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Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley Coming Back To DAYS

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

During Sunday night’s Daytime Emmys, Guest Performer in a Drama Series nominee, Thaao Penghlis (Ex-Andre, DAYS), shared on his Instagram some great news!

According to his post, Thaao and best friend, Leann Hunley (Anna, DAYS), who attended the ceremony together, are returning to the NBC soap opera.

Penghlis shared: “Thank you all from Leann & myself for your continued support. We had a great time celebrating Days & it’s nominees. You will see us on the screen in July. But is it Tony or Andre?”

Look for the duo to be back this summer on Days of our Lives.

So, what do you think of Thaao and Leann coming back to Salem? Intrigued? What will happen when these two appear on-screen? Comment below.

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I really hope that it is Tony!!

Most definitely. I love seeing Thaao as Tony. Never really got into his other character Andre.

But Andre was more fun

“God” it was high brow expectation … because you knew they could deliver – bubbly or martini any one – savor the wit the delight of two minds above? Kate AND Andre

Please please please, be Tony!!!!!! And please please please be alive!!! This is great news. The only thing better would be if Bo came back alive!!!

I echo what you said, Karen!! Anna Nd Tony!! Forever!!

these two are so dynamic… FUN.. full of character… can swing the gamut on whatever the show needs. high brow with wit … just aplomb and OWN Salem. @Thaao , congrats on your own nomination!!! Anna is CLASS. cannot wait to see you two . OH GOD – they just up the ante and amp adult foray. this just gives us more kate,roman, specifically… two additional dynamo to upper crust … distract Roman , he needs some loving. just saying… OH !!!! @Ron Carlivati…. 2 things

1. even I know there was so much respect, given the talent… Yet even I could tell their was so much zeal projected @Sarah Horton. never TOO MUCH of a good thing. she acted right alongside Eric and Brady and Xander and Rex. so their…

2. PLEASE ^^^^ DO NOT do the same thing with Ari Zucker Nicole’ … she’s not even COLD. had no time to rot !!!! YES she was depended upon, along with Sami, to save this show. so yes, she deserves a shot. she’s no longer that solid gold go to. so stop !!!! YES .. it’s going to be thee eric and Nicole DANCE. this show has to got their. JUST DO NOT go over board with Ari . she is not that top draw she once was. even if now we can be distracted with Holly. argh! I was so reminded of how tired dour and choke hold Nicole presence when her facial expression and near dam break as she saw Eric and Sarah @Rex.

@RON…. ^^^^^ Lindsey and Ariz are command performance… I get this

however… what you are truly missing…

backtrack: even I couldn’t count on one hand , why weren’t their MORE mother/daughter scenes with Maggie !

what you are truly missing is Chloe AND that heroine beacon is Carrie Brady.

these two would rock the house… especially since now… you have finally broken up Rafe and Hope. there was so much sex spilling over with Rafe. The camera loves them is tantamount to that 18-49 demographic you seek… especially now that Rafe is taking care of his and Jordan CHILD. it’s so out of this world about time… that Rafe is now , still young enough, and adult to carry for a child of his own… and his own steady girlfriend… @RON you truly lost out on this huge opportunity to have rehired Carrie. TRUST ME… this weeks SOD ISSUE is clamoring about ( in the sound off section) or mail bag… that watching Galen Gerring NOW carrying the show with his single dad struggles… who’s so sexed out with siren Lani… ???? who knows peeps… this is all food for fodder on all the potential this is tapping.

so yeah… watching Chloe get dumped on because Xander kidnapped Holly… was sad just watching and knowing this is Chloe curtain call…. NOT GOOD

This was supposed to have been Chloe and Brady. Chloe AND Tyler Christopher… TIME. it’s a damned effin shame. Nadia Bjorlin will be missed dearly… she effortlessly carried and was not labeled put upon. just makes her mark every time.

PLEASE GIVE Nicole MORE OF A LIFE. give her her mother back . Fay Walker

I haven’t said “Rafe’alicious” in a very long time… as Ron Carlivati was spreading the wealth of canvas and tapping in to all his skillset . when scripts PLUS cast are feeding off of each other…. I savor the hour.

