stone Cold!!! Will be great to see Steve back on the

CAN… any one; answer

since “Jason” is adopted… isn’t that a possibility… he really could have a twin ?

I can’t answer if GH has shared how much of “Jason” biological family is known.

any way : ” I will be here for a while” I guess that’s to see just how well he is faring in the role.

I truly can deal with either or ( Steve / Billy ) . it’s Kelly Monaco. her character is so uninteresting.

I really believe this is very low budget of abc to let an actor Billy Miller make the character his own and then since Steve Burton is available again take the rug out from under him. Three years Is a lot of
Time and to me is nough time. I do not want Steve Burton back and just think this is so unfair to Billy Miller

YAY, Jackie, finally another voice I agree with. Billy is a one-of-a-kind original actor. I saw that from Day One of his Y&R stint. I remember calling my friend at work telling her, “Wait till you get home and see this guy. He’s a REAL actor, such charisma”. I still feel that way. To me, SB is a more-or-less standard, bland soap actor. But I know many disagree. Let’s hope both men, and we, are treated decently and fairly in this potential disaster.

Soaphound…to me, Steve Burton (and his ONE-NOTE acting) are BLAND…PERIOD!!!!!


I think he is going to be a ‘friendly’ mob guy that buys Sonny’s properties.

Maybe Steve will be Jason and Billy will actually have been a resurrected AJ after all this time. Billy’s build is closer to Sean Kanan’s than Steve Burton’s, after all!

AJ is the older brother. Miller is 13 years younger than Kanan and 8 younger than Burton.

I don’t think anyone would or should care about the age difference of the actors. I don’t think that’s the way they’re going to go but if they did the age thing wouldn’t even be in my mind. They all look around the same age…

When it comes to romantic pairings, I see your point, but having the older brother be almost a decade younger would be obvious. Miller definitely looks younger than Burton.

When Franco was believed to be Jason’s twin, it made sense, because they looked about the same age. That story was retconned before Miller took over the role.

Granted, we’ve come to accept the small age differences in parental relationships (Olivia/Dante, Julian/Sam and Laura/Nik). Siblings are a different story.

He’s AJ

Just like when we all got excited when Jonathan Jackson came back as Lucky, didn’t like an aspect of the job & then quickly left again – ultimately killing the true character. So, what was the point then? What is the point now. I liked SB until he left for the country & a peaceful life, which actually was just another soap. Can’t believe this guy…

The big challenge is how writers can develop a plausible (tricky word to use in a soap) story with both actors and characters Billy/Jason and Steve/Jason. Hope they can pull it off. Will be waiting.

Steve Burton is not fooling any one. His press of his two emmy wins does nothing

How is it possible that he won over john anniston and “abe carver”.

Total sham he’s a waste of energy

He’s cashing in. He has a band /restaurant / nutrition fitness qvc that he has a vested interest. Epic fail and has only his blue eyes that mean anything

Remember when they did this same exact storyline on One Life to Live with Todd Manning/Victor Lord, Jr….or when they did it on Days of Our Lives with Roman Brady/John Black? Or when they did this story with….You can see my point hopefully 😉

I m glad he’s write a story for Jasam

And there children Danny+ Scout

As far as I’m concerned I am SICK of all this crap going on . 1st They are letting Rebecca (Hayden) go,,which is beyond a completely STUPID decision. She is a extremely gifted actress,, plus she’s in the middle of a good storyline WTH ARE THESE WRITERS THINKING?
2nd So PISSED about WDV (Julian) ,, of course I didn’t like what he did to Alexis,,but they did try to correct it. Julian and Alexis are one of my favorite couples
3rd So all this havoc goes back to bringing back a one note BORING AS HELL Steve Burton. He has no talent,,sorry to those who like him. But his monotone, blank look on his face makes me cringe! GH has sunk to another level of LOW!
I’m done with GH! ABSOLUTELY DONE!

All I want is for the Quartermaine Family to be resurrected. I would love Jason to remember his Quartermaine heritage. Remember that he went to medical school. Respect his legacy. I miss the Quartermaine Family. I loved watching them in the 90’s. They were always so comical and had so much chemistry with one another. They were fun to watch. I am sick to death of the mob, sick to death of Sonny, sick to death of Carly-and their offspring. The show needs a new focus.