I am so enjoying Galen Gerring… for obvious REASON… he’s so mind numbingly handsome…. he’s the current day Cary Grant. he effortlessly nuances his delivery with effective mannerisms ALL the nuances … watch his eyes… his facial expressions DRIVE you .

I LOVE HOPE… SHE exploded imploded rises to the occasion.. WITH Bo; Aiden; Rafe. Jeezus, who goes their ?!?! I DO

I really am liking Gilles Marini

I have wanted Rafe to have his own life for so long now… that I am loving this story !!!!! just so much untapped with Rafe is going on NOW !!!! be it w/Lani… who’s another story unto herself… with implications with Eli. BOMBSHELL with the loss of their son. yet this is so appealing… with Lani and Rafe and Danny . that to watch Rafe now minding his own… and his own family… ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME !!!! why shouldn’t I be dreaming this stuff with ? BOFFO Material

Rafe gets his own life. starting fresh anew… oh there was so much going on with Sami…. Kate …. Marvel

he was so sexy in that sling fumbling with the babys bottle looking, just as we imagine, no? who wouldn’t have wanted to be “Hope” shows up at his door… AND helps him out… like the time he’s with Lani .. thanking her for her help … as he’s unpacking ??? steaks , food from Chloe /Julie restaurant. SAVOR TIME BOFFO TIME MARVEL

Rafe’alicious is back with a fervor

PLUS it’s a new inlet for Uncle Ben.

I wish that Ted who is wanting a dance with Hope , SHOOT for his reasons… has caught me. that we get to see GILES work his stuff… because it’s with charm and appeal that I am enjoying his work… that accent PLUS is simmering

so…. you’ve got so much going with this : Rafe / Hope / Lani / Eli / Ben / Ted etc


Rafe does NEED to move on his own now… no more shortcoming no more propping … I so wish it was with Carrie Brady… even at the top of her game Jordan could work. is Kayla turn? God she needs to have that nurturing TURN. she exudes so much love and care… for this I am so glad that Patch is coming home… I hope without that eye patch. so ranting along because their is so much going on.. yeah i’m not in to the brain tumor thing…

so I marquee : spotlight ALL Points Bulletin

Galen Gering as Rafe Hernandez IS

LeAnn Hunley is still a beautiful lady, wow LeAnn is 64 years and still looks good for her age. Days please sign her, to a contract. She is a wonderful actress.

Yes, Claudio…Agreed! LH is gorgeous; and natural…’s her face without botox or ‘plastic’ intervention. Love her!!
Aside–I think Haley is Melinda’s daughter, not her sister.
If Trask is an American citizen, wouldn’t that make Haley American? …Hmmmm–if only Trask would come forward, one way or the other.❤️

Oh this is the best news ever! Tho I can’t imagine Rolf saving an impaled Tony I sure would love it to be Tony somehow. Hope it’s not short term!! WOOHOO

I remember Leann coming back last year. She came to Salem and was spending time with Roman. Did she disappear and the story dropped?

Well, both Tony & Andre were seen in the celestial waiting room when Marlena just about checked out from the penicillin overdose. But we did see Andre’s initials on that bizarre warehouse medical facility where Elvis & Jack also were being held.

So I guess I should expect him to escape from Hell yet again? After the first 666 times, I’m used to it.


Days has become like a prime time episodic tv series with stars/characters making guest-like appearances….too many characters too keep long term so i guess seeing some every now and then is better than not at all!!!!

Applause—-two of my faves!!

Well that sucks!
I want my GH Cassidine back ! (Thaao Penghlis )

So looking forward to seeing them both again…

I just hope that the writers do justice to both Thaao and Leann.

I do like seeing Thaao on either show.

Greatest news ever! Now I will resume watching “Days.”

Once again, DOOL needs a little boost, albeit having Nicole and Xander back is manna from the gods——the Haley/Melinda story is really intriguing to me. I have suspected for months that Trask was Haley’s mother….mentioned it several times.
I propose Tony as Haley’s grandfather. He has been in China all this time, married Chinese “royalty” …..the marriage produced a son who impregnated Melinda with Haley.
Hmmmm—I wish!!
Sooner or later TPTB must/will introduce Haley’s ‘mystery’ father…..Thrilling!! “Me like” that prospect….

I sure hope that it’s Andre when he comes back!! I love when he is on!!

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Legendary Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks on the Horton House Fire Storyline, Mourning the Loss of Husband Bill Hayes & His Near-to-Final Performances

It has been an emotional time for longtime fans of Days of our Lives and beloved veteran, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams). On-screen, the iconic Horton home was burned to the ground in what appears to be a storyline-dictated decision that shocked many. In real life, Susan is mourning the loss of her husband and DAYS enduring favorite, Bill Hayes (Doug Williams), who passed away at 98 in January. Over the weekend, during the 2024 SAG Awards In Memoriam tribute, Hayes was remembered along with other motion pictures and television stars whom we lost over the past year.

Since the Peacock streaming soap opera tapes months ahead of air, the Horton home fire and its aftermath are currently playing out in all-new episodes with more on this story featuring Susan to come. Bill Hayes also appeared in several of these episodes making it all the more touching and heartfelt.

When Julie came back to the Horton home to see what remained of it after the fire, Days of our Lives fans were treated to a heart-tugging episode that streamed last Wednesday, February 21st. In it, newly-taped scenes of a young Tom (Zach Chyz) and Alice (Sydney Kathrann Smith) Horton telling the story of how they came to live in the house to raise their children, juxtaposed with Julie and Doug (and members of their family and friends), surveying what’s left of the beloved house, brought many a tear.

Michael Fairman TV talked with Susan Seaforth Hayes for this very candid and heartfelt conversation to get her feelings on the Horton house fire, and being given the opportunity to have a storyline at this point in her storied career. In addition, Susan provides some insight on what it was like for her ailing late husband to tape scenes at DAYS shortly before his death, what the series plans to do about writing off the character of Doug while honoring the legacy of Bill Hayes, and how she knew she had the greatest love affair that anyone could hope for in their lifetime, which in turn, has inspired all of us.

Photo: JPI

I was shocked when they decided to burn down the Horton house. Were you at first devastated … and did you know that there would be a big story surrounding it?

SUSAN: I did not know how big a story was with it. I knew that many years ago, another regime had planned on trashing the set and getting rid of the set because nobody cared about the Hortons anymore. It was stopped by one person, and I was eternally grateful for that. This time I thought, “Oh, my goodness! I guess I’ll be meeting people for a cup of coffee at the Horton Square. No home, no roots, no reason to be called in,” and thinking that’s the end of Julie. That’s the end of Doug and Julie. Then, when they began to structure a story around it, I think all of this came up during the writer’s strike. So of course, I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. I enjoyed the aftermath, because in the aftermath, and a little bit before the fire, if you saw the show, I get to talk a bit about the history of the household and the people in it.

Photo: JPI

In the special episode that aired last Wednesday, Julie gave Leo (Greg Rikaart) the family tree history of the Hortons for his story in the Spectactor.

SUSAN:  I’ve had a couple of good long soliloquies about the past. I’m fated to be the character that does that because I’m the one still standing. I must say, I do enjoy doing them. Emotionally, all I have to do is rerun some of the actors and my own family in my mind and the emotion starts to come, you know, the emotion starts to flow.

Julie talks to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) immediately after the fire. She is upset that the Horton family Christmas ornaments are gone. Fans were not happy that they could possibly have burned up. Thank God! There was a happy ending when they were located and unscathed, or there would have been hell to pay! 

SUSAN: I knew that they were in the prop room and that they still existed. But how much they were going to put a story around their loss, I did not know. We don’t get to ponder the plot. We just get to show up and start doing it. I think on this particular matter, something as important as a structure of the original set of the show, there’s been quite a bit of interest. So, I can appreciate that.

Photo: JPI

I was thinking, ‘Did they decide to burn the house down, because they were finally retiring the old Horton home set?’ What was the purpose of it?

SUSAN: They’ve done everything to make quicker set changes, which is remarkable and very efficient right now. The set designer said, “I’ll be interested in your input,” which was nice. The one thing that I loved that had been done, didn’t work. You couldn’t shoot into it. It was a federal mirror over the mantle. I loved it. The size was perfect. I was just delighted. And then, we tried to shoot it, and because of the roundness of the mirror, you got a perfect view of camera one and camera three. So, it came down.