Jason is not adopted. He has a different mother but Alan was his father just FYI. After today’s epi I’m nervous Jason will be the new mob boss since Sonny wants to retire. However Steve is a great actor and if written well he will rock. Maybe update the “mob” from the Godfather days? Jason and family are as boring as watching paint dry.

I hope it’s Not the “I’m the real Jason and the other different looking one is my twin, brainwashed to think he’s Jason.

Hmmmm where have we and this same producer heard this before?

Hmmmm could be One Life to Live? when towards the show ending they brought back the original Todd (Roger Howarth) and we find out that they are indeed twins (the one that was in town for eight years had been brainwashed to think he was the real Todd and also had his face changed too) and then fake Todd (Victor) was shot and killed by, maybe the real Todd, or maybe by someone else… And then at the very last scene of the last ABC day of the soap, its revealed that Victor wasn’t dead but actually tied to a bed by another cookoo head.

Ahhhh, the memories! 🙂

He has to come back as the real Jason Morgan. Though the other guy has done better than anyone expected, he’s still not Steve Burton. It will be devastating for Steve to return as someone else. I’m sure the writers can find a way to let both remain on the soap but Steve needs to be the real, one and only Jason. Also he should be reunited with Sam and start working with Sonny again. Now those were the days!!!

back in the day ,I loved Steve as Jason, but sorry to say Billy Miller hands down is a MUCH better Jason. I like the possibility that Steve could be AJ. that would make a great story and lots of mahem !

although I have always loved Steve Burton, I would hate to see Billy Miller have to leave. I think he plays an awesome Jason ! please give Steve another role ( as was done with Michael Easton) Jason (Billy) really loves Sam and the kids ( one of which is his !) as for the possible twin thing, I hope they have Sam pick Billy !) Carly knows he is the real Jason, has from the get go , when no one else did.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York On His Health Battle & Living Life While Waiting for Bone Marrow Transplant: “Let’s Just Go One Day At a Time”

John J. York’s positive outlook on his current medical diagnosis is quite remarkable, as his approach might be one many facing the same circumstances might consider.  The beloved General Hospital vet, where he has played Mac Scorpio for 22 years, revealed last week that he is battling cancer.

The popular soap star shared that he has been fighting myelodysplastic syndromes, or MDS, and multiple smoldering myeloma: two blood and bone marrow disorders.

York spoke with PEOPLE about how he found out about his diagnosis, the support his wife Vicki has shown throughout, and how he lives life day to day, while he waits for an all-important bone marrow transplant.

Photo: JPI

The actor shared what happened the moment he learned of his diagnosis: “(The doctor) was explaining all these different things and cells and all different levels and words that had, you know, 25 letters in them. And I didn’t understand. And Vicki finally came out and said, ‘Does John have cancer?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ And I’m sitting there, I’m really just like a fly on the wall, listening to him talk to Vicki because she was the one asking all the questions.  At the end of his doctor’s conversation with Vicki, York’s one question was simple: ‘Why do I feel so good?’”

Vicki and John were in the process of moving to Tennessee to be closer to their daughter, Skyler, but considering UCLA in Los Angeles as John’s treatment center.  In the end, Skyler’s husband suggested Vanderbilt University for John’s cancer center so he did not have to travel back and forth to the west coast.

Since March of this year, John has had IV chemo treatments every month, with another one coming up in September. On that, John expressed: “It is what it’s, you know what I mean? And then everybody’s gotta get their treatment. And then you go home, go about your life and you play with the kids. And here we are.”

Currently, York is waiting for a bone marrow transplant. He has been moved up the donor priority list. If anyone is interested, and you are between 18-40, you can join the registry here

Photo: JohnJYorkX

York shared how Vicki is coping with what’s ahead: “Yeah, she’s scared, but believe it or not, I really kinda wasn’t because I feel great. Personally, I feel like it’s in God’s hands. God’s will be done. It’s gonna work out okay, one way or another. I’m either gonna survive or I’m not. And life goes on and things are gonna be okay for everybody… Let’s just go one day at a time.”