This is Julie’s project to renovate the home. She’s determined to bring back all the memories and redo it?

SUSAN: Absolutely, which is another nice note to play for my character. She’s determined to make the house something that her grandparents would recognize and still feel comfortable in.

Photo: JPI

What did you think of the episode that just aired where the show incorporated flashbacks of a young Tom and Alice Horton?

SUSAN: Well, I set it up. They had their own their own lovely scenes. I read them, and I’m sure the audience was charmed.

What do you remember when you first came to DAYS, and you were in that house, in that set?

SUSAN: What did I notice about the set? I noticed that it was a strange shade of green. (Laughs) It was explained to me that that dull color meant that your face would pop on color TV. I understood that. I loved the little window up the staircase. I’ve always loved that. And at one time, there was a model of the house that sat on the set on its own little pedestal, a little playhouse of the exterior of the house. Whenever the house was on (and remember this is when we were a half-hour and practically live, but not live, because there was no editing), there would also be the sound of a barking dog whenever we reached the Horton house neighborhood. We never saw the dog, but I’m sure his name was “Spot”, and I’m sure he belonged to someone.

PhotoL JPI

You shared so many scenes with Frances Reid (Alice) and MacDonald Carey (Tom) in the Horton living room set and up till they passed. Did they get along well with Bill? Looking back, how was your relationship with them?

SUSAN: They loved him. Well, Mac and Billy had worked together before in theater. Mac was very kind to me at the beginning and helpful. Frances was as well. As Frances got older, she got a bit testy. When someone says, “You’re not going to read the line like that … are you?” It catches your attention. (Laughs). I got peeved at Frances from time to time, but her intent was always to make everything as good as it possibly could be. I saw her come back from her stroke. learn to talk again, learn to do it all again. Not do it easily, but to do it at all was wonderful, and the same with Mac. In his last shows, he was very frail, but we’re actors. We liked being there.

Photo: JPI

During the taping of the episodes surrounding the Horton house fire, Bill was mostly in them with you. How was Bill doing at the time you taped these scenes?

SUSAN: He was okay. He was up for it. He had difficulty moving at that point. So, they restricted his movement a lot. Bill always enjoyed coming to work a lot, and it was extremely difficult for him because he was blind, and didn’t move very well. And now, to do a scene with people who may or may not, have rehearsed with you, who may or may not, give you the exact cue, and when they are attempting to have you look each other in the eye, you can’t see who’s eyes they are, that was the hard part. The easy part was working with him, which was lovely and was a gift. It was a gift from Corday Productions that he was able to work within three weeks of his death, which I thought was super and extraordinary.

Photo: JPI

That is amazing. Did Bill understand everything that was going on at the time of the tapings?

SUSAN: Absolutely. He understood what was going on. He just couldn’t see it or touch it.

The timing couldn’t have been easy for you with Bill’s declining health, and that the show was going to burn down the Horton home where you shared so many scenes and memories.

SUSAN: Well, it hasn’t been my greatest stretch. But I knew that life would be like this. I’ve had five decades of an absolutely wonderful, blessed marriage and a chance to work and a chance to live in my own home and travel, all good. And now, we’re going to have the epilogue. And the epilogue is the hard part, seeing rapid change around you and losing the people that were the center of your life. I’ve just been very fortunate to have cultivated some wonderful friendships, and to have a wonderful large family of Hayeses.

Photo: JPI

You do realize that you and Bill were the gold-standard of what we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives. What an incredible, beautiful, passionate, loving marriage that the two of you had. You don’t see marriages like that anymore. We were all just in awe of the two of you. To us, it was the greatest love affair. You got to have that which is so extraordinary.

SUSAN: I know, and it was all Bill. I mean, any idiot could have been married to Bill Hayes and been deliriously happy. The guy was so perfect in every way that you really would have to pick something and blow it out of proportion to ever complain about any of his traits of character. He was just all good character, goodwill, and good humor. I just followed along and tried to live my life for him, with him, and follow his style, which I hope to carry on. I hope to be as good to people as he was to people, and, not be selfish.