Share your well-wishes, and support and love to John, as he goes through the next phase of his health battle and let’s hope a bone marrow transplant donor is found for him soon. After all, we all want to see Mac Scorpio return to Port Charles, but more importantly, we all want John to feel better and beat this.Comment below.

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Billy Miller’s Mother Issues Statement On His Passing

Patricia Miller, the mother of the late Billy Miller, has come forward and issued a touching statement on the tragic death of her beloved son at age 43.  The statement was shared by Billy’s longtime manager, Marnie Sparer, via social media.

Billy was best-known for his performances as Richie Nowack on All My Children, Billy Abbott of The Young and the Restless and Jason Morgan/Drew Cain on General Hospital, as well as countless primetime roles.  Throughout his career, Miller took home three Daytime Emmys for his work.

“I would like to share the following thoughts,” Patricia began. “I want to personally thank the many fans & personal friends for the overwhelming amount of love, prayers & condolences sent to me and my family on the devastating death of my beautiful son BJ – Billy Miller.”

Photo: JPI

Patricia continued with these sentiments, as she wanted to clear up any misinterpretations on this death: “He fought a long hard valiant battle with bipolar depression for years. He did everything he could to control the disease. He loved his family, his friends and his fans but in the end the disease won the fight and he surrendered his life. The other causes of death being told are not true. I wish they were but they just aren’t. We all loved him so much and are desperately trying to deal with our loss. I will have nothing further to say. Thanks for the love and support.”

The soap world as well as Billy’s family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues are in deep mourning for this talented man, who was gone too soon.

Share your thoughts, and send your condolences to Patricia Miller and the rest of Billy’s family, via the comment section below.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat

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Billy Miller Remembered by His GH and Y&R Co-Stars As They Share Grief on His Passing

UPDATED: On Sunday, longtime friends and co-stars of actor Billy Miller took to social media to share their remembrances and sorrow on the passing of the three-time Daytime Emmy-winning star.

Miller passed away on Friday, September 15th as first reported and confirmed by Michael Fairman TV.  While the official cause of death has not been revealed, it has been related to the press by his management that Billy was suffering from manic depression.

Billy played Jason Morgan/Drew Cain on General Hospital from 2014-2019, and prior to that won 3 Daytime Emmys for his role as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless from 2008-2014.  He started his soap career on All My Children in the role of Richie Novack back in 2007-2008.

Below are just some of the tributes pouring in for Billy:

Eric Braeden: “We lost BILLY MILLER! It saddens me deeply! He was a very gifted actor! Amelia(Victoria) and I took him to dinner one evening while he was in tough negotiations, and I remember telling him to reconsider, because rarely is an actor given a part that describes him almost perfectly, and to not make the mistake I had seen some actors make over my 60’years in the business, that they are indispensable! Once an actor thinks that or is told that by some sycophants, they step onto a slippery road…usually to oblivion! “BILLY BOY” was not only a damn good actor but a nice man! May he rest in peace and meet up with KRISTOFF in the BEYOND, ‘the undiscovered country from whose bourn no Traveller returns “ and tell each other jokes! They were both loved by their colleagues!”

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Melissa Claire Egan: “My beautiful friend. I love you. I’m so sad. And I’m so sorry.”

Chrishell Stause: “Still processing this. Too many feelings, but you are gone too soon and I’m so happy I got to work with you all those years, but also call you a friend. I hope you are at peace now ”

Jess Walton:RIP to my precious Billy Miller. You were and ARE  much loved by all of us who knew you”

Daniel Goddard: “The world is going to be just that little bit more dull without you in it… you had that “it” factor that lit up every room you were in. Rest In Peace Mate ”

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Nancy Lee Grahn: “So very sorry to hear this very sad and unexpected news. I would like very much for my beloved General Hospital to have no more of it. #RIPBillyMiller

Eileen Davidson: “I’m so sad to hear of Billy Miller’s passing. His infectious charm and warmth left lasting impressions on all of us who were lucky enough to have him in our lives. I’m gonna miss that mischievous smile. Love you Billy.”