Photo: JPI

I always remembered how the two of you would come to the studio with your suitcases, ready to work no matter what material, large or small, they gave you. You showed up. You just had such great work ethic and you don’t see that as much anymore.

SUSAN: At the moment, it’s hard to find it everywhere. I think it’s probably generational. You cannot get too angry at people that are still holding up their phones in the one rehearsal that we have. I think it’s more convenient to receive your work electronically, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as real. You don’t have a script in your hand anymore unless you print one up yourself.  Sometimes you haven’t met the person you’re working with. Well, that’s not unusual, but no rehearsal at all, that’s kind of marvelously new.

Photo: JPI

Does Julie lean on anybody for emotional support as she tries to rebuild the Horton home. Who’s there for her?

SUSAN: As far as I can tell, nobody. I’m supposed to be the wise woman, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) is supposed to be the other wise woman. I haven’t had any scenes with Marlena for help. I would think Marlena would be the person I would be going to for grief counseling, for friendship, for all of that. I haven’t seen it in the scripts, yet. I’m still deeply entwined with Chad’s (Billy Flynn) storyline.

How is Billy Flynn to work with?

SUSAN: A pleasure. Billy Flynn has grown a lot as a human being and as an actor since I’ve known him. I’m really enjoying his company and really enjoying doing scenes with him. We rehearse and then we get on other subjects and laugh and talk and inform each other. We’re interested in a lot of the same things. He’s a new parent. He’s really devoting himself to that, to that experience in the best possible way. So, I’m lucky.

Do Julie and Chad try to figure out who set the fire?

SUSAN: Oh yeah.

Photo: JPI

I kept thinking about how Julie got burned in the kitchen fire years ago and her face was scarred, At the time, your mother Elizabeth Harrower was writing DAYS and wrote that for Julie. Did you hate that story?

SUSAN: Well, I know where the story came from. It came up from something in mother’s own life. I knew the people involved, and I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea. Then, when it was supposed to go for six weeks and went on for months and months, I was concerned. Mainly, I was concerned that my face was going to be affected because of the appliance, the scars, that I was wearing. I was told by a dermatologist, “You’re going to have a little beard after this. Ripping your face every single day to get this off is going to be hard on you.” But, I seem to have survived.

Has the show even addressed with you how they plan to handle writing-off the character of Doug Williams, and how they want to honor Bill?

SUSAN: Only in the smallest way. I had a conference call with the producers and our head writer last Friday. I was informed about the immediate, immediate future. I’ve also been promised that they’re going to keep me busy. It’s a cast of over 40 people. I’ll be happy to show up and to be included.

Photo: JPI

I was just hoping that whatever they decide to do with the character of Doug that they were going to run it by you, first.

SUSAN: They have, and they have been very sweet about it.  I’ve got to tell you, this regime, they have a sign up on the wall now, that says, Things we expect on this stage.”  The first one at the top of the list is “kindness.”

Have you watched your work back all these years? I know some actor’s never like to watch the scenes they taped.

SUSAN: I think you learn by watching yourself, if you have an open mind, and if you are not hypercritical, or dismissive. I cannot be dismissive of a character that has given me such a wonderful life. I’m still interested in Julie, perhaps I wouldn’t have been if I’d been on the show for three years and never returned to it. But I’m quite interested in her now, and what she has to offer as a member of this ensemble.

Photo: JPI

Julie’s ties to the whole history of Days of our Lives from this point on are very important. How do you feel about that?

SUSAN:  There are those that don’t care about the history of the show. I know that. I know there are those that only care about continuing with something snappy to keep eyes on the screen through action, adventure, drama, death, kidnapping, missed opportunities, all that, which I suppose that’s what the audience craves. But, that’s not just what the show can do. What the show can do so well is character. There’s a lot of people over 70 who are still on the show now. I’m the oldest one, but I’m not the only one. We’re coming up on the 60th anniversary. I don’t think the show is worn out. And if it is, it’s had a remarkably successful six decades.

Lamon Archey (Eli) is back on DAYS for a stint. What has it been like to work with Lamon as his on-screen grandmother?