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Jason Thompson” “I’m so sorry and saddened to hear about my friend, Billy Miller. Heartbreaking. He was funny, had a great laugh and very talented. Light and love to his family and friends.”

Brad Bell: “Billy Miller was a great man and a gifted actor. Billy left an indelible mark on The Young and the Restless with his brilliant portrayal of Billy Abbott. He will be sorely missed.”

Stephen Nichols: “Sure gonna miss you, man.”

Finola Hughes: “Billy … far too soon … peace be with you”

Kin Shriner: “Very sad to hear about Billy Miller I so enjoyed his time on @GeneralHospital He was a really good guy and funny and kind to all !RIP Billy”

Jon Lindstrom: “Billy was gifted. He was also good-natured, smart, funny, and always impressed me as a great friend to those close to him. He didn’t blink when I asked him to put on this shirt to help raise up the marginalized artists in our industry. He always seemed to have his heart in the right place and I always laughed when I was around him. #FlightOfAngels#RIP #BillyMiller #bereft”

Frank Valentini: “I am devastated to hear news of the incredibly talented Billy Miller’s passing. On behalf of the entire (General Hospital) family, our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.”

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Elizabeth Hendrickson: “Today I should have been sending you a Happy Birthday text BJ. Truth be told i hated calling you BJ but that’s what your closest friends /family called you. I eventually caved. The last couple years we kept in touch through birthdays and monumental moments or when we wanted to vent about “ work”. You gave me a lot of advise. When i understood it always mumbling your words. We always joked about that.
We didn’t text or talk often. But I’m glad the last couple times we did, we had a great banter like we used to. I knew that we always held a special place in each others hearts, no matter what. You were such an amazing friend to your inner circle. They were your family. You would do ANYTHING for them. That’s who really were. As loyal as they came. I’m sad and yes, mad at myself that I wasn’t being a better friend, checking in more often because I was thinking of you recently. I was. I hope you know that we are all here now texting each other, sending pictures and sharing memories of how fucking AWESOME you were. This hole in my heart will never be filled. Goodnight, sweet Billy.”

Scott Clifton: “This is not fair. We deserved so much more of him. Rest in peace, Billy. You’re immortal now.”

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Coby Ryan McLaughlin (ex-Shiloh, GH): “Man… this sucks. Billy and I played on GH together for nearly a year. He was intense, focused, cool and kind. He knew the hamster wheel that I was about to start spinning on all too well, and always made himself available to help the new guy….. Rest easy, man…

Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R):  “Billy, My fellow Texas brother. You lit up every room with your smile. Your quiet intensity onscreen was second only to your gentle kindness and genuine care in private. We recently shared work on an Apple series, and your encouragements during and after that process, and your kindness over the years are now but a few of the things I’ll hold on to as warm memories of you. What a big heart you had. You were bigger and braver and bolder than this life. You were legend. There is no landing to this final cliffhanger, the wings you’ve spent your lifetime earning have carried you up to that wonderful place in the sky. Happy Birthday Billy Miller.”

The Young and the Restless:The daytime community mourns the loss of Billy Miller who graced Y&R with his talent for many years as Billy Abbott. Our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.”

Kathleen Gati: “I am beyond sad to hear this tragic news.#BillyMiller was always so kind, professional and a wonderfully talented colleague  @GeneralHospital Deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.”

TK Weaver: “Devastated. Hard to find words. You always gave me such good advice. You were always there for me. You were an amazing person. #BillyMiller I’ll never forget you. Please join me in praying for his family and loved ones.”

Greg Rikaart: Generous, passionate, fun, soulful and brilliant Billy. Can you just imagine the reunion between him and Jeanne? I can. Rest well, dear Billy

Sean Kanan: “Shocked and saddened to hear that Billy Miller is no longer with us. He was a terrific actor and always kind when we would see each other. I pray that his family and friends find comfort and peace during this unimaginably difficult time. #BillyMiller #YR”

Share your remembrances for Billy Miller and his work and performances on Y&R, GH and AMC below.  But first, check out Michael Fairman TV’s interview with Billy following his Daytime Emmy win for Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2014.


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