SUSAN: I think he’s terrific and visually he is so beautiful, so appealing. I think both Eli and Lani (Sal Stowers) are very appealing as characters. I’m delighted to be connected to Eli as a family member. That was a lucky break for me.

Photo: JPI

Do you think DAYS fans are going to continue to be emotional in the aftermath of this fire and all the story that comes out of it? Do you think we’ll be touched by what Julie goes through to get the remains all cleaned up for a new house?

SUSAN: I think anybody in America who’s gone through a disaster, and have unfortunately had the disruption of their home, will be sympathetic and interested in how it all turns out. It’s a nice note to play. We haven’t had to do that very often. We just go from one lovely apartment to another without much discussion. I think this is the one set that meant a lot to people. I was very sorry to lose “Julie’s Place,” as it turned into kind of a sandwich shop. I still loved having a business, a tangible place to be, and an alternate place for people to meet.

Photo: NBC

Upon reflection, what was your favorite scene with Bill? Was it when Julie and Doug got married on-screen, or was it something else that was much more intimate?

SUSAN: I think our last scene is going to be more important, emotionally. I think the first wedding was beautiful, but the material around the time of our second wedding, when Brenda Benet (ex-Lee) came back on the show and Doug stood up to her and says, “I’m not going to be manipulated anymore,” was also strong. There has been a lot of very important times – when Doug was killed-off by James Reilly, and we met in the tunnel of light. That was a day. That was a difficult day, which I certainly can’t revisit right now emotionally. When Julie found out Doug had run off and married her mother, Addie, that was a day. It was a day because, I went to the producer at the time, Jack Herzberg, and said, “Is this it? Am I not going to work with him anymore?”And he said, “Right! That’s it. You’re not working with Bill Hayes anymore.” We were not married at the time, and I thought I was going to go through the floor! That wasn’t a happy day.

Photo: JPI

In terms of Bill’s final day on the set with you, did you know that it was his last, and what would turn out to be his last scene?

SUSAN: Well, they didn’t know. But I knew. I had been allowed to rewrite it. So, I can’t tell you Bill’s last line now, of course, but I will in time.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Susan on her late husband, and this storyline? How do hope the show properly honors Bill and Doug Williams when the series writes-off the character? Are you enjoying the Horton house fire story arc or does it upset you too much? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Days Of Our Lives

SAG AWARDS 2024: Jennifer Aniston to Present Barbra Streisand with SAG Life Achievement Award

This Saturday night the 30th annual SAG Awards will be handed out for acting performances in motion picture and television. One of the high points of the evening will be legendary actress, singer, producer, writer and director Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG’s Life Achievement Award.

Scheduled to present the award to Barbra will be Jennifer Aniston. Streisand becomes the 59th recipient of  SAG-AFTRA’s highest honor for her career accomplishments and humanitarian efforts.

The 30th annual SAG Awards stream live on Netflix this Saturday February 24th at 8pm ET/PT.  Winners in SAG’s 15 categories will be announced that evening. The SAG Awards historically have been a predictor of who will win the top performer categories and potentially Best Picture.


Additional presenters for the evening include a reunion of  the stars of A Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

Others on the presenter list include: Erika Alexander, Danielle Brooks, Sterling K. Brown, Michael Cera, Colman Domingo, Robert Downey Jr., Fran Drescher, Phil Dunster, Billie Eilish, America Ferrera, Brendan Fraser, Taraji P. Henson, Troy Kotsur, Greta Lee, Melissa McCarthy, Cillian Murphy, Glen Powell, Issa Rae, Storm Reid, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alexander Skarsgård, Omar Sy, Hannah Waddingham, Naomi Watts, Jeffrey Wright, and more.

In the nominations, Barbie and Oppenheimer lead the motion picture categories with four nominations apiece, while the television nominations saw Succession receive five followed by Ted Lasso, The Bear and The Last of Us.

The Morning Show and Friends star. Jennifer Aniston, is the daughter of the late Days of our Lives legend, John Aniston, who passed away on November 11, 2022.

So, looking forward to Barbra Streisand receiving the SAG Life Achievement Award? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